The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 5, 1938
Page 3
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SATURDAY, MARCH 5, 1938 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Political Dead" Curious About Windsors IIETSMEI ".Street, of Political Dead Ones" Unofficial Title Of Avenue liy MILTON KKdNNKK NCA Service KlalV (.'iirre.sjJoiiJcnl 1'AfUS.—Announcing ihelr desliv to liave Hie privacy ami obscuiTty r , . lo ordinary folk, Edward ,j.d WullLs Windsor have [jtiliig- fnuiigli settled in Hit "Street of the.' I'olitintl Dead Ones" in Vt-r- ;at!los. oniclally. of course, Ihc street on which is situated (heir rented Chateau de la Maye, is known n. Rue dii Parc-ile-Clagny. Just a.s In reality, the cliulean is not a Chateau nt 'all. It -is just n plea- ':anl, countrirtcd house which he longs to Madame Du]my, the American woman who owns great Purls newspapers. The street has l;een called that of the Dead Ones because of sain ot the neighbors of llie Duke ul Windsor. In the near vicinity, foi instance, tliere dwells the willow of the former king of Portugal Mancrl the Unhappy. For vear.s like an uneasy, pa'lu ghost. h< wandered around Paris and Lon don, waiting, hoping against ho;n for a eall back to his throne and country. It never came. And now of cause, his widow knows it can never come to her. Almost the nest door neighbor of the Windsors is Alexander Mil leranrt. This one-time Socialist politician moved ever more stead Ji^-to '(lie Right, gathered in high ['utticfs as lie went and finally be- tiiinc President of. the republic. But not for long. The parties of the Left got power hi Ihe French Parliament. They so halett Mil- leraml and some of the things hi! did, which seeme-1 like assumption of real authority, thai they forced him out of otTicc btfore his term expired. Millernr.d is still a Senator, but politically he is corpse. Being' sutli a street, the windows of tlic houses in (he Rue du Pa re- de-Clancy remain shuttered until late in the morning. There is no .special reason (lie inhabitants should get up ' early. The Windsors have already followed (lite fashion. With all time on his lianfls, there is no reason why Ihe Duke should hustle out with the early birds, to get in his i Baine. The moving of the Windsors to the Chateau, ims ceased to be a seven dnys"wa!idc.- to ihe natives |P>itsidc of a few rewspaper men aiid photographers, nobody hangs around except some small, ambitious tradesmen, nftximis to sell the Windosrs their meal and groceries ami other household reeds One privileged person is the little "facteur," the letter earrie who brings the mail to the folk in Oils street. Bui lie no longei cherishes any illusions. The flrsl day he.came to No. 47 with mail there was no holding him. When tradesmen and newspaper pcopli were chased away by the "flics,' he wns privileged. He had registered letters. He would see th( Duke because, of course, the Diiki would sign for his mail. But bitter disappointment! The neares he got to the Duke was his secretary who signed for the mail. Diotisancls Pack Streets As Nav.i Cetol>ralc ("German Day" ! LIN'^, Anslrlu. Mar, 6 nip* "Geinnin day" wns jjroeliilnii'd In Lira today us 100.000 people park- ccl the sirei-ls to yreet Dr. Arthur Seyss-lniiuini, nc\v Nny.i niliiM'T of Interior in n u , fedi'nil Bnvirn- inent, us lu> mitved to explain the HOVei-iiini'Hi'.s pioiiiuin us It nl- fect.s the Nn/1 nioveiueni. The Nii/.l district leader, llunrs Elgniljcr. (old (he p, TOS Hint "On-111111,1 Day" jiriivlonsly pijitponnl on retiuest of |i !( , federal novcrnment was now convoke:! In the .Inln-- esls of oidcrly ilei'i-lopincnl.s. Olhpnvlse, UP said, 1,1117 would literally have been lakrn by nssuuli by the niitiiy UIUIJMIIKI* ' O f pca.':inns mid workers cotiveri/ on the city. ' PAGE THRKB Tax Token Suit for Little Audra 'Above: Residents of Versailles' "Street of Political Dene Chateau de la Maye, hopeful for a glimpse of ihelr llcw ous sightseers stand In Ihe Rue dn parc-de-Clagny, Ones" peer over neighbors. Below: lllQ the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. Tradespeople and ciirl- the main entrance of the home rented by Blyflieville School News If the thief who stole a case of c . ^1 to be .shoes from the parked automobile v """" 1 " Charles N. King, Buffalo shoe e.Mnan, is a one-legged man he' y be able to use the loof. All the .shoes. King explained, were for (lie right foot. SENIOR IIIGIf SCHOOL O.'asses Have Contest 'I wo contests In English classes were held Thursday, February n. The first period class of English 1A and of English 2A were matched ajainst each other. In the second period classes, the English 3A class and the second section of English 2A competed. Questions for both contests were obtained from the "Readers Digest" ami were prepared by a com- mittee.who served as judges. For the first contest the chairman was Russell Parr; Pile Marie Sconce, Hazel Ayers, Willurd Evans and Tom Rceder. judges; and Pat H:irrison and Norman Moslej', scorekecpcrs. Harold Roscuthal was chairman for the second group; Billie LeggoW an;l Lynette Tucker, judges; and Mabel Uracktn and Harold Do/ier, scorekecpers. * * « Science Club Meets s At the meeting of the Science Club Thursday, February 18, Betty Dugan reported on the iron Lung. Carmel clime and Jerry Cohen performed an experiment in Elcctroy- ois. after which Billie Leggett rend an articles on science from the "i'ciencc Digest." • * * Ham! Prepares fur Cotton Carnival Preparations to attend (lie Cotton resentalive. Mrs. Farmer England is sponsor of this class. Faculty Commlliee To Prepare Report ;Planning Her iThird Wedding held in Memphis pro being made by the Blylhcville High School band. Under the direc- t':cn of Charles E. Morehead, band director, practice and drill forma- ticns have been a regular part of land workouts. When the band appears at the Cctton Carnival it will be the first lime for it lo enter competition with other bands in drill maneuvers r.nd in playing. » « * Kliythm Tn Typing Demonstrated Rhythm in typing was demon- ~....v.... »-..,_ iullul, IU£ ]MUl£lttkl! WHfl Preparation of a report is in given by the class: "Song of Egypt" progress by a faculty committee choral Readings, "The Congo," which is studying Ihc general reports and recommendations upon : i •- *••—j . ^'ii-i, tine ill nini;u criteria of standards for judging was also given.-After the program secondary schools. • A national survey ot schools un- ed the guests, der the supervision of Hie Federal Department of -Education' lias're- cently been completed and the results of its investigation published. This material has been sent to the various schools .throughout the nation for study, and with a request for a report and further recommendations from each school. The purpose of Ihe study is to lay the foundation for practical' revision of school curricula so that they will be able to meet more efficiently Ihe needs of the present day child. The committee for this study Is composed of: Miss Rosa Hardy, Miss Mary .Bain, Mrs. Farmer England. Mrs. .George Palmer, and C. Norman'Guice. - - - . * * - •., Oive Program "How to see and enjoy n basketball game" was the theme of the program given in assembly Friday, February 18. The program wns divided into three parts. First was a series of announcements by coach Dildy in which a summary of the season's record for the boys was given, and then a schedule of Ihe remaining games to be played, fallowing lliis, assistant Coach Best discussed the most important features of a basketball game, and told about the major changes In Ihe pics. Then Dan Warrington and Carl- Hughes gave demonslra- tlons ot the plays described by Mr Best. i'iie-cr.ickers may drown o»l Hie wedding bells when Lila Grey Chaplin and ArViiur F. Hay, who arc whispering so confidentially in a New York nighl club, above, nre married. The ex-wife of comedian Charlie Chnplin announced she shrill marry Day, former Missouri University footboll star, on Ihc Fourth of July. 11 will be lior ; Ihird wedding, and her first in. B churchi .•(rated at Blytheville liigli school Thursday. February 17, by William Irinei of St. Louis. Mr. Trine! haii acquired the speed of more than 120 svords per minute and has accomplished this by use of rhythm In his work. By means of a series of tests | Mr. Trinei showed how many more words could be written per minute when the typing is timed correctly. He discussed the common errors winch prevent speed and showed how these could be elimirrated. Mr. Trinei is also a musician, able lo play both the piano and the accordion, so after his typing i demonstration he entertained the students by a short musical program. * » * Have Vlay . | In the first period English 2A class, a play called "An Interview With Shakespeare" was given Mon; day morning. The characters were: '• Ted. Russell Parr; Jack. Lloyd Florman; Doris. Mildred Mult; Bet'.y, Jeanic Afflick; Shakespeare, Cooksey Dodsou. This class Is beginning the study of one of Shakespeare's comedies, "As You Ukc It." • » » Elect Officers Election of officers for the freshman home room has been held The officers chosen were Bobble Jean Douglas, president; Claude Stewart, vice president- Margaret Scott, secretary; Louise Matthews, treasurer; James Dunn, sergeant- at-arms; Atlclle Cherry, reporter_ Sonny iJoyd, student council «p- CEXTRAI, SCHOOL The first and second grades were in charge of the assembly program last Friday. Jimmy Lowe played several piano selections. The second grade recited "Postmen" and sang two numbers. "The Airplane" 'and "The Postman." A play entitled "The Postman Joins our club" was presented. * * * The third grade has elected new officers for their Good Citizens' Club. They are: Gerald Blomeyer, president; Joan Campbell, vice president; Martha Jean Nave, secretary; James David Wood, treasurer. In their unit of work on the library the third grade has had am\ience readings of interesting stories during the past week. Books of fairy tales, fables and poems are being made by different committees. The building committee plans 1 to make a bookcase and three chairs for the room library, one coinmlltcc lias been working on trie drawings for a "Trail of Book Characters" which they have about completed. Still another committee has classified the books In Hie room library, • *' A The fourth grade invited tlielr parcnls and friends lo a program last Tuesday afternoon. The guesls were received by the host and hostess, Chester Caldwell and Betl.vt Black. Tile following program was "Po Baby," and "Go Down, Moses." A play .entitled "Life In Africa' bananas and dale candy were serv- ''emiscol-Dimklln R u r ;t Ucclriiication Plans Underway Now CARUTIIKItSVILLE. Mo., March 4— John vy. Asher of tills city, liroject superintendent of nie Peiiitscul-Uiinklln .ISleclrlc Coopcr- nllve. .staled (odny (lint mapping of the jiowor line roules for Peiul- scol and DimkUn counties beunn yesterday. E. R. Mead, of the firm of Svcrdrupp & Parcel, SI. Louis, project engineers, began making (lie final blue rint of the lines yesterday. Asher said the co-op hopes to have Hie lines, poles, etc.. for ncliuil operation In curly July. The co-op, which was granled 5175,000 by Ihe federal REA, expects lo give electricity lo 25(1 rural- homes In Pcmlscot County, and.a similar muriber lu DmikUn County. Power, lo be furnished by (ho Arkansas-Missouri Power Co., at " yet unannounced rate, which has however, been approved by Washington, D. C. REA olllclals, will be distributed from two points:' In IVmiscot county. Residents in r oy .Strawberries U 11 ] c s s Shipped Under Uhel I'CNCIIA'IOUI.A, Mnr. f>. mi')— Several hundred IriHc — ric •"•• • Mrit\U;crrv farmers milled on tli(!|Shl|) Olivers could Miwls of Ilils slriiwbeiTy cnpllnl wiimlng sluniil at " the south half will be served from Deeriug, and In the northern purl - ' " ; 1 fraj" Warden. This is because n Grade five finished the reading "i'Us of lines \yill he In the south tests senl out by "My Weekly I Reader" last week. The answers and 1 rating will be given In HieSjiext •••—•-• =»m miti. mnn nuim-s issue of the paper so that each within low feet of , the main or child can see his own stoiidine. Tills class hn.s a new book ou ne.W5po.pcrs which will be helpful oilier Hum ,!lic required 55-mem- in their iiiiil rif work ' ' bershlp. and Ihc individual's cosl in Ihcir niiil of work. i»i>. -ji .ituin. .. - -.-•.>..*|*, ii.ivt till; iliuivilllllll .-i COIil Judge.Barluiih sent this group a lo > wiring homes and other farm picture of independence. Hall as a buildings. Farm homes over 1000 for cpendc their - work Christmas seal sale. in the At .the class club• meeting lust Friday Jim Smiirt sang a soiig, Ann Dillalninty gave a reading, • Harry Rny, Brooks lok| .n story,- arnxlne ami Nathalcen Evnris sang'a duet, tit\il Jack Smith ' told some' jokes nnd. riddles. • ' • • * . * * . The flflh and sixth grade boys have had their soccer ball repaired and with the new -volley ball bought last week they are only walling for the rains to slop for some good games. The sixth grade Book Club held their business meeting last Friday, followed by a program presented by Constance Denton, Kay Thomas, Margaret Oenn, joe Llntzenlch, Juno A-fartin. Mary Gray, Francclla Fisher, and Mary Calhryn Moslcy. Bobby Blaylock has been absent because of the death of his grandfather. Dr. R. N. Hill. Billy Wilson is slill absent because of an Injury received while skating. Files Divorce Suit Robert Cummins has filed suit In chancery court here seeking a divorce from Mnxlno Cuinmliif;. He alleges indignities. ' Roy B. Nelson is his attorney. Read Courier News Want Ads. Meats and Groceries At A Savings Shop and Save Here \Vc pay Highest I'riccs on I'oiillry at all Times. GAMES MKT. 118 W. Main St. Phone S3 Increase Your Cotton Proliis by Planting Santa Lola Long Staple Cotton Seed It pays a premium, no special gin necessary. The staple of this J \Lti I'>, alld lhe character excellent. In middling JiftJi UL. it s brou 8 ll l a price of 12 cents and up. Price ?!. nn,nmJ, t Bi Wrlle for ^"anti'y !' r!cc - Bred an(1 -wlfcted b> inoniioii & BloodworUi, Santa Lola Parms, Searcy. Seta for salo by PAUL BYRUM mrt, and 38 miles lart of Ihe county. Asher snld that. In the north ffinn branch line. 1 ! of Ihe co-op will receive electricity nt no extra cast. feet from-the lines will be required (o pay a nominal fee for stringing additional power line the e.vlrn distance. ' Wiring of homes land oilier farm buildings, which inA'y Ije done by any contractor the farmer wishes lo hire, will be required .to puss a rigid inspection test, nurt be certified by a REA Inspector, Asher said, before current can ' he supplied (he farm. Dog Tried as Vicious Convicted and Banished KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. (UP) — A nnmicipnl court jury here returned n verdict against a doi;, and Chief von wllsona Hof. 4-year-ohl Harlequin Great Dane, was ordered banished from Hie city. In a courtroom filled ivltli friends and enemies of the dog. testimony was presented in the suit brought by three persons, who said their small dogs had been nl- lackcd ami permanently Injured by Chief. The jury decided Hie defendant was a vicious dog. ! today, lliri'iilcnliw lo hieiik Into thn luu cnrloiuls picked (UK yi'nr mid di'.slroy tliem unless llic-y i "<• sliliiiuid under Hie luljel of I! " J iirmm' I 'ruled I vi' Uiilmi, In in'. s II. Morrison, *|m mll:i I ImseH "si'iuilur". und wlio Ims l.'il the fu-Kiuifyiilloii of die slriitv- bi'i'i-y fnrmm, uildrcsM'd Hie Blowers en the street ilil.s nflcr- noou Did uj-jini iiii'm (ijjaiimi vl«- Icnce. l!ill the farmers. \<uvj cmujiMl our wlint Ihoy IITIII too low pilc- i'K. " were lepoiii'd In an "ugly maud." Thruish tliclv ranks wi'nL the v oid Dint, the cnrloiul t,[ (jci 1 - rli-s- hire und ihe one nl llinn- nimid 1111*1, !„• t;lil|i|ied under the l.niiMiiini Fnnm<rs' I'mtecllve Union lahel. Marble Slairway Burled For Century Is Found I'llll.AUKi.i'HIA IOC) _ Workmen luylnj iilumljlnst lines for (he modi'l home to he InillL on Ihc Den- jiuiih) I'Yimklln Pnrkwiiy by (lie civic project 'Tlilliuleliihlmis in Home," unearthed u IdO-yeur-old marble slulnvay 10 feet underground. •Ihe stnlrwivy. which \vns snld lo mire been built nbout imo, wns hi iwrtel caiullllaii. It Js of ll)fi ty|ie used to lend from Hie street level Into the basement,. Inside were found n ]iu( C ] and several ferrules evidently used lo connect (he house with the wiUer mnln. Signals Are Deadened In Ocean Graveyard BRATTLE (UP)-Vcleran firemen of I'ugcl Sound ]x>ris any unusunl ntm<M|iherle conditions near Race cocks, In Ihc Strait of Juan de rani pro'Juce n silent none thai e«(isc5 vessels lo go aground during thick fogs. The Elleiil zone results from de- flccllon of sound waves by fog kinks of varying intensity. Latest vessel to be trapped wns the Dan- Chilean Itefe?. not Kcnr the Rncc rocks mntnr Tin: Chilean Heater wax pulled tree, hut suffered W5.0DO Reaches For Medicine, Finds Four-Foot Snake U't'ANTO, Ark., Miircli 1-M. O, Wlmync, proprietor of a dru-j store linre, lea-.'lird down Inl? the reserve medicine cabinet for luldltlonal drugs, mill tlicre -coital on ft shelf wns n uliicken siinke, measuring four feet lonj. The snake was quickly killed, hut Jusl how 11 got Into the dosed medbliie cabinet wns i> mystery lo tlio iiroprlctor. Cfluixln (UK! (he United States combined Imve more tlinn 12,fi80 dlrrclcil plnytsrounds In 1012 cltle.s. Anclra Twllchclt's slory is (hat the Colonido snlea tnx burned her up so much (tint she thought o skiing costume mndo of tax tokens would keep her warm, even out In the snow. Anyway, here's little Audra, In her suit of ODD lokcns, adding to the scenery on Iho slopes ot Pike's Peak. Deadly Meet of Wind On Trees Demonstrated ST.- LOUIS (UP) — The Missouri llotanlcnl Garden, in. nu experiment, lo determine llw eiiecl of excessive wind on the growth of Irces, set np a movie wind machine lo blow upon a 15-foot American linden. Although the machine \viis operated only sis hours each day and produced n IncM.c of nn nvcrnge speed of about 17 miles an hour, the experiment had to be called on after three weeks due lo loss of moisture in the tree. The tree re covered. Artist Calls Coolidge His Hardest Subject NEW ORLEANS (UP) - Unrlo Happtiporl. Viennese artist, believes Calvin Coolldjje was hla hardest subject, and Herbert Hoover one of his enslest. In the wide rnngo between them, lie placed Premier ncnllo Mussolini, Pope Plus XI iiiul tilt- late Premier Georges Clcmencheiui ot France. Mr. Coolidge, the artist explained. wns "so Impersonal, or rather. impersonal." "He was cool, too cool," , , port said. "I want my injects to talk to me, lo be idlvc, to be animated." There -are between SOO and (iM doctors In Hampslcnd, London, which has an estimated population of 00,000. - : Read courier News 'Want Ads. It Means An Added Driving COMFORT To have a new FORD RADIO In Your Car WE WILL i INSTALL ONE For Only $41.00 V- EASY TERMS PHILLIPS r,th MOTOR CO. & Wulmit Plione BIO • Monument-id C'liw l'ro|HKieil SYDNEY (UP) - Tho.illmvnrrfl Shorthorn Society Ims proposed erection of n permanent monument lo perpcliiule Ihe memory of Melba XV, a cow. Melbn holds Ihc world's record for buttcrfat, II is believed the proposal will be accepted by the 150th Australian anniversary commission. . ' WANTED GOVERNMENT LOAN COTTON SWEARENCEN CO. OFFICE CONCRETE IH.IXi. ON WALNUT STREET IT COSTS LESS- To let us KEEP your ''ear in shape Ihfm it does lo repair it after it has broken down. Increase the value of your cat- and LRT US KRRP IT IN A-1 CONDITION. COMPLETELY New and Modern Auto Repair Shop We Can Meet Your Every Automobile Need All Work Guaranteed LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. OMsmobile & G.M.C. Trucks & Trailers 307 E. Main SI, Sales and Service Phone 329 FOR PERFECT LAUNDRY SERVICE • Escape from that wash day dungeon (his winler . . . enjoy more leisure and heller health by sending, your laundry (o us! Our service is PERFECT from our prompt pick-up 'til lyour clothes come back crispy" dean and flawlessly ironed! Phone 327 today ... and discover for yourself what a truly perfect foundry service is. ' • Blytheville Laundry

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