The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 29, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 29, 1930
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Served by the United Press JE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NKWBPAl'ER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXVII—NO. 114 nlylhevllle Courier, BlythcvlIIe Herald, BIythevIlle r>nlly News, Mississippi Valley Leader. ULYTIIKVILLE, ARKANSAS, TUKSDAY, JULY '20, 10I!0 llayli Roys Sock Non-Slop liicyclc Kndunuin 1 Till SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS I low K-100 Will Look on Norlh American Soil L Success of RJOO In Canadian Voyage May Lead lo Commercial Use. LONDON, July 29. <UP>— The dirigible R-fOO. flying across the Atlantic to Canaan, was Ine satisfactorily this afternoon in K'-XJd weather conditions. LONDON, July 29. lUP) — The airship R-100, Britain's challenge lo German dirigible achievement. sailed westward over a norliicrtj route lo Canada today on a (esi ol s'lill and strength which maj (ji tally influence ihc future ol commerce of the air. Storm areas lay ahead and iliE dirigible was dodging them. As the craft left her base at Cardington and flew at moderate pace ol 50 knots northwest across England then off the Irish coast tin- empire watched with unusual interest because of warm disputes over the reliability and modernnrs'; 01 the ship. HAYTI, July 29,-The non-stop T n | pr na i ' „„) lY...., bicycle- riding endurance champion- i-iniCllldllOIldl L»lllg ship of southeast Missouri is On I gcal ol J. c. Johnson anil AiiL-rc-v I Akers, t'.vo Hayti boys v,;io were (jt- : Ing this aflcniGon neur the end their first dav. Broken U|) by AoeiltS of I - " reaSUI'}' " . WASHINGTON. July 29 lUl't-- ; The boys, riding in four-hour -Smashing of live inlc-.-nalionai nar- shlflr,, have as ihclr immediate aim i colic rings and the arrest ol :W (he 21-hour record recently .set |jy ; ,-hic; leaders who have been (rans- a pair of Caruthorsville youths, bu'. I acting an illCBal business <-sIiimtK'd they say lhal if a!l goes well tlU'V | al .^ C ral million dollars annually will continue for ten days or nn,-,' j wlls nmu ,uiiml today hy ilu- lnas- Tiiey started al 9 p. m. Monday. , 1M .v .lepnitmein. i The rings have been impanin;; i : morphine and heroin licim Turk.-} '• i:\ia N-.'w York I'nd have shi>>;u-cl it Ihrouglioiit ihc en:,!, (:.<• tr .i»- '.ny iii-p;,i-i:n<-:ii airtcl il.~ sai:l • The.' mvrftig.iflbn by treasury :le- aaenls has covered 1*0 This ciimpostli' i>hc!u[:iaph :>l)0'.v income;! to t:ie reci'iiUy ticcltd iliii'i —largest In She wurld—which months and is dc.-ciibcd 1 as • IUO per cenl ellidcr.t" in breakiiv/ up ;>li:t-:s ils vov.i^e ficia me international coa'.lm^'. • The 1110^, important i)f ihi- JIM' lilies has been headed by Tony l..ijiiini>. son (if an Italian nobleman, who updated tn !,'jn< 1-laiiu end is known as "Black Tony of The first, of a series of nine ll;i1 Eas ^ meetings scheduled for Ihe north- , Single shipments by his m t ':uii- ern and western parts of Missis- /atioti. aclivities of uliieh nv;,j cr. slppi county in Ihe sign-up cam- : idveiilure storv, have been v.JmM paign for the Mid-Soiuli Color. ; -U a half million dollar*. Harry N. Marketing Program and Branch Office Plan Will Be Explained to Growers si al Thi' tall tuv/tr i:my bo put inio look; Hubert Ah port, Montr,''al, Canada. If It successfully toni- | Oil Boom Is Prospect At 'Texarkana TCXAHKANA. Ark.— Soullnvcsl Arkansas Is In a frciuy of anorher. i oil bourn today and Hie Follower:- ! of the discovery o[ new Ilelds pour-' ' ccl Into Texarkana. ! Hotels wi-n> filled, ol! men clad : in Hie alilri! uf the Ilelds oVcupU" . tlii> lobbies, discussing the posbl- i bllitii's o( Hie new ulrikc. ! The nil rush Marli'd following the I l;rli)i:liiK In ot ltu> Lena No. 11, i which is pioilm'lny 300 Imm'Ls d-'ly. : The striking ol the wild cat . 'li • is exjiocted by veteran oil men to ; be the Ucr'.innlnL,' ol li Di:w Held. A lor Ic.ises in thu terrilary ol iliv well was belna made by th; advance ijuard who swarmi'd to Ihe field from Ihe oil sections ol the was Unlit especially to receive the n'v.ular. trnns-Alluiulc service iillcr vish lo this L'tnlir-.-ni. Two C.u::iciian ^tiveinmenl raciio ai'.noiinccrs will be staitoned alop the mooring . lov.oy to broadcast .1 description if the huge airship's nrrlval. ' In comparison willi tlie^ veteran | Orowcl . s association will be held u> Auslinger, aciin^' chief ol li:c- nar- Graf Zeppelin of Germany the R- 100 has yet to prove her quality tn imer-Colcnial commerce and the skill of British crews on long ocean fliGhts lias not yet been tried as llial of the Graf Zeppelin's men. Weather Unfavorable The youthful squadron leader, R. S. Booth, blood on the bridge of 1 the R-100, aided by Britain's e:-: Itehinciu hi Blythevilu, 1 of n Dall lonighl. Others will folbv; this week and next. There has already been a sul> staiuial sign-up in and aratmu 1 Dr-ll. but many farmers there hav, indicated their intention of increasing their contracts wilh Ih: to help provide tlfr colic bureau, j-aicl. J. F. Swir.forti, alias J. A. Kin- «'"• Ol New Yulk - v '"< 5 "res'.ud as Ihe of another cuught Swini'oid v:a.s i Facilic uvas'...'y .; ' lierienccd pilot The weather conditions over tin Atlantic ocean were not especially favorable as the H-100 forged lo- ward the western dominions which it is hoped will be linked closer in the air route bonds planned for Ihe empire. nf a cir«ss- Says Co-op Will Help T , ^ -r rf -, Ui';i of connly i Local lolton MarUat i-:;-a:d ofTice. The nfTic?, in charge Sovernu'.enl licensed entton or, will be opened here when Ui.- 000 bait's have been signed in Mis- j Success of thr Mid-Somh < association anci "'it'-"- j establishment of a branch ollici Will Use Prisoners o n Counly \Vork or Acquin-. Co. Farm Says Harrison, j : MANILA. Ark. (Special)—A defi- I niu- iirofise lo tlo uv.ay wilh llvj sLisippi county ami in adjoinm:.: j ion Growers southeast- Missouri che provision that Missouri cotton comitie--. ll:c .^o Although the ship infoimed the J when (hc grower specifies lhat h? air ministry progress was yitisfac- j desires to make use of the facilities of the Blythcvillc office. Tlie meeting at Dell will U? followed by others according to t r .r tory this afternoon, there were areas of depression and advers- '.unds ahead. Booth's route was not fixed anj he expected to maneuver to avoid stormy and low pressure areas will, probable showers off the American coast. Experiments I'linncd:! ..„ A number of special experiment arncT'be^madc in the flight, tlv most remijritab.le. of .which -will bran" ateinp't •! to'~'asce'rtaTn whether the upper air over the Atlautii cx?ean contains traces of vegetnbir organisms, living spores and othet matter. This will be done by exposing special type glass dishes outside of the control car, the dishes lo be treated with a substance up on which the organisms would hi caught and colonized. The R-100 which, with the R-101 is ^he largest airship in the world, is 709 feet long and 133 feet wide while the R-fOl is 724 feet long ant is slightly slimmer. The R-100 was originally designed for the London-Egypt-lndia trade and Is so constructed that lit cruising radius should range between 4,000 and 6.000 miles. It can carry a load of 10 tons of freigh' in addition to a passenger list of 53, j BlytSievillc will have a stimulatins: elfecl upon (he lOLal coltun market, C. G. Smith told Ih-.} Illymr- villc Lions ciiih in a iiik at I IK i ciuh's weekly luncheon a; tiie Kn- schedule: Half Moon. Wednesday. July 30; New Liberty. Thurrdav. July SI; ln-,1 Can?."Friday. Ann. 1; Yarbro, Monday, Anj. 4; U M".-- nila, Tuesday. At:e. 5 Lep.chyille. Wednesday, Aug. B; Promised Land. Thursday, Aug. 7; .Oosnell, Friday Aug. 8. . ' . '. C./p. Sniith^.direcipr of Mid-South association, J. K Cviiz county agricultural agent, and others interested in the inark?tin^: program will speak at thr mectlng- tel Noble this noon. Mr. Smith nave figures if he \ ,i.;xuu county jua^o w.'.s niacir bv 1 .'.i-.i U. Hamsun, cnndirialr for llv •ol- j :e naminatinn i:i O'.ipc-si- it... i ti: :i 10 -Judge George W. Bai'li'^. in • in an rnltlress heie Saturday. Air. Harrison, who was introdiioi"! ! hy K. !i. Cm!:. Manila atlorncj.'. sp-lie to abnul ;150 persw; F. E. ! ] .M'.-xandc-r. c.m:litliUe for reelection ' j as slate representative, and J. W i Wa'.kins, canOiuult? for a-^s^ssor th' ' ali-o adiiiV5S?d (be meeting. Fish Without Mbuth Caught in No. 7 Ditch Add another lo (he list of flsli stories. 0. It. Powers, a fanui'r living on the 11. C. Hiuwn plantation in-ill 1 here, exhibited a inouih- k's:. fish at the Courier News ctli'.'C today. I'oweis caught the fluli. a bass, white seining foi minnnws in Number 7 ditch. Tin 1 bass weighed one and one- half p.'umds and was apparently In perfect condition wilh the- exrt'p'.rai uf having lio mouth. Cilics Will Seek Agreement in .Meeting Cherola'ci Company's Action. . a'O arse ie e. decline in the number of buyers m > cbnilemni:ig the prcssnf countv I D • i , M . r L 'L i the loc.U market in recent yeair • r ., m , ,ys'em as "ip'Iavfiil vfcio ='" l\CF!Cicnts IVlllSt Loiltl'IDVlte and said mat at the [iresuit tin) 1 ,' ' iniu , m . m and w ^^ m; ,^-- &fr . i\;J f Prnvirlp fhr 0. ,, ? r cent of the coltni- marli.-te!. j lfan . ison snid lhnl lf no was 0 | Mt . | l»0"e\ tO I I OMCC 101 High Court Hears Story of Perjured Testimony Llle here finds its way Into the hand; | L . u countv ju!igs ot two bi^ concerns before ii- '.-, ' operative's branch lieie will .ijive .the big..bti£ers some re[il.-cain\w'.i- lion, he said, anil will force iiien- lo. pay for high quality cr.ti-jn n/* 1 . £i'(.un in this vicinity to Or fiil- i:re of buyers to pay a proper premium for high riualily coani'. Uick .Sherrick. a former mc-mfcer of the Liuns club, now a iesi-:i : ji;t of Ptnnsj ivania. was the meetiiii;. guest al I lie would eitliei | prisoners en public wort for the county or would buy rt Icns^a farm and employ lhe,pr';'-r oners "10 "mise Tood for Ihcins'elvrS and for the inrmles of the counsy ; nhnsliouse. ance of Hie officp of county juudi,v. pointing oul that Hi: 1 man rhr.fn Ihr (i)al oifiCv- 1 nuis! preside over Ihe coinily. 1 , common Operation Next Fall. MANILA, Ark.. July 25. — The Iwanl of (he Manila school met lar-l night at Ihe theatre with a iarg; 1 number of- citizens of this I own ti di.-;ciuji Ihe problem of! having school for (he current fall icrni. ! As h:i;; bf-en Ihe difficulty of j Shifting of Stone Cargo Causes Sulking of Sand Dredge Early Today. I!R1E, t'a., July W. lUI'i—Fif- teen members of the crew and our woman' were drowned when a s.uicl dredge, the Clcorge J. Whalen. srull after ils cargo shifted while Ilk boat was 18 miles west of Dunkirk N. Y., in Lake Erie early today. The woman was the wife of th p ship's conk. Six surviving members jf the crew were brought her? today b> the freighter Amassn Stone. Coast guardsmen who went lo (he seem of the tragedy were unable to locate bodies ot Ihe victims. The Whalen was owned by the Kelley Island Line and Transpor- talion .company of Cleveland am was enroute with Us cargo of slon? jlrom Sandusky, O.. .to'tiickavranus N. Y. Fight Over Saundcrs Receivership Looms .rlr.. is chairma:i of many schools in his county • SAN 7 FRANCISCO. July 29. -John MscDonki'l. .1 broken man | HoOVCl' V/Iil Nfjt With'lVaW prematnrelv old, (old Hie Cnlifrr-! A^.,„• trr , n ^i -{ D« n ,, OTrQ U i' " Tlle o!Iice needs and m ilia supreme court that hc was! Appointment 01 KOOGCVek j n ,- e hable. dcpoiidabie and NEW YORK, July 29. (UP)—Ear! Carroll and his ihres co-defendant of the cast of "Vanities," charged with producing an Indecent production, today won the right to a jury trial. supre forced to testify falsely against WASHINGTON. July President Hoover 2S. (UP) — through Warren K. Billinns and t'liomas J. Jlooney, convicted of taking par: I in the San Francisco Prspare:!ii?s:! «'»'" llis nupoh'.lmeiit of NMr-l-.olas Day bombiny July 22. 191G. House oi Lords 1 London Nava! Treaty Bill LONDON, July '2'3. l UP)—Til'- House of Lords today passed all i:w> remaining stages of the London naval treaty bill. The kitHj must still sign it. the bvyinc: boaru and of the c^un- i Manila ly prison board, anil is' a memi)?: of Ihe county roar! ermimis.sinii. "The office needs and must hav-' capable judge," lie tlcclared, "and it has not cr.e at present." Says,Farm Contract Void His attack upon the comity farm „ the i H?J!!-._ 0 A cr July 29. lUi'i- manngeinenl Mayor Nelll R*eil and Capt. Ivy V. Crawford, city attorney, loll Ills inonilnp for Wynne, Ark. ,-heie ofPclals of six Arkiinsa 1 DWIIS and cities named defendant n a sull brouuht by the Clv.-roker 'ubllc Service company to preveni Sees Need for Government Relict in Regions Where Crops Are Ruined. LITTLE ROCK. July 29 lUP) — Arkansas continued to wilt undr-r new heal records today and help- ssly. watched Its crop 'damage om hoi weather and lack of rain lount Into Ihc millions. So ilcvastallng has been the roulh lhat Senator Jaseph T. Viblnson has announced thai he •111 as.k (he conpeiatlon of the uov- rnnient lo aid farmers. Speaking at -I'lggoU Senator toblnson said lhat lie would iiiiine- mtcly iirije the stale and govern- .etit to devise a plan of relief. "There will be enormous crop allure," he said. "The problem of he farmers Is so vllal that It over- ihailows partisan and personal con- ilderation and requires decisive co- oiwialion. liolli the state and federal government!! should old.-I shall devote every possible effort' In drafting and' sccm-lng the passage ' of Ihc necessary legislalion. An all lime heat record was ex- . lierlcd to bo set hero today. Yesterday's temperalure of 105.6 de- Brces was Ihe holiest day since. July, 1001. Other high lempera- .urcs re|X)rtcd were Convoy. 113; Molvern. ill; Stuttgart, 110: New- he municipalities from cancellim SHS Irnnchlscs sec-iired by the Cher jkce !lrm. will meet. to. determine chat form of action will be lakoi iv the group. The sull, filed In Puliwlil roniih chancery court, sir.'ks lo compel in Mississippi Illvcr I-'uel corporalloi lo si.pply tas to the utilities -flrn nul also seeks an order restrahihi' tlu- Arkansas muiilclpalilics fron cancelling franchises of the cr,:n pp.ny as well as restraining the Fi delity and Ciuaranly Company fror paying Ihe bonds posted by Hi Cherokee company until final ad indication of the rights of the par lies. Several weeks ago altomeys foi the utilities corporation In a leller I port, 112; Cotton Plant, 107. lllvcr at Low Stajc ST. LOUIS, July 20. (UP)— Navigation on the Mississippi wan threatened today by Ihc lowest slages Ihe river has had In many years. • Shippers reported liilllcully Is .being cncounlcred In getting river boals past Ihe shallower portion:; of the stream between Cairo. III., and Memphis, Tenn. Unless the drouth Is broken soon ; river. navigation nitty b; seriously hampered, river men predicted today. The stage has fallen steadily tor more than two months, Forest Fires Threaten :. HOT SPRINGS, July.29. (UP! — lo Mayor Reed sought to enlist the , A request for Arkansas national aid of the city of Ulytheville In II; I gunrd planes to .patrol the national l, aualiist. the. itlasLiiippI Rlvei Fuel "coriwi-nlfim." Mnj'or 'Heed' 'aC Urns slate;! thai this clly was forest reserve -was" -made today by • tt!e'OU;(criiv.f •lU'.ttbTrSl'Idrtst-'hea-iI-. quarters. Interested simply In colicciion of I -Fire has broken oul in'-inany sec-, the $5.00(1 p:;strrt by (he Cr.rr- lions- loclny and -is spreading be- ckee company as tin 1 Blyllicvllh council lins alrcndy dccltirsd Ihc fraiichlfc held by (he utilities (Inn lorfeiled." probable lhat officials of the cause of the prolonged drouth. T^ planes will be used to sighl-flrcs. Heavy damage has been report-' ed and fear that the fire ivotil.l sweep the entire reserve led to the I Rocsrveli. N'^v: York wriler, ns vic^ \ as il hns bern and is no-,v operated | president of the Philippines despite' by Ihe Brinkle-yvbrothers brouali! i c,ppcsiuo:i of some independent ! much applause from his listeners grcupT, it learned at thr \Vhit? f "i;ntav;iul.. vicious, inhuman, aiul | ^° rai-^e : House loday. ! iinbtisincaFlike." is hmv hr rhnrac- lo '"-'El' school has run short of clnrcncp Saundcrs stores, bank defendant towns and cities In con- l official catling out of all available- i, T, chcrs have been forced '• r " pt ' l ' m ™*<* B-ocery chain whiiv. i lc m.« lotlny will deckle lo filo a n iiim^ Tc c-ich on no'cs thfl i owns 15 ° slcres '" tllc sn " 111 nmi > (:rosi ™»ipl»l»t In the suit by Ihe 1, T S J°Jw M T Z *M, ^"Ul'n^l Jwrnrt loday fnllo«-.r, 5 ch,rok.c company, selling up th. were tu lie paid al a later date. However at the present lime, the money in Ihe treasury has run so short, and nol enough money Is expected to come in lo justify giving .any more noles. a petition filed yesterday in Mcral j alleged failure of Ihe Cherokee court here by 57 creditors-of [he I company to carry out Ihe provisions company. j O f its contracts as grounds for re- The petition represents approxi- vocation of Ihe franchises, mately $800.000 In debts nml aal:--: that. Joseph I?, i'elers. prominent aid. A fire south of Mena which started Sunday today had destroyed 900 acres of government forest and li- 200 acres of private land. More than 125 men were lighting • (IrM near Norman where 300 acres, ot. The temporary decision that was , eastern business man and store •>*- . arrived al bst nlfihl was (o attempt j cciitivc. be appointed co-receiver ! nr.ugh money on pledges | with Leslie M. Straiten of \:cm- j school in Lhe latter parl j phis. ! Pilot and Passenger Die in Plane Crash 11 ices have been destroyed. 1 A genera! rain has not fallen over Ihe forest area since early ill May.- The Tennessee nun MADISON. Wis.. July 20. IUP> — mi-l Pilot "Oeorae E. Morgan and C. E. Hoover feels Roosevelt is r, ; teribed Ihc prcscr.l connl-v farm of September, and to continue! f.t::uiich and sympatheiic supiisrt-j ry5>m. Tlih systpm. he sai:l. fore- Ihroiigli the nine months. Carl j bankrupt recently when its presi- j /in«er=on who was rWIng wilh nim. | rr and rnthnsbslic atlvocat? of | es the prcfil of the employers li' Tiplcn. chairman of the school j dEIIl .Clarence Sa'iiulcrs .national - were killed today when llielr plan.' - - . .. Philippine progress and any mis- | -Jt-pend upon bow litllc! Ih.'y can . b.raril. stalc:( lliis morning lhat he; jj, prominent store owner anrl l burst into nauies shortly after I The contestants In the ali-Ahi- iinflcrsliiiidins which may have ^.\v for prisoners, and lm\v miii-h ' believed thai enough pledges could . founder of the Pi«sly Wlygly chain. I leaving Ihc Madison airporl. j erican air derby left here Ihis mov- arisen abou! his iiosition will lie | they can get ont of (hem. Hr staled i be raised to do Ihls. No action has | admitted the insolvency 'of (he' The plane fell in a marsh near j ning lor Ogden, Utah, the next Gehlbach Leads Flyers . on Hop to Ogden, Utah LOS'ANGELES, July 29 (UPlf: quickly dissipated. "tnllniico on pace three! j yel been taken in this direction. ; firm. the airport. WRITING /Y NOVEL ABOUT HOLLYWOOD HAS ITS COMPENSATIONS stop on their tranb-continenlal route. First away was Lt. Lee Gehlbach who Is leading Ihe race in Ihe matter of elapsed lime. Gehlbjich was followed into the air by Herman Hanicr of Chicago who holds j fifth place in the race. J. R. Weddels. New Orleans. i who held second place in elapsed I time sianding. cracked up while en ' rente to Mftroiwlitan field, Ihe ; take oft point. ' I Glenn Durham Resigns As High School Teacher Glenn Durham, instructor in the science department of thn Blytheville high school for the past three years, lias tendered his resignation to Cecil Shane, chairman of the .'•chool bbird. Durham. \vho also acted as assistant coach, was signed for another term as instructor when contracts were submitted lo the teaching staff for the 1930-31 term lasl spring. Mr. Durham has been employed by the Chicago Mill and Lumber corporation this summer and will continue In the service of the firm, as an accountant in the box department. No action has yet b;en taken by Ihe school board to secure a sitc- , censor for Durham. WEATHER It isn't all hard work, this business of writing a serial novel about the moving picture business. Wlwn Ernest Lynn went, cut to the movie capital to Rather material for "The Hollywood Story." it was pail of thr job to sec nnd talk with some of the famous slors and coming slars cf Ihr screen, and irie studios saw lo it lhal ])holographic eviilonco nf his visit should nr.l l>i> ijrkin.T. Here yo;i r?r the author engaged in the arduous task of posing with s ome of Ho'.lywnntl's loveliest. At thr left. Jean Harlow. who plays Ihe feminine lead in •JirH's Angels." the crstllest picture yet madr, is uirnliig on the smile. " C?n;er. Uernlro Claire, fealuml player in "Sciij! of Ihe Flam::" and "Made- mci^rllo Mciiisle." who.^e voice is rapidly carrying her to stardom, si/es the \i:'.in^ in;ui up Ihroii) 1 ,]! n movie eenu'ra. Right, Alice White, famo'.i* Hnpr,?r star at First National, rests between scenes to give him (h: icwriown "The Hollyu-ocd Slory" H :ho serial you Imve been awaiting for a Ions lime—a gripping story ot ir.ov.o life with all authentic background. Look for it, bfginning loday in l!ie iv.:;:fr News. ! ARKANSAS—Partly cloudy to ! unsettled tonight and Wednesday^ : ccoler tonight. Yesteday was the hottest day . Blytheville has experienced since i official record have been kept and | many believe it Is the all time • record It was 103 "In the shade" according to Uncle Sam's thermometer. Today's minimum was IOD this afternoon with a rise of 21 degrees since last night when : there was a brief tesplte from t'.ic ! lorrid heat.

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