Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 30, 1898 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, May 30, 1898
Page 6
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^^•vsmf^a, T I WHETHER you belong \ A / to the rich, the poor V V or the great well-to- do middle class, you can save money every day by reading the advertisements in tbe Pharos. They make the best guide for the economical buyer that can be obtained. They tell what to buy, as well as where to buy,and what to pay THE NEW WOMAN Pennyroyal Pills SAFE. SURE AND RELIABLE Especially recommended to Married Ladle* Ask your druggist for P«ffln'i Pennyroyal PHU und take no other. They are tUe only Safa, Sun ind Rellablf Female /111. Price. 11.00 pel box Sent by mall upon receipt of price Address all orders to advertised agents. PCRRIN MEDICINE CO.. NEW YORK •old by B. F. Keeping. MAIM HUNDREDS °f Men arc citing out a miser- ableexistenceforwanl of knowing what to do for themselves. HUN- DREpS of mcn are suntnng from the mental tortures oi Shattered Nerve* Failing Memory. Lost Manhood, Sleopleainetc, Impotancy, Lost Vitality, Vartoooala, brought on by abuse, exceises nnd indiscretions, or by severe mental •..rain, close application to busincsn or «vei W ° rk DR. PERRIN'S Revivine |»tho only r«m«dy that ha» ever been di* covered that will positively cure thcst nervous disorders. > If taken as directed, Revivine brings about Immediate improvement aud effects cures where all other remedies fail. It has cured thousand! AND WILL CURE YOU. We positively guarantee it in every case. Price $1.00 a box, or six boxes for $5,00, by mail in plain wrapper upon receipt of price Order from our advertised agents, Addres» all other communications to Tils Dz. FCKJUV MEDICINE Co., New York. For sale at B. F. Keesling'i Will Parter's and Johmton'8. REGULATOR WILL CURE .. - ALL COflPLAINTS AND DISEASES OP THR Liver, Kidney AND Urinary Organs i Biliousness, Jaundice, Headache, Constipation, Pains In the Side or Back, Sour Stomach, Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint, Catarrh of the Bladder, Irritation or Inflammation of tho Bladder, Female "Weakness, Grrwel, Diabetes, Dropsy, Brick Dust Deposits, in fact all diseases arising from Liver or Kidney dl»- orden. 'BEAUTIFUL WINONA' A Delightful Summer Haven. Winona Lake, Indiana, (formerly Eagle Lake) is an attractive summer haven on the Pennsylvania Lines near Warsaw, Indiana. As the site of Wina Assembly and Summer School, this resort has grown into popular favor very rapidly. Improvements made on tbe two hundred acres of romantic woodland -which stretches nearly two miles along the eastern shore of Winona Lake, a beautiful sheet of- water, include all the comforts and conveniences for a highly enjoyable sojourn. Ample facilities are at hand for satisfactory entertainment at reasonable rates at the commodious hotel which adjoins the railway station at the entrance to the grounds, In cosy cottages, or in tenrs as may be preferred. Persons who may desire to combine devotion, entertainment and instruction with rest and recreation will flnd Winona Lake tbe ideal spot for invigorating both mind and*' body by instructive entertainment and study and health-giving recreation. The educational work of the Summer School is in charge of "well known instructors. Tbe cottage halls are equipped with all required paraphernalia; the large auditorium In which the Assembly meets, and in which prominent lecturers are heard during 'the season, has a seating capacity of over 3.000. An amphithe- atre, race track and other facilities for athletic pastimes are provided. The fishing, bathing and boating are flne, •the large fleet of boats being of the best. The season of 1S9S -will open May 15th. Commencing on that date excursion tickets with fifteen day limit will be on sale via Pennsylvania Lines. They may be obtained during May, June, July and August. The sale of season excursion tickets will begin June 1st. and continue daily until September 30th. Season excursion tickets •will be good returning until October 31st. Full information about the attrae- ttions at "Beautiful Winona." its Assembly and Summer School, etc., will be cheerfully furnished all who address Mr. Sol C. Dickey, secretary, Winona Lake, Indiana. Inquiries about excur- be addressed to Passenger and Ticket sion rates, time of trains, etc., should Agents of the Pennsylvania Lines, or to F. Van Dusen, Chief Assistant General Passenger Agent, Pittsburg. Pa, Price, $1.00 Medieiiie Go. HEW YORK, N. Y. PHOTOGRAPHY IN LAW SUITS. JMfflcnltlc* In Pmentinf Evidence Materially Lessened by Came™. From the Washington Star: "Photography has reduced the difficulties in lawsuits and trials to a minimum," remarked a member of the bar. "la times past it was the universal custom in murder trials to take the juries to the scenes of the crime, so that they could gat a better understanding of the testimony and the facts in the case. Besides the time involved, there was considerable expense in this. There were, you know, elaborate diagrams, drawings and sketches constantly used in important trials. All this is now done away by the photograph, which is always accurate. In making copies ot exhibits in civil causes, notes, deeds, wills and the like the blue print has done away entirely with the services of the draughtsmen who were employed to reproduce the same. "I remember weh the celebrated trial of General Daniel Sickles, then a representative from New York, for the murder of Philip Barton Key, who was the United States district attorney. The pictorial exhibits in this trial almost filled one of the walls of the courthouse. The clubhouse in front of which the shoot- Ing occurred, now the site of the Lafayette Square opera house, was, of course, the principal picture. Then there was a drawing of Lafayette square, showing how Key signaled over to Mrs. Sickles, who resided on the opposite side of that square, and a big drawing of the house on Fifteenth sireet, between K and L streets, where the meetings between Colonel Key and Mrs. Sickles took place, as well as th« signals which were displayed on the house indicating to Key whether or not Mrs. Sickles bad arrived there. Be- Bides these, there were other pictures and diagrams which were prepared by William Forsytto, the city surveyor. They cost considerable money, but the whole thing could now be better represented at the expense of a couple of dollars and ten minutes' use of a ko- dak. I have known of hundreds of dollars being expended in the preparation of facsimiles of exhibits, forgeries, etc., all of which can now be reproduced in a half hour by the blue print process and at a very trifling expense somparatively." Seal Flay*- the Baa'o. A seal that plays the banjo is no ordinary seal. This is one of the wonderful features of an exhibition given in. London. There is a whole troups of seals and sea 1/ons, all educated aa highly a.s brains ot their sort will stand tad they blow brass horn» and play Proprietor^'! think that lady there is not being properly waited op- on." Shop-'walker—"Oh, she doesn't want to buy anything. Everything 'that has been shown her she has declared perfectly lovely. She hasn't found fault in the least with anything."—Tit- Bits. A NEW FIELD. Both Satisfied. Enamored Youth—I beg you, sir, for the hand of your daughter. I cannw live without her. Old Grumps—Glad to hear it. I cat't live with her. Name the day, young man, and have it soon. Enamored Youth (backing off)—U» er —please give me time to reflect. A Hint to Landladies. [f you have a batch of soggy bread That angers every biter, As heavy as a lump of iead-— Why groan and say "It's Letter!" If every loaf is brown or gray, With nary a one that's brighter, Well, roll your eyes and sadly say, lu mournful tones, "It's Letter!" —Cleveland Plain Dealer Sfl» Benfej, the American Story Teller, «md Her Work. A remarkable yonng woman vrbo is arranging to bring out the book of Job aa a dramatic reading ill New York, an adaptation which has never been tried before, is Miss Ida Benfey, "tbe American story teller," who came here from California a few years ago with nothing bot her indomitable pluck and talent to recommend her. and who has attained a material and artistic success which bas never been excelled iu Gotbam. Miss Benfey has been a public reader ever since sbe was 9 years old. "Iu iny salad days," sbe says, "I was an orthodox elocutionist, but before I had gone far in my career tbe scales dropped from tny eyes aud I began to learn frotu the book of nature. It was at rhis time I began to accomplish something, for I had reached tbe plane where I was free." But the people of California loved her quite a"s well in the old days as Driven to It. Kind Lady—"If you need clothing, I can supply you with an old suit of my husband's, but they'll be about four sizes too big for you." Tramp—"Never miad, mum, I'll v«ar •em. I'd rather be mistook for an angle-maniac than freeze." A Qood Preparation. "Yes, s'andma, when I graduate 1 Intend following * lit«rary caraei-— write for money—you know." "Why, Willie, my dear, you haven't flone anything else since you've bean, at college."—Tit-Bits. The Reaiton Why* Two Boy* on On« Wlwel. The average messenger boy has a knack of getting his full mooey'f worth out of his bicycle. One of thes* shrewd youngsters recently bit anon 'a scheme whereby aa ordinary wheel was iiade to do duty as a tandem. On* boy sits on the upper bar, braca* toll •tor «!• by J. T. ••TOMB, Bwjahn * , B. r. *•••«•«. W. H. Pirtar TOBY IN HIS GREAT ACT. the snare drum, basa drum and cymbals, wislle one of th«m wields a drum major's stick. But Toby, the clown. Is the star ot the aggregation, and the way he plays the banjo would make any professional groan with envy. Watt, tie great improver of the •team engine. Introduced into the vcs cabulary of machinists the term horsepower. When he first began the manufacture of steain engines, he experienced much difficulty In ascertaining from his distant customers what sized engine they required, and they wera not less puzzled how to communioat* to him the information. He was frequently guided, however, by their mentioning the number of horses which the engine ordered was designed to replace. Acting upon this hint, he ascertained by experiment that the very strongest of the London brewers' horses, (animals of wonderful size and strength), could exert a force equivalent to rais- SA V 1NG TIME ANP CARFARE. f«et OP the coaster; and grasps the handlebars. He, of course, attends to the steering department. The other urchin occupies the saddle and works the pedals, supporting himself -with his hands upon the steersman's shoulders. Thus two boys who have messages In the same locality may save time and oarefars by doubling up on OOA wo««t. Madge—I don't believe Jack Featner- draine is as disappointed as they aay. Molly—Why not? Madge—Because he Is not the least bit fascinating. Tlie Seventeenth. Sandy McKintosh (enthusiastically) o the procession goes by)—"Hoot, tnon'" O'Malley (angrily)—"Hoot them? You red-whiskered sassenach! Hoot thim wance a.n' Oi'll break yez red hid wid this cloob!"—Judge. good Precocious. Juvenile—"Mamma, it isn't grammar to say 'after I,' is it?" His Mother—"No, Georgie." Juvenile—"Well the letter J comas after I. Which is wrong, the grammar or the alphabet?"—Tit-Bits. DRIFT. Efc ^ A liquor deater in Birmingham, Al*^ mixed wood alcohol with cheap whisky and meld it to his patrons. Ten of them died within three days. Statistics from 52 Wisconsin creameries show the butter to contain aa low as 9.18 and as high as 17.03 per cent of water, with an average ot 12.77 per rent. Despite the fact that his new uniform cost $800 it Is doubtful if it looks Different Now. Young Wife—"Before we were married, George, you never smoked in my presence." Young Husband—"I know it, dear, and you never wore curl pape» in mine."—Pall Mall Gazette. Those Wonderful Detective*. "Have you 'had any success in clear- Ing up that murder mystery, Mr. Sleuth?" "Great, sir; great! We have cleared up all doubts as to ita being a mystery."—Judge. MISS 1HA HHNFEY. they do uow, when they give her the tremendous ovation every year which welcomes her back to her old borne. As regards the matter of the Job reading Miss Beufey said: "I regard Job as tbe greatest tragedy in literature. It is tbe epic of the inner life, tbe symbolic relation between mau and tiod. Only great people, such as Fronde aud Carlyle, know Job. It is already iu tbe most dramatic form possible. I would as soou think of changing a star." Miss Beufey got her idea of the .lob rending from "Professor Felix Adler cf the School of Ethical Culture, who i> most enthusiastic over the literary qualities of Job aud Isaiah. Sbe intends also making a great comedy reading of Jonah, which tba Kev. Dr. Lymau Abbott calls ''the Pickwick Papers of the Bible." She lias beeu -working up thia'reading for three years, but witbiu six week* of its proposed delivery has not commir- teil it to memory, because sha "prefeiv line to be hampered with tbe exact language of tbe test too loug iu advaucu." Miss Beufey has dramatized "Adam Bede," "The kill on the Floss," Dickens' "Tula of Two Cities" and Hugo's "Les Miserables." Sbe does not read detached fcones from these works, but by skillful manipulation presents the story of an eutire novel iu a single <:veu- ing. This is done by readiug tbe most dramatic chapters aud explaiuiug their connection with the rest of tbe book iu her own forceful language. Her inter pretatiou of these great stories is wou- derfal iu its dramatic power. In berseli sbe embodies a whole company of play ei's. Sbe is a marvelous impnrsouator. Miss Benfey is well known in Loudon, where she has read at the Duko oi Sutherland's, tbe- Duke of Westminster's, at Alma-Tadema's, Dr. Leuox- Brown's aud other houses of sirnilai prominence. The Princess Christian, •who was present at tbe reading givet at tbo Duke of Sutherland's, was infi nitely amused at her droll interprets tiou of cue of Mary Wilkius' stories •_'. .New England LHCD A Bright Company. Host—"What a smart sat of peapl« we've got tonight, dear?" Hostess—"Yes. How I wish on« of our dear girls would come and sit by us and tell us who everybody Is."— Tit-Bits. is well on General Miles as that old [ out" An Unforeseen Contingency. Customer—"You said theae stocking* •were fast black. They are all fad»d faded suit looked upon Ui/is«t S. Grant. tired In the H^n They tell a story in Lisbon. J L of a man who in his prosperity built him a 1%-foot hen house, and. when adversity overtook him, hied himself thither with his wife, and. after mak- some alterations, lived there mod- but in The Moist Frotpstunt Conntry. Sweden is the most Protestant country In the world. Of the population of couia exert a lores equivalent w r<ua- > J . „ ,„„ Ing 33.000 pounds oue foot in a minute. ! 8.000.000. there are only 2.000 or 3.000 This force he called one horse-power, ; Roman Catholics—the remainder of th« and adopted it as the standard in regu- P«°Ple belongins almost entirely to tfta lating the size of steam engines. Now, • Lutheran ckurch. not one horse in a hundred is able to ~" ' ™ axert that degree of strength. A steam Dealer (a retired anaroiiist)— "Meln Gracious! You must haf wasted 'em." Ko»J Kecordx. Official road records in England will be made under strict rules this year. A new regulation is as follows: "A rider attempting an unpaced record must be entirely alone throughout. He by a witness, who the competitor is may be followed must not, while Christmas Kept o« TaHoni Date*. The first, and sixth day of January, VA.d L Cllal. U^C,1C*7 V\ otl.C"&t^A- -T- Jl.^,"*ll - ~~~ - • ' engine of tea horse-power can, in re- , the 29:h of September, and the ?5th of ality, do tie work horses. Turned. The Plaintiff — "Bo you tno-w, you actually passed me in th« street til* other day without loo*anf at m«T" of about fwenty March have been celebrated as Christmas Day; and It was not until the middle of the fourth century that the Church Council fixed tha date as at present. Defendant— "If I had looked you I nerrr should har« raaiiC" 4aa Judy. . , Old Ke«-». Keys of bronze and iron hav« be** found in Greece and Italy fating fr»™ at least th* MYeath cmatnry kafon at least dirlat mounted, either approach him within 100 yards or coach him by audible signals." All records must be timed by an official timekeeper, using a. special watch, but in cases of the records _ between London and York. Liverpool and Edinburgh. London and Liverpool, it will suffice if times are taken from the general posiomce clocks at each end, provided those times are vouched for by at least two creditable witnesses In each case, any fraction of a minuta being reckoned a* a whole miaiite." Odd Whint Favors. Odd and pretty wbist favors may ! " simply and inexpensively made by nsiu;_ an ordinary sbippiug tag 5 inches iu length and 2>i< in width, as follows After rempving tbe cord from tbe tag, a piece of yellow satin ribbou one-quar ter of an inch in width and 4 iucbeo ir length is folded once, tbns making r. loop. The ends which are brought together are sewed to the tag about hal. an inch from tbe end opposite tbe opeu iug by a small bow of the same nbbou A piece of red ribbon, the same wiilti as tbe yellow ribbon and 10 inches i.> length, is drawn through tbe loop mad by the yellow ribbon aad both euds an then drawn through the opening in th. tag. Upon each end of the red ribbou > sewed a small silver boll. Tbe=u fc-i' may be procured from tbe toy sto:>- .Now place thb card upoa a tablu w::. the bow at the left and •write plainly ... the upper side, "Take the red n'j 1 .. from the yellow without injuring i:. card." This may be done by pulliug the. r; ribbon, holding both ends togfctbtr V.:K: the yellow i< drawn through tbe w_.-.~ ing, thus beadiug the card, Dae cot ij jnring it. Yon Deadly Insult. A frontier politician who visited th» white house recently and made use ot the telephone, for expectorating purposes, observed in passing that it was «in Insult to a free people for the administration W nail the ctMjidors to the *al!. Uninty Handkerchiefs. may make your own dairf handkerchiefs from sheer Hutu, b c ::. baad. Buy cue yard c: \. Cut in sqcures tf tit i:. 1 yon desire. To make common hu-u^.-:-: chiefs, cut three bars from CD^J c-.r^-r the bar aeare=t the border beia^ !;. longest, while tbe succeeding uu;~ a: shorter thai) tbe preceding one, a^ make insertions of valeocienaes. Another pretty way i= simply to heir. stitch tbe border and trim the ed^with, a neat valencienues lace. Moi;.. grams are uapopnlar, but siugl* lef.rri.- very small, or sometimes three initisJ placed in a row, if one can ercbroidi i may be worked in fine linen ficss in tir. corners. These make dainty fancy wcrL and afford very pretty handkerchiefs ••••'• n small cost Disease is a. great and treacherous ocean. Man ever stands upon its shore and gazes out over its calm surface without a thought of danger. It licks his feet—it advance* and recedes almost playfully—birt all the same it will crack bis bones and cat him, and wipe the crimson foam from its y4W» as if nothing had happend, as it has Seen doing ever since the world began. A man who carelessly saunters alongr the shore of the insatiate sea of disease, will some day encounter a great storm in the form of some fatal malady and will be engulfed. Because a man does not have to go to bed when he suffers from a trivial indigestion, because he does not have to give tip work when he gets nervous and cannot sleep at night, because he can still force down an unsatisfactory meal when he is suffering from loss of appetite, because by strong effort he can add a column of figure* with aching head—is no reason that these disorders are trifling or to be neglected. They are the warnings of serious sickness. A man who promptly heeds them, and resorts to the right remedy, will speedily recover his usual health. Tbe man who neglects them will find that he is in the grip of consumption, some nervous disorder, or some other dread malady, due to improper or insufficient nutrition. Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery is the best, of all medicines for men and women who suffer in this way. It restores the lost appetite, facilitates the flow of digestive juices, invigorates tbe liver, purifies and enriches the blood and tones and builds up the nerves, It cures 98 per cent of all chronic, bronchial, throat and lung affections, and is an unfailing remedy for nervous prostration. Medicine dealers sell it. PECK'S COMPOUND CURES ^- ~* Nervousness. Nervoni« Prostration, Nervous and Sick Headachy Indigestion, Loss of Appetite. Rheumatism, t Neuralgia, ^ . , Scrofula, Scrofulous Humors, Syphilitic Affection*. J Boils, Pimple^ Constipation, Fains in the Back, f ' CostiveneM, BUionsnQ«8, and all diseases arisiog from. an impure state of the * Blood f or low condition of th« - N«rvooa System. t For sale by Ben Fisher, Buajahn ft Schneider, W. H. Porter. J. F. Coolwa, B. F. Keesllng. •, •.•;•» " . 1 * --_-r .—„—_ *.—*i TO OUR PATRONS. WORlU. or OUR (4AVIOK Of ART." issued by the JEJLDKK COM PAST. 2TI Michigan Avenue, Chicago. III. This It ooe of tbe most beautiful voiumng we b«»e ever peeo. It contains nearly 150 full Dmjre encrar- iogs of roost exquisite flni»h printed on aumpt- uous paper. Ail these engravings hmre been careful 1 ? reproduced from the world'* frrvat- e« paintings, and aU tne greatest painter* who bsve ever lived are here represented. In short, thie superb work of art bring* the Art Galleries of Kurope right into our home*, to that those who are not aole to go abroad to gee the original paintings from which our pictures wfre made. can. with this book, lit down right in their o-wn parlor and study th« ideal* o_ Christ, as conceived b<r the pre«t masters Pomeore io this community oonld make money r*pidly. by tecuring the apencr and taking orders. K* this book ie in any borne equti tc a liberal education in art. A lady or jrenOeman of Jood church standing, might oe able tnseturetlie management of tbe enttrs county by writing atonoft to A. P. T. Klder. Puplieher. Micbtfran Ave. Chicago. Til. Th* prtitor o 1 this paper indorses "The Light of tb» World." as a book of great merit.. The Hot Springs of Arkansas. It ie announced that all three of the are* hotels at this resort will be open thU wint* The Arlington has never closed, the Part opened January 6th.and the Kastman January 25tb. In addition there are fifty hotels end three hundred boardin* house*, girtag accommodations at reasonable rates to mil classes of people. This is the only health and pleasure resort under direct Government control. The curative propertlrt ot me ho» waters are vouched for bf th« Surgeon General of the Uitt*d States. Bend tor illustrated descriptive matter *.ud paracnJara rerirdiru? 1* greatly reduced ninety-day round trip \-vcrsion rates to C. 8. Crane. General Psasenier ana Ticket Agent, Watwsb BaHrovd, St. LouU, Mo. Bit «* <• » rem*dr for Gleet, 8>arnstorrh u«n»tnr»J , or ur inA lion, irrttatfoii or Uou ot mn«»u- | a«Mhr « »tV i. 9 :.'m w ^c |l KB p-, ^ wi^y br «x»i>h >»»^4 1 n.w. or * WMM. ik tXreatar •••« •• nM ^?

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