Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 20, 1967 · Page 15
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 20, 1967
Page 15
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HMHUMMiH' Around Algona Alfent JUJLY- 19, tfg ONIITA DIDRIKSCN W-H-H-H-H4- Mr. and Mri. Helmuth er hid i family dinner at their home Sunday at which guest* were: Mrs. Milter's parent*, Mr, and Mrs. Ben CIRCLE OF SOUND HEARING AID DOUBLE SOUND RECEPTION PLEASURE "Director" HEARING AID New front microphone opening "aims" where you look-rear opening properly identifies sounds in back of you. Director is Zenith's smallest of. its type-weighs only '/t ounce. Listen to it -in case you haven't heard. RUSK DRUG Algona •m in H M m H i n n Kuchenbecker; an uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. 0. W. Summers; cotuins, Mr, and Mrs. A. E. Summers; ail of Owatonna, Minn., a brother' in-law and sister, Mr, and MM. G. W. Teed, Webster City, and the Miller's daughter Mary, who came from Drake for the weekend. Mr, and Mr*, Walter (iud) Boeokholt got home Sunday from a vacation trip during which they drove to Duluth, around the lakes to Mackinaw, Midi., Chicago and then home. Bud was on a week's vacation from Foster's Furniture Store. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Go> forth, Scotsdale, Aril., and Kim MoMillian, Des Moines, were overnight guests of the William Wyatts at Call State Park on Thursday of last week. Mrs. Goforth is a niece of Mr. Wyatt and Kim is a great nephew, Wed. evening dinner guests at the Wyatt home last week were: Mr. and Mrs. William Basler, Burt, and Mr. and Mrs. Verle Holmes, Bnvmetsburg. MI*. Holmes is game warden in Palo Alto County. The Don Nelson*, the Warren Nelsons and Jerry Cowan families drove to Waverly Sunday where they met Mr. STARTS SUNDAY, JULY The year's #1 best seller 'picks you up and never lets you down. ULM'IVIULLIUMIMf>t«iuci«n . A. PTheDOMlt * Starring Academy Award Winner SANDYDENNIS BEL KAUFMAN',^ ALAN T PAKULA • ROBERT MULLIGAN TECHNICBLOr FROM WMMEIIROS. 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 4 dr. sedan, power steering, 289 V8, cruise-o-matlc, solid white, 11000 actual miles. 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 4 dr. sedan, V8, cruise-o-matic, radio, Chestnut color with matching trim. 1960 Ford Galaxie 4 dr. sedan, V8, Power steering, cruise-o-matic. 1964 Buick Le Sabre Sport Coupe, V8, automatic transmission, solid white. 1964 Chevrolet Biscayne 4 door, 6 cylinder, standard transmission. Sharp one I! 1964 Ford Custom 500, 4 dr., Standard transmission, V8, Radio, Beige color 1963 Mercury Monterey Custom 4 door, standard transmission, V8, Radio, Two tone. 1963 Chevrolet Bel Air, 4 door V8, automatic transmission, radio. 1962 Ford Galaxie 500 4 dr., power steering, V8, automatic, solid white color. 1962 Ford Galaxie 4 dr., 6 cylinder, standard transmission, Black color. 1962 Ford Station Wagon, 6 passenger, V8, cruise-o-matic, red color, Extra nice. 1962 Olds Fiesta Station Wagon, 6 passenger power steering, automatic transmission, white color, Nice I 1961 Dodge 4 door Station wagon, 3 seater, power steering, automatic transmission. 1961 Mercury convertible, power steering, One owner, Extra Nice! 1961 Ford Galaxie 4 door, V8 automatic transmission 1960 Thunder bird, 2 door hardtop, air conditioned, full power, Sharp! CHEAPIES 1958 Ford Station Wagon country sedan 4 dr. 3 seater standard transmission, radio black color. ..... $195,00 1959 Plymouth 4 dr. . . , . $100.00 ind Ml*. Charles Simmons of Manchester, their daughter Join ind Tom Shelly, who came from lowi City and ill hid dinner together it Ctrv- efi Restaurant. ; af :. been keening house it the Dive Leffert home Ls vacationing in Montana with her sister ind brother-in-law of Bode who travel with i tfiil- er. They planned to go to Glider National Park ind also tour the Black Hills area. Meantime, Mrs. Ellen Mar shall, is staying with the Lefferts, whose daughter Ila, Mrs. Harold Parsley, flew. back to Toyko Saturday from Chicago, a 15 hour trip. Jtrry Hardgrovo of Toledo is at i Marshilltown Hospital recovering from Meningitis which sent him to the hospital last week Tuesday. He has been in isolation and his wife, the former Margaret Miller could visit him only infrequently and when masked. Mrs. Norman Newton, the former Nancy Hutchison, and her daughter Kathryn left for their home at St. Helens. Ore., after a visit with her parents, the D. C. Hutchisons. She left the older daughter, six year old Ann, here with the grandparents for a time. Joanne Hutchison arrived from Tucson on Monday of last week for a visit with her parents. Other guests at the. Hutchisons this week were Frank Carroll, his daughter, Mrs. Robert Beh, and her two children Lori and Brian, all of Des Moines, who came Monday and remained for a few days. Mr*. C. R. Schoby entertained at a "Coffee" Saturday afternoon honoring Mrs. Joe Strauib, ST., of Oceanside, N. Y., who has been visiting for more than two weeks at the home of her son Joe, Jr. She plans to leave Monday, flying non-stop from Omaha to New York City. Payne and four children who are leaving soon for Guam. Krlittn*, ilx yo*r old tef of Mt. ind Mrs. Richard Miwdstey, returned home Siturday from Lutheran Hospital it Port podge where she hid • tonsilectomy. th« ftl! Hutthl*m«, Jill and Brad, Forest City* wefe at the home of her parents, theM. L. VanderWtals, Sunday and Jill, who had spent a week with her grandparents, returned home with her family. DRIVE-IN THEATRE ALCOMA r IOW4X Wednesday Thru Saturday JULY 19-20-21-22 A-1 Family Entertainment When in Southern California visit Universal City Studios DOG OF DISTINCTION . . ,'.On/// mimic crrr In )>,»•! mil « Inniiini /i< ii/r/ on f/ir .vrrrrii is Shu no u, Rtii/Hnh N/ICC/I f/»//'V/i<> ;i/«//s f/ir /i'//r ni/r I'D \\'nll Dixin'ii'n "'I'lu' Hhamr.v DDK." Hin htniwii citniitrrptirt ix )ilni/i'd hit trrii-iti/i'i' Tninmil Kii'k '" ""' hilarious rtun I'aHtasil X'/il'e/l Hut'HU \'istU'in rc/cd.viii.f/. Ainu xtdn-fil ri.iv /'Vrc/ MarMiirmn, .li'ini H(tf/c», All)H'Ht','.T-im: Consitlhli' <IIH/ Krvin ",Wm)r/iiV" Cnri'iirini. Mrs. Homer Gregory got home Sunday by bus from Louisville, Ky., where she had visited her parents, the Ross Colemans, formerly of Algona. Mrs. Coleman, who,, was Irene Adams prior to her-j ,,> marriage, has been an inva- ; lid for the past eight years and is now being cared for in a Rest Home. And Ross continues to live in, the, trail-] c er in which they had planned •„: to travel following retirement^ They left Algona about 31 years ago. Mrs. Gregory rode to Louisville with the Walter Christensens who had visited , at the Bob Harrisons here,,; and they spent a night en- route at Taylorville, III. with Mrs. Florence Stilts, a sister . of Mrs. Coleman. She accompanied them to Louisville and is remaining there for a month or so. Chariot end Steven Carroll, who have been visiting their grandmother, Mrs. T. C. Hutchison, for several weeks, went to Des Moines to spend a few days at the home of their uncle, Ted Hutchison whose daughter Holly was with them here at the grandmother's last week. The boys are leaving today for their home at San Jose, Calif. Sunday visitors at Mrs. • Helen Putzstuck's were her niece, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Mohn and Joan of Waukon, Iowa. Also visiting her recently were her son, the ALGONA THEATRE —Thursday - Friday Saturday Matinee All Three Days Starting At 1:30 Complete Program begins: • 1:30 and 7:30 "Shaggy Dog" 1:30 and 7:30 "Absent Minded Professor" 3:30 and 9:30 \; One complete showing each. evening —Sunday Complete Program begins: 1:00 • 3:05 - 5:15 - 7:10 9:15 "Caprice 1 1:30 - 3:35 - 5:30 7:40 - 9:30 —Monday • Tuesday Wtdntsday Complete Program begins: 7:00 - 9:05 "Caprice" 7:30 - 9:25 STARLITE —Wednesday end Friday Complete Program begins: 9'15 '"'•'' '^Reluctant Astronaut" 9:30 "Texas Across The River" 11:30 —Thursday end Saturday '•' Complete Program begins: "Texas Across The River" 1 9:30 "Reluctant Astronaut" 11:30 Saturday Mid-nite show ; only " ' . • r; ' > "My Blood Runs Cold" 1:10 ! —Sunday end Tuesday -•'"'. Complete Program begins:' 3]<1 ' 9:15 ' "Fortune Cookie" 9:30 ' A "Fistful of Dollars" 11:45 , Monday ? ».!<)'PV^.f'. *"'b | Complete Program begins: 9:15 '"Fistful of Dollars 9:30 , '"Fortune Cookie" il:15 Nobr. with his parents, the >Lep Paynes and sisters, Mrs. , Ralph Kassing, also of Beat- rice and Mrs. Don Torske, Wymore, Nebr. The visit was also a farewell to Mrs. Janice That Fractures The Ihmtferf Thursday-Friday-Saturday JULY 20-21 -22 MATINEES ALL THREE DAYS at 1:30 You'll Flip over this great DOUBLE DISNEY DISNEV5 BlBHOp In Texas ACROSS ncnnicouBiio Both Features in Color uKEUAWAY Gerald Putzstucks and Lauri, Rochelle, m. Mrs. Anna Courtnty, attendant at the City Rest Room is on vacation. She will visit her son and family, the Doren Courtneys, Clarion, and also in southern Iowa. Mrs. Louis Reilly is there during her absence. Mrs. Jo* M«rg«n, Larry, Mary Jane, Jerry and Susie drove to Des Moines Friday to visit several days with the Alvin Atcheson family. She is a daughter and sister. The Mergens returned Sunday evening except Mary Jane: who remained for a longer visit. Mr. and Mrs. J«rry Payne returned Sunday after visiting three days in Beatrice, wmh BILL WALSH and LILLIE HAYWARD'- -.CHARLES BARTON 1965 Chevy van, side and rear doors, 6 cylinder, Extra Sharp. 1966 Ford 1/2 ton, 6 cylinder, 3 speed, long wide box, 2 tone rear bumper, radio, low miles, 1965 Ford 1/2 ton pickup, Custom cab, V8 long box, 1964 IHC 3/4 ton, 4 speed, V8, 1963 Chevrolet Van, Side and rear doors, TWO - 2 ton trucks with boxes and hoists, Complete 11 I4any other makes and, models to choose from, WALT DISNEY'S ^'Absent-minded Pfofesbp JRRAY NancyflLSON KeenanWYM One Complete Showing Each Evening Staring at 7:30 Don't f orget-M ATINEES all three days at 1 :30 He's an #6rr turned ASTRoJW in the Maddest in Space History 1 P r «ents The CO STAIiniUG A UNIVERSAL PICTUHE Saturday-Mid-nife Show Only If you give away the ending, may your blood run cold forever! 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