Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 20, 1890 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 20, 1890
Page 3
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T \ibo never ivorks up or cbv/n or breaks. If it does in a year, you shall have your money back from the store v/nerc you bought your corset. The steels may break— the best of steels have their limits o; strength. But Kabo hi'O "'••"• breaking-limit; it , . v ,;- .-,(• -ill <.io,---: > •„..„ at -i-. , - Xaoo corset is " '••:-;. ..;'.oro has ;r. primer on Cors-:-.ta for you. Kff C3., (Siuago and Sew Tori- 25 Gents a Box OF ALL DRUGGISTS. line of 's Homoeopathic Medicines at Pryor's Drug store. REAL ESTATE. Foe sale, 13 residences on Broadway. For sale, 12 residences on Spear Street. For sals, S residences on North Street for sale, S residences on High Street. For sale, 8 residences on Market Street. Tor sale, residences on 8, 9 and 11 Streets. For snis, residences on Osage. Chippewa and Miami Streeets. To trade 0 good farms for city residences. To trado. farms for business blocks. To trade, two stocks of Dry Goods for farms. To triKia, city residence in Kokomo foragrocery slow. To trad?, stock farmot 2,580 acres. To trade, city residences and farms for Chicago residents.-. For Particulars Enquire of Pension and Eeal Estate Room No. 3, Elliott Block. Logansport, • Ind. decld-wl7 Daily Jcuonal. TUESDAY MORNING. MAY. 20. Pears' Soap secures a beautifa complexion. now24dly ^ House with gas for rent. No. 355 Sycamore sireet. dec22dt£ Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Murdock will 'lepart this morning for Kansas City where they will visit a couple of weeks or more with friends. Don't neglect that first cough! Syrup White Pine and Tar will re li&veit at once; 25 and 50 cents per bottle. For sale by B. F. Kees£• • Jan25d-w4ui Tha Vandalia line will sell round tr 'P tickets Logansport to Pertle spring?, Mo., on May 19th to 27th, inclusive. Good to return unti June '->tb, at rate of §14.05. maylGdCtwlt Any one -wishing a strictly fine job <H-piano tuning will do well to leave an order with Mrs. Reynolds, and ' v "e Mr. Arthur do the work, as he 'H be here nest week. inaylTdgt A good appetite, good digestion, steady nerves, pure blood and v liver, can be had by using , -J'sSystem Pills. "Price 25cents. jioldbyB. P. Keesling. apr24d6iu ^ The German Baptists of the TJni- | te a Mates will this year hold their annual meetings at North Manches •«. Ind., and Warrensburg, Mo., the « week in May. Excursion es via the Pennsylvania lines *« notice elsewhere in this pa ' niaylOdStswSf row" ? nd Mrs ' Norto «. °f Denver, M. S j' l °' are visiti ng theh daughter Mr"' '"v 11 ! 1 Booth on the North Side. • -Norton recently suffered a SfNew store and new ctock—Golden Rule. Becham's Pills act like magic on a weak stomach. dot Charles Puroell of Richmond, was hi the city yesterday. The largest stock of fiae fans in the city—Golden Hole. The greatest bargains iiow in wash goods, is at the Trade Palace. Messrs. Hess and Stevens of Kale o mo spent Sunday in the city. The month's subscription for the Journal is due to-day. Pay the farrier boys. The Golden Rule is the best lighted store in the city; it also carries the finest stock. Miss Madge Coats of Kokonio, spent Sunday in the city the guest of Miss Dollie Markley. Come and see our new store, it is the finest dry goods store in this city.—Schinitt & Heffley. Mrs. Collings and daughter, o£ Philadelphia, sister and niece of Mrs. B. Z. Lewis, are here on a visit. The greatest rush yet, now at'the Trade Palace carpet sale and silk lace and portier curtain department. Tlios. Roderick, Bob Bryer and W. W. Stuger were the lucky members of Ben Martin's watch clubs last Saturday eveninjj. Mrs. D.N. Traugh and daughter, of Remingter, were in the city yesterday on their way home from Indianapolis, where they attended the May Festival, The invitations have been issued for the annual banquet of the Logansport High school Alumni Association to be held at the New Barnett Friday evening, May 33. Mrs. Henry Ramer of the South Side, celebrated her 58th birthday on Sunday. The occurrence was observed by a reunion of the family and relatives and a fine dinner. Miss Nellie Lytle, of Giffe's book store, is confined to her home by a slight illness. Mr. Clint Burke, of Lockport, is occupying her place behind the counter during her absence. The Pharos' statement last even ing that D. P. Baldwin lost $3,000 by the operations of Henry Winkle bleck, is off just $1,800. Mr. Baldwin loses just $1,100 as stated by the Journal Sunday morning. A X>elnsion. Peter Wartz living a mile west of town in the villiage of Dunkirk is laboring under the delusion that a tenant who refuses to give possession of a house belonging to him has entered into a conspiracy to burn his property and kill him. He occupies a house on the same lot as that in which his tenant lives and last night c ame up to the city and took a room at a boarding house. He stated that his tenant has dogs to turn loose on him and carries seven revolvers to kill him with. That he saw him getting ready to fire the house. The neighbors say there is nothing in this and that his delusion originated in a difficulty with his tenant and a refusal to give possession. The old gentleman's reason is shaken apd unless some prompt measures are taken he will become hopelessly insane. A Promised Treat. Arrangements are being made by the members of the Rebekah Lodge of this city to banquet the Logansport Lodge on the night of the 38th inst. It haa not yet been decided whether the supper will be held at the Frain Hotel or be prepared by the good sisters of the lodge, and served in Vurpillat's opera house. In either event it will be as grand as aynthing of the kind that has been in this plac formany a day.—[Wina- mae Journal. Notice. All members of Post F. .T. P. A., will meet promptly at 7 a. m., at Murdock Hotel, Saturday May 24th. to go in a body to the 7:50 Wabash train to attend the annual convention of T. P. A., Indiana Division. By order of President, C. M. TAYLOR. Wiiiiday School Convention. There will be a township Sunday school convention held at the Gransinger school house Adains township on Saturday, the 24th day of May, 1890, at 2 o'clock p. m. All Sunday school workers are invited to be present. S ilosniiui. An energetic man wanted to push our manufactures on this ground. One of our agents earned $5,200 in 1889. Address P. O. Box 1371,; New York. may20d2t ' O. E. 8 . All members of the Order Eastern Star, are requested to meet at their Chapter room this (Tuesday) evening, May 20th. It Is dangerous to tampei with irritating liquid* and exciting snuffs. Use Ely's Cieam Balm, which is safe and pleasant, and Is easily applied. It cures tbeaoist cases of catarrh, cold In tne bead and bay f eter. giTta* relief from Uw »ppU- eatfofj, £rt«j«J«nt«^ - " ..^A. " Ufa)* Pardon last week's absence. Church at Bethel next Sabbath. Some corn is up, and plenty yet to plant, Henry Cbilcott was over in our vicinity last week. Some of the young ladies of this township have joined the Farmer's Alliance association. Sarn Brown and Elmer Shilling were fishing in the mighty Eel last Wednesday. They had the regular luck. Benjamin Tilly received the paper few days ago, announcing the fact that he was appointed census sur- perviaor in Clay. Good for Ben he's all right. Sad news reached us a few days ago that Johnny Shackleford undertook to commit suicide by taking some chemical poison, used in photographing. Johnny was a photographer by trade and worked in Steven's and Ganson's galleries. His excuse for the rash act is that he is tired of living. The Farmer's Alliance association which was organized at Shady Nook some time ago should be an eye opener to Republicans. It plainly shows that it is a scheme by the foundation upon which it rests viz. Democratic principles. Some few Republicans were taken in but, by the wiy the organization is run, it will not be long till they will all leave it. The officers of this organization are nearly, if not all, Democrats, navertheless, it contains all kinds of politics except Repub'i- canism. Every fifty cents paid into the treasury goes to support the Democratic caucus. It is a plain case and the evening sheet on Rogue's Row knows this to be a fact We are heartily in favor of an organization that may be of benefit to American farmers and so long as it is not molested>by political schemers it is a good thing. BILLY. BAXTER Washington Iiemg. Corn nearly all planted. Edna Deacon is on the sick list. Belle Miller is home again from an extended visit. Everybody hide dogs for the assessor is going the rounds. Roman Gremelspacker lost one of his valuable cows last week. Mrs. Samuel Deihl is not expected to live. Her illness is caused by cancer. There will be a Sunday school convention at Center church next Saturday. "Lillie," of the Pharos, should not write such things about the girls of Blue Bull for the girls are not flirts. Miss Rebecca Circle who has been visiting her sister Mrs. John Crockett left for Indianapolis where she will make her future home. Blue Ball Sunday school organized again this spring with greater success than before. The following officers were elected: Superintendent, James Martin; Assistant Superintendent, Robert West; Secretary, Minnie Blackwell; Assistant Secretary, Carrie Pierson; Treasurer, OlliePierson; Organist and Chorister, Mattie Crockett, OLD SAMBO, Stable BTotcs. To Mr. and Mrs. John Deboo, a son. Mr. George Zinn has purchased a new wagon. Mr. Cash Ide reshingled his barn the past week. Nearly all of the fawners are done planting corn. John Rolshausen lost a valuable mule the past week, Mrs. Martin Carney is recovering from a spell of sickness. Mrs. Snell, of Carroll'oounty, spent last week visiting relatives here. E. H. Moss has returned home from a pleasure trip in the south. E. H. Moss, Will and Al Moss made a business trip in White county the past week. Mr. and Mrs. Enyart have returned to their home inPulaski county from visiting friends in this township. The Reading Circle met at Center school house on last Friday night with Ed Gibson president. A large crowd was in attendance and all spent a very pleasant evening. GUBSS NOT. Til?! SJcst Result. Every ingredient employed in pro ducing" Hood's Sarsaparilla is strictly pure, and is the best of its kind it is possible to buy. All the roots and herbs are carefluly selected, person- eally examined, and only the best retained. So that from the time of purchase until Hood's Sareaparila is prepartd, everything is caretul'.y watched with a view to attaining the best result. Why don't you try it? 5 Worth a Thousand I» >llars. Every child born Into a family Is thought to oe worth "a thousand dollars" to the parents. Wfej then should tier not be cared for Inaa Intanej to maturity? Keep the raortb tad tMtb Wecoi-atlon Oay Committee, The following committees have been appointed to solicit flowers and money for Decoration Day: First ward—Mrs. Godfrev Twells, chairman; Mesdames J. B". Messenger, Stoll, Barnes, Lintiier, Harris, Gates, Dennis Uhl, Charles Uhl.Afh, Heitbrink, Hadley, Stanley, Newby and Benner, and Misses Lulu Hammontree, Lottie McDonald, Jennie Herman and Maggie Gilman. Second ward — Lvdia Eldridge, chairmau; Mesdames" K. Shepherd, Miller, Linton, Zenith Douglass, Amanda Rents, Maggie Mehaffie and Anthony Kreuzberger, and Misses Jessie Button, Maine Lux, Kitty Stevens, Jennie Keiser and June Hardy. Third "Ward—Mrs.Booth,chairman; Meedames Jay Taylor, Myers, Guy Hensley, J. C. Bridge, J. H. Shultz, J. C. Nelson, Misses Jennie Kline, Ida Jackson, Eva Morrison, Ettie Wright and the Misses Sladeruian. Fourth Ward—Mrs. Bringhurst, chairman; Mesdames Prvor, James Shinn, Fuller, Sue Richardson, Giffe, Quincy Myers, Fannie Keller, Shroyer, William Douglass, Otto Kraus, Al Douglas, Misses Carrie Haney Mollie Satherwait, Mamie and Ada Cushinan, Millie Gray, Flo Murdock. Fifth ward—Mrs. Rodney Strain, chairman; Mesdames George Graves, Charles Graves, Johnson. Plunk, Stevenson, Kidd, Willis Graham, Truman, Lizzie Alber and Lizzie Stevenson, Misses Min Keeport, Annie Strain, Annie Sterrett, Hattie Martin, Ella Martin, Dollie Markley and Laudes. Will You Guess? THE JOURNAL will (?lvc a Prize of Ten Dollars in Golrt to the person whose guess cornea nearest uncl a Prize of Klve Dollars lii Gold to the person giving the next nearest guess to the figures of the Census Enumerators, who beclu their work In Logansport on or about June 1,1S90. To Insure your uauie and guo-ss being corretly recorded, cut off the coupon which appears below; fill in your name, your address and your estimate of Logansport's populations In the proper plates. Then cut out: the coupon and forward 11 to the "JOURNAL", Census Bureau Logimsport, Indiana. No guess received later than June 10th. ana no guess recorded which Is not made anil tilled In on coupon cut from THE JOURNAL. In case of a tie, the parties shall divide the prizes. GUESSING OPENTO THE WORLD. i I ,, Story to tell iu ford. 07 COUPON GUESS. The Journal Census Bureau. First Prize '$1O In Gold. Second Prize $5 In Gold- Guess How Hojiy.People there are in Logunaport. POPULATION NAME ADDRESS No Guess Reglstered Unless on this Ocrapoa. EXCURSIONS VIA PA. LINES To the Annual Meetings of tl>e ninn Baptists near Warrens- biirST, Mo., and at Xorth Slouch ester. Ind. The annual meeting of the German Baptists or Dunkards will tie held the last week in May, at Pertle Springs, Mo., and at North Manchester, Ind. Excursion tickets via the Pennsylvania lines will be sold to either of the meeting places at one fare for round trip. Tickets to Pertle Springs meeting will be sold May 19th to 27th, good returning until June 26, 1890. inclusive. To North Manchester the low rates will be in effect from May 30th to 25tb, good returning untii June 25th, 1890, inclusive. rjuayl6d3tsw3t Home-Seeker Excursion via IVabash lilno. On May 20th, September 1st and 23d, and October 14th, the Wabash •will sell tickets to "Western and Southwestern, Northern and Northwestern and Southern points at one fare for the round trip. Elegant new vestibule reclining chair cars (seats free.) For further information, call on or addres Ticket Agent, Wabash line, Logansport, Ind. dtf Typhoid, Scarlet and \ollow Fever*, JMeasles, JDlpltthi-rla. ttmall-pox, »%c. Darbjs Prophylactic Fluid will destroy the Infection of all fevers and all contagious and In- fetclous diseases. Will keep the atmosphere of any sickroom pure and wholesome, absorbing and destroying unhealthy effluvia and contagion resulting therefrom. Will neutrallje any bad smell nuat-ever, not by disguising It, but by destroying it. Use Darbys Prophylactic Fluid In every sickroom. 4 Wanted; Two reliable men, who understand Loan Association work, to act as general agents for the People's Building Loan and Saving Association of Geneva, N. Y. Write early, giving age and references. S, F. GASCOIGNB. Manager. may20d8t Mr. L. B. Patterson, of Sixth street feed store, has moved to "Win. Reighter's old stand on Broadway, between Fifth and Sixth streets, where he will be glad to welcome all of bis friends. iuayl7d3t No lady should live in perpetual fear, and suffer from the more serious troubles that so often appear when Dr. Kilmer's Complete Female Reme d; la certain to prevent tumor and B*noer then. For sale by B. F. Ke««. **_ _. , <J ' ±, • A. H. SHROTER. formerly of Elliott, SUroyer & Co., Logansport. 0. B. CEOSS, rormcrlj vrttU t-ehnull & Co., Indianapolis, In* SHROYER & CROSS, Jobbers of Imported, .Key West and Domestic Cigars, Cigarettes, Etc, Etc., •No.. 21, West Maryland Street, Indianapolis. FRED DYKE MAN Represents the above; firm in Logansport and surrounding towng. SOMETHING NEW. Sterling Silver Unlaid Spoons and Porks a guarantee for 25 years siren with every set sold. I am special agent for this ware, also Reed & Boston, and Rogers. Also, Watches and Jewelrey the latest out. Largest line of Spectacles and nose Glasses in the city twenty years experience. D. A. HAUK, The Jeweler, Bro fJS ay All goods Engraved free of charge. SAIL IN AND SEE US! THIS WEEK. We will give you a Ladies' Button Sho<- I'm- % 60 Ladies' patent top lace shoe for .... * .... ! 00 Men's velvet slippers for.... .... .... 50 Men's Congress shoes for , ,. .... .... 1 2J> Men's working shoes for .. .... .... i 00 Tour pick out of the store of Puritan calf goods for 2 00 lace, Button, Congress, this week only. CHICAGO SHOE STORE, 403 JBroadway, Logansport. TARIFF LITERATURE FOR The AMEMCAN PROTECTIVE IAMST LEA otra is publishing a most valuable series of Tariff documents. Those are prepared with a view to state the facts and arguments for Protection, whether In the interest of farmers, laborers, merchants or processional men Each Issue of the series appeals to those engaged in separate Industries, and presents indisputable facts— comparisons of wages, cost of living-, and other arguments showimr the benetlts of Protection. ea Tariff." which will be sent for I cents. The wuole list will be sent for 30 cents or any twelve for 20 cents, or any five for 10 cents, postace paid. Order by number. No. PAQES 1— " Wnges, Living and Tariff." E. A. HIETS. HORN ............... 1Ai 2-" The Ad vantages of a ProtoctiVe 'TartOt"to the Labor and Industries of the UnltM States." Flral Prize Essay. 1887. CHAW- FOKD D. HE.INIHO ......... . ................ 32 *-" Home Production Indispensable to a Supply, at Low Prices, of the Manufactured commodities required tor the People of the United States, and Adequate Home Production of these Commodities Impoe- Bible without a Protective Tariff." mrst Prize Essay, 1888. C. D. TODD ........ 32 *-"WhatareHaw Materials? Would Free Haw Materials be Advantageous to the .Labor and Industries or the United States." First Prize Essay, 18»9. HOMER B. DIBELL S2 6-"FaI]aclcs of FrePtrade." E. P. MnutS::: Si 0— "Some Views on the Tariff by an OldBusl- nessftlan." GEO. DRAFEB. ............. 82 7—" The Protective Tariff : Its Advantages for theSouth." C. L. H.EWAKDS .,..„.. 32 8— "The Wool Interest." Judge WM. LA WBEXCE !4 a— "Protection v». Free-Trade."— A Historical Review. D. tt. H.&RXUMAN ................ 20 10— "The Fanner and the Tariff-" CoLTnoaiis H. DUDLEY ................................. 16 11—*' Protection as a Public Policy." GEORGE s. BODTWEU. ................................ ig 12— "Reply to the President's Free-Trade Message." R. P. PORTER ..................... s 13— " Workingmen and the Tariff." ........... 8 Id— "The Vital Quontlon : Shall American Industries be Abandoned and American JUar- Itets Surrendered? .......................... ... 8 15 — Suuit* la German, with Addition ............ s 1C— "The Progress of One Hundred Years." IlOBEP.T P. PORTKR ........... . ........... 8 17— M Protection for American Shlppiup." ...... H IS— "TheTartff NotaTax." HOMEliB. DrflKLt,.. 8 l 1 .)—" Why Irishmen should fce Protectionists.'* H 20— "Protection." E. H. AlrxrjxrvvN ............ 4 "L— •' What is a Tariff ? " Answers to a Workingman's Question .................... 4 23— "Tbe American Wool Industry." E.H. AM- WELLMAN'S GAS CARBURETOR Pat. Oct. I, 1889. . ...................... . ............ 23— "'WaBes and Costof Living." J. D. WEEKS. 3t— " Southern Farmine Industries." ............ «&— "AahortTaiK; to Workhlgmen." ........... So— ' jA otrcilon and tho farmer." Senator & M. IconoKTST, wwfclv.deroted to tlie A cold Carburetor which wiB enrich NATURAL GAS and produce a 26 candle power gas. It will work at any temperature, and is absolutely safe. ,, ACCENTS For particulars address, FHE WELLMAN CARBURETOfl MAUXTFACTCKIKG CO., ,26"WARREN ST.

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