Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 6, 1967 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1967
Page 10
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LEGAL NOTICES THU ((•»•) Advance AY, JULY I, MOTlCt OF mClAL iLICfldH You ore notified thot upon the petition of twenty-five properly owners of eoch voting precinct in the City of Algono, Iowa, I have been asked as Mayor to call a special election to' determine whether a television franchise should be granted WMT-TV.INC.. an Iowa Corporation. By reason thereof, notice is hereby given thot o special election will bf hold in v the City-of Algono, Iowa on the 25th day of July 1967, for the-purpose of submitting to the legal and qualified electors of said City, to be voted upon by them, the question of whether the following public measure should bo adopted: "Shall the following nonexclusive television franchise ordinance be adopted?" TELEVISION FRANCHISE ORDINANCE NO. ... AN ORDINANCE GRANTING TO WMT- TV. INC., AN IOWA CORPORATION, WITH ITS PRINCIPAL PLACE OF BUSINESS AT CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, ITS SUCCESSORS AND ASSIGNS, THE NONEXCLUSIVE RIGHT TO ERECT, MAINTAN AND OPERATE TELEVISION TRANSMISSION AND DISTRI- BUTION1 FACILITIES AND FACILITIES FOR THE TRANSMISSION OF FREQUENCY MODULATED SOUND SIGNALS, AND ADDITIONS THERETO, IN, UNDER, OVER, ALONG, ACROSS AND UPON THE STREETS, LANES, AVENUES, SIDEWALKS, ALLEYS, BRIDGES, HIGHWAYS, EASEMENTS AND OTHER PUBLIC PLACES IN THE CITY OF ALGONA FOR THE PURPOSE OF TRANSMISSION BY CABLE AND DISTRIBUTION OF TELEVISION IMPULSES AND TELEVISION ENERGY AND FREQUENCY MODULATED SOUND SIGNALS TO THE INHABITANTS OF SAID CITY FOR A PERIOD OF TWENTY-FIVE (25) YEARS, AND REGULATING SAME. PROVIDING TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SAID FRANCHISE AND PROVIDING PENALITIES FOR VIOLATION THEREOF. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ALGONA, IOWA: Section 1. In consideration of the faithful performance and observance of the, condition and reservations hereinafter specified, the nonexclusive right is 'hereby granted to WMT-TV, INC., an.llowa corporation, with its principal place of business at Cedar Rapids, iowo, its successors and assigns, hereinafter referred to as the "Company", to'erect, maintain and operate television transmission and distribution facilities, including poles, wires and appurtenances, and additions thereto, and facilities for the transmission of frequency modulated sound signals, in, under, over, along, across and upon the streets, avenues, sidewalks, alleys, bridges, easements, (or utility installations and other public places in the City of Algono and subsequent additions thereto, for the purpose of transmission and distribution of Iclevis.on impulses and television energy and frequency modulated sound signals in accordance with the lows an.l regulations of the United Slates of America and the State of Iowa, and the ordinances and regulations of the City of Algona, for a period of twenty-five (25) years following the lulfillmcnl of Section 25 hereof. Section 2. The poles used for the company's distribution system shall be those erected and maintained by the Northwestern Bell Telephone Company, or the Algona Municipal Utilities, when and where practicable, providing mutually satisfactory rental agreements can be entered into with said companies. Where the use of poles owned by the Northwestern' Bell Telephone Company or the Algona Municipal Utilities is not practicable or mutually satisfactory rental agreements cannot be entered into with said companies, the company shall have the right to erect and maintain its own poles and other appliances as may be necessary for the proper construction and maintenance of the television distribution system. Section 3. The company shall grant to the city, joint use of any and all poles owned by it for any proper municipal purpose acceptable to the company, and under such, arrangements as may be mutually agreed- upon,-Insofar as' may be done without interfering with the free use and enjoyment of the company's own wires and fixtures, and the city shall hold the company harmless from any and all actions, causes of action, or damage caused by the placing of the city's wires or appurtenances upon the poles of the company. Proper regard shall be given to all existing safety rules governing construction and maintenance in effect af the time of construction. Section 4, The company's transmission and distribution system, poles, wires and appurtenances, shall be located, erected and maintained so as not to endanger or interfere with tho lives of persons, or to interfere with any improvements the city may deem proper to make, or to unnecessarily hinder or obstruct the tree use of the streets, alleys, bridges, casements or other public property. The city reserves the right to require the company to place its conductors underground and to designate the districts in which such work shall be performed, and also to order the removal or relocation ot poles, wires and other appurtenances erected by the company whenever in the judgment of the City Council such action is in .the public interest, and the company shall forthwith comply with any and all instructions and directives in such matters at its own expense. Section 5. Construction and maintenance of the transmission distribution system, including house connections, shall be in accordance with the PIOM- sions of the National Electrical Salel, Code prepared by the National Bureau of Standards, the National Electrical Code of the National Board ot Fire Underwriters, and such applicable ordinances and regulations of the City ot Algona affecting installation which may be presently in etfect or may be enacted by the City Council of the City of Algona. »lx month* offer such filing. Whenever. It Is rwcMiory to shot oft or Interrupt service for the purpose of moklng repairs, adjustments or imtollotlom, the company shall do so ot «uch tlm« o» will cause the least amount of Inconvenience to Its customers, and unless iuch Interruption Is unforeseen and immediately necessary' It shall give reasonable notice thereof to Its customers. Section 12. Rot«i charged by the company tor service hereunder shall be fair and reasonable and designed to meet all necessary costs of service, including a fair rate of return or> net valuation of It* properties devoted thereto under efficient onjj economic management. The books and records of the company relating to this franchise shall bo mode oavlloble to the city or any representative whom If desrgnotes In writing for Inspection, examination or audit for rote-making purposes, of Intervals of not less than three years. Section 13. The company shall provide sufficient channels to provide reception from all available major networks ot any one time ot Its standard charge for such service as distinguished from program by program charges. Section M. The company's distribution system shall conform to the rules and regulations of the Federal Communications Commission, particularly with respect to freedom from spurious radiation. Test equipment, adequate to detect spurious radiation, shall be furnished by the company at Its expense and shall be made available for use by city Inspection personnel during regular business hours during the period of this franchise. Section 15. The antenna and receiving equipment shall be installed and maintained so as to give a reasonably noise-free picture on each channel. Section 16. The installation and maintenance of equipment shall be such that no objectionable intermodu- lotion distortion will occur. Section 17. The installation and maintenance of equipment shall be such that standard NTSC color signals shall be transmitted to any subscriber's receiver without objectionable picture degradation. Section 18. The distribution system of the company shall not be abandoned, either in whole or in part, without the consent of the City Council. In the event of the failure of the company to render community television service to the City of Algona and the inhabitants thereof, as contemplated and provided for by this ordinance, within a period of two years from the effective date of this ordinance, the City Council shall have the right, on reasonable notice to the company, to declare this ordinance and the rights and franchise granted thereunder forfeited; provided however,- failure to comply with the terms hereof by reason of causes beyond the reasonable control ot the company which could not be anticipated at the lime of the acceptance of its terms by the company, shall not be sufficient grounds to declare a forfeiture. Section 19. Upon termination or forfeiture of this franchise in accordance with any of its terms, the company shall, within a reasonable time, remove its cables, wires and appliances from the city streets, lanes, avenues, sidewalks, alleys, bridges, highways, easements and other public places within the city, and subsequent additions thereto. Oliver Steward, Burl, married at Montezuma Burt — Shirley Jean Ryan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Ryan, New Sharon, became the bride of Oliver Perry Steward, son of the Walter Stewards, Burt, June 3. Rev. Howard Hayes perform^ ed the double ring ceremony at the First Methodist church, Montezuma. Nuptial music was provided on the organ by Maynard Cuppy, who also accompanied Francis Beyea soloist. of honor. Lynn Gatten was the flower girl. James Martin, college friend of the groom, was best man. Groomsmen were Gordon Mitchell and Larry Ryan. David Steward, nephew of the groom was ring bearer. Ushers were Rick and Robert Steward, nephews of the groom. A reception was held with Mrs. Gordon Mitchell registering 135 guests. Hosts were Mr. and Mrs. Earl DeJong. Mrs. Paul Blome served punch and Mrs. Duane Bunting poured coffee. Mrs. Cecil Long served the cake. Waitresses were Dixie Gatten, Jo Ann Peterson and Joyce Miller. In charge of the lifts were Mrs. Tony Kellems, Mrs. Eugene Steward and Ann Bruhscheen. Following a honeymoon at Eaten Park, Colo., they are at Okoboji tor the summer where the groom is doing graduate work at the University Lakeside Laboratory. This fall they will be in Montezuma where he will begin his third year as science teacher. Mrs. Steward will teach elementary education at Malcolm. She is a graduate of New Sharon high school and received a B A degree in elementary education from William Penn College, Oskaloosa. He is a graduate of Burt high school and the University of Iowa where he received a B S degree in science. HAVE 20th WEDDING The Frank Beckehs haJ their 20th wedding July 2 at the Martin Becker home in Algona. Also present were the Thees Schnakenbergs and Elaine and Dale Trauger, Lu- Veme, the Roscoe Mawds- leys, Jr., Harold Beckers, George Beckers, the Ray Me- Whorters and Ethyl Hain. Home movies were shown by Roscoe and Evelyn Mawdsley. The Becker sisters trio, Nancy, Linda and Janet sang two numbers, a novelty number dedicated to their parents and a hymn. The anniversary cake was baked and decorated by Evelyn Mawdsley. Virginia McWhorter and Frank Becker were married June 22, 1947. Many gifts were received. Blanchard (ftttat «t John Sone'i M Lautefii Siifttky af< ternwn. UaUcGropr burial it Swea Twp. cemetery and the Roger FetieHitkes, Dunnell, Minn., were ptente gtieite at Walter MAgnu*n'«. 4 HM» Ofvilte Rippentrop* have i girl Tanyi fat born June 30 at Fairmont hospital. She weighed 7 it*, and & o*. GfindfMfento are the Gerald HfcgefM, Fairmont, and the Everett ftippentrop*. The Walter Hanses, and George Schroedew, lakota, were weekend guests at Albert Hans's at Wilrnar, Minn. He U a brother of Mrs. Schroeder and Walter Mans. The Frank Stephana, River Grove. HI., were weekend Fenton Married at St. Joe DovW A. Smith, City Clerk of the City of Algona, Iowa Published In the Algona Kossuth County Advance, Algono. Iowa, June 22, 29, July 6 and 13, 1967. NOTICE Or LETTING Scaled bids will be received at the office of the County Auditor, Algona, Iowo, until 10:00 A.M., D.S.T., July M, 1967, for furnishing Kossuth County with a years supply of gasoline, approximately 60,000 gallons. Bidding blanks and additional information may be secured at the office of the County Engineer, Algona, Iowa. June 26, 1967 Marc Moore County Auditor Published in the Algona Kossuth County Advance, Algona, Iowa, June 29 and July 6, 1967.- Section 6. Installation and house drop hardware shall he uniform throughout the city, except that the company shall be free to change its iiurd- warc and installation procedure as the art progresses Section 7. The company shall temporarily raise or lower its wires to pci- mit the moving of buildings by a holder of a City Housemovcr's License. The company shall be given not less than 48 hours notice to do the work, tx- pensc of such temporary work will be paid to the company by the permit- holder. Section 8. In the maintenance onJ operation of its television transmission and distribution system in the streets, alleys and other public places, and in the course of any new construction 01 addition to its facilities, the company shall proceed so as to cause the least possible inconvenience to the general public. Any opening or obstruction in the streets or other public places made by the company in the course of its operations shall be guarded and protected ot all times by the placement of adequate barriers, fences or board- ings, the bounds of which during periods of .dusk and darkness shall be clearly designated by red warning lights. Section 9. The company shall maintain its attachment on poles that the city now uses, or has been authorized by other franchises now in force or hereafter enacted to use, in such manner that it will not interfere with the use of such poles by the city. Section 10. In consideration of the rights granted in Section 1 hereof, the company agrees and binds itself to extend its lines and to serve any and all applicants for television service whose dwellings or places of business ore located in the City of Algona, and who in good faith hove entered into or signifies their willingness to enter into a contract for such television service. Extensions will be ot the expense of the company, except where such extension would require unreasonable or uneconomical expense to the company, in proportion to the potential revenue to be derived therefrom. Section 11. The company shall have the right to prescribe reasonable service rules and regulations for the conduct of its business not inconsistent with the provisions of this ordinance. Such rules shall be filed with the City Clerk and shall be effective as of the dote of such filing, and be subject to approval by the City Council within Section 20. The company shall indemnify and hold the city harmless at all times during the term of this grant from and against all claims for injury or damages to persons or property, both real and personal, resulting from the negligence on the part of the company in the construction, erection, operation or maintenance of ony structure, equipment, appliance or products authorized or used pursuant to authority of this ordinance, and the company shall carry insurance against liability due lo damage to property in an amount not less than One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000.00) as to any one person, and Two Hundred Thousand Dollars ($200,000.00) as to any one accident; and against liability due to injury or death of persons in on amount not less than One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000.00) as to any one person, and Three Hundred Thousand Dollars ($300,000.00) as to any one accident. The company, upon receipt of due notice in writing from the city, shall defend at its own expense any action or proceedings against the city in which it is claimed that the damage or injury arose from the company's negligence in the operation of its television system, Section 21. In further consideration of the granting of this franchise to the company, the company will pay to the city the following sums, towit: (a) During the first three years commencing with the effective date of this franchise, one per cent (l?o) of the gross receipts from the monthly service charges paid by the company's subscribers in Algona, Iowa. (b) During the next five years, two per cent (2%) of the gross receipts from the monthly service charges paid by the company's subscribers in Algona, Iowa, (c) During the remainder of the franchise period, three per cent (3%) of the gross receipts from the monthly service charge paid by company's subscribers in Algona, Iowa, The monthly service charges referred to above shall not be construed to include any installation charges which the company may make to the subscriber. Amounts payable to the city hereunder shall be paid to the City Clerk within thirty (30) days after the end of each franchise year. Upon written request of the city the company shall annually permit its books arid accounts relating to this franchise to be examined by any certified public accountant that the city may select tor the purpose of ascertaining the gross receipts from the monthly service charges paid by company's subscribers, in Algona, Iowa. Section 22. Whenever the term "company" is used herein it shall be taken to mean and include WMT-TV, INC., its successors and assigns. Section 23. Any person, firm or corporation violating any of the provisions of this ordinance shall be deemed guilty of misdemeanor and upon conviction shall be fined in an amount not to exceed $100.00, or be imprisoned in jail not to exceed thirty (30) days. Each day such violation is committed or permitted to continue shall constitute a separate offense; provided that any violation by the company of the provisions of this franchise, or any material portion thereof, or the failure to promptly perform the provisions thereof, shall be cause for forfeiture of this franchise, after written notice to the company, and continuation of such violation, failure or default. Section 24. Should any section, clause or provision of this ordinance be declared invalid by a court of record, same shall not affect the validity of the ordinance as a whole or any part thereof, other than the part so declared invalid. Section 25. This ordinance shall take effect ond be in force from and after NOTICE OF LETTING Sealed bids will be received at the office of the County Auditor, Algona, Iowa until 2:00 P.M., D.S.T., July M, 1967, for construction of stabilized base on Projects 575 (2), 586, 576 (1), 610 and 580 (2) involving 33,600 tons of stabilized material. Bids will be received at the 'same time for shoulder construction of Projects 1128 (I) 923 (2), and 569 (3) involving 84,000 cubic yards of earth excavation. Bidding blanks and additional information may be secured at the office of the County Engineer, Algona Iowa June 26, 1967 Marc Moore County Auditor Published in the Algona Kossuth County Advance, Algona, Iowa June 29 and July 6, 1967. MARRIED 43 YEARS The Lawrence Doeges had their 43rd wedding Sunday at their home. Guests were the Venn Rafdals, Titonka, Roger Wubbens, Wesley, Wilbur Doeges, the Walter Adams family and the Orrie Shiplers, both of Algona, and the Lee Turtles, Gienville, Minn. The Marvin Behrends, Olymphia, Wash., were callers Monday at the Lawrence Doege's. MARINERS MEET Mariners Club met Sunday at the Burt Presbyterian church with six couples present for a watermelon feast. Dorothy Bormann, daughter of Mr. and 'Mrs. Henry Bormann, St. Joe, and James S. Shomaker, son of Mrs. Carlo Ray, Costa Mesa, Calif., and J. S. Shomaker, June Lake, Calif., were married June 23 at 11:00 a.m. at St. Joseph's Catholic church, St. Joe. Rev. Leo C. Schumacher performed the double ring ceremony. Maid of honor was Ruth Lappe, niece of the bride, of Wesley. Best man was Thomas Ray, step-brother of the groom, Santa Monica, Calif. Herbert C. Bormann, Humboldt, and Dr. Joel B. Bormann, Schamburg, 111., brothers of the bride, served as ushers. Acolytes were Louis Bormann, Danny Bormann, Steve Lappe, and Karl Streit, nephews of the bride. A dinner reception was held at Charlie's Supper Club at noon, with-Karen Lappe at the guest book. Mildred Bormann and Mary Jane Origer opened gifts. The couple will be at home in Atlanta, Ga. " 'it liiimimiHMiiiiniMiiiiHimtiimiiiitiiiiHHiHiHHiiiH HlnmnnmiHiiiiHiiiniiiniHiiiiininii IK iiniiniiiiiiiiiii inn Fourth of July holiday at home. Tuesday the Brian Zwiefels and Mrs. Zwiefel and Patricia had a picnic at the Emmetsburg park. Patricia returned to Wayne, Neb., where she is a student at state college there. The Walter Stewards and the Ray Millers, Estherville, were guests the Fourth of Women at Lone Rock attend Burt meeting Hosts were Roscoe and Eve- July of the 0. Perry Stewards Burt — Local women of lyn Mawdsley. Devotions were at Okoboji. the UPW whoTttended by Frank and Virginia Beck- Mrs. Florence Bagley has day TL Burt er.The program, The Prtayer returned to Crosslake, Minn. • NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Construction of Drainage Improvements LATERAL NO. 2 JOINT DRAINAGE DISTRICT NO. 68-136 Winnebago and Kossuth Counties, Iowa Notice is hereby given that the Boards of Supervisors of iWinncbago and Kossuth Counties, Iowa, will be in session in the courtroom in the courthouse in Forest City, Iowa, on the 13th day of July, 1967, at 10:00 o'clock a.m., for the purpose of receiving bids for the construction of drainage improvements in the above drainage district. Work must commence on or before the 15th day of August, 1967, and must be completed on or before the 15th day of November, 1967. The approximate amount of work to be done is as follows: Excavation of 55,500 cubic yards of earth. Clearing and incidentals. All the work is to be constructed and peformed in all respects irj accordance with the Engineer's reports, recommendations and specifications on file in the office of the Auditors of Winnebago and Kossuth Counties, Iowa, subject only to such changes and alterations as may be made as provided by law. Sealed bids will be received on the entire work at the office of the Auditor of Winnebago County, Iowa, up to the hour of 10:00 a.m., on the day of letting hereinaboye specified. Any bid filed after the time stated will be returned unopened. Each bid must be accompanied by a cash deposit or check on and certified by a solvent Iowa bank, payable to the Auditor of Winnebago County, Iowa, or his order, at his office, in a sum equal to 10% of the amount bid, but not to exceed ten thousand dollars. The Boards of Supervisors, acting jointly, will at their discretion let a contract to the lowest responsible bidder for the work as a whole as they, in their sole discretion shall see fit, reserving, however, the right to reject any and all bids at their election and to re-advertise the letting of the work. All bids will be submitted on proposal forms available at the offices of the Auditors of Winnebago and Kossuth Counties, Iowa. All bids not made in conformance with the above requirements, will be reiected. Bidders must satisfy themselves by a personal examination and inspection as to the location, character and extent of the work. The party to whom any work is being awarded will be required to attend at the office of the Auditor of Winnebago County, Iowo, within five days otter such award, and execute a contract, thereby agreeing to the terms and conditions thereof, and shall file with said Auditor a bond, subject to his approval, for a sum equal to the amount of the bid, such bond to be conditioned on the faithful performance of the work and procured from a resident agent, and in case the party to whom any work is awarded fails to enter into such contract and lene Stenzel. A letter was received from the Korean orphan. • • f: ..;:.;', LEAVES HOSPITAL home. Mrs Joe ciilbertson, Mrs. The consecration service of Maurice Weisbrod, Mrs. Will- the new Methodist church at na m Knoll, Mrs. Milton Mad- Sanborn, was held July 2 at »>„, M rs. Clarence Kraft, 10:30 a.m. They will have Mrs. Roy j en sen, Mrs. A. A. r _____ ___ ^ son of Mrs. James Christen- 9." John L. Riebhoff'is pastor of the Sanborn church. Georgia Marlow Neva Thorns *WM tail* — Ida McGregor, 88, died at 9:50 p.m. July 2. She was born August 10, 1878, in Ohio to William and guests at George Anderson's. Sarah Shaw. She came to Iowa Carol Pugsley and Jane when 13 and lived with her Zabel, Des Moines, were week- parents in the Seneca area, end guests at Jack Recce's. She was married in Decem- The Albert Andersons ber, 1907, to C. F. McGregor spent Sunday at Okoboji. at Algona. They farmed 4 miles west of Swea City until they retired in 1947 and moved to Fairmont. Mr. McGregor died in 1951. Mrs. McGregor left Fairmont in 1965 and Jean Bellinger made her home with her ^^^^^^^^^^^ tftAflltflllf Ot* "^^VV^^^VVVV^^VV^^^^VV^ uuugiiicr. Survivors include one son, Saturday afternoon guests Clifford and one daughter, at Martin Wegener's for Mar- Hazel (Mrs. Charles MoElwee) lin and Brenda's birthdays nine grandchildren and two were Mrs. Charles Feye and great grandchildren. family, Mrs. Glenn Flint and Family services were at girls, and the Clarence Weg- 11 a.m. at Reese-Henry Chap- eners. el Wednesday, and church Sunday evening guests at services at 2 p.m. at Open Martin Wegener's for Martin Bible church with Pastor & Brenda's birthdays were the R. E. Thompson officiating. Ernest Muellers, Melvin Pom- Burial was in Swea Township pes and Diane Pompe and cemetery. Tim Struecker, Minneapolis. -. The Garry Bleckwenns, SEW CARPET RAGS Iowa City have a girl born The VFW Auxiliary met at June 22. She has been named the home of the hospital Anne Marie. Grandparents chairman, Mrs. Amery Chart- are the Dale Weisbrods, and son's June 28 to sew scuffles Gilbert Bleckwenns. Great and carpet rags for a Veter- grandparents are Mrs. Marans home or hospital. The or- garet Weisbrod, the Art ganization sends some kind Voigts, Mrs. Lena Bleckwenn of donation every month, and Mrs. Susie Stigman, Mo- either monetary or supplies, desto, Calif. Mrs. Dale Weis- At the meeting were Mrs. brod returned home Sunday Robert Holm, the new chair- after several days at Iowa man, Mi's. Ed Blair, Mrs. Ed City helping care for the new Berggren, Mrs. H. S. Mont- granddaughter, gomery, Mrs. William Phelps, Mrs. William Elmers and Mrs. Carlos Engelby, Mrs. Mrs. Charles Weisbrod were Carlyle Engelby, Mrs. Wallace afternoon and supper guests Johnson, Mrs. Earl Kvams- of Mabel Homan Thursday, dale, Mrs. Lee Davidson, ,Mrs. Ed Holm and her Mrs. Kenneth Brones and niece and nephew and chil- Mrs. Warren Thompson. Host- dren, Kenosha, Wis., Mrs. esses were Mrs. Charlson, Hulda Knight, Whittemore, Mrs. Wallace Johnson and Mrs. Clara Ehlers, Algona, Mrs. Gordon Jones. the Gerhart Hantelmans, Mrs. Delphine Hantelman, Erna The Tom Prestons were Meier, Los Angeles, and the Sunday dinner guests of her William Hantelmans, Pvt. brother, the Fred Links, Glenn Hantelman, Mary Han- Fairmont, telman, Cedar Falls, and Mrs. R. S. Mather entered 'Becky Hantelman, Okoboji, the hospital at Estherville were Sunday guests at Ed last week Tuesday for major Bruhn's. surgery Wednesd&y. Mrs. Floyd Montgomery and Mrs. Russell Eldridge, Fenton, and 2 MYF girls, Fenton, attended sessions at Moroingside college, Sioux City, to train for study courses which will be held in the sen, was released July 1 from the Naval hospital at San The Frank Ryersons, Seiina son"Mrs" Albert BulTock\«. a Diego, Calif, where he had Clifton and Lulu Hawcott vis- Art Person Mrs Ralph 'Ham- churches next year. They per been a patient for three ited July 2 in Spirit Lake at merstrom Mrs Davp w«»hpr tain to ecuminism, or the be- de 0 nt th He a return a e n d tothe'Si ^ Sewick>s> and Mrs - >Adel * Thomson $M>ntag ° £ " ni ty °* the Christ rine base at Yuma, Ariz., for limited duty. V* IM1 r at the 1200 ROOM'HOTEL i ELEVATOR MEETING Tammy and Tracy Long, Bettendorf, came Friday for about 10 days with their grandparents, the George The annual stockholders Kissners. , meeting of the Burt Cooper- Mrs. Arthur Dodge, Mine- ative Elevator will be held ola, N. Y., spent three days Friday, July 14, at 8 p.m. in last week at her sister, the the Legion Hall. A drawing Angus Cottons, for a $25 bond will be held UPW of the Lone Rock at 8:05 p.m. Plan to attend, church will meet July 6 in Refreshments will follow the the church with Lucille meeting. Russell Patterson is Blanchard, Fern Krueger, secretary. The Myron Chipmans, Ames, were guests Tuesday and' Wednesday at the parental, C. B. Ohipman. Their son Daniel, just received his M. A. degree at Iowa State and will attend the university at Madison, Wis., to receive his Ph. D. degree. Marion Chipman, Punta Garda, Fla., was also a guest Wednesday on his way to the Black Hills. lla Wallace, Chicago, spent ten days visiting the Wallace Hawcotts and Gladys Hawcott. The Darrell McFarlands and David went to Okoboji ing home July 5. Mrs. Elwin Stenzel, librarian at the Burt public library, reports that they have had their book exchange. The new books came Thursday of last week. Joyce Baumgard, Dakota City, visited friends here last week. The A. C. Hincldeys spent its approval and ratification by" the « l!i r " i5h sucl ? bond within five days, the Weekend and the Fourth legal voters of the City of Algona, --."-. '".-P.'!?* 1 ?™' th « deposit of such Iowa, and after its passage by the City Council of the City of Algono, Iowa, and the acceptance of its terms by the company or its assigns in writ- Di$tict - tooeth - uy me company or its assigns in wr t- Hers will >» »> ,L4 1 »u "'.•""• L"?'l P.!* »• P ubli <=?ti°n in'on official t'we'nty^our* hSM,. ° ^ZLT^ newspaper of the City of Algono, Iowa. The polling places for said election shall be at the following places: First Word — Algona Public High School. Second Word — Lucia Wallace Grade School. Third Word — Third Word Grade School. Fourth Ward — Algona City Hall The polls will be opened ot 8:00 o clock Central Daylight Savings Time in the forenoon, and will close ot 8-00 o'clock Central Daylight Savings Time in the evening of said day. The Judges and Clerks for said election shall be appointed by the Algona /S/ Wm. J. Finn Wm. J. Finn, Mayor of the City ATT£ST . °' Algono, Iowo /S/ David A. Smith enty-four hours after demand, and of tne successful bidder or with relatives in Iowa City, Cedar Rapids and North Liberty. Mr. Hinckley reported at Oakdale Monday for a - „ .. checkup. Judy, the Bill Sehotz Soft? £lo b c e , & u X u ^b& K £ 5"^ liv ? '" Cedar Rapids, herein required. * s Manlyn, the Don Thomsen .J'cU^otToVinso'oT'o; o'&cS'. t*™ 1 ?' ^ ™ l ™* ^ 3nd bie are by this reference irkkided the Larry Hinckleys, live in "" '" 52? m .? de -,°.!»'» of . th > «*'<». North Uberty. Mrs. George Koestler and Vickie and Mrs. James Christensen attended the wedding of Noel Krantz and Sue Nicolai at 3 p.m. July 1 at the Mabel Blanchard and Bertha Newbrough, hostesses. Mrs. Bill Shelton is attending the national NEA convention as a delegate at Minneapolis this week. The Legion and Auxiliary will have a joint meeting Wednesday at the Legion Hall. Hostesses are Mrs. William Marlow, Harlan Marlow, E. A. Lee, Robert Hanna. Mrs. Delmar Fisher returned Saturday after a week at Lafayette, Ind. attending the National meeting of United Presbyterian Women at Purdue University. The Melvin Meyers and boys, Swea City, were Sunday guests at A. A. Krueger's. Mrs. Roger Jensen had a birthday club Friday evening for Mrs. A. A. Krueger's birthday. Guests included Mrs. E. A. Lee, Mrs. W. J. Cotton, Mrs. Albert Bullock, Mrs. Roy Jensen, Mrs. Melford Mitchell, Mrs. Erick Seegebarth, Mrs. Frank Flaig and Tena Jensen. Mrs. Roy Jensen and Mrs. 'Ed Blanchard attended Syn- odical at Storm Lake last Wednesday. RATHS AT REUNION The Raths had a family pot luck get together at the Legion Hall Sunday for the Merton Hurlburts. Mert flew in Saturday from Grapevine, Texas, and will return home with his family Thursday. They have been here the past month. Guests besides the honorees were the Sylvester Braces, Lawrence Raths and John, Albert Shasters, Mrs. Clara Rath, Clinton Raths, Maurice Weisbrods, the Dale Wegeners, Swea City, Leonard Hoists, Mrs. Fred Rath, Ralph Gilbertsons, Bancroft, Junior Hurlburts, the Dale Schroed- ers, Robert Heifners, Mrs. Don Hurlburt and Mike, the Arnie Hurlburts, Jim Longs, and Roger Longs and Derwin. MARLOW REUNION The Dell Marlows family gathered at New Hampton at his daughter, the Dick Dahlmans Sunday. Other guests were the Jim Marlows, Robert Marlows, Marlyn Baus- mans, Dubuque, Ralph Smiths, Davenport ,and Don Arnses and son David, Loveland, Colo. ians. The Everett Honettes, Denair, Calif., came last Wednesday to her parents, the Walter Magnusens, for a week. Sunday they had a picnic at Reynolds Park, Swea City, with about 75 friends and members of the family. The Honettes and Magnusens were Saturday coffee guests at the Harold Carr's, and were Monday supper guests at Julius Erickson's home at East Chain. The Palmer Cassems, New Richland, Minn., were Sunday afternoon guests of her sister, the Walter Magnusens, and the Harvey Madsens and daughter of East Chain were Sunday evening guests. July 4 the Ralph Honnetts and Etherl of Sherburn, Minn. NEW YORK CITY •Your ideal headqutrters —clot* to attractions, shopping, sightseeing, fine dining and entertain TEAK 'ROUND SWIMMING POOL FREE TO GUESTS Rate*, Including TV and alr-cendltloning from 18.15 single $11.15 double Call: PLaza 5-4000 or write the SHELTON TOWERS HOTEL Lesington Ave. 4M» St., NYC Send free literature and money •aving Courtesy Card to Name Address City State NO. in Party Arriving I Major Richard Edwards and family, San Antonio, Texas, and the Roger Jensens were Thursday evening guests at Roy Jensen's. The Edwards family were enroute home from Sandstone, Minn, where they had visited both of their parents. The Harlan Blanchards and Jonathon and Mrs. Maude ° s set forth at ! .h length herein. 5u,9?o D c ER OF THE BOARDS OF SU- /S/ Henry C. Nelson Auditor of Winnebago County, Iowa .SEAL. WINNEBAGO^OUNTY, IOWA, Met hodist'church 'in Canton, Auditor of Kossuth S. D. County, Iowo (SEAL E^SS'TH COUNTY. IOWA) Myrtle Zwiefel met Published in the Algona Kossuth Patricia Zwiefel at Spencer Friday and she spent the BLAKE FUNERAL HOMES "CompltUly Appointed Hem«t" ft • LUVERNE • WESLEY • TITONKA • CORWITH • RENWICK "24-Hogr AmbuUnct Strvie." "THE SAME TO YOU — FELLA!" Easy there, man! Maybe he is one of those sassy drivers who jeopardize their ability to get auto insurance by careless driving. Driving a car is indeed a privilege and a person with a good record never had trouble obtaining insurance. BOHANNON INSURANCE AGENCY ALGONA

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