Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 13, 1967 · Page 11
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 13, 1967
Page 11
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7NK in my VEINS •y MARIAN INMAN "For the whole earth is the sepulchre of famous men and their story is not graven only on stone over their native earth but lives on far away without visible symbol woven into the stuff of other men's lives." Tht abovt quotation I* carved in tht marblf wall bo* noath tbo momorial modallion of Andrtw W. Motion, oroetod by ordor of tho board of trutttts, in tho lobby of tbo north ontraneo of tho National Gallory of Art. The quotation is translated from the Greek and is .from the Oration of Pericles over the dead in the Peloponnesian War. Pericles made this great appeal to the pride of his countrymen and praised the warriors .who had 'fallen in their country's service. Groat truth* are portions of tho toul of man; Groat touli are portions of eternity. —Jamet Ruttell Lowell It has been said that he has achieved success who has lived well, laughed often, and loved much; who has gained the respect of intelligent men and the love of little children; who has filled his niche and accomplished his task; who has left the world better than he found it, whether by an improved poppy, a perfect poem, or a rescued soul; who has never lacked.appreciation of earth's beauty or failed to express it; who has always looked for the best in others and given the best he had; whose life was an inspiration; whose memory is a benediction, If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain; If I can ease one life the aching, Or cool one pain, Or help one fainting robin Unto his nest again, I shall not live in vain. — Emily Dicknison "In nothing do men more nearly approach the gods than in doing good to their fellow men." — Cicero. The most pitiable life is the aimless life. Heaven help the man or women, the boy or girl, who is not interested in anything outside his or her own immediate comfort and , that related thereto; who eats bread to make strength for no special cause; who pursues science, reads poetry, studios books, for no earthly or heavenly purpose other than mere enjoyment or acquisition; who goes on accumulating wealth, piling up money, with no definite or absorbing purpose to apply it to anything in particular. "Not unless we fill our existence with an aim do we make it life." It makes no difference whether the wind blows North or South, East or West if a man has no part of destination. We, must have an aim in life else our life is a vacant one and will never be, "a visible symbol woven into the stuff of other men's lives." We need to be amused now and then to help us keep sane in the busy rush of life, ever so often I read Harry Mirth- field's "Now I'll Tell One." Here is one of my favorites, called 'just an oversight.' Smith, Jones and Greene came to the big city to attend a convention. They got a room together on the 60th floor of a hotel. (That night they wont out for a bit of entertainment and returned late. As they entered the lobby of the hotel, the clerk informed the trio that the elvators had broken down and wauld not be fixed until morning. He would arrange cots for them in the lobby. "No, no," answered Jones. "We'll walk up." "But you are on the 60th floor," reminded the clerk. "We know it — but just the same we'll walk up." As the three started up the stairs, Jones again suggested something. "Boys, after all, it's 60 floors, so I have an idea. To keep it interesting while we walk up, for the first 20 floors I'll sing. The next 20 flights, Smith, you tell jokes— and, as you are by nature a sad guy, Greene, you'll toll sad stories for the last 20 floors. Anything to keep up the interest." Up they started. Jones sang for 20 flights. Then up to .the 40th floor Smith told nifty jokes. As they started for the final 20 Jones said, "Now Greene, you tell sad stories. "Have I got something sad to tell you immediately," groaned Greene! "I forgot to take the keys." "A little nonsense now and then, is relished by tho wisest men." For what is your life? It is even a vapor, that ap- peareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away. James IV: 14. If all of my plans work out, I'll bo writing to you next from California. Hope I have some interesting things to toll you. My daughter Mary Fran and family and my sister and daughters are eagerly awaiting me. They write they have many things planned. I am looking forward to this visit. Have a nice summer, have some picnics at home and at the lake, laugh a little, relax a bit, do a good deed for your neighbor. Be careful when you drive, be careful of your little ones around farm machinery and the power lawn mower. Be good and you'll be happy. Jitn ftedemake. they hiked to the former fiividge farm where they cooked suffer before they hiked back to town. Most of the scouts passed their second class requirements for fife building, oon> pass reading and knife care. CHURCH GROUP Mf ETS Aid meeting was held July 6 at St. John's Lutheran church with a pot luck picnic lunch alter the meeting. There was a good attendance With the children attending the picnic. Rev. Vehling had the program topic, "The Christian Citizen". Mrs. Eliia< beth Radig had devotions and a patriotic flag day program. A special cake was baked and decorated in red, white and blue. Installation of Auxiliary at Lone Rock Lone Rock — The Lone Rock Legion and Auxiliary had a joint meeting Wednesday evening. Mary Ellen Ditsworth gave a talk on her visit to Girls State. Installation of officers took place with Mrs. Ralph Hammerstrom succeeding Mrs. Dale Schroeder as president; Mrs. William Marlow was re-elected as vice president; Mrs. Maurice Weisbrod' re-elected as secretary; Mrs, Gerald Radig took over Mrs. Arlo Hansen's position as treasurer; Mrs. Erich Seegarbarth is sergeant, replacing Mrs. Dale Wegner. Hostesses were Mrs. E. F. Lee, Mrs. Robert Hanna, Mrs. Harlan Marlow and Mrs. William Marlow. It was voted to send the old and new president to the State convention at Des Moines with the county president, Mrs. Gene Hanson. Appointed Robert P. Lippincott has been appointed service supervisor for Northwestern Bell Telephone Co., in Algona. He has been a service foreman at Mason City. A native of Atlantic, he joined Northwestern Bell at Atlantic in 1947. He held several maintenance positions at Council Bluffs and Carroll. In 1965 he was named service foreman. yppincott is a member of •the Elks. While in Carroll he served as vi cepresident, president and state director of the Junior Chamber of Commerce. He was also a member of the city council. The Lippincotts have four children. They will move to Algona as soon as housing arrangements are completed. MiiiiHiiiiiiHiiiimiiiiii"""'"''""" 1 " 1 """""" " " callers were Bill Drayton and daughters, Algona, and Mrs. Marjorie Howard, Washing- ton, D. C. .the A. A. Krtiegers Spent the 4th at Ronald Christen son's at Belgrade, Minn. Jean Christenson returned home with them for about 10 days. A belated birthday party was given by Mrs. Jesse Blanchard for Mrs. E. A. Lee. Guests were Mrs. Milton Madison, Mrs. Roger Jensen, Mrs. A. A. Krueger, Mrs. Harlan Blanchard and Mrs. Kenneth Jackaon. The Clifford Muellers and Karen, Stanley, Wis., visited friends and relatives in the Ringsted, Whittemore, Fenton and Lone Rock areas recently. The A. D. Newbroughs, Clifford Muellers, Mrs. Ed Blanchard and L. Newbrough called on A. D. Newbrough's sisters, Mrs. Cora and Julia Terwilliger, Huriiboldt, Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. George Kissner took their grandchildren, Tammy and Tracy Long, to their home in Betlendorf. They had been staying with them while their folks were vacationing in Florida. The Frank Flaigs called at Jim Ackermans Sunday at his home at Garner. The Bernard Millers and K. G. Ewoldts, Algona, visited over the weekend at Harlan, Avoca and Shelby, and also attended a Claussen reunion at Missouri Valley, relatives of Mrs. Ewoldt. The Melvin Meyers, Swea City, Will Christenson and Jean Christenson, Belgrade, Minn, were Sunday guests of the "A. A. Krueger's for Mrs. Krueger's birthday. There will be an open house farewell Saturday evening, July 15 at 8 p.m. in the church for the Leryo Erases & Harris. The community is invited. Jonathan Blanchard and fiface ate attending the Presbyterian church camp at Okoboji this week. Mrs. Maude Blanchard spent Saturday at Alfred Schultz's, Whittemore. Other guests were the Gary Schultz- es, and Cozette. The Chet Almes, Ottosen, called at her mother, Mrs. Maude Blanchard's Sunday. Mrs. Luella Green, from Whittier, Calif., is visiting friends and relatives in the •community. Mrs. Green will be, here for a month. She is the sister of Robert, Fred, Leo and Ben Schmidt, also Mrs. Martin Meyer. «oooooooooooooo«o»»»»» Fenton Joan Bollingor >»»»»»+»»«••»»••»•»*»»* The Amos Finnestcds and Marlys recently visited at the Mark Urbicks at Minneapolis. Marlys remained for a longer visit. The Gerhart Hantelmans spent several days last week at E. J. Franklin's, Menlo. Mrs. Edna Mueller, Mrs. Lena Jentz, the Lloyd Kcrn.s, Franklin Muellers, Gerald Jentzes, Bob Hannas, and Merwin Jentzes, Burt, and Rev. and Mrs. Robert Barker, Omaha, attended a Wolfgram reunion at the Harvey Higley's Sunday. The gathering was also for Deanne lligley who has enlisted in the air force. Recent Sunday guests at Lydon Kerber's were the Kenneth Kerbers, Carl Fcycs, Charles Fcyes, Harold Feycs, Harold Wichmans, Ruthven. and Gary Jansmas and Grant, Spirit Lake. Monday guests at Lydon Kerbers were the Kenneth Kerbers, John Kerbers, Fair- mont, Winston Kefbe.fs, and Ervin Borchardte, Keith Ker- bers, G*ry Jafismas afid Grant, and the Mark Bysihg- er«. The Kenneth Kerbers, Al.vin Thompsons and Lydon Ker- bers had a picnic at Okoboji Sunday. The Jerome Lindquists, Minneapolis, spent the weekend at Brvin Voettler's. Mr. Lindquist is Mrs. Voettler's brother. The Dale Weisbrods were Thursday guests at Lloyd Cornelius's, Graettinger. Mrs. Walt .Pertl entertained a group of women at cards Thursday. Prizes went to Mrs. Herman Maahs, Mrs. Carl Beck and Mrs. Ella Waite. Sunday guests at Ed Bruhns were the Gerhart Hantelmans and Paul, William Hantel- mans, Merle Voigts, and Burnett Haines, L. H. Wehrspann, Mrs. Martin Hantelman, Salina Hantelman, Pordepronc, Italy, and Melinda Hantelman. Clinton. The Ervin Bruhns and William Bruhns were Sunday guests at Karl Kleine's, Le Mars, for Karla Kleine's birthday. Brent Bruhn, 3, son of the William Bruhns, broke his arm in two places while playing last week. The Virgil Borcharclts, Ervin Borcharclls, Kenneth Neil- zels and girls, Mrs. Rose Borchardt, Badger, and Wayne Lock, Elmhurst, 111., had a picnic at the Grotto at West Bend Sunday. A number of Fenton women attended the shower for Marilyn Goltz, Blue Earth, bride- to-be of Merle Halverson, at the Bjakcr Church, Seneca, Friday. Julie and Jeff Stucki have completed a two week vacation with their grandparents, the Marion Stuckis and Wil- Alfena (low*) f red StoebefsT They Muffled" to their home it Ogd«n with their parent*, the Richard stuckis, After the 4th. The Frank MoPalls, Weft* dell Hutches, Charles Love- joys, Carl Lufkins, and Darrell Underwoods and Debbie were picnic gueats July 4 at Clarence Underwood's. The Lloyd Sundes, Clar* ence Wegeners, Prank Dreyers, and Art Krauses were July 4th guests at Larry Alt's. The Larry Alts spent Monday at Barney Retterath's, Stacyville. _ MINUTES FROM COBO GM A FISHER BIDGS. DOWNTOWN PETROIT A Downtown Motor Hotel with Fre« Overnight Parking on Our Adjoining Lot 300 PINE ROOMS AND SUITES AT LOW PRICES Air Conditioned and TV Roomi Private Bath Slnglei tCSO Doublet J^SO from *l^ from *t u I ENTIRTAINMENT NIGHTLY CONVENIENT DINING Telephone (313) 831-8600 HOTEL lERICAN 408 TEMPLE AT CASS AVE. We Honor Dineri and American Express Credit Cardi Burt Masonic groups hold lake picnic Burt — The annual Eastern Star and Masonic picnic was held at Crystal Lake July 9. Present were the William Amesburys, Earl Stotts, Ted Hoovers, Jr., Charlie Millers, Wayne Dugans, G. H. McMullens, 0. H. Grahams, Ray Dremmels, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sorenson, Dean Andrews, A. C. Hinckleys and grandchildren, Michelle ind Scott Thomsen, the J. L. Millers, Mrs. Betty Miller and children, Quentin Bjustroms, and Mennett Trunkhills. Spry and Ruby Hinckley; roll call, Judges. The topic for all Circles is The Third Dimension of the Population Explosion, SCOUTS TAKE HIKE David Hanson, David McFarland, David Devine, Robert Devine, Craig Giddings, Charles Gifford, Charles Schrader, Allen Jurgens, Jeff Miller, John Chipman, Joe Jentz, Stephen Becker and Dennis Miller, members of Scout Troop 48, took their first 5 mile hike, with scout leaders, Bill Giddings and SHOWER IS GIVEN .A shower was given Beverly Nerby, Forest City, the bride to be of Michael Gross. Hostesses who sponsored the shower at Mrs. Wilfred Radig's were Mrs. Radig, Mrs. Roger Radig, Mrs. Wayne Gross, Mrs. Evelyn Sage, Mrs. Laura Henrickson, Armstrong, Mrs. Verona Berntson, Paullina and Mrs. Ben Schmidt. The program included devotions by Mrs. Wilfred Radig, two piano selections by Kathy Berntson, a humorous reading by Mrs. Laura Henrickson, Armstrong, a duet by Janet Laabs and Douglas Radig, and a reading by Mrs. Verona Berntson, and a couple of quizzes. A prize went to Mrs. Clarence Zumach, Fenton, for a bride contest. Mrs. Berntson poured. 'ATTEND SHOWER Catherine Bierstedt spen the weekend with her parents, the Howard Bierstedts. Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Muller and boys were 4th of July supper guests of the Howard Bierstedts. Margaret Bierstedt was an honored guest at a bridal shower at Pamela Henderson's Thursday, July 6. Mrs. Helen Ringsdorf, Mary West and Pamela Henderson were hostesses. There were 16 guests. Mrs, Georgia Eldon and Merwin Marlow and Mrs. Dick O'Donnel were Friday afternoon callers at John Bellinger's, seeing the new arrival, Jon Gary. Mrs. Georgia Marlow is Jon's great grandmother. The Danny Schmidts and boys visited Saturday to Wednesday with their parents, the Fred Schmidts and the Art Zumachs. Mrs. Frank Alborn and children, Silver Bay, Minn., were Friday guests of the Eugene Marlow's. Mrs. Lawrence Presthus, Burt, was also a guest that day. Henry Kueck, Algona, Neva Thompson and the Warren Thompsons, Swea City, were July 4th guests at Adela Thompson's and afternoon WORLD'S GREATEST HEARING AID VALUE CIRCLES WILL MEET Circles of the WSCS will meet Wednesday. Gladys Circle at 2 p.m. at Lurena Soderberg's with Myrtle Zwiefel assistant; program, Bernadine Opheim and Irma Doege; roll call, County; special, Phyllis Wiener. Ivy Circle at 2 pm.., hostesses, Lorraine Campney and Ella Sigsbee; program, Jessie Rash and Edith Chipman; roll call, Bible verses; special, . Elizabeth Kennedy. Janice Circle at 7:30 p.m., hostess Dorothy Johnson; program, Genevevc The Zenith "Award" may be your chance 'to hear better without a big investment. 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