Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 7, 1967 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, August 7, 1967
Page 5
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Braves tie tor National title LOCALS Mr, Mel Mrt< Clarene* ion- kofeke, Cofydon, came Wednesday to attend the funeral of Mns/ Eugene Heerdt at Burt. They also visited wttJi toe Lyte Slicks. Mi*. Burtkof- •we is the former Marjorie BUck. 'Marvin Bunkofske, of Ooryxkm, and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Patterson and Mrs. Diane Dillard, Del Moines, also came to the ftineral. Mrs. Patterson and Mrs. Dillard are daiigh- ters of the Clarence Bunkof- akes. The Duane Johnson family, Arvada, Colo., are visiting at the Sidney Johnson's, and the Leonard Dittmer's, Hurt. Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Kramer and daughters visited at the home of Alvin's parento at iRtaeville two days last week. The Sidnty Johnsons, Algona, and Duiane Johnsons, Ar- vftda, Oolo., attended a family picnic at Denison July 30. ft* AM* Kramers aftd ttwi Sidney Jotififtm* attended the open haute for Leonard Ditt men at the Good Mope Metii- odUtdtufth Sunday. OuMtt at MM Olenn Softr ihome are hi* Mater and niece. Mr». from Shaw and Jane, of Cherry Hill, N. J, and the Seger's daughters, the Larry Le- aaeaghi, LtGnnge Highlands, HI., and Roger WtigWts, Iowa GMy. Other guests this past week were Mr. and Mrs. August Paul, David Gerken, Con- oordta, Mo., and Clarence Day of Bradyville, Iowa. Mrs. Paul and Mr. Day are aunt and un- cJeof Glenn. C. C. BRIDGE PARTY .Mro. -W. B. Kawoott was hosteas for the Wednesday bridge party at the Country Chib. Prize winners were Mrs. Jim Evetds, Mrs. Harold Gilmore and Mrs. Merlin Baker. The next hostess will be Mrs. Mile* Stoniker. CLUBHOSTISS 'Mfft. Peril Pouter is enter- tiiliifig her Idle Hour bridge club Wednesday afternoon, Aug. 9. THE FLAG IS FLYING IN MEMORY OF , . . OH. Ao|d Biltboroifh EM1UWN OFFICE — 708 S. Phillips, Algona, Iowa 9 — 5 Monday through Friday Saturday 9—12 A.M. . . Sunday 1 —5P.M. PICTURED ABOVE are the Braves who tied the Giants for the top position in National little league play. From left to right, front, they are, Jim Stebbins, Bruce Briggs, Gary Helmers, Randy Mains, Mitch Kleingartner, and Aldolfo Franco. Back, Coach Dale Briggs, Rich McVay, Gary Walker, Roger Atherton, Jack Schoby, scorekeeper Sergio Febles, and Coach Bud Briggs. Sitting in front is mascot Troy Briggs. Missing are Randy Stalzer and Tom Easter. Exclusive Advance Photo by Mike Stillman. Engaged Open class for fair tractor pull contest This year the tractor pulling committee decided to eliminate the 7500 Ib. class and add an open class. The open class is for tractors weighing up to 20,000 Ibs; may have dual wheels; 4 wheel drives; and tandem hitches. On tandem hitch one driver only. Below is. a complete set of rules for all classes: 1. Contest open to all rubber tired farm tractors. 2. Tractors must be farmei owned (No dealer tractors al- M R. AND MRS. Arthur Ga- Mwe *'J- . . . de, Algona, announce the ap- • ;2?S? "?£ **. ente f ed preaching wedding of their in one of the following clas- daughter, Lucille to Allan £\&S%* ! !W? ^'&£S BondeTAlgona, s\>n of Mr 'tWi^&J&^t^HW Bondc, Rutland, Sept; Ibs. D Up to 15,000 lbs:E ; Op-i 17 a /Trimty Lutheran church '"^T 1 ^* 0 ! 20 ' 000 ! 1 *-, « in Algona. , 4. No dual rear wheels, tare chains, or 4-wheel drive trac- •tors will be allowed, except open class — see rule 26. 5. Drawbar height 18 inches to top of draw bar. Tractors must pull from plow to drawbar with hitches no closer than- 12" from center of axle. No draw bar will be allowed to raise after pull has started. 6. Tractor weight includes driver. 7. Fuel tanks must be full at weigh in (to eliminate measuring fuel). 8. Additional weight or weights may be added provided they are bolted securely to 'tractor. 9. No weight changes will be allowed after final weigh- in. 10. Contestants will be notified of time and place for weigh-in. 11. No reckless driving of tractors will be allowed under penalty of being disqualified 12. Each contestant must pull from a tight chain or hitch. No jerking allowed. 13. Restarts will be allowed only under 20 feet. 14. Drivers must keep their tractors within the boundary lines of the course. 15. Drivers mutt remain seated at all times during pull. 16. Any contestant causing any argument will be disqualified. 17. Decision of the judges will be final, 18. The committee in charge reserve the right to accept or reject any or all entries and supplement or change rules as may be deemed necessary. 19. Contestants will stop and star* at the sound of the judges whistle. You can be disqualified for failure to do so. 20. All contestants must be. 16 years of age and have a valid Iowa Driver's licenlse. 21. Power assists must be engine driven and mounted in such a manner that the power is created through the engine. No auxiliary engines, pressurized tanks, etc. will be allowed. 22. Tractors may be rechecked alter their pull Is completed if there is any question of rule violation.. 23. Minimum tire pressure 10 Ibs. for 6,000 Ibs. cUse; 12 Ibs. for all ojtfaere. . 24. Tractor pulling the gre- «te* weight the greeto* distance will be declared the winner in each dare. 25. Bntris must be in the Farm Bureau Office no later than 12:00 noon on Saturday, August 12*. 26. On Open Class: Dual Wheels, 4-wheel drives and tandem hitches are allowed. On tandem hitch one driver only. 27. No alcoholic beverage* on contest grounds or driver will be disqualified. Entry feu is $3.00. The contest is run under state fair rules, and the top three winners in each class except open are eligible to go to state contest. White Horse patrel coming to Fair here The Sioux City Shrine Whits Horse Mounted Patrol coming to the Kossuitili fairjs made up of about 45 pure white horse*, and about 45 riders. The full show consists of a grand entry, seven trick acts, and a precision drill. The grand entry is made uip of 32 horses and riders. This includes five flag horses, three officers, and 24 men in the line. The men are attired in rich, colored unftiformis. This is followed by seven acts listed below, and are pult on by a professional trainer, who trains the horses all year round. Act 1 — Lucky — Walks a, 7" ' plank suspended in|'air,; turns on a pedestal, anid walks back. Gets up and rolls a barrel, rears, and walks on hind legs. Act 2 — Shiek — A higJi- ischooled dancing mare. Act. 3 — Teeter-Totter act — Two mares worked together. Teeter -totter each other. Routine of dances, waltzes, and pivots. Act. 4 — Osage King — A beautiful young stallion that has been, schooled on ditffer- enlt maneuvers and steps.-Ho stops and proceeds for traffic signals without the aid of a trainer. He also walks on his hind legs. Act. 5 — Liberty Act — Six wonder horses that drill and maneuver. All six kneel, ait up, waltz to the music, do the elephant stand and other complicated maneuvers. .The only Liberty act of its kind. Act 6 — Judy the mule and Irv, the clown — This is a comedy act that is a great thrill for the children, as well as for the adults. Judy balks, bows, • rears and throws kisses to the audience, stays her prayers, lays down and rolls, walks on her knees, unties a handkerchief from her leg, and other comical acts. Act 7 — Silver Flash — Famous high-schooled stallion that works without bridle, halter, or a strap. Answers questions, tells time by looking at a watch, dances, hulas, and does statue poses. The acts last about an hour and ten. minutes. Following 'the acts is the precision drill, which consists of a number of highly complicated precision movements, participated in by 27 horses and riders. This is a very colorful part of the- show, and lasts about 30 minutes, making the full show •about one hour and 40 min- RIGHT HERE AT TAYLOR MOTOR CO. WE'RE SBAVIN6 PRICES ON ALL USED CARS! SAFE In a lather over the price of late model used cars? Check these special values... every one a beauty, every one priced to save. Come in today. w -The-Pa*rol|shas -its Hammond 'electric organ' fib provide music during the show and also its own public address system. . ' CENTENNIAL — The Cen- itral Presyterian church, New- ihall, observed its 100th yean of organization on. July 16tli with three events marking the centennial. A 'new spire Bind cross were dedicated during the celebration, ADVANCE WANT ADS BRING BIG RESULTS CLEAN-CUT SPECIALS TRADED FOR '67 MERCURYS! 1965 FORD Galaxie 500 2 door Hardtop, V-8, 4 speed, red color, sharp. 1966 FORD Galaxie 500, 4 door, whit* color, red trim. CruiM-o-matic, radio, heat- •r, power steering. 1966 FORD >/i ton Pickup, 6 cylinder, heater, radio. Stykside box, red and white, like new. • •••• ; •••' •••••• 1964 FORD Custom 500 4 door, radio, heater, beige color, standard transmission, V-8 engine. 1963 FORD Galaxie 500 4 door, chestnut color, V-8, Cruise- o-matic, radio. Sharp. 1963 FORD Galaxie 500 4 door, 352 V-8, Cruise-o-matic, power steering, radio. Light blue color. 1963 FORD Custom 300 4 door, 6 cylinder, radio, standard transmission. 1964 BUICK Sport Coupe, 2 door Hardtop, automatic, radio, .; white color.',.,. 1963 MERCURY Monterey 4 dr. sedan, standard transmission, radio, V-8, beige. 1962 OLDS Station Wagon, power stetring, automatic, white color. 1960 THUNDERBIRD 2 door Hardtop, full power, tur-, quoise color. 1965 FORD FIDO Styleside Pickup with combination box, custom cab, V-8. Beige color. 1961 MERCURY Monterey Convertible, power steering, Mercomatic, radio. Nice. • 1962 FORQ Station Wagon, 6 : passenger, radio, V-8, Cruise-o-matic. 1963 CHEVROLET 4 door, Bel Air sedan, 2 tone paint, Powerglide transmission. 1965 CHEVROLET Van, side A rear doors. Blue color. TAYLOR MOTOR HAST STATE STREET ALOONsXIOW/ FOR YOUR DANCING AND LISTENING PLEASURE I SIX combo ALL THIS WEEK "The Inn Place" The PINE ROOM (HOTEL ALGONA) PUBLIC AUCTION of SURPLUS CCC PROPERYY The Kossuth ASC County Committee, acting as agent for Commodity Credit Corporation, a corporate agency of the United States within the Department of Agriculture, will offer for sale the following dsscribed property at public auction: Tiny all new TROPHY M'w4 Mt fir hiifing lit* PRU$ i JEWELRY Algpna, Iowa MONDAY, AUGUST 14, 1967 Auctioneers: Virgil Spencer, Charles Quinn TITONKA BINSITE, 9:00 a.m. — 10 steel bins, 1 self-propelled mower, tubes, block LAKOTA BINSITE, 10:00 a.m. — 66 steel and alum bins, aeration tubes, block ELMORE BINSITE, 11:00 a.m.— 22 steel and alum bins, aeration tubes, block LEDYARD BINSITE, 1:00 p.m.— 15 steel bins, aeration tubes, block SWEA CITY BINSITE, 2:00 p.m. — 44 steel and alum bins, aeration tubes BANCROFT BINSITE, 3:00 p.m. — 34 steel and alum bins, block, lumber, tubes TUESDAY, AU8UST 16, 1981 Auctioneers: Virgil Spencer, Ronald Peck FENTON BINSITE, 9;00 a.m. — 32 steel and alum bins, aeration tubes LONE ROCK BINSITE, 10:00 am — 19 steel and alum bins, block, lumber, quonset fans BURT BINSITE, 11:00 a.m.— 11 steel and alum bins, aeration tubes WESLEY BINSITE, 1:00 p.m,— 12 steel and alum bins, aeration tubes LU VERNE BINSITE, 2:00 p.m. — 20 steel and alum bins, ••ration tube*, block ALGONA BINSITE, 3:00 p.m. — 29 ste«l and alum dim, self-propelled mower, quonset fans, tubes, ladders, block and misc. INSFfCTION: Bins and other property may be inspected prior to the tala between th» hours of 6:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on Friday, August 11,1967. AMHiftMl Wonmtioii my bi obtain+4 Iron Hit Kossuth County ASCS Offico 190! N, MAIN ST, ALMIULHIWA : ••^P^rwf ™

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