Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 31, 1967 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, July 31, 1967
Page 2
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Editor uncle ofWesleyan dies at 92 Wesley — Mrs. Viola Stud- cr received word of the death of her uncle, John Vander- wicken, 92, of Grundy Center. He died July 21 in a hospital there. He was a pioneer Iowa newspaper editor and publisher and a former postmaster. He was named Master Editor Publisher by the Iowa Press Association in 1953. He continued to write editorials for the Grundy Register, of which he was co-owner, while he was hospitalized before his death. Mr. Vandcrwicken was a brother, of Grandma Lukcn, Mrs. Studer's late mother. SUBSTITUTE PASTOR Speaker in the local Methodist church Sunday was Rev. John Squires, administration counselor at Morningside College, Sioux City. There will be guest speakers in the local church for lite next two Sundays as the Hev. Frank Considine family are on vacation. FAMILY PICNIC A family picnic was held Sunday at Wilfred Locblg's. Attending were the Gordon Lpebigs, Al Loebigs, Jack Lickteigs, Wesley, Bill Loc- bigs, Kort Dodge, and the Craig Loebigs, Minn eta poliiis, who are spending a week vacation here. SHOWER IS DATED A pre-nuptial shower for Joyce Paulson will be held in the Methodist church parlor Saturday evening. She will become the bride of Robert Dohse, Waterloo, August 19. Doris Taphorn married 'INK in my VHWS' •y MARIAN INMAN Doris, daughter of Mr. and ores, groomsman. The oou- Mrs. William I apjiorn and p]e . s bro thcrs, Steve Taphom John L. King, son of the late and Frank K \ ng< wcrc ushers. Mr. and Mrs. James King, , Uuth McEnroe, soloist, was Algona, wcrc married July accompa nicd at the organ by 15, at 11 a.m. at St. Cecelia Ruth cassol. A dinner and reception was held at the American Legion Hall. Mrs. King is a graduate of Garrigan high school and N.B.T. College, Sioux City. Mr. King is a graduate of St. Cecelia Academy, later serving in the U. S. navy. Both are employed at the Weiden- hoff Corporation and will live here. Sunday to visit hef mother, Mrs. Beulah Adams, until Thursday. .,, *, .".;•-.• :* OHVef "i Kihseth'A •; si*U*s ( Mrs, Don Hunt, 0;dar Rapids, and Mrs. Melvina Befgiiitt, Mumboldt, wefe Thursday MWNWVMWMMMWMMfcMMMMMMUMUMMMMMIMUUMUM visitors at Olivet Kinseth's. __ -~-^~ - -. ^ jofofi Nyes, Anies, were Stingyguests at Don- Let the rest of the wtoldfgb by. Let the cars zip by .aid Usher's. Sunday night vis< on the highway oart the snia!' sp'ade which we occupy but it«w were the Louis Hen- let us dream on. So says, Hawk Sprljfigs. Wyoming, population 125. Along their small space are Otfee abandoned small former oil stations, .1 small Hotlse or two with weed grown yard and one operat'ng oil station sind garage. Back from the highway on a dusty street is a small general store and a post office. On one corner an old church with weeds grown window high, the former parsonage is rented and the small yard quite neat. Back of that a boarded up Wooden frame schoolhouse and the closed up brick high school. fJie 33 students now tending school in nearby Huhtley^nd Torrington. there a neat cottage and yard, 1 next-a 1 -weed grown . yond, a hay field. f ,'/^,v'atfd;Sar4 were Tuesday night . "vViVp^ilers.at Mrs, W, G;. ; Coo> One can walk all around the town in matter of • feW. : '.Ws, -Friday afternoon .visit- minutes and never meet a tool, /where the 125 inhabitant* l:ors were Mrs. Albert Thor* keep themselv'es i* a mystery, The'family we visited operaW'.'Sen,>; Mrs. Roy Telford and the garage, the man is a fir*t class* mechanic and draws work ' "'" from quite far away. His parent* live here and he has no invention cf movfrt *w»v t: the brohter liqhts. If it were not for the cars that tip by on the highway through there would be no sound. It is a strange feeling, this slumbering stillness and perhaps would n-t be -i startling if the weeds and neglect were effaced. They add to a strange loneliness and one feels they must get away before they too are weeded into a strange let;- thy. Hawk Springs, Wyoming, population 125. fiksons, West Bend* and Harold Hendfiksons. Emrnetsv. burg. The Roy Jatfobsons took her sister, Mrs. Helen Malrri, to her home at Palmer Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Malm had spent a week with the"" Catholic church here. Ilev. Francis Schulcr, the bridegroom's uncle, officiated at the double ring coromony. The bride, given in marriage by her brother, Wayne Taphorn, was attended by her sisters, Mary Jane, as maid of honor and Judy as bridesmaid. The groom's attendants wcrc his brother, Donald, best man, a:ul Kcnnctih Frid- There were 14 toys at the Bill Koppen's Friday for the 7th hirthday of Jeffrey. Craig Studer, son of the Nate Studars, had a birthday party Tuesday for his 7th birthday. Billy and Steven, son of the I'aul Schmidts, Ohurdan, were guests of their grandparents, Uie A. N. Hichtsmcicrs, last week. They returned Sunday to their home with the Don ENDS WEDNESDAY AUG. 2nd Peter Fonda IN "THE TRIP" IN COLOR STARTS THURSDAY —- COLUMBIA PICTURES pmstnis— RICHARD «•• mwiiuiv WDWRK We visited friends in Tor,rington, Wyoming. The husband is the deputy sheriff and they live in very pleasant quarters in the jail in what was in past years the jailers quarters. On the first floor of the jail are the sheriff's apartments and as we are all friends 'h'ad a barbscue and then n tour of the jail. There were no women prisoners at the time but oh how drab those quarters' are. There were three male prisoners whom we did not see and I am glad. This week the sheriff goes to Oregon to bring back a prisoner. They are building a catwalk from the jail to t,he nearby court house so Mrs. Ralph 'Richards. Thursday afternoon visitors were Rev. and Mrs. Jerry Jacobson, Maryville, Ohio. The H. D. Bensons visited 'at the Dean Nilges Sunday. Kevin and Daryl Speich, Algona, spent a few days with their grandparents, the Antone Speichs. Dick Skiver, Little Rock, visited at Sam Krppfs from Wednesday until Saturday. Mrs. Ray Gress and a woman friend from Ames came for Bruce and Allison Gress Friday. The children had visited their grandparents, the Fahey Cresses. coed to a double-crossing who done what id who and why-plot ttttt hit fto bearing on the opcrting *ceno uritil Ihe end of the pictUJ-e. Meanwliilc the audience has become so numb, that most patrons arc reedy to forget the whota thing/ It .almost. Out-pei ils Pauline. H •*' On the *»et column, we might add In conclusion, that the color and locale of the many scenes are spectacular, it is the only saving grace of this "bleached botch of a comedy drama" which Time Magazine Aptly labeds "The Spy Who Oame in From the Cold Crdam'Y to paraphrase an earlier murder-mystery picture;.;'-/.; ; ;/ ' ."..'• The 1 Trip, so hot off thai dnema' griddle that no reviews are available, is an-imaginary journey .into the mystical and,.fantastic world of L&D/Afterseeing the film, which incidentally was seen locally, simultaneously with 1— (Ittwa) Ad»*nt« ift Port Dodge, Mason City and several other town Cities, t Would say that it would induce few folks to indulge ifl the "dfUg", Most of the picture is a conglomeration of disjointed flashes shotting young Pottda "taking off" into space, facing death or trying to avoid it. The strong t;fend\',tdVtlie allegorical after, confuse* «ie spectator as m\\ ".ft* the yic? tim on the screws, ; ; //, ; ; ' , Manager Redb, who had no warning about th^i^ of the picture,' yas in, a State of mild shock at intermission, " "' i Siire whether to close try. As t ;*>tated be ' ture>;w6utd ettcbura'ge thi use bf\LSD by anyone"'and would be fairly harmless from a moral point of view, And so Time Marches On. DIAMOND'S } WA-HONDA CONTEST T In Co-operation With No. la. Appliance 1 I ENDS WEDNESDAY AUG. 2nd Starring Academy Award W inner SAN Wi DENNIS AN I If.KIIIA •-•-• CHNICOIOR FROM WARNER STARTS THURSDAY MATINIOKS AT T1IURS. - FHI.-SAT. Snow White ©Wall Disney TeOHNICOLOR.ii. Productions Vogels, Lahrvillc, who had spent the day at the parental Mrs. Jo Mcucr's. The H. E. Hemmingsens spent Sunday at Newell with his brother, the Chris Hem- mingsens. The Franklin Foxes have a new granddaughter, Tami Jo, born July 21 to the Eldon (Darlcne) Gearys, Mason City. She weighed 9 Ibs, 3 ozs and is the first child for the Gearys and the first grandchild for the Foxes. Tami has a groat great grandmother, for Rochester, New York" Mrs. Lucy Fox, Puxico, Mo., wnere she will visit her sis- and two great grandmothers ter, the Wilbur Stones. Mon- gifts it contains are somewhere .,. w _ mutK liatcu L E: KS-.MSvr 11 Js^SL-2n*iJr 3xs> ^jr^&L^z^z&SX* Ottosen woman takes a plane trip to Norway Ottosen — Mrs. Donald prisoner s meals are prepared.-•by a local restaurant and the deputy sheriff brings these to them in the capacity of the former jailer. ,- : . , We are returned to California after our wonderful try, stops on the return home .to Hoover Dam and La* Vegas • "iVl I 0 ! 1 ™"' California We get the ocean breeie and it is delightfully cool. It is nice t4 be home to idle the hours and read to ones heart contentment. i will spend a few days with my sister in Gardens and a niece in Redondo Beachjand soon think of returning to Iowa. I have had a wonderful summer but home will seem nice too. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Two of my daughter Mary Fran's children are teenagers and the third en the threshhold and they are such nice children. I never hear a raised voice around here and it isn't necessary. They obey when their parents speak, they know the t »•«•»»»»•»«»•«»»•••»•• Seen at the ALGONA | By T. H. C. I have been complaining about my stupidity in attempting to unravel the plots in some current films. Comes now Caprice, which I doubt even a Philadelphia lawyer could untangle. I wonder if there was a single person, reviewing this offering at the Algona, who was not com- and bewild- HONDA SPORT 65 65 cc - retails at $340.00 J Will be given away absolutely FREE! 4 A DRAWING WILL BE HELD SEPT. 2 f still do not have my extra piece of baggage so the ,tni»c ,,.„ ™ u— T ,y ey are bein £ traced but j and see the country. They will them in my book. Icy,, ill., spent July 20 to 22 be in -Norway 'three' weeks at Lester Larson's..'Thc. worn- Sar'a Usher, who ha^-been at- en arc sisters. The Sumner OppcdaJils and Celeste, Goldfield, wcrc Thursday evening callers with the Larsons, and the Arvin Larsons were Friday evening dinner guests. Speaker in the Evangelical Free Church Sunday was Arthur Anderson, Supt. of the Evangelical Free Church Home in Boone. Friday guests at Lester Larson's home were his sister, Mrs. El ma Lyng, Rock Rapids, and their brother, Marvin Larson, Riverside, Calif. Mrs. We are having the most fonderful fresh fruit bowls tending summer school at •" "«u of salad and dessert. At the markets the largest lusci- But that isn't the only complaint I have about Caprice. Now that they've taken our innocent, virginal, little heroine, Doris Day, out of the innocuous Rook Hudson love routine and placed hei firmly in bed • with a*'^wolf" (Richard Harris, she seems have You'll receive 2 additional coupons with the pur* chase of any Wrangler garment. This include* girls' cut-offs; boys' slacks and jeans, shirts or jackets., AGE LIMIT: o to 96 The more often you're in— the more chances to win! •••••••••Clip and deposit at Diamond's•••••••••% lWJ —_.._„, „ „ ^ ^ ---. —----- -_...v»w>*^jwi • w*wt~ -n\l U I Mrf A Jo* OillC JKZCIJ11D JlCl V t ^r Ames will be home during her °«* bmg cherries, peaches, m 8 lons and pineapple. Fran has taken on an unbecoming and 4 mriMmr'c oHcnns»A nnA tinll K« Aft AleCtriC knifO Ufhl^n •*•*!* A* •*•>**•*•*.:•».. _:.*._.._ I- _ I i . A< , ... . . ^ mother's absence, and will be an electric knife which makes preparing pineapple a breexe. the new correspondent. m.,^ . . •-\. •. , f_ fnis week we are going into Los Angeles to tour the new Civic and Music Center. There are so things to see and hear. new. sophisticated personality. And it isn't at all WELCOME HOME A welcome home dinner for S/Sgt. and Mrs. Lloyd Cooper was given Sunday at Ivis uncle and aunts, the M'a- deen Ludwigs, Dakota City. He is home after a year in Each time I come there is something repuS: : * We begin this conglomara- Nativity had their annual dime-a-dip supper yesterf tion of plot with a murder day. The women prepare the most wonderful variety of dish- on a ski sl °P e and then P ro " es and for each dip or serving you pay a dime and the most fussy tastes can be satisfied. They always make more than brings and there is something in- t DIAMOND'S FREE HONDA NAME ADDRESS Deposit this coupon in drawing box at DIAMOND'S ••>.••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••* ors, Dakota City, grandparents, the Alfred Jensens, _ _ _ , — -— —— i ••.. *• *»»•.»**«« w^uuviiU) — — .,'-•»• ••'•••»*»<»»*v« i,v i«ov niv iiiugii, WU1 Ud • W Ilct L ale Mrs. Mane Rodman, and Mrs, Essie Coop- they? Just read and ponder well. Hearts like doors ooen with »nn A iv».ri i/> „« *u — nr_ n tr *A_ i nnnn. uru A _ t;j'i_. i ... ...._ _ r ' '••'•••, cr, the Walter Knotts and two daughters, Waterloo, and the Ricke Ludwigs. The Hollh Coopers were surprised on their 25th wedding. Seventy- five came to the Ludwig Larson's aunt, Nodland, and son Archie, Clarion, were Sunday evening callers. The Tom Roots and three children, Council Bluffs, were weekend guests at the parental, L. T. Root's. They at- home."Aiiiong"the'"guesrs"werl tended the reunion of the relatives from Ringsted, the class of 1957 of the Wesley Clyde Coopers, Stewartsville, school of wluch lorn was a MO., Ralph Coopers, Camer- mombcr ' on. Mo., Gary Coopers and Air Force Cadet Dennis Mike Houses, Fort Dodge, Funncmark arrived home on Farrel Coopers and Brenda, Friday from Uie A. F. base at Humboldt, and the Donald Colorado Springs, Colo., for 3 Coopers. The Hollis Coopers weeks at his parental Howard arc former Ottosen residents. Funncmark's. He had just completed a tour of four air The Stacey Petersons and force bases. He will return to Kevin of Mil'ford, Mich., were Colorado Springs for his soph- Wednesday afternoon visitors omorc year. at Henry Olson's. Do you remember to use the magic words? What are ease, When you say, "thank you" and "if you please." went Frank Wilger, Chicago, 111., , lho spent a week recently at hi.s J0 > ce ' cousin's, the Geo. Hirners, August Stucler was taken to Mercy hospital, Mason City, Friday where lie had emergency surgery. Allan Wehrspanns, ,Iana and Mary Lynn, to Mason City Sunday attending the LaJames College of Hair Styling. Mrs. Howard Hellickson and Mrs. Albert Thorsen have been busy judging achievement shows for the 4-H club girls. Monday night they judged for the Wacousta club, Thursday night for Rutland and Friday for Bradgate. Mrs. Hellickson also judged for the Gilmore City club Tuesday and for tine Humboldt town club Saturday. The Clyde Coopers, Stewartsville, Mo., Ralph Coopets, Cameron, Mo., and Donald Coopers were Sunday guests of Mrs. Essie Cooper. The Neal Olsons visited tha Emil Johansons at Clear Lake Friday night, and Sunday visited the E. L. Morrises at Mason City. Oliver Kinseth's sisters and brothers had dinner at the Starlite at Fort Dodge Friday •night. Mrs. Kinseth also attended. •? Mrs. Clara* Solbe'rg and Oliver Christiansen attended services Sunday at the Meth- 'bdist church at Rolfe. They •and the Arne Jottens, Mrs. • Ida Worster and the Jordans, Rolfe, were Sunday dinner guests of Uie Gus Henning- ;'sens at Rolfe. Weekend guests at Arthur Petersons were the Howard Smulls and Caroline, Des ^Moines. Naomi Strainers attended the 25th anniversary open house for the. Hollis Coopers, Dakota City Sunday. < The Hal Thomases and five 'children, St. Louis, came ; Notice to all IP Gas Distributors The West Bend Community School is accepting bids for LP Gas for the Rodman Center, Rodman, Iowa. All bids should be in to the School Secretary, Mrs. Francis Ewy, by noon, August 7. One tank will have to be provided by the distributor. The Board of Education reserve! the right to reject any or all bids. Will Btnd Community School Board of Education iwy Earl W. Stevens, Supt. 58-61 ^fl^yftf^fl^^Af^^^f\^^^^fV^^^fV^r^^V HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS HEAR BETTER with INDIAN DAY ANNUAL CELEBRATION TITONKA, IOWA AUGUST land 2 Mt ANINC) NBAM THE LATEST REASON: The New "QUilir* You'll enjoy tremendous performance at a surprisingly low price. First, listen to the Courier...then coriipare its precision transistorized performance with any hearing aid at any price. You'll be convinced this new Zenith "Living Sound" Hearing ^id is the one for you! Operates for pennies a day. Hear the telephone more clearly with Zenith's Phone Magnet® Call us today, pleasfi •Zenith "Courier" made Igy the world leader in TV and Radio. Naturally, it's the RUSK DRUG & JEWELRY Al«ona, Iowa TUESDAY, AUG. 1 (evening) MURPHY'S MIDWAY SHOWS WEDNESDAY, AUG, 2 BIG PARADE AT 111 A.M, FREE ACTS AT 2 P,M, ond 8 P,M. MURPHY'S MIDWAY SHOWS CONCESSIONS j RIDES & FRIE ACTS

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