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Muskogee Times-Democrat from Muskogee, Oklahoma • Page 10

Muskogee Times-Democrat from Muskogee, Oklahoma • Page 10

Muskogee, Oklahoma
Issue Date:

Get Your Kodaks, Kodak Supplies and Everything Needed for PICTURE TAKING and PICTURE MAKING at "Muskoffee's Kodakery" Cardinal Drug Store No. 2 Main and Okmulgw. Developing and Printing Done. MAIL ORDERS Receive immediate attention Is Charge Against HighTolish Deputy Who Organized Polish Legion And Then Insist- ted That "Freedom Of Poland" Be Made Issue K. P. LODGE TAKES IN 47 NEW MEMBERS I Vr-nl-n. Nov. 17. rminf All SkMrl" U. ii T'DHHH HliliTil of tlio Polish (iiif) nncl iiiin llid rniiHt meniborn of tho I 'fjIiHh Ri NcnnKtrUl. on Sovomhor fi. cLi 'fl with hlirh i uiiH ihr li -Mili -r nf rnlH- tfint Ihc ftist rjilllclan ttoi- lloii and orifM nlzcd the rolUh Inglon which nut of l.crnlitjrif nt the end of, HIX th 'HiKand IiiirlnK- (he IrR -hm dlHlinnd- nt Mnz.inii. WP.MI owlnp It ip chMrKivl. to till' Mil Ion nf Kknrhidi 111 dir that tho mcnihrrB Khnuld t'l take iiillltnrv nftlli iiiih 'HH It contMlnod ri laiiHo that thr rnllHh IrLjtnn iVM.M orjranlz'-d for tho iviirpoHP (if riR-htlnp for lihcrtv of I 'oluid At a riiPctlnK of thp onat nallrlnn HiTlion of the I'ollsh national roni- niltU 'p. Skrirl 'fk WAH frnHiir- for thI art whiTiiipon ho and a nimiluT (tf hi.n with- drou' fioni tlip fornnill top. I onnt Sk IiroiiKht nniirr mllllar.v oBcort first to C'rncow nnd tlii -n (o Vienna. Forty-seven new members were Initiated at the Knlgrhts ot Pythias meeting Monday evening. A number of notable officers of the org-anlzatlon wpre present, among them being (Jhancellor F. E. Wheaton, Keeper of Rpcords and Seals Frank F. K. Huncan, of TiilHH, past grand chancellor; 8. H. Sanders, of Webbers Falls, keeper of rwords and seals ot the state lodge; H. yoimg, of Ohio; J. H. Brown, of Illinois, and V. Hunt, of Indiana. While the Knights' of Pythiaa were holding their class Initiation In Convention hall the Pythian KiKters were holding an Initiation and district meeting at the K. P. hnll. The forty-seven candidates Initiated Info the Knights of Pythias were: M. Weller, Charles Wheeler, C. c. Williams, Kills Pryor, S. D. Rose, C. 1. 1 feeler. Hen (Jreen, P. Heath, .1. C. Reach, N. A. Juergens, William K. Harvey, Roy II. Hmlfh, Thomas N. Terry, P. T. Gaddy, James Austin, H. H. Shelor, 1). W. Klpp, W. II. W. P. Perklna, C. A. Nichols, jjohn Hrown, W. N. Phares, H. von ('nwcrlh. Art lIorrlH. P. 8. A. C.regory, Harry White, Paul Whlte- JHldea. R. Moore, W. A. Sellers, Coffen, Mitchell, W. 8. I.enion.i, W. D. Hoott, M. W. Rarr, William S. Caldwell. B. P. Gamble, Joseph Cantner, Arthur L. Brook and John n. Koehler. all of Muskogee; W. Hummers, I J. Bordner, Pale Os- iner. Charles W. Lemon, H. S. Zlnk, N'. W. Wells, and J. D. Goodrich, all of Tulsa, TEN-YEAR SENTENCE AFFIRMED BY COURT SANTA CLAUS LETTERS TO BE DELIVERED HERE WAINWRIGHT IIEARINO SET FOR NOVEMBER Althonfth more than five weeks distant tho iiniiual hiLrvest of fftinta Claur letters Is to oomo through tho poslofflco officials received notice rom the postofflco denartmnil. that the Santa Clans lett.vrs this ycju- are to be ttjmed over to 'le cliarltahlo OTKanlzattors of the cKy. Most of Ui.i letters tluU come through the ottlce addressed to "Hania Claus" with no address to Insun- dullviry, are from tho children of stricken homes who turn to the. patron saint ot Christmas time with a de- "ipairing for the glftj longej for by childish hearts. A few of let- howover, are from In well-to-do-homes where thu little ones, with implicit faith in Santn Olaus, mall theJr letters to the patron saint of Chrlstmns In core of There Is no mear.a of tolling whether the letters ore written tiy children Santa Clatis will remember or oWIdron who will have no Santa Clans tmlese charity provlcK-s onei The loiters are iiavally turned over to thu charitable organizations which Investigate and provide gifts for the little folk who 'would hnvu no WNT. A hearing will lie hcdd before the criminal ourt of ofi I'l nt which time th(i i-ourt will ihlernilne or not to the aiipeal of M. defaulting county of Musko- count.v wlio la now In the state penitentiary. In the the appeal dlHrnlHsed, the will ho the same as the afflruilng of the convlc- I Ion In he lower court. I When WalnwrlKliI appealed his I he sivore Ire Has a paup the countv jiald for Ids appeal. I ilsney has asci-r italncd that In wrIght Jiays on at $7.11.1, consisting of farm lands and town In town of Walnw right. Through I the attorney gencnnl's office he has Insked that the lie dismissed It Is that Walnwrlght at the I time he a pauper's affidavit aiupUi funds to prosecute an appeal. THANK8QIVING DAY. One Cause of Bad Cure Thursila.v, November 2K, will be nil the more enjoyed if you have on hanil some of the famous "Henton County. npiiles. from the very heart of the Mountains. W'c wlll ship you hy to ad- dres.i, fancy "Hen Davla" and at $1.85. and "Mammoth Black TWIK" "Wlnesap." and "Kentucky Streak" at $2ir, tile box, Iv W- pack In paper llneil bushel boxes thM viTV I 'CMt fruit that l.s Fx- preps (barges to am' station In tkla- honia not lUc TcrtTis: ('ash order. Biuico Krult Company. Rogers, Ark. Adv. at a section of skin under llie microsoopo and vou will readllv iindcr- Htand why ctMimetlcs genemlly In.lurr' the i-omplexlon," says Dr. 11 Robert tie. "The skin, smooth on it luok.s i in. naked eye, under tho glii.xs exhlMts a lace work of tliiy holes, mouths of oi little glands. To keep the sklti liealtin Ihese holes must bo unolmi licit ih, persplrutlon and natural oil caji have fic- lUtlet. Should the glan III.H I UMI UI with trrltiillTig giitty particles, a common result of USIIIM: iH.wdcrs iind crenm.s. Nature retaliates by ciuisim; sallo roughness, tilotches or pimples "As a substitute fiu- all coMinetlcs 1 reconimtmd tirxllnary mercollteil wax. It not does what N.LI fare 'reparations siipposi'd at ompllsh. tait Its peculiar ith acllon fr-ves tlir oores from accumiilat Im purities, nlso alwor btiiK llo' particles of skin This i I IIICM natural. coinpltxtnn ine of this to l.e had al Irugsture.|\- suffices to re a Iht. poorest com pli- III. It is put "111 nlgbtiy' like clil Wii.shcd oft inoriiinKH CiimHy sician. Adv PEOPLE MUST OBSERVE QUARANTINE PLACARDS Oklahoma City, Nov. derision by the criminal court of Monday, affirming the 10-year sentence of C. Ihincan, of Ochelata. for shooting Dallas aged cattleman 6. 1912, wan based chiefly on the fact that Duncan entered Alexander's house as a deputy state enforcement officer, an otflce which the legislature never authorized. The testimony showed that Alexander drew bis gun first and attempted to shoot, tuit Duncan's self-defense plea, was Ineffective with the Jury. EMPLOYE INJURED IN BARN MACHINERY I.I/. Stepben.son, nn employe of the Muskogee Klectrlc 'lYactlon company, caught his hands In some uuiehlnery at the barn Moiulay evening and was painfully Injured. Three lingers, two on the right hand and one on the left hand, were so badly mashed that amitutiitlon was necessary. The oilier lingers on both hanils badly crushed but can be Rjived. Mr. Stephenson's Injuries while painful and serious are not dangi'rous and III- la doing nlc('ly at the Baptist hos-" Pltal "If peorle d.i not sliirt i ocornl tlio and of Uiiii 11 I am uoirm" to for of I ili.casc In I Ii citv ih'- Icloretl i Ib-rrlng iiioriiirig bin ind roiflil 'rM in anil o'li of a Iioiisi- in wlii.h tliero is liitii ri.i pali.til with ii.s null 'i in- conci -i im thet-e no u'liiiiv, I card on the front iioi if line t'icto I tlc.t iho oc.uiaiits of the 1 11 'I r-i III i Of "Ill the iniMt rift -on Ih.r" Peon so --il new of di li f.v wid Olio of smill am to slop I li "iw tho Hal alil ilie liWM an I the -tl to do it 1.. 1,, hire iril lids to i Ili '-'lt a 1 ol Iho O.I op.inis the 111 11" III11 iicd II. BEN REEVES IS GIVEN J-AROLE Chief of T'olice Joe Dopew received a telegram from i'arole officer Henry Reed of Leavenworth penitentiary Tuesday morning saying that Ben KeeNOH' sentence of life imprisonment had lieen commuted and tho prisoner be given bis freedom at once. Bin Is the son of old Bass Reeves, coloreil, who was at one time a deputy Cnltcil States marshal. Ben RecM 's was arrested In 1U2 after he hail shot and killed bis wife. Tho negro was charged with murder In the first decree and it was brought out in the trial that the shooting was caused by Jealousy. Reeves baa been a model prisoner at the iienltentlary during the first twelve years of his life term, according to the authorities, MRS. TURNER LIABLE FOR ATTORNEYS' FEES 1 ikl.ihom.-i Cltv. 17. Mrs. Jul'a It. of was held lia- Ide the sttitc supreme court Tiies- for attorney's fees which a liiiy 111 court decided she owcnd I'liaries H.iKg and Mav.y, recent clecteii to the stale legislature. CARDS. TEXAS. St, I.ouis. Nov 17. The St. I.ouis Nationals train next siuiuk' at Wells, Texas, a suburb of Snn It was announced Britlon, iiresident of tho club. NO CHARGE FOR THIS GRAND HOME MEDICAL BOOK Cloth Bound Book of 1008 Pages Profusely Illustrated, Sont to Any Adult Reader of This Paper Speoial Offer. homo should tunc Kvery man and ssoinan who Isn't afraid to read book too plaiul.v wrllKui that uuder.stanii it shouhl write lor ot Tiie I'liople's Com- juon Sense Medical Adviser to Puree. Hotel. Buffalo. N. Y. is a. cloth bound book of Jlliiis inches long; 1-2 inches I wide and I i Inches thick. luimful kr.owliilgo not fouiui in ordinary books. It was written by Dr. R. V. Pierce, one of tlie tocst wididv known laii.H hius eve.r known and Hill If io to reader of this paper who this notlie with -I' cents in ritamiis to pay lM aid w-rai'iiiur Adv Distress after belching, ajui nausea iiu.ils syniiitoms of ilyspep.sia, wliicli Hood's SuXbapuriUa alw a cun Adv- HARD TIME PRICES, NOT ROBBING YOU AMERICAN SHOE North CheroKoe Street ird ihc MUSKOGEE SHOE West Okmulgee Avonoe. We Are tho Most Extensive Shoe" Repairers Oklahoma. Ml II ll.ilf ..1. Sow. llu.II' ..1. Tan nnd 11 111. Is I.I I lod l.olc--' lleils .1 i hi .1 .1 Whll. n.l^ Ih I. Ill (rill loi I I i 11 ou Ic Ipa )ri d. "RIGHT NOW." aid d.bwrcd fr.c lilo.Ni;.i:::3. JAMES M. VAN TRESS, PROP. 623. Wet Weather Comfort Three DoUars Buys a lot of TOWER'S FISH BRAND REFLEX SLICKER Wear it when jroa work. Cannot water turiu off every drop and kerps Tou dry mad com- ionable. I cray a serrrfce coat, strong at every point. A big buy any way you look at It. SOLO ETERYWHESE Pratedar Hal. 75 Qa. CalalogFrt A. I TOWER 'He saw her turn towards him, balance herself in the swaying ore car and lift up her arms. He stretched his own down and, as the mass of steel and ore dashed under him, caught her up. He did not hear the crash that followed. All he saw was the upturned face of the girl he loved, swinging one hundred feet above death in his strong Don't you want to read about it? Don't you want to see it? See this spectacular moving picture at the New Yale Theater Wednesday, Nov. 18

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