Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 17, 1890 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 17, 1890
Page 7
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8MEPTOM3 OB UTTER DISEASE I lass of appetite; bod breath; bad taste la the month; tongue coated: pain under the ghoalder-blade; la the back or side—often mistaken for rheumatism: sour stomach vita flatulency and -arator-braah; Indlges- Son- bowels lax and costive by turns; ncodachc, with dull, heavy sensation; restlessness, with sensation of having left aomdthiDff undone which ought to have been,done: fullness after uating; bad temper; blues; tired feeling; yellow appearance of skin and eyes; dizziness, etc. Not nil, but always some or these Indh cote .want of action of tbe Liver. For A Safe, Reliable Eemedy oharm and Las never been to fail to do good Take Simmons Liver Regulator -AM EFFECTUAL SPECIFIC FOB- Xalaria, Bowol Complaints, Dnpflpfria. Sick Headache, Constipation, Biliousness, Kidney Affections, Jaundice. Mental Depression, Colic. A PHYSICIAN'S OPINION. "I have been practicing medicine for twenty year* and Have never been able to ^ut up a vege table compound that would, like bimmons Liver Repilator, promptly and effectually move the Ijvcr to action, and at the same time aid (instead of weakening) the digestive and assimilative powers of the system." L. M. HINTOS, M.D., \Vashington, Ark. O2JI.Y GENUINE Ha.? our 2 Stamp in red on front of wrapper, J.H.Zeilin & Cb,, Philadelphia, Pa. S<* Headache anil relieve all tho troubles lna&> dent to a bilious state of tho system, suoh a9 Kjziness, Nanssa, Drowsiness. Distress after eattag. Pain In tno Bide, &c. TvTiilo tholrmosfc remarkable success has been shown In cnrfns SICK yr^di.u.fra, yet Carter's Little Liver ftOg eta equally faluabloin Constipation, curing and pra- Yenitag this annoying complaint, whilo they also correct all aisordor30?thestomach,stiniulato tho firoranaregulatothebowelB. E von II they only : Acbaiboy would bealmostprfcoless to those "Who Bu/fer from thifldlstressing complaint; butfortn* naiolytheirgoodneESdoeaiiotendhere.andthoso who oncotry them will find these little- pills valuable In so many ways that they will not bo Til- Iteg to do without thorn. Bat af tor allsick head 20(be llano of so many lives that hero is wliera womaio our great boast Oar pillscoreit-wMle others do not. Cartcr'B Little Liver HDa are very small and very easy to tahe. One or two pills makea doee. They are strictly vegetable and do not gripe or purse, tat by their gentle action please all who nsothem. In vials at 25 cents; fivefoi'Sl. Sold ' by draggisfs ererywliore, or sent by mail. CARTER MEDICINE CO., New York. SMALL PILL, SMALL DOSE. SMALL PRICE OR.KILMER'S .-.. _ COSD1TIONO —J Will Believe anil Care. i ,,. J. tnu nipa after sudden effort, I snips beats or flutters, if you havo liu—5? 13 ?' faint spells, fits or spasms, if I fill "* tllou sh water was grathering It u " ounu th e heart,or have heart dropsy If Tflll e Vert '8°, dizzy attacks, ringingin H IUU cars, disposed to nervous prostration. <.y. shoclt or sudden death, ive Neuralgia, Numbness in arms or nbs. darting pains like Rheumatism : ->veeu prevents it poing to the heart 1°' "'•peiisarj'. "GtriKE TO HEALTH" Free, lilnirlinintou, M. Y. ' —- ""- Eitra Ur a e Jl.OO. 'INRA1LMG&D We MISSOOTtl PACTFIC BAILWAT «as placed 7n effect the following low n.tesbe- -twccn points on its Hues: . »B.OO. . 6.15. . 6.00. inuio .... 8.2,%. I, Lenin, PucMo. Colorado Spring*, Denver 15.00. MdTtl,'' J<m ;?,''' AtcWion. tcavcnworth ' . Atchl l !on»ii,18t. Joncph edicated Air! I>r. Tea NEW REMEDY CURES Catarrh! Asthma i THROAT AK1) LUNG DISEASES ' HA3 NO EQUATj Var NIrk or arcrv- onn Hcadnche. W WI ^G^_^^CAT^%^ Te T e r ?0 !rt""! Biil3: >™ is .1 positive cure i , £ or li'^, T te? irt ' H"«racn M 8. Dlphtl).. '. B0 ' mood. Whooping Cough and v e^&iMsJS*?^?'' 1 !*™- Tenme's EypS:i!v Weak vis ontr°' 5 he B "» G Tn ™ lated Lids and i«anotatm"iu c , 0nnil "! otl ™ ™»i MedicatwJ AH Teazue'aitS L t ednhiSta"? It bas no equal let Powder TrVS?.S hll I erat( ' r 1s a perfect Tot let Powder fSsr,,Y B "ff rat( ' r 1s a Perfect Tot °Ii9e, linpartS<?art Ti Hll . ows ° r ^ertect tr«edon> Pwxlon. '"•<.« asiicats softness to the com Porter and Will PROPOSED MONUMENTS. IN MEMORY OF EDWIN FORREST AND E. L. DAVENPORT. Plans >-<>w Coirig Forward for This Purpose—A Theatrical ncrainisconee of th«> Days when Aldrich. and Davenport \Tnre oil UMI Rotul Together. [Spix-ial Correspondence.] NEW YORK, May 15.—There is a renewal of the movement towards having a statne erected in Central parkin memory of and in enduring perpetuation of the greatest tragedian America has produced. Edwin Forrest. With the excep- EDWIK FOEREST. tion of tho John JMcOollough memorial in Mount Moriah cemetery, in Philadelphia,, tho dramatic prof essiouf has raised no tribute to its great dead. Some ten years ngo Gabriel Harrison, of Brooklyn, who has been actor, teacher of .dramatic art, painter and newspaper writer, and who is tho author of an interesting volume entitled "The Life and Labors of Edwin Forrest," endeavored to create a fund for tho erection of a statue to the' great tragedian. Ho collected nomoney, MS iiis intention was to call for nono of tho sums promised until the full amount was guaranteed. From $3,000 to $10,000 weri: subscribed, and that vnis the crul of it all. Recently Idaho's ex-governor, William M. Rtmn, of Philadelphia, became aroused to tho injustice done tho memory of the actor who so long made his home in the Quaker City, whose private theatre is Tiov,- Ms School of Design and within whose county limits there ia still supported by tho fortune of the dead Spar- tactis tho only asylum in this country for tlie aged and indigent members of his profession. Philadelphia having no actor colony, Mi-. Bunn successfully sought the financial assistance of the railway magnates who largely control the street car lines of Philadelphia, New York, Chicago and other cities—Messrs. P. A. B. Widcmer, William L. Skins E. L. DAVENPORT. and 'William H. Kemble. These gentlemen agreed that if the actors of the country displayed sufficient interest in the scheme they would contribute liberally towards the fund. Whatever is the outcome of the matter it promises an interesting degree of the esteem in vrhich Forrest is held by the actors of this day. It ia somewhat singular that at the time of the resurrection of tho Forrest statue scheme, John W. Norton the St. Louis theatrical manager, and the man who gave Mary Anderson to the stage and was her leading support for several seasons, came to New York, inflamed with the desire to fire the breath of his theatrical brethren with the belief that they can best do honor to their great profession and to their art by placing in enduring bronze or giistening marble an effigy ot on e whom he described as "the greatest all around actor this country has produced, E. L. Davenport." It is certainly true that Davenport wns equally great as Romeo, as Damon, as Uoriolanus. as »Sir Giles Overreach, as William in "Black Eyed Susan," and so on through the gamut of his art, and only his unfortunate ventures as a manager dimmed the luster of his reputation "MAY OOD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR 8OTJL." and ended his life in failure. It will be interestinsr to learn whether the thor- ough beauty of >vt« art or the thunder of Forrest's tones are best treasured and remembered by the members of the pro- fesiion in which both men were leaders. Norton is very enthusiastic about his project, and in conversation recently with Louis Aldrich indulged in many reminiscences of his hero. One mutual recollection which they had I will reproduce here: Many years ago, when Davenport was » member of one of the Boston stock companies, at the close of the season he joined with a number of hia fellow actors and actresses (who were engaged in other organizations playing n* the Hub) in what was then known as a "snap" company, meaning thereby a sort of cooperative dramatic organization which during the idle Hummer season traveled from town to town and divided whatever profits might acsrue. This particular company included, besides Davenport, such now famous people as Frank Mayo, Agnes Perry—she is now Mrs. Agnes Booth and the leading lady of the justly famous Madison Square Theatre company—Louis Aldrich and John W. Norton. They played through the east- em towns, but, the tour being decidedly unsuccessful, decided to disband after filling an engagement of three nights in a certain Massachusetts town. When they reached that city they were quartered at a hotel which adjoined the small theatre in which they were to appear, both being owned by the same man and both being equally dirty. This hotel, however, lured traveling players to its embrace by the ensnaring suggestion that they could walk directly from their hotel apartment through a, private passageway into the theatre dressing room. After the members of the "snap" company had attempted to partake of their first meal in the hotel they waitad upon tbe landlord in a body and demanded that they be given edible food, to which tho boniface independently responded that if they did not like what was furnished them they could go elsewhere. AMiich, Davenport and Norton actsd upon this delicate hint, and with carpet s'.r.-bi in hand walked down tho street to I'.K- opposition house sever::! blocks The hist night of th? Lowell engagement the bill comprise;! "The Stranger,'' in which Agnes Perry took the part of Mrs. Haller, and Pranl: Mayo essayed tho rolo of tho somber Stranger. This was to bo followed by Uie farcical "Black Eyed Susan," in which Louis Aldrich was cast for tlio Admiral, John W.. Norton for Capt. Crosstree, and Mr. Davenport, of course, for William. In tho lattar play, as every one who has seen it -will romeinbor, William is found guilty of striking Crosstree, and the Admiral sentences him to be hangad from the yard arm, concluding with the solemn words, "and may God have inercy on your soul." Upon this particular occasion Louis Aldrich spied sitting in the front row of the theatre the landlord of the hotel, accompanied by his three btuom daughters, all evidently pleased with tho play and with themselves. Aldrich's soul thirsted for revenge. When the sentence of poor William had to be pronounced the words of tho play were subjected to a most remarkable change. "I sentence you," said the Admiral, "to board at the house for two weeks, and may God have mercy on you." Davenport at first looked stunned, and thoa gave one wild, delirious shriek of laughter; tho landlord and his daughters sprang to their feet and rushed from the place, while the entire audience held its Bides and ached with laughter. L. N. MEOAROEE. Two of a Kind. Hobby (on board the "ocean prey- hound')—O, mamma! JVVho is 'that great, proud'man in uniform? Mamma—Why, that's thrs captain ol tho ship. Hobby (with awe)—My! He looks jnsttlke tho janitor of our flat at hoiuol Medicinal Intelligence. Doctor—You must give your husband ono of those capsules every two hours. Mrs. Johnsing—Only one of : em ebery two hours? Huh, you don't know dat niggah. If he don't get no more den dat 'tor oat ho isgwintor smash up eheryding in de house. Dramatic Note. Jonos (to dramatist)—Wore you evei called boforo a curtain at a first production of one of your plays. VXn Alstvne (sadly)—Only once, and then thoy only wanted a chance to fire brick-bats and abrupt remarks at me. Ah! 'twas 11 cruel dcodi HEALTH AWB BEAUTY. S\vi!i,'-; Six-,'ific hnr> cured wiy little niece ot while Mvellini;of the worst typo. Jtore than twenty pieces of bone came out of her leg. She WHS notable to wnik forcisht months, mid "'as on enitohes ii yctir. The doctors ndviso* 1 . amputation, but I re fused, aurt put her on g. S,.S. She is now i:.s -\voll and playful s.", any ohiltl. Mi:,*. AKNtK CJKKSi.rNo, Cohnnlju.«, C-:u. TivatiSi^ oir Bloixl and SJrin l>iKt'ii!-'«s insi'iL'i! free. ^vjjrr^.-.^'n.^Co,. Drawers, Atlunfa, Go- CARRIAGES! I raafco a specialty of manufacturing Baby Carriages to oell direct loprlTUtG pur tie*. You car' tlit-refore, do better with me timr, with a UDUler. Curriatres Oaiirered Free of Charge to all points in iho Ui,;rort fitar«t t Inr Uhlstratt-rl t. .. , CHAS. r.AI3ER. WCr. G2.6t C!; bourn five,, Ciiicsca, li. CuttES PROMPTLY J;D i'Er.3LWE\'TLY R.HEXJ BS A^i SBflC. iumtn»o,HeaOaclie, Toothache, .... Bora Throat, Swellings, FroBt-bltcs, SCIATICA, Sprains, Bruises, llnrcs, Scalds. THE CHARLES ft. VOCELER CO.. Baltimore. 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