The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 29, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 29, 1934
Page 6
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t'AGfc S!S Three New Leaders Named| Tliis Year Played In I Backstop Position. Ry PIKRRK MIM-n NEW YORK. <UP1—The .... mir-fliun us 10 whether catchers make the best m-in.'iRei-s will, probably be answred during il:<>| 1024 sejson. as Hirer of (he four I r.i wly appointed leaders piny tlini pinion Will) tlie addition o[: Hob OT-jirell. Jimmy Wilson and '• Mil-key CochmiK". tiie total of' cald'.er-maniifer; In iho b I K k.H'iie.s now is |U,', Oeciyc fiib- K.n mid Connie Mack having bern excellent iMtrhft-s In ihelr play-. in? days. • Of the Hirer, only O'Furrvl] lia.s i had piv-vloiK managerial rxporl-' ei)''e. He liuiullnl Hie Si. l/ml.O Cards \\lnn they rejched MTOIH! piece in ihr' 1957 National I ,.a«ue lace. Jimmy UM>on ii^mues man- agership of ihe l'hil.idelph!n Phil- 1 lies, which ha\i- won only one ixminnt in 5:t years ss a nieiulx-i-j of the National. League. This 1 happened in ]9if>. when CMu-hcr' IVt Moran was at ihe helm. Oddlv! ' rnniigh. Moran led Hie Cliirlnnatl' Rods to their only championship! In tt years in the Naiimnl, league. ' ; Moran was one of the best catchers in baseball history, set-! ling the world's record for assists I by a catcher wlih an in 1903,when he was n member of ihe'l- l!<vton Ernies. He was auixiln'--' fd mannger of Philadelphia In' 1515 and won the pennant In his I first .season but lost the World: Series to Boston. His 19IG ami I I9i7 teams both finished in sec-' om! place. Tliere have been many managers in Phlindelphln stave! Moran left for Cincinnati in 1918 bill Wilson is the onlv catcher On paper, his Job looks to be much harder than Moran's ns: Chile*: Klein, the Phillies' star, was traded away durlnp the W |n- ter. At Clnclnnntl. Morau miiile a fine record for himself until iii.i mifortnnnte death at the n«ls' sprinu training camp In 1M1 in his six years In Clnclnnntl only one of his teams finished out of the flrst division. In 1919, Cln- rinnatl won the leacne oeimnnt. mid then went on to defeat the Chiesco "Black Sox" in thai famous World Series. O'Fsrrell will attempt to le*d the 193-1 Reds, out of the cellar berth they Imv occupied for several years, and Is also the first catcher since Moron lo lead the team. At Detroit, Mickey coehrnnc will take over a team thai last wen a pennant in 1909. which uimxxed n three-year rule over the American League. Kuglrir Jenninss led the team at the time- but he was an infieldcr. Incidentally; the "wonder-teams' 1 of 1807 through 1909 which were Detroit's only championship teams, f-ilicd miserably in the World Series losing r,ll three. 'Coclirane ts the first catcher-manager at Detroit nnd whether he will be nu improvement over the past managers, who played other positions ™l be seen. Connie Mack is probably the most famous of the calcher-mrm- e.^rs. having led the Athletics in eight-World Series. Among others who were renowned us catchers are: Gabby Street, whose Cardinals twice were in the World Series. Bill Carman of the Hos'"ii Red Snx. Wilbert Robinson of Brooklyn; Bill Killifrr of the Chi- roio Dibs and Si. l.onls Browns Rojer llresnahun and Ray Srhalk! fi JVs the Firsl Vussel to Sink in I'iiii-uua ilOSE TITLE r " It I'"' Klliolll. Will) Reil M:ixn- In Unofficial Bal- ^'f.s Chiiiiipiuii. Tito V6AR5 AGO ,SGt BEAT AT PAVTCWA f-ft. 80T RosewBLj-oM'S -liTi-e AT StAKE £>H FEB. I, AT MIAMI, THE TVUO '(JILL MEET TiMC FOR -[fi£ u&Ht OF TJIE HEY, SC01TY! * f ^r ^•T-~-~-s -—- • -. -s HNSWERS IIV mi.). IlKAUCJIKK XI.A ^ervlre i)hir(s talilor NKW VOR|{.—DiMiirm'n,' aiHic- ••• i mill' from Miami, n.i -flu-re : .'.!:.\:i> lti>M>nlj]iKiin is tn im,. Jix- . Kj..--J:i l-li | l,,,- u,,. ni,),, i,,. iv , - ^i-nihl i-h.iiil|iioiisliip ,,f '((„. «,,!•!,!. . " !l : ->-'- ihe' chiunpiiin'V..., I.IMS- Ilki- u ]in rM . ,j, JVl -|, lh ,. ,,,.„ Ill Mich Her Minlll lium-s „, 11-,. !i...iiiinc as Hi a.m. It Ihls j: tiui'-alld It h:is Ix-en , :i-i--.'uiitlaii-il by Illinois iviiu liuil to K ,i[ up HUH ,. ; , rly ,„ ou'li li:nns-li can m(an uiily'mie 'I".''::: Muxli- KCM-iiblonm I.- iilxnil i' t" i- lii.s i-lmiiipSonship. ^''^ I* " linii'-lionurt'i: fustom n! Hi-.-'-nbloom. when beRinuin^ \ 0 Jl.'lll fill" till illl|Mrlil!U liphl. 10 :'-'k up I lie most convenient mj];'. 'I'irih hns ihi- ln.-,t band i'pv I'l". 'lime.' lliwr, aboin lhl> ^ t . f ll; :« r ve iiuii junk ,, iV: . ,, |t , tt)J;i . 'I-' 1 ' IK-JI pan of tin- rondiiion- SJ... UBS riild,',, t,,,. ,, i8l , tras „,„, hl .. k| . u []h ^^ ( f[f "iiirn iieisiner linun ,,, c,,, iitnu , (I1 . (| , a| , jv ^ _,,,_. i,.,,..,,,,^ .. , Canal. Is -pictmvd ll,,in, „, r^n,,,, , , kl j,,.',' ,.;.„„',.' ..' h ... l w , ]nt ', |J ] . ljI * k f'J'Y Meel «"• c«-ry d;iyK\,,|, s .,,. p ,,i ',r i 5"' 1 '- 0 ^.'''"lieenjt^ ^ tt ^*L? H™^ it" lies Lv-?' K«j'» as l'«. Mlis-host a I0-io;md fKln in this -.,.!:• a, LMJ.MJJU .iim pmu'lini^ theijoe f'.:-.i.. •• ."-<-. ^.. . -11 rr ! r •• oi iiiiiiiiitiii'it to IDO.WS .-.liort inns. • | i-oinpiiivd with 4lli;0"0 inns Iroin - AiiMrulla. Tin- lolul anima] ]„,. )K':-is of wheiii ri'iinlri'd by Jainn run from IHi.tKHl u, 850000 ton.s : 1'he Trade Commissioner last .-eiiMin's crop in M,,,',. ,.„ .•,'•,'?'' '" I . ' ! ' ' orl> "J „.'' * ™" ? '"' f '''''-'> "» (iy lo '*">• m Urn- .MAX!.- Prepitmtion plan's tl ,at iIiivliBhi r, i'° bc '~ i " 1V - !iol) C ; o<h\iii and beai iinjngni. Certain source., e ( -o«n llitili.i^ n,».i r- /-,-. 1 ~f-s,-- s;--- :-'-, I! r — IK- has been Indulgh* m bed-rest pe:- week '. the training i !r ind of shark.s ioilnd 111 Mm-y. .:M.I| conlain lieli. mmr . (),.,„ ,„ j:.- a.s ll:c leeth of i:-.-.:i-st Mi'lillMi X.Vl'IOXAI. . IIASKHAI.I. STAK |.lnyin K will, I'" 1 CliiruK^i CnliH Thn (Ionian mimi-ial i, no KIN I.AND 1.1 id,. only iDiiinry thill lias uil-l Us »'ur debt i.ajnii-lltL inouiully VI !i was ihe f :lu ,,| Hi,- ? mr,iv •'» 'I''-'' v'••:.-.•!. Hi,- f.,,: „, M1:k in ,„.. !'•' llllil .-..111!; cnmp!,-.r|y f ri)!1 | v!l >w him ^tlilnl amonf ihe ,-,-ini- cliHinp, of course, and Joini ry Lewis, a f ;U - western ijnx^r b.'.ii ^nx-iTOwm , w -i,v in i!,:-, M.nie lo:-go: to Urin L . i,: s u . auiiis; both niglnsi. 1 lli, - .<e factors. p; t i s t | 10 , s , i:sh: i.< bi'ing held in Joe's :!n! sfuir ihe makes his ud- * UL.uona Bencl| ino^t of th.- 1 .vein 10 spell trouble for cli.ui!ij:on. I am alnuwt ready ,iakv my nsnal fivr-eent mind Unit Joe wins. Caudill's Agency Fire, Property IXimar^. Liabili!\. Collision. u:n-glai-.'. Life. Ac.-ideii:. anil the vnriosi- oih,-r forms INSUFIANCr-: an:! I1O.VDS ttV can writi- Farm 1'rupi-riy. Alt business apprei-ineri and Ixis- »'S p:-,icl prompiiy. Phone 797. you PeadT/ie WANT-ADS Cardwdl Teams Beat Arbyrd in Two Games CARDWELL. Mo.-The Qsirdwel) high school basket ball' teams de^ ftaled. Arbyrd licre Friday. 'Hie girls' game ended with n wore of M to n in favor of the locals. Cardwetl team was composed of: Tuclctr. Stewart CUst Smith, Patterson. Cluster Rntli- erforU. Davis. Tiie boys' game was close nun fust. Arbyrd held n lead of one point until near Ihe finish when the Indians made one more Held goal, making the final wore 16 to li. Cardwell's players: Wells, g; Stewart, g; Burchnm. c: Oreen. f- Slradcr. f; Coburn. !: Brewer f Mnrttn. r. IIFI . .-sidentofthe United States, ixxa at Niles, )S«-Kansas to Uie Unioa as southern, states A l\vclvi>'iii-oiip iron, i-.u-!i tnrrect in loll am) : -.lnti i,-i .in. has been iiuroducod to (Ue .ui- .fit-lit Kr,,1(|j|i |iu»lin.,- liy i;i:n- E=r nilshi!-, Otlleuiiti t^v.-nlii;- wlt^i a Hair for• iToiunny, Tn» elub, hliown aLnvp. ( -;.:i i,:. «liauKCd Intii any in.u lii- ln.-li- *-TE UlO IliMd ;\t |1»; i|e:ln.l mislo niul lenrali. A l.-.lit.- !n- dlciucs artjnstiiiKttt °'ms Canada Expects increase In Japan Wheat Imports MONTIIEAI,. lUI'i-Tltnt Japan ! will ue in the market for n greiu- ; er ainonnt of Caiinrilan wheat , is the present year than for; some time past, as n consequence! oi short crops In Australia nnd Manchuria, is the opinion rx-\ jiiesseri m a report Just received- from Trade Commissioner L-m"- i ley at Toklo. In ten montlis of 19:13 Imiwits of wheat liom .Innan's Cnnmlw W<-lch, IROXY | Last Time Today i Matinee 2:30—lOc - 2,ic I Nite (i:.|5, l(l-L>5c LAST TIME TOfiAY .Mid. ^:.'!U, l().^r,c Nile (i:ir., lO-Sfn- CECIL B.DeMILLB''S FOUR MGHTENID PEOPLE CUUDETfii' COLBERT linRUERT MARSHALL MAKY BO I, AND WFLMAM GA8GAN .J I' * t j n [, u • i p , f t fc , , 'livimuniHl News i'l X- llnvilv Comi'dv A! Armory! Roy \\elch and Mike Clmroma i •HI take up tonight ut the arm-' >rv where Ihev left ofl last week, i They will feature Ihe weekly! .n-.-.iiing show, meelins in the •_am bom. two 0111 of ihree falls "n " two hour time limit Moore. newcomer, in the prc- ^ute. two out of three "falls' Ich and Chacoma had their mfetiiiK tlwully, at least I last with the result upp.iremly : """ Il! ;- a< ' tor 5- to both prln- WalUee F Q ,d Dorothy Tfec Mjfy Catlule Walltr Byron I W<lttr Connolly 5>»c»r> p(jy by Je Sivcrfjnj- Tuesday • .MAT.—IO-Ufir N1TK—lll-:i.-,i' COLUMBIA PICTURE Comoily "One Track .Mind" With /asti Pitts and Thclnia Tmid hig to the latter. The t ,,at thr p ., ir lve , v 11 niched in meet usuin this week I n winner take nil basis Welch's hnr.d was raised in v:c- ory last w lV k but Chacomn W«H „,. , i ne real winner via thp tail ro'.ite I ' 'U- prison dill- lot's fntli;til to : Tues.-Wed.-Tlmrs. MAT. & NITE—1 lie - 25c I iKconUnc io [Jn local lKi\lnv: A\\\\ Duriiig on. uri]1 , hl , fra ; Charles Slnkey. promoter .v snvt his life, for (bo jnd.iro; b:vd decreed Ihni ho nuNt tiio ! v..., lJlv ^ oiiiKcv. nrPiuoli'r ' * L * wrestler and referee, '[.ppearimt mi 1 " lht> ll ' fl 'tru- chair! 'l>i last named role at the ttme ' knocked out by Chacoma who! employed u shwy «)H\. n -iit u> : •cvxt etlect. The whole artair left r.e referee nnd the principals ."^S.v. HIM t 0 mention the (ans «no clumored loudly for the bov- to meet a sa in with Ihe schcdnl- of tonight's match [ollowin,;.; >ors of the events Male. i Soclnl r.uinr Slartcii I'MII.ADEH'HIA ,U1» _ In an 1.011 in bvin,; ubun n mort , .,,, r -.,. .v.tlietic attitude toward oilier -'c.-s ai-,d n»uon.. Ti'inpV V-ni- vi'isny has esubhsl.od a course n; Ic.ucation for Boiler UelaUW Horse Comrs U.ic). I'AXICO, Kan. .Ui>i _ Sx-vcn vears uso c. nesie'tield ro'.d h^ 1-ot.v to a traveler. Thai was the •ast he saw of i'-.. onim:1 | lml ,. .1 walked into ti,.- nlr! stall heie iccently and Ivjan nibbling haj * Baby Chicks CUSTOM HATCHING Marilyn Hatchery We Buy Poultry 'Strange Justice' A gripping draiiv, i-: tearts causht ir 11.,- Iul ,,., v , :-:u-hin?ry of the luw. .MARIAN">IAKSH KKOINAI.n DKNNY RICHARD HKNXKTr NDHSIAN KOSTKH KOX MOWS - . COMKDY Wed. and Thursday Comedy Plenly of Comedy Many Laughs! Tnnie anrl sec vinif own ;intl yinir friends' pii-itins. life ^i/c on the mnvir screen. Did you see the cammmnnV i'os,<ibly he tjol yun! Comp antl l.ati ?n ' al Yourself i Are You a Movie Star? CODE FOR LOVERS *:i Paramount rrews Tom Howard Three More Days! • '' —...... _. . _- FJ , _ Mr Blyllieville Chamber of Comment "vill(\ Ark;in?;is .hinii.'iry ;yi i iri:;.i. si^'ci^.^;:^ 11 ;; 1 ^!,;^,;;:!;^^!:^: 1 - !n thi> ^^ -< ^ fixi.v riiiin-: HAYS !T-:.MAIX or ti u , '' liiiiP ;:]]r>i t ..l ],y ij> ( > ^ecvoUivv . - , . , , • • • * i . i i .> i>i i ill- III' <> t 1 : iV 1 C Sr' t 'V*H -ivi- n Atni-iiliim. n, urn,], ,-nii,,,, vrinverf ;1 ,v i.xpi',,,,1 l(I < >.,'tlie 0" I • ""i ,i bv'^hr'mv 1 ' 1 . 1 '' 1 ' 111 ''"' 1 " :!1><l SlVlm ' l "° PASI1 15Ii: - x 'Rr ; 'f'V I'AYMKXTS"otV.'iv.l Ml 1 '" ,-•,„,,.-,i',.n "\ ',• v lt -. l( - iu '" •'" I'Xtonsicin .,! t m; ,. („ oini;,!,,[,. ilu- .;• IKIII-I. As i;,!- :is \v,. know. i,t this tinu-. ,nul'!;..l,t <„• I-.-H.,,,- -i "•';•; «',!! ,;:•:,;, , „, ,,„,, rf ,, u , ])lxwnl , ;lmpi ,: vr]| - J - l " 11 - 1 "'• l »«' Piisl l>'\v d;ivs luiv.. .<ivu ; > stilutanti'iriin-iv'-i' i-i il'i- rtiin'i •• ' inil'l.^riltnill^jV,,,,, i;r,.UV|-;; Utio Willll li, i,,. :t ,,;',,-, ',',;• l(l ' is ' ,';,;> i.,;.-, p!,,!!',^"" r>l I'tiltotl iiiiinly of (lie I'M'iro wnrltl. ' ''"•'"' '" -•':••'• -l|>l'!—tin- j;lv:tl- lini."' th!!sr^'!Z 1 -<\-l i rs!"ruli?"a.n.v.!' riS h^' 1 .i f;lV :l " W>> k "°r- a \ thi;; i- <u'ivpt,,i i llu . b-'!,,,^. 1 ;'•;'•';; :i ~" ra "V ; " iu ' v wi " "f U.- o.nirm-1. .l.-spii, w!,a. n'oo '"" , Vr^', ' - ',' , r'.'..^'" 1 "" "'ii''"', le '' 111S '{«:• p-ssihiihv ,,f ;l hi,.,, ,ax „„ „„„!;,,,,,, : ;l ;;•: ;:„;' ^ ; : ;;';-..,, ,;• ;;^; ill' inli'lVSl ill this i';il|ii);li)M] i< tilt' illl,'l-..<t .,-• ,„ l'i C'o.mty. The .-cn-.on-;, iut, nv ,, o , u '' ty S vos. so gens ,-vo-y otlu'r activity :int | l : jin ' Vn co " rtIT|ltl " ith " 10 fi' ,nM 10 '«'l »w™ of .hi, pr > CTi ,,.i. ami wo ~« ?h v^^^^^ i'^^h^U^^^^ 'iculUMv. Sign vour ooiUra t i I.K v' '.' ' , lhl> ^««»^»-' f, ?,'-,,, - - k .,-;•', ?, t ,", l i r;U "If, t 'i" > .- SllaV:;< ' 1 '' OM:i ' U ' M "" -'< ;iii- ;.!-...ri-:ip.i in .Mi--.-i.;-i:.pi C.iuntv '.M.'.III th t - alliittil tune, \v\- aiv Hf-spcotl'iilly V.UM-- ELVTHE\'ILLK I'H^MRMR OF m.Vi\rERCK.

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