Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 13, 1967 · Page 12
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 13, 1967
Page 12
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Naturalize twins (f*w«) , JULY 13, \W LISA MARIE fright) and Leah Ann, the 2'/ 2 year old adopted twin daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Willis Wchrspan, Whittemore, arc shown immediately before becoming naturalized citizens of the United States. The two girls"were born in Japan and are identical twins. It was the third naturalization proceedings for Mr. Wchrspan. His wife was naturalized in 1957. Another daughter, Sandra, now 5. was naturalized in 1962. She was a native of Germany. Wehrspan is a school principal in the Department of Defense overseas dependent schools program. Currently on leave, he will return to Camp Zama, Japan, on July 27. That is the headjuartcrs for the U. S. Army in Japan. He has served in the overseas program for 14 years; five being spent in Germany, and nine in Japan. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis M. Wehrspan of Route 1, Whittemore. I1IHIHM1HIHHH1MIHIHUIIHHIIIHHHMHHHIHMMI Portland Mr*. Victor Fitch Mrs. Emma Collinson of California and Mrs. Nettie Felkcy and son George of Armstrong visited at the Tony Jandl home Monday. Mrs. Collinson is an aunt of Mrs. Jandl. Mrs. Earl Miller and Mrs. Don Eden were afternoon callers. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Smith and Ramona, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Becker, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Duncan of Fenton and Irma Leek and Nina Nelson of Aurora, Oregon were dinner guests in the Tom Trenary home the 4th of July. Mrs. Dick Trunkhill and boys were Thursday dinner guests in the Tony Jandl home. Mrs. David Weston and baby girl of Muscatine were Saturday morning visitors. Mrs. Iva Heaney of Lincoln, Save Money on Money! A Land Bank loan always gives you the lowest interest rate possible—it's now a low 6%. In the past, the rate has been reduced on existing loans whenever economic conditions permitted. The term is long to keep payments low and you can pay in advance without penalty. And low cost mortgage protection life insurance is available. ALGONA, IOWA Preferably Monday or Thursday E. H. Hutchins, Mgr. Keith Hopp & Helen Haas, Assistants .on-the-Farm Service. Prompt Repairs Add Life To Your Tires SEE US OR CALL US lor fast, dependable tire service FLATS REPAIRED PROMPTLY TRACTOR TIRES RELUGGED TUB! VALVES REPLACED LIQUID FILUNG DRAINIP AND HfHACfP Phon. m for "ON-THf-MRM " r- GOOQ/7 EAR I HILTON'S SWUM SERVICE | Nebtaikt iftd Mr. and M. J. Trunkhtll were Saturday evening guests. Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Harms & family were guests for • birthday supper in the Charles Kline home at Al- R na Wednesday evening, ly 5 in honor of the birthday of Mrs. Charles Kline. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Peter, Mrs. Homer Kline and Mrs. Hazel Parrott, both of Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Tony Jandl, Eugene Jandl, Mr. and Mrs, Jack Trunkhill and family, Burt, Mr. and Mrs, David Weston and children, Muscatine, Mr. and Mrs. Hanford Brock, Wesley, and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Dicrs and family, Bancroft were Sunday dinner guests in the Mennet Trunkhill home. Mrs. Rose Weston and daughter Shirley of Britt were evening guests. Mr. and Mrs. Teddie Tasker, Mrs. Lola Fitch and Mrs. Earl Fitch and son of Lebanon, Missouri called at the Victor Fitch home Wednesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Marlow, Doug and Lisa and Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Meister and Brett helped celebrate the birthday of Monte Eckels in the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Eckels recently. Monte was one year old. •Mr. and ' Mrs. Clarence Diers and Patty, Bancroft, Bonnie, Gerald, Dan, Marie and Duane Diers, Algona, Mr, and Mrs. Cliff Curtiss and girls of Ottosen, M. J, Trunkhill and family, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Trunkhill and family, Mr. and Mrs, .Dick Trunkhill and family, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jandl and children of Titonka, Mrs. Iv» Heaney of Lincoln. Nebraska, Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Byland- cr and son of Linstrom, Minnesota, Mr. and Mrs. Ben H. Rarey of Elmore, Minnesota, all spent the 4th of July at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Tony Jandl and Eugene Jandl. Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Bylander and son, a niece of Mrs. Jandl, and son of Linstrom, Minnesota spent Monday and Tuesday at the Tony Jandl home. Mr. and Mrs. Jandl received word that George Sangbuson of MUaca, Minnesota is seriously ill. Mr. and Mrs.' Mike Arend and Mrs. Effie Teeter of Algona were Thursday evening supper guests in the Edmund Larson home. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Harms, Mary and Norma, Bob Ruhnke and Norman Carlson, Mr, and Mrs. Bill Champion and family, Swea City, Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Davis, Burt, Mr. and Mrs. Gary Davis and Todd, Algona, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Harms and family, Burt and Mr. and Mrs. James Harmes and family, Fort Dodge were all supper guests in the Phil Carlson home in Algona the evening of the 4th of July. Mrs. Dwight Ruse, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Ruse and family, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Fitch & Judy, Chester Fitch, Rockwell, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hix and family, Sexton and Mr. and Mrs. Gene Harris and boys of Gordon, Nebraska were 4th of July picnic supper guests at the George Hix home. "God often digs walls of joy with the spade of sorrow". Relic Dean Vinchattle, 11, son of Mr. and Mrs. Beryl Vinchattle of rural Gowrie, found the stone head of an Indian tomahawk last month at their farm. Dean and his father were draining off the surplus water from a field when he discovered the perfectly-formed specimen. WE ARE NOW IN OUR LOCMKM Algon* Hottl Building 104 S. Thorington Algona, Iowa SEE US FOR ALL YOUR INSURANCE NEED9 Ivtrttt Barr PHONE 295-3242 Good neighbors help Schullers at Whittemore Stefiori 4. Installation ana* drop hardware - — On PYiday, July 7, 30 friends and neigh* bors of Mr. and MM. Tom Schuller of Whittemore, came to their farm and) walked thru about 80 acres of beans . Mr. Schuller had been in the hospital with bleeding ulcers and infection in his leg. Those who helped included Albert and Holland Meyer, Ed and Gene UCD, Wendell and Franklin Rusch, Harold, Alvin and Elmer Riggert, Wayne and Ricky Fuerstc- nau, Noah Reisner, Dave Erickson and Stanley Opheim. Herb Hackbarth, Garble Wibben, Larwence Kirsch, Bill and Nicky Decker, Harold Schmeling, Louis and Duane Seegebarth, Earl Fuoss, Jeanette Ruhnke, Leonard, Jack, Ted, Jean and fibrb Pompe and Diana Mills. Mr. Albert Meyer and Alvin Riggert sponsored the event. Trout Tom Vaughn of Sumner caught a beautiful record- class German Brown Trout while fishing at Joy Springs near Strawberry Point. The fish measured 22 inches and weighed five pounds. ' 1EGA1 NOTICES NOTICE OF SPECIAL ELECTION You are notified that upon the petition of twenty-five property owners of each voting precinct in the City of Algona, lowa, I have been asked as Mayor to call a special election to determine whether a television franchise should be granted WMT-TV.INC., an lowa Corporation. By reason thereof, notice is hereby given that a special election will bn held in the City of Algona, lowa on the 25th day of July 1967, for the purpose of submitting to the legal ond qualified electors of said City, to be voted upon by them the question of whether the following public measure should be adopted: "Shall the following nonexclusive television franchise ordinance be adopted?" TELEVISION FRANCHISE ORDINANCE NO. AN ORDINANCE GRANTING TO WMT- TV, INC., AN IOWA CORPORATION, WITH ITS PRINCIPAL PLACE OF BUSI- M E c SS c,,£Tr CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, ITS SUCCESSORS AND ASSIGNS THE NONEXCLUSIVE RIGHT TO ERECT MAINTAN AND OPERATE TELEVI- EMISSION AND DISTRI- ACILITIES AND FACILI- THE TRANSMISSION OF MODULATED SOUND. , , r?A AND ADDITIONS THERETO, -J. UNDER, OVER, ALONG, ACROSS AND UPON THE STREETS LANES AVENUES, SIDEWALKS, ALLEYS BRlR GES, HIGHWAYS, EASEMENTS AND OJHER PUBLIC PLACES IN THE CITY. OF ALGONA FOR THE PURPOSE OF TRANSMISSION BY CABLE"-AND Dl£ ! I R Jn U Ji?£i, 0 . F TELEVISION IMPULSES) AND TELEVISION ENERGY'AND FREQUENCY MODULATED- SOUND S1G-" NALS TO THE INHABITANTS OF SAID CITY FOR A PERIOD OF TWENTY-FIVE (25) YEARS, AND REGULATING SAME- PROVIDING TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SAID FRANCHISE AND PROVIDING PENALITIES FOR VIOLATION, THERE- CH 'n E °?2 Al y, E P BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ALGONA, IOWA• -,£y'i 0n V ln consideration of the faithful performance ond observance of tne condition ond reservations hcrein- ° J s E° clf ' cd ' tnc nonexclusive right is hereby granted to WMT-TV INC an lowa corporation, with its principal place of business at Cedar Rapids lowa its successors ond assigns, hereinafter referred to os the "Company" to erect, maintain and operate television transmission and distribution facilities, including poles, wires and ap- f^iiir 0 " 0 * 5 ' and add i'i°ns thereto, and Tucnmes tor the -transmission of fro- quency modulated sound slSnols, ™. under, over, along, across and upon {Jjes'reets, avenues, sidewalks, alleys" Ci»'v n ^* Q A < l ° thcr P" 131 '' 0 P'° ce s '"''the 7l V .1 A'pona ond subsequent addi- hons thereto, for the purpose of transmission and distribution of television impulses and television energy ond frequency modulated sound signals ?n ?ion°s Qa f nC ,h W !', h - th , e |QWS •»* rogu|£ tions of the United States of America and the State of lowa, and the ord" nances and regulations of the City ot (2?> ^.' f °« ,? P eriod of twenty-five S^lJn £ i° llow ' n 9 the fulfillment of section 25 hereof. Section 2. The poles used for the company's distribution system shall be Ij .1 ere . ctcd and maintained by the Northwestern Bell Telephone Company or the Algona Municipal Utilities when and where practicable provid no mutually satisfactory rental agreements conies 6 Wh^"* ' nf ° W ' th sa i d «m- wnv N ? h T! te ^ 0 ,J? l J PO Tele° P h;ne . com P Q "y shall have the Section •&" ° """ration. I ThbUlortl CWtofs (|j(>0,utlp.tlO) «H »o Wty oni oCcKWnf » TW8 tdffrtidirW^ Ufefeiff itti£UHI t^fc ^wTlAl^eA fj^^ — r . -. — »wenf%e», in wriTinp Tfotn !M*N&,*M JMMMI M mm •*> •nd of tdcfi ffartthm y»ot. WflHert fWuilf 6f mt city ft* than ortWublfy ptrmif It* book* if* , th» mi t* Mferat .mm <*« the Section 12. Rotes chorged by the company for service hereunder shall be fair and reasonable and designed to meet all necessary costs of service, Including a fair rate of return on net valuation of its properties devoted thereto under efficient and economic management. The books and records of the company relating to this franchise shall be made oav'ilable to the city or any representative whom it designates in writing for inspection, examination or audit for rate-making purposes, at intervals of not less than three years. Section 13. The company shall provide sufficient channels to provide reception from all available major networks ot any one time ot its standard charge for such service as distinguished from program by program charges. Section U. The company's distribution system shall conform to the rules ond regulations of the Federal Communications Commission, particularly with respect to freedom from spurious radiation. Test equipment, adequate to detect spurious radiation, shall be furnished by the company at its expense and shall be made available for use by city inspection personnel during regular business hours during the period of this franchise. Section 15. The antenna ond receiving equipment shall be installed and maintained so as to give a reasonably noise-free picture on each channel. Section 16. The installation ond maintenance of equipment shall be such that no objectionable intermodu- lation distortion will occur. Section 17. The installation and ma ntenonce of equipment shall be su *b that standard NTSC color signals shall be transmitted to any subscriber s receiver without objectionable picture degradation. Section 18. The distribution system of the company shall not be abandoned, either in whole or in port, without the consent of the City Council. In the event of the failure of the company to render community television service to the City of Algona ond the inhabitants thereof, as contemplated and provided for by this ordinance, within a period of two years from the effective date of this ordinance, the City Council shall hove the right, on reasonable notice to the company, to declare this ordinance and the rights and franchise granted thereunder for- fSited; provided however, failure to comply with the terms hereof by reason of causes beyond the reasonable- control of the company which could not be anticipated at the time of the acceptance of its terms by the company, shall not be sufficient grounds to declare a forfeiture. .Section 19. Upon termination or forfeiture of this franchise in accordance w h M on *.i? f its terms - th« company shall, within a reasonable time remove its cobles, wires and appliances from the city streets, lanes, avenue,; sidewalks, alleys, bridges, highways easements and other public placei withirf the city, and subsequent additions thereto. Section 20. The company shall indemnify and hold the city harmless at all timesjduring the term of this grant from and against all claims for injury or damages to persons or proper«™J TuL real , and Personal, resulting from the negligence on the port of the company in the construction^ erection, operation or maintenance of any structure, equipment, appliance or products authorized or used pursuant to authority of this ordinance/ andI the company shall carry insurance against liability due to damage to property in an amount not less than One Hundred .Thousand Dollars ($100,000.00) as to any one person, and Two Hundred Thousand Dollars ($200,000.00) « to any one accident; and against liability JrJLsi"^. 1 ^ - per>orw '" ?2 am ^^ less th °r» OnrHundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000.00) as to any one person, and Three Hundred MM any aetidn of pr«i m «ty In «fMtn R M *u in voter* of ft* Cjf*«f Aigonu to wit: to «f!? *'£1>J2 WIW| ''' ** lertbi ™**i >r* mvonn* VOWQ> „ fatten^2?' Whenever 1 — MM riBfiifi W , jby tf« COfflMAy't (b) Dutm ftl mSTfiW ytart, two thoii bt at . Pint Ward M *&BJ* *£•*«** n, firm Of cON any of the provl- *lo<« of jrftli ordinonei shall bt deemed AVfbfW Ward « Luclo Hifh WtflOM y r. «fcy such violation Is eom- JJ28t «f P"E"ltttd tc- continue shell a JH! ar<a f. oW«n*»; pfovidw violation by the Steond • jm j^ W S jourth wafrf — Alfone €ify Hall. Tht poll* will bt of»md oti : 00 6'etock Control DoylUhTjovinw TlrM in the fortrtoofi, ond will ctotoot |'oo o'clock Central Daytiant Saving* Tim* ^"^ '" monthly, Mrvic* from . The J to M,., .. **>• City within thirty (30) doyt oftef the Or »f *, offer written notice to SSi,Si mpa i v /i Ofxf e< ">Hnuatlon of such violation, failure or dtfoult iKTion 24, Should onv tertian "«» fi.P^i^on of HSTagSSSi deciorad Involid by a court of rd •»"» not affect thTvall' or ond CMHu fof eald aloe- wlnfirf ^ th /S/ Wm, J, Finn Wff>. Jt rfrtn. Mayor Of the City ATTEST r ° f Al88f "' lowa /S/ David A. Smith DovW A. Smith, City Clerk of "* ^FL 1 ? u o( L Al09n0 ' lo *a Pubflthtd in the Algona Kouuth County Advance, .Alflono, tewo, 1967 ' V * ond ' 3 IIIMIIT of DONALD D. JOROIHION, THIASUUM er KOBUTM COUNTY, IOWA tTATIMINT Or ACCOUNT! IT FUNDS For the Period from Jonuary I, 1967, to May 31, 1967, inclusive, FUNDS Moneys & Credits Replacement Fund .. • Soldiers' Compensation No, 2 .. Korean Wor Bonus Agrl. Land Credits Automobile License .„_,.._• Homestead Credit Fund Military Service Credits Use Tax General County _'_.„•.. Court Expense Poor Stote Institution County Mental Health Mental Health Center Secondary Rood Fund Road Clearing County School . County Board Education Soldiers' Relief County Assessor Expense Bond Funds Courthouse Domestic Animal Bovine Tuberculosis ., Bang's Disease Teachers Institute Improvement of Inst. Drainage Assessments City Special Assessments -A Corporation Funds School District Funds Township Funds District Library County Folr . Sales Tax County Agrl, Extension Weed Eradication " Advance Tax Gen. Retirement Conservation Board Civil Defense School 'Retirement Special Courses •_ . Twp. Fire Equipment Payroll Union Slough Twp. Library ..."'." Community College Cash Book — Short I "•' Net balance on hand Balance Jan. 1, 1967 916.09 483.15 162.37 159,261.37 1.44 11,448.56 151,674.10 4,774.26 45,656.24 -2,747.13 18,944.22 8,052.62 178,756.93 21,997.14 3,804.68 29,175.57 19,624.60 12,206.68 1,064.78 9,302.51 13,335.06 23,120.79 1,351.25 94,718.04 1,088.24 14,092.93 110,844.31 219.18 1,999.07 280.70 53.81 945.18 9,192.81 ' 3,133.50 3,750.42 69,713.69 4,933.00 60.26 4.21 1,402.97 40,033.19 271.47 -13.02 1,069,091.24 Receipts 23,955.46 2,655.04 11,745.75 271,153.63 321,262.94 125,629.84 11,906.28 33,014.11 188,405.66 18,033.95 103,243.03 101,080.23 12,811.18 2,333.31 832,861.73 10,089.25 6,239.96 47,645.25 12,261.48 39,138.19 17,907.90 4,542.66 2,958.70 65.35 802.96 138,415.70 9,150.02 267,791.06 1,831,053.69 26,606.68 32.92 4,485.17 8.87 14,498.12 2,660.86 47,137.32 23,791.50 129.40 210,603.93 12,466.52 26,78.29 Disbursements May 3,178.38 12,077.85 271,316.00 474,650.72 125,629.84 11,907.72 38,718.13 125,596.34 13,111.44 62,712.82 62,254.02 16,224.47 2,000.00 498,452.35 12,072.75 8,431.58 42,411.40 4,093.94 11,703.50 7,224.65 4,048.80 2,596.50 494.45 81,092.11 9,416.86 269,666.11 1,839,739.42 23,491.15 200.10 14,699.62 9,192.81 2,978.39 49,497.28 9,613.40 604.77 60.16 4.21 1,402.97 255,190.44 9,533.95 2,568.64 4,793,253.89 4,359,860.04 Balance 31, 1967 23,955.46 392.75 151.05 5,873.59 5,744.54 214,483.42 9,696.77 86,186.45 36,079.08 15,530.93 8,385.93 513,166.31 20,013.64 1,613.06 34,409.42 27,792.14 39,641.37 18,972.68 6,620.52 12,244.96 20,589.64 1,659.76 152,041.63 821.40 12,217.88 102,158.58 3,334.71 1,831.89 4,765.87 62.68 . 743.68 2,815.97 1,390.46 83,891.79 4,457.63 .10 25,466.68 271.47 2,932.57 109.65 -13.02 1,502,485.09 Auditor's Outstanding Warrants 374.96 32.57 200.16 125.73 241,34 411.28 144.55 6.31 61.00 101,229.57 98.43 25,446.68 128,372.58 RECEIPTS AND DISBUftSCMfNTS RECEIPTS On Hand January 1, 1967 From current taxes 1967 tax list (not including Dog" Taxi From delinquent taxes 1966 and prior years (not including Dog Tax) Penalty, interest and costs Current S 688.54 Penalty, interest and costs Delinquent $673890 Interest on investments - $ 835000 Motor Vehicle Registrations $1372990 Other Office Fees $ 18075 Fees from county auditor Fees from county recorder Feet from clerk of the district court ...... Sheriff's feet from sheriff " From drainage taxes III." From city special assessment (paving, sewer, etc.) Delinquent dog tax -.$i,160~.io Dog license from Auditor $338250 From cigarette license From beer license -- """ Use tax to county From tale of automobile numbers and licenses Fines and forfeitures from Clerk __'_. :$2,210.00 Fines ,and forfeitures from other sources $615977 From core'of patients in state institutions '..I'.. • ' ' : From.sale of .produce at Co. Home, Care ., $ 57500 From sale of produce at Co. Home, Misc. .. . $824387 From sale of bridge & Rd. material Moint. Advance tax collections "Use" tax (Motor Vehicles) " " Homestead Credits Military Service Credits """." Agricultural Land Credits Mobile Homes Other Receipts Mite. Gas Tax to Sec. Rood from Stote Moneys & Credits Tax from State Bd. of Ed. Title (1) Feet from Stote Coin Book Short Transfers For Retirement . Transfers For Payroll " Transfers from funds under Code Sec. 24.22 (Loans) Transfers from funds under Code Sec. 24.21 & gen. bus. ... Amount 1,069,091.24 2,901,118.49 56,374.84 7,427.44 22,260.65 295.60 2,117.50 3,164.50 79.25 138,415.70 9,150.02 4,542.66 75.00 400.00 8.87 321,262.94 . , 8,369.77 4,188.60 8,818.87 6,500.54 2,660.86 33,014.11 125,629.84 11,906.28 27I;I53.63 2,434.80 11,398.31 471,566.30 23,955.46 21,362.34 13.02 16,863.58 210,603.93 8,924.53 87,208.68 Total to bt Accounted for DISBURSEMENTS Stote treamrtr't receipts W. W. II Soldier's Comp. Korean War Bonus • County auditor's warrants City specials (pav., sewer, etc.) (Orders ...$9,416.86) Orders on county treasurer by mayor of cities and towns Orders on county treat, by presidents of school dists. . .. Orders to President of Agri. Extension Council Township clerk's receipts Auto License paid State Treasurer (442,092.69) Paid State Treat, auto license (3% 14,121.10) Paid Stote Treat, auto licenses (1% 4,707.03) Receipts for "Utt Tax" remitted for Treasurer Agri. Land Credits Disbursed Homestead Credit apportioned Military Service Credits apportioned Advance Tax Payments apportioned County Conservation (Auditor's Warrants) 5,862.345.13 Amount 3,178.38 12,077.85 1,140,515.48 9,416.86 267,652.49 1,838,563.88 14,699.62 24,724.12 460,920.82 38,718.13 271,153.63 125,629.84 11,906.28 2,645.72 9,613.40 162.37 1.44 332.67 2,568.64 9,533.95 5,881.36 13.02 13,729.90 8,924.53 87,308.68 1,502,485.09 Total Accounted for 5,862,345.13 .'._... ' Algona, lowa, June 19, 1967 I, Donald D. Joiflenson, Treasurer of Kouuth County, lowa, do hereby cenify that the report given above is a correct summary of the business transacted by me at said treasurer during the period therein specified. Donald D. Jorgenson Published in the Algona Kotsuth County Advance, Algona, lowa, July 13, 1967 Agri. Land Cr. Refund to State Milite Military Service Cr. Refund to Stote Advance Tax Refunds Community College Orders Twp. Library Orders Bd. of Ed. Orders (Other Counties) Cosh Book Short Transfer License Fee to County Transfer of funds under Code Sec, 24.22 (Loans) Transfer to funds under Code Sec. 24.21 & gen. bus. Balance on hand at close of business May 31, 1967 .. UMI.ANNUAl IITUIMINT OP TMI BOAID OF SUNRVISOM OF KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA With Donald Jorgenson Treasurer of said County for the poriod from January I, 1967 to May 31, 1967, inclusive. FUNDS ..i-,^- AUDITOR'S STATEMENT AUDITOR'S LEDGER TREASURER'S LEDGER Warrants Payroll _ Korean Soldiers' Bonus Automobile License .. Use Tax M. & C. -.. Comm. College General County Court Expense Poor State Institution County Insane Sales Tax Mental Health Center Road Clearing County School Ag. Extension Service Comp. Soldiers' Relief C. H. Bond Funels .Domestic Anfmal Bovine Tuberculosis -Bang's Disease Teachers' Institute .. Union Slough Drainage Assessments City Special Assessments Corporation Funds — School District Fund .. Township Funds District Library County Fair Advance Personal Koss. Co. Civil Defense Conservation County Bd. of Edu. .. County Assessor Twp. General Retirement .. School Retirement Sec. Road Net Balance on Hand 151 05 5,873159 5,744.54 23,955.46 109.65 214,108.46 9,664.20 85,986.29 35,953.35 15,530.93 62.68 8,385.93 20,013.64 1,613.06 743.68 392.75 27,647.59 18,972.68 6,620.52 12,244.96 20,528.64 1,659.76 271.47 50,812.06 821.40 12,217.88 102,158.58 3,334.71 1,733.46 4,765.87 2,815.97 4,457.63 83,891.79 33,998.14 39,635.06 2,932.57 1 ,390.46 .10 512,924.97 1,374,125.53 Outstanding 25,446.68 374.96 32.57 200.16 125.73 144.55 61.00 101,229.57 98.43 411.28 6.31 Balance 25,446.68 ' 151.05 5,873.59 5,744.54 23,955.46 109.65 214,483.42 9,696.77 86,186.45 36,079.08 15,530.93 62.68 8,385.93 20,013.64 1,613.06 743.68 392.75 27,792.14 18,972.68 6,620.52 12,244.96 20,589.64 1,659.76 271.47 152,041.63 821.40 12,217.88 102,158.58 3,334.71 1,831.89 4,765.87 2,815.97 4,457.63 83,891.79 34,409.42 39,641.37 2,932.57 1,390.46 .10 513,166.31 1,502,498.11 ASS-TS IN HANDS OF COUNTY TREASURER AT CLOSE OF BUSINESS MAY 31, 1967 nu C«h ft Drawer 158 ' Trtosurer ' s Balance in Schedule B «*l°»> — - l,50lV5SM7 Checks and Drafts""!"!!"!" Treasurer error carried forward in _____ . Total Cash on Hand and in Banks ....... ! ............ | 502 498 1 1 Balance in Depositories at Close of Business May 31, 1967 NAME Of BANK TOWN Deposits »in Transit Security State, Algona .. 8,846.28 lowa State, Algona 1,58506 Farmers A Traders Sayings, Bancroft Burt Savings, ,Burt — (long) .07 Farmer's Trust & Sayings, _ Lokoto 72.91 Swea Sity Stote, Sweo City Lone Rook, Lone Rock--- 14.73 Farmer's State, Whittemore Stote Bank of Ledyard, ' Ledyard ' First Trust & Savings, Fenton Titonko Savings, Titonka Exchange Stote, Wesley Time Certificate* Net Amt. on Deposit in Banks ot Close of Business May 31, 1967 10,519.05 Cashiers' Certificates 196,262.59 254,934.66 40,058.25 40,612.50 50,015.32 40,077.34 40,558.36 42,528.24 40,000.94 10,034.62 50,059.92 40,107.04 650,000.00 1,495,249.78 Checks Outstanding 91.36 4,059.58 (short) 58.02 Treasurer's Net Balance 205,017.51 ^ 252,460.14 40,058.25 40,612.57 50,018.23 40,019.32 40,573.09 42,528.24 40,000.94 10,034.62 50,059.92 40,107.04 650,000.00 4,208.96 1.501,559.87 i ., M ° rc i Mqy 241.34 128,372.58 .. Algooo, lowo, June 6, 1967 , Moore - A j^ itor of Kosstrth County, lowa, do hereby certify L?H V T^ bove ' c ° r r«etly ihows the condition of the fur5» in 'd Jo»9«r»on, Treasurer of said County, ot the closV of 1967. os shown £y accounts in my office! Marc Moore County Auditor Algona, IQWO, June 6, 1967 -f Supervisors of Kossuth County, lowa, do hereby statement, correctly shows the asset. In the ho«6 X Mf, on the 3tst Charles P lathe A. M. Kollosch Andrew Reising L. A. Newbrough Garry McDonald Published in the Algono Kossuth County Advance, Algonc, lowo, July 13, 1967

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