Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 18, 1890 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 18, 1890
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VJJV ' I •fr rs'i *1 A HE SUNDAY VOL. XV LOG;ANSPORT, INDIANA. SUNDAY MORNING, MAY 'IP, 1890. NO. 118. The only Complete Assortment of the above Absolute Fast Black Hose For Ladies]' Misses, Boys and small 'Uhfldreri. as [well as Absolute Fast Black Gents Half Hose At 15, 20, 25, 40 and 50 cents £er paii;v ;<DalF i and see us at. THE BUSY BEE HIP WILER & WISE. SlOFOiiPth St: WeLay Out a : ' Man's Fine Calf Shoe $2 25 e Man's Fine and gtio'd'SIioe.'.:.:....';..'...'.;...:.........:....;.....;.,.:..;:;.... • 1 75 c-• Women's Fine Button Shoe 1 75 c Women's Fine good Shoe 1 25 c All Solid and Reliable WALKER & MUCH, BR^V QTTO MEINSHAUSBN. Headquarters ' Gas,.. , gasoline and Cooking 'StoVe's, aiitl Ranges . " • 1 ;AJaska i Mantels. G-rates and Fur' >' '• i"\ .- \ . i nuces. We have 6 dozen of the above Gem Bench Wringers which we are selling at the remarkable "Low Pric'e of 14.50 Good value at $6.00, Avail yourself -ot' ; ' ; this Bargain while it lasts. ...':./', ; \' : ,' '; C. : | l.j p 418 Market Street. ' ' ;i """ \. \ WENTER, The Hatter, QUEALY'S OLD STAND, Two^Doors South of Our Old Boom. China Preparing'^to JKcsist Kiis- siati Stanley will Marry an English ty a . n ^ Betirp frpiii Actiye ; Bxplo,r&ti6ns:': ; .''.' Interesting; '..Oo$sip! : Fronr,' Over 1 : ' . '..'. ;''. the Sea. ' : . '••.' ' , : By Cable: to tlie. Jomnal. -[Copjrighted :bj The : United Press 1890. J May, ,17. — The . Chinese. make no concealment of their preparations to 'resist 'any afjgressi6n p; 'liy Russia,; in Asia/ .They'lmye'restored' the wall whioli foriiieriy surrounded Kuldja, and are st.-engtheriing. their forces in every direction along 1 tlie, Rus8ian : irontier. '' ' Russian intrigues are at work amongpthe tribes subject to Chinese jurisdiction, and' two Kirghiz Coujiriiuiities, now under Chinese nationality have heen induced to express a desire to come under Russian authority. In Merve, Russian officers have been substituted in place of the Kiiana, a change ' : ua- doubtedly for tbe benefit o£ tlie.peo- ple, as ho rulf> could be, liluc.ti . >vorse than .tliat ,,bf, the/.^Khtos :6f /Merv. A Russian writer expresaea.the view that the Czar cannot afford to. disregard the attitude; pf'tihe Chinese, 1 arid r hat, dn the, event !of 'a rwar -with England, China Ttfould be a .formidable ttlly of that povv;er: ';."./ '. ;• , i Ad-vices froui'CoreaTj ring/the news that Pak, formerly Corean uiinistet ti> the/United States is.in a isad.c.oia-. dition. He .offended this Chinese whp' com polled his recall, and 1 demanded thiit he.-ib/e-.'ip'.nriished. , • ',Hp -hBa/bee'li s.entericecl to',;;d,e,grada'ttoh 'ifrpiu hj's' oflloial rank, and to.banishiiienti but owing to his' illness,'' 'the latter part of the seuteace lias tiot yet been carried. out. It 1'8'bpt' likely ! that Corea wi ! Hagftiii/kttempt .to ace ihdepenr den-Hy>Sf China. ; > :.,.. r •,;,:,:.!'. England has<a 'MoCalla case in the charges against Goiuinander Aunesly pfalie- Royal; Navy; who is acoosed of 1 treat Ing 1 ., the. -crewi-.ot the { 1 Car us \vitb.-.u.-ilduehar,shn.es?. ,;• , ., : :-..-!,• According. :to,, : the .-report; of. -the, IniJitcy couimissipmersithe nuuiber of registered, lunatics .'.has; more, than. fi on bled jji Bngia,.nd and: 'NVu'leiB. since. 1861. .. -"..•;! ,( ,:.-.,:,• • ,,': I,' ':•:•'• . : ';,, : Cpl. ; Chanipipn'pf the ;,Unite.d ,Ser T viee.-Clnb has ;held Major Phiijeiis Bury, of the same olub held for the yrand jury on : a. ChaTfsCB ! of criminal libel in. wi'iting-'a letter calling''- the Colonel "More or 'less 1 a Fenian — i Mr, 1 ./(^Jaddtone',, speaKingy at 'Lowe's;- toft this -.evening^ referred''a'tcai'i to the- : Gzar 'concerning the Siberian p n'tJrages; 1 ,. 'He/s'aid/'h'e wiuld'bf' glad if 'th e government • were' ji'u.'a; [jpsition tjo ' expostulate" with /Russia;: but be ,f|e a 1 rtd; t h at ; K u ssia, -mi 'K h t .re tor.t; t hat' a 'cb.un.try 'wjh/bse; 'poltee'i ,r,utlil,eS3l'.y, shot down its innocent Irish citizens while/'enKaged', .in, .Si r publie\T4e;etiing was .hardly in'.'a /Ippsitlph. t<i/dictate, as to how another, country should treat its convicts.--— ; a '-• -•. .-i:.--.u ••>• iStanleys approaching marriage .with Miss =T!etiTiant-is the social,sensation of the day.:, Its-is 'UiidBrstpod that: after the mteriagft StarkVey wijl ; piao- tive esplorationioff Africa,.butw.iU accept a; governorship;or::8oiue:posi- tion of direction, and coin m and .iUj that country which i isj, undoubte.dly to be the theatre >''Pi•••soui.e, of .the the ;,!WOiid's,anp9t .^startlingi events is -also! stated ,-.,;by,i::> Stanley is friends , that in ..„. case he receives the "honxars and; rank beflt- ting him;.-andi,returns ito: Af.pica. in tilie.:capacity, ,referred; to, his wife will accompany him.; .This is not so much -ia ; isentence of .banishment frpinrcivili^ation.^^,.]*; would, have been, a;few,years ago,and: will rapidly become less.,; The popular feeling on tlie African question is growing m.p.ie marked every day among the British people. ' ; - : •';; : .' - ; ' ! ' : . -/• '- "•• - : -.' • : The gerjeral, impr.essioii prevails that Englandis'-ietting-tither nations grab all'-the ehplpe ^portions :pf the dark Continent,'.thpugli .by priority of settlement, b'y discovery, by exploration and bV financial investment .EJngland/ wOjUld , naturally be eritifle'd to the llo'ri's " share ' 6 ! f the territory'.'' '•• '•• '"- ; •- -•' ' " - -' - ' 1 The : people 5 are'earnestly urging that Lord Salisbury adopt ,an aggressive policy. It is declared on all sides that-, der-uiany in particular, is. using, the . dilatory ( ,methods of diplomacy to 'defer, 'action 6iV the part of England; "while she is quietly but rapidly extending her^sphere-of influence in all directions in Africa. The American- swimmer, Dalton, swam; i if roia';! Putvte y. - • to i London Bridge, a distance of..eight miie»,,,.to- day, in ordinary dress witli his,hands tifd. He now declares his intention to swip |the .channel ,W;ithput any artiiicialaid. ,'.''.''. • Prince"/G-e'orge;''of WalesY Wa's in'- stalled toi-clay in command of H 1 . M, S. Thrush which, sails Monday tp escort the Duke and"Ducbess of Con- nangbt to England- 'On, the last part of their trip around the world. • A .lull Delivery. ' By Telegraph to-tee Journal. CARLINVILLK, Jll.; May 17.—Five of the prisoners'6ongne!d' in the jail at this place effected 'their escape this evening by blasting out a stone in tee wall with dynamite. LIKE A A Kftn W.uvrtM'* Ms 'Brsthrr—Thcl<'»- Ilicr Snicidou andalions: Lnisr, Itiotiiec .up, By Teleirraph to the Journnl. lTTSii-iKLD, Mass., May 17.—Another interesting chapter in the now celebrated Hales case has just developed, adding new interest to the case. First' came the murder of William Henry Hale by his brother;. Fred, and a week later the father at the boys committed suicide rather than testify against his son.in court. It BOW:transpires that. Sanford Hale t an, pider.brolhe.r .of the boys who was'supposed'to be dead inaiiy : years afro. i ; s I'iTing-'iri'Oin'aha^Neb. 1 " San- fbi'd lef<ihbme jr«ars ago,::when the ales.li.ysdiin.PUtsfield, and :noth- s was h.eard' pf him for a long tjiiie. On'the'daj! Mr. H*ale was'ninr- dere'd a letter caine directed to him directed in ia'-.strange ;hand^ : It- was fro.m the, long^ lost.,son-,; ,and. stated tjiathe read in an Omaha paper of 'the killing of Henry by" Fred, and wrote for particulars. After Mr. Hale was buried the. letter was answered by, a friend e>f .the fauiilyj and the s.on « as informed of the second tragedy'in,the' family. The fact of the existence of the eldest >>ori was a surprise ito the people of Hinsdale, as nothing had erer been heard of h|im, and his father,never mentioned Miii when questioned about his fathi- ljv' ; 'It i^n'ovr expected ; that Samford will return home,'aa his aged mother and .stricken sister greatly need.his help. -., i M.4.CKEV TO BK' S Of . tlie . Kew Mis 3f Telegraph to the Journal." '• • • ' : : TKRRE • HAUIK, May 17.— It has leaked ont here that' President Mac- lijey' will turn the Eastern Illinois! railway and .the. Bvansyille & Terre •Haute lines over to the Big Pour ^itliin . uiri-etly- days; 1 and he will be/ aipp^inted'OTeoe'rar 'ManageY of the Jbdianftf)i3lif*&l St.; Louis' ' and Cairo, \finceDJies.,. &':: iCliro.igp.', roads./ ' He' vfULii; resign -i the -,',' Presidency!. 'of t}io' Eastern 'Illinois - i atid -Evansr vill'e '.&.. Terre fJHautiJilines^'and ae^ <-ip|)t the-Kenei-al'iiiaiiaserfiliip^ This/ \\'fll facilitate trailic oh< lines in; cpn- solidatiou under Matikey's • •' um-nage- liient, and is an econpiuical iiiove. A through Traffic liuS-iii'tlnis eatablish- e'd between Cairo; this- 1 city aud Gnfcaeo, by way of St. Francisville lalnd Vineennes. .The. Cairo, -V.i.ucen- u>9 & Chicago will obe; abandoned a3: faj throusfh line, theiother route beingti preferable:;. .It is on« of ^.tbe biggest in which. .Terre .Haute ever .•Eleo.t.S 'C TUtt ».-K. C'. a—A." Western BI.III For By 3JcJcsFjipl>,tp .the Journal,. ,".,.. ...... , j RoCHESiJBR, iJ, ,, rl'.'lfiiy." if.—tne CJrand iivision of trie'brder of Kail; way Conductors to-day elected these officers:- ; &rand Chief Conductor E. E.'Smart; of Ogderi, Utah; Qi'and' Junior Conductor, J. D. 8hutz«v of' Rochester, 'N. Y.; Grand Inside -Sen>-• tiinel, "F. 'G-: 'Dorses', of''Winnipeg,' ManrL; Grand Outside Sentinel F. S. Butler;'of Sioux City; 1 : Iowa;> ''Members of Executive cominittee, (8 year term) R. E. Fitzgerald of St. Louis,; member of Insurance, Committee S, H. Hippsqf Phillipsburg,'N. 1 J:' :'•.'" i The 'riexti 1 'session of* the Grand BiVis'ion will be ; held at, St. Louis,! tbatiplaca baving-been.selected at a lirie.f.,executive sessiori late thisafter- riopn., . , "• •; • . Sn]ii>OHC(! toI..HBJVO ,B«en By Telegraph .tOithe JournaJ....-,. •;; ; . ... KINGSTON, Ont.', .May i7. ^-During line gale to-day the gchop'rier, Jessie Breck, loaded with lumber',:, ; from Toledo, bound for" Garden Island, capsized near Nirieraile'"Point-and it is feared all'on board; were lost. 1 The v*ssel«was in coilinland of Captain Thomas Maekey, iis brother Joseph being mate and, 'another ^brother, John, shipped, as a sailor. /.The balance of the crew were W. E. Mulling, ' Tsadore Davidson, Frank George and Coo.k Mary Maekey. ,. A: l»r.ip«-lii>p Mnrncd; •"" •••••.' By Telegraph to the Journal..' ' -' - •.,•••••.: BUFFALO. N, Y. May 17.—The pro-: pellar Roanoke, of the Toledo, St. Louis '& Kansas City • railroad line caught :fire:at ihwc-i dock, this «ity. at 7:30 o'clock, to night.and i ,was ,.cpni T pletely destroyed. The flra is said to have been caused b> the 'watchbia'ri throwing his lantern into the-.^bldt The Roanoke arrived here last nittht with a cargo of Tard'and oil cakH arid was reloading with general .merchandise fpr her return^trip..,.The vessel was yalue.d at $2-'i,OOl>; tlie loss pii the cargo will be heavy; ' '' An tli r Mine J»isastcr By TeleRraph to the Journal. WUJKESBABH.B, Pa., Hay 17.—An explosion of fire damp oecurred this evening at the Empirt colliery of the Lehigl) & Wilkesharre' Coal Coin- nany. Two men, Win. Thomas and Robert Craig were killed. The ei- plofeion was tertifia'and set flre 'to the'fiiubfr in the .vicinity, and it is feared it will result in B,erious, damage to the colliery. CONGRESSIONAL. The Senate Gets Down to Bui- ness «n<l .Passes a Num. lier'of Bills. The House Still Talking- Tariff. Mr. Bynum Censured by the House. By Telegraph to the Journal. SENATK. WASHINGTON, D. G, May 17.— Jn the Senate to day a bill reported by Mr. Chandler from the committee on immigration to make Bedloe's Island a public park, was referred to /the coiuiiiittee on Military ' Affairs on ! a a; suggestion' by ilr. CockreV, that the subject did not come within.' the' jurisdiction. of Mr. Chandler's ..-coin-;. mittee. The Senate, to-day . passed; House bill for the establishment o£ new harbor at; Portgage, Houghton count}', Michigan; : On motion of 'Mr. 'Wilson of Iowa, the act fora public building at Cedar Rapids; Iowa, ; was reealled from the President in order to have 1 it modi^. fled. On motion of Mr.Daniels Senate bill. for the protection. o£: fish in the Potomac was reconsidered, and Ml-., Daniel paid ; that if the bill was intended to be confined to those things in which the United States government had entire jurisdiction by reason of its. jurisdiction over the District of , Columbia he could not object. to it. , ... ... The Senate then went to the cal endat arid ; tlie following, among other bills, were passed: To pay to the'Bssignees of John Roche $38,840 for extra work on the Monitor and $2,074 for the : care- of the Monitor Roanoke. Senate, bills to pay §20.000. to the daughters of Joseph Henry, late secretary. .of tlie Smith-. spnian Ins'titntidn, in ; cbtnpensatlon " :of his public 1 services'. Hoiise bill to amend the act of June 19, 1878, to aid vessels wrecked or disabled in waters conterminous to the United States and Canada. : Senate biJJ.;,grauting. to. the State of .So.uth Dakota'a. section pf land, for an insane, asylum./ Senate. ,biU for the i;eUe.f, ..of ,.the . sinking fund. c:onj)iiissipriers. of ^Louisville, Ky, Senate. ,bul, to ratify and.- con? iiriu. .//an./ agreemeu.t . ,',.. ,with . S.fs; setbn '/.. and /. Wahpe'tpji. .,. .bands. of, ! JJakota ,/i or ••'.; 'Sioiix!! .In'lians for the sail e 1 ' and cession of their res.eryatioti at $2.;5Q ap acre. •'.;..' .. Housie bill tQ'allovy;/ right , of way through an Indian Reservation ill MinnHi'ota to' the- Duluth : & Winne-. bago Rairrbad Company with , an amendment. •' i: : HoiiBe joint resolution authorizing thf heirs of.Rear Admirable Charles, H.BaldWiii'tp recei'V.e a/sniiiff box, sei with diamonds from the Czar of Russia'. Senate 1 bill appropriating $100,000 for a public; (building at Pa!^s,;iKj;,; .Senatei^biH tp_.establiBb, new lightships with .steawi fog sig- riaTs ' off Winter "Quarter Shoals, Maryland, at Fetowic'k 'Island Stfoal',' Jilaryiand,' Frying. Pan .Shoals,. N. C., and .iftt Martin's, Industry, S,,C. cpst of .each not exce.eptq .$1.0,.' ''' : the' . . . . short ex 'ea'tive/se'ss16ri Senate at 4':15 adjourned : tiV M'dnddy j .. HOUSB. . t . t ••"• I WASHla&roN; I). t '! C.^'May' 1 !"'.- On motion of Mr. MoEinley an amendment to^the House bill was adopted imposing a duty of 50 Iper cent, ad yalpr.eui pn bqne,, and . horn> butteng; , and a' duty 6"f 4" cents per line,' button liieasure of one-fortieth of one inch per grqss,pn. pearl and shelJ buttpiis manufactured or partly .manufac-. tured. , ..... .,,., , : . . •• ..... .;, , , r ... : Also, an auiend.ment fixing a .jduty.. of 35 per cent, ad valorem on dolls- heads, toy marbles of whatever material composed,' and 'oft'-'al'l other toys not composed of rubber, 1 Ghina, porcelain, pariaa biso_uey •earthenware or stoneware and not especially provided. : •• • • Mr. Washington, of Tennessee, denied that the 'southern inanafactur- ere were asking for any largess from the government. They conld prosper under any •tariff. The amendment was adopted. ..,.-. Mr. Quthwaite, of Ohio, attacked the,dra«rback:feature of the .biill-.de-. claHng that it would be for ; ,the in- terest/of/th'e StanUard Oil Coriipany;' • Mr. McKinlev, called .attention to the' fact tbat : in- the forty-eighth- co'nirress tH^, Depipbratic/c'pinmittee' on\Ways and, Means liad .brought'in; a bijl providing for a drawbaokt not- of i)0 per uent. but of 100 per cent. Mr ; i.CXutbwaite . :Ofl'ered;,an- .nmead,-; bient, ; to the drawback, .paragraph providing that the -rebate^ shall not be .paid on tin used in the. .transport tatn>n.,o£, petroleum , or coal pill: Rejected, 90— 103. .;. ".",.-.,.-. -:.'-.;,, .Messrs. Anfl.erson,. of Kansas; Henderson, of Iowa; Mason (! Cbeadle, Kelly, Dunnell and Kerr voted in the affirmative. '• ..... The' 'drawback 'Section was on motion: of Mr. MiiKinley amended so as to read: ' ' ' ' " Seotipn 24.— 'Providing' -that the importad material used in-the manufacture of articles .entitled, to drawback of custo'ijis dutie's.Vfheh erp'ort- ••d; shall, in caseiSf-wbere drawback of duties^ paid ou ; such materials used in manufacture the duty paid thereon shall be ascertained. The faot.of. the. manufacture of such articles in. the United States and tbeir exportation therefrom, shall; be de-, termined ond tho draw back > given thereon shall he made to th.e uwnn- • facturer, or exporter,, or to the Hgent of either of tlie personw to whom such manufacturer, exporter or agent shall in writing order snob draw back paid, under such 'regulations as the Secretary of the Treasury shall prescribe. : The House at 5 p m. took a recesfc until 8 p. m. At the night session Mr. Bynum; of Indiana, was 1 called to order by the Speaker for the language used in certain remarks during the debate. A resolution was introduced and passed during a great uproar censuring Mr. Bynum for the language. Mr. Bynum was escorted to the ! bar of . the . House leaning upon the arm of Mr.,Holrnan • and Burrounded, by 3>emocratic members. The Speaker requested 'them to be fiaated which they refused to do. The Sergent-at-arnis then said, ' '"Mr. ' Bynu,ui|by resolution the House' of. Repre8S[itatives,.you are required tp appear before the bar of tlie HousiB to receiye th.e censure of that body through! its speaker." 'The HP.e'aker agaiii reciuested the njeBibers^'takc their seats, and the Democrats again refused 'to 'comply. The speaker then said cal'uily, "The House 'of Representative's perceives that it ; is impossible for the chair to enforce order on account of ''certain members.' The chair' ivill therefore proceed to c|o its duty under tne present condition of disorder. Mr. ; William D. Bynnui 'you are arraigned- at the bar of the House for having trane- grf seed its rules by your remarks, fpr this offense the House desires that you should be censored at its bar. In the name of the House therefore I pronounce upon you its . censure. :: The sergaut-at-aruis. urill now release you: Mr. Byuum — Under such circniu- stances I accept the censure :ot tbe House as a decoration of honor (Democratic applause). ..-., . ( I There was a . dispositipn.manifeftt- edauiong. the Republicans 'to take unibrage at this remark; but before it was understood perfectly, the House at 10:30 adjourned. '' .. S15NATB CpiSTPIKMAXIONS, • .'. WASHINGTON, D. C., May 14.^-The Senate in executive session to-day confirmed tlie'foilowiDg nominations: Jlinite'd States 1 'Consuls J. C. Chambers, of NewYorjc, at Batouni, Russia;. H. Balleptilie, of the District of Colunibia^i.at .BpiBbay; J. S, ( Mc- CauKlian, of .Ip\ya, at Durango; WH. . Abercrbiiibie, of, JSTew) Jersey, at !NagH'saki; C. Negley, of .Maryland, at Rio Grande Do 8ul; S; DJ'Pace.'of Michigan, -at Port Sornia; C. Ware, of IbwaV at ^ei^a Cruze, 'and the follo>yingli)diaua poBtiiiasters: Isaae .Tertkinijonj 1 Richniotid: A.' (i: Jones, Butierl' W/Pl'Fo^ell'GbvfrigtoD.' •• •• " . , ,C.,, May . i^.—The '. president to-day si gned . tlie, .bills, making appropriations for the site an'd build ings at Ado'hispn, Kansas abd tiafa^vefte iiad.', and the public '' '"'' ' ' ' B.-V1SK BAI.Jl. J3y Telegraph to the Journal. '. : " ,- r ' ; -• -i ; >SJAT1OHAI, LEAGUE! <i AMIS. . .,: '.AtNewYort— >.-.;;.-•< . - a', BH. .« !New York ............... .0 0 I'd 0 1 1 0 3— G 11 0 Cleveland i-.v: ...... ..... 0-2.0 00 0 0.0. 0-; 3.- 9 2 Buckley; Ollks aiia Zbn- ' ' ' - -' ; - - , •BrooklfB..i.!i..^.:.,.n..l;l 0:1,0 10 B^-:4 8 2 Plttsfture..,';.-.,..... .... .06.00. 0.0 10.0— .6 9 . 6 Batteries^-aiglies iinii 1 Busioiig-, 1 Sowdere xa» •' '' ''•' " ' •-••• iAtiPlllhUldlphla— . .••. . MB, * ... .0 2 0.0 0 0 4 R *- C 12 3 .'...I 1 2-00'0 OUO— 4 ; « ,« ' . , and clemfnU;' Dnrjwtand Keonan, ,,-- ., i ; : . ! : ;.,. .: :•.-••;. .-.-., .:;, ; ujmplre— ilc^uol^e. ,. ,. . ... . ;.,.. '• At JBoston— . . . . '•"" , < ' . K Mi K Boston. ...'./:. ...,...:..:! 0 O'O !« »1 1-- 'J •!*'' • Ohle;igo-..-hO..!i.....'...2'0.0-0 00011—*' 6:1 10 iBattCTfc^H and :Kltt«dg . IJ!AGtlE . ' At-'Bostbn— '!' '' •''''' ' '' ' '" ; ''it" BH •'« . Boston. ' !.'-ii..: ..... \.0211 900 10-^-6 -T- * Cleveland '.i.-.u.........>J» t.O 30 103 *-rrI8- l?ii IV ' Butteries— (iunibart ajicl .Kelley; O'Brteja <UM* Sutbllffe: ' ;' '. ' "' •' •••••• • ." ! Dmplres-4-KnlBht ana Jones. ''•' '•""" ! : At) Philadelphia— ' : : i"»'-M « Philadelpbto ......... 2 0003023 0-10 10 . S SlttsDurt' ............. 011400001-7 17 3 Batteries -Knell and UtUfgnn Suley and Gsr rolL . Umpires— Cinnnli e - liuUdlu i 022000011—6 9 1 B itterle^ — tpine »nd iftlng.Krocfe and Mack. : Cmpli^?— Pergiuon and HolBert roo m fc 0 8 1 0 0 0- Chicago 000020000—2 9 4 B-itterieiT 1 >a PaJtern and Cook, ilng. Barsten ,ind Farreli _ , — Galfney ahd Bjlnes Toicao"^ 1300103010-8 7 3 ' Batteries—tali v mij Bowes, Cusuman ana SilEP ; Umpire—<VBrien i At Srracuse— K• »f * •Sycacuse.i j - XP 0 » " i "P vr- a o » Bitteries-Kelfe -lid Brlfegs «)'«cK and UBiBlie—BfttiiuDi. Rom£rr r " I?! 00400 l-|'Ti ^rfos-Bn* ,nd 0 i^«^ 01 FJUU 'O'Connor Umpire—Eraflle. R an K on2902iq°-!>.2 3 Urn p J j'ti— ,Do Lych er. : At Peru-Peru 0 low \\ i)ii<- 18 The attendance to-day at tlie games of tM K.™n Jl LeVS «d iWer » Le««ae were aa ft* ! °AtBrookljn-NiUonal 1 507 mycre 2800 oW— Jiatlonjl 1129 AtPhllddelphla-Natloni Totals- National 9 733 Players, 10 262

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