Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 20, 1890 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 20, 1890
Page 4
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John Gray's CORNER John Grays Corner On Umbrellas j in the Following Materials. j OVoria silk, Corns silk. Henrietta j ailfc. MiHilto silk. French sateen [ Fast Black, Cotton Seige, Satin Bor~: der?. Scotch Sin.shams acd all grades in Cotton rain Umbrellas. The above are made on the Paragon Frame, Plain and Fancy Gold Handles, Plain ac<i Fancy Silver Handle'... Wain and Fancy Oiydized Handles. FASHION K®TES. Caffeine Seidlitz Powders Will Cure Your Headache 5 cents, at PARVIN' S i2tti-st. Drug Store Long veils grow longer and ftillar. Velvet is the favorite finish for light wool gowcs. Mushroom and leather shades lead io neutral liats- Toqaes are so small they Jii the head almost like a Jockey cap. Tho newest gold embroideries are sap- posed to come from Ca:ro. Piaid percales, sateens, and chaiUes appear araons othor tartan stutTs- Thehigh front trircming on capotes is preferred and it is the mos; becoming. The sailor hat and the polo cap are as popalar this spring as last, or more so. Bonnets arc almc-st cov red with •wreaths and sprays of (lowers this season. The variety in shouMcr i-a^-s <>qua!s 1 or exceeds thai in Jackets ::::d long wraps- The mohairs and aipara.-. v.i;; hav- another rurs of po; nin r iavor ibis summer. The io'.vcoiiffure gruw? it: fasu:»:.uVf: i and popular favor. Tbf '•>••:• lim.i- ::•'• coming dow;:. Th<--maSifrr-I >-a:,e; r^i-.^i,- •• f ^'i- vrUh yoang !:« e.- peared co::>p>rt •<; fr';.-;i ::i" v::r;r«;,.-: effects of the s;;riiir.cr srirL Deep. r!.-:r.'J. j>:r,s :••<: v. lii'.-- !'";• •-r• <£ collars are vcr/ fr.sii:i>- ; :ifv'.- *.r Lr- girif. and »!.--<? fur >oun - :n<i>--. Daily Journal. MARIONSWADHER CITY CIRCULATOR. PabUsSsrf ever? <3.n in the week (except Mondan b7 V. D. PHATT. Price per Annnm. ----»« OO Price p^-r Jtoath. ----- 5O TUESDAY MORNING. MAY. 20. THE Republican Standard is a new and newsy weekly published at Hammond. Indiana, "devoted to the protection of American Indastries.'" It starts oat with fall sails and the Journal hopes it may never have occasion to jeef ia. THE admirable leadership in the lower House of Congress has made this Congress a working one. The ' proceedings have disclosed the fact that the majority rule and the minority would like to. As a fundamental principle of our gOTern- ment the right of the majority could be displayed in no more fit place. Speaker Reed in insisting oil less wind and more work has met the public approval. COSGBJBSMAX OVTEK, of Indiana, L> going to offer amendments to the McKinley tarUE bLU. He waats free lumber and salt^famong other things. If Mr. Owen is not careful he will be classified as a free trader.—Indianapolis News. Congressman Owen believes in the protection of American industries and American labor, arid while there may be some difference of opinion among protectionists, as to what industries come under that head, they •will be adjusted. The passage of a tariff bill on a protection basis is as sured, and t"he .details, decided upon by the united wisdom of the majority, will be right. Individual opinion and suggestion will gracefully yield to the will of the majority, if not approved. The principle of protection is not affected in the leaat by these differencefc, and there is no immediate danger of Mr. Owen becoming a free trader—He is as strong a'protec- tionist as'there is in the House. Just now he is insisting that labor shall have better protection. ing ribbons fi<r;n :i part o.' i! .-i'--.-«.r •; v.- gown*. RuiSed shoulder »"ape- '.vita v.'lvf-t yokes rival in popular favor those with embroidered yokes and collar.* and accordion plaited Connect. Waist.-tancis, collars, ami cuffs of silver, gold, or steel or copper passemen- terie are the only decorations s*ers on some very chic cloth gowns. The outing cloths and tennis flannels come in lovely clustered and shaded stripes, tho colors being mor<! subdued and refined this season. Some of the new long gloves have a gold cord ran through the eyelets cat in the top. Each end of the cord is decorated with a golden tassel or little bell. In every fashionable audience, congregation, or company there is seen a larger quantity of blue than any other color. So blue is coming up iu favor. Mock rubies, amethysts, and topazes mark the points of intersection of those pretty bonnet shapes of gold arabesque so popular for evening wear this month. '"Tis pity, but 'tis true." that all dressy gowns are made with at least a hint of a train, and walking suits do certainly trail on the ground at the back. Swagger littie black velvet toques, decorated with jet and spring flowers, appear iu numter? in the avenue and around th« retail shopping center of ?>ow York city. The toque to match the suit in material is the feature in spring fashions. The plaid toque matched to tho costume and trimmed with an aigrette of feathers is chic. This will long he re- me in b« red as the big buckle season. They fasten thesur- plices and sa-h belts of nearly every swagger gown that walk- along the fashionable thoroughfare-. The gleam of gold oa white gowns is not confined to evening and bail-room wear. White cloth gowns braided with gold will be worn in the afternoon, and in the street, at that, as well. The big. black ganzed winged butter- fiy. flecked with gold, silver, or steel spaneles. soars triumphant over large numbers of black lace and black tulle toques, turbans, haLs, arid capotes. Those pretty little jet-beaded and fringed biack wraps that look like decorations on a plain black silk dress are sold by the thousands in all the departments for such garments in the great retail, fancy, and dry-goods houses. White undressed kid gloves, white slippers to match, and white silk or lace- clocked lisle thread stockings will be worn by sweet girl graduates this year. Other commencement toilets will permit the use of tan suede glove- and tan or black kid slippers. A novel little invention for supporting the bib of an apron and for holding It in place without, pins or fastenings takes the name of the Bresque. It not only saves time a'nd trouble, bat saves the wear of the front of the dress: and then it is "quite English." THE PROGRESS OF SCIENCE. Pine straw bagginz and mattine are now being succesi-fuHy minufactnred. When mines are Sizut"'*. by incandescent light it is c'.aitned that dangers from f.i<- Gamp and eipioMvo-gases will: be minimised. A reuinrkaU" feature of the large coil min<- at S:. Ac tire da Poirise. Fraoce, which i- over three thousand feet in depth, is the < omjiarative!? !ow temperature experien <*d. which Is seldom more than 7- r > o«r*rrer5 Fahrenheit. The first German Catholic church to be lighu-d by electricity is the Strasburg cathedral, and, although the dim religious Hiht of former days U somewhat Interfered with, the effect as a whole is highly satisfactory. In a library in Paris. *aid to i>e the largest ;n ;!i^ worid. is a Chinese chart of the heavens. >n which. :.4'?t stars are found to be correctly p'aced according to the scientists of the pn.--wotuay. The chart was made in "iCO Ii. C. A new phoi'iograph. -aid to be much simpler than any other so far introduced, lias :at'.-iy appear**! in Milan. It can reproduce musl-: si»i the human voice in a rno>i marv<-ions manner, and one of its feature-* is it- cheapness, the wax cylinder.* ':-«i rosti'ig only 25 centimes. The fact is -'ate<i ns a sign of the modern ten^'e.'icy in the construction of marine ensines that the bui'ders of ve-s*-!- are now prepared to aJrupJe «-jcj.'a!:*:o:! tnglnes that will give much mor*-economical and sa.tr isfacwry Jfsoi'.s than th- triple expaq- Eion type now in u-e. A ruriou-s fart :.- no;:«-i:d in conr.ectiop with th" formation of barnacles ob ships" bottoms. !n the majority of cases there i= a much heavier growth of grass and barnacli-s r>u one side than on the other, and in humero;i> instances one side will be almost entirely free from marine growth-., v.-'nil^ the? other is a? foul as possible. A number of inierestuijr observations have lately been made on the destructive power of (-oftee- i-pon various microbes,and they provcih-i; the organism* die in a longer or shorter period. Good and bad coCeo produce the same effect. It is held that the antiseptic effect of coffee does, aot depend upon its caffeiiif- but on the oils developed while, roasting. MEN WE HEAR OF. Governor Sylvester Pennoyer has been nominated for re-election by the Democrats of Oregon. Herbert Gladstone will visit the United States and Canada daring ths coining summer. It is tbouR'ut probable that President See!ye, of Amherst College, will soon resign on account of ill-health. Senator I on Cameron is on liis farm -at Don- gui taking a rest from the veia- lions amJ cares of a senator's life. '* <v> «nv'i H. H. Markham. who will I.TO'UI: iv te'.he Kepnblican nominee for Go' •<••?: i r of California, w^s formerly a re-Mi";- of Milwaukee. 'i !-.•• Kmrtror of Austria has for the £r>' -'.n.f iii?; authorize*! i lady to pr .'•':«' ns-divine ii: that Country, She lias i :i rn ii 2 medics) in? :::;*•- at Sali- bt;ri.-.' Highest of afl in Leavening Power.—I". S. Gov't P.crxrr;, Aug. ABSOLUTELY PURE r has written a poem L- ,-i>irit uf hostility 10 ••aile; "T!:.- March of of Mi'-hi?au f'r>->ideni a ABOUT THE FAIR SEX. AN EMPTY CHARGE. The Pharos repeats a lame and empty attack on T. H. McKee, made upon him by some of the metropolitan Democratic papers. The charges ia their accusation of any improper concessions by the goyernment are false. An immense number of land patents have remained in the possession of the United States government, through ignorance or careless- ing in calling for them. These evidences of title to real estate granted and sold bjjthe government should be issued and recordpd to complete the title of record to lands which th»y describe. Generally ignorance of their existence has prevented the parties owning the laud from calling fer them and Mr. McKee has aiiiployed a force of clerks to examine these with reference to corresponding with the present owners bf the land and providing for the issuing of the originals or certified copies. Where owners of laud are not aware of this defect in their titles they will willingly pay, for the information and expense of looking it up a,u;l the complaint does not come from'theai. It originates principally, with Democratic newspapers in search of politica} capital. TJxe records are open to the public and Mr. McKee has been granted no rights that arn not free to any citizen. Miss Mildred Lee, daughter of the. late Robert E. Lee, is a favorite in the best social circles of Washington. Ella Haggard, mother of the novelist, has written a book with the title "Life and Its Author; An Essay in Verse." Count Ferdinand de Lesscps' oldest daughter is soon to be married to Co:int Ferdinand de Gontaut Biron. De Lesseps may have engineered the match. Harriet S. Benson is one of the wealthiest tipmarried ladies in Philadelphia. She is worthS'2,000,0')0. And yet it pays to bnild bachelor apartments in eastern cities. Dr. Helen L. Webster of Lynn, Mass., who fills a chair at Vassar, is one oj three American women who have received the degree of Ph. T>. from the University of Zurich. The "Ph. D." is an abbreviation for "Phellows Defied. Miss Adele Ilorwitz is the belle of Baltimore. She is the only daughter o. B. F. Horwitz, a business man. Miss Horwitz is described as "tall, fairly slender, and royally carrying a bead o marvelous beauty on her whiteshoul- ders." Patti has always been noted for con selections work. When on tho stageshe thinks of herself only in her part anc never notices anything or any person of it. Even when standing near the wings she is utterly oblivious to her most inti mate friend, who may be just within. Mrs. Lily Macalester Langhton, wh< was the inseparable companion of Mrs Cleveland; at Atlantic City, is th datighter'of one of Pennsylvania's mos distinguished''Democrats. The Macal pt-tcrs' hoji'e. is at (llengarry. on th Di'Iaware l and Mrs. Laughton reniem bnrs tin- v"«'M made there oy Jaekso; an' 1 oth';r notables. LITERARY LITTLE-BITS. the ditch -•••-»'. -.': the tam!-..T:iou. line dativ Tor *leven . • sixteen m !es. At :H 416 mileK twr mou^l: 4 or » total of j4.''ii KJii o : t e !o«er !»•- tern n -. ctir-" of Ifcin-,' thi- r>. ^ »s:.inc«? o r . te b^ his w^ike<i 'L ailc- jjer .-.ear, . or ne^ri.* t«o K. R. f'-me-Tabfe, I .~.,iiv>.iif>t.>. be worth over good enough n z condition to eaiie. fie knows . :ipi!;i! i- as ^rnnl An article dealing of creaiion. rou- It is rumored that Cyrus W. Field ;{ writing n volume of memoirs. Last year's crop <if English nove!- heroines consisted of r;72 blondes and 130 brunette*. I Pitt & Scott have issued a handy j vest-pocket book of useful hints for j travellers ia Eurout 1 - ! Mrs. Southworth ha>- dragged her pen across paper for t wen'y-five years, and the labor ha* nf-tt" i hi-r half a million dollars. • A selection of Sarah Orne Jewell's >est short stories will soon appear in the liverside Aldinc s=c-rie* under the till* Tales of Xc-.v England." "Everything Nationalized." a transla- .ion of "Looking Back wart!,"' by Rabbi Schindler of Boston, l:as had a remarkable success in Germany. Senor Don Jose Zoriila. poet laureate | of Spain, is tlead. H^ was born in 1S17 i and is regarded as the greatest Spanish poet of the centurv. i •Midnight Talks at the Club" is tue title of a volume shortly to be published >y Fords. Howard & Hulbert. These papers contain free aud candid dis- :nssions of various religious, social, political and moral questions. The Scribners will soon publish the first of a series of memoir?, "Three Famon; French Women." The same publishers are to have the American control of Senry M. Stanley's new book, on wnich the explorer is now working. The John W. LoveH Company publish "Los Cerritos," by Gertrude F. Atherton: "The Xevr Evadine/' by F. H. Howe; "An Ocular Delusion." bj the same author: and "April's Lady 7 ' and "A Born Coquette.'' by the Duchess. William O'Krien. the famous Irish political leader, is the author of a novel to be issued simultaneously in London and Xew York by Longmans & Green. Strange to say, the book contains no politics, although the scene is laid in Bantry and the hero is an Irishman. After the manuscript was completed, Mr. O'Brien had the misfortune to lose five chapters., which he is now compelled to rewrite. The volume will be ready this month, and its title will be, "When We Were Bovs." CURIOUS CONDENSATIONS. The Dickerson mine, in Morris county, New Jersey, has reached the perpendicular depth of 1,070 feet. The bottom is now 335 feet below sea level. For every one hundred pounds of soap used in the United States England uses 85, Germany 83, France 8.~>, Sweden 70, Italy 37, Bulgaria 35, and Mexico 37. Fourteen deer and fiity turkeys is the sum total of the game killed in Lafayette county, Florida, a few days since by a Suwanee county hunting party. A number of fanners Jiving near Atchison, Kas., report that a sort of a. wire-worm is doing great damage to th» wheat. The worm is about an inch long and the thickness of fine wire anc of a dark-brown color. Kew York has quite a large and :m portant Japanese colony, with clubs and other institutions for mutual benelit. There is not a single Japanese pauper in the city, and every Japanese residen possesses at least moderate means. The crows are meeting a fatal recep tlon in some parts of Maine. A man from Yarnmouth Foreside recenth called on the selectmen of the towt with si yty-six crows' heads, the . resiil of two days' work with paris green. John Hicks, a white-haired man of 85 who has spent forty-live years in prison has just been arrested.again for larceny in Preble, county. Indiana. He regard the stafn prison as his home, and it i believed that he committed the larccaj for the purpose of being sent there. The bashaw of Tangier has become sc corpulent that be is unable to wal abroad. He is only live feet two inch" in height and must he.about the same i breadth, as he weighs over 400 pounds He has been advised by .his V, j-UTSr -iar. to fast for a month, but he says he - rll tee them bow-str ing first. ^ ** '/ . ", * . ."..iSb-f.2 .. n *,'..*i> .(**«.. . reputed t< fiii!i!i;-:cr to Keep it i: pr\ d'.-v-e :.•> anr.uai rr\' that ^radically a> i;o cankai. Mr Gi:K:? f .oDe with thi: Bib!.- s tcj.ds that the opening of the Book of Genesis .--onstitutes a p!ain and straightforward narrative of the pro-Adamite period with neither poetic nor scientific meaning. Gen. Alger owns a tracts of pine land in northern Michigan containing 200 square miics. and his wealth is csti- tnated at §-20.000,000. It is said that when he went to Detroit nt the close of the war lie was compelled to borrow money to pay his board bill. Prince Rismarck has IOD decorations. Fourteen are set in diamonds o/ great- value. He belongs to no English order. The late Czar of Russia gave him the order of St. Andrew, the most important in Eufsi;;. Bismarck's diamond star belonsinz to this order i.- worth S">0.000. Genera! John Bidweil. who has been nominated for Hoverno.- of California by the Prohibitionists, some years ago became so impressed with the evils of the liquor habit that lie pulled up many acres of grapes and converted that land on his ranch to school purpose* for Indian children. Senator Brown of Georgia is a lank, limp-built man of angular frame, with a lofty head guiltless of hair as an auk's egg; a fringe of cuns wrapped round and carefully covering his ears and a weeping gray beard have been compared with ihose of the patriarchs by •orrcspondents who have neverseenone. Shortly after his conversion to Roman Catholicism. "Joe" Uiggar, M. P., at- .ended a church service and fell asleep o dream, doubtless, of obstruction at iVestminister. When be awoke the service was over and almost all others ad left tho church: whereupon, glaring upon the empty benches, he exclaimed: llr. Speaker, I move that the house be counted::" Baron llirsch, the well-known Hebrew philanthropist of Paris, has arranged to contribute $120,000 annually n monthly installments of SIO.'KJO as long as he lives, and at his death leave a sufficient sum to produce the same amount in perpetuity, for th= education and relief of Hebrew emigrants from Europe—chiefly Russia—to America. In a recent interview Count Herbert Bismarck said he was glad to leave the treadmill of office, but he was sorry for liis father, who wanted to remain. Tho Prince is reported to have said, with emotion, that he would gladly have remained in office had the Emperor so desired. He attributed his removal to the intrigues of opponents, especially of the minister who owed his position to him. A curious statement is made by a former clerk of Emin Bey to the effect that Emin proposed at one time to surender his Equatorial Province to the Mahdi. that he had actually sent messengers offering to surrender, and that his plan would haye been carried out had not these messengers been seized and carried back by some of Emin's officers. The statement is regarded as credible by some African authorities, but it is quite possible that it is the outgrowth of the jealousies which seem just now to cloud the whole African situation. Emin is by no means as strong a man as he has been supposed to be, but there is really no reason to suppose that, having accomplished the subjugation of his province and established in it a <enain degree of civilization, he was prepared to surrender to the Mabdi and to barbarism. . and on;--hnif time- the ihstuacd f-pjacd the world. Mr. Sparks is now some Beventv-odd .'far< old, and fs still apparently as tftife a* :i N vo';ng m-'.n. A i':iAL. in th:- L--r.>cr oi _ Poi:3mou;t, England, recent!;.- «hu-3red that u mo iem tonw-Io boat ca ; mouct any r>oo2i yet devised to protect -. roadstead i r bar!. or. The structure test'd. it was supposed, won'd instantly stop and hold fast an-r boat attempting to onss it, but the V.o.t. driven at full speed, went over without difficulty or da:n ge. CHISESK physicians cannot practica iu Xaw York without a license, so says the coroner's jury in the case of Dr. Vain, •who attended" a Chimman who died ra- c«ntlv. The 'Dr." had left his diuloaia in China: MAKKJETS BY TELEGRAPH. Xew York. YOEK. May IS.— Floor— Closed stead.-; spring. S2.25a2.65: superfine winwr. $2.40a3.CU: superfine spring. JiBaiSS; extra No. 2 winter. $2.75(23.40: eitra No. 2 spring. $2.75S 3.40: extra Xo. 1 winter, 13.2535.10; extra So. 1 spring. $2.4035.25: dtr mffl extras, £HOS4-60 for West Indies; Southern floor quiet; trade awl famlirextras,J3.15at6S. Wneat— Options closed ligStc lower; Spot lots' closed steady: spot sales ot No. 2 red winter cash. gl.WV>: Xo." 2 red Mai. 9euc; No. 2 red winter June, "sec; No. 2 red winter Juij. 97c; So. 2 red ivmter Aognst, KBsc. Corn — Options opened £« lower, fell ofl anctBer tic and closed Vta$*c lower: spot lots closed lie lower- N'o. 2 mixed cash. 41c; No. 2 mixed May. 40S»j:-. No. 2 mixed June.; «6}c: No. 2 mixed Jolj-. tl^jc; No. 2 mixed August. 41.vC- Oats— Options closed 5saS4C lower for earlr months; spot lots closed ?nc lower: No. 2 white. 3*£; No. 2 white nominally. 33»734c; No. 2 mixed cash. SM^c; No. 2 mixed May. 3314C: Se. 2 mixed June. 32Sgc: No. 2 mixed Jolr. Siijc. Bre— Nominal. Barlej — Nominal. Pork— Steady: neir mess. Slt(O514.S. Lard— Qutet: Jnne. £6-4?: July. £6.HS: August, t«.69: Sept. SR7S. Butter — Steaay; cresmery eastern. ISalec; western creamery, fancy. 165 ITc. tvas— Easy; western fresh ISisSlStjc: SiEte fresh. 14C. caer .s^_St*ady; State factory 'nil cream-Try fancy, 9V«. Sugar— Haw. doll; SJa: for centrifugal 96 test: fair -leBnine, 4«4C: refined steady; cat loaf and crashed, 67fc; powdered. 6UaSl4c; granulated. 6 cobes, 6U3€.18c: candy. 6c; golden C. Spci iot.s steady; lair Ho cargees. iB CHICAGO. JlaylS.— 1:15 p. m. closing price*.— Wheat— May. 23i;c: June. 93Sjc; Jnly, SSlic Com— Mar, 33S«: June. SSViaSSS^c; JoJy. 341-c. Oa:s— iJay.iriie: June. 2Cc: July. 2S7vc. Pork— June. $12.10; Jo]y. £12.27V_>. Lard— June. JS.2awit.5S; July. i6-3R;tio-3o; September. $€.5u«6.bai». Snort Bibs-June. £5-321»35.K: Joly, 55.45; September, £5.D7l»(73.60. Hogs— Receipts. 27.500. Market fairly active, but 5SKc higtar: common to extra- S4S4.3; light Kelgbts.$4-C6«4.10; fceavy, £4-1054.15. CatUe— Rvcelpu. 13.COB: market strong; ping steers. $if?.5: stockers and feeders. $ 4.10: cows, j2.25u3.66: bulls, $2.2554. gbeep— In fair demand. Receipts. 9,C«X>; ires-- Bradford nivixicn. * _____ E££temSxpra&s ...... « pra' ......... Fast Line ......... :t£ a m». KlchE>on<l I>ivti>4oa. 3iBr.ii:- ...... XlaM Express ...... U35 p mt ..... AccomnKKjaOoB --- l Nlgbt Express 1235 » EJ« ___ Night Express us* m- ...... KtebtZxpre*. liSpm' ........ 7l-'astLl2<; 1^7 pni' ...... _....Fa« Lice. ....... 12 05 p nit ..... Arccmmodaa»n- . 1^5 p sf State JLine &lvi*!oa. tt—.Mgll and Express ----- i 7:43an2f ...... Express ...... .. : lldSamt ....... Local FreSgM Tndns markka * run <laiiy. Trains mariea t ran dally except Soad&r !XMI| JTej-ht_. rerre Haae " stall Train— Local Freight Mall TraiE. Sooth Bend Tteocgli Gate eoonecttoas far Indl&napolU vte CaBu now DT»^» by all oar passcsser trztei.—J.c EdgwcnUL, agent. tfabtuth Railway. E1ST BOCS2. Sew York Erpress, <2aJlj rifcaa Ft Wayne (Paa.)Acetn-, exept Sondar S-.1S a 5 Kan aty 4 Toledo EL. Etcyi gasMi£yll±;'> s c Atlantic Express, danj iiTpn WZST BOC!n>. Pacific Express, dailj 7S)sa AccommoiaGon Frt., excpt Sttsdaj.. i&'>pn SanCStr Ex. except Sarsdar; 3S9p« Lafarette (Pas-}Accm,, enp: Sunday 6Jj5 p « ss Lods EX. dally 10i5T« Wobasli Weatrrn—Depot Wevt I-oa GOISS SAST. St Lends and Boston Ex., dally. Sew Tort (limited} ABantleEi 1005 p,B Detroit Aocoro - 6OI>'S Chicago * St Loais (limned) SflBp* Fsdfie Ex 5: * a * Mall and Et SHSpa LoeanAccom SS!»» . era*. $55$6.25; Texans. $4-25a5.75. Ea*t Liberty. EAST LIBZBTT. Pa.. Mav 19.— Cattle— Receipts. 1.S45: shipment. 1.4Cft Market active aad higher than last week's tiricei- Hoes— Receipts. 5MO-. shipments. 3.150. Market dull- medium and select. J4.2554.S5: common to best Yorkers. 34-15<?4.25; pigs. $3.75a4.00- Sceep— Receipts. 3.100; shipments. 1JM. Market «low at last wsek's prices: prime, $2.25 (75.40: fair to good. S4.=C-u5.15; common._S3e 4: lambs. S4.50a6.50; spring lambs. So-oOuS.^); calves. $4.5055. Shipments to Xew ^York to-day 13 cars cattle and 16 cars hogs. _ Toledo. TOLEDO. May 19.— TH heat— AetiTe, firmer; July. Oom-Sill, steady: cash. SaloC; July. 36C. Oats — Quiet; cashSOc. Cioverseed-Steady: cash. J3.60: October. $4.10. Receipts— Wheat. 7.000 tm; corn, fj.w bu; cloTerseed. 180 bags. Shipments— Wheat. 2.000 ba; corn. lb.OCO bu: cats. 1,000 bu: doverseed 4 bags, Cincinnati. CtKCissATt, May 19.— Hoes— Steady: Receipts. 5.582 head: shipments, 1&49 head; common. $3.35 S3.So; fair to good, light, J390S4.10; fair ^o irood packing, $4.0034^0; selected butchers. §4.2034,25. PHILOSOPHY OF THE STREET. Nothing fails flatter than misdirected enthusiasm that does not awaken even an echo. The average man's politics and religion are either inherited or accepied second-hand. Suspicious people torture themselves while ihose they are afraid of arecalmlv sleeping. Asking a woman for a reason is as satisfactory as trying to take a drink out of an emptv bottle. When one man opens his mouth tc expre-s an idea twenty-five merely move their lips to talk. What would become of the world's social life if we were not all more or less hypocritical in our treatment of each other? There are many white soaps, each represented to be "just as good as the Ivory." They are not, but like all counterfeits, they lack the peculiar and remarkable qualities of the genuine. A,;k for Ivory Soap and insist upon having it. 'Tis sold everywhere. FOik* COUGHS-i- -^-A/VD COLDS SOLD BY DRUGGISTS AND GENERAL STOREKEEPERS. PHERAREO OW-Y BY CINCINNATI.OHIO. Sold by B. P. Keesling. Loi?»n*P' LUMBER UTH & SHIH61A SASH,ODORS iBLflB It TOT »re a CIXXSE CASH Dim* • purchase until you get quotations from THb HAMMOND CUMBER CO«P«T. OBce, 3830 Lan«! St.. Chicago I"Yam, Calanel Rreer. S 17 NASSAU STREET, New Yolk,. BACKERS, > FOR IVESTER.VSTATES, CORPO&*\- The office boy of the North Amberst Reporter not oaly sweeps out the office, inks the forms on the pre-^s,, and folds paper, but also does the cooking for the editor, who te>ps bachelor's hall in thB ofhVe room and sleeps on the bed of the MvCRAY'S PATE5T COOLLW .ROOMS. MANUFACTURERS OF Butcher, Grocer/ Sni Hotel Refrigerators, An* Caillen ftfiny Size C*ld Storage Iwat. For Catalogue and Price* write to KKDAUVIUI RffBIIERATOr 3D., rMeo«io« this pmper-1 KwrfalMH ~ TfO.VS, ffA.\'XS A.\'D ^, INTEREST ALLOIVED O.V ^DEPOSIT* AXD LOAXSNEGOTIATED. \rTAXTKD—A WO1LAS of sens*. W respectablilcr for our business IB her middle aged preferred Salary S» 5* r "4 Permanent position. Referent es e.xAon«o. v ; Manufacturer. LocfcBoa: '5S). >• «^ untB •• CtTHK CATABKH. nUHlK a anr ud mam Imb •* CUarrb. Cu»crtwl . a*se. will b, lent tn; a TDrem-'Q. M. n. $75 to $250 w^ms preferred who can lurnlsh & hon whole time to the buMness. Son i>e profitably-m;>loy»lal.*o. A tew towns and cities. R F JOHSSON Main St. HH.hniond. V.i W AXTED-MAX-As ap-nt of carpal size 2SxlSxlS inches. JS» retail. ( as low. Kew st'lw: new patt-rns: ue», factorr. Xot govern.*! b? Safi> P>»i. , ! warranted. Barocn.tn«. Permanent Our terms and «iri : <vu.- wiil convince yea clear $cOO to S&Xi per month, ttrite torritorr. j Alpine Safe Co.. \ >&&'. >- >..< \n Active Ma:i for 3 to * 100, to lo«a« \I7 ANTED \\ iratarjrs saccessful K. Dry Goods. C stimers at cot 1 «4». toen

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