Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 7, 1967 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, August 7, 1967
Page 3
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in my Vf/NS' Seen at the •y MARIAN •y T, H. C. Rejoice with me. That which was lost is found. My extra piece of luggage has been found. Without my address tag and minus the baggage tag, where it has been we do not know. One small pasted on st'cker with my name and address was/all the means of identification left. From my listing on the tracer sheets and upon opening it I could prove my rights to its contents. So all is well. Last evening wt had dinner on the water frent at the Whaling Captains Inn. Delicious sea feeds of all kind*. I had lobster which I de like and sitting at a table betide the water' we could watch the different beats tail by, twe large ships, ene German, one Swedish. Later we toured the quaint •hop* that line- the water frent and came away with gifts and the like. Today is a quiet hot Sunday and we are enjoying our cool house, some of us napping, some reading and me pecking away at a little visit with you. Planes drone overhead, sounds of children's voices drift in, a nice Sunday lull is in the air. Perhaps I shall nap after all and come back to visit you. For a sort of hypnotism is in the air. ',. W[hon the auto insurance was paid this week we had quite a discussion, as the cost was pretty high due to the fact that our oldest tcen-agtr now drives the car. He hat taken a driver training course and so far as we know, we believe him to be a careful driver. It it a relief to have him take himself to the store where he helps his father and to his bosket- ball practice and games. Now we are hearing that good grades this approaching school year could bring students additional rewards — in the form of lower auto insurance rates. Seems that two major insurance rate-making organizations have announced plans to put "Good Student" discounts in effect October 4. To quote them, "We have found distinct relationship between good grades in school and safe driving." The discounts of up to 25 per cent on auto insurance will be available to girls between 16 and 21 and boys from 16 to 25 who are juniors or seniors in high school or full-time college students and meet scholastic requirements. Girls between 21 and 25 already pay standard adult rates, which are lower than the'younger groups' rate. Students in order to qualify, must meet one of the following requirements. 1 — Rank among the upper 20 per cent of his or her class scholastically. 2 — Have a B average or equivalent, such as an average of three points in schools using the four point system. 3 — Be on the "Dean's List," "Honor Roll" of comparable list of scholastic achievement. A statement of qualification must be signed by a school official on each anniversary date of the policy. The "good student" discount can be granted by members of the two rating services in addition to existing discounts for students who complete driver education courses. / >' Our friend, Miss Angela Nolan, was recently replaced by a machine. After 44M> years of serving as recording secre- I tary for the board of directors of the tLos Angeles Chamber of Commerce a machine has taken over. It wasn't that Miss Nolan wasn't as competent as the machine. The change was made because the Chamber of Commerce executives want to see her skills go. towards something more creative. So, when a tape recorder was made the new recording secretary. Miss Nolan was made a secretary with a Chamber affiliate, the Management Council for Merit Employment, Training and Research. She says she finds her new^ job:-"exciting, different and most stimulating," but she sUll likes ito reminisce about;? the old days — the days when she sat with the executives of the Chamber of Commerce as they sought solution's to the Watts riots, the Los Angeles smog problem, the Southern California water problem and the seemingly age-old down-town traffic problem. But she still believes there are things to be done and she feels she probably knows a bit more than the average citizen about civic problems from her years of hearing discussion and solutions and recording th»m. She says she wants to see more work done on the traffic problem, — "why, one can't even go for a leisurely Sunday anymore," and although she admits the smog doesn't hinder her personally, it is a constant bother to many people and something should be done about it. I Her suggestions will be heard by the Chamber of Commerce as her new office is in the same building as her old office and is within shouting distance of the board of directors meeting room. >ee«aeeeeo« If 1 had read the book, Up The Down Staircase, as so many folks have, t would probably have been able to write a more intelligent review since most of the discussion centers around the difference in the movie version. To begin with, most read' ere agree that it is a very funny book, filled with humorous lines, clever scenes ami riMickling situations. Certainly the picture has little, if any, humor, and is a grim, realistic portrayal of a teiach- er in a run-down, seedy school, attempting to grabble with a lot of children from underprivileged, slum families. The book, so readers say, is a rather loosely connected series of separate scenes whale the film is a more compact and tied-togethet drama. This fc, oi course, as it should be. One reviewer stys it "does not paint the lily so much as shave the cactus", whatever that means. Thte same reviewer continues, "MiM Kaufman's theme was profoundly serious—the inability of Americas white middle claw to give slum children an education with home reyelance to their violent, fragmented Jives. Her book was brilliantly funny. . . . This film.has no .characters, "only characterized". Manager Reab reports that the picture did an exceptionally satisfactory Box Of fie 3 biz and generally pleased the large audiences that reviewed the film. In view of these facts, I have only to report that I found Sandy Dennis' portrayal rather weak and unconvincing. I enjoyed her performance in Virginia Wootf, whose work brought her an Oscar, but her facial expressions in Up The Down Staircase annoyed me end I didn't think she was quite up to the role in her present picture. With these few personal remarks, I'll write finis to the picture. Adultry is seldom the central theme for a molion picture, much less a comedy, and requires tact, humor, suite and a distinguished group of actors, plus expert, direction, to escape the maudlin and sensational. A Guide to the Married Man is a picture I'd go out on ~a hmb to recommend to any but the moat biased observer. sit is, in, my book, the most 'hilarious comedy of the year. I've seen it twice and I'll see iit again — maybe a couple of times, you can't beat that for a recommendation. , if you're looking for pure, unadulterated comedy, belly laughs, a tremendous cast and a truly relaxing less^than two-hour entertainment, don't miss this one. It's'a honey. Only a distinguished actor like Walter Matthau, assisted by capable Robert Moree and a tremendous cast, could lift what might have been a *>rd- id and disqusting film, into a first rate, completely enjoyable picture. A Guide to the Mairried Man comes to the local theatre only three days —Sunday thru Tuesday, Aug' ust 8 to 8. Please, please see it—4ake my word. Aigona (Iowa) Advance—3 MONDAY, AUG. 1, ENDS TUESDAY Aug. Sth THOnOUGHlY DISARMING! -H.Y. tlHtt PfMMSlON' CftORbyOElM STARTS WEDNESDAY August 9th Ends Tuesday "August 8th Paul Newman in "TORN CURTAIN" and "PROMISE HER ANYTHING" INVENTORY CLEARANCE WEDNESDAY is K.L.G.A. FREE NITE 2 BIG FEATURES "MUNSTER GO HOME" and "NIGHT OF THE GRIZZLY" Come Early For Best Parking Spaces m STARTS THURSDAY The But explosive nolinn picture n( Mir lHM.Tbe story of a rich boy nho •urrie'ilii poor Ne-rn pirl. SKIN Hi* s ONI WEEK ONLY ANY TV OR STEREO-COMBINATION THEATRE IN STOCK. VALUES TO $1,000 . . 35 MODEL AUG WITH TRADE-IN NO ONE UNDER 18 ADULTS $1.00 ^ & TIS-MATHES MAKES. CpOOSE FROM 35 MODELS AT THE ONE PRICE OF $499.95! FREE COFFEE AND REFRESHMENTS FIRST COME — FIRST SERVED ELECTRONIC SPECIALTIES 616 DIAGONAL STREET GENE FAULSTICH After our visit with Miss Nolan, I had an historical thought, what if in this day of machines, robots who think and do as humans, of pills to take the place of food and cure all ills, that the board of directors would be robots sitting about a table of decisions. Well, I am sure thet a human would be ! needed occasionally to put a drop of oil in the mechanical > make-ups. And then again, some of the decisions made may j be more worthy of machines than humans. Next time I am j in a board of directors I mean to try to act like a human and j not a machine. Now here is grounds for a debate, humans j versus machines. And here is another thought, man made j machines with talents from God, Who made the human ma-! chine. It is we humans who can destroy both machines. FUTURE YOUR Prepare for it Today — the Cetholic Forester Way. FROM TODAY'S PROSPERITY BUILD TOMORROW'S SECURI A LEGAL RESERVE INSURANCE CO. More return to you for less premium outlay . . . write FLORIAN L NEUROTH P, 0, •«* 1103, Fort Podge, Iowa Field Representative Insurance for the Entire Catholic Family IT PAYS TO GO ELECTRIC! No kidding - your Utilities company will actually PAY YOU to enjoy the advantages of Electric Power and Energy. The Aigona Municipal Utilities will pay thejollowing amounts on the installation of electric appliances and household equipment. ELECTRIC AIR CONDITIONING PER CUSTOMER FOR WINDOW UNIT - $10.00 PER CUSTOMER FOR CENTRAL UNIT - $20.00 ELECTRIC HOUSE HEATING 8.W PER Kw ELECTRIC WATER HEATER . . . H5.W AUTOMATIC DISHWASHER . . . WW ELECTRIC RANGE $«.» AUTOMATIC WASHER W.N ELECTRIC CLOTHES DRYER . . . $• REFRIGERATOR-FREEZER .... $11. LOW COST LIFE, EDUCATIONAL RETIREMENT AMP FAMILY INCOME PHONE 295-5523 FOt FUiTHIt INFORMATION Offer Effect,,* August 1,1M ALGONA MUNICIPAL UTILITIES PHOHE FQt INFQtMATWN

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