Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 20, 1890 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 20, 1890
Page 7
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STHPTOMS OB UVEK DISEASE* Loss of appetite; bad breath; bail taste ia thii mouth; tongue coated; pain under tho "liouldcr-blade ; in the back ur side— often mistakan for rheumatism; sour stomach with flatulency and water-brash; indigos- iion- bowels lax and costive by turns; headache, with dull, heavy sensation; r'sttes.-'riess, with sensation of havlncc left. Homclliins undone which ought to liavo (.veil ilono: fullness after eating; bad. temper; blues: tired feeling; yellow ap- praranco of skin and eyes; dizziness, etc, Notalt.bnt always some of 1 heso indi* cate want of action of ttoe Liver. For A Safe, Reliable Kemedy tliat can do no Juirm and has never been Iici>wn to fait to do good Take Simmons Liver Regulator -AN EFFKCTITAL Sl'ECZFlC Malaria, Bowel Complaints, Dyjtpepsin* Sick Ueadacbe, Const ipatimi, Biliousness, Kidney Affection-;. Jaundice, Mental Uepre-tsloii, Colic. A PHYSICIAN'S OPINION. "I have bsen practicing medicine for twenty vtirs :inJ huvc rievtir been able topyt up a vcgeta- £k compound thr.t Vtouit!, like himmotis Liver K^"jiaior, promptly and effectually move the Jjvcr ;o uciion, an;! at the same time aid (instead , f weakening) the digestive and assimtlatiTc powers of the system." L. M. iliNTON, M.n., Washington, Ark. ONLY GEXUZ2OS I-ii -jcr Z Stamp i:i red on front of wrapper. J.EZeilinfi Co., Philadelphia, Pa. Hck Headacho and reliovoall tbo tronbloa inof- dent to a bilious state of tho system, each as Cizziness, Nausea, DroTvsineso, Distress after eating. Pain in tho Sido, ic. TYlillo their most _.v. le Baccesa jjas ^Q shown in erasing SICK meaoacse. yet Carter's lattlo Liver Pffla 8TO equally vataablo In Constipation, coring &nd preventing this annoying complain ivwhlla they also correct aUdisordcrsoftbestomftch^UmtUato the •,• a _— t~A~ *u_i— m ~t_ J2yonifttieyonly y would bo almost priceless to those who r from thisdistressing complaint; butfortu- nately theirgocdiiessdoGa notondhere,andthosa who once try them •will find those littlo pills Talu- Oblem so many ways that they will not bo wil- Jicgtodo without them* But after allslck twHui la tho bazft of eo many lives tliat here- la where SfBmaie our great boast. Our pills curalt while' <Jthers do not. • Carter's Little Liver Kllfl are very small and very easy to take. One or two pills make a doso. They are strictly vegetable and do not gripe or pm-ge, but by their gentla action please all who osathem. InvialsatSSconta; flvofor$l. Soldi Jjy droggilts eYerywheie, or seat by mail. CARTER MEDICINE CO., New York. SMALL PILL. SMALL DOSE, SMALL PRICE UVE3AND BLABDEK CURBD. Bead Symptoms and Condition? TWa Specific will Relieve end Cure. If Vnil are thrcatcnert with, or r.lrf.T.iir h-ivs II IUU Brlght'a Uiscasc, or L'rinary ti-oul...^. If Yn?l * mve sediment in urine liku br>c'- t!-v* II I UU frequent calls or retent'i;- v.-> i clibtresa or pressure in tho parts, lisbs blc.,;:, If Vein !>aro Larno Back, Ebcumatfei. sllcj:- II lulling, Acbins Pains ius:d< or Lijja, If Vnil' iave "' a ' >c * eso rDrop?T, bo-.h- L'cat, II IUU orscauty or high colored urine, if Vn'l^. 1 ";? xtll ' a ri.i. Torpid Lirer.Dyspcpsia, II I UU Gall Stone, Feverand AEUU or Gout? If Yni? hnv e Irritation, Spasmodic Stricture, II IUU or Catarrh of the Bladder, .-> if Ynil ^"^BtOOD humors,Pimple?, Ulcers, II IUU Seminal Weakness orSypbilia, If Ynil 1 J avc 3tonc irrKidncr, Gruvfl in Blnd- II I UU der. Stoppage of unnc or Dribbling, t a " e P°° r Appetite, Rod Taste, Foul- breather internal SlImeFever. SPquickly a run-down constitutioa. Don't neglect curly symptoms. EVERT Dose GOES BIGHT TO THE SPOT. ar--r!ocom7r,piii!«l b7 renoiroed Guiilgto Hralth- free. Advtce (IM Genuine have Dr. Kilmer's liltsncsa on outside and inside -wrappers. a " fKrnois-M and DE. KILBEB i. Co., ghamton, N. Y. 3©c, eztra las-^e si. If Ynil .11 IUU II nil RATES •"us BOSSOTJBI PACIFIC BAttWAT "Spliced in effect the following low rUesbfl- twuta points oa its liuec: -- . ' (e ' •"••'• »i-»im e.Ter [Medicated Air S '"V R E M E D \ jcaiarru! Asthnin 'NO DISEASES 'i.l- N» DQDAL Tiirrauti'i ?!,? 100 ?.- Whoo P |n « '-'''-I'-'t"- .'in-' "'tH a" ^^'"^'I'se.-UHes. Twimie's K.v •;, % W'rak VtSmTE, ot ?"" E7e Kniinlatftl Lid* • -. "sanointr.™? ™ n J»n«lon with Mr,!!,-.-,^,) "'. Te^.e'rMHm.atomhi? t ' irrl1 "- h:LS "" "•' ! '« Posfdc- i., ,SL? sll F er; i«i'r Ij. a t-,-r',-i:t T °'^. Imparting d t T,' lll ° WB ° r wrfw.-t '"•'"• ' " flexion ™ n K-i delicate eoftwss ;lsl send r a Will Porter and Wn I appropriates annually the urn of ^000 for White House stationary, telegrams, books and other such expenaos. TJI Mi-.E are three men in the Oregon State Prison each of wludi cut off a liaud to avoid \vork. They arc uontineil in solitary cells. Two others <>nt off tlio ends of their fingers. PIUXCE BISMAKCK intends to devote the remainiler of his dn.ys to mating himself com for table. He has dismissed !iis physician, and iutond.s hero-after lo smoke as much us ho pleases and to drink what he likes. 1'wi. youxo womon comiio.sitoi-.s on the country paper at Forest, Mississippi, Ixrag-ht itwhnn the sheriff closed out the "enterprising- proprietor," and anvnow vnnning as g-ood a paper as there is in the State. BOYS should be tested for colorblindness in school—before thev fjootxt into life—so that, they should not lose the time required for working np to positions on railroads or elsewliRre in which ability to di.stingiiish color is essential. A Change of Venue. The Dulutt (Minn.) J-TenxfcZ reports a laughable incident as occurring in a justice's eom-t in the back-woods of that { ^action. Court was held in a lumber' innn'w shade, iu tho bunks of which a | number of woodsmen were ropoainp. j interested spectators of the proeeed- | ii)gn. The .Tudjje was a young man of i mild aspect, .with red hair and iur.>,- I taehe, who nervously arranged matter-. I for the trial. There were no attornevs, ! both plaintiff HIK! defendant acting Vo - j themselves. After a painful silence* t-i'e ! defenditnt arose. He was minus i-ra' j and vest, being attired in a T:I • . | fringed and ornamented bncksMu' :•!.::• and striped flannel pants. Sail! ; ; ,i. I "Yer Honor. T. want, a i-hn •-.-.-' | veeiivou i;i this hyar rase.' 1 "V. ; ; was the blunt, reply, "the ~./e<l<r:- ; • - oUiei-place is. I u'sim-r. ,-x U'et!c \i,-: posted on law than yo be." Xhi . > hitting tho .Tudgo in'a tender s;io!. • breath unuie hard for a few n.i.ii: . but. maintaining his uiguity wit!i ;: effort he f?ave tlin defendant to :; • ••> stand that his reason-was notsiidlo' "AVell, then. 1 Vliove you're prejn..-:-- agin nio," said he of the buuksJa., . ment. ''and .1 demand my rigii!.- •.-. I American eitizen. I want, a s; : <> I this t-ase and I know I can't >z;- '- • I this here court.'' This se'rT-.i I matter. The Court granted 111-* (•'• • •• ] of venue, and l.Hu defendant si^-- -,-. ; i this success by ii:vitinR the irj, j foiirthouse out to tuke a "snif:e.-." Ax ambitious word-coiner says thai there is a crying need of a word expressing the opposite, of -"height:" mid he. snggeststhe word"lowt" or "lowth.'' But he runs himself to earth- for the i is leo "riles: the mean depth public will be -loath" to accept 1m sug- i *^™ a ls llhont 82 ' (KK) mile '- geation. ' The Great. Lake:?. Tlie greatest length of L::l, pcrior is 10iJ miles; its grentea: oc A fl,n the the Kmncror with vcne-.vcit that the leafii- from (rermnuv thai about IK!") feet of the sea. Lake Michigan's greatest js: its greatest width. -«h' . sanity or li THK rec a''feet ion under which j opposite Milwaukee! "in Ss'i'iiile.":"'., . .suffers has broken o;it I depth ( ,)l!() to 1. (100 feet•: area iiboo- • iruleuce. It is said "*'" square miles and the olev.v-:- u.o.lical authorities of ab ? v ? '^ fteu .' ;o ° **f '• . -L-aKe id iirou s greatest lencttJi is." i-• Inin but ten years of ] ;>80 miles; its greatest KidlhVWi.-f.si i of Georgian Hay is IOC-miles; its-.u-:; depth is greater than a ay other of . great lakes, averaging 1,000 feat, and o Sagiuav.' Bay it is said that leads !m\ sunk 1,POO feet without reaching IK; torn :its area is 21.000 square miles au if.n ol OV O f I^Tl "."7(2 fn-tt- •:>ecutio!i o£ the Jews in Vien.i.. i-.-came so dangei-ous to all shopkeepers that the city recently appeared covered with such signs as "I am a Christian Tradesman ;" "Christian Brandy Slwp :" "Christian Cheesemon- ger;" "Christian Old Clothes Shop." ONE of the best players of the Cornell University base-ball nine has been dropped on account of neglect of college work. The university has decided through the supervising athletic committee of the faculty to take a decided stand against the notion that athletics ai-e tlie chief end of student life. JAMES PAY?;, the English novelist, has -written about forty novels, and every word of the manuscript is in his own handwriting. He will have nothing to do -with stenographers and typewriters. He sleeps ten hours ont of the twenty-fqar, spending the remainder in reading and writing. SEVEN of the supposed-to-be-sharpest and wisest lawyers in the country have made wills, pas:ied away, and the aaid -wills have been broken all to flinders by heirs and other lawyers. An ignorant Missouri farmer wrote his -will in four lines on K slate, and it stood three lawsuits and ten lawyers. the average man or woman comes to be fitted with the first pair of glasses some curious discoveries are made. Seven out of tea have stronger sight in one eye than the other. In two cases out of five one eye is out of line. Nearly one-half the people are color blind to some extent, and only one pair Df eyes ont of every fifteen are sound iu svery respect. WEEN Thomas C'arlyle was a school teacher he used the lash petty freely. On one occasion, ?ays an English magazine, the yells of the victim vor;; heard so far in the street, with such an appealing cry for mercy and help, that a joiner rushed into the school with his iix, and, handing this instrument to the irate Carlyle, exclaimed; "Jisi doo'fc ootricht and no mince matters." THE Mexican PoitoISeo Department is about to adopt a novel device. A phonograph is to be placed in eacn principal oilico in the co.intry, for tho accommodation of the numerous citi- /.ens who cannot read or write. The il- lirerate Mexican will go to the post- jiT'ce, take his message in to the receiver }f the phonograph, and when the cylinder n aches it- destination the person addressed will be e.;t for andthemes- iOge -V. ill be n-pealed tohiiu by another machine. A VAI:TV of young n e i were feasting it a fa kiouubta e^ anraut. During ;he pi og ej of their repast a well- know , a d ti.l hard-working millionaire e. 'no i ; and eated himself at :)><: <a!>Uj nf ••;! ;«i .he^.i. He was strai-.-lr ( f-1'giirc feee of oye, rugged and •. igo o s. '. i o der was a simple «oup. a i ' <•••:' liivf co''' J ee a-d a cigar. rleiini h i i.nj r befo etheyoa-g i;e:i '::--. ;• ••-. A~ he went out .! • lia-'.s v~ . C6n- • a.- he doas." ' .'i-i exarn. le o; ., . H\T g—no o;»' e or i. its elevation 078 feet. Lake. Erie's greatest lenglh in iiiv miles: its greatest width is J5 miles: its mean depth 120 feet, elevation r>(i.l fee; and area about 9,000 miles. Lake Ontario's greatest length is 1'JO miles; its greatest with 55 miles: moan depth 500 feet: its area about G,.'WO square miles, and its elevation 232 feet. Lake Superior is the largest, Ontario the smallest, Huron the deepest, Erie the shallowest, and Michigan is the' only one of the great lakes wholly within the United States. A Uttle Mother. The fondness of Phillips Brooks, of Boston, the distinguished rector 01 Trinity Church, for little children ia well known. Not very long ago Dr. Brooks was calling on a friend iu Cambridge who is the happy mother of three children—twa boys and a little girl. Dr. IJrooks soon had all three oi' the little folks alrotit him and wax questioning them in regard to thei views of an occupation when the- should lie "prTov.-n up." One boy would be an architect, he unid, and plan Queen Anne houses; Ihe other thought, he would bn a poet like his di-tin- guished grandfather. "A nd what would you wish to be, my dear?" said the clergyman to the Uttle ionr-ye;'.'--ol i. daughter of .the house. "I thilik, sir." she replied modestly, as Bho careWd her doll, "that I should like to be u mother." IMscorered the Truth About Him. Brown—Ton don't mean to say you've quit trading with Cutaway ? *Whv, I thought you'd sweat- by Cutaway. llobinson—I've got through with hi:ij. I owed him a little bill, and he BU.-I: around last week to say that he was h, urgent need of funds, and wo:ild ton aider it a great favor if I would hci- him out. Brown—And you found it incouvu,. ient? Robinson—No; it was nnite cor.vt" ient; but, Lord! I thought the m;. was rich.— Puck. A MOSPMKXT has been erected to the Czar Nicholas, on the banks of the Dan- nbe, just at the spot •« h<-re ihe Eussiau army crossed, tho j-irer in 1826 to ficht B NEVER FAILS. EKUTTiOX ON PACK AND KECK. Alter sulTerinf; for eight months with a troublesome eruption on my fuccMiiKl npi'k.und (ry- ;nll .fortsof rcn:erlie>. 1 iva.s finnlly t-ured 'iy :inp a few bottles of Swift's £™-i':: ; [-. it iri- cicascd my weight from "5 to is.'i pui:•<!.•>. A. TK. CBOOK, WI::-A... Kan. RHr.LOIATIPli EI.IMJNATKD FP.O:.: T]iK KU,'<D. I am ."iitipficcl Ihiit S. P. S. is the best bi.x.-; remedy in tlio world. I hnve uj^ed it for rheumatism \vith the best results. L. L. ROITSEL, Sherrnsn, Texr.i;. u.\n CASE OF t--ito?T BJTK. A pfttipntunrlur my r-hnree \viic buflly ufjoc-'ied with bln<^l poi.jon, tlie refill of froi--t bin- in tlir '•eel. Both 1'c-ct hod sloushed o!T bi-fnrp lie « as ^tirnetl over to me. He was cured sound \vi!l::'. fcwbotllesofS.S. R.,ni)rt Uimw v.-iilkitui nli<m« on his laices. R. L. WOOD, Jlilleds-'ville. t'r.. Treatbo on Blood nnd Skin Di-.wis<« mn !1 •' tree. STVIFT.SrKciFic Co.. Atlu»t«. u,. B ISHikensivvinliyuf mnnuti-otnr- uiir B;»by Onrriiure.' t'.i ftell rtSrec* loyvlvina jKi'rtlea. Vou CHI . tli--retor«, do bt'tter with r>je Ui'ao wii.-'i a dealer. Oirrkjifvs to all poirus tn t!v l:~ red lvt:ii- r. & 'bH < A.f;!, D pSiS'H : CVl'fr ' 62-ei UljSoarn ««.. oSicas" !i: pAST ALL PRECEDENT! A Over Two Millions Distributea t|EtoL_ For Stablemen and Stockmen. Cuts, Swellings, Bruises, Sprains, Gails, Stratnj. sameness, Stiffness, Cracked Heels,Scratches, Contractions, Flesh Wounds. Stringhalt, Sore- Throat, Distemper, Colic, Whitlow. Poll Evil, fistula. Tumors, Splints, Ringbones and Spavin in their early Stages. Directions with each botyc. AT HRCOGIST3 AND DEALERS. THE CHARLES A. VOQELER CO.. Baltimore. Ud. ELY'S Cream Balm Cleanses tho >~a.sal l*asssi«:el Allr.ys JPa_l_ .__ __ and Ftt&FEVER? Iullammation,|r^ K;l HcnlstheSoresl Itestores the SensesoiTaste and Smel) TrytlieCurei Louisiana State Lottery Co. Incorporate. ! i, y HIP and Cbaritable «8laU>re<l, 60 cts. ELY BEOTHlls, 66 St., New York. augNMAwtt;?, MOORE'S Thsy act in the Blood. SUglitly la Pilules Absolutely Sure For Malaria, Chills. & impure Blood Hi»y eipol disease germs, and Pnrify the Syateni DrogElsta, a Dr. C. C. Moore, 78 Cortland St. N.K They Positively Cure, Lepislature. for Ft]. iiurposec, and Its fran- e i m ?™ a , P"rt°'tae iircser.t State Consiitu- , In 1879, by an overwlir.lmlng popular vow. Its OBAXD EXTRAORDINARY DRAWINGS take place Seml-iuinually, (June and D«ci>mber) and Its GRAND SINGLE NUJIBEE DRAWIJ,'aS take ulacB In ctich of tlie other ten inouihs in tneyear, and are all drawn In public, at tlie^enrt- emyof Music. NewOrtams. La. 'We do hereby iwrtitj' Hint we supervise tlie arrangements for all tlie Monthly and seral-annS Drawing or the Louisiana State Lottery Comnani nndln thi-msfJ honesty ties, andwfi authorize tlie Company to air :!is certificate, with fac similes of o\]rsl«i]auire'.' at tached. In Its advertisements " Wethe undersigned BiinlfauJ BanL'/ all Prizes tirawu in The .LuiiMuna terles which may bo prpsen'.cil : r ters. «. M. -A. CAKE, . ROHIM. Prow, The Great Eng-Iisli Prescription. A. successful Mediciji^ used over years in tbousmidn of coses.. Cures Speiinatorrliea, Hervous\ Weakness. Emissions. Impvtency nnd all diseases caused by abuse.' [BUFOIIE] indiscretion, or over-exertion. TASTER] Sfcc packages Guaranteed to Cvrc u-Aen auothers Fail. Ask rour Druggist for The Gre*t Eicllah Proscription, uthe no substitute. One package SI. Six $.x by Trmll. Write for Pamphlet. Address Euroku CUcusicai Co., Ilntroit, JUich. Vet Bale by B. F. Keeping. marSdiwly ADVBBTISBMBNT8, REAR b7 INESS ft HEAD X01SCS reel's ISVlstBLE fuBO - _ -- _^ ClISHiOKS. Whispers hSd.c foruble. fintcninil whfreall Urm«HjiM fill. SatdhyF. mfiCOI. ulj, SS3 Er'dn.3, i.w York. Write for kooi at ['root. ritXB MAMMOTH DRAWING At the Academy of Music, New Orleans. Tuesday, June 17, 1890. . CAPITAL PRIZE, $600,000 1OO.OOO TU'U«>«x at $4O:Ifatvcu. 82O: ttnnrti-rx. wlO: K!a:J:5li>. 85 : 'fwvn- • LIST OF J'KIZES. 1 PRIZE OF $C(JO,I#0 Is 1 1'BIKE UF 200.000 Is 1 PKI/.E OF Klii.iOO Is 1 PH IZE OF , r iO,000 Is 2 PRIZES OF ai.liOO are 5 PI11ZE3 OF 10,IX» are 10 PHKEK OF n.OOO are SI PRIZES OF i.nxi are 1:0 PRIZES OF ;•«) uiti . 38911 00' ' 200 PHIZES OF COO PHIZES OF SO 000 WOW 50a» 50(XI« S09B1 50 WO . iXlO are ................. 120,' Wi 40(1 are , 2W»,0.m 100 Prizes of $l,DuO are Wi Prizes or aw are ....'. ICO Prizes of 400 are Two NraniER TEI 1,9(18 Prizes of J2-JO are U.14-1 Prizes amounting to.. PARKER'S • :HA9R BAt-SAK! j jLiearsjeS and beanufies the hrJr.l .Promoter, a luxuriaiit growth. ? ever FsJs to Restore Grav 1 Hair-o il3 Yculhful Color. " j| " >:it;-. ," ! 'i i-*n!;i"nrifi li.ilr jaliliitrj' ' HB^DERCORNS. The only siiro Cure for Corns. Stops all pain. Knsnrr* comfort to the feet. 15c. at lirufrtrUts. H istxjx <£ Co., N.Y. «&vo TOU uoutrn. i.nTii'Jiitirt, ,*;tninm. Jiiu PARKER'S OIMCER TOFIIC. the worct casfcsluiiiia llioTjestri-iiKtfy lor nil Ills ni-kinc from defective nutrition. Toko iji time. SOc. and 3LUU AGENTS WANTED. For Club Rites, or ;inj further inrormation desired, write leslbiy to th» 11 ciders I SIKH!, clenrlj ?tatliigj-our residence vTithf.tate, comity. strr-et ami number; More rapid return mail delivery wir be assured by your enclosing an Envelop* b*ar Ing your full address. IMPORTANT. Address II. A. I>AUPHTS<, TVi»lilii^ti>n. l>. f. By ordinary letter, containing >}«ui-.y OrtSe Issued by all Express Companies. New York Ex chani;!', Dniftor Postal Xote. Address Registered Letters Contain] no Currency N'F.W OliLEiNS NATIONAL B.\SK. CHICHESTSR'S ENGLISH PENNYROYAL PILLS. 1 Hod. Cross liiamond Brand. TIic cnlj roliable pill ft>r aalc. Safe »nd JTOTC. Ladle*, oik Drujrplat for the Diamond is rand, iu red meuifHcboies,ie»ltd viitabiae ribbon. To ke no other- Scud4c, ta^rs) for psrdculara and "ItcUcf fop Iftitr, ty malL , , . OUcfecatcr Cbemlcal Co., iiuJlsun bq., I'hlluda, P«. MADE WITH BOILING WATER. GRATEFUL-COMFORTING. MADE WITH BOILING MILK. RODS 3URE f° r ASTHMA Hay Fever, Lipltteria, Wioopim CroiiD aui Comoa Colds, r-JIK.!!!!*^. that tl:e payment of Prize «pV*!;C!.t, Xfi rU* SSV fOl'S KAKKK of New Orleans, sr, tbu Tickets are sit:rip,l by the President of an Inst lutlon. whose chartered rights are recognized 1 the lilifhest Courts; therefore hewarn ofalllro nations or nrnmynions sohen\es." OXK ruiLI.AIi is theprlceof thesmaiies part or fraction of a Ticket )i fowl I'.I» ttv Vte in any Drawing. j»nrtlilng In oar name offeree for less thun n Dollar Is a swindle. CAUTION bottom. If til send direct to price. ^P° -f 1 "!** in Dontiuu' name mm ,j »i»M»mp«d on th If the dealer cannot »upply von factory, enclosing Bdvertiux ilccnmmended by Physicians and sold by Cr gl£(3 turougliouc the world. Bond lor Frco sample. HIMEOD MANUF'G CO., SOLE PBOPBIETOHS, 191 FULTON ST., NEW YORK. L. DOUGLAS SHOE GENTLEMEN. Fine Calf. Heavy Laced Grain and Creed' moor Waterproof. Best in the world. £xamlne hit 85.OO GENUINE HAND-SEWED SHOE. 84.00 HAND-SEWED WE)LT SHOE. 83.50 POLICE AND FARMERS' SHOE. 83.5O EXTRA TAttTE <Sl,F SHOE. SS.25 & «2 WORKING! fEN'S SHOKS. 82.00 and S1.75 BOXS' S€!HOOI. SHOES. All made In Congress, Button and Lace. 53 & $2 SHOES LA F D O ,IS. 81.75 SHOE FOli HISSES. Best Material. Best Style. Best Fitting. W. L. Douglas, Brockton, Maa». Sold bj ?0r «!il« hy J.B . W7NTEBS' PERFECT MANHQt approved ^^ w rear's practice Strvou. ana S 186 S. Clark St.. CHICAGO, JU.. Health is Wealth, A«*, BorroEUMa, EOM 'of WE GTTARAJf TEE SIX BOXES To core »D/ <J.M. TF4ti JOSEPH Gl Lions' STEEL PENS COLD MEDAL PARIS EXPOSITION JS7S. Nos. 303—4O4-»7O—6O4 [THE HOST PBBFECT OF PENS.} =iOi3ai«c3Ei OOB- .icotiflcandSuxndardPopulBrMetlicailfeatlscoD iheErroraof Youth, PremauiruDccliDC.K'erTOUs i.Tul I'hj-Kioal Debility, Impurities of the Blood, •j>uitiuirrrom Follj, Vice, Ignorance, EXCCMSCS or tvcrtaxHtion. Enervatiupand onflttins? the Tictlm .ur Work, Biwin'-RS, the Married or Social Relation, Avoid unskilful preteoders. Possess this great .•orfc. It couUuufl SO*'pagi3fl, royal 8vo. Beautiful md.flg, cmbo^eed, fuu gilt. 1'rice, only $l.f'0 by .jail, post-paid concealed In plain wrapper. Illna- rat*ve Proepectua Free. If yon apply now. The i»tiiiEUifhed nutbor, Wm. H. Parker, M. D., re- eivcdtboCOLD AND JEWELLED MEDAL .-om tho National Mod leal Association, or the P^IZE ESSAY on NERVOUS and 'HYSICAL DEBILITY. Br.ParkerandacorpjB f Assistant TLyeiciaas may be couauUed, eona> 'nntlally, by miUI or in person, at the office nf THE prAUOm'.arElJIC^T., INSTITUTE* Vo.4Huifin^t* St., Koston. Md&«,, Jo whom aU ,rders for books or letters for u«ivicy ahoald 'b« ac aboro. WHAT HAVE YOU T! For «ome of the choicest lands in th clear and (ncumbered. i J ~"- -• and unlmprored. |3f~Seiiu forOnr I-Ut«if ^r^y^atjwe win_K3Kcha*iae for- • • * STUCK. County, S , Addre 1,1 \ i. ne, Ness 1|IP|I YOUMQ, MIDDLE AC CD or OLD! !•• f_ n I havis & pmiliTo rcrxo::?- fcr all dlseocca 111 WaV resulting fro=itrrc:-3 Kf-?vr.*:\. ir-'discre- ;; I tr.".^ GP. 'id pnrt!c«l j-i TV; ill iiintruc- IonsOT excesses; -fc-s . r. O.-J. /Vr _ _ - - . Territori' gnif ' WAITED VOr4et8. Sarapte free to those b*. coroiDo; afHMs. Ko rink, quick SB 1«. u8n cr.«r.-satead. Addrosa ' ^dWOMKN CHr*Itl«iittlTM t Vitality* LMtMkn' .„ _ , quietly ut ltotn«. 64 > nook «m All rriviit-e JUinca^* .ont fr.-« ;d). l k crf*ectty i-^Us%Mej 3O ye»r»* expert_ ,. ^ iOlVK. Wla«ted, COMB. WEAK MEN; ancc* Jttr. IK . l>o Tear Ovrn Dyciaifi:, at Home. Th-'y- will d>~e sverythin^. They oresoldcrtii where. Prire lOc, n pr.<;ta::e. They have uc^m. for Strciijrtt-, Hr;f»Kt^?^ ''-mr?t.;;.t in PaslvM orforF-^t'; --• •' '•>'>.<,• -, ..- •-. : i r ^ Oiir-iiii. Thpyrto ' • ;-,.• ...j^ Ben KIP her. Sll Fourth streK. ' $3.OO PDR The only Pine Calf Seamless S3-OO Shoo in the world with. a smooth Innersole. No Tacis, Nails or Heaty Scam of Thread to hurt the Feet and wear out Stocjac^s; unequalled for styte, durability and \\-Jar; made by hrst-class worKmen. Every Pair Warranted to give the purchaser perfect satisfaction. None Genuine unless Stamped on Sole, ^ 5ERKINS & JOYCE $3. SHOE WAHBANM fW. M. GRAFFIS, Logansport !na CO SWISS CONDENSED MILK RIGI BRAND GENUINE SWISS CONDENSED MILK, Guaranteei toe richest and purest itiiik man- facturtHJ, containing over 10 per cent, of tatttGf. Children and Invalids ivill thriT« wonderfullj. and families will find its use more eccnorotw.; tljan ordinary cows HJllk. S^e your grocer glvptt JOH ewnuina Rlgl £v,1sp Condensed llllk. Fraport igsnt, JAJfES P. SMITH. New York and CtDcago. A XEW ItKMEOTT POSITIVE FOB BRIGHTINE DIABETES, -RKTOH'TA ' Correspondenco >ollctcd. valuable jQformatloa free. Osail discount to «rade. AVBI. T. *8 Li» Solle Street. kindred &:Iment& A CO., Cl>!c%fo, in- FOR MEN mm ------ -- or MSTorFAIUHO HAKBOOBt snlindKEBVOUS BEBUJTYt eaknMi of Bod; aid Bind, Kff«t» __ Errors or £xc«sau in OUor SobBlt. SeWeMjUfJIOODftillJ-HwtoriHl. How to e IIOSE TKKATSKST— BcneHfs Iq o d . aUre Book. «p!n*»U«n and vecat»m*\Mi(!e*lt.'t)rn«, i ERiH MEOiCAt. CO., BUFFAU), N. Y. A Chioa<:o druggist retailed 'SOCOOOOof B. F. Keesling atitl Cullen & Co.,sole Affpnts in Logausporr. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. COMTOJRTABI/E agd r'or 8al« t>» Ueacims Dealers, ITi a Selsly '07 W3L BAESSE, Trey,

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