Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 28, 1898 · Page 23
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 23

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 28, 1898
Page 23
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Arrangements have been perfected for a line of Semi-weekly Pullman Vestibuled, Double Drawing Room, and Sleeping Cut between St. Louis and Lo sAngeles, CfcL, running through without change. These care -will leave St. Louis every Wednesday and Saturday night at 9 :00 p. m., arriving at Los Angles, Saturdays mud Tuesdays at 5:50 p. m. A Buffet Smoking Car and Dinning Car are attached to this train at Kansas City, run- oing through to Pacific Coast -without change. Only three days from Logansport to Los Angeles, via this line. For berth reservations etc., call on or address Logansport, Ind. Do !OD Love THE NEW WAY. \T7QMEN used w to think "female diseases " could o n 1 y bo treated sfter "loc a 1 examinations" by physicians. Dread of such treatment kept thousands of modest women lilent about their suffering. Thein^^^ troduction of Wine of Cardul has now dernon- itrated that nine-tenths of all tlie cises of menstrual disorders do not require a physician's attention at all- The simple, pure II «o woure one of the latest and prettiest Two-Steps of the day, by mailing Ten Cents (illyer or stamps) to cover mailing anu posv ace, to the undersigned for a copy of the BIG FOUR TWO-STEP (Mark envelope "Two Step.; We are giving this music, which is regular Bfty-oent sheet music, at this exceedingly low »«, for the purpose of advertising, and test- Ing the value of the different papers as adver- tnin« mediums. E. 0. McCormicfc, Passenger Traffic Manager, "Big Four Kouto." Cinoin- UtU 0. Mention this paper when you write. Station. Tralne Run rjy Central Time il 7OtW>W» I • DailT. t Dull!. »o»pt 8 ,in4*7. CHICAGO DIVIBIOK DATLT. LM-re for Chicago's:* a a;*6:00 a m;1:26 p m pm;*l:40pm;*8:16pm BBABTOKD AND COLTOBTJB. LMte for Bradford -1:10 a m: t7-40s m; Arme^Braoford •9:45..*: tWSO am; *1:20 p m; t4:15 p m. irrNZB DIVISION. LMTe tor Mtaer W:15 a m; t»:09 a m- «:05 p m «1:45 p m: 8:80 a m Sunday only. RICHMOND AND CINCINNATI. IJMT« for Blohmond -US :55 am ; t5 :80 a m ; «1 :06 d -SiSOanH <U:OOs m •l:50pm;tlO:50pm. IKDIANAPOUS AND LOUIBYILLa. I^TBtorLoulBTllle lZ:46am:*l:10p m. - AjrlT* from Louisville *2:« a m: •!:« P m. J. A. MCOTLLOUGH, Agent, Logangport, Ind. own home insures quick relief and speedy cure. Women peed not hesitate now. Wine of Cardui requires no humiliating examinations for its adoption. It cures any disease that comes under *he head of "female troubles"—disordered menses, falling of the womb, "whites," change of life. It make* women beautiful by making them well. It keeps them young by keeping them healthy. $1.00 at the drug store. For advice In cases regulrinr special directions, address, tfvlnz symptoms, thj " Ladles' Advisory Department, The Chittanc-Xi Medicine Co.. Chatta- noopu Tena. *. L ADDI.SOH, M.D., Cary, KIsi., iiy*J "I use Wine of Cardul extensively In my prictlee and Ond it a most excelUnl pr«p»r»Uon for femalB trouble*." Notice of Application. Nntiee is hereby given that the undersigned will apply to tbe bi ard of county commissioners of UBS county. Indiana at the June term 1698, to be begun and held at the court house in Loganeport. Indiana, on Monday, June 6, 189sTlor a "oenee to sell spirituous vinous acd malt liquors In less V°«u™ vinous acd malt liquo than a quart at a time, and to be drank the premises where sold. The place where the same are to be sold Is known as No. 119 Front street, and is situated «i the south twenty-one feet of lot number nine (9. in J . u. Shulte' second addition to Logansport. Indiana; tnat the building thereon situated and in which said liquors are to be retailed is pan brick and part frame.one story hi»a and about ninety feet deep and fronts on Front street. I also give notice that 1 will apply to said board for the privilege of keeping and operating pool tables in such room, -w ll-wed-.it, J OHS 0 .V AFGHAN WOMEN.' Hljrb Ca»te Mother" H«T« • Lonely Time of It. If there are any women in the world who have a right to die of ennui, it is . those poor creatures of Afghanistan, • the upper-class dames. They spend | their days doing absolutely nothing, i for they disdain sewing, cooking and general household duties; they leave :he care of their children to slaves, and they can neither read nor write. Generally in a rich house there is one chief slave, a sort of housekeeper, rather a grand person, whom it is always wise to concilitate if you intend having many dealings with that establishment. In summer she is always dressed in purest white; in -winter, velvets and brocades are not beyond her reach. She is generally an elderly per- jon, with considerable influence and a tjood deal of authority. ^ Then there is another who Is a sort of maid to the lady of the house; she la another person with whom it is not wise to quarrel; she is always very much ia evidence. She it is who prepares everything for her mistress' toilet, as also for her master's. It is the wife's special duty and privilege, however, when'the things are prepared, to wait upon ner husband when he is dressing, to pour the water over his kands and feet, during his religious washings, to spread his prayer carpet, to put his favorite dish before him, and so on. It is difficult to appreciate the ex,act position of these Afghan women until ona sees the way in which mothers are treated by their sons. They way nurse them when they are sick, tend them when they are young, but let the boys grow to be eleven or twelve years old, and you will hear tiem tell their mother to "chup sho" (shut up), send them to fetch their caps and expect to be addressed by the mothers as "agha gul," or "agha jon," which means, "my precious master," master dear." Cabal mothers seldom have much Rftection for their children or their children for-them; they do not nurse them as babies, and their babyhood is a particularly long one, for they are rery backward. They belong to their nurses more than to their mothers till they are two and a half years old, and after that it is their father who notices them and not their mother. (JO. BASt «OU»D, 1 Ba»tem Express dally »•» » ?> I Matl and Express dally »•« • n 4 Atlantic Express daily iT-i, 10 Fort Wayne AccoKx Sunday.... 6-.J3 P m M Local Freight Ex Sunday i:18 P m mBT BOTTHD. 5 We«tt>ro Express dally 10:24 p m 1 Fast Mall Dally «;« P m 7 Mall and Express dally 2:40 p m 6 Pacific Express dally... !*;« ? m 11 Decatur AcooBx-Sundav v.g a 16 Local Freight Ex-Sunday - <•» a Jiotice of Application The undersigned hereby gives notice to th citizens of Eef township, Casscounty, mdianu that he will apply to the boa.d ot comim-pion- ers of said county and state, at their June term,lh9S,for a Ik-ensctofellspirituous vinous, male, ano intoxicating liquors in less quantity than a quart at a time, wilh the privilege of aaowhfs the same tr, be drank on the prem- iVe* where sold. My place of business where said liquors are to be sold and drank. 18 located in a two story frame building known as No. SOJ Broadway, fronting twenty teet o-; said street, and running north 100 feet. with a ten loot ceiling, said building being located on part of lot number thirty-two, in John Tipton's first addition to Loganspnn. Cass county, Indiana, 1 also give notice that 1 will apply to said board for the privilege of keeping and operating pool tables in e ML Rfc a m BITTO DIVISION. WBSTeiDa, BMWM3 LOOANSPOB1 AMD OHTLI. W»ST BODSD. ..... ........ - 8:«0 a. m p. » 8:06 a. » 8:« p. a BAST BOtJHD ..—Leave* Leave* V AND ALIA LINE. Time Table, In effect Deo. 5, 18S7. Leave Lo«m«*port, FOR THE NORTH Indiana. Notice of Application. The undersigned hereby gives notice to the citizens of Bel to»nBhIp, Cass county, Indiana, that he will apply to the bourd of commissoo- ers of caid county and state, at their June term ISStti. for a license to sell si^irituous, vinous, malt and intoxicating liquors in less quantity than a quart at a time, with the priv- iWe of allowing the same to be drank on the premises where sold. My place of business wberc eaid liquors are to be sold and drank, is located on the ground floor of a two story brick building at the southeast corner of Broadway andThirostieets. fronting 20 rent on Third street and 401* feet on Broadway. th» room havlnp a ten foot celling, and being located on part of lot No. 66. o,d plat of l.opansport. Cats county,Indiana. GEORGE W. BUST. May 14, 4-sat. Street R«Ulw«.y Ownership. Municipal ownership of street railway properties is making such strides in Great Britain that it seems only a question of time when ownership by private corporations will be a thing of the past. In Blackpool, Hudders- fleld, Hull, Leeds, Plymouth, Sheffield and Glasgow all the street car lines are operated by the city authorities. In thirty other cities, Including Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Edinburgh and London, the municipjjit- ies own or operate a part of the lines •within their limits. In Cardiff and Southampton the change to municipal ownership will probably be completed before the end of the present year. In various other cities the street railway tracks belopir to the municipality and are leased for 10 much per mile, with a percentage oa gross earnings. It is a cardinal feature of British street railway grants that no charters are ever extended beyond twenty-one years. Application for License. Notice is hereby priven that I, the under- Bicned, will make application st the regular June term. 1S9S. of the board of commissioners of Cass county, Indiana, for a license to sell spirituous, vinous and malt liquors m less quantities tbar a quart at a time, with the urivilegeof permitting the eame to be drank Sn the premises where sola. The premises whereon said liquors are to be sold and drank are situatvd in 11 three-story brick building- as No. 814 Market street The room kntas o. wherein said liquors are to be sold. ana dnink is located on the ground floo- with X> loot frontage rn Market street, extending north on an allev 100 fef-t, and huo al4 foot ceiling, a 1 ' sub di- Ewinp'8 sub di portTsecona' ward,~EeVtown8hip._Cag8 county No 14. ..S:OS a m ...._4U:4U a. m. :™™:. *« p- »• FOR THB SOOTH. .7:05 a. m. s:—I:::::"':.:.'.:.....".. -2=18p-m. No 15 Arrive Vroro the north 9:00 p m for complete Time Card, g1vln.fr all tralni •5rtatiSnl?Mdif or full information a* to MM*, through oars, etc., addresi 1. C. MDOBWOBTH, ag«nt, Lc*»nrport. 07 • 4. FORD. General PaMenger Ag«nt. Ht, LOUU. 1(0. , being located on lot No. 7, in Ew vision of lot* 51 aud 52 original plat to Logans- nship. FRANK islon ot ort. Sec Indiana. K. & W. Time 1 able, Peru, Ind. flolid train* between Peoris »n,,. •OdlndJanapolUand Michigan. Dlreot oon- Motion* to and frojn all point* In the United and Canada. •JUUYB 86WH BWKI) DBPABT Ko a Indianapolis Sip dally.J:" » m O:»»mHo2S " Mall*Kxp-ll:S8 ft m (daily eioept Sunday) No 36 Indpl's Kip ei Sun.... S :28 p m «:10 p m No 29 Paasenger eieept feun Ho 151 Boohester locfU arrive :<5 p m except Sunday, NORTH BOCJTD. GUIDE TO WASHINGTON, 0. C, Sent Free To Teachers and Tourists. It contains special information abi.ut placcsjof interest, also complete and comprehensive map of the National Capitol, time of through trains to Washington via Pennsylvania Short Lines, aud reduced rates over that route for the National Educational Association meeting in July. Just the thing for teachers and any one iroing to Washington. Address "W. "W. Kichardson, District Passenger Asent,Indianapolis,Ind.. enclosing 2 cent stamp- The guide is worth much more. New €»e For Electricity. It is proposed to employ the electrical deposition of metalic substances In the formation of the frames used to mount sections of prismatic gla*s, so as to unite them to form large toeets for -windows. According to the Chicago Chronicle, the section* «• mounted loosely in frames of thin riboon or wire, forming the "cathode," and near them, acting as the "anode," is a similar framework of the metal, of which the electro-deposited frame is to be formed. The metal is deposited along the -wires, between them and the glass, until a complete grid or frame is formed, -which holds the portions of glass firmly together in one piece. ADVERTISED FOR BURGLARS B« Wanted Them to Call and St«al HIi Talnabl* Helrloonw- A man rushed into the business office of one of the Chicago daily papers and stopped at the advertising window. There he secured a pad of paper and a pencil with, a string to it. He wrote and erased, and then tore up what ha ad written, chewing the fragments avagely while he made another copy. "There," he said, at last, as he thrust he paper into the hand of the adver- isi.ig clerk, "count the words and tell me what they will cost for one insertion—I reckon that will fetch them." Inis was the advertisement: "Burglars are requested to call some night this week on Mr. and Mrs. Erasus Brown, 200 Ash court A door and window will be left open, and every acility offered for removing the polls." 'But this is a very unusual form of advertisement," said the clerk, with a roubled look. "I don't know whether 0 put it under'the head of personal or educational. What is your motive, may I ask?" "My motive," said the advertises, "Is to get rid of an awful incubus of nherited truck without any responsib- lity fastened upon me. I might burn :he house down, but in that case I would be expected to save the heir- .ooms or perish with them. Say, poung man, were you ever the viclim of a legacy?" "No," said the clerk, with a friendly jrln. "What a funny question." No old maid aunt ever died and left i a dozen battered silver teaspoons that had came down from Oliver Cromwell?" "Never!" "Lucky chap! Never bad a solid sll- rer punch bowl bequeathed to you^by a bibulous old uncle who was a disgrace to the family while he lived, but promised to return and haunt you if you didn't entertain his comrades one* a. year out of that bowl?" "I should say not." "Nor a great-grandmother who left you a silver soup ladle with a coat of arms of some unknown dead and gone ancestor, which must be placed under your pillow every night for safe keep- Ing?" "No," said, tbe clerk. "I belong to plain, everyday people, and we haven't 1 coat of arms to our backs." "Be thankful, young man; you little realize what a blessed lot Is yours. To :rown our misfortunes, another relative died in Paris last M^k and left us her diamonds. But I draw the line at diamonds, and so does my wife. We take turns now sitting up with the sil- er. After the burglars come and clean as out we shall begin to live Put that advertisement in a good place, and I'll et you know if we hear from it 3'long." _^____^_ ' Breed Insjr Pnre-Bred Poultry. While it is true that the first cross between two well-established breeds secures a fowl valuable for egg-proauc- tion or for fine flesh it must not be forgotten that auch fowls can never be depended on as breeders. Yet they are almost universally kept until the flock becomes so monfrtl that it cannot be relied upon for anything. Far better result* in the long run will b« sfijured, by taking some well-established braad and keeping to it. There I» no n«o«6- sity for trying to make a breed with fancy points. But in every pure-bred flock there will be some birds that revert to their original types. These should every year be killed off. Then the fowls will continue to show the effects of good breeding, and a due proportion of the birds will show the fancy points that tfcfce tie eye of ppul- try judges, and most of the prizes at exhibitions. SLEPT LIKE A CHILD. Gained Twenty-Seven Pounds in Four Weeks. The Story ol a Soldier. from the TYatwcripi, Peorio, IU. No man rich tier of is tne centre, tou, of PrincevUIe, Harrington has tra on profitable journeys as an itinerant mer- cnait and everywhere he goes he is given a heartv welcome by the people who depend upon'his visits for the purchase ot the necessaries, and some of the luxuries, o! lite. Mr Harrington is a veteran of the war, and from this fact is made tbe remarkable experience which he related at the irans- cript office recently. His story, tellui.v' ol the evils of which the Civil \Sar was hut the beginning in his own, and in thousands of other cases, was as follows: . "I served three years in the 124tr. Illinois, enltaine at Kewmiee. 11!- 1 was in Libby Prison and suffered, like many another >orin- ern soldier. Until recently I was a member ofthePrincevillePost.oitheti.A.lv. "The strain of army lite did us work m undermining my health, lapse did not come for years. ._. r had increased ia weight, from 119 pounds to 1 -16 pounds. This greatly surprised my friend^ who thoissht tny case was a hopele i or.e. I « Ito uivu;;in »«.' *-—--*• ••--' — r. , ^ began iny'work on the road again, and have continued it right along ever since in excellent health. , , . , , " Let m* tell you a remarkable thing (hat wa« a side issue, but a valuable gain to me. I found -.hat while I was taking Dr. W il- liaiiis' Pink Pills, I had been cured of U>« <rnokins habit, which had l>een formed wh*n I WLS a boy, six years old. and winch had ehui" to me all these years. The craving for tobai-co left me. and I have never experienced il since. I have recommended the puU to creased. 'Jiy eyes hefran to fail, and body lost vitality my mind seemeu t< ,,-,.„„, CHESTER S. HARMSGTOX. Chester i?. Harrin<rton, being duly sworn. «h the col- deposes and say?, that the matters contained For some time!: in ihe above statement by him signed are t rue CHESTER •>- nAtaur>t»iv."i. Subscribed and sworn to before me, a notary public, this 15th day of July, 1897. LINCOLN if. COY, Notary P"W'«\11 the elements necessary to give new lift and richness to the blood and restore shattered are contained, in a condensed lorm, in . „. , ™, ls f or j> a ] e People. t .-^Jnc for such disease* partial paralysis, St.Vitus 1 algia, rheumatism, nerv- afler eftects of la grippe, Efforts to help ! palpitation of tne neart, pale and sallow com- is eflortb to neip , ia.iv, „ formg of we akness either in mal« all diseases resulting from vro- my cive . itrnetions. Plavnta to Sleep, All plants, ey«fl in tropical countries, require a period of rest. Som« repose in the rainy season, others in the dry season and others again ia the cold or in the hot season. Herr Johannsen, a Scandanavian, believes ae can abridge this period by intenslfyini the Fat Hen».BrtnK Good Frtce.. With all the abuse that can be heaped upon a fat hen because she does not jay she brings more in the market than any other kind of poultry except the turkey, and at times the difference in favor of the turkey is very little. As the consumers are willing to pay good prices for fat hens, it is best to sell them as soon as they cease laying, if in a very fat condition, as the time required to get such hens to the proper condition for laying again may be weeks, or even months. The best time to sell' is when you have the article the consumer requires, and at the present time the fat hen is in demand. THROWN AMONG LIONS. n>« T«rrlble Keveuge of a J«»lou» I tail** Woman. A singular story of jealousy and re- renge comes from Sicily. . A beautiful roung girl named Fiorina, who wa» :he belle of a traveling circus, in which, she figured as the lion queen, had been ior some time receiving the attentions jf an athlete belonging to the same :roupe. By some means she ascertain- sd that he was not faithful to her, but iiad another lady love. No signs, however, of her painful ilscovery were allowed to escape. She still smiled sweetly upon him, but in ler own bosom she planned a terrible revenge. One evening, when the per- tormance had been unusually brilliant -after Fiorina had whipped the lions md forced them to lie at her feet—she :alled her recreant lover aside and ;aid to him: "Do you still love me?" "Always," he answered. "Do you know that I should die if rou should devot« yourselt to another woman?" "What an idea!" "But I should first kill you," «aid Tlorina. "And how would you do tnat?" "Thus!" cried tbe girl, and as she ipoke she pushed her faithless lover ,-iolently into the cage of the lions. The inimals attacked the unfortunate man it once and literally tore him to pieces, while Fiorina urged them on with ;lows of her whip. A Costly Nap. They were talking of hotel rates, and jach man seemed moved by a wild de- dre to prove that he had been more :ompletely buncoed in his time than my other man present. And with this md in view they had managed to numerate some pretty extensive ho«1 bills. The young man who wrote funny )aragraphs was the last to give his txperience. ^ "It may seem extravagant to you," ie remarked, carelessly, "but I paid i5 this morning for five minutes' ileep." "The deuce you did," chorused the :rowd incredulously. The statement stablished a record and they diMn't ike it. "I did that," continued the para- jrapher. "I woke this morning at !:30. I lay awake for about ten min- ites, and while awake thought of two "lokes so funny that I laughed at them myself. But I was too lazy to get up md make a note of them, and so I aughed myself to sleep again." "Well?" "The boy called,me at 8:45. I had tbsolutely forgotten that ?5 worth o» lokes—and there you are."—Boston Budget. Rev. J. W. Cu minings of Kewana, ill lecture to the Y. P. C. XJ., at Severniieb U. B. church on Tuesday. evening Way 31. Subject: "The Manly; Man." All arc invited. Rev. Geo. W. Lambert, Pastor. LAKE BREEZES and restore comfort and pleasure ID on one of the The lake travel IB LAKE MICHIGAN A1TO LAKE SUPERIOR TRANSPORTATION CD'S ELEGANT STEAMSHIPS, Sailings between Chicago and MacUiiM Island Jour times every week, •* extremely low rate*. Petoikey, Bay View, Write for interesting read- few matter, sent free, or ask vpur nearest aRent- Address Jos. Berolrheim, Q. P. A. LAKE MICH. AHO t*-« SttPEKIOR TBASS. CO. Ruih.ndN. W.t«r«t., Ckl«M» SI'S PIT \ the fastest mail train in the • the PET OF UNCLE SAM. i Are you ready for the question? ' Can a railroad operate its trains at a Mile a Minute Clip unless its roadbed, track and rolling stock are of » high tandard? "We Maintain a High Standrd." Speed, safety and comfort we &I1 ronded "WABASH." If you intend to make, a trip to any art of the world, including the "Klondike," communicate with "sleep" "with chloroform or Bulbs or buds exposed to the T ise anaesthetics resume th«li oer activity sooner than thoie It has also been obsewe tubercles of oruhids pla<&<i at pipes, and thus more dried, began to .gyring * m others ieptin tb£ ordin*: Sun. . . •noes not run no«k of Peru on Sunday. Foi ticket rate* and goneral information c«ll J J Skinner, tloket agent, L. B. * W. "™ nn J peni,lnd O.T.D«llr. agent. lD(Uan»poUs, Ind. paswiarer Through Pullman Tourist Sleeper F,r Point* n Kansas, California, Arizona and Hew Mexico will leave Indianapolis vis the Vandalla Line each Wednesday until further nodoe. For rate* reservations and lull information, mpply to nearest ticket agent of U,eV«r,dallaLlne,or8endtoMr. S. A. Ford. 6. P. A.. St. Louig, Mo. ^^^^ Monarch ov«r pain. Burns, cuts, Instant relief. Dr. gpr.ins, stings. Thomu' Eclectric Oil. •lore. At »ny drug TO THE KLONDIKE Valuable Information for Persons Going to the Gold Fields. Persons who eipect to try their IncK In the pold fields of Alaska will find it pr<-nable ts call on TloSet Amenta of the |; J * Lines and get postedion rates, roir- prellminaries. TW» inlormatior/ nlghed without cbarge.'and any £ -id to shaping details will be cheerfu^ ided If not convenient to>pply to look _ . of the Pennsylvania line*, send jour name and address, with date upon which you intend to start, tae probable number in the party.and s request for advice about the fare, time ol trains and other particulara. to the followini representative of tie Passenger Department md a prompt reply-will be made. W.Witob- •rdsoD. B Ap, Indianapolis, Ind. "-• DucaJ he Uuke of Argyll lately oflered himself as a living proof of the advantages of desultory reading. H« had never been to school or college, but 10 had always read everything he oould !«y his hands on. To this he attributed his success in public speaking, for "often found he had read what others had not" A St»y-a.t-Kojne Hu»b«M»*. One hundred and seven witnesses were summoned to appear In Common Pleas at Ravenna, O., in .the case •wherein Maxr Ellen Rogers sued Volney Rogers for dirorce on the grounds tiat having lived with her for forty y«*r» b.« n«v«r took her anywhere, not •Ten to church, It l« said ta»t the law relating to tfc> rtsidenc* of Hebrews In Sib«rla contain* a ttcinical error, and when r*ctifl«d n«niil«sion -will b* fr»nted U«K to liY» there. Fr»nc*'§ Birth-Rat*. The birth-rate in France, which at th.« beginning of the century was 33 p«r thousand, has now decreased to 22. ITTLE IVER PILLS SICK HEADACHE Positively cured by these IdttlePms. They also relieve Distressfrom Dyspepsia, Indigestion and Too Hearty Eating. A perfect remedy for Dizziness, Kansea, Drowsiness, BidTastcinthc Month, Coated Tongue Pain in the Side, TORPID LTVZR. They RegnJaie the Bowels. Purely Vegetable. Small Price. . Bemark»ble B»t Story. For the benefit of marines the Lon- Jon Field has revived a remarkabl« :at story, to the effect that a rat was ;aught alive on board a British naval pessel in a trap, and the beast was thrown from the trap into the water Kithout being killed. A large gull that was following in the wake of the ship to pick up scraps of food thrown overboard by tftie steward stopped several times, endeavoring to pick the rat up. Once the bird got too close to the rat's jaws and th« beast grabbed it by the oeck. After a short fight, the rat suc- *eeded in killinf the bird. When the gull was dead, the rat scrambled upon tbe bird's body, and, hoisting on« wins as a sail and using the other as a rndder, succeeded m steering for the shore. Whether th« rat reached shore or not is the question, since the ship soon got out of sight of th« skipper and its craft. CrocodU* 1». tie Th»m««. Mr. D'Oyly Carte contributed th first crocdile the Thames has eve known to that river. It—an African importation—escaped from its pond i its English home at Weybridge, an for a month disported itself in th Thames. It was finally caught in net by watermen and restored to its owner, apparently none the worse fo its Ktay in the river. Tlie home orcnard or Ofty trees deserving of as good care as the commercial orchard of 5,000 trees— but mighty seldom gets it. __^_ Loj?w)sport, Ind. REDUDEDFPES ] To Various Points Via Pennsylvania Lines. Excursion tickett will be «old TI» Venniyl- •ania Line* as Indicated in the following pai»- gr*phs. Although concession* in fare *ro lutborized for meetings of certain order*.tick- >ts m»y l)e obtained DT any person whether » member of the order or interested in tbeorent The reduced rated will b« open to everytodr. To Louisville. Ky .-June Uth aOd 20tb, for Jr. 0. U. A. M- National Council Meeting. B»- tnrn limit June 26th. To Washington. D. C.-JuJy M. tth, 5tb WJd ith, for the Nation*] Educational AMOCiatiOU Meeting-. Good to return July 15th, with prlv- lege to extend return limit until Angnit Slit. To Chicago, Ill-July 12th aud 18th. for Young- People's Chrtetian Union, DnlverBaltet Church. Good returning Jnly Hit, with privilege to extend until August 10th. Dnrtnfr the excursion »e*«OD sp«dal rmt*f iU also be in effect via Pennsrlv»Bi« Uoe» for Epeslal and local effects, for particular information please apply to nearest ttelte* agent of the FennsylT«nla LJnes or address W. W. KICHAHMOS, District Passenger scent IndianapollH, Ind. ANTftl-IKIIDY These fey Capwdet ere i to Balsam of Ccpaiba. Cubebs or Injections tod CURE IK 48 HODM the same Sanaa iocoiavanot.

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