Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 18, 1890 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 18, 1890
Page 8
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CORNER FOURTH AND I J? ov MARKET. I New Parasol^ Silk" Umbrellas, Silk Lace Flouncings, Lace Drapery Net This "Week new Plain and Fancy Silk grenadines, China, and Pongee Silks. India Fish Net and THE CORONER'S VERDICTS (Samuel McClnMUy's I»catl» Cnaseil by a. Fracture oftlic Hkull. Inquest Continued till Tomorrow —Harvry 1>an Retained 1>}'kenian. Wilson A Talicr lo Jl>efcnd Iliill. THE FINEST LINE OF LACE Velvet and Chenile curtains recently purchased in New York. Our New Place The Finest Dry Goods Stored the city^-The Golden. Ruie^f , SCHMITT & HEFFLEY. REMEMBER HARRY G. TUCKER, The Pearl Street Tailor When you pu™ta,«J-oorTO««B !•»»'• «« si"™""" » ™ vi °* " every purchaser and , . •: , _ Gives Universal Satisfaction. Mughal. SUNDAY MORNING. MAY. 18. WE MUST UNLOAD! We must Reduce Stock Special for this Week. too Pairs of Pants, cheap at $1 SS, pro at .......... Balbriggan Wndershirt, cheap at COe. go at — Balbriggan Undershirt, cheap at 25c. goat ••• Brown grilling Drawers, cheap at 50c. go at... Bleached Drilling Drawers, cheap at SOe. goat... Doraet Flannel Shirts, cheap at 5Sc. go at Boys' Flannel Shirts, cheap at 50c. goat Boys' Flanriel Waists, cheap at 50c. go at...; • ' Boys' Shirt. Waists, cheap at 3f>c. go at Handsome Silk Scarfs, cheap at 85c. go at... Handsome Silk Scarfs, cheap at 25o. go at...... '. Frencjb Salbriggau Hose, cheap at 35c. go at Fancy Striped Hose, cheap at;.10c. go at ••• Mixed Hose, cheap afclOo. go at.. • Mixed Hose, extra good value, cheap at 12c. go at SO e 35 c 13 e 25 c 35 c 25 c 25 c 25 e 13 c 20 c 13 c 8 c 5 c ••) c ' fi c MARTIN FRANK On the comer of Market and Third Streets Acting Coroner Fender went to Royal Center yesterday nornirig to conduct the inquostcver the remains of Samuel MeCloskey, who was killed in a fight, by Willard Harvey, Friday afternoon. The postmortem examination was made by Dr. J. J. Burton, assisted by Dr. David Million. Th« inquest wan begun, but from the inability to procure necessary witnesnes at that hour, wasjnontinued 'till Monday morning. The testimony of Dr. Burton was taken yesterday morning, as follows: "Am a practicing physician- was acquainted with Samuel McOloskey; last saw him alive on the 16th day of May, 1890; I was called there at 4:30 p. HI. yesterday to see him; I found him in. a nervous condition, the result of a blow on the head fi'oru some blunt instrument; I examined him and found head bruised on the right side behind the right ear, puffed up considerably; I ordered cold applications to the head and mustard to the ankles and wrists. He was conscious, bleeding some at the ear, and while I was there he vomited blood. I left him at 4:4^. I saw him again about 5:30. He was then unconscious. At 7:30 I went again. I noticed that pupils were dilated and breathing difficult. I went to give him. a drink of water; he could not swallow it; it choked him. Saw him again about 8 o'clock; he had a very irregular pulse; did riot see him any more until after he was dead. I assisted at the post mortem examination this morning; on raising the scalp 1 found a contusion back of the right ear over the region of the parital and temporal bone, and on raising the skull found a fracture of the parital, commencing about, the middle and extending downward and backward, crossing the temporal then, taking a forward course about li inches, with about 3i ounces of clot ted blood underneath ;uo other abnormal condition except .enlarged liver; examined lungs and heart, the were in normal condition; found no oHier mark of violence on deceased; the fracture of the skull must have been CASTQNET! WHEELS! AWAY GIVEN With a child or Boy's Suit JfcSiOc and over. This is the most amusing novelty ever placed before the Chidren of America. 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Apply at Peru or Chili. Zach Shrop, contractor. mayl7d6t Miss Jessie Ballon has- returned to her home inMario'n after!a: -pleasant visit with the family of J.JS.Skinner. Miss Pet Stalnaker : ;left yesterday.,,.the result of a blow from some blunt 'TO BE ;SIJKE' If yotitiaire Defectrv© Vision examined and,' fitted fcjr * Have your eyes J D TAYLOR, Graduatfe Optieipn Any Defect of Vididn v Corr^ted. Teirltor.v foraalc. Tills Pli lu Bit needs-ho >iln-tag, Goods fmnislied at M, Call at Myers Hotel, or address Barry i. Oondron 248 Tttllao's st Chicago, 111 ase-. oms Coffee va&Mocha ©atBraj Be^t Coffee PerfectioiLofstreiigth&llavor Guaranteed s ANDY WELGHrFancy Grocer, Sole Agent morning for an extended visit with! relatives and friends at Toledo, O. Wanted, a good appetite. You (San have it easy enougii by taking Hood's Sarsaparilla. It tones the digestion and cures sick headache. 11 If you have not as yet got one of these- beautiful yard, wide Freucli printed challies.. which tlie Bee Hive offeL-s-,for,only 15 ceuts. per yardj.go at on,ce and secure ( a dress pattern. The Christian Scientist's Will hold services to day at G- A R Hall, at the following houw* Bible lesson 10 o'clock a m., services at 11 a m An invitation! IB extended to these services^ ' , i Mrs Henry KJinaick, sr ,wa& called from Cincinnati where she was making a summer .vjfejit with rela tives, by the serious lljness of her daughter Mollie, Whosi condition is such as to alarm-her Mends. Rev. L. J.' Naftzgen of LaGrange, arrived in the city yestei day afternoon and will preach; atjMaiketSt. M E. church this morning at 10 80 and be present ab the evening services. He will be pleased to see all of his old friends at both services. Services will be held to-day at the Ninth street Christian church as follows: Sunday school » 80 a m Preaching at 11 a. in. Young peoples meeting at 6 15 p. m. and pleaching at 7 30 p m. "Life Through Death" is the morning subject. All are cordially invited to attend any or all of these services. O. I/. 8. C. meeting ^Tuesday evening. May 22d, at tne home of Mrs D A Borges, members mee* at Mrs J C. Bridges, at 6 45 and go over to the North "Side in a body. Lesson for the evening Take the last half of the questions on Roman literature ana physics Teacher, Miss Cox. Respond to loll call with quotation from some French author mayl7d3t The following itejn fiom a Du- butiae' exchange }ocates an 4 old^ I ogansport boy: Harry H. Thompson, who hasfteeh for several yeais head draughtsman at the central offices of the Illinois Central in this city,, left last night for Port Townsend, Washington, where he goes to assist An laying ont n projected railroad. 'He has 1 purchased a huck- skin suit, a sombrero and three revolvers and goes prepared to meet beij,r and Indians as "well as to "capture the hearts of the gals in them 1 parts ' C. E. BAKERY AND 317 Market Stt^et / Is the best place in the city for board, by the meal% week. Meal tickets of 21; meals only $3.50. ; " "y Use "Peerless" and "Boston Brown'^iBreacL , :! . ;; oa YOUR instrument; the cause of death my opinion was from a clot of bloodjj forming on the brain, caused by'aSj . rupture of a blood vessel; my first • impression was that the blow was' not a serious one." The unfortunate fatality continued all day yesterday to be the leading | topic of conversation at Royal Center, the home of the principals to the quarrel which had so sad a te>-mina- tioiu Public feeling in the town Is somewhat divided, some saying that Harvey acted in self-defense, others that he was the aggressor AMD. ARE MidMnly by GEO; fl. MAC8EtHlMfeP!iySBUBGH, ; PA. What Merchanft^ * "There's something wrong-for \ye|caii't;make;;^l prices, we cannot buy at some of themV - ; MeCa'fir%5 will not sell at what they claim to r p|i if they qualities, short weights explain it®.^f^:;-;^ ; ' ;ii -' ! ' ; '"" !l fs - aud deserving of no sympathy.. The prepondereiice of feeling, however, appears to be against him on; account of his hasty aption ' jn taking up his brothers' quarrel with a man who stood in a position, defending-: iiis employer's interests during a time when there was naturally much excitement about the mill consequent on Henry Winklebleck's eudden departure leaving his business'''' so badly 'involved., knd there was yesterday many, strong expressions made against the prisoner by his neighbors. The Coroner's verdict which will be followed by, Harvey's preliminary trial is awaited with considerable interest. . . The prisoner is confined in the woman's department of the jail, apart from the other prisoners and no one is allowed to talk with him, by Sheriff Donaldson's orders. He has retained pykenian, Wilson and Taber to defend him. . The news of Samuel McClosky's violent death .was received.with universal regret all over the city and county yesterday, as he was a young man generally known and highly respected, especially in Jefferson townj ship, his former home, was these feelings remarked. The sympathy for his bereaved wife and infant was universal. The funeral of the unfortunate young; man will be held at the Pisgah church, in Jefferson township, this morning at 10 30 o'clock, the cortege leaving the home at. Royal Center at 0 o'clock. ^ ^W*e: bfive completed the repairs el biir building and a're now receiving aad.opening up our stock of furniture:' We would be plegsed to have call and Bee our new goods Nonsense!.; What folly if we'd advertise $:' hope you'd come and buy at. Wfehad better doors than to refuse to sell at what^we say we As to poor qualities and isftbrt' ;;weight&~ know best know better. Oompate'Ou such as neither they nor we can cheat on. : instance > - '- smoked. Best smoked slds nxSiVper Ib...,. Best Dried Beet, per Ib:......,, ;.. Best Country lard. ; perlb.j.......i. Kancy Sorted Potatoes, per.bn..... Another quality Potatoes, per 1m, „ ._ many deiiler cliarge S2I&.... at your JP^Book Sand see If ?ou ate'not'piiying- lOc..- auuiuiuu A ougiu, VVL iw... Best Granulated Sugar, per. FanoyBulk^oastefcoffee. , brand ol I'lour,.made In Logansport, per Hundred Cotri Meal, Wblte boltedi per Ib « « Kancy Golden C Suu-ar, per lt> ;:... ; Choice Fancy C Sugar, per lb.:,..,;..i ............. Choice extra C Sugar, per Ib, White, extra C Sugar, per Ib So tt A Sugar, perm. ....;...... Standard A.Sugar, per Ibj;----- per Ib Mocho and Java Hoasted Coffee, extraordlnay fine perlb. A Kancy Green Coffee, per lli „...,....,., Fnncy Peaberry Green Coffee Fancy Daimnas, per doz Fancy Layer Kiss per Ib. Fancy Dates, pec lb/..i... Oranges, per doz ..... Kancy Lemona, pnr doz Fancy Mince Meat, per Ib business ever !prospei!ed as ours for ten with an element offraild"about it . What Melchanics / Some Mechanics tell us they have saved the last five years by buying of McCaffrey's, costs them f 20 elsewhere mu^t cost the $ll'here • j. ' ' t\ ^ ' 'A „ ««1 J '*.«_...'_«. 1^^^'i-^'- '.-i T-» y-\i-v> rt t«Ti+-V\ on rt r\ O .GQ V II you whether you wish to not.— Ash & Hadley. purchase -or may!8d2t Insure AjcalMt Pneumonia. I USKBAMSB'sPOBBCODl/ITBB On. Ot BiltKH'» . TUo aia t«lliU)le brand. All Dracil*ta One i could 'soon buy" a horne with such Argument is folly anyway. c Our prices are facts that! need no commeQt reputation guarantees our weights and qualities. were not so McGaifrey w.ouldinot be a competitor Worrying about, ' j Aslt"is'whb wo'uld ! n.ot ttade witliuS? t|- Col \

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