Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 17, 1890 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 17, 1890
Page 5
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Oat line is complete, and we only ask the public to be kind enough to give tt \ t a fook, and we will save you money, at Jordan Hecht's, 405 Mar- ketstreet. - Itl6 Mrs. -Frank.- Dikline, wife of the Managing Bklitor of the Fort Wayne Seatiuel, died at their home in Fort Wayne Thursday. Mr?. Dildine's •ifewasa beautiful exemplification of Christian piety. Her loss will be felt by a large circle of friends. The interment took place at Princeton, *™-> their former home. Ft Wayne Journal: Col. Gart fehober, the whilom newspaper writer, drifted into Logansport yes- tWJay aud Kuve a cornet solo on the - GaH Peter Swain t'azed on T arfomofshober *«i »P- for membershjp ln a total ab? Ciety ' ThB eeted here on any train, A FATAL AFFRAY. Royal Center the Scene of a Mnrder- OUM Fight. Snmuel M<-CUskey Killed by a Heavy Hcantllne in the Hands of \Villard Harvey. The Murderer Under Arrest and in .Tall in this Clt.r Awaiting tho Coroner's Verrtir.t. Moth I'artie* Well Known and Ke- »pc«t«a Young: Men—threat F.xrltemenl at Royal Center. The imiuest and Preliminary Hearing will he Held Here To-day. The towc of 'Royal Center was thrown into a state of intense excitement last evening by the killing of Samuel MoCloskey, foreman of Henry WinkTebleck's saw mill, by Willard Harvey, oldest son of Hiram Harvey, the well known merchant of that place. The details of the sensational case are as followf: About four o'clock in the afternoon Thomas Sheets, a creditor of Henry Winklebleck, alarmed by the rumors,, afloat concerning the latter's financial condition, took Constable John Hoover to the mill to levy on some lumber, having secured a judgment, for the amount of his claim. Arriving at the mill they were joined by Willard and John Harvey, who stood talking with the party. Samuel McCloskey, the foreman of the mill, in the absence of his employer, interposed some objection to the proceeding, but did not dir«ctly interfere with the attachment. During the time the Constable and Sheets were examining and valuing the lumber, the Harvey boys and MnCloskey got into u, discussion concerning the affair and John Harvey called the foreman a d—d liar. This McCloskey resented and seizing a piece of scantling made as if to strike John Harvey, whereupon his brother, Willard, picked up a heavy piece of scantling I.}x2 inches and six feet long and struck McCloskey a heavy blow on the side of the head, immediately back of the left ear, cutting an ugly gash and felling him to the ground bleeding profusely. Wm. Marshall, an employe at the mill, here interfered and was struck on the fide of the head badly cutting his ear. Constable Hoover then rushed to the combatants and put a stop to the fracas.. McCloskey was not unconscious but it was seen that he was badly hurt. Dr. Burton was called and rendered surgical aid to both McCloskey and Marshal. McCloskey presently recovered sufficiently tc walk to his home, where he immediately became unconscious, and continued so until death ensued abont 9:30, from concussion of the brain, the parietal bone being crushed. Immediately after the difficulty the Harvey's swore out a warrant for the arrest of both McCloskey and Marshall on the charge of assault and battery. Dr. • Burton declared that the condition of the former was such that he could not appear for trial and cot sufficient evidence being presented against Marshall, the latter was dismissed. Information being filed against Willard Harvey, he was fined $l v and costs in 'Squire Kistler's court for assault. Soon after, it being seen that Mo- Closkey's condition was serious, Harvey was placed under bonds of $50, which wasHater raised to $1,000, to await developments. At 9:30 McCloskey died and . Willard Harvey was immediately put under arrest for manslaughter, and was brought to this city at 12:25 last night by Constable Hoover and placed in jail,.to await the Coroner's in quest, which will be held by 'Squire G. W. Fender acting for Coroner Ballard this morning. The murdered man is about thirty years of age, and leaves a wife and one child. He has been foreman at Wiuklebleck's mill for the past flvt) years and was known as a young man of excellent habits,respected by all. His h pipe .-wais formerly in Jefferson fr)wr>ship, and he was on* of the best known and respected young men of that region. He is a brother of Mrs. Mll'p. Gibson, of this city. His young wife is nearly distracted by this terrible breakingof her life's hopes and mourns the untimely death of her husband, refusing toba comforted. A sweet babe about a year old is bereft of a fatners love and protection, Willard Harvey, whose act led to the unfortunate affair, is a young mati probably t*- enty-eight years ofj»ge. He is married and has three children. He is connected with his fathefviin a lucrative goods business at (JRoyKl Center and is a young man Of g:ood habits, respected by the citizens of the town. As he bid good night to his father and brother, who accompanied him to the jail last night, ' as he was conducted into his cell by Sheriff Donaldson, he broke down and with his hand before his eyes, bowed his hsad and passed silentljy into the cell. The younger brother, John, displayed visable feelingat this trying parting from his brother au r d as he talked to a Journal reporter of the unfortunate, case his voice quivered with an. .emotion he could not suppress. He claims that his brother acted in selfdefense; that McCloskey was the first to show signs of attack. The affair has thrown the little j town of Royal Center into great excitement, being the first murder which has ever been committed in the town. The prominence of the young men in the community adds only the greater weight to the sensation which has shaken the village from center to circumference and the affair was the all absorbing topic there last evening. In the city much interest was manifested when the rumor of the murder was heard and the arrival of the 12:25 train bearing tho prisoner attracted a large crowd, many of wftom followed the officers and their charge to the door of the jail. Harvey bore the stares of the crowd with apparent indifference, but it was seen that he regretted the outcome of his hasty act inexpressably. The autopsy will be held by Actiner Coroner Fender this morning and the inquest this afternoon. AIJLEGEXt FORGERT. Huury Wlnkleblvck, the Well Known E.iimlmr Man, Disappears, Ixcovins: Sensational Charge* Behind. Considerable excitement was caus'j ed in this city yesterday by the sensational rumor that Henry Winkle- bleck, the well known lumber man and mill proprietor, had fled the city under a cloud, it being alleged that he was guilty of forgery. It appears that Mr. Winklebleck has been running his mill at Royal Center for some time past at a loss which his other business ventures could not supply. In order to meet the demands of his creditors he has frequently been compelled to borrow considerable sums from the local banks and piivate citizens, on paper indorsed by prominent parties at Royal Center among whom are Messrs. Hiram and Henry Harvey, Wm. Gumlrum, George Kistler, J. H. Walters and L. P. Coleman. The inquiry of a private money JJlender in this city of one of the above indorsers brought out the sensational charges that the note in question, as well as numerous others, have forged signatures, the gentlemen named on the paper denying their signatures. Mr. Winklebleck departed on Thursday and nothing has since been heard of him. His creditors at floyal Center are closing in on his business there and yesterday his mill was thronged by parties anxious to make good their claims. It is felt by many of Mr. Winkle bleck's friends that he will be able to settle the matter and come out of the difficulty all right. Many, even those who hold the alleged bad paper, are of the opinion that the paper will prove all right and are waiting until Mr. Winklebleck will appear to settle things. The amount claimed on the alleged forged notes is said to be from $4,000 to $5,000. A crowded house greeted the Ramage Theatre Company at Dolan's last night. The play was the old, <*ld yet ever new temperance drama, 'Ten Nights in a Bar Rooui." Uncle Tours Cabin, Rip Van WiuKle and Ten Nights In a Bar Room are plays that have a phenomenal hold upon the affection of the people. Perhaps because they are so simple and true to nature. To descant on the play would be reiteration. There is only to be said tliat the Raaiage company presented it in au excellent manner. Will E. Atkiu*onas Siimpie Switchell the droll yankey ..was perfect in his make up, and when heap- pears on the stage as dwicuhell, one cau almost get a whiff of tho balsam laden air of Maine. Billy Barbour, as the hard-hearted landlord, was sufficiently villainous to get himself cordial 1 y bated by the audience, while litt.le Jessie Barbour gave a rendition of tiie part of littla Mary Morgan, the drunkard's child, that is rarely surpassed The child is almost a phenomenon. The balance of the coiupany was very evenly balanced, arid the performance upon the whole very pleasing and satisfactory. The company will appear in a repertoire this afternoon and even- Maggie, the six-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Greeubauk, died at the family residence' ; on Pon^ tiae street last night, at 11:36 O'clock. Notice of the funeral will be given later. CoiiHollilatioii of (lonfereneen. By Telegraph to the Journal. FRANKLIN, Ind., May m — The la session of the Southeast Indian Conference will tm held in this oit Jfc'Rinning Wednes.iuv.Septetijber 34 Bishop Merrill prpsTdin". At th •*ttlue time th« Indiana Confer.-ne. wall convene at MartirisviMH. wlir-r •jBtdhop Walcleu will .• preside. O September .20 the two confer .ences will meer. in the latte city and a union meeting will b« held, principally for rhe pur pose of discussing the question o removing the boundary line between the two bodies anrl joining the two conferences, and uniting all th Methodist Churches in Southern Indiana into one Conference. Then is a divided opinion among the min isters upon the wisdom of such £ move, and the question will no doubt be warmly discussed. Lust spring Fort Wayne elected a Republican Mayor who very prompt ly closed up the gambling houses and compelled.the saloon men to observe the 11 o'clock Sunday closing laws This did not suit the bass Rambler of the town, Mr. Fred Boltz, who immediately laid his plans and sue ceeded in getting elected to the City Council. He also endeavored to be elected a, member of the Police Board but in this he failed. But he will yield sufficient influence no doubt to secure a let up upon the gamblers and Fort Wayne will probably soon be a "wide open" town again. A colored man boarded the Little Miami train for Richmond Thursday evening when it was soon discovered that he was insane. He soon assumed a beligerant attitude and threatened to carve the whole crew. He was secured and bound, however, and handed over to the authorities when the train reached Richmond. Delphi Journal: Will Small, formerly with the Logansport Journal, is now on the reportorial staff of ihe Lafayette Journal. Will is a clever and popular young man, knows a news item when he sees it and will prove a valuable acquisition to the Journal staff. Tourist*. Whether on pleasure bent or business, should take on every trip a bottle of Syrup of Jigs, as It acts most pleasantly and elleetiuilly on the kidneys, liver and bowels, preventing fevers, headaches antl other forms of sickness. For sale In 50o and S100 bottles by all leading druggists. For SaJebyB. F. Kessllun. !'<>]• Rent. Two nice rooms, suitable for office or sleeping rooms, over Isaac Hans' shoe store,Fourth and Marker streets. Inquire at Jordan Hecht's Lion Clothing House. itlG '*'" Thursday was Ascension day and was, observed by the German Lutheran church by elaborate and impressive services. ;W. S. Wright, of the Journal, left last night for Lake Haxinkuckee, where he will pass to-day in eager pursuit of the gamey bass. Mrs. P. J. Schrader, who has been ill for several weeks is convalescent, and will soon be enjoying her usual health. to Iteut. Good roomy stable, 821 Broadway, for rent, enquire "S", this office, Both the method and results when Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant and refreshing to the taste, and acts gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colda, head acbes and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs is the only remedy of its kind ever produced, pleasing to the taste and a» cep table to the stomach, prompt in its action and truly beneficial in its jffacts, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, its many excellent qualities commend it to all and hafe made it the most popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50c and $i bottles by all leading druggists. Any reliable druggist \vho may not have it on hand will procure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it.. Do not accept any substitute. 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Pears'Soat) Fair white hands.* BrightelearcomplexioD Soft healthful skin. " PEARS'-The Great English Cotnptaion SOAP.-SoldEieiyitefB."

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