The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 25, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 25, 1930
Page 7
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, T V ^ 1 HER 25, 1930 HLYTI1KV1U.K, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ' Two ccius a word for first insertion and one cent a word for each subsequent imerlion, No advertisement tuSteii for less than 50c. Count tlie words and send tiie cash. I'honc 30G PAGE SEVEN- ANNE AUSTIN ; BUCK PIGEON m;ni: TOI>'\V JUAMTA SEI.UI, lovrh l!ro;i,|. "ny iJnKfFT. I* liiuiid nl licr JrrnB. FOR SALE FOR SALE—Late 1929 Durant 4. door Sedan, motor nue; :gocd lires, fully • equipped. Worth. $35Q. Will take half pries. Terms,.' loo. Only $175. Call Cecil Deeti" ;at 770 or. 811. 2W-i!:29 Cecil at 776 or 311. 25C-£2Q FOR SALE—Sacks for opttontacd. Junk Dealers, opposite'• Frisco station. •'•--. .. 21^-ijlB %rori-'. TCNVV ihr ,».- y clinl lndiMT FOE, SALf:— IJsrred Rock chick- ITO. , MrsXE.' R. ; -- Alley, 2!i mtle,s r.oitll oligarncld..;' ;- •• ,-24P-k2 FOR SAtI&'oV-"fRAb'E— a and form- tools. Mrs. E. J R. Alley, 2 ! .l- riiiles north of Barfield. 24P-K2 FOE SALK— Cafe, 407 W. Ash St., best naming proposition In Bly- thevlllG for imall investment, half earn. Balance on Term?, must have quick action. Owner going to j Texas. 24P-KI2-2 : IJOXMI-: IM'Xlir igulnr. riilli-d hf , «nclcl> B lrl. null |ri£l .nl li-rm')'* M'rrcl:ir>, l?\l ; '»'t|.V*KTUAWVS Ibr Nllll «(U »Iiol frnm the o|i^li\lti> Ibr- Cililr hy n ffuiLiunn H^l^rr n rfVirtvrr nllli n fcllt-iu-er. ^.'fgundrr {cnrnM (Tint Nil* \irn1 l£"lli> Jicdrnnm nl nliuut 3:-7. nlifa TJIACRV JHT.DS ca|tir In. She q«|(rd htm In ninkf rncklflll*. • nd fcf'*y«nt Inli) (lie dtnlnjc runni. fulliinril br LOW IHI.M.Ar. \Vli>n Ihr hui!> "flu dUruvrrcd, nl Ilie (•nil nf ltie hnrtil, m> line U:LH »;-rn (u tru- : lirdrnimi ' nr In llu- fnycr milKldr. pimdr>> ri«k« Slrauu la 'fat' UAI.I'll IIA11MQMI. nc\c.l Ijj- Xil.-i. llrllirulnir la 1 Ilk' U-:iriiA trtini IV IIHAI.l-:. 1'HKltgrJ I10MJ. lvn« m!«« Hnd lliiil \ll:i U:I 11,- living rnciiti. nuy lh:it I'llI.t.V <a (1. Hi: II.IJI- lnpr frcim Hindi. minorfd ttj licr rr.rr, lie ruin FOR SALE or TRADE— Late 1929 Ford 1'i Ton Truck with steel close:! cab. Fcrd SI ike Body, 1930 License. Jn A-l condition. Jusl the duck for all kinds of hauling. Cnly S305. Call me today at 811. H. G. Cash. 25C.K29 FOR RENT FOR RENT—Furnished lied room for gcmieman or couple. Adjoining bath. 119 South Lake St. 22P-K2C FOR RENT—Furnished apartment, j garage. 305 Dougan. 14p-k28 FOP.- HEKV—Rooms. One month | rein .free. 914 Hearn. 13P-K21 i FOR-RENT—Furnished apartment, close in. Jimmie Ledbetter, Clarence Saunrtcrs store. CK-TF FOR .REN'T—Furnished rooms for light housekeeping, 700 Walnut. Also unfurnished flat, 1013 Walnut. 24C-IU FOR RENT—Nicely furnished bed room. 91G W. Ash. Phone GO. .. PK-30 unr\Lk!nlucd nli Itllll Ilif uu:iK'li. rli'rut I.LtU IlLIH- Ittri, \vlui liruuiMif Mfji lu Ifliinll- tnn. tm- h[»Klili- la Ilirlr aldludc lo\var.l Mia, At luncheon n licile wn.t ilcllvcri'd ti> \lln, IVnn? f^yn, hut In InlcrruiklcU In btr fttorv t»j u L'rnjiEj nttd a rtrnjiKlcd cry (ram vDiiicun^. xo\v GO o\ ivrrn Tin; STOHV CHAi'TEn VI iipAUDON! Awfully sorry," Clive Hammond muttered, os he bc-nt lo [itck up the fragmeii'.s ol 11 crlorcil pottery f.slitray which he aud his liancee, Polly Beale, had been sharing. "Don't worry— about picking It up." Polly comiuaiuleil lu lier tiriisqiiG voice, but Dundee, listening acutely, was sure of a very tligln pause betweeu tlio two parts of lier sentence. He glanced at tlie couple — the tall, masculine-looking girl IOUIIB- iiiK deep in nn armclialr. Clive Mai-iTiiouil, rallier unusually s looking with liis dark red hair . and b r o>vu eyes. "Go on, Miss Grain," tbo detective urged, as if he were Imratieul oC the delay. "About teller-' 1 . (hat note or 'J j "H was in a lilur-si-ay envelope. FOR RENT - - Furnished house.! 1306 Chickasawba. Garage and] servant 7 house. Call 83 or 280. 24C-K27 FOR- SALE or TKADE — What have you to trade for a neat good running Chevrolet Coupe? This car vill render lots of service and with printing or engraving In Hie upper left-hanil corner, like busi ness firms use." she faiil. "I couldn't I'.elp seeing, since I sal .EII near Nita. She seemed •'startled—or. \velf, maybe I'll .. belter say surprised and a little but.she lore It open ami read I: it a|_ a.glance, almost, which is whs WANTED WANTED — Family Washings. Washed an'.', ironed by competent, white v.-oman. Mrs. Brown, 704 S. Lake St. 11CK-TF "/ iilanl lo see i/ie Jcalh hand flayed cxacilji as if u,'nj being fi>/ii/e A'l'/a Sclim u'as being murdered." • ill . 1'onny. " ! ' .1* K<I|IIR (0 tell you limv HO vi 1 ! L' - ni.d fur liriilse, If thai !:i. <•"•• ; • !<:u," I'osiiiy cuid, a illy 'I! luuresli me Intensely. '"'i i :i U iv:m Ilih way." In I'mi.s. liunviiiK liislaiilly. " ml NitLi [mil L'arolyu and I \. u Hi's t.iblc'," and uho [loliiu-1 :::! In nearer ilie hall. "1'U '> J.isu; r.nil Lulu \VL-LO at WL; Jll.iyeil at ItlObl) I.: 1 ;i;Ji iiu.ou. Wu simply plv»- <-«!• own uhlc [ifler Hie h i ubbcr. When Nila T<i;.--ivc uif\" Hnmlii he jiiui milled lier sixain. "I'd lo a-1; Mm. Duiihin u qiio-i! . • . Mrs. i)ii[i!.i|i, r.iiico yon u »t Hi,• iitlitr table-. iiprhniH yon v U'll tiir.' \\li:u yniir pailurr and !>' Mta tt-'.Ti-^ Jlllt lU'lOll! .'. "li's-Killii'r liiinl lo In .:':;<! n,m, Mr. Dundee, 1 "I l:isl. "l!i:t—j-i :. of o( I", n !:J1'! We i.vl :-.nl3lid ill:.I I::!:! did.l.'il l.:no wiiisld lie no tiii'.o lor uncitlicr, siuru il was ? near 5:30—" "Tii^l l;isl ruli!it r, |-.Irp?o, Mf3. Diiiihip." J)ii!:ik-e sn:'. • "V,'iio were ii.ii-liiois, ami (ml when V.LH road in front of the house. She-1 "Ralph Hamnioinl lirnuriht her told iN'ita slie bail rung tlie bell, .va.; ht-r dunicr iiartnor." but the inaitl. Lydia. dldu't aiiawer. so she had just waited. "Nita didn't seem surprised; said filie hatl a key, if Lydla hadn't back yet. You see." she interrupted herself to explain to Dundee, "Nita had already told us at iimclic.-m lhat 'Poor, darling Lyilla,' .13 she called her, had had to go in to town to get an abscessed tooth extracted, anil was to wait In Ilie dentist's office unlil slie felt equal "— l.ois turned 1 Mrs, lilies, "you and I parlnird, weren't we'! . . iliii:n:iy mid ! played the You went (Mil lo .telephone, you? . . . That's riKbl! I rciuiin- her elr-.irly now! 1'lora paid shu lind t'i If.-lcphnuo the house lo seo ln,\v l:cr Iwo tir.'uicd—" "in tlie little foyer liciwc'on [lie niaisi !i:ill and Mrs. EiL-iiin's ruoiu 1 .'" "Yes. of course." l.oLi lluvkip nnswcrcil, but Diniilcc'a eyes wifj upon Flora Miles, ami he saw tier niU'.in.lly saline fisrc BO yellow uii(!^r it^ too'lli'i'li rouge. "I playc-l 'the I'.aur) :tnil la^ilo my liiil. ai- ihouxiil Flora and 1 had irnno i'..)v.:i -100 the hand before," Lois run- to driving herself home- asaiti in i dropped asleep iu h Nita's coupe Ye.i, JVtta haili * • . "Tiiiink you. . . . N'ow. t'enny! You wore spying the maid'hLid not relumed—" ~ ; "Ob, but ?!ie had!" Penny .m- ,, , . , , , , , , SW crc<i-| mr .alie:,:lv. vif I'm B o!ni; lmic '' lvlth a ruc ?,' << v '; !Ulc - - u-nii ''"' I'ltasaut eyes. lint wlieu scoro w:ij tntu-d up. 1 fu won a lift aflur :llL Our v.^o lo Itio rtjr.^yte AIU]i!lL;iC' L s)ii',i,4",ii!iil," she explained, i ! 'Yes,' 1 know," Dundee mnKcil. "And Ibcn — ?" "1'olly nulled Use oilier ta!i!u lo be-iiuerriiploil so muck— Well, Xila r.ii:s t!i'_' boll and I.ydla fame, lyin;: on lier nprcn. N'itu Hi'jseil lier on the clLcck that wasn't swollen, and aiked her why she hniln't let Polly in. And Lydla said she hadn't heard the hell, because she bad BOOTS AiND HER BUDDIES AU, MADE Ul' By Martin--- J I !•!" room. I taken her in herself/.' "At what time?!! Dundee queried.; "I don't know.exactly, .but Nila j they Dundee reading a love lellcr," Carolyn Drake Interrupted positively. "I myself was suie dial one of her many admirers had broken an engagement. but bail signed himself. 'Wllii own WANTED—Family Wahings. Alice Beard, 1016 So. Lake St. 22P-K2B WASTED — 100 Wliite Leghorn | hens. H. E. Koonec, Elytlieviile j Rente 2. 22P-K27] AT ONCE—EOUTH AMERICA OR I ray love, darling—your wondered if even Caro -*-^ lyn Drake's husband, . tho carefully groomed and dignified John C. Drnke, bank vice president, bad ever sent her such a note, but he did not let bis pencil slow down, UNITED STATES. Permanent j . r °|° Penny was talking again: petitions; labor, clerical, median-1 ical, salesmanship; experience unnecessary. Salaries S25.-S1CO. week-.i ly, transportation furnished. BOX 1175. CHICAGO. ILL. I think yon are assuming a mile too much, Carolyn. " . Out let WANTED — Sewing—Quilting—at that pass." At any rate, Nita didn't say a word about the contents of tlia note, and naturally no one asked a question. Then we all drove over : here, and found Polly my house or yours. Phone 377. waiting In'her own coupe, in 24P-K2 -— — poo and have her hair dressed, so 1 imagine slie must have left nol later tban 15 or 33 minules io 10." "flow did .Mrs. Selim get out to Breakaway inn, it £lie left lier own car v:ilh His niaid?" 'Ton saw her arrive with Lois," Penny reminded him. "Nita had (old 113 all alioul Lydla'ii denlibl's appointment when she was at my house for dinner Wednesday night." Lois Uunlaii offered. "I offered lo call for her." "A large dinner party, ]\Irs. Hun- lap?" Dundee nskcil. "Not large at all. Jusl 12 bedroom. Wo tlioiipht she either juinje.lbti'ly after you had wanted to give directions nlinui th: Ipinj.],,.; t ; lc \--.( hnml. and making:; for tbe coc'xtailD and' Ihe I sanilwiclics. or (o console • poor I Lydia for the awful jialii K!IC had liad at the dcr.lisL's, so we ilidn'l Intrude. V.'e nmlo a dive for the bridge tables, found our places, and were ready to play when Nila joined us Nila and Ifnren—" "Just a minute, 1'cnny. . . . Dili j ^ „,,, „.,,„ tlireo ,,;,, •• any of you. then or later, until Sud.leuly l)nr,,lces-praiu-to bin loot. .>!rs. Marshall disrovered the trn-,:- i-i ;,„, soin .. ,„ ,, ln |. L . v - t . M v ,- m tc . m cdy, go into Mrs. Sclim's lieilrooni?" ' ai , alirinil ri-i|i:isl," hu - -.H "There was r.o need tor us to." ' "i ' n:!1 [join;; io a-.l< yn'.i all—ih» Penny told bin:. "Therc'j a Inv:i- tcry w£Ui a dn v r.?:nK tnhle rigin t:c WOU10U. I KKMll —10 l::i:e pbcrs ill !!;•-• liriiUo laij!:?. then"—he p.iuccd for a:i iiiMa: bio blue eye.-i linril— "I want lo t t the dc.llb iKUld I'.Iaycd uxn.' Tiierc vrna a chorus of similar do- it was H.iyc:! while Nila ikliin wns "That's rigbt! He isn't here," 1 nials oil the part, oC everyone'belli lap rorrprfe-' ]ic>]-£clf. Dl'Csent. of us—the crowd here except for | bind the slaircase. 1, for one. diil Mr. Sprague. Fenny and Janci." "Who vvas .^irs. Selim's dinner J Karen screamed partner?" Uui:dc3 ashed. 1 THti KEST HOT 1'IC, CHILI AND COFFEE RUSTIC INN PERSONAL I TAXI— v. A. MCGREGOR I j Day or Night Service, Phone 16.! I 1C-K30 ' WERT He Makes 'Em Sec V. H. WASIIAJI—Tnnsfcr Daily [rips' to Memphis. Will Pie-k up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. vales 0:1 carload lots. Local Phone 851 .Memphis Phone 3-931 FOR SALE-Ms- almost new 1930 Model Fcrd Turior Sedan, perfect in condition and appearance, fully equipped, guaranteed. This is the Bargain you've wailed for, Only $495. Sec me at once or j Call 552-J or 811. U. W. Mullins.' • 25C-K29 GOOD STEAKS AND HOT FISH TO.Al'S CAFF/ 1'uvinf!- and Sewer Taxe,; 1'i-frict Ko. 1. -Now Due <•- (i. CAUDH^L, Collector, upiiasio MI Fanners Bank Bidg. New Orleans Cotton NE\V ORLEANS, Nov. 25. (UP) —Cotton closed steady. Open High Low Close Dec.. ..;. 1079 1087 1072 1072 Jan. ,.., 1088 1098 1084 1084 Mar.-...'. 1116 1122 1109 1109 May .:.... 1140 1146 1134 1135 Jtlly .'.'..'1160 1164 1153 1153 Oct. ..:.>;,1176 1181 1162 1162 Spols steady at 1047, off 7. New York Cotton NEW YORK. Nov. 25. tUP)—Cot- ton closed steady. i' 'Open High Low Close : Dec. new 1073 1081 | Dec. old 1072 1073 ' " ' 1053 1091 1035 1085 1112 1119 1140 1H6 1163 1174 1180 „..,. XOTICL: "'•;" Ol:r recent narliursiiii) wan :iir. (; cp . Cirncy, vrc now have (lie best c(i:ii|i|icd inile- pciidcnt shop h, < own . CiUiXKV.J»i.VKlNS (JAi! AGE 1'itky,kk Iluililins ,v,.,-. Jan. new- Jan, old ,Mar May .... July :..',.. 1157 Oct. '-..'.. •"'™ 1071 1070 1031 1C80 1109 1135 1151 lite 1071 1070 1031 1080 1109 1135 1151 nes Spots steady at 1080. off 5. PLAYWRIGHT IX PLAY | SODERTELJE. Swcdsn, tUP)—A Swcdi:.*n play which has bc3u perfumed 5,200 limes is "Liil-Anna' Became a Queen." n ccmedy by Karl Kemps. This ccnstllutcs a! Sntdish rcccrc*.. Ev;r sincr. ;hc opening nishl the author, has taken: a ItMdlu; p.nt hi his piccg, playing •jl for rears Uv-S CKrttt K r J . 1)0 IJO . U'-AVIS c ft LOK> t'Tti'-.. VPv '. l-Vt MJOOKO '. ••• bo.MOCtt slnnd anil Nila I ^rupo lo yo on.lhis miiijur. ! vidtil we Kiril;c il.' Karen v;;:s Int;-Ilie caiild iheit.-and Nita r ff '<!\ / Vw^N -r ^MK^MK -ss2£2 <_OOK Watt —VY StEtAC scrrv/oil up Jicr . ne iliink—I 1 t:c.v,- v,l:al J ciiil. 1 went over lo WCI'.L'.I Ihe K.\::\C at, the other Inlili), and ntn.yrd till .Tracsy—Mr. .Milf.i—caiiio in coeklaiis. I c?.n't toil ynu exactly >;',:• - Ifjii "> >•• W-'i^vi'O \ M^^-\\s/ MIS OOSUTA FIND ) OOT MO'W f.'J- f-S THEY SAV , IM ~fo2 CLASSICS CI9CLE A^OUklO >j IT ftUD L£TS SEE l(= N, ciar SIGHT ) OP TRCLiLGr, ^ WASH TUHHS «OT WORE IllAM A OF Gfv& rfFi", SIR. JUST >M Tlh'.E. ? Of \\f. Or-T»'-£ MlllTMIN UNIFORMS'. IXUJXJ? IT WOULOBe ^UCrt ft RIOtt PJJO Trtta!,'.4(i MiMiON TO MISS TriE i <.-^vt.x oypoxrunns OF euviwci CXIR IMVCMHON. CEMTSM. ^^',Ef^iCr^^^ I Wt\S RUM Cli:" i :-.-( KORP, Ci •:.'. / '• <'~"..\^ FOR FUGHT 10 MEXICO is iNTeRfu!Pfe.o WHEN : TO TURM i FRECKLES AND J!IS = , IS,HovJ VHAT SSTS >1 6AKW FB COT 8ACV. "TP.6KE OH THAT DISAPPEAR IWTO 'SOLID ROCK.... UlMt:IJ:,... SUL3E is PUZZLE

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