Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 28, 1898 · Page 19
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 19

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 28, 1898
Page 19
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pierce :For< The Tailor Fine Goods Low Prices 3]8 , , Broadway. PKOSPECTS For the Calling Got of Capt. Vaughn's Company. ADDITIO.V4L ITEMS DR. F. M, BOZER'S • Dental Parlors. OVER CITY NATIONAL BANK Corner of Fourth and Broadway Central Telephone No Office 363, residence 343. New Undertakers. 303 Market street, Hoppe Building. Daniel Killian & Co. •Calls promptly attended to, day or night. Mr. KlliiiiD wae for many years foreman tar Charles L. Woll. Telephone old 281, new 817 ia Interesting letter From Hon. W. D. Owen, Wh» is in Touch With the tJoreraor. Concerning tbe probability of the governor calling additional troops from this city, Hon. W. D. Owen writes as follows to Capt. S, A. Vaughn, of the artillery company, recently organized here: S. A. Vaughn, Logansport, Ind.: Dear S. r:—I did not answer you by telegraph as It woald have been impossible to explain tbe entire situation so you could understand it. First, the governor Is not here and accord- ng to his programme will not return When Yon Need an ABSTRACT OR A LOAN F. H. WIPPERMAN, *06 Fourth Street Opp. Court House Entrance, KROEGER & STRAIN, tJndertakers, 6 13 Broadway. Strain St. Insurance and Loans. »noe and Bond) written in first class com- ( p»ale«. Money to loan 8 per cent, .S. M. Closson,319 Pearl St. D. R. DENTIST (Corner Fifth and Market, Pythian Building. E. H.GRACE, D.D.S. DENTIL PAE.LORS 316 Market Street. New Almcinite Rubber Plates. GEORGE W. EODEFEB. ;-»''*' Real Estate, Loans, Bought, Sold or Exchanged. Money to Loan on mortirage or personal security. Call on me -or write to me at No. Si Eel River a^anue.east »nd of Market street bridge. JJANLEY & SlvANAHAN. Buy and Sell Second Hand] Goods* 61T8 u§ a oar.. 209 8th street MAKE MONEY On small capital. »1.00 will start you In the •Chickenbusiness. Young Chlens for sale at 10 cents each. Ten fed on the table scraps until fall mafces . a nice flock for winter e?gs »t no expense •Naif hatch just off and ready for delivery at Poplar Poultry Pars. Clifton Ave. .John M. Mafkley, Proprietor, Private Money to Loan No Delay- C- 0- HEFFLEY, Insurance and Loans. »OS Fourth Street, » OITY NRWS. James Hedden, manager of tha La Pearl circus, was at one time a resident of this city. Miss Bessie Trlppeer, of Peru, was here last night attending the commencement exercises. A slight Dago mix-up occurred on Front street, Westside, last night, in which a few blows were struct but no one was serifusly injured. The funeral of Mrs. Rebecca Mc- Donaled will be held from the Bap- q!:-.t church, Royal Centre tomorrow morning. Burial in the Kline cemetery. Bishop John Hazen White will visit Trinity Episcopal church to morrow for confirmation. He will be entertained while in the city at the home of Judge Nelson. Very Kev. M. E. Campion, pastor of St. Vincent de Paul church, was called to Fort Wayne today on ac• count of the serions illness of Vicar Oeneral Brammer. The graduating exercises of tbe primary deoartment of the Baptist Sunday school will be held in the audience room ot the church Sabbath morning next at 11 o'clock. Friends -of the school are Invited. Saturday evening. I am of the impression, however, that the present developments will bring him back sooner- His office has been advised In advance of the coming call for 75,000 men, and has made out a map of the state and apportioned nhe men who were accepted under the 125.000 call and also under the present call. Under the present call, ours, tbe Eleventh district and the Twelfth district will probably be shut out. In tbe two calls our allotment is six companies and we placed six companies under the first call,as follows: Grant, county, one; Wabash county, two: Howard county, one; Huntington county, one and Case county, one. There does not appear to be much showing for us unless the southern districts fall to put up their proper quota as they did under the first call, Backus, who raised a regiment,clalms that he has an advance promise of the governor for the acceptance of his regiment under any additional call that might come and that tbe governor in a conversation with be and Loveland, of Peru, agreed to accept Loveland's company as a part of the Backus regiment. If this is a fact, and the governor carries It out, one company will get in from our district. But, as the case appears at this time, there is no opening until a vacancy Is made by the districts in the south part of the state falling to put in their quota. I am of the opinion rtiat such a vacancy will come. In the meantime it Is not likely that the government will arbitrarily hold to 75,000 men as they did to the number in the first call, but will accept special regiments like cavalry and artillery, and I believe we can get your company accepted directly by the war department if our district is shut out by having Its quota already full. Everything, of course, is in the air and nobody can tell just what will be done until the governor gets home and probably not then, for a day or two, until he gets hold of the situation and gets his bearings. There is likely to be considerable contention,. as two different parties were in here this morning, each one claiming that they had the promise for first acceptance after Bender's company. Monday Is Decoration day and if the governor does not get back until Saturday, we probably will know nothing until Tuesday or Wednesday. It is now the intention not to publish the call for this state until next Monday. I will write you as soon as I am able to get information that is of any value. In the meantime what is reported In the newspapers may be as it was the other time—a good distance from the facts in the case. Yours truly, W." D. Girl wanted at 1218 Market street. W. W. Moss went to Montezuma last night. Mrs. E. D. Vernon is In Peru vis Iting Mrs. J. K. DeBolt. S, M. Velsey, who has been quite sick, continues to improve. Dr. Wiley J. Overbolser, of Winamac, was In the city yesterday. Wanted, woman or girl for kitchen work. Beference required—829 North Dr. J. B. Shultz was called to Sal- veston yesterday to attend J'obn Campbell, who Is seriously sick. Mrs. Joseph Johnson, who has been visiting Mrs. Fred Burgman, returned yesterday to her home at Winamac. Arthur Scott fell from Jeannerette's ice wagon yesterday morning and severely cut his hand on an Ice pick. Misses Lucile Pelkey and Nellie Gleason, of Peru, will spend Sunday with Miss Cora Bowman, on Linden avenue. Frank Wheeler, of Huntington,was brought here Thursday by Sheriff Leverston and placed In Longclifl hospital. The entire police force was on duty yesterday, on account of ti^ circus being in town and received no extra pay for the double time. Boys passing along by the newly painted city oullding have spoiled the work of the painters by leaving tbe Imprint of their hands. George Kinnaman was injured about the head yesterday by jumping from a Wabash train and Dr. Coleman was called to attend him. John Wall, the Westside barber, is the proudest man In town today. When he .went to the stable this morning he found a colt at the side of his little road mare. The youngster was sired by Coleridge. *SA1 Franklin, the Panh'andle conductor, who was so badly Injured in a wreck, caused by a washout near Columbus, Ind., is improving slowly. He was moved yesterday from Columbus to TJpton. On tomorrow he will be brought to his home in this city. SAVED BY CYCLING. A RUNAWAY. H. Ex- Wiler & Co 's Horge Censes citement on Third Street. H. Wller & Co.'s delivery horse acted up yesterday afternoon. Chester Home, the new driver, was o the south end of the Third street driving north, and the horse, elthe from fright or wanting to go to th barn, started at breakneck speei across Third street. Young Horn held, onto the lines until the hors broke away from the wagon, nea the corner ot Market and Thin streets, and went to the Eel Kive livery barn, where the animal had a hard fall in an endeavor to stop soon. The shafts of the wagon were torn off, and a wagon belonging to Aaron Long, the grocer, was slight!' damaged. fh« Wheel Has Succeeded In Reforming the America-H Girl. When the bicycle started out to reform the American girl it tackled a job that for years had defied every other influence. But the bicycle made itself a winner as soon as it seriously began to camp on the wabbly wheel tracks of its victim. Twenty years ago the homes of this country were given over to the. girls. Nice girls they were, just as we have nice girls now. But they were the victims of a terrible habit. The walls groaned under artistic efforts which represented impossible dogs, tvith multicolored ears, barking in a, foreign tongue at the head of a barrel hung in the mud puddle sky beyond a house one size larger than the dog. Mantels were cluttered up with things that served no earchly purpose but to give the house the appearance of the first stages of mania' a potu, while chairs, sofas and other articles of furniture were pre-empted by decorated throws, pillows and things unknown by name to any but tbe makers. Old shoes were saved to be painted yellow, and cow bells and wooden platters became works of art in the hands of the maids, who disguised them with a paintbrush. Fancy work was a mania, and the girls of the country were daft on the subject. But the bicycle came, and the angels threw their paintbrushes arid their silk floss to the junk iieaps of the garret and bought a cycle costume. There is room about the house again for the people who inhabit it, and the family is not barred out for fear the bric-a-brac will be disturbed. The cat's tail is no longer striped in olive green, and the men do not have to wear embroidered slippers and jackets. The bicycle has restored the sex to sanity and reformed a portion of humanity that stood in danger of adorning the rest of it into distraction. Can anything be more worthy of praise and commendation than what the bicycle has done -in this direction alone?— Wheel. The New Fureitore A Special Bargain - - For Lumber Glazed windows from 40 cts up. Lowest in town, you will save money to give me a call and get prices before building. DANIEL VOORHEES. Opposite Vandalia Depat. Logransport, Ind CYCLE NOTES. HORSE AND Stolen Last Sight From Grounds. the Show Obituary. Mrs. Anna Hoffman Jones, wife of Madison Jones, died at her home on the Westside yesterday morning at 6:30 o'clock, aged 28 years. The funeral will be held Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock at the Wheatland street M. E. church, R p v. Waltz officiating. Burial in Mt. Hope. John Kendall, residing south of town, drove In to the clrcua lust night, and left his horse and buggy standing near the grounds. When the show wag over the outfit was missing. The animal was a black mare, 6 years old,and has white hind feet and weighs about 800 pounds. The animal was hitched to a light top buggy. The police are working on the case. An Investigation. All person? who are desiring In- suiance will do well to investigate the plans of the order American Plowmen. Their home office is located in your city and their plans have been approved by your best attorneys. They ask you to make a favorable comparison with other methods, and feel confident of pleasing you. Continental Council's charter Is yet open, and the fees are $2 50; which includes medical; examinations.— Office Jordan block. Uncla Sam Says This Is America'* Greatest Medicine. It will Sharpen Your Appetite, Purify and Vitalize Your B'ood. Overcome That Tired Feeling. Get a bottls of Hood's Sarsaparilia and begin to lake It TODAY, and realize the great good It Is sure to do you. Hood's SarsapariHa •k AMMttt't OiMteu M«iidMh Special Sunday Excursion to Cincinnati via Pennsylvania Lines, May 29th, next Sunday. For the convenience of excursionists ID the city of Logansport, two dollar round trip excursion tickets will be sold to Cincinnati, good going on special train, leaving Logansport at 5 a.m. central time, via Pennsylvania lines; returning special train leaves Cincinnati at 6:30 p.m. All day to visit friends or see the sights of Ohio's metropolis. Wedding Reception. Charles Bamer and bride were tendered a reception at the home of the groom's parents in Washington township Thursday night. Misses Hildebrandt, Bergman and Kraut, of this city, attended. About one hundred guests were present and enjoyed an elegant supper, prepared for the occasion. Money to loan on city property.— Ben Fisher. An idea for enterprising boys of the sturdy kind is for them to post themselves at the foot of steep hills on popular roads and offer their services for pushing riders up to the crown of the incline. Glass houses on bicycle wheels are now used by horticulturists for hastening the growth of plants. Th&advantage is that they may be . easily moved from place to place where the conditions for rapid growth may be the most favorable at any particular time. Riders of bevel gear bicycles are informed that jumping on the pedals is not the way to get the best results. A steady, even pressure is the proper thing. The same suggestion is worthy of the consideration of all riders irrespective of the wheel used. "A skillful rider," says a dealer, "will always ease the bicycle over an obstacle. This accounts for the fact that where one machine will last three or four seasons another exactly similar machine in every detail will not give the rider one-tenth that result." It is strange how a bicycle sometimes develops an inexplicable, exasperating squeak. It is a certain sign that something is wrong somewhere, but it defies all endeavors to locate it, despite continual oiling in every part where friction is possible. Very often the squeak will disappear as quickly as it appeared. It will give to riders who have adopted wider tires some satisfaction to know that in a series of experiments made by the Missouri department of agriculture it was found that it required much less trouble to pull a loaded vehicle having wide tires than when narrow tires were used. This was found especially true on poor roads. It is becoming a matter for interesting speculation where the tide of patriotism is to cease in its effect upon cycle- dom. Bicycle stockings with red, white and blue tops and sweaters having the national colors running in lateral stripes around them are being plentifully displayed in shop windows, and, according to reports, are being freely purchased. You can economize without wearing ready-mad y clothing. We make Spring- Suits to your order rot $18.00 and S20.00 unequaled by competitors. Our 925.00 Suiting? are the same as your tailors gives you for |35. We can prove this. H.G. TUCKER. TAILOR, Fourth and Broadway. This Beautiful Roman Chair. It is made in handsome oak and ma- hoganized curley birch, fancy ornamental spindles, carved veueereit seats, very broad and comfortable. They're worth $4.00. Our special prices * T ^ r only «P 1 '/5 The second shipment of the celebrated Whitney «Baby Carriages have arrived and ready for inspection. THE* First National Bank THE JftlDffllY TINSHOP JOHN MEHAFFIE Proprietor. All Kinds of Tin work. Spouting and Roofing a Specialty. No. 314 Fifth Street, Mutual 'Phone No. 153 NOVELTY WORKS. Office Fixtures and Partitions. Store Fronts.Counters, Shelving Turning, scroll sawing and general re- paring. Estimates furnished. Door and window screeifs to order. Sole agents fo r the Wheeler Great American Ad • jus table Screens: made to fit windows with or without blinds 1 absolutely fly proof; slide easily, in wet or dry weather; can be taken out or put in by a child; the best thing on the market. John A. Sturkin, Srle Avenue, between 8th and 9th Bts. CAPITAL£f250,000 A. J. MtJRDOCK, PHMIDKNT, W. W. ROSS, CASHOKB, J. F. BROOKMEYZB, Assr. Cumin. DIRECTORS: A.J. Mai-dock. W. H. Brlnghum. Dennll Ubl, B, a. RJoe, B. 7, Yantta, f H. a*nrood. W, T, Wilson. Banking In all Ita Department! promptly and oarefuilj' done. Safety to Customer) and itookholdn nosgrht for. Strong Keierve Fund Maintained. NO PAINING DANGERI Teeth extracted without pala or after effects, such as sore month, sore gums, etc. Absolutely safe palnles. Women and Tandenu. It ia customary in building a tandem :o pnt the drop frame in front, and for women who are strong and hearty it ia more desirable seat. But for women who take to wheeling for health it is far better to have the drop frame in the •ear. This permits them to sit quietly and pedal, leaving to tbe man in front he work of steering, balancing and jraking, as well as many other minor hings which add to the weariaess at he end of a long ride. Women should also see that the tandem they ride is not eared above 63. There is a tendency o gear mixed tandeme higher than an ordinary woman's wheel, which is probably dne to thoughtlessness on the part of the man, who does most of the work, t does not occur to him that it is as lard for a woman to ride a high geared andem as a bicycle.—New York Post Your Spring Suit, Get it Made to Order[by WILL CRAIG the tailor. You're sure to feel comfortable, look 'veil and have saved money in your pocket. Will Pleas JYou, Save You Money. Pearl StNext to Dr. Bell's Office. The most natural-looking trl Ifloitl Teeth on new method PLATES, guaranteed to fit. The Ones t and beat method ot CROWN and BRIDGE Work. tW No charge for extracting without pall when new teeth are to be luppued. Dr, W, T. Hurtt, r»T?lSITTCiTI Sll l-z Fourth8t. UC.CI i 1O 1 loverFl«ii6r'nDru»ator Summer Normal -AT THE- Legaosport Commercial High School Begins June 6th. The following are tbe Instructors: fArUhmatlc PROF J GAMBLE -j ^^^ i Science of Teaching- PBOF S F LONG Eotr to Make Caramel Fie. One cup of better, one cup of sugar, me cup of damson preserves, five eggs, me tablespoonful of vanilla. Beat yolks if eggs And sugar together tiH light, hen add preserves and melted butter. Jeat the whites stiff and add last. Bake without sop crust. DYSPEPSIA, Heartburn, Gastritis and all Stomach Dis- rders positively cured. Grover Graam's Dyspepsia Kemedy is s specific, )ne dose removes all distress, and a permanent core of the most chronic and evere cases is guaranteed. Do not- safer! A 50c bottle will convince the most ucpticaL THR City National Bank. LOGAXSPOST, tSTD.] CAPITAL. $200.000 JOHN GBAY, President, L N. CRAWFORD, Vice Pres. -F. R. FOWIEB, Cashier. —DIKECTOSS— John Gray. C. G. Newen. J. T. Elliott, Dr. W. H. Bell, A. P. Jenks, W.C. Pennoct, Isaac Shldeler, and Q«o. T. Funk Miss LEHA Mr«E—Music J F COBKZLL, CO SUpt Prepare for teaching by enrolling- with ui. JCJVB * — Logansport Commercial High School. 321, 824, 325 Fourth Street. McCoy's New European Hotel COR. CUBIC AMD VAN lUREft «T». CHICAGO. Loan money on personal gecurttj-, -fee ~z Bu? and «eU Government bonds. Bnj- and sell foreign exchange on all parti of the world. Will par 2per cent per annum on certificate* of deposits, when deposited stt moflthj: 3 per cent per annum when left one year. Boxes in S&fety Deposit Vaults, for aafo keening' of valuable papers, rents reasonable. It's folly to suffer from that horrible plague of the night, Itching piles. Doan's Ointment cores quickly and permanently. At any drag store, 50 cents. FIRE PROOF. One block from C. R, I. tc.: L» S. &. ML S. Railroad 4epot. Improvements costing $75,000.00 hw just been completed ind the house now offers every convenience to be found in.any hotel, including hot ind cold water, electric light ind staun hezt la c >ery rvom. Rites 75 cents per day and upwards. First class restaurant in connection. WILLIAM McCOY, Owier u*

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