The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on November 20, 1989 · Page 9
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The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia · Page 9

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Issue Date:
Monday, November 20, 1989
Page 9
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THE AGE; Monday 20 November 1989 A? mmm 9 I - aaiaalaaaaaMaMWBMMMBMBMIEiBBnnn By DESMOND OtMADY. Rome, Sunday An international conference on AIDS, that has just concluded in the Vatican, was brought to a temporary halt when a . greying, bearded, bespectacled Irish priest displayed a placard with the red legend, "The Church has AIDS". Father John White, 43, was led away by Vatican guards and interrogated as if he might have been a Lazlo Toth, the Hungarian-Australian who smashed Michelangelo's 'Pieta. It turned out, however, that WL leaders Offer to iO tliey CSM fOF -.J.. ' Paris, Sunday European Community leaders have agreed to do all they can to help economic recovery in Eastern European countries that are prepared to turn themselves into democracies. After the meeting yesterday, which was hastily arranged following East Germany's dramatic breaching of the Berlin Wall 10 days ago, the President of France, Mr Mitterrand, said the leaders wanted to "express their joy over this new advance for freedom". "We are ready to cooperate by all available means towards creating healthier economies, in exchange for a verified return to democracy, respect for human rights and the calling everywhere ' of free and secret elections." The West German Chancellor, Mr Kohl, said he had assured his partners that Bonn's interest in events in the Soviet bloc particularly in the millions of East Germans who have poured through the newly-opened border would not weaken its commitment to EC integration. No specific measures were agreed to yesterday, but Mr Mitterrand said his proposal for a new bank to channel sorely-needed investment capital to East bloc reformers would be studied further by officials. He said Poland and Hungary, the two countries that have gone furthest towards shaking off old-style communism and jettisoning state planning in favor of market- Czechs denounce police brutality aid call Prague, Sunday Demonstrators demanding an end to Communist Party domination in Czechoslovakia lit candles and placed flowers on blood-stained footpaths where police attacked protesters in the capital on Friday in the largest such rally for 20 years. Six theatres cancelled shows last night as actors and students called for strikes to protest against police brutality at Friday night's demonstration. Tens of thousands of students had marched for five hours on Hop Trust closes Dec. The Estate Mortgage Depositors Trust No. 4 is bank guaranteed to return a minimum 19 p.a. until 18th March, 1990 Investors in this Trust received 192 p.a. for the September quarter. That's higher than the 19 p.a. we guaranteed. What's more, with this Trust you receive registered first mortgage security. Just $500 is all you need to get started. ' But hurry. You must invest before this Trust closes to new public invest-. ment on 15th December, 1989. There are no up front fees or, after three, years, exit fees' and you can withdraw funds easily at any time. Interest is paid quarterly or can be reinvested. Estate Mortgage IilghiTtiiTiis.Nice and safe. , PhMte Melbourne 6022644 or tcA free (008) 338899. 8am to 6pm, Mc to Fri HIV-positive priest halts Vatican conference on AIDS Father White, even though in fairly good health, is HIV positive. He contracted AIDS, it is not clear how, while he was a missionary in Kenya for almost a decade. He now works with AIDS sufferers at the London Lighthouse and CAL (Catholic AIDS Link), and his placard was intended to be a protest that the conference gave no space to AIDS victims. ' . - Father White was readmitted to the International Interdisciplin based economies, were at the centre of of the Paris discussions. The meeting, at the Elysee Palace, was was given extra urgency by the meeting on 1-3 December between the President of the United States, Mr Bush, and the Soviet leader, Mr Gorbachev. The British Prime Minister, Mrs Thatcher, in a rare show of unity with Mr Mitterrand, echoed his words almost word for word: "We wish to do everything we can to encourage reform and the process of democracy throughout the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe," she said. But Mrs Thatcher said post-war borders in Europe must remain intact amid the political upheaval engulfing the East bloc While rejecting talk of German reunification she backed a strong and continuing role for the rival East and West military alliances that had guaranteed stability since the end of World War IL "The question of borders is not on the agenda," she said. "They should stay as they are and all military matters must continue to be conducted through Nato and the Warsaw Pact" Belgium's Foreign Minister, Mr Marc Eyskens, said the Soviet Foreign Minister, Mr Shevardnadze, had sent a message to his French counterpart, Mr Roland Dumas, expressing satisfaction that the EEC was offering aid to Eastern European countries now embarked on reform programs. Router, AFP Friday to commemorate the anniversary of the death of a student Jan Opletal, killed by Nazis 50 years ago. When demonstrators tried to reach central Wenceslas Square, police attacked them with tear gas, dogs and clubs. One student was fatally beaten near the square, according to witnesses. They said that Mr Martin Smid died after being clubbed by two riot police. Mr Smid fell to the ground after being struck several times on the head and shoulders, his friends said. As Mr Smid lay flat the police continued to beat to it. For more information call Estate Mortgage on the number below, or post mis coupon. But dont delay. Also available through selected investment advisors. To: Freepost 475, Estate House, Level 5, 84 WuTiam:Streei Melbourne, Vic 3000. ' -Please send me full details without obhgatieo. ? .- - - -.age aw MrMrsMs. Address Postcode -Phone- Application! can proceed only on After the expiry of the Guaran tee, ary Conference on AIDS, but he remained unhappy about what he called the moralising tone of some speakers opposed to the use of condoms to reduce the risk of infection. Presumably Father White would endorse the London antt-AIDS ad that shows a condom and advises "Don Go Too Far Without One". However, the Italian, moral theologian, Monsignor Carlo Caff ana, of the Pontifical Fam- Bulgarians caUfor freedom Sofia, Sunday Sofia, Sunday I ;W ;?lhe biggest - independently - organised political rally ia Bulgaria in 40 years, thousands of - people assembled on the steps ef a Bulgarian Orthodox church, yesterday jto celebrate a aew Government and to appeal for greater freedoms. More than 5MM people gathered around the Byzantine-style Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in the center of Sofia in a rally called by representatives of Bulgaria's emerging opposition movement r In . speeches that often pro-duced tears, and wild applause, orators proposed everything from the elimination of Bulgaria's notorious secret police to the Introduction of religious instruction in public schools. Although' secret police were scattered among the crowd, sometimes posing as journalists, the authorities made no effort to 'disband the demonstration, which lasted, more than three hours. Perhaps the most emotional moment came during a speech by Mr Danlyan Georgiev, a Bulgarian peasant leader. ' "Today Is the real liberation of Bulgaria," said Mr Georgiev, . who was stripped of his position in the Bulgarian Communist Party more than 2f years ago after a confrontation with the deposed leader, Mr Todor Zhiv-kov. "We have taken the power and we will not let go." , Surveying the crowd through tear-filled eyes, Mr Georgiev . said: "Even when ay son was born I was not so happy." . The rafjy would have been unthinkable only-eight days ago, him until his face was unrecognisable. . ..' Mr Smid's parents were informed of their son's death yesterday by two policemen who told them it was-an accident The CzeehoslovaUan Government today denied the reports, saying Mr Smid was alive. - Seventeen demonstrators and seven policemen were officially listed as injured, although official media failed to report any injuries suffered by demonstrators. The state news agency CTK quoted the interior Ministry as saying that 15th. the form in the Plmpeitm. late may vary. : ily Council, argued that condoms should not .'be used even by spouses when one of them has ? AIDS, t': -iyU : Cardinal John O'Connor of New ; York said many medical workers, for fear of being considered mor-: j alisttc, recommended the use condoms against AIDS to avoid pointing the finger at homosexuality and drug taking. , , He oredicted that because of - the euthanasia mentality, many r -A A Bulgarian protester holds aloft a portrait of the country's deposed . leader, Mr Zhivkov behind bars. before the surprising exit of Mr Zhivkov, 78. Mr Zhivkov was forced to resign on II November during a meeting of the Bulgarian Communist Party central committee. He was replaced as the party's general secretary by the Foreign Minister, Mr Petar Mladenov. - Although intimately linked with the Zhivkov regime for more than 20 years, Mr Mladenov; 53, immediately indicated that his Government would be open to glasnost-style reforms inspired by the Soviet President, Mr Gorbachev. Three days ago, he presided over a meeting of the parry, central committee as 143 people were taken to police stations. . Observers estimated the size of the crowd at 30,000 people. It was the largest demonstration since August 1969, when crowds gathered in Prague a year after a Soviet-led invasion. About 1000 people gathered on Wenceslas Square yesterday afternoon and walked to Narodni Street where the protesters were beaten the day before. Students denounced police brutality and called for a general sinae on 21 novemoer. ANZ f( AIDS victims would die unattended, covered with wounds, in misery and probably mad. Cardinal O'Connor , said he had tended more than 1100 AIDS victims in New York, washing them and emptying their bedpans. ' In his concluding address, Pope John Paul stressed the need to support AIDS victims in every way. He also seemed to exclude implicitly the use of condoms. - The conference, organised by three Zhivkov regime hard-liners were expelled from the nine-member Politburo. Perhaps most important in the context or the political revolution taking place in' Eastern Europe, Mr Mladenov met opposition leaders and promised that he would not interfere in the independent political rally. As a result, most of the speeches contained praise for Mr Mladenov and his new regime. However, speaker after speaker urged prosecution of Mr Zhivkov, Europe's longest' ruling leader until he resigned last week after 35 years In power. " Los Anitlss Tfcnos for reform At least six theatres reported that shows were cancelled last night the first day of a planned one-week strike. After about 30 minutes, police emerged on both sides of Narodni Street detained one person and told the others to disperse. Other policemen sealed off the square. Czechoslovakia's hard-line leaders, installed after the 1969 invasion, have resisted most of the Soviet-inspired reforms sweeping Eastern Europe. AP, Washington Post I....;S:SS::!SSiii!!, 'iMSMWy-iiMS ':' f V- - -' f M tf " 'S JSh &v.-:v:v&tflnBV:::v Approved Deposit or rollover lump sums. t KM id UPA Net Effective (After tax on income. ) For week ending 14 November .1989. Calculated on a compound interest basis. the Pontifical Council for Health Workers, was the largest held anywhere on AIDS this year. It brought together 500 scientists, including several Nobel Prize winners, theologians, hospital administrators and psychologists. The organisers believed the response to AIDS must be total, cultural, spiritual and psychological as well as medical. During the conference, a World neaiu urbanisation official said Thousands crowd E Berlin to demand free polls West Berlin, Sunday Several thousand people demonstrated in East Berlin today demanding free elections, after tens of thousands took part in similar protests last night The protests came after a reform-minded Government took office in East Germany yesterday, pledging to win the people's trust Parliament set up commissions to investigate Official corruption and ' to study constitutional changes including a more open legislative process. Despite the bitterly cold weather, demonstrators converged on Alexanderplatz, one of East Berlin's major squares, carrying banners denouncing the authorities. . Tens of thousands demonstrated across the country last night calling for free elections and attacking the continuing monopoly of the East German Communist Party, the East German news ' agency ADN reported. In Plauen, in the south, 10,000 of the city's 70,000 inhabitants gathered in front of the city hall. In Suhl, which has a population of 50,000, some 5000 people protested, and in Eberswalde-Finow, in the east 7000 people took part in a rally. Yesterday in East Berlin, the 500-member People's Chamber, or Parliament approved Mr Mo-drow's. 28-member Cabinet by a show of hands, with only five votes against and six abstentions. The Cabinet appointed after the Government came under unprecedented pressure to institute de-mocractic reforms, includes 11 non-communists, all of whom belong to political parties long allied with the communists. The, Cabinet has committed itself to a reform package that promises greater freedom for citizens, more private enterprise, for 300,000; Latvians in rally Moscow, Sunday Up to 300,000 people thronged the centre of the Latvian capital Riga yesterday to denounce nearly 50 years of Soviet rule and honor their homeland's days as an independent state. . . . ... t The crowd, singing nationalist songs and the anthem of the defunct state, surged through the centre of the city to listen to speeches demanding independence for the Soviet Baltic republic The crowd waved the red-and. . white flag of the independent Lat 1 The Income Accumulation Fund is invested only in ANZ Bank deposits which means complete security. Value of your investment increases daily so unit prices cannot fall. No entry fees or withdrawal fees for the first. withdrawal in each twelve month period. Taxation benefits. ' : Interest rates vary in line with market, deposit rates. Phone Barry Armstrong on (03) 648 5710 for further information. Applications may only proceed, on the form contained in the prospectus, copies of which are available from ANZ branches. ANZ will help you get there. there were I82.4ca uptime nn 152 countries. The US researcher. ir Kooen uauo, promised an ef- fAfflll ... a... I - OT.uvc vaccine oy issz. The conference said its convener, Archbishop Fiorenzo Angelini, the head of the Pontifical Council for Health Workers, showed that the Catholic Church wanted to promote the vast commitment re- huiicu to comoai aids. "The victims are our brothers," he said, "and we should not sit in judgement on them." Archbishop Aneelini tenir. amc amc rjui'c chastisement, but a reflection of thA hmA,.l.. I . u visaauuwu la Values. eign investment and. free elections. , Parliament also formed a com-. mittee to investigate allegations of corruption and abuse of power in - the Government which until last month had been headed for 18 years by the hard-line party chief, Mr Erich Honecker. The new party chief, Mr Egon Krehz, was quoted in the Hamburg-based 'Bild. am Sonntag newspaper as indicating that the panel would investigate the activities of Mr Honecker, as well as other top officials. Parliament also created a commission to study constitutional .changes, including reforms that would open up the legislative process and modernise its election law. - As East Berlin underwent continuing political change. West Berlin again was inundated with East Germans, who travelled by car, train, bicycle and foot to go shopping. Police lost count of the crowds, saying only that millions of East Germans had entered the West from late Friday night through yesterday afternoon. On roads, travelers reported 80-kilpmetre queues of traffic waiting to cross the border. The Bonn Interior Ministry said nearly 800,000 people crossed to the West in the 24 hours up to early morning yesterday, bringing to three million the number of visitors since the border was opened. East German authorities have issued more than 10 million exit visas in the past 10 days, ADN reported. That means more than 60 per cent of the population has obtained authorisation to visit the West The Interior Ministry said it had approved 17,537 emigration permits during the same time period. AFP, Washington Post, Router PAGE 13: Editorial. vian state created on 18 November 1918. It was the first time Latvians had been allowed to commemorate the founding of the republic Its sister Baltic republics of Estonia and Lithuania held similar events earlier this year. Yesterday's gathering unanimously approved a declaration to President Gorbachev and Parliament the Supreme Soviet proclaiming the participants' will to build an independent democratic Latvia. ry rni 1 m f San Francisco survivor dies Oakland, Cairfomia, Sunday Mr Buck Helm, the 100-kilogram longshoreman who was found alive 90 hours after the San Francisco earthquake sandwiched his car between the collapsed decks of a freeway, died at 7.30 pm last night He was 58 on 10 November. Mr Ronald Treleven, a spokesman for the Kaiser Permanent Medical Centre, said Mr Helm died of respiratory failure. Mr Helm was removed from the wreckage of Interstate 880 at Oakland four days after the earthquake, on 17 October. A large beam fell across the front of Mr , Helm's car, saving it from being flattened. AP Autonomy unpopular -President Aquino's Government ' headed for its first electoral de-.'- feat since coming to power in 1986 as early returns showed voters overwhelmingly rejecting autonomy proposals for the southern Philippines. Many Muslims boycotted the poll, and in Christian-- dominated areas the proposal was : thrown out by wide margins, according to state radio. Router Three soldiers killed Three British soldiers on patrol in Northern Ireland were killed and one was seriously injured yesterday when an explosion hurled their vehicle from a road in the foothills of the Mourne Mountains. Hours earlier. Sergeant Andrew Mudd lost both legs when a bomb exploded in his car outside the army headquarters at , Colchester, Essex. The Irish Republican Army has been blamed for both attacks by the police and the Home Office Secretary, Mr David Waddington. AP Bavadra successor Fiji's deposed coalition government said tonight it would ask Mrs Adi Kuini Bavadra, the widow of the former Prime Minister, Dr Ti-moci Bavadra, to become its new leader. The coalition of Dr Bava-dra's Fiji Labor Party and the Indian-based National Federation Party said the decision was unanimous. Adi Kuini, 39, helped form the FLP in 1985 with Dr Bavadra and other union leaders. AAP Sudan peace talks Sudan's military government and southern rebels of the Sudan People's Liberation Army have agreed to hold peace talks without preconditions on 1 December as the ruling junta showed growing confidence in its grip on power. The former United States President Jimmy Carter has offered to mediate. Router Covert aid To pressure the Soviet Union to help defuse regional conflicts, the United States and Saudi Arabia have agreed to provide $715 mil lion in covert aid to the mujiha-deen resistance in Afghanistan, sources said. Los Angeles Times Political pressure Greece's feuding political parties have until Tuesday to form an all-party government to end the political and economic crises resulting from this month's inconclusive general elections. If they fail, an election will have to be held on 17 December, the third in six months. Now York Timet Fund ANZ Funds Management ArTS768VIC

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