The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 25, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 25, 1930
Page 6
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. ; PAGE SIX Gobs Will Have Fine Chance to Upset Army's Strong Eleven. By WILLIAM BKAL'CHER NBA Service Spirts Editor "What a tough bieak for the Navy-" Thus spake the experts when H .vas announced that Army will con- lescend to play the Navy Dee. 13 .n New York City for the benefit -f the unemployed. For & (line. 1 bought so, loo, but-lalely 1 have 'regun to wonder it the Army will '•»ve so much good clean fun sink- .'ng the Middles, after all. • A football team never Is beaten, "ney tell me. until 60 minutes have ' een played. The Navy appears to '•-i the underdog In this scuttle, but -3 was Princeton against Yale. And • always will think Princeton beat •'ale this year, though the score 'ndicates that Yaie won. You can't • \sh a moral victory at the ticket ••indow, of course, but the profit '•om a fat mental wager often Is Just as satisfying. * • • The Army hns a swift, deceptive • tlack. Major Sasse has shown the '."aydels how Pop Warner got that •;ay. There is no Cagle at the Point, tut the team functions rather 'well •3 a unit, with all hands turning > with healthy vigor. There are a Couple of charming ends in the persons of Carlmark nnd Messln- tr. In the front line there Is same l.ulk and strength at spots, espe- •rially where Captain Polly Hinn' er numbers around. Even without .Jy Letzelter, who has been ruled rut because of old age, the bnck- leld, with Spinner Herb. Fields. Xilday and a couple of others, is -mart and strong. The Army has been taking trench ^fter trench, without a setback 'in Is first eight games. It is true, the •chedule hasn't been so very tough, .hat a victory was barely eked out over Harvard nnd that Yale held Ihe Soldiers to a 7 to 7 tie. Army 1 "las achieved, however, the habit of victory, and the coaches say that's .1 good habit to have. • » • At first glance, the Navy seems "o have done rather bndly this year. Out of Us first seven games, Navy won three and lost to Ohio, Southern Methodist, Notre Dnine nnd '""_ They Will BaiiTHFor .! ' Hcndenscn Teachers Nnd Is .Victory Over Ouachita-; Warriors Fade CONWAY. Ark.—Coach Ivan H. rove was very nearly cut out of | the state college football chain i pionship this week-end, when the I Wonder Boys of Arkansas Tech at i Riusellvllle won a game from hi! Hendrix-Henderson Warriors by a I two-point margin. The points that . may be scored after a touch-town j cost him victory. ; The outcome of that game leaves , the race for state championship . fair lo be an easily claimed honor I i or one that will be contested. If I Henderson Teachers Is victorious In ' ] her Thanksgiving Day game with | Ouachita in Arkadelphia. she will not have a single voice contesting the honor. If the score goes In favor of Ouachila, the Hendrix-Hen- I 'own. For every, Thanksgivuig-li \ . PRAIRIE CITY la (UP)-Vfrs derson Warriors will have a good has been thus for some years-Hie Nate Waddle suffered a broken l^' edge on the claim over the Render- | schools and the people of Arkadel- when an ouT-of tounds play by 'hi Prairie City high school football team buried her under a mass of players. Mrs. Waddle was watching - - o rae- son Reddles, provided that Hen- p l )hi a gather on one athletic field drlx-Henderson wins from Arkan- j while the schools and the pjopb sas State Teachers, a school that' or Conway gather in Young ~Me- , „ ...... oiuiMApuurc, ucorgc lierman Ruth puie However, one of the Navy's ._ and for tnc Ilfcb0( me I 11 Nnvs? Or, Yeah? When Jnmes Joseph Tunney filed a report on his 1927 earnings during the recent $500,000 .suit brought by Tim Mara, there was found this item, "News-^SSa.SOa." ' II is very confusing. II you were to hop right up r.nd ask UID whnt one of Colonel Tuiniey's "news" stories was aUont, I believe I'd hnvi to blush and leave the room. Maybe my memory has plnycd me false. Surely it. has. There were other great contemporaneous news reporter;—such us thru American Shakespeare, George Herman Ruth • ' • r- , 'P T, -•-! ""Itvu |JIU m.JIIJ],S. illC l^HIl- Has Ihe Kn-im: Stalled' I , y ' ncnv ^ el * ht Cham- :nns have a formidable list of trl- -- =- = -- I can recall sports news stories I 1 of lhe Worl{1 -" al L 1 ' 6 t°!> of! nmphs. among them a victory, ac- s that have played that broke quite a while back- too • a """"I"!'" column. But lhe im-1 <«nip!iihe:i with ease, over the Ins year have never There are circumstances and iihns- ] nortanl kernels of truth and wis- H pn»ny (Okln.) Indians. The game same after the game, cs of conduct of the JclTrles-John- '• cionl tnnt llc dispensed at the rate' wl " lv! P ln 3'ed at Fargasoii Fie'd, 3ses by any outland- son fight at Reno in 1910 that read- > ot 532.8M per annum have es- i nnd wl " bo the nnA .Pro grid tilt JCflVrfphV fillo f-litll II., *.„...,_.~.J i_ i,_ _ • 1-lnwiH ,n\, 1^,i,..1.1 n ,1....... _, ,_ _ OVer \Yit'l(V^:Tl nil IVln Grtl it li ..•*.-! victories was a 19 to 6 win ove. William and Mary, the team that Harvard had to hump along to tie at 13 all. The Navy was beaten by Notre Dame long enough ago to have forgotten about it a little, while the Army still has to 'go through that ordeal. Teams •• • • Notre Dame this .,,. been quite the same after ,..^ „„..„ If the Army loses by any outlandish score, the Kaydcts' fine faith hi their own ability may become tinged by Just a little skepticism, whic his something fatal to foot- toll aspirations, they say. The Navy has not shown any great deception in attack but there is power in the forward line, where Hagberg, from down Pollansbee, VI. Va., way, is one of the standouts. The Middies lack guile on offense if a repertoire of tricks is what you mean, but Lou Kirn helps to make up for the lack of deception. The Milwaukee boy can take a football on a common old cutback play and lope right over lhe hills, taking a couple of tacklers along for a ride. Besides Kirn in the backficld there is Johnny Gannon, a squatty lad from Lodi, Calif., who throws outcurves with the pigskin. » • * The people who pay their bucks to attend the proceedings, besides getting a load of Army-Navy color and tradition, and helping the cause of charity, may be buying attendance at an -actual football game, even though the Navy mi?ht appear, after cursory examination of the two teams, to be a setup The newspaper ,i-riters will be admitted at a cover charge of $50 per seat, and even at that, I am told, several of them are goin:; thinking the event a night club opening or an auction sale of a fe battleships. (ell you what a single one of "news" stories was aboiil. The same goes for those other literary lights, Bennah Leonard and Jack Dempsey. ; 1)11) VOU KNOW T1IA.T— The life of a foatlip.ll player Is .1 vacation compared with that, of n student manager . . . tlis home practice field lie rces llmt helmets, footballs and line chains arc handy . . . nnd on trips he's responsible for CMi'ti player's equipment b;hiy properly marked ami packed. . . transportation' of baggage, purchase of railroad tickets, assignment of Pullman berths, hotel accommodations, unpacking of equipment and team transportation to tiie playing field nre his next worries ... he orders meals and seer, that each player's pillow is smoothed before tucking him in bed . . . before game tlin; he's supposed lo arrange for the team's wtiter-sup- ply. chewing gum. cube 1 sugar, coffee or whatever they need. And for all this they vole him a monogrammed sweater and put his picture In the annual at the end of the year. an impression. I cnn remember a story more than ten years old. written by a S30-a-week reporter, concerning as prosaic a subject as a gang war in Chicago. IIOHIIY IHllll) Quarii-rlHirk. STl'D" STKXNKTX Hnlfliiii'k, Sti Jts!-y'« Colonel Timney's pieces, too. Didn\ he lecture at Yale? And marry in- I lo the Social Register? If that were ' not enough, hasn't he a brother who is a cop in New York? These things, even without the heavy! weight championship of the world, • add no little to a man's prestige. ! I must hurry over to the library | and brush up on that $32,809 worth 1 of valuable information dispensed as "news" by Colonel Tunney in 1927. A fellow should try to im. prove himself every chance he gets. i Memphis Tigers Play Wichita Turkey Day MEMPHIS, Tenn, Nov. 25.—Having challenged most of the national Pro League teams withcut suc- CE.O tha Wichita, Kansas gridiron eleven will come here Thanksgiving to tangle with title Memphis Tigers, worlds pro cham]:s. The Kan has handed her defeats her last two Thanksgiving Day contests. Arkansas' football championship this season hinges, then, on two important games. Two of the teams have come to the end of the season just as they did last Jail, victorious down to the last week, with the possibilities for winning the same as t~y are this year, and the two teams with which these two greater teams are matched are, as they were last year, easily out of the race. Yet not one. would say that either Henderson Teachers or Hendrix-Henderson College will have an easy afternoon next Thursday. As a'matter of fact, a point that has been proved through years o'f play, those two games will be as hard fought as any other two Ar- morial Stadium. It Is to sec which side of a town Is best, and a quarrel in the family may be hard and an inspired fight. This is another 'act proved by years of play. The whole Idea has become history. Whether it proves that history does run In cycles and doe^ repeat itself, whether it proves that nistory may have-an economic Interpretation, or whether It prove that football will one day be played In Calcutta, the fact that ncxl Thanksgiving Day .wilt witness two nard games and possibly a new state champion remains. [•kansas games thfs I practice begins in year. When Arkadelphia early each September, Ouachita sets her head on two games. She plays to win her annual game from Hendrix-Henderson and to win her Thanksgiving contest from Henderson. Arkansas State Teachers goes to work before the season opens in much the same way. If she wins no other game all year and then noses Hendrix-Hende'-Ron into a ditch, her season will have been successful. There Is '* -went something in ;nese two teams. Perhaps it is the fact that both Henderson Teachers and Ouachita are in the same town and that Arkansas Teachers and Hendrix-Henderson College are in the same her two sons play. FENNIMOHE, Wis. (UP)—Til3 town has exactly 100 widows, or 14 per cent of the total population, a survey taken by the Fennlmore Times showed. "Grass" widows wur2 not Included. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE OF INTENTION TO APPLY FOR ORDER OF SALE OF REA" ESTATE TO PAY. DEBTS Notice Is hereby given that the- undersigned as Administrator o the Estate of Mary Cruso, deceased will apply to the Probate Court c the Chickasawca District of Mis slssippi County, Arkansas, at it adjourned session on the 13th da- of December, 1930, for. authority t sell the following lands belongln to said estate, or so much thereo as may be necessary, to wit: Lots 6 and 7, Block 8, Allison Addition to the City of Blytheville, Arkansas. Said. sale, is necessary for th purpose of paving debts of th estate. B. E. ROBERTS, ' Administrator. Reid, Evrard k Henderson, : Attorneys. . .11-18-25- To WARNING ORDER Bertha Edna and Bczcll Montgomery: Take notice that on the siKlii day of November, 1930. a petition was filed by Ethel M. Wilson, probation officer in the Juvenile Ccuvt of Mississippi County, to have certain children, named: Billy Jcc, and Harold, Jr., declared dependent children, and to take from you the custody and guardianship of.'' said children, and to appoint for Ihem some suitable person us their guardian, with power to cni- ?ent to the adoption of said children, or to place same In seme suitable institution In this state- for the care and guardianship of dependent children. Now unless you appear within 20 days after the date of this notice and show cause against such application, the petition shall be taken as confessed and a decree granted. GEO. W. BARH/.M, Jud'je. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 10th day of Nov.. 1930. MRS. JOHN LONG. County & Probate Clerk. ' 11-18.15 lly respond to the summons of i c " lxld '">' '""nble dome somehow, memory. Jim Tiiorjxi's deeds are' Gllt ' ss I' 11 have to quit those still fresh in this rusty old brain I must have slipped a cog pan But news that our great American cdi- ors thought enough of to buy for 132,803 per annum. Really now, hat is almost as much as n s,>orts rienrn hamburger sandwiches with ojmion after 10 p. in. Eventually they'll set yon, I have been told, nnd this somewhere. I ought to remember ' is P roll:>Bl y the proof. ™ W " h ° Ut of Improve Each Shining Hour! Memory Is a peculiar function. I can recite whole paragraphs from Kirkc Simpson's splendid story of . the Unknown Soldier's return to his ath. Well wrl ws stories soi over witnessed on the Sontluvosl ern Lynx gridiron. Wichita hn.s won from many independent teams cf thigh rating all over th; nation, but because of this strength few teams have .desired competition from them'. Mike Ver- millicns, an all-Kansas tackle and captain, 1.) coach of the Kansans nnd he toars the bulk of the defensive w-.rk fcr the invaders. There are imagl- England and 39,482,000 people in according to BRUSHING UP SPORTS By Luafer ;f\ Remarque Refuses to See Movie of Famed Story PARIS, (UP)-Eirtch Maria Re- marque is an admlroT) of the movies but while m Partt on vacation ?« «'"«d to see "All Quiet on the Western Prmt." He even refused, to attend the film in z of his story. "A sort of shame makes me re- luse to see the acting anew of thoic atrocitte of wartime", Re- marque explained. Remarque told friends that he is considering a third bcok. LIGHTS BLIND Dt'CKS BIO PORK, Minn. (UP)-Bewildered by the headlights of Ed Johnson's car a flock of 50 ducks settled down in front of his machine and blockaded the road. To prove his story 1 , Johnsoon captured two of the ducks alive and took them home. BROOKL1NE, Mass., (UP)—The red light, associated with thc lire alarm box since time Immemorial, has vanished .to this town. Because of the. widespread use of the red ll£fct in traffic signals, a purple llgbt now. adtsns every BrookUne fire box. ^r ^-^•' u-J LJ-^ X»^\ ON £ SUCCESSIVE: CAU6UT , MJ6SW2WJSETTS N£6\ES CPEIW& K!CVicf F W RW^I IT BACK Alnnmi Defeat , Girls; Roys In Win from Faculty COOTER, Mo. — Cooler's first basketball games of this season were played here Friday evening when the high school girls lost lo the alumnae, 30 to 23, and the high school boys won from the teachers. 17 to 16, before an unusually large crowd. In the girls game, it was in the last half when the alumnae team made its first field goal after which they kept the school girls In partial check until the scores were tied. The.i it was about an even scramble, but just a few minutes before the tlmo whistle blew the alumnae got a free shoot and made three field goals, winning by 7 In the last game, to the surprise of all, the school boys kept the sit- j nation under command at all times and made the teachers pay dearly for every point they made. Both games were tightly played and very interesting. The school teams will play the Braggadocio boys and girls Tuesday evening. I League Estimates 500 Tons of Dope Sold in 1929 GENEVA, (UP) _ Five hundred kns of opium, cocaine, morphine : and ether harmful dnigs found | their way into the illicit trade of the underworld last year, according t- : thc Central Board of the i League of Nations. Of this amount, raw opium and i Indian, hemp/ naturally played the Important role as far us mere bulk is concerned, but cocaine, morphine, various forms of manufactured cplum. diaceltylmorchine and other manufactured prcductt, that | are far more powerful. and deadly ! in Ki?ir more concentrated forms : can-,> In for goodly amount. • The figures show that a t:<al cf i marly 60 Ions of such drugs was I seized last year. I The principal drags seized dur- i in.T the MS! year were raw opium, I oninni in form of tinctures, mor- ! phinc, dlacctylmorphinc, cca leaves, ; crude cccalne. cocaine, Indian I hc:np rc=In. a/ v;3oR UAH, £^y ONION «• j FREE FOR SIX HOURS ! BOSTON. (UP)-Just six hours : after Harold Remington was re! leased on parole from Concord Rc- Iformatory he was arrested here for (snatching a woman's handbag con- I talnlng J30. He was Immediately i returned to the reformatory to I compl«t« hl» five-year sentence. Type-arid-Ink University Newspapers are the greatest of all modern educators, i-ney teach history in its making. The exploits of exceptional people, the press of unusual events, the ebb and flow of political expedience—all are made public knowledge within a few hours; after their happening. Phis information is instant and complete. That is why men and women ; .who are eager to be fully informed read the newspapers —not only the news of the world, but also news of what to buv where to buy and how to buy. You cannot be abreast of the times if you overlook the advertisements. For advertisements give you the real news of business. They are the messages of business to you.. Tney tell of the new and wonderful things created for your convenience and pleasure—ol! merchandise gathered from the myriad markets of the world for you and your family. Advertising teaches how to get the most in value and enjoyment for the least money. It gives knowledge that pays. Read advertising and learn

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