Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 3, 1967 · Page 14
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 3, 1967
Page 14
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nominations for Jjf o nfca story hour ASCcommittccs are now open ASC community committees should always be the "bast people available" according to R. 1. Ander-on, chairman. Slates of nominees for membership on ASC community committees soon will be established at the ASCS county office. The community committee elections will be held the third week in September. "The committee system is the backbone of the farm programs. "Us responsibilities include the conservation of natural resources, the stabilization of agricultural commodities, and price-support activities which protect and improve farm income. We need the best possible cross- section of farmers to insure effective administration of the various measures." In KoESiith, Mr. Anderson said 4200 farms took part Last year in one or more programs administered by the ASC committees. Funds disbursed under the committees' supervision amounted to $14,302,400. Of this amount, $9, 755,395 was for price-support loans aimed at increasing market returns above what farmers would receive on an unsupported market. Included in the price-support program in this county are such major commodity programs as corn, beans and oats. Last year, also. Ii0,()34 acres of farmland were improved under the ASCI' cost-shaving arrangement. The total investment in conservation was about $122.517, with about half coming from the participating farmer and the balanco from ACP. There are 22011 farmers \,\ Kossuth participating in UK- voluntary HK57 Feed grain program. They diverted 45,846 acres from corn and grain sorghum production to soil, water, and wildlife conserv iing grass c.wer. Price support •and diversion payments will amount to a total of about $3,151,300 in 1967. Diversion payments were made only to small farms. Under the measurement service program, 1726 farms paid community committccmen to measure ACTIVITY PERIOD for older group at the Titonka Library story hour. STORY TIME at the Titonka Library with small group from first period. 'Wife That Was' Isn't Any More By Abigail Van Buren (c 1M7 *r CMttt* Trl»»m-M. Y. Ntw« »rM., Int.] DEAR ABBY: I am a man approaching 50. My sister and I were married on the same day, and for 18 years the four of us celebrated our anniversaries together. Then my wife and I were divorced. I remarried. She did not. Our "25th" is coming up soon frather, it would have been our 25th had we stayed married to each other]. My present wife will be out of town, so my sister suggested that the "original four" quietly get together again for old times' sakes. I can't see where there would be any harm in it. My children arc all for it. Are you? I. REGRET DEAR REGRET: The "old times" so dear to your sister can be recalled but hardly re-created. The feelings of your present wife are more Important than nostalgic pleasantries with the wife that was. And don't gamble that an anniversary reunion will remain a secret. In other words, if I were you, I would skip it. DEAR ABBY: A girl in our office is getting married, and since there are 25 of us we thought we ^would all go in together and buy her one nice gift. Two girls were selected to purchase the gift. They bought a $4 habachi and added to it a 25-cent card on which they wrote this long list of donors.lt came to the grand total of 16 cents apiece 1 All 25 of us are going to the wedding, and I am embarrassed to tears. Should I go ahead and buy something on my own at the risk of starting a war? Or should 1 just let it go? SURROUNDED BY CHEAPSKATES DEAR SURROUNDED: Buy something on your own and quietly send it. And by the way, the usual procedure is first to collect so much from each girl, and then buy a gift in that amount. There is no excuse for having been "surprised" the way you were. DEAR ABBY: About a year ago my husband took the job as the den father of a Cub scout pack, as our church was sponsoring them. The woman that was the den mother would pump the children about the kind of magazines their parents read, and their home life in general. This got back to the parents, and my husband received so many complaints that he went to the den mother and told her that this was not part of her job. She told him that she was a dedicated civic worker and it was her duty to find out these things, and to let the other people in the community know what kind of t*6pte Ived there. My husband was So disgusted he resigned. To this day, this woman talks about Wfn something terrible. ! think the woman is Sick and shwildfit * dfojedtd hive a pack under her leadership. WOMfifilllNO DEAR WONDERING: if the parent* of tittle chlldr« cAinptalned to your husband because of the deft mother'! noiincM, they should have seen to It that she resigned-*** your husband. CONFIDENTIAL to "Ann*! Visitor 0 : If yo* want to tie a welcome guest, don't stand around ashing what you can do to help. Open your eyes and look around. Then do what has to w New officers installed by Seneca club Seneca — Mrs. Clarence Osborn had Legion Aux. at Delmar Fischer, Mrs. Edna Johannesen, Mrs. Nina Kraoht, Mrs. Clarence Weis, Mrs. Everett Witham, Mrs. Clarence Menz, Mrs. .„ Mans Jensen and Mrs. Henry Looft. They will not meet during August. Mrs. Nina Knacht will be the September hostess. WEDDING IS DATED The Melvin Madsens have her : "hom'rjul7T4."Mrs!"Ma"x announced the engagement Wolf, charter member assist- and approaching.marriage of ed by Mrs. Gerhart Mantel- ««»r daughter Carolyn Mae, man installed the officers to Paul Allen Westrum, son of the Gustav Westrums, Albert Lea, Minn. Carolyn is a graduate of Sentral high for the coming year. They voted to give money to the Eldora Training school. - a r,."i~: ;, They also presented a gift to school and Mankato Com,mer : Mrs. John Bailey who is moving from the Fenton The county meeting is scheduled for August 8 at Titonka. Jackie Jones, who attended Girl's State, will give highlights of the meeting. Members were urged to continue sewing carpet rags to be tifrned in at the next meeting. Mrs, S. E. Strayley was 'hostess for the annual picnic • at her home August I. MODERN MIXERS MEET Mrs. Fred Peterson had the Modern Mixers club at her home last Tuesday afternoon. Eleven members were present and answered roll call by telling what each did July 4. Mrs. Edna Johnnnesen and Mrs. Gladys Preston were birthday members. Mrs. Johannesen was present to receive her gift from her secret sister. The hostess had the entertainment after which refreshments were served, in attendance were Mrs. Otis England, Mrs. Ervin Jensen, Mrs. Elmer Hanisch, Mrs. rial College. She is employed as a secretary at Wilson and Co., Albert Lea. He is a graduate of Albert Lea high school and is employed with Streater's, Albert Lea. The wedding will be August 19. CHURCH MEN GUESTS Men of the Blakjer Lutheran church were guests last Monday evening of the 1m- manuel Lutheran church men of Swea City at an outing held at Claude Johnson's. The evening was spent in outdoor games followed by a short period of meditation after which refreshrnemts were served. CHURCH VACATION There will be no worship at the Blakjer Lutheran This is designated as "Visitation Sunday". Services will be held the following Sundays at 8 a.m. The Alfred Petersens ait- tended the wedding of Susan Voetmian Saturday evening *«Aif6Ai (low*) Advifitf THURSDAY, AU6. 3, M the t>9thervUle Lutheran chufch. Paul rteeseis/weftt to Falb last Tuesday theif son Mike, eftfoll' ed *t the university. They then drove to Wavefly ivhefe their son Bill, etifojfcd At Wartburg. The Carl Nielsens recently attended graduation at M«ii< kato State. Their daughter Margaret, Mrs. Duane Rude, Pocahontee, received hear bachelor of science degree. The William Gilchriste, St. Joseph, Mo., recently visited the latter's parents, the O. R. Pattersons rural Ringsted. Their niece and nephew, Lori and Brian Cronk, accompanr ied them home for , avisiit Mrs. Jay (Marilyn) Fulwiler and Steven and Dan Patrick, Milwaukee, are visiting her parents, the Fred Johan- nesens. The Rev. David Quills and son, Mt. Prospect, 111, visited recently at Henry Looft's. The Alfred Petersons and the Clarence Oheevers, rural Ringsted, attended the Gochanour , - Woodbeck reunion Monday at Twin Lakes. There were 50 present from Armstrong, Ringsted, Swea City, Bmmetsburg, Ft. Dodge, Minneapolis and Altoona. Next year the reunion will be at the Swea City park on the last Sunday in July. 4-H CLUBS Union Alethean The Union Alethean 4-H club held their regular July meeting at the Civic Center. Linda Nitchals presided. The Achievement show will be held August 2 at 7:30 p.m. at the Civic. Center. Check-in time is from 2:30 to 4:30. Two teams are entered in the county demonstration contest. They are Junior, Georgia Leigh and Mary Beth Camp; Senior, Linda Nitchals and Sue Dodds. A talk was given by Diane Nitchals and demonstrations by Mary Lou Nitchals and Bonita Kiilsholm. Lunch was served by the hostesses. or regular. committccmen 10 measure STRETCH-stretch-strctch! Some children just must and stake corn and diverted move; others arc content to sit at the Titonka Library story m »• - i _..» limn* planting last hour. acres before spring. In addition to keeping neighbors informed of USD A program benefits and provisions, committeemen also serve as commodity loan inspectors. Commodity CreMil Corporation site and scale attendants, and do measuring work on farms participating in various programs. In annual election meetings. ASC vacancies on the ASC county committee. Lists of eligible voters are available in the ASCS county office. He explained any local resident who is eligible to take part in an ASCS farm program may vote in the community committee elections, and he may hold office as a committee-man regardless of race, color, creed, or national origin. Further information regarding qualifications of committeemen is available at the ASCS county office. Farmers eligible to vote in the community committee elections also have the right to nominate by petition candidates for committee membership any farmer w,ho is eligible and who has indicated that he is willing to serve Such petitions, each one nominating one farmer and signed by six or more eligible voters, may be filed at tha county office any time before August 25. Eligible voters may sign as many petitions as they wish. Additional nominations ma> be made by the incumbent ASC community and county committees. A recent change in the nominating procedure seeks to insure fair and impartial elections by reducing vote splintering of minority group candidates. This year, for the first time, the election of ASC community committees throughout the nation will be held during the third week in September. Previously such elections had been held at various times in different States from July through December. The 1966 ASC elections in Iowa were held in August. In Kossuth the elections will be held Sept. 19 at polling places which will be announced later. Each community election will choose three community committeemen and two alternates. The regular members elected will serve as delegates to the county convention, where farmers will be elected to fill vacancies on the ASC county committee. Community committeemen and alternates will be elected from each township. Thick-sliced. Titonka — The Titonka public library was fortunate to secure the services of a college trained director for the Summer Story hour conducted in the library community room for an eight week period this summer. The director, Janice Alke, was graduated from Wartburg college, Waverly in May with a bachelor of arts in elementary education. She will teach in the Peoria, 111. schools this coming school year. The Tuesday afternoon story hour affords the children of the community with pleasant entertainment, serves to build reading readiness in pre-schoolers, and stimulates reading interest in the older group. The community room at the library provides •a roomy, attractive setting and allows the carrying out of the program without the interruption of normal' library activities. Children are seated on, colorful plastic floor cushions especially designed for such a project. Interest of young listeners throughout each period is assured by a varied program of sit-still periods interspersed with move-albout activities, Janice Alke is pictured with children from both age groups. Clowns strung across the wall are used with the summer reading progiram sponsored by the Titonka Federated club in cooperation with the library. The two remaining sessions are scheduled for Tuesday, August 1 and 8; 2:30 to 3— Pre-school through Kindergarten, and 3 to 4—Grades one through three. Which Hormel Bacon suits your Do you have a yen for the great outdoors? Do you have a taste for only the very best? Portland Mrs. Victor Fitch Mr. and Mrs. George Peterson and Mrs. Frank Fisher of Titonka and Mrs. Robert Wood and Randy of Burt were Friday afternoon visitors in the home of Mrs. Elizabeth Kennedy and Paul Tieman. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Oeslerreicher of Titonka were Friday evening callers. Mrs. Richard Samuelson, Sharon and Dickie all left Monday morning for Arvada, Colorado, after spending several days with Mrs. Samuelson's mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Kennedy and brother Paul Tieman. Dickie will go to Camp rrvin California wherj he will be stationed for so mi- time. Mrs. E. C. Schwietert of Burt and Mrs. Jennie Whaler, of Titonka, attended the parade at Swea City Thursday. •Mrs. Virgie Smith went to Mason City Wednesday to visit Mrs. Somner Parsons in the Park hospital. Mrs. Parsons room number is 322. Mi. and Mrs. Jake Smith went Thursday. Mrs. Parsons daughter, Mrs. Ray Dvorak •of Arlington, Texas flew up Wednesday to be with her mother. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Hanna of Lone Rock met Mrs. Dvorak in Des Moines. It is believed that Mrs. Parsons is slowly improving. Rev. and Mrs. Henry Frie- jich and family of Marcus. Iowa and Mtrs. Ella Meyer of Burt were last week Wednesday evening supper guests in the Eugene Meyer home. Mr. and Mrs. Gerhardt Gessert and family of Janesville, Wisconsin were Wednesday guests in the George Koestler home. Mrs. Gessert is a cousin of George Koestler. Mr. and Mrs. Mennet Trunk- hill went to Iowa City Friday to visit Mennet's anut. Mrs, Nettie Lavrenz who is in the hospital there. They went on down to Muscatine where they visited a daughter and family, the David Westons, and also David's parents, Mr. and Mrs. 0. S. Weston at Kel logg, Iowa. They returned home Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Becker and family returned home last Wednesday after spending a week at Pikeville, Kentucky. visiting Mr. and Mrs. Tom Johns and family. Mrs. Ray McWhorter has not been feeling well the past few days. Mr. and Mrs. Garnie Hood of Rutland, Mr. and Mrs, Earl Shipler and Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Stewart were Sunday dinner guests in the Rbscoe Stewart home. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Loebach, Jr. and family, Mrs. Elizabeth Loebach, Mary and Agnes were Sunday dinner guests in the Joe I^oebach home near Whittemore. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Loebach, Jr. and family and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Henry and family were guests for a barbecue supper at the Deian Dodds home. "There's a big difference between free speech and cheap talk". ••^••••to-.;^ • ia*ii«iiwii »••• — — •- — *& m m tfWfe^^l Thick-sliced or regular,,.you get the great taste in bacon from <$HOnV1OI

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