The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on July 5, 1990 · Page 55
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The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia · Page 55

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 5, 1990
Page 55
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27 Thursday S July Green Guide am Rage, continues. 9.0 Rugby League. Highlights. R. 10.0 Na- finnal Praaa Club Luncheon. With Or Bruce Sheppard, President of the AMA: R. 11.0 World Of Worship. 1 2.0 Compass. Religious affairs: No Turning Back. 1pm SUNDAY AFTERNOON WITH PETER ROSS. A selection of arts documentaries and performances. Featuring Aaron Copland: A Self Portrait (1.02) and Raoul Duty: French Impressionist (2.05). 3.0 RUGBY UNION. Direct telecast of the first Test Australia v USA, from BaHymore in Queensland. 448 REVIEW. Arts magazine. 0.15 SUNDAY AFTERNOON WITH PETER ROSS. Continues, featuring American author Patricia Hlghsmlth (5.15): 6,0 NEWS, SPORT, WEATHER. .30 MORE WINNERS. Second in a series of six telemovies from the Australian Children's Television Foundation: Boy Soldiers. In 1910, the Australian Government passed a law requiring aU boys aged between 14 and 17 to register for compulsory military training. This is a fictional story of one boy whose conscientious objection to killing puts him against his father, his fellow cadet 'soldiers and officials of the Australian Army. With Bruno Lawrence, Penne Hackforth-Jones, "' Gary Sweet, Wil Barnes. Q, S (Pre view: page z). 7.20 ARTS AUSTRALIA. 7.30 THAT'S DANCIN'. ABC dance series, hosted by Paul Newman and Maureen oeiacy. (L2S NEWS. 8.30 TRUE STORIES. Up For Adoption. Australian documentary fo-cusina on two childless Western couples who wish to adopt children from the East. S (Preview: Page 2). 9.30 FORTUNES OF WAR. BBC drama series. Neglected by Guy and weakened by illness, Harriet decides to return to England in ' 1943. On an Impulse, she sets off for Damascus instead. With Ken neth Branagh, Emma Thompson, Ronald Pickup. R. a. 10.2S WORLD CUP SOCCER. Highlights from Italy. 11.25 HILL STREET BLUES. US ooiice drama series set in a tough inner-city precinct Requiem For A Hakbag. Furillo learns that a coun-dlkx plana to bring down the politically ambitious Chief Daniels. With Daniel J. Travanti. H, AO. 12.15am CLOSE. ABC regjonala only: World Cup Soccer. Telecast of the final from Italy (3.50-5.4Lam). am SING. ME A RAINBOW. Chil dren's religious series. Q. 0.30 THE SUPER SUNDAY SHOW. Children s program, hosted by Aqro. Ann-Maree and Glbbo. G. 7.10 AFL SQUADRON. Football se ries. G. ... 7 .30 TRIPODS. R, C. 0.0 HUCKLEBERRY FINN AND HIS FRIENDS. Children s series based on Mark Twain's classic story. R. C. 8.30 THE MOUSE FACTORY. R, C. 9.0 SPORTSWORLD. Bruce Mc- Avaney, John Alexander and Dixie Marshall review the week In sport. 12.0 BASKETBALL Highlights from round io ot tne nbl season: uya-nev Kings v Geekmg Supe rests. 2pm FOOTBALL Direct telecast of AFL match: syoney swans v canton, from the SCO. Hosted by Sandy Roberts, with commentators Peter McKenna and Don Scott. 5.0 GET SMART. R, G. 6.0 NEWS, SPORT, WEATHER. Pre sented by Peter Mitchell. 6.30 THE MAGICAL WORLD OF DISNEY. The making of the new Disney film, The Little Mermaid. G. 7.30 SKIRTS. Australian drama series focusing on a community policing squad which specialises In welfare ' work: Means And Ends. The Police Association asks its members to vote on the right to strike. Meanwhile, arresting and holding a group of protesters overnight stretches police resources to the limit. With Tracy Mann, Nicholas Bell, Karen Davitt, Mary Coustas, Kate Gilllck, Antoinette Byron, Ben Mitchell. PGR. 8.30 UNDER SIEGE. 1986 thriller mm starring Peter Strauss and Mason Adams. The FBI is called in when the United States Is plagued by a series of terrorist attacks. With Lew Ayres, George Grizzard, Hal Holbrook, E.G. Marshall, Beatrice Straight, Victoria Tennant. Fritz Weaver. Paul Win- field. Directed by Roger Young. AO (Preview: page zi. 11.30 FALCON CREST. US drama series. PGR. 12.30am THE NBC TODAY SHOW. With Garrick Utley and Mary-Alice Williams, including Meat Tha Press. 2.30 MIRACLE ON ICE. 1981 drama . mm starring Karl Maiden and An-drew Stevens. Story of the United States hockey team's ; umpn at tne ihbu lsks nacta ' OlvmoicB. With Steven Guttenbera. Jerry Houser, Jessica Walter. Di rected by Steven Hilliard Stem. G. 5.05 FAMILY MEDICAL CENTRE. &40 GROUP ONE MEDICAL R. SUNDAY 8 July m2m. Cyndi Lauper made her screen debut as a manhunting psychic in Vibes (Nine, 8.30pm). 12.15pm Greek News. 12v45 Italia News. 1.15 Festivals Of Tha World. 1.45 Face The Press. R. 2.10 Dateline. R. 3.15 Love, The Magician. 1986 Spanish drama. R, G. 4.50 World Cup Soccer. Replay of the playoff for third and . fourth places. 8.30 World News. Presented by Mary Kostakidis. 7.0 WORLD CUP ACTION. A roundup of today's play In the Work) Cup. 8.30 MASTERPIECE. Linda Ron-stadt Candones Da Mi Padre. A concert of traditional Mexican song and dance. This performance was conceived by Linda Ronstadt and . features the Mariachl Vargas de TecaliUan and the Ballet Fofklorico de la Fonda (Preview: page 2); I Have No Message: Beryl Cook. Profiling English naive artist, Beryl Cook, who paints comical scenes of women in their daily life. 10.0 VOX POPUU. Multilingual cur-' , rent affairs with Vladimir Disks. 10.3O OCTOPUS 3. Final of the Italian detective series. Giulla discovers her grandfather's role in the secret world of shady deals, power and banking. With Michelle Placldo, Giuliana de Skx 11. 30 WORLD CUP ACTION. High light's of the best matches In mis year's World Cup. 3.30am WORLD CUP SOCCER. Dl- . rect telecast from Roma of the 1 990 World Cud final. .30 WORLD CUP SOCCER. Full re play of the final. . 8.30 CLOSE. . 8.85am KENNETH COPELAND. G. 8.55 TURN AROUND AUSTRALIA. 7.20 POINT OF VIEW. G. . 7.30 MOSAIC. G. 8.0 BUSINESS SUNDAY. Business news, presented by Jim waley. 9.0 SUNDAY. Public affairs program, presented by Jim waiey. u. 11.0 WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS. Sports news, highlights, features and Interviews, presented by Max Walker and Lou Richards. G. 1pm MORK AND MINDY. US comedy series with Robin Williams. R, G. 1.30 NEWHART. US comedy series: . Goonstruck. Stephanie swoons over a muscular workman, while Joanna snaps photos of Dick for a new brochure on the Inn. With Bob Newhart, Mary Frann. G. 2.0 LIFESTYLES OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS. Host Robin Leach takes a glimpse at the lives of Jane Russell and Sean Connery. G. 3.0 MOTORCYCLE RACING. The 1990 Belgian SOOcc Grand Prix, from Spa Francorchamps, Belgium. Hosted by Darren Eastlake, with commentators Barry Sheene and Nick Harris. 4.0 SPORTS SUNDAY. Sports news, highlights, features and interviews, E resented by Mark Warren and Isa Curry-Kenny. G. .0 NEWS, SPORT, WEATHER. Pre-- sented by Peter Hltchener. 8.30 OUR WORLD. Inside The Reef. John Mangos presents a documentary series focusing on the Great Barrier Reef: Love It Or Lose It R, G. S. 7.30 60 MINUTES. Public affairs program featuring reports from Jennifer Byrne, Richard Carieton, Jeff McMullen and Mike Munro. 8.30 VIBES. 1988 adventure comedy mm starring Cyndi Lauper and Jeff Goldblum. A kooky psychic Joins forces with a fellow men-talist and a con-man to find a lost : South American treasure. With Peter Falk, Julian Sands. Directed by Ken Kwapis. PGR, S (Preview: Page 23). 10.38 NEWS. 10.40 TENNIS. Direct telecast of the 1990 Wimbledon Championship from London. Tonight, the men's singles final. Commentators: John Newcomrje, i-rea stone, tony ira bert and Betsy Nagelsen. 4.30am RUDE HEALTH. Final of the British comedy series with John wells, Jonn Ben ana raui Man, PGR. 0.0 IT'S A LIVING. US comedy series with Marian Mercer, kuh. 8.30 THE YOUNG DOCTORS. Alls tralian drama series. R, G. LuaZ am ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS. .30 MASS FOR YOU AT HOME. G. 7.0 THE DOWN UNDER SHOW. R, G. 8.0 THE WALSH REPORT. Business current affairs with Max Walsh. G. 8.0 VIDEO HITS. MuSIc videos. G. 12.0 THE LITTLE PRINCESS. 1939 ' -tt drama starring Shirley Tern- pie and Richard Greene. A young waif searches army hospitals, looking for her father who has been reported missing in action. With Anita Louise, Ian Hunter, Cesar Romero, Arthur Treacher, Mar-cla Mae Jones. Directed by Walter Lang. R, G. 2.08pm THE MOPPETS. R, G. 3.0 RUGBY LEAGUE. Direct telecast of Canberra v Penrith, from Canberra. Commentators: Rex Mos-sop, Graeme Hughes, Ian Maurice and Peter Sterling. 6.0 DISCOVERY. Series of documentaries: Cloudwalker. R, G. 6.0 NEWS, SPORT, WEATHER. .30 LOVE THOSE TRAINS. National Geographic documentary on the famous 'Salad Bowl Express', a train that travels from California to New York. R, G. 7.30 TEN'S COMEDY HOUR. Featuring Mark Mitchell In The Best Of Larger Than Ufa and Kim Gyngell In Col'n Carpenter. PGR. 8.30 BACK TO THE FUTURE. 1985 m comedy adventure starring Michael J. Fox and Christo- Eher Lloyd. A young man travels ack in time 30 years and meets his parents as teenagers. With Crispin Glover, Lea Thompson, Wendie Jo Sperber, Marc McLure, Claudia Wells, Thomas F.Wilson, James Tolkan. Directed by Robert Ze-meckls. R, PGR (Preview: Page 23). 11.0 RUGBY LEAGUE. Ian Maurice presents a round-up of the weekend's matches. 12.0 IRONSIDE. US detective series: Force Of Arms. A self-appointed patriot forms a vigilante group to "aid" the police. With Raymond Burr, Gene Evans, Harold J. Stone. R, PGR. 1am 1941. 1979 comedy starring John Belushi and Dan Ackroyd. Pandemonium and hysteria breaks out in a Califomian town when a Japanese submarine is spotted, six days after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. With Ned Beatty, Treat Williams, Robert Stack, Nancy Allen, Tim Matheson, Toshiro Mifune, Christopher Lee, Warren Oates. Directed by Steven Spielberg. R, AO. 4.0 AIRWOLF. PGR. 8.0 DALLAS. US drama. R. PGR. EZ3Z E3E. AR ' 621 kHz Radio National. 540am Sacred Music Including news (6.0). 7.0 From The British Weekles. . 7.15 News. 7.30 Correspondents' Report. a.0 Encounter. Doctor, Lawyer, Businessman. Feature on a group of Aborigines from the oW Mount Margaret Mission m the desert region of Western . Australia establishing a Christian Aboriginal parent-directed school. S.45 OctchsnVs Razor. Feature on sex in the animal world. 9.0 News. 9,10 Background Briefing. Bodyhlre. Feature on the BLF's deal with Troubleshooters Available'. 104 Music For Pleasure. Inc. Ponchlelil: La Qlc- i conda, The Dance of the Hours; Haydn: Symphony No. 82 in C major 'The Bear'; Edwards: Piano Concerto; Adam: Giselle, Opening Scene. 12.0 The Europeans. Final of 2 on Gustav Mahler. 1240pm News. 12.40 Report From Asia. . 1.0 The Food Program. Feature on Krishna food; also, is the washing of fruit and vegetables effective In removing residues of pesticides and herbicidea? I. 30 John dartre A Respective. 3rd of 4. 2.0 Fictions. Musks: John Araneta; Traitors, play by Stephen SeweN, edapted for radio by David Nettn- elm. Drama revolving around the fighting between tactions in the Communist Party m Russia in 1827; poetry: Tha Poetry ot Adrtenne Rich. 4.0 Concert. Inc. Mozart Divertimento in F (Lest movements); White: So we'S go no more a-rovtng; ' Grainger: Spring of thyme; Vaughan WWiams: Silent Noon; Lehmann: The swing. 5.0 Howe. 5.10 Insights. Religious series. Inc. reports on the clash between the Klngof Tonga and Bishop Flnau. : 6.0 Sacred Musks For Doubling Thomas. 7.0 News. 7.10 Letter From America. R. ' 7.25 Books And Writing. Book reviews; Interviews. 6.15 Radio Halcon. The Gluga of Gosh, John Derum ' reads C. J. Dennis's social satire. 10.0 Maws. 1046 Eric Chad's Jazamakere. II. 10 Musks To Wind By. With Howard Ainsworth. 120 Radio Australia Overnight News, sport, oduca- tion issues, arts and religious news. . , LO 774 kHz 5.30am John Raid. News half-hourly; including, at . , 640 Sing To The Lord. Traditional and contemporary hymns. 7.10 Poet's Comer. Topic: My Favorite Place. 8.0 Australia Al Over. With Ian McNamara; news (9.0). 10.0 Cave Startc News (10.0); Tony Preston, visual arts; Carol-Anne Croker, Melbourne theatre; Qlenn Young, New York; 01 Spiers, London; Claire Kearney, book reviews; Jan Epstein, films; Frank Van Straten, nostalgia: 125th birthday of Alice in Wonderland; Campbell McComas; Peter Sumner discusses NeH Simon's new play 'Rumors'. 1.0pm News. 1.02 Lane's Company. 1.30 Sport 1.45 Footbea. Description ot the 8ydny v Carlton match; also basketball updates ot west-aide Saints v OoM Coast Cougars. 6.0 News. 6.10 National Sports Roundup. . 6.20 Local Sports Roundup. 7.0 News. 1 7.10 The Coorteiieen Champions. Sport, comedy; Magic Moments (7.20); news (8.0, 9.0); Tony's talk- back(8.10);ByBaxrsCTrttnqs(8.30);stu . , . guest qmv); rem Harrt,,im . rM news. l,l y c 1 1 t e :( r 1 1 ; , milium c1 tftvl NtiM ml i .VI fi 10.10 John Clsory. Religious program; news (10.50); talkbsck 008 022266.. 10.66 Tennis. Direct broadcast of the men's singles final from Wimbledon. 3.0am Soccer. Direct broadcast of the World Cup Soccer final. ABC Rogtenole. 8 40em Australia AH Over, Inc. news, weather. 10.02 A Country Sunday, with Bernard Lynch: news (11.0, 12.0). 1.0pm News. 1.02 Nostalgia, with Frank Van Straten. 1.30 Sport as LO; news headlines (2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0). 6.10 Sports News. 6.30 Speaking Out. 7.0 News. 7.10 As LO. 0.0 Letter From America. 9.15 Encounter. 10.0 News. 10.10 John Cleary; news (10.50). 10.56 Tennis as LO. 3.0am Soccer as LO. CR 8SS kHz ' Community Radio. 6.0am Country Breakfast 7.30 Gardening, talkbsck 41 9 01 55. 0.0 Alternative News. 9.16 CR Science. 9.30 Concrete Gang. 10.0 Latin American Update. 10.30 On The Picket Line. 11.0 Open House: talkbeck, phone 4190155. 120 Red-waves. 1230pm Applause, Applause. 1 4 Dance Dialogues. 1.30 Arts Attack. 3.0 Broadsta. 4.0 Seek The Truth And Serve Humanity. 440 Turkish Work-era. 5.0 Voice Ot The Community: Turkish. 6.0 Diamond Valley Football League. 7.0 Let The Bands Play. 7 JO Nostalgia Unlimited. 1140 Zorba On Sunday. 2.0am Music In The Dark. UZ 927kHz 5.0am John Biackman. 7.0 Glen Heyne: handyman, gardening, motoring, legal, finance, travel. 1.0pm Golden Memories. 20 Father Gerard DowHng: family counsellor, with talkbeck. 120 Golden Memories. 20am Doug Barken Pillow Talk. . . EA 1224 kHz Ethnic Radio. 6.0am International Musks Show. 7.0 Slovak. 6.0 Italian: Mass. 20 Greek: Mass. 10.0 Hebrew. 10 JO Yiddish. 11X1 Lithuanian. 11.30 Vietnamese. Noon Dutch. 1.0pm Arabic. 20 German. 34 Rumanian. 4.0 Spanish. 5.0 Maltese. 6.0 Soccer. 6.06 Italian. 640 Croatian. 746 Greek. 640 Turkish. 946 Polish. 10.06 Portuguese. 1046 Indonesian. 1140 Musks. 340am Soccer pre match commentary. 4.0 Work) Cup Soccer, direct broadcast of the final. AW 1278kHz 6.0am Jim WHshlre: Buy, Swsp A 8eH; music; Interviews. 64 Sunday National with Michael Schild-berger current affairs; guests. 10.0 World Of Sport panel; reports, results. 11.0 Hinch: The Other Side, Derryn Hinch and guest 120 The Good Life: Ross Campbell. 14pm Peter James: A Man And His Music; plus updates of the Sydney v Carlton match. 6.0 Remember When: Neville Wragg and Clark Sinclair, nostalgia; news. 12.0 Keith MoGowan. MP 1377kHz Easy Music 64am Ward Everaardt 120 Stephen Kent 6.0pm Jim Anderson: CD Discovery (9.0). Midnight Ian Stewart XY 1422 kHz 6.0am Geoff Mason; mc snow reports. 120 PhD Ball-don. 64pm Dave Gibney. 124 Great Rock'n'RoN. Simulcast wMJi BAV-FM. ...... AK 1503 kHz 64am Eng and Italian new headlines; music. 640 n r ( I ) :. ) t c l I 3 r I ) 0 8 . i 6 I u i M .1 Tullamarine Reports; musks. 7.0 English News; music. 740 Italian News; musks. 7.46 Police Reports. 20 Church Talk. 9.0 Encounter with well-known community personality. 10.0 The Week That Was. 11.0 L'An-gofo DeM'Erborlsterla. 12.0 Passegglando Per I M area tini DeKa Domenlce. 1.0pm What's For Lunch? Coss Si Mangia Oggl? 20 Gradiscl Qualcosa Da Bare? 34 L' Album DelGlomo. 4.0 Hobbles. 5.0 Book Review. 64 Rasaegne Settimanale. 74 What'a Going On In Melbourne. 6.0 Father Bob McGuke: Streettslk. 10.0 Un Attkno dl Calma. P3BT 92.3 MHz Ethnic Public Radio. 74am Yugoslav. 6.0 Stnhala. 104 Turkish. 11.0 Jewish. 120 Australia Today: contemporary Issues. 1.0pm Spanish. 20 Catalan. 20 Lebanese. 44 Assyrian. 6.0 Greek. 6.0 Irish. 74 Afghan. 20 German. 9.0 Croatian. 120 Malay. 114 Muslque. 120 Close. BAY 93.9MHz 64am Geoff Mason: Inc snow reports. 120 PhD Bail-don. 6.0pm Dave Gibney. 124 Great Rock'n'RoH. Simulcast wNh SXV. K-ROCK . 93.8 MHz 64am Ian Strachan. 20 Back To The Future: Glenn A. Baker. 120 Vlnnie Shannon. 20pm Brendan Barnes: The Concert Series: Rock Solid: Christian rock (11.0). 120 Rob Marshall: How Green Was My CactusPepys (12.35am); K-Rock Legends (1.35); The Breakthrough Generation (3.36); Rewind (4.35). RIM 97.9 MHz 6.0am Musks On Toast. 20 Bound For Glory. 104 Between The Lines. 120 Sunday Country. 20pm Mike's Music Mix. 4.0 Easy Listening. 6.0 Beautiful Sunday. 20 Yesterday's Dreams. 124 AH night trans- 'rvir: V iritt.t RPP 98.7 MHz 6.0am The Morning After. 94 Mormon Tabernacle Choir. 040 Points To Ponder. 104 Sunday Carousel. Noon Brunch. 14pm 70s Musks. 20 40 Fabulous Years. 4.0 70s Music. 6.0 Good News: Momington Community Church. 6.0 Profile Of A People: Mormon Church. 640 Uniting Church. 74 Sports ScoreUne. 20 Latin Rhythms. 0.0 Other Side Of The Coin. 11.0 60s Rock'n'RoH. 14am Close. TTFM 101.1 MHz Classic HHs. 6.0am Carl Msgrin. 6.0 Darryl Cotton, Marty Monster. 10.0 Brent James. 20pm Kevin John. 20 Frank Fursey: Top 25 Countdown (8-10.0). 120 Mardl Hesgney. FOX 101.9 MHz 6.0am Sean Murphy. 9.0 John Pemberton: Classic Rock Show. 10.0 PhH O'NeU. 24pm Geoff Field. 64 American Top 40: Shadoe Stevens. 640 Barry Bis- sail: Powercuts. 1040 Reverend Tom Stokes. 120 PhH O'NeH. RRR 102.7 MHz 7.0am Spirit 120 Get Rooted: gardening. 11.0 Writer's Voice. 120 Radio, Lies And Videotape. 14pm Musks. 20 Mousetrap. 44 Selection Show. 74 My Three Sons. 20 High in The Saddle. 104 Metal For Meuoume. iz.u i-tying i-tsn snow. 2.uam i raining. .... .. , :li:' -Jill 1i. r. r (U4 t ld' Ml !ltA .l4'Vt. !. MBS 103.5 MHz Classical Music, 7.0am Musks. 84 Recent Releases In Concert 12.0 Duos Plus: chamber music. 20pm Apres Midi. 4.0 Musks For Leisure. 6.30 Three Star Performances. 740pm This Modem Stuff. 9.0 Organ And Choral Musks. 10.30 Requiem, Lament Consolation: a musical survey from the Middle Ages, part one. 124 Nottumo. Classics through the night KZFM 104.3 MHz 6.0em Peter Byrne: The First 25 Years Of Rock (10.0). 12.0 Peter Mclnnes: The Cutting Edge (4.0). 7.0pm Gary Newton: 104 Hits In A Row. 120 Peter Byrne. MMM 105.1 MHz 6.0em Craig Hugglns. 9.0 Back To The Future. 10.0 My Top Ten. 11.0 Kent Forties. 20pm Ed Phillips. 20 108 Live. 6.0 The Duckworth Tspes. 74 Chris Elliott. 94 Billy Phineil's Classic Album Show. 120 Kris Page. . ABC 105.9 MHz 6.0am FM Breakfast news (7.0). 7.06 For The God Who Sings. With Kay McLennan. 20 Your Concert Choice. Requests. Inc. Neruda: Trumpet Concerto In E flat; Beethoven: VToHn Sonata No. 7 In C minor; Vaughan Williams: Job, A Masque for Dancing; Nielsen: Symphony No. 5. 1140 Classics From The Library Of Congress. The Budapest Quartet; Simeon Bellison, clarinet. 1240pm News. 1236 Under Capricorn. Australian composers and performers: Flowers For Percy's Birthday. Inc. Francalx: The Floral Clock (Joseph Ortuso ob; Tasmanlan Sym OrchJosnnes Roose); ' English: The First Wsratsh (Nigel Loved, n; Sydney Woodwind Quintet; Ian Bloxsom and Barry Haywood, per). 20 Sunday Live Down Ferry Road. 6th of 9 broadcasts from Brisbane. Featuring the Lalton Brass Ensemble. Direct broadcast 20 European Concert Hal. Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Bernard HaWnk, conductor. Haydn: Sym- O No. 95 in C minor; Bruckner Symphony No. minor. 6.0 Bon Bone. Light music, comedy. 7.0 News. 7.06 The Great Divas. Program 4: Suther-land'a Lucia. Donizetti: Lucia di Lammermoor. Cast Joan Sutherland, e (Lucia); Robert Merrill, br Sord Enrico Ashton); Renato Cioni, t (Edgardo of avenawood); Cesare Stepi, b (Ralmondo); Kenneth MacDonakt, t (Lord Arturo Bucklaw); Saint Ce-cHia Orchestra and ChorusJohn Prttchard. 10.0 The Instrumental Donizetti: Fantasia on the opera Potluto; Trio in F for flute, bassoon and piano. 1040 Dreanrame. Musks designed for relaxation. 120 The Late Lata Early Show. Musks, requests. PBS 106.7 MHz 6.0am Musks Breakfast 8.0 Voices Of Our World. 840 Scan: human Issues. 20 Country. 1040 Comedy. Noon Contemporary Soul. 1.30pm Fusion. Funk. 20 Jazz. 6.0 Continental Drift 740 The Electronic Influence. 9.0 Musks Feature. 9.30 Dance, Funk, House. 114 AustralianNew Zealand Rock. 1230am Insomnia. JJJ 107.5 MHz 6.0am Karen Gough. 120 Mark Dodshon. 2.0pm Jo ChtceeterGeoffWood. 6.0 Art Attack: musks and b ,m WWtrWi MrtW!; I : .is U.I ..(.( 08 -Min : m'V r.t-sl . '0l'M'i''i 3 r .Hi it 1 1 1 IV rtl'i c rr V. I

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