Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 18, 1890 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 18, 1890
Page 7
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SYMPTOMS OB IJVEK DISEASE I Lossofrtppotitc; bad breath; bad Ust« ta £c month; tongue coated; pain imdortho SouUlcr-tiadc fin tbo back or side-often mfttulcen for rheumatism: sour stomach. withflitulency and water-brash; indlges- «(>«• bovols Ifix ftnd costive by turns; ha'iiacho. with dull, heavy sensation; rcYtleBwniwsi, with sensation of havlne loft something undone which ought to liavo been done: ftillness aftor eating; bad temper; blues; tired feeling; yellow appearance of skin ami eyes; diMlnese. etc. fint 'ill but nlways some ol these Indl. «itc want of notion of tbo Liver. For A Safe, Beliable Kemedy liittt can do no Iiarm and lias never been Unown to fall to rto good Take Simmons Liver Regulator -AN EFFECTUAL SPECIFIC I'OB. Bowel Gomplnlnts, psto, Sick Hea<5»rt.«, Jaundice, Colic. . Sidaey Affeollous. Mental JiepreHsioll. A PBTCSICIAWS OPINION. "I lave been practicing medicine for twenty years anil bare never been able to put up a regeta- bte compound '.hat would, like Simoons Liver K~"jUwr. promptly and effectually roc-re the Li\-er 10 action, and at the same time aid (instead of weakening) the ilijjcstirc and assimilative poTvtnol the system." ,,,... . , L. M. HINT-OX, M.U., Washington, Arfc. OXtY GENTTIHE Has our Z Stamp in red on front of wrapper. Co., Philadelphia, Pa. _ __ Bc4 Headache and rollove all tho tronblea tod- dent to a bilious stato of the Bystem, Buah as Dizziness, Kansea, IhrOTTsinesa. Distress after eating. Pain in the Side, &c. While tholrmost lemwiablo cuccess h&a been shown in curing SICK Headache, yet Carter's Idttle Liver Pffia ate equally valuable In Constipation, curing and pra- •venting tiiiijMmoylngcoinplalnt.while they also correct All disorders of 4hostomach,sthmilatethQ B-rer and regulate thobowela. Evonirthej-oalj HEAD 'ft^r-wou. co/ferfromthladistKBaing complaint; butfortu- aatoly thelrgoodneaadoea notendhere.azKi those whooncetrythem^rillfind these littlopillavalu- sblalasomanyTraystliatthoy will not ba wil- lingfodoTvitliontthem. BufcafteraUsickhead ACHE Is the bane of so many lives that here {3 where wo make our great boost. Onr pills euro it while 'cithers do not. Carter's Little Liver Pills are very small and very eaay to take. One or two pills makoa dose. They are strictly vegetable and do nob gripe or purge, but by their gentle action pleasoall who naetheiQ. lib vials at 25 cents; five f or $1. Sold £7 druggists everywhere, or sent by mail. CARTER fHEDICIHE CO., New York. SHALL PILL, SMALL DOSE. SMALL PRICF F DR. KILMER'S I emale A SBEAT BLESSING TO WOMEN. Bead Symptoms and Condltionw till* Specific will Believe and Cure. IP Vnil lmvc nervous or sick headachc,ffcoin- ir I UU nchache, backache, splnenche, bloating, internal heat or scalding urine, I Yflll ^ ave Chronic •weakneas.bearlnsr down I I UU or perversions incident to lile-chango I Vdll ' lave uter ' ne catarrh, suppressed or I I UU painful periods, or ovarian dropsy, f Yflll iiave suspicious growths, disposed to I IUU tumor or cancer, or hemorrhage, ItRllilllo "P c l uickl >' a run-down constitu- Jl UUIIUo tion and brings ref reshinsr sleep, dlipcl tho -° du " tired looks and feel- BSl and brin l* back 3'outhful bloom uty— restores tho nervous system. rc Give it to your weak and delicate I O dnujfhtcrs. Not a drop of impure " 1 escai>e i !fYnilX alue ^ ood health and hope for lona II IUU life, usoFomalo Itcmody. Sfifl ?7!W?7" 1 continued with certlflentca of curt-, «Up ia "GuMe to Health" free. Al»o nilvicc free. *>*> Mlmer & Co.. Einplmniton, K. Y. Dru gists ftl.OO RATES The MISSOURI PACIFIC KAH.WAT n a? placed i n e ir e( - t the followinff low rLtesbe- ~ - -twycn polntaon its lines: *<• lool. nn a Knn«M City • . . $5.00. "•UulaandU. a » raw<)1 th . . . 5.15. »-lo»U,Au.l.liK>»B»d8t. Jwcph . . . C.OO. '• j'lT 1 ' Joll % 1 '' Atrfjlwm, 8.S5. 15.0O. 10.00 •si Discovery of the 19!ii Century! !>r. Tcagrue's V F, W R E M E D •''Y i.'riis« Catarrn! Asthma! •niKt»vr iN» •UNO DISEASES Ilix Nil KqBAr, 'nr Mel; in- !V(.*rv rol is a MOKitlve cure i t Ini kr g' l ' re . T ? roat ' HonrspnpM. Dlphth. ' ' r with llmllcHtwl .\, i It hns no er,m J ™ ! .?»llt(.rat>>r Is a pprf«ct T<. to It, She Had the but Word. was In a sleeping car and tlicy thought that ovary one was asleep. Probubly ovfi-y one hud boon, but they woko ine. When I was enough awake to notice, what was going on I heurd her: "Well, 1 don't care. I think you're real mean. All I want——" "Yes," broke in he, "all you want ia tho last word, same as you always have, ain't it?" "Yes, and I'll IiaTn It, too." spitefully"You won't." "(See If I don't." "All right." "All right it ia." "Have to mock every word 1 say,don't. you?" "Heavens, no! Yon never say anything worth repeating," "Why do you echo me, then?" "I don't!" "You do!" "I don't!" "Shut up!"' ' ; 'I won't!" "Ugh!" Anil there was a. noise like a man tumbling into his berth. Then we heard, rather softly, as if talking to hei-self: "I said I'd have the last word, and I did. 'U(?h' don't count, ' oauso I don't, believe it is a word." And He Filled It. An openin T»fclnjr. tho Ell. ' Employer — Well, what's the matter BOW? Labor Delegate — We make no complaint av th' wages, sor; it's th' hours. Employer — When you demanded ten hours pay for eight hours' work I refused, and after a long strike you agreed to compromise by accepting pay by the hour. Some of you are working ten hours, some right, some six, and I make no objection. Work as many or as few hours as you please at. those rates. Labor Delegate— It isn't thot, sor. We do all bo wor-r-rulc at that same proice per hour, sor; but the hour do be ton long, sor. We want th' hours rejuced from sixty minutes to forty-Qve. It Changed Him. A man (jot into. a side yard ou Adams avenue the other morning, says the Detroit Free 1'ross, to find himself sor- rounded by three large dogs, each one of which seemed perfectly willine to tako hold of him, and as he stood there in anxious frame of mind n. woman opened tho door and asked: "Want. any thine?" "Y-yes." "Victuals or clothes?" "Xeilher one, ma'am." "But you come for one or the other." "Exactly,^ ma'am, but circumstances have worked a grave and important change in nay wants. I think my present suit will last me for the next five years, and I dou't care if I don't have anything to eat for a month to come. If you would only be so kind as to — " She called 'em off and he skipped. Society Hole. Napoleon Van Slyck Is a New York- society dude and a groat lady-killer, notwithstanding that he is married. Not Ion? since he was ogling the passing females from a Fifth avenue club window, when one of his friends remarked: "I say, Van, didn't I see you in the park yesterday with Miss Highflyer?" "I suppose so." "DIdn'tlsec you at the opera with Miss Rapid?" . • • •May be so. I was there with tho lady you mention." . ''Well, your wife is so much better- looking than any of those girls that I am surprised that you never go out with her." "Me dcah fellah," replied Van, languidly, "I'vo got a pwojudico. against mwarried ladies." • • Out Collecting. Collector—"Mr. Hard up in?" Mrs. Hardup—"No, he's out collect- Ing." . ' ;• . C.—"That's what you told me tne last time I was here." Mrs. H.—"Yes." C.—"And the time before that." Mrs. II.—"Yes." C. (sarcastically)—"He don't seem to have much success." : Mrs. H. (a< she slams the door in his face)—"Seems to have as much success as you have." Poor Fellow! "My hnnds are awfully cold." said the iretty girl, suggestively, on the last quarter of a starlit sleigh-ridp. 'Why didn't you bring a 'muff with you?" asked tho practical yonng man, prosaically. '1 did " she snapped, but she wouldn't cxpliiin where the muff had gone to, and !]•• lia-< been won;iering ever since just what she meant. ..; Adv»nt.HB«« "f living In Bxngror. Little .Johnny W is 4 years old. nd foinnoily lived In Banior. His par- its now ri'Sido in Augusta. The other feir .Johnny's aptitude for fuu and rais- Jiiierieo'Tiini to r.inuniTt sbrrio wining misdemeanor, which- v/&s, promptly re- bukod by liis mother. Slio dwolt upon the fact of Go:l's secliiK us and always knowing what wo are doing. The !tl«i! momocl to Impress Johnny forcibly, and for several moments ho remained siiont At last lie broke out with: "Say, mother, does God see everything in Augusta." "Yea," was tho solemn i^ply. "Flo soos our ovary act." Whereupon tho young sinner exclaimed: "Good gracious mother! Let's move hack to Biuigor!" Fully Explained. First Citizen—There goes a successful man. He is :i credit to tho community. Thfiy tell mo Unit fifl.nen years ago lie eainn to this town without a dollar, an-1 that now he la worth S7S. Second Citizen—Yes; 1 remember it wall. Hn was my bookkeeper For 11 while and afterward my p:irtner. You see. T struck this town twenty years aco with S7. r >,000, and nowl haven't got .1 cent. Merely a coincidence, just a co- Incidonne. A Prudrnfc Parent, Indignant Father— "Hadn't you dono anything but laugh'.' 1 ' V.oy—"No, fir." "And tho teacher whipped you for that? Tho scoundrel 1 I'll toanh him " "Yes, and ho whipped mcs just as hard! He's a great bitf man." (Not quite so indignant)—"H'm! You mustn't laugh in school, Johnny. It's ugalust the rules." Chicago Chronometer FedlllB. Mr. Parvnnu (as In; enters tho concert room with his wife)—Tin re, Matilda! If 1 haven't gonn and forgotten my watch. Mrs. I'dTvenu—Oh, well, you won't need it. "Mr. Parvenu—Why not, I should like to know? .Mrs. Parvenu—Because I am sure you will keep time with your feet during tho whole performance. Appropriate, Af'tor All. Young Lady (soon to bo married and wearing an apron from her tro issoaul— It is charraiiig, but not very practical. Cook—Why not? That is just the sort of apron that ladles wear on tho stage. Young Lady—But, there they only pretend to coolc. Ccok—And isn't it. just so with young married women? A Peripatetic niiin. Editor—Who is that bushy-headed individual trying to get in at the door below? onico Boy—That is Mr. Mctreinad. the poet. Editor—Go and turn the I'ey and let him come up. This floor wants mopping badly and his head is just th thing. But They Were His Own. '•What is tho matter, old fellow?" You look worried." "Well, I am—I'm being dunned up hill and down dale by my infernal creditors." "Oh, you owe a large sum of money?" "No, but a great many small sums, and debts are lllc-.i children—the smaller they (ire tlie jnoro bother they are." Ju fc One! "I have to catch the !:,'!!> train.'' said George, who was bidding adieu to Arabella. "Just one," ho added, .is h« looked at his watch and saw that the finger was cx&cilyon the hour. "I don't know whelhnr I ou2ht to let you, George," said Aiabella, who apparently misunderstood him, "but I guese you nmy have o:ic." No Notice Trtlc«n Of It. First, Tramp—I don't see why out names don't got inter tlie papers. Hill. Second Tramp—Why should they? I'irst Tramp— Well, I read to-day that a dinner wns given to some big gun in New York a day or two ago. We get dinners given to us every -day and nothing is ever said about it. Folks is prejudiced, T5I1I. Hound to Stay- . "There is ono solace left me at leasi," remarked tho nld farmer. "After all my Koys leave and go up to tho city, aftor tho pigs nnd the cat'Ja die, and everything else forsakes mo, there is at least one thing that will stick to tho old farm." , "Ami that Is—" "The mortgage." Ail Alarming; Discovery, Gns—Why. Algy, what Is tho matter? Aro you sick? Algernon,—No, ruy doah fellah, but I'm fwightencd iibout myself. A doctor told mu yesterday that the air is pwes- sing on mo with a pwessuro of fifteen pounds to !ho inch. That's a tcwwiblo thing, and I don't beliove I can stand it ranch longer! A VETERAN. I was wounded In the leg at the battle oPStone Siver, Deo. tflut, 1882. My blood was poisoned rom tho ellecta of the wound, and the leg welled to double its natural size, and remained so for many years. The poison extended to my whole system, nnd I suffered a thousand deaths. Notliing did me any srood.nnta I took Swift's Specific, \yhich took tlie poison out of my system, and enabled me to feel myself n man again. ' S. S. S. is the remedy for blood poison. JOHN CONWAV, London, O. Treatise on Blood and Skin Diseases mailed free. Smrr apBcmo Co.. Drawer 3. Atlanta. Go- B » Y CARRIAGES! Z mafce n PpccIaHy of manu^nctor- inic Baby Curriiiged to *ell direct loprkvutc part leu. Toucan, tlH-refore, do better with me tiian with a dealer. €nrrlajres Delivered Free of Charge trt nil pqintB.tn thi Tjtnrcil States "<JMAS. a RAISERT tWfr, f C2.64 ClvSourr. Avo., Cliicaao, H; CURES PERMANENTLY" SPRAINS and STRAINS. Atliletoa 1'rui.su It Highly. 650 Minna M_,fcun Francisco. Lul., May 3,1887, Some time ago, while a member of the Olympic Athletic Club, 1 npralucd my kuee sevuruly and sulTored agony, but wus Bpeedlly ana completely cured by St. Jacobs OIK JOHN QArOJUTT. Jumped from Engine. 0098.17th St., Omaha, Nub., Sept 2° 1853. 1 jumped from an engine In collision, and Btrttiuc'il my ankle very badly. I u-sed canei for weeks. St. Jacobs Oil completely cured nao. o. ROJlDKR. AT rmr.cfiiTs »ND DEALERS. THE CHARLES *. VOGELER CO.. Baltimore, IM. ELY'S Cream Balm Cleanses the Nasal Passage Allays JPaiii and Inflammation, HealstlieSores Kestores the 1 Sen sesot Taste] and Smell Try the Cure A particle Is applied Into each nostril and Is agreeable. Price 60 cents at drararistsrby mall, registered, so cts. ELY BBOTUEBS, 66 Warren St., New York. uuglOd&wtf"* MOORE'S They act la toe Blood. Pilules Absolutely Sure For Malaria, Chills, & Impure Blood exp«l dlae&ao germs, and Purify the Syatezri . C. C. Moore, 78 Cortland Bt N.7 They PositiveEy Cure. The Great Euattxli frc.criptloa. A successful Mtiiiicinu nsed over "^° years in thousands of cases. Cures Sperniatorrliea, Nervous*. Weakness,. £mititiioiia. Imputeitcy and all diseases caused by abuse.' indiacrecion, or over-eicrtion. [. ix packages Guaranteed to Curt- when ail other* fail. Auk your Drugghtt for 'i'l» Crent n»rll«k rreimrlnloii. take no substitute. One pockaeo f 1. Sir ?5, bv moll. Write far Pnmphlct. Address £ureka Cliuulcal Co., l>ctroit, iUiclu S»r sale by B. F. Keesllnt;. marStltwlr NEW ADVBSTISKU (•::«' J SUSHIOIK. Whispers heard. Coin- all Ktmr<ll«fall. 8oldlijr.ilISCOX. il, 6iO Br-dxij, Hn V.rl. WHU. for ko»L .[ pnwb VKKB PARKER'S HADE? Cleanses and beautifies the hair. Promotes a luxuriant growth* Novi^r F= <s to Restors Gray •Hairiaifs'Yculhful Color. ™ ------ ' HINDERCORNS. H* only sure (?nre for Corns. &tnps all pnln. Ensnrce comfort to the feet. J5c. »t Drupjrlfcta. HtsCHiitftCo.,N.Y, __ITT CONSUMPTIVE Rave you Coneli. Hn.nnlitti-i, Asttunn. Fiidinia-tionr U»e PARKER'S Olpjq tR TONIC, it has cured tlio wot'Ht casui^flLnd is tlmlx-Kt rtjuiwIT lur nJt llta (in^uiB from delectire nutrition. Take lu time. 60c. and SLOO CHICHESTER'B ENGLISH PENNYROYAL PILLS. Ilod Cross UJamond Brand. The only ntllablo nil! for eale. &mfq unl Bare. LndlcB* a&lc Druvadit for Uiu mo- IBrmdilrondtIn red meuilllobcxea,iBaled tithbluerlblxtn. Tukcno other. Scnd4c. f'Uunpa) for particular* and "Kellef for Ch«»icol Co.. MQ illBou ™a, , i'lilJiwia,P»-' MADE WITH BOILING WATER. EPPS'S GRATEFUL-COMrORTING. GOOOA MADE WITH BOILING MILK. UJMRODS M CURE ^ASTHMA Cafiufl, Hay Ferer, BipiMia, Wloopliig Croup ani Comon Colii Becnmmended tnr Ptiyniclani avd sold by Prug- gista eJiroufibout too world. Send tor Preo Sample. HIMEOD MANUF'G CO., SOLE PEOPEIBTORS, 191 FULTON ST.. NEW YORK. THEGLQRTOFMAN rSTRENGmVlTALlTY! C«B- ^. A. Scientific and Standard Popular Medical IfMtllt OB the Errors of Youth, Premature Decline, Kervoua nnd Phynlcul Debility. Impurities of the Blood, XHAUSTEDYlTALITY siiltiuir trom Foil}, Vice, Ignorance. ]ixci-«»e« or ertoxullon. Etiervatirigrarta unfltlln^ the victim or Work, Bi»fni-Ba, tile Married or Soci&l Relation. Avoid uuekllful pretender). POISCM thli great 7ork. It dontnini SOU page«, roynl 8vo. Boautlful md.ng. emboMed, full gilt. Price, only »1.HO by nnll, pout-paid, concealed In plain -wrapper. Illni- r.ntlve Pro«pectn« Free. If vpa apply now. The ilntiugnlDhed author, Win. H. Psrker, M. D-, t»- Dived the COLD AND JEWELLED MEDAL rom th« National Medical Association. or the PRIZE ESSAY on NERVOUS and 'HYSICAL DEBILITY. Dr. Parker and a corp* f AMlvtant PhyaieiaM may be coDanlted. conB' entlallv, by mall or In person, at the office of •HE PK.AKOItY JIEDICAT, IN8TITUTB, '0.4 Bnlflnch St., Ko«ton, Mas."., lowhomaU rdcra for booka or iettorfl for ndvlco thoaid M irected M abov*. PAST ALL PRECEDENT! A nvnr Two Mllllnnc ni Over Two Millions Distributed LSL Louisiana State Lottery Co. Incorporated by Hie Legislature, for Educational and Chiirltable purposes, and Its franchise made a pure of tli« pr»fer.t State Constitution, in 1879, bj an overwhelming popular vote. Its OIUND EXTRAORDINARY DRAWINGS takp place Semi-annual!/, (June and December) mid Its GRAND SINGLE NUMBER DRAWINGS tak« iilneii In each of the other ten months in the year, and arc all drawn hi public, at the Academy of Music, New Orleans, La. 'We do hf-rolij certify that <va supervise tlie arrangements for all the Monthly and seml-aunoal Drawing of thn Louisiana State Lottery Company niifl In m>rnon nmreigeand control the Drawings tfcpmsrtvps, and that tuesame are conducted wttE honesty, fairness and in Rood faith taward nil parties, and we authorize the Company to use this certificate, with fac a!miles of our signatures at tached. In Its advertisements." tAunmlsstoneni We the undersigned Banks and Bankers will pa; all Frizes drawn In The Louisiana State Lotteries which may be presented at car coun terf. K. M. WAliM8£,EY, Pres. JjoulKlau Xat'l I'res. l*tat« JVut'J liank A. BAJ.IMVIX I'rec. Biew Urteono Wnt'l Hunk CAUL HOI1\, I'rCM. rnlon IVuUouiU ICttnU MAMMOTH DRAWING At tlie Academy of Music, New Orleans, Tuesday, June 17, 1890. CAPITAL PRIZE, $600,000 lOO.OOOTic.ketH at !S4O: BSalvCN. SSO; <tuart<-rN. 81O; Hijrlnlis. 95:l'wru- HctliH, *^!: Font* tlm. *1 Oil. LIST OF I'RIZfS. 1 PRIZE Or.' $fiOO,OBO Is - SG8<>,OO r 1 FRI/E OF 200,000 la iJO.U.'O 1 PRIZE OF W'.lUOls lUU.OOU 1 PliW.K OF Cfl.OlXI Is 5U,WX) a PRIZES OF 20,liQO urn 40,0011 0 PHI7JSH OF 10.000 are 50,0(10 10 PRIZES OF 5.0IW «re 50,00» 25 PRIZES OF 2.i IX) lire S«.0t» I'O PRIZES OK ECO are BO.UfiO a.fl PRIZEa OF Utt) lire 11-O.iUO COO PRIZES OF 400 lire iOO.OM) APPROXIMATION PHIZEtf. 100 Prizes of $1,OIX) are $100.000 10(1 Prizes of SOO are SO.Otl 100 Prizes of 41* are 40,000 TWO KUHBEII TJJIUIIHALS. 1.998 Prizes ol S2JO are $890,600 .•i,144 Prizes amounting to sa.l 59.«O« AGENTS "WANTED. For Clul) Rates, or any timber Information <Je- slreil, WTlte legibly to the nnderslgiieU. clearly jtatlngiour residence with state, county, street and number; More rapid return mall delivery will lie assured by your enclosing an Envelops 'bear Inn your full address. IMPORTANT. Address «. A. DAUPHIN, Mew . . TV »*hine«on. O. <!. By ordinary letter, containing SI onoy Order Issued by all Express Compnme?. New York Exchange. Draft or Postal Note. Address Reolsleiert Lelters ContalElnq CurreJicy to NBW ORLEANS NATIONAL B.INK, Xew Orleans, LH. ••KKM HMH!-:«. that tlie payment of Prize* I* «,!V M!HA\T«- M»> 15V JPOVBJ VATIOKAI^ KAKKS4 of New Orleans, and the Tickets are sliriinl by tlie PrftFlrtent of an Instl tutlon, wluisc chartered rights are recognized In the highest Couna; therefore bewnro ol all Im nations or Himnyniows schemes." OS K It n I.^A K la the price ol the smallest part or fraction ol a Ticket jtXif*rKl> BV I'M In any Drnniiuc. Anythln? In our name offered for less tli.-m a Dollar is aswlndle. !?*• W. L. price are (Tamped on th« bottom. If the dealer cannot »vpply yo •end direct to fcwtorr, enclo»lntf price. W. L. DOUGLAS $3 SHOE GENTLEMEN. Fine Catr. Hoavr I^lced Grain and Creed- oooor Waterproof licnt in UIA trorld. Examine hli •3.00 GENUINE HAND-SET\-ET> SHOB. •4.OO HAND-SETVKD WK1T SHOE. ss.no vor.rcE AND FAKMKBS- SHOE. •2.50 EXTRA VAMIK iJAtP SHOE. 82.35 & «2 WORKING. CKM'S SHOES. 82.OO and Sl.75 HOYS' SCHOOl SHOK8. All made In Congress, Button and Xjace. $3 & $2 SHOES LA F D°IE3. SI. 75 SHOE FOR MISSES. Boat Material. Bent Srjle. Beit Firtln*. W. Z«. Doufflaa, Brockton. A£a«ft. field by For »nl« •>> J.B . U/U AT HAVE YOU TolTRADE? For some of tbe cbotcest lands In WBSXJ5KN KAK8AH, both clear and Incamdered, Improved and unimproved. t3T"8enu for Our l.l»iof i erty thfft we will KxchaA)|r« fov t-A.MJ, ' STOOK. Couoty,. , Addrns A, K. PAliK nal ue, MEN YOUNG, MIDDLE AC&D or, OLDJ I have a pwitlva rcrac^v for all dls«aa«tt resultlnr fromtrrcra of youth, indisore* ionaorexcosups; I will Bond p-irticul^ra withinatruc- loi^ f-*r p—tv" to cu"3 r t h-.*rr i n "11-j^-<tso Creo to any .. Vi-nf. n..T. ArrjoM, I>t.t.I3ompton,CiHMr flailllli? 0 ': TerriUirT irlven. ».n OR.SCOTT-E>. WANTED fcSS»«338" ---- ets. Sattplefr« to tbow ba. B »?«nui. So risk, quick ' , . i (ruurantrnd. Addrefl.t narf'-^f.- «t N V PERFECT MANHOOD. £waH&^^^&*£s» HOOTS. 8 to8: Hnnrt.ia o???i tat i C 'S.?'' eo ""W SHCreO. .__ „ • - CLARKE, NI. D., 186 B. Clark St.. CHICAGO, III. Health is Wealth, Di, E. O. WeatU Herre ana Brain Xre«hu* ull . Tnlslooi, nti, NerTon» NeoralKla, BeadacbK. Kervou. rrm.tr.tlon canned, by tie we of alcohol or tooacoo, naketilaeM, KraUl Depression, Sott- •nlug of tbe Briin waiting la Intuit; and leedC »"£ to mlasrj i*™*' **fl <<•»«>. Premmtiire Old Age, E«rr»nn«M, Eon 'of power In either eex. Involunlarj Louei tod gperaatorrhoet ojnwdtaf o»« -exertion of the brain, Mlf-«t»e or onr-li- aoJgroca. Each bei otmtalne one month'* treatment. »1.00 » b«i, or nil bran • .for 15.00, eent b» mell prepaid on reeelpt of price. WE GUARANTEE SEC BOXES To cure u> gut, with each order iw~ Jred b jent the parohaier onr written gnarc -»«to*refmi tbe money If the treatment doee not effect a cure aearanteeilHnedonl) b> B. » ••—••- - • • TOPS AL3. uniiatTjruI <Jisciiarg-es in 2<ft Iiodrs. Gket Goiiorrfiea ill 3 days. NoStrictttrc No Fain. SURE Adopte manGovernm«riWor Hospital &Armyuae P.S.C. is put up for American trade in a patent bottle holding syringe (see cut) At druggists, $1,00, |Tho Von BoMComRaDr, Cincinnati. Cfr B F. KEESLIitG, Igeut. l.resnifti oit, Ind. JOSEPHCILLOTTS STEEL PENS GOLD MEDAL fAJUS EXPOSITlOlf 187SJ Nos. 303-4O4~f7O-6O4. LADiES Do Tour Own Dyeing, at Borne. • Th • jr "ill dye everything. They ore sold cTery- where. Price IOC. c packajic. Tlieyhareno«iu»l for Strength, Brtiriitns*! *r.ionnt in Pnokagei orforPirt'i .,-(!.' ''I. In r • .if. •'•• 'inp Qualities. ThcyrlO" r . • •• ''••vral.iby B«n Finhfir. Rll Fourth street. PERKINS & S3.OOSBOE - FDR EENTLEMHtT. The only Fine Calf Seamless i$£i.OO Shoe in the world "with a smooth Innersole. No Tacks. Hails or Beany Seam of Thread to hurt the Feet and wear out StoclHngs: unequalled for style, durability and wear; made by iirst-class worHieit Every Pair Warranted to give the purchaser perfect satisfaction. None Genuine unless Stamped on Sole, ^ «ERK!NS 4 JOYCE $3. SHOE WARRANM fW. M. GBAFF1S, Loganspcrt Ind SWISS CONDENSED MILK CO RIGI BRAND GENUIKE SWISS CONDENSED MILK, Guaranteed the richest nnd iinrest. milk man- factnrpd, tontalnlnp over in per cent, of buttet Children and Invalids will thrive wonderfully, wnfl famlllee will flnd Its use more economics^ than ordinary cows Hillk. K<-c your grocer KITPS yoa •nniilne Blgl Swiss CoiuIenFOd Milk. Import Igent, JAMBS P. SMITH, New York and Chicago. I A JTEW POS1T.IVK CUJUE FOB BRIGHTINE DIABETES, nirlAll'TA * Correspondence I •ollcted, viluablo I Jifonnatlon free. T OiUil dlKouot to Mmde. l>lsoaso luiti kindred nilmente. WMT. T. J.IXDJL'EY Jt CO., >8 LaSullc Street. - - Clilouro.II>. FOR MEN ONLY! BlmTrlllioWMil.C >r «fUU» rj from SO lv* ••«&, eivlu»tUQ and prdoriuultf4<»*aJc^ftfl*. ERIK bebtCAI. CO., BUFFALO, N.Y. A Chicago druggist retailed "2000000 of B. P. Keesling Hud Cullori & Co.,solo Agents in Lograusporf. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS; for Sale br LeadlnB Daalero. E'S a tfplsly ty WBI. BA3S22, Srcy, S.

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