The Evening Standard from Uniontown, Pennsylvania on March 1, 1923 · Page 9
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The Evening Standard from Uniontown, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Uniontown, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 1, 1923
Page 9
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THURSDAY, MARCH 1, 1923 * K , 3f- 7 ft" ^^^^^^^^^^ THE DAILY NEWb bfAMJMU). UMONTOV\N, PENN'A. * i' i,<r^*t">*#$$ PAGB NINE <• OUT TO=DAY MARCH VICTOR RECORDS MARCH VICTOR RECORDS AGAIN IN THIS HEW MARCH LIST OF VICTOR RECORDS YOU'LL FIND A SPLENDID VARIETY OFSKI.KCTIONS—SOMK OK W1I1UH WILL UNDOlJjn'KDLY WANT- FOIl YOUIl RKCOHI) LmitAHY. POPULAR SONGS AND VOCAL NUMBERS No. Sire Price 1 10 ? .75 Sunset Valloy Peerless Quartet—189&9 In a Corner of the World All Our Own Brown and Burr I'm Just a Little Blue Clark and James—18005 10 .75 Down by the Old Apple Tree . . . Murray and Smalls Carolina In the Morning American Quartet—19006 10 .75 Toot, Toot, Tootsle ,Qoo'byo Murray and Smafte Come On Home Miss Palrlcoia and Virginians—19010—10 .75 When You and I Wene Young Maggie Blues . .-. '. . Patrloola,'Murray and Virginians Jjfus Lives t . fr Trinity Quartet—19004 10 .75 O.Sacred Head Surrounded Trinity Quartet K6< a Sparrow Falleth Merle Alcook—45343 10 1.00 MyVTask Merle Alcock QerrYs from "Blossom Time" . .'. . . . >V!ctor Light Opera Company—35722 12 1.25 Qem'o from the "Yankee Princess".".Victor Light Opera Company Moon'lghet Sonata .....-• Olive Kline and Male Quartet—55194 12 * 1.50 Hymn to the Madonna "Lucy Marsh and Male Quartet It's a Pine Thing to 3lncj Sir Harry Lauder—55180 12 1.50 Saturday Night .Sir Harry Lauder v DANCE AND INSTRUMENTAL SELECTIONS Who Did You Fool After All (Fox Trot) The Virginians—18001 10 .75 Rose of the Rio Grande (Fox Trot) The Virginians Bees Knees (Fox Trot) : : The Virginians—19000 10 .75 Peggy Dear (Fox Trot) Great White Way Orchestra' La Paloma (Fox Trot) International Novelty Orchestra—19002 10 .75 0 Sole Mlo (Waltz) International Novelty. Orchestra Ivy (Cllnrj to Me) Fox Trot . : Whilema'n'B Orchestra—19003 10 .75 1 Gave You Up Just Before You Threw We Dawn. (Fox Tret) .- Whltsman's Orchestra Parade of Wooden Soldiers (Fox Trot).. .Whlteman's Orchestra—18007 10 .75 Mr. Gallagher and MrvShean (Fox Trot). . Whiteman's Orchestra The Lonely Nest (Fox Trot) . . . .Whiteman's Orchestra—19008 10 .75 When All Your Castles Come Tumbling Down (Fox Trot) -• • Zei Confrdy and Orchestra Dumbell (Fox Trot) ' Zez Confrey and Orchestra—19009 10 .75 Baby Blue Eyes (Fox Trot) Great While Way Orchestra Medley of Irish Reels No. 8 (Accordion with Piano) ..... Klmme!—188S8 10 .75 The Blackbird—Reel (Violin and Accordio.i) Redmond and Perry Reminiscences of Ireland (Part 1) Arthur Pryor's Band—18897- 10 .75 Reminiscences of Ireland (Part 2) Arthur' Pryor's' : Sartd .. f .-.!-- 1 , lx .; v ., . .^.....,.,.. La Fona Dal Destine—Overture (Parft) ;Victor Symphqny-Orch—35721L ,12 . 1.25"' La Forza Del Destine—Overture (Part 2). Victor Symphony Orch - - CONCERT AND OPERATIC SELECTIONS Blue Bells of Scotland Emll'lo de Gsgorza—86126 10 1.£5 Waltz in A Major (Violin) Iflischa Elmari—84829 10 1.25 Lucia—Mad Scene—Part 2 (Italian) Galli Curci—86125 10 1.25 , Christ the Lord is Risen Today ,'. Louise Homer—S7354 10 1.25 Tannhauser—Dich, teure Halle (German)....... Maria Jeritza—38124 10 1.25 Klllarney (Viollncello) Hans Kindler—S6120 10 1.25 Jesus, My Lord, Ffiy God, My All . . . . John McCcrmack—36122 '10 1.25 Pale Moon (Violin) . : . ; : Fritz Xreisler—SS127 10 -U25 Serenade (Op. 3, Ho. 5) Piano . . Sergei Rachmaninoff—S8129 10 if.25 Dance of the Flutes Stokovvski and Philadelphia.Orch—66128 10 1.25 Song of the Volga Boatmen (Russi&n) . .-. ...... Feodor Chaliapin—888S3 12 1.75 Andrea Chenier—Un d! all 1 azzurro spazlo Gigli—74793 12 1.75 Ride On! Ride On in Majesty! Orville Harrold—74785 12 1.75 Valse In ATlat (Op. 42) Piano Ignace Paderewsk:—747SS 12 1.75 DROP IN WHEN YOU'RE DOWN THIS WAY. 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Their high quality and distinctive inmness are truly a revelation. n Special The very loveliness of jur . new 'Spring Hats makes it difficult. There" are so many delightful models that one is at a loss to choose. The vogue is sufficiently fknble to suit every type and preference, and the many charming, new ideas are bound to please. Special value for today. Second Floor . Both Telephones Bell 942-J Broedway and Peter St Both Telephones Tri-State 883 Av:K\vard. It Is nn-kn-nnl when you diitn't liear flic cnninllnn lull Inti^li anyliow. nnd then your pt:i!;i llie nil's U;MHI you (o i;.— Loui.-Alile Coyrier- will t« in Oak Gruvfc ceme- the I utheran cvircb, officiating. In- o'clock after aa illness of a few days. - - Short funeral services will be held at the family home Friday afternoon at 1 o'clock, followed by services at the Flat woods Baptist church, with lerj'. . Mrs. MasterniBii was born in Halt! more anil when still a youns woman niored to London. England, where sha made her liome for thirty years. Her husband. Cherlps M. Masterman, died in l.onrioa 12 ycara ago. Following his dealti Mrs. M.isterman came ID Recent Deaths Hev. K. J. pallor of Ihf . . Redstone rresbytcrlan rhurch. assisted liy Hev. A. fi. HlaKo. officiating. Iniermcnt will be in I'iatwonds L-cine- Ipry. ELIAS STIMMEL F.lias: Stiiuincl. as««I 73 yvars. n:n- of MRS. JUD J. BERRIMAN Mrs. J. .1. Ucrriman. v.-eil known i Unioaiown. died at her homo in Chicago Wednesday morning at 6 o'clock, according to word received by Mrs. Harry J. Wood, of 31 Kcrr street, who a niece. Mrs. Ilerriman bad just Unionto«n and Ins made her home here since. She was widely known I anil bc-r loving character endeared her ( ,-„,. 1111M1 ,, V1 „ ^ •to a wide circle of acquaintances wlioj (U |."n>ost n p-oininVm"rc.-s'i.icnts i-'f IVrry 'mourn her dcatli. Mrs. -«astcrmaiil lown5!ljlli (1 , e( , „, hls ]l(1I! , 0 a , |..,vtr>!i, j was a dpriiul lAiHioran although she. \V(dnosi!a> morniiiR. Vrbrnary 2S. jlsad hern in attendance at another, j,,._,_, frnm p nel i m ;,i,i:i. ]),• is .«;i,-vivcd " church with (Hiier members of hrr , |vo so , )s To | ]n ,, n ,| Hanmel Slim was a member of the Uniofitown lo-^ cal of the Carpenters' Union and was! well known here, havlpg made his} home here for a number of years. Hej is survived by four SOUR, Harry Wheeler, of Walnut street; Charles and I Frank Wheeler, of Orlando, and Wilbur Wheeler. i» thn Coast Artillery. Ftationcil at Fort Wintield Scnti. San Francisco. A lirolber. Alh(-vl Wlieel- er. of Morgaiitown strei:!. and a sister. Mrs. Harry Wood, of lirownsvlllfc, also sari-ii'c. Her. Hcraiaii If. Will; will nR!i-!»tf at Hie services. family. formor oppress returned home from, a I rip to Florida, wifu of taken earlier in the winter in ihe Interest of her health. She was f>8 years old. Mrs. Wood left this morn- lag to nllend the funeral services. l.ayioa. and our- tcr. Mrs. .1. t'. (lihnoro. of Coupler. Funeral senicr-n will lie held from the !atc homo Friday morning at 0 o'clock c-harlfis Truman.' w « h l[cv - Mr - K" 1 "'"'''"':' «nic!:tllng. " at Slasontmvn.lTnr." 1 '™'" 5 ,™ 1 . 1 , ^j^.^V.Vi, -'''' TRUMAN FUNERAL eral fcrvices Mr Mrs. (Jcrtruda will be held Thursday afternoon all 0 !" the Masonlown I'resbylerian churcli.l — with the Rev. W. H. Crapp'er offlclM-i JOHN W. WHEELER ing. Announcement of funeral ar-j j], 0 remains of Joha W. Wheeler, rangemnnts was mailc upon tin- arn- n %?_t\ r,$ year?, who died at his winter val of- relatives from Arizona. JAMES H. BLAIR home In .Orlando. I'hirida, Friday, Feb. ruary I'.t. 1023, from ac:iln iinligf.ilion, arrived in Uniontown yesterday aud MRS. EMMA MASTER MAN Funeral services for Mrs. Kmmn, Mastcrniaii. aged 7S year.', ivlio die i at !>:55 o'clock Wednesday mornln,*. February 28. 1923. at the home of Miss Emma Kulter, Wine street, McCor- mlcl! Addition, will he held Friday afternoon a( 3 o'clock from the Rutter, boiue, the Rev. H._H. Will, pastor of day morning, February £S, 1023, at 7 in 1'ark 1'lace cemetery. The deceased . -lames H. Hlair. nsed IS years, six funeral services will be held from the months and 11 days, son of John and homo of hia brother. Albrrt Whceler. Margaret Mowry lilair, died at the of Morgantoan street. Friday after-j family home at Pero'npnliK. Wednes- noon, at 1 o'clock. Interment «ill bn 51 US, CI.AKKNCK >1. HI-:.\1,I, Mr«. V.;i:abi>th M. Be-all, widow ot the IriU- t'Luvuiro .11. lleall, jiasacil t away at her apartments in the Fay-! rttn Tillc Jt Trust huilrtinp, Tnesti.iyj evening. February 27. 1 '.>•>?,, in il.n; r *i ytar of h"r age. She is snivivcd] by two Mrs. \Villlar.i D.: (ihrist of Tnionlown and Mrs. i'h;;r-' les .1. C..11 of Mlnto. N"c-.v Itninswl.'h.: A son. l.oiiis D. l'.e:ill. Ksi]., of th'-j Morgantrtwn bar bavlnp died s-vvcui: years apo. j Mr.i- Ik-<T!l w.i? .? daucli^er r.i'. Daniel and Hannah Siinnders Lewis S.'Mith. :lr.'-i'fi.dt>nl'j of I'l: families of Elanding. Daniel Smiih' removed vith bis family to l'nlon-| io\\ if .v:licri! <>c ijarncd i\ (.he csftrm and respect of the commun- lly. j|r. and Mrs. Smith had six children BS follows: William Hart- sborne Smitli. Francis fiurney Smith, : whose, dai'ghter, Mrs. James D. Me- ' Calmont. of Franklin. Pa., still survives, Haclicl Lewis Smith, the wife .-• of Arnold Vlunier of Frankllo. Tliorias Maekic Smith for. many years an officer in the regular army, M::vy H. Smith who died unmarried and Kllz.ilittli M. Smitli the subject . of Ibis skrtcli. Mrs. Beill lias lived all her life in Ur.lcntown. She was the fortunate possessor of a very beautiful voice ' which she willingly used for the pleasure of others in public and prl- v.-.;" ra:ertalnii:enls but which \\as mosi largely ilt-voterl to the choir of the Si. f'cier's church in which she sr.nt: for many years. She gave free- -. ly of licr time and energy to all tfca : worliB of the church. Unusua! t>cant)' :»f foir; and feature?, a most lovely voice added to. the gracel of .'_'• t-rnl!e licrtii. made her a roost pn»iv=v in»nt figure In the life of IIninntown_ The burial will be from St. Peter's • church Friday, March 2, at 2:"0 p. in., ^Ith private interment In O.ik GriW-: cemetery.

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