The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 30, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 30, 1934
Page 1
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by the United Press BCYTHEVTELE V'ni.. XXX— NO. 270 TUB DOMINANT NEWBI'APER OP NOUTHKA w BIMhi'Vilk. Daily News BlytliovlIU- CowleT" Mtetelpp| Valley leader lilytheville Hcmld •SAS AND SOUTHEAST MlWOUUi ^ I_l[KSl)_,\Y._.JA\lJAin-_ ;>,,]. , !m Asks Pardon for Driil't-DofL'iiiL' Son I! BIG LIONS i films Raj Gov Disciplined Wjih Liberal Tasle of! Own Medicine. '•t.I-A'Kl.ANI). O.. .):,„. :l'J .t;i'i - .'a.'iiir.y, -luu-i) jin>>; Jim) i A -Jttl a !'il'-i(l lllllj.r.'-, iilillu. rjlll lotlny .'HIM Uli-i-dins -imiii :, down ,! ,-p! I.II:HI(!S, Sammy .•..: i: ,.k- :u Us c|i,ar-1 i-1.-. :, tliuro'ivhlv i-on'i-d litm, al-l i< r l;eiim throw:' into Die i-ag, i •:'.!, !<M,i r;|||o- "lighting <-:,ts' ::.! ;: ln-i- for .ill 'jght. 'I'll'- llll'..,. ;,;;•!,. |j,,]| Uiat h;i.s| 1 ;;l (lie flroilu i:;.i:i;.s arena ill I : uimiciii lor ivo days tv.ul as ii;'(j,i ccmiii;. so Clyde Beally.j • ; c? tiaLr..-!, u-ho cum? near los-: '•f". his !:!, bota'.ifc of Sammy's f ('::;; four nlner; Sammy the 1 ' e i-iiier;riinmeni I 1 !:, 1 !)!!; a irain- | "1 have passed the three score and ten span of life ..,-.„ i kllml , ,„,. .u will not b;, long bclore I ,,ass on U Ls mv o-e o i , i « three children,..Mrs. Kmma Ber 8 do,l is ^^ ^^ j "-id. H.I.. home as .she wrote these w>vds in n letter to tlie ['resident |who« ; ]; orlra,l i, bef ore her. rertnesting that on hi, K-iMav „ , - rn-ilchn loosen V.W ic-niale bin o;i,iii,i:y':i], Al the aiiernocn performance! >:.inmy nijaln shewed si!j!is of •'••-•hi bin. De:-uy ,'Lbdu«l him. 'ini-n i-ami: Hie n-njni; perform-' iiiif'i. fJmc rhciisand sp:'ctaio::;' .-:.,. :ir.*>{[ iMi^ljr: . r .i:diir)]-iimi aiul -.'.t :in i.v.ra tl.rill 101- llltir im.r.ey. Ui-atly N'e-tr ,)**^,l, ::'annny cr^an ih M.tuj-ii! enemy. B'r.lty .Mi-piKd-ia\ ,- (lie cave, but the animals dlej ;m: read normally. They snarled :ii-fl i;ro«-leil. sn[,npin° al caeh. •il:-i fi»l sit she limner. . S. S. JACOB RUPPER.T Bav' I hen .Sammy cringed, with a.'. n ' Wholes. Jan. 30 (UP)—Forty- : .• ilii luar he cauu- at- fieatiy., fmir marooned members-'of the : i >'•:,' .'iUHidanrq :.-,,.,! ii,eir proti-1-'<™'Hl Byrd Antarctic Expedition ' 'I'np poles bui ih.- trainer slipped |' 0 "8'« desiwratcly tonight lo save' iini. ti-!| unUL'i- i(>;• savage auaek. l ™ t-'xpcdilJon's winter food sun-i - !•' \<\f\ liiv in-!.-, n.-, n>^ ..i_. , _. . T»V U'KinVi ;^ L\ :_> _ , .. ' I ;H Expedition's Members.! < Staye-Dramatic Fight-on L Crumbling Ice. "sec me cofo-r 1 <ii c •• San Francisco Feels Severe Earthquake SAN FRAiSHSCO, .hm. 30 (UI)—A severe earthriiwkt shook S:,n Triiticiscn n( 2:i!l) S(;inri; ' r " n p«m PRESIDENT i °K«!en Mills Attacks j ; Roosevell's Program Kimi.. .Inn. JO. lUl'J ••"••;"•" '-- MH1\ In-st .wivlnrv ,,i ; '..iMiryln „„, llum ,,. .„„•„„. ;,""""'•'" '"f" '»'«!.• a foivr- > ; 'mark „., , hl . ]i(las ,. V( .| t ,,.. !.'';' I'"'*-'" 1 "' in whin many bf"< MHIV ,, pl . milK blll ,„> l"ll)ll<-im ilouilimHiiii Inl- Hold Bremer Wliile S. AgenU Stay on Job of |K,iv in,. | (JM ; in,.: <-iillcl/c.(i i tliaiU',l\<V: Nearly F.very Will Honor Birthday Tonight. lly Ibilltii I'rrss imuj/ •Ihe KIH! bfiU-di.y anniversary "?'','! ""' '" ' t!IJ ' »ii"i''in' i.l :i prevldfiit win., mercani,- grcm ... '. lio " ; ''^eli iiihniiiMrailnj liiiuilL-iips to b»«)ini> Am'-i'lra:- '""' '"'"'" ' leader in ihe tj[.|..-. i:i;;i|ivi; ( |e- I'es.'.ion v.':,. 1 , <: 'cDm,i'il tcMlav l.'iroiiglioul I be i;,-|;e(! .Stales. To make the e,', trillion u'(]?-! [,12 to I'rr.siiteni lloosevell's nev:! deal, parlies will l-i- held in niurft i than s.uco cilic-s. IOWDS. villjgn.s,: Arrange Specialties for President's Ball Two spechlly rmnbcis will be gi\en at ihe c".,uce ihis even- Ing al the city amlitbriiim in honor of Hresiilcnt Roosevelt'.* biiihday. Pi.pIL of .\ilss Ola Hob Harris wL! dance and a negro einarlet vnl slug. Radios have l»en insialled for the addrer.' by Ihe president. Dancing ;s '.o IV-gin al 9-30 o'clock. uv itons'Kv wi'tnim : M-'A S-rvli- Sl:ill (•<irri.spiin l | l . ll | j , WASH INC ITON.-Yiiu ,-onld mi' ! Aim-rU-a 1 .-, jjohl ruscn-e nH,i M i I'.i-od-.O/i'd basemen!, , I When l.'m-li. Sinn lakes II m-ei- 1 j 1 " 1 ' 1 '""»»- H Into bullion lls ! IKiio-eu-ll ,,;a,:..;. 11 fun ,„. ,„,.],,.,, ( I Hut (here will be no M,,.], „„„ Oiiiirdi-d by niiirliliic j'ims, tlm eks. elrclrlc nleirins. skilled marksmen im,I thick steel wills- 'ihe S.MKJO.MO.OOU supply or yeilo : v Scicnlisls Remain Aloft, inj; Cosmic Rays ;nul Altnosphere. .MOSfiQVV, J.i,,. lialiotm oi ••siriiis." ' "" '' u 1SJ » ue lutiyeci it] eci I ' 1>l1 ' 1 ' r "'ii.sii,-v's NY\V ' v Olr "'''' lhl> s<1 " Tin llM.lllflil ;,l Illyt, 'y]i, :o 7 'Irgrt '«• IIIKPM i his v. -'ere lo: miidi'rnlh:^ "- v 10 •i 111 oOnnosilion $475,000,000 / pi-ialion for Ships. . altlu.d. nn- by i,:ui-,. Hum la :)-4 milps. nnd al UKU nllitudi-. mkliiK ol;r:raii:iins. noon Kosco\' limp is rt M ,..! Slj!m! : ,r,l l,,,,e, u,n c,-^' •I ll-.e bnlluni, wircli-sscfl to ravlh H.lrlos'- 01 '"' '° > '^'" Stnlloas '"••W'. V( .ii lrf .rreclly nnd we me toiillnuhis niir scientific olwer-' ^itlons M-liliom -vicmiiulon. We _ ];' itul hamlpis noney for a inis of Infaiuil'j paralysis. The money will ;;" lo Hie Warm! toriijlii io raise new dfnl for vic- '"K - SMD.flCO.- ("id bullion In i-'ni- - . Ilrnks which will bn transferred Ritidimlly In Treasury will nil rest, i,, die brick, as th tcileiy nn ihe \'lti«on Thi'ii fi'-rm of the ordinary intccllnn Is Costly Si'i-relnrv of Die Treasury Mor- dor.s not wnii' IT move leel of fWill ii the world. T snrond for the tllllim of the , Inrlh. The leir, HOndolu if, 2n i thai. Unuj '('],, dcgrfe;; centl- I'-i- «,u for NRA "[ever'nriee;' miikmg i, iotnl of $415.000 000 Tti'c' S^i? 1 !^ 111 ror ' uw '«»'- tlios whirl, w helpr-d r o »'>' which is threatened by n: '-f- the kill. ' ' ' . tlie Hay of „. 13r>nlty .sou.rlio'.i. regained' Tllc broken pressure brideje anrt : i'. ff'-i His 1,1.,,-k cartridge Blm i "^^ *™ of the expedition's'' '>p!o;i<ici in the lion's face. |!- bn ' " ' :!i!i'.g. Sammy repeated but re-'"" at Little America were the j of the tattle n-l-.ere Byrd'.ii •I'he Ki:esl" "•old a celebration liimself with ftlenris who helped him wage his unsuccessful campaign for the I vice-presidency on I lie Cox ticket ji» 1920. After l..s dinner v.-ltl, ! "Ihe gang" Mr. «oosevelt v-ilt make an addre.s. thanking )m :,'ipporler.s for nbsciving his blrtb- • day and helping I'K. toindalion , Thciiianrts of Lirthday cariis i luck tokens and ore^enw poiiivii I i:; at' the While House Mim.r «, oy ciism- I F ! 0 " 110 Lil C "-' ar(lia ° r New Yc™', ice front ofjs Candidate for Reelection!^ "^ ^^n.^'r^e^' Fusion administration anil' other New Yorkers." I Mr. Roos.-\,-|t fOll'[-flM.jrs .j.lll llu . prcsidcni nn "absenli n: l]v <~<ihl v.-.-ne ove- al all ihesr parlies, ' r ' "' e „, I', " C auc or n prior f-ondon •••••" j" . •• ••• >*•", ...T i in- f0,1,1- " iind-westerr. farm lauds <e>'.|en, niimic.palltli.i lodny. In? H-ni-es of ;ivcs and caius- atmiai;(, (rorn flrrs ihat uijl A ilrivin- v .i|,,| Iilal mieiisllled | n " v more xold around iiinn he lo the L-VMII IIP suo-wr-> leiiiiK-iRinro wus ;:r:»|-1 1|1IS I"- H's loo evnenslv,. OnM nnvnl treiitv i"y nbailiia. however. :,,i,l wea-j"! M'." hi't hin do-iiesiln ^Irll Thn I0 pln ]sl ; n-i>nt..|.<i Involved shltiment of;.''ix rruhers a,.|^"^ r iir^^dr^r^g- 1 ^.jined II eonld suve alraul. S2SOOHJ In uddltlon to the slil SSI™" p ^rjr.i^t?^r*, R sw i it,^r "il|Vnl nffalrs eominllbc v\\ ofler md nn - io thl 'bllliuiiti L- thc !7hiR the president to orelcr con- "f l.'fll filrplnnes. 1110| . n inniniiij n . "" '" Cnl ''' 1 "' _-•' ucgrcc-s ix-ioi KTU'sa lllc !'-»l>re.w. l-orly-Mx well armed ••"midji, ..Minn, to 1 aW>ve in| ) l! B"ly trustworthy iKivenunc'ii Aew York, tm ro ..e slowly' dini,, K " lfl "- ch!r -"v nnstnl Inspectors am ihe day. 'Hie >r.:Mirmmi leinirer-' 0 ' 1 ' 11 • C|1| ' vi ?<-' olfirets—con'vnyod tin <"»'«• IK Meinpliis was II c(oi;,-ers.. ' ! ' l: '""-'» t - iiLiii County's Collector. ...... i , ;in,li Vr^ ttiiu, /ixia ^ ( I^arty at l.fpanto nn-iiiid lo th" ri-'i:i.""T;ie"otn'rl n l n en " agctl '" a dra"ma!i"c "ini"-! Clarence U. "Bio Boy" Wilson LI ^ ANT O. Ark. — The Willie cnse.j;;. 1 ' '; U| J lhc ; elements in the Am-| today authorized Ihe Courier News! '',.„,, un .i? of tn . c American L°- »icuc fnr the tnsl !m . days _ | to make formfl) announccment nf eion _aimlmry _ and the r. T. A.', millrd eiruitnd the •'•"I'.pin? at Ceally Iro^u l.f-hi,id.J ;!»• snap la>ii on the train-j,, ', — wh.j) <-a'i?hi !?.in:i,,y r ,n th,?! 5 "PP^" to be disrupting. ••- i.uiL icu nays . Lw m;iM- jorin. ihe four mile ice front of the hi ' r candidacy Cai'ulhersvillc M an Jakes. t!iar£fe of Dress Up Shopi fS- Gould. v.-ell-kni»vn Caruthersville. Mo., mercliant. has as- 1 •uniecl nianngenicnt of Ihe Dress iT_L ' vi _;; . "" r -' ia rl-;uiT. 1 announcement of „ LeDa^oh- v," , U f, r - T ' A ' for re-cleciion to' f'^ P nto hlgtl Kch001 lla ™ plan- MissLssippi coim'v ."" CVi>IU for tonisht in K ' C - Iccto^Tor'a econ 1 i ^i'°'' 5... l '! e *W«<V_ of Presi- ! the office of . !sheriff nnd collector foi-'a secnnrl i ^ "".'"^" "' "" u """"'y oi rrea- ;l or,,, bte to «, ^iS^-^^^Brid^nco.^^ i primary in August. ie,,i nv ^ , ., , SiicriH Wilson, who is a resi-1 ,„%i, , ,, L lc Marcom bulldlsig, ^len. of Blythevi.le. is well kSn T^e pr« ^ w , [ H" ', ! "" 0 a ™"'throughout the coiinly, havine liv-'m n ,u be tul '" ed °™' cd in the county for more than TJ fnr v- n ar " 1 . ?P rm £ s Foundation I years. Before "coming here i\fr ucum -^°i infantile paralysis. WilFon lived at nnsseft. ^fa|•le and r- . . 7, him a wide.rirst Assembly of God Roosevelt Will Make Mon-| cy Measure Law Lnlei This Afternoon. ' Troops ,uav )>e used when the 'frrnMiry .-.Inrjs movlni.' ibe j?old j mil of the twelve Reser\'e bn'nk? Of alxjin sncnfl.OOO.lHK) In lie-' j fc-rve bank KOW-, reserves, whlr-li the nrlniiiiislrnticni alms to lak.; HIT nlrendy |ia« cur.tndv of «.2- irsnr, The Trwurj- nlfn has ntoni. *J in.mio.ono n ^oW n[ ll.s ClV.'ll. llu- rRtus for jiomioln , Iron: na Hie air of the carbonic ^Ihc Kovernniciu '-including )isn.--vlk i;]ass oipan. FLIES FOR Tfilfll ; Desncmclo Clianocs Planns 'oh! Weather Blamed for Two Small Fires Two rims by city firemen today 'Miltiil lndli-a;tiv troin the ciir- ("" •. <r °. 1 ' 1 >- ltf ' lVB v ''" h ito ? e:i ana ^ j limit. "•" '" * ; '°'" '' 7 '-- : '-'''? v iV ): ^'" J Wcdden framework In r wall irnrlltlon in ihe l-nrement of Ih" J P. Llvingslon isomc, Cl? w«t C lileknmu-ta. became 'Ignited ln K-I,IC manner Hxrn ]] o'clock this i'i'"'"lii8. The tiarc re.siikert i» "hi", S ! M llnma -' 1 Tllc konrels •i j. c ' Vil>rp I.^iilteel \vore near Earlier In the i:i[,rnlno nt a-in <-• clock, wall iscar a Hue , Lnar<lr. were, Ignited at Die V F President iekiK Have nlivavs been se' <?f.l\Vf as tn l),e n.nniinls of Jiold |k , p i |,, uie vnrioiii Iccallons. Fr-ii'klv. iiiev (tidn'iu'anl people ilie:nuff. So far lliere's never Iwen nn is Today, En Rotilc londiana. . S " J ' tl(lr vesidcncc, '.HO North sixth c "" a " ec ™ cstl - ,, the . -• - ils 01 Uir lll.e lo " in Holds Jail Services i,, — •-..- j^ut.i u .-> tuiL-j. —•-'••«-.* ui ^j'ni us slutcti 111 nder his predecessor and]"'«'« account in MMidtiy's paper. I, I Hi,! noverrnr r. U. ninck ofi was; NIP f-fleral Ue'erve Hoard unvc (jo Inloith': r.lnrv nvva\' uh.,n |m jini»..iir- otriciai. |er! before the Senoie Coinmlllep work out,"!' unnkliii; ami currt-nry. "''/lain lor ia»|'nbiibtlon showed • ™ • .• federal reserve 1 ' h o:i«K as follows- 1/ow and n-vai'ii,'i- ibe dollar. l-'^n Francisco While ;io:;.-e said i, v - a -.'. Mini : -'l any ul ihi-'Ni''v Vnil: Asray RVn.GlO.OWl . r >rri.075,exiO- nillin".cr of ; on Ills lo Inrll "»" mlrt-wesl 'd planes here fli«hl from Tuc- Bronsoit, where he faces •"", for alleged murder and robbery. The pnnpsier was sullen during Itie 10-mlnutc slon while officer^ irnnsferrcd him from the Amerl- cnn Airwnvs Trans-Conilnenlnl niiine lo a plane nn the New Or- lenns-Chlcaijn mnll route. He shielded his face from news„,„,.„,„.. ""P 1 "' Pholojrnnhers and refused :fcr>.023.0flO! lo nns wer cinestlons propounded by The Chicago plane, which waii- SI.43!),'Htil.(Xlfl Mlli 1 More and formerly operated Rii'ele. Mo., anrt Helena. Al the Dress tip Shop Mr. Gould '" remote suburb -, )u i will (niry a complete line o( shoesl" r S ro with btillels :! nd clothiiis; for men. women and: "T'lf "egro. Uobert Johns ilnldren. ! i.rcted of •'"•ins u. tirovp to — »••"* IIL.^ i .^j/vi ii-!,(. riildled Die l l lialirics him for the post, f'e has been a popular ,_ : nnd it onueaw n foregone concln- weli: The Rev. Sho<li-r- Males Ilia' church hoMs services moved l>i:nis.lo I' !:.-:M l-.ow. simp was established sev- years n'.-ci by Mr. Lansky, who fro:« \'ew York. He i iticre several weeks ."-Hack on a wh'rt< al four o'clock P. ;.i..' a t ihn - Alnska. New York Cotton NF.W Cotton Mar. .. May .'illy Oct. .. •'an. .. Spot.s YORK. Jan. 30. (UP> — open 1130 1158 117S 1191 1203 1207 . . . barely steady. high low l»5 1132 1102 H'48 1177 110-1 J206 1208 ] !70 11GI 1180 1193 llfin s(eil( | v ^ close 113.-! 1140 !1C5 1181 MM 1190 U | „„. ^ r E, •wa.r's; s iransfcrred from I'-e city jan to i':s (heft of chicken's. " S C1rlrg " |)vllc] llri d b:en i.nestcd Sunday Pfirtianv 00 ^^!',^ T r ° rlc<f lle was ee attacker of t'ic \vonian"F>o| l |"'" io nepiity constal.-^ l T 1 M 8V orivnI' f: ' nvin? <*"™? hymn serv'i"ces"nt "'""" '" appeared early tod-iv' " W COl " ltJ ' m 5'«' slc "''' l y. 'fft car•o, • . .' «•'> ly this morniu° in custody of houn county, Ala., officers to face killing Prevtor . very Sunday. that he will be permitted lo -" ' ^liof """"^ ™™\Closing Stock Prices] J o j ns (UP) - .'e banks in ^. nichmotul. Cle-velnnd. Phit,. Kt. Louis. .Minneoiwlis. « City. A!!:illla anil Dallas the ITO!. , lierr more than an hour for I Hie connection, roared out of 111,1- UI."070O]!il i< ' i|)nl eilrnort at 1:55 1>m Tiw "•.vncel by itae tstjmatcd at S20. ei negro liouse on the ' ..^ b ... uuuau uu l|](J -'. A. Neison propc, t.y, Cliickasawba :•"«! D by ISi nn T« '' S " ghlly " al "" -Park uti au old \\,Kiilen rcoi" Hitler Crashes Hopes for Return of Kaiser RERUN, .u7n«; tUP,-aer- 111.1 ny.s iljht to ctnialltv nmou» - ivitions and relief f, cm the burdens of the Versr.i ;es Treaty was • rroclaimrd by Cii.-.ncelior Adolf Hitler ictlay in celebratim; first aniitvcrs.-itv o: the th? ITians-Coiuincntal Condor was n!- -""i-" in oermani most U-o hours late after bonne-! The dynamic ct-o-icellor r,h,,,, '"" in quntterlng winds nil deiy. 11 Iwnl :-u!er of nl' 'oermany. l"as the brov.-n- Lambert Returns to Face Trial in Alabama I I Walter Lambert, paroled convict Fnri wno confessed an AnnUton. Ala. ^ ' ' C-1..1-; H£ c <kr •'''-'-^ -- Tlie cl-puty saH lie was forced -n^ss^rhoV, 1 ; 11 ^^ H^« r^ ri ^, ii ; h ; iie s " b "' c •'rot down. A | NF.W YORK. Jan. 30 ,. r , -, • A roaring bill! mc-rket todav re,,'! lhc Dow-Jones inctuslrlal n'ver.ig.!! lo n new hljfli since 1931 and re-1 Milled in (uriicvc:- of more than' l.OOO.COO shares. :;ie largesi ,i;,y ; -"-iTice July 22. when the 19M boom wets nt- il.s znnith. Tickers ivcio Orlmin CoUrat\ ear to the . nil; trial at Anniston. Lambert admits none in an Minislon poll hall \vhile out of the Alabama state ipiiron on parole afler serving 11 lyeeirs of a 25 year term for kill- line; nn Anniston policeman. General Stuff » 1 ":' lfl a i"^ 1 - ||kent I >•>«• Vaillf fnr Treasury | Tll(> outlaw wns liaiulciifrert to lw ° officers. Two other heavily him iii:r- | firmed olficers fiii.-mlnl I hi-' lite transfer. most, r.f Hi- crov.-cleit Mar May •Inly <Vi. «..n. SO. (UP) Cnriou clawed steady. open high" lou- IKn 1130 HS8 1145 close e immediately U ' r . •Ian. UGH lis.=i nno 1195 117.1 lino 1202 1195 1100 1178 lias 1151 1179 . ... S|K>!sclosccl stendynt 1132. off 3. Wheat is cul'.ivn'rd lo some ex- ^nt in every ,-ivlllzf-n country of .e world, bill fr-iv countries raise K"rv I han enong>; in feed their •»•,! people. May lulv open 03 fjo Wheat l "?f. low close MS-B 32S-S 927-8 SI 7-rt 91 9] Chicago Corn 0]m\ hip,, loiv 53 1-8 53 3-8 52 5 . 8 S " S5 L8 54 1-2 5 Parents of Mrs. Taylor Hurt in Highway Crash Mr. ami Mrs. W. W. McGanghry' of Lester, parents of Mrs. Harry Taylor of this city, were seriously injured In em accident on" Highway 18 near r,nke City yesterday afternoon. , Mr. nnd Mrs. McGaitghoy were i returning lo their home, near Lake 'City, after a visit here, when their' car collided with a Blylhevllle truck. Forrest Hill and Ab Park- jcr. olher occupants of the car, were uninjured. Mr. and Mrs Me' Ganglicy were carried to a Jones , boro hospital for treatment. behind the market <"ny us a vast number""^ 'orders 110111 all parts of the world were executed in lots of IQO shares toi •lO.OOO shares. ' Brokerage office, were r.nd inlcrest in || l( . m; lifnert proi»rtiom seldom n-jiii,s- S'.d since the bull market of 1928 rnd 1929. Milhons of dollars w<re r-dded to the valuation of securities as prices mounted "one to more than flvi Mints A. T. ap.d T. Anaconda Copin-r Bethlehem sie«t Chrj'sler Cities Service Coca Cola General America!, Taiik General Kleclri-- Genera] Motors Internationa! Hmvesier Middlewesl Utiliiiis ^fon^ ornery \va^ New York Coni^l Packard Phillips Petroleum Radio Corp Simmons Beds St. Louis-San Pijiuivea v.'ns k-i]( in r; r;v York. II. known ibai ;}<c Treasury n few milhons here iii mid r-oin—jtisi s:nnll change— ll:mieli coii'triKtion of a |u,ce , new Ti-piismy vault lias caused |-'n"ciila'ion ivhc!h"r a lot more f.oid iniRht he ImiKerl there tn the Inline. Hulllon sold is kep: in sealed coifiparlmcnt.s inside the vaults end in the min's. nt those compartmenis "imejlsne.' nren'l !oj>eiie.-| for tr.cinths. Tl-.e bars nre piled 0:1 shelves --bare bars with no wrapping. The n^ieil bar Is worth :iboat $8.000 measures :t t-j inches by G Dillingcr mnl lii s outlaw qane; were separated last night at Tup.- Fin eis the lender made a forced flight lo Iiulinna while Ihree. of his henchmen remained in jail nwnltlnie return lo Ohio lo he Irted un murder charges. •idly applauded „, lll( . urown . .'lilrled aiidlsnc; when he attack- id the Versailles 'IVealy as hav- jiiS dcslroyed Ge-man Indepena- Mcnarchial hnpcr, were deilnllc- Accidental Pistol Shot Inflicts Critical Injury LEPAN-TO. Ark-.-Cfirvol Ooou- fin. 17. was reported in a criticol condition today as a result of the Accidental discharge of a pislol wllh which lie niul a coinpiiiiion were sniffling. Tlie hullel entered the youth's body jusi )«,]„«• his chest. He was rushed | 0 n Mem- pnls hospital Sunday night following Hie .shooting. l-s of monarch's restoration of , the monarchy is ciil of ibe erne-;, l.nn" ' 3-t a:id I 3-L it weighs .-„.,„what tew than 400 oiinres. The entire gold revive uoiild make TiU" u -—••=. half a million M! ,.|, i )lr s , The ^fa were sciimin s at ,„,. ^^rAT^^i^^^-^^^ dollars in co'.tl citin \velghs Dounds avoirdiiiwis. <1 by the criminals 5 l-o IR l-i 8 1-4 01 :M •I •Tiisllce. Hlair 13 the'inislmd of Mrs. Enilly Newell lllalr. fen'ner Uoinocratle n.Mion.M co vice cbiiirniaii. VanH, Xover Kaiiled ••--"•.. B«..ILIO uiu nil mints. Steel-line times are barked up by concrete (Continued on Page 3) Established the new ' >^ tonice today beginning at ™ C ' — -- The remainder of"the equipment arrived Inte yesterday and employes moved their supplies this morning. filvcn Free OlOUCESTER. Maw. ,UPI _ A -•quad of 2f, men from the Amcr- •isn Legion ^st D r this city has <en fo:mpd to aeip paiien'ts in Hie hospital.: m the county who I'-eti blotxi InnsfM^ioiis. They do :'o: charge fnr ||]oii blood' an.1 :ne ready at nni time, itay c .r ' WEATHER ARKANSAS—Fad-, risin* tem- Piralures Inuiaht rnul Wednesday Memphis and \v..u:iy—Kilr. ris: ;ig (;.miH-i-iUiiK-s n-:i g i)'i n ,-.d Weci- rr.'rt.iy. The maximum temperature here yesterday war. 34, minimum 12. clear, according to Sanvie] F. Norris. official weather observer. Last nii»hi the tem]»ratiire dropped lo 7. the lowest point of the winter. Captain Harris, director of Ihe Harris Zoological Expedition lo £oulli Africa, has invented bullets

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