Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 30, 1898 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, May 30, 1898
Page 5
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^^^^^^•••^—•^^••11 I •J^—— John Gray's —COBXEB ON— HIS ANNUAL -Bed Quilt Sale-- We are now showing Spreads in white and colors, including Bates Crochet Quilts, Satin and Marseilles Spreads. Sale to continue until all are sold. Come early and get first choice. Lawn mowers, screen doors and •windows, refrigerators, ice cream freezers, fishing tackles, hammocks and all kinds of builder's hardware at Hardware Store, 408 Broadway. SETHM. VELSEY Loans Money at 6 per cent. Makes Abstracts and -writes Fire, Tornado and Plate Glass Insurance. HBJSIRY The Merchant Tailor, lorn flnt class work. Stylish and well flt- Hng clothes ro»de. Cleaning: and repairing neatly done . See him . 324 Pearl Street W. J. BARNETT, Successor to C. L. Woll. Undertaker, Embalmer, Funeral Ttif^ftnt- «7 Market street. Calls attended INreCIOr dayomignt. The finest outfit in the TJ. S.Col. C. L. Woll, will remain with me. rk»Jae»—Office le.Realdence-Mu. 65: 0. 0.168. DR. C. D. EVEBSOLE'S DB2TAL PALLORS Orer Porter's New Drug Store. Corner of Fourth and Market Streets. DR LIDfl LEISURE. Office in Reiidence 813 Market Street. Hbeum»tiin> *nd Children Specialties. of Women and Dr- Ei- ©• Hunt, -DENTIST- All the latest ilscoverteg In medlolne and appliances to relieve pain in extraction or flll- ln* of teeth. Modern methods, modern prices, on Fourth 8 treet. C TelfcBhone No. 338. MONEY to LOAN any body on large sums. Geo. B. McConnell & Monnell $50,000 6 per cent Money to Loan. Call now Office Opposite Court House. DAILY PHAROS MONDAY. MAY 30, 1898^ CITY NRWS Mr. Edvrard Parion of Peru on friends here yesterday. Especially adopted for railroad n€tw parent overalls and jumpers tie most practical thlujr of che kind. Trie lighting jumpers and overalls. Stop In, ask to see them at the Trade Palace. Price $2.00 a suit. "William Grace, the Market street donhie>r. is in. receipt of a piece of meral from one of the six-inch rapid •firms s«ns on the I". S. Ship Maine. blown tip in Havana harbor. The zim •vras just over the poinr -whore the explosion occurred. It is n flat piece of metal, and was a part of tihe trainm? jrear. Hal Smith, of J. D. Taylor's Jewelry store, is engaged in easrravrn:: '•Remember the Maine," upon the relic, wiuch TVSS sent ro 'Mr. Grace by . Oarles Swigart of Washington D. C. DEATH OF MRS. STEITZ. Mrs. Join Stettz of Winainsc died yesterday morning at five o'clock. Tho funeral will be held tomoTTo-w at 9 a. m. Th« deceased -was a sister of Mrs. Mary Dickerhoff awJ'iras w«fi fcnewn here. • ' . KEPT GREEN Is the Memory of Departed Heroes. i. General Obsenranee of Memorial l>ay in Logaoeport. Exercises Held at the Sink and at «t. Hope Cemetfrj. Nothiug could possible be more im- prt-ssivt- totlay than the exercises \vhich keep green the memory of the nation's heroes, who rest lx- jicath rhe .sod. They tell of the uudy- iui; love ol' country, a.nil win-dally :ii this time, when tin? living :ire battling with a foreign foe- to obliterate oppression, tlo they wnieiit more rjiinly the ties of freedom ;iud brotherhood. A people thus 1»onml to getlier will main- Lain their ^ovi-niuieJH as Jouc; as the would >hall -lasi. Following is i:he programme of the impressive wu'rdses held iji this city ihis afternoon, at the rink and at Ml. Hope i-eillcicry. The prograru at the rink: Assembly call by the bugle. Music. Announcements by Post Commander Music. 7novation by Chaplain, Eev. E. S. Si-mans. Music. Address by George A. Gamble. Music. The parade will be formed at 3:30 p. m. in the following order, under the command of the grand marshal, WU- li-am M. Stewart and bis assistants: Squad of Police. Klks' Band. Logan Greys, Capt. George P. Chase. Patriarchs Militant, Capt. J. D. Allison. Knights of St. John, Capt John R. Fox. Knights of St. George, Capt. Charles Buhl. Knights Pyithias TJ. R., Captain Thos. Wilder. Independent Order Red Men. Logansporc Artillery Company, Capt. S. A. Vaughn. Logansport Post, G. A. R. with school children. CaiTiages witli Col. T. H. Brlnghurst and. the officers and past officers of the Ladies of the G. A. R. and Woman's Relief Corps. All citizens in carriages will form in rear of the above carriages. The police, band. Knights- Pythias Pa'triorc'hs MilititajJ* will constitute the first division and wai .form.-, on. Street, south of Broadway, uiie ght resting on Broadway. The St. Mathew and St. George commaiulertes, Kn'ights of St. John Independent Order of Red Men. Tine Logausport Artillery company. The Logausporit Post G. A. R. with school children: will constitute the socond dJvLsJon and will form on Broadway east of Sixth street right resting on Sixth street. The carriages wfll form on Broadway west of Sixth street, right resting on Sixth street, and will constitute the third division. The column will march north on Sixth street to the cemetery wnere the following program will be executed: The Ritual of the G. A. R. The service of .the W. R. C. The service of the Ladies of the G. A. R. dollars. Even before .this several attempts had been made to rob the parsonage. Last Wednesday night when one of die minister's sons arrived home he .saw a man working -at one of the windows and promptly gave chase but the fellow got away. The screen had been cut and he would soon, hare effected mi entrance. Saturday night all rhe screws were taken out of the screen at one window and the thief was probably frightened away by j^mie eutxrpi'Ksing burglar. He will be givca a warm recejvtion by some of rhe minister's family -and there wOl be a •hot time in. diait neighborhood soou if his visits continue. INDIANA EDITORS. BURGLARS LIKE Rev. Terminsteiu's Home—Two tempts Mil do to Rob Him Last Week. At- Rev, Termiaistein is having exp-i- ience with burglars which seldom falls to the lot of rhe average minister and gives him cause to place gattling gun? within the walls of his home. Some time aw mention was made in this paper of a. robbery which occurred while Rev. Temninsteiii was conducting a service in Iris church, of how thieves eiiteivd his home and purloined property to the value of several hundred The cake box is not to blame* your cake dries «p quickly, lock to your taking powder. Bread and cake made -with Qereland's taking; powder keep their natural freshness and fiaror. Their Meeting at Lafayetn? an Enjoyable One, Tlie mid-summer meeting of the Indiana liemor-r.iuc Editorial association was held at Lafayette last week. Then- was a largo attendance of the lejjdin;: Demwra-tic editors from all parts of the state, nearly every city iM-'ing represented. On Thursday evening a reception was tendered at the Lafayette club rooms and tho ladies in attendance- were eiuterwined in the afternoon by Mrs. Helen M. (tongar. Bot'h events WTO enjoyable. On Friday morning the editors were conveyed to thi> Indiana SoKLiers Home a.nd a business meeting was ilielil in rho assembly hall of the home. An address of welcome was delivered by Col. Isaiah B. McDonald one of the trustees, to which Hon. Royal E. Purcell, president of the Democratic Editorial association 1 TeKponded very appropriately. F. .D. Haimbaugli of the Muncie Herald gave a ta-Mc on "Advertising Rales" w*hich drew out a lenghuhy disciissio-n. Hon. Samuel E. Morss. editor of the Indianapolis Sentinel read a paer on. "Parisian Newspapers" which was. intently listened to. After the regular programme was dis]H>sed of, the -members' of the association visited Tevumseb Trail, a romantic spot adjoining the grounds of -the Soldiers Home. At this point Col. Richard P. DeHart delivered a brief address reviewing the events of the 'tinue wheai the Indians inlhabited the valley of the Wabash an«l 'held sway between Fort Wayne and Terre Haute. Tlie Indian Trail which passes 'through the grove now set apart as a. park, can still be plainly seen al- rhogOi it has: been years since an Indian passed: over it. Tecumseh Trail is five miles northeast-of Lafayette on the west bank of the Wabash. Dinner was provided for fhe visitors at. ; the Soldiers Home ire a. dining hall that 'has a seating capacity for 500. Laiter in tine day Purdue University wa.s visited and the different deparl.- raeiits of this great educational institution Inspected. Purdue.js.a university the fa.me of which 1 'lias reached beyond the seas. It is one of the leading agricultural colleges of tlhe world and a credit to the state tthat has given it en co ura gem en f. In the evening 'Mrs. Helen M, Gougar delivered a. lecture-at- tho .TaV-k-son club rooms on Cuba and on- Saturday flip visitors wer given a carrra.ge drive That took in all the points of interest within the limits of the "Star" citv. FLOWER MISSION. Work of the Woman's Temperance Union. . May :!0—Editor Pharos: Anoi'hfr day ha* l>een set apart for Ui<> distribution of tiowras. this day. for tihe dfti.il but the living, for fnun rbe sifk:vnd nfflieiiHl conies a cry. a lonsriui; for a remtvnibrance. a token of affection, ami TO sn'airify This desire rbe Otli of .Tune has been set apart by rbe Wnir.e.a's Chrisriao Temperance union a* a sinx-ial day of. rc-membrnnce to the ]ioor. i be sic-k and tbose in any •way liei-envi^d. Tliis work is carried on- ube year through by the local super- intendeins and many are the testimon- i:ils of gratitude and rhe wish is that on this clay of all the year stio-nld be an oiitpourinij of friendly good vrill to all. To the poor a, well filled basket is most acceptube and to a. friend tbe exquisite tenderness of the rose. W. C. T. U. Tfants Simpson in ConRT**5. -VTa?hir.glon. May 30.—In response to liis offer to return to Ka.n=as and raise a resriment of soldier? under the president's second call for troops Representative Simpson, of Kansas, has received a telegrrain from Governor Leedy of that state, in Tvhioh he says that he is "inclined to believe. In c-ommon Tvith other citizens of the state of Kansas, and especially with thr citizens of the Seventh district, that «> would prefer that you should remain in your present position durins the present crisis of the ajffairf of our country-" 1^i*o More >Ii*siouaries Ma«*acr*d- London, May 30.—The governor of Sierra Leone cables to the colonial office here tha: Rev. and Mrs. McGraw. the American missionaries, were massacred about May 8 at Taiwa, near the seen* of the other massacres. vi*«at Test of Kiifrln feismarck. N. D., May' CO.—The east pier of the bij: bridg-e of the Northern Pacific railroad, \veiphing over J.000.000 pounds, v/as moved from its foundation Sunday afrernoun ana slid-on rollers to a new foundation, a distance of nearly four feet. The pier was sixty feet high twenty-five feet wide and twelve feet in diameter, built of solid granite. The entire time occupied in moving the pier wa.s less than a minute, the engineers beins: assisted by a slide of earth which slid the entire mass along: the steel rollers provided for that purpose in time so short as to be phenomenal. Irish Athletic Clnb Emblem. "After due consideration," says Jem Mitchell, "the Irish Athletic club has decided that the crest of the new organization will be a red hand supported on each sidy by the wings <>f Mercury. The red hand wus the family crest of the world famous Clan O'Xeill, a body of tritJinien that for centuries proved the only obstacle to the English subjection of rhe Green Isle. The emblem, while being consistently patriotic, is at the same time emphatically symbolic of strength, fighting powers, speed and athletic agility, and is undoubtedly the ideal adornment that should decorate e breast of a modern Irish athlete." You Can Tell by the Shoes A great many people look at your feet first—judge your charaster by your shoes. Stylish, well-fitting aristocratic .ooking shoes cost no more than the other kind— If you go to the right store. Come In and look-at our new stock and learn the prices. We can please and surprise you. We have the largest and most selected line of men's fine shoes in t&o and black In Willow calf, Russia ialf and vlci kid on the latest style lasts at at (3.50. Gall and see them. Elias Winter .--,.--THE- - We will still be after slieeps wool for two weeks and do our best to lead the procession in' prices,Weights' and grading.: Chicken feed and binder twine a specialty for the month of June. We .also retail baled hay and straw, corn,oats., bran, middlings: flour and millet seed. Mr. Conover-will be in Galveston again Tuesday to take in wool. Markets are so wild I will not quote prices, but will pay every cent it is" 1 worth. Thanks for Favors—* W. E. Hurd. "M" ('~) / T N When you have your teeth filled here. By the use of my "Fountain Cuspidor" the saliva Is ejected from the moL'th without annoyance to the patient or delay to the operator . All the latest electrical appliances for speed and painless work. J. V. IRELAND, DENTIST, Over The Bee Hive. Lady Attendant $2 t $2 Excursion to Milwaukee Saturday, June 11, —VIA— SPECIAL TRAIN AND STEAMER Train will leave Vandalia Station a S. p. m. connecting 'with steamer City of Milwaukee at St. Joseph. Returning steamer will leave Mil •waukee at 8 p. m. Sunday, June 5th,con nectiag with Yaiidalia special train »• St. Joseph,-that .wdll reach Logaaspor ab«ut 7-a. m. Monday. The Smoker's Landmark FOR TEN YEARS THE SMOKERS IN INDIANA HAVE VAINLY TRIED TO "FIND A FIVE-CENT CIGAR AS GOOD AS They have filled. They vlB fill the more In 1S9S. for CUBANOLA is now the only Five- Cent Cigar t hit has* LONG HAVANA Filler A. Kiefer Drug Co. Indianapolis PERFECT HARMONY AT HOME is desirable with this season In the dress of your roooms In decorations and furnishings, and no ( W is the season for light, gracelul and Summery effects In furniture. We have exquisite parlor suits, lounging chairs, divans, rockers'and setters that look cool and restful, and will make your pocket book feel restful, too, when you see the prices. ASH & 425 and 427 Market Our Big Stock of fresh, stylish wallpaper offers you rare opportunities for eoon- iny and satisfaction. We have many grades and many jrices. The paper that exactly fits your needs is euro to to be here, and r ery likely it will cott you but a frac- ion of the price you expected to pay- Logansport Wall Paper Company. Commencing May 1st, and continuing until Oct. 1st., 1898 the summer rate on Kesidence Heaters and grates is as follows: $1.88 Heaters ''.,-. . ..500 per month , ,-.. 2.25 " .... i.'..-75c " *' Grates and open front-stoves 75c '*' " Special Rates on Furnaces and Business Heaters upon, application. All bills are due and payable at the Company's office betwee* the 1st and 10th, of each month. • Valley Gas Co. NEW STEEL PASSENBER STEAMER*. SPEED, COMFORT AND SAFETY Th» «r*H«ii Pirttc- ' tlonntittaU)*! In B«ztC«n«tnMli*n: Luxurious . Equipment, Artlitle F*r- To Detroit, Mackinac, Georgian Bay, Petoskey, Chicago i«"«»^' m>rat ' Mftt Bctwren Cleveland, Put-ln-B*y and Toledo. Ton- Trip, ftr TfMk B«wn. Toledo, Detroit and Mackinac rnOSSIT, "THE 800." MAgqtXTTZ JIST1 DCll'TH. LOW RITES u> PUt«r««*|a* E»«UB»e »»<J Brtarm, i«ludlm^ M«*U m*4 B*rti«. AyprM- «J1; Cn>» BrtrrJl, f18.id. Bend sc for nimtrated Pmmphlet. Address A. A. •CKAMTZ. •. r. »., D»T»I01T, HICK. , r. . , DETROIT AND CLEVeiAND | .BO ^k DlmUM. Conncctjou* *rt m»d* «t Clvre2«a4 »itk Eiriint Irt-a for >ll point* E«M, Soiflh . Xonb wid Xorthweit. ".£5^ EVERY WOMAN • maim J "-"* ——""T —ir lj * i "T -•"•*•• <MriM*Mii Dr. 1>oaI*S Ponayrojfa» PHU For Sale by Ben Fisher.

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