Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 27, 1898 · Page 24
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 24

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 27, 1898
Page 24
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DAILYPHABOS FRIDAY, MAY 27, 1888.- QITYNRW8. Magnolia blossoms at Foley's. Pat, Dunn's phone 240 Mutual. Stylish suits, Hooley, the tailor. Large cocoanuts 3c each at Foley 14-qt. dish pans lOc each.—Traut Nice oranges lOc doz.—McCaffrey Home grown strawberries—Foley Best country butter lOc lb—Traut Pat Dunn wants your Saturday order. Ladies' oxfords, small sizes, 25c a 1 Malben's. Ic» cream freezers at cost tomor row—Traut. Get your shoes half-soled for 30c at Maiben's. Pat Dunn sells Royal soap, 12 bars for 25c, cash. Spring ducks and spring chickens at Eianey's. Mrs. D. G. Emerick, of Peru, is at the Johnston. J. M. Rose, of Hartford City, was in town today. Pat Dunn sells Golden Rio coffee at lOc per lb, cash. Two No. 1 refrigerators must be sold at cost—Traut. Pat Dunn has a full line of all kinds of vegetables. Wanted, at once, two girls, at Campbell's laundry. Dressed turkeyi, geeie, ducks and chickens at Klnney's. 3Jc lb for the best quality of sugar cured hams—McCaffrey. New shirt waists, this season's style, i9c—Trade PaMce. Schuyler Myers is In Chicago taking treatment in a hospital. A. M. Roas, of Hartford Olty, called on friends here today. New shirt waists for Saturday from *8c to U.98—Trade Palace. Misi Mame Magee will go to Chicago tomorrow to visit friends. "We receive tomorrow morning 50 cases of oerries, etc.—McCaffrey. L. L. Reed, of Goodland, was in the city today, calling on friends. Sam Stern, of Kokomo, was here yesterday, calling on the cigar trade. Mrs. Matt Scbneeberger and son Fred returned from Indianapolis today. Union suits of-underwear for men at Dewenter's, the batter and fur- ! nisher. .The young son of John Cashdollar, of 620 Twelfth street, is sick with diphtheria. This weather is conducive to straw hats and summer underwear. Dewenter can suit you. Negligee shirts, the newest and the beet for the]money,at Dewenter's.the hatter and furnisher. F. A. Anspaoh, who was here in the interest' t»f th« St.- Louis Post Dispatch, has gone to Attica. George Smith, of Cleveland, Ohio, was before the mayor this morning, charged with a plain drunk. He was ordered to move on. Albert Phillips, a Panhandle fireman, caught a soft shell tortle this morning, near the Wabash dam, that weighed 131 pounds. John O'Donnellhaaso far recovered from his recent accident as to be able to be on the streets again, with.how- ever, a badly'scarred face. Railroad men, we have something new in an overall and jacket which we would like for you to inspect.— Helvie & Sellers Cl.othiers,426 Broadway'. ' Lettuce 5c lb, onions lOc dozen, radishes lOc dozen, gooseberries Sic qth cucumbers 3 eaoh, new potatoes 35c pk, flour 12.50 per hundred, country potatoes 65o bu—Traut. Saturday specials: Window screens Ho, one-quart granite pudding pans 6c, Ironing boards 50c, two-quart glass pitcher 7o, glass mugs Ic, one pound moth camphor 25o.—Trade Palace. Take a bite and let the flavor convince you that Fox's XXXX Square Wafers are the best crackers you aver put in your mouth. That's the way to know. There is no other way. Home grown beets, cucumbers, cauliflower, peas, wax beans, green beans.currents,goose berries, parsley, strawoerrles, spring lamb, veal.— Sothermel'3 Eastend, also meat market rear of grocery. Pat Mahoney is in receipt of a letter from John McGinley, who says the boys ol Company M are getting along nicely at Chickamaoga park. The letter Is cleverly written and contains much original wit. S. F. Warde. press agent for the LaPearl circus, is one of the cleverest men in the business. With him there is nothing too good for the press crowd, and his madner Is such that the newspaper men he meets will go to the limit in satisfying his wants. Mrs. W. D. Pratt, of Indianapolis, who was here visiting Mr. and Mrs. Charles He ffley, went to Delphi yesterday to attend the commencement exercise* held then last night. Mrs. Pratt awarded the diplomas to the grftduatot. Mrs, Heffley accompanied her to Delphi. Are Reports Regard ing Explosion Which Was Said to Have Oc curred on the Baltimore- Supposed Spanish Auxiliary Cruiser Chased by the Bancroft—Other War News. Reports Gronidless. Special to ti» Pli»ro«. London, May 27.—The reports regarding an explosion on the Baltimore at Manila are groundless. Chased by {he Baneroft. Key West, May 27.—A supposed Spanish auxiliary cruiser was sight-)d fifteen miles out, being chased by the Bancroft. Everything is reported quiet along the blockade line. Not Confirmed. Washington, May 27.—There is no fficial (confirmation of the report bat the Spanish fleet is in Santiago harbor or that Schley 13 guarding the intrance thereof. Has Left Santiago. New York, May 27.—A Key West orrespondent alleges on best au- horlty that Gervera's fleetilef D Santiago de Cuba last Saturday. BURGLARS ABROA1K Three Men Break Into Two Houses Wednesday Night. A house at 1722 High street, occu- pled'by a family named Champion,was was entered by burglars Wednesday night, were frightened away. There were three men who broke into the house, each taking a different position, so as to be of service to each other lu case of disturbing the occupants. The same thieves probably went from there to Hervey's, ao 2009 Broadway, as that family.reported a raid on their premises too. A slim haul was made. Both families report nothing missing, THAT JUMP-OFF At Seventh and Broadway to be Repaired After Many Weary Days. Street Commissioner Kerns is preparing to fix the jump-off oa Broadway and Seventh streets. This place has long been an eyesore to everyone using that street. He has been cleaning the streets in the eastern part of the city and will soon start cleaning the thoroughfares on the Westside. Saturday's Specials at Foley's. Neufchatel cheese 3 for lOc, club house corn 9c, breakfast bacon 7Jc lb, country butter lOo lb, crackers oc lb, pickles Scdoz., 5 foot step ladder 29c, baking powder 5c lb, 3 quarts peas lOc, ironing boards 49c,tin wash boilers 43o, screen doors 73c, sprinkling cans 13c, bread raisers 38c each, asparagus 3c bunch, onions Ic, radishes ic, pie plant Ic. Contract Let. Frank Hight has been awarded the contract for the stone work on Routh's new packing house and Geo. Palmer secured the contract for the carpenter work. The bids were opened this morning at Grain & Son's architect office. K«ystone Specials. Butter lOc lb., radishes.onions and pie plant lo bunch,corn starch ic lb., tomatoes SJc can, ginger snaps oclb., pretzels 7ic lb., pancake flour 5c pkg. Send us your Saturday orde. The Weather. Showers and probably thurdeir storms tonight, followed Saturday by fair weather. A NAKEOW ESCAPE. A Batcher Tries t« Make His Team Fwd the Rirer. Oall at Madame Lavine, 129 Osage street, for the truest way of telling your fortune by tea cup br giving initials of your future companion. Price, 25 and 50 cenw. Carried Down Stream aud Sared by • Man Named Mussel man. A well known butcher of this cttj was recently driving near the place where the new bridge Is facing built at Adamsboro, across Eel liver. A large amount of booze had control o his senses, and when he found that he could not cross the bridge he started to drive into the river. Men working on the bridge warned him o the danger he was getting into, but were told to go to a warmer climate. Urging his horses into the stream he began to dri ye towards the opposite shore. When near the middle the wagon was floating and the horses swimming and the outfit was being carried down stream, when a man by the name of "Dutch" Musselman who was standing near ran along the shore to a point where the bank projected • out into the water and getting some dis tance ahead boldly swam out and got into the wagon when it reached him He then climbed out on the tongue and cut the horses loose. They easily reached the shore farther down, where the water was shallow, and Musselman helped the man to get his wagon out of the river, but not until he put up 15 for the trouble. He was completely sobered whim Mussel man reached the wagon aud declared be would not try to ford ibe river again. BAKBERS Bare a Superstition Ab*«t Homing Razors on » Rainy Day. ' 'There's a queer thing about barbers that few people- outside of the profession' know anything about," aid a veteran shaver, A few days 'go. "What la it?" was asked. "We never hone razors OD wet days —that is, we old barbers. Somehow r other there is a superstition among he craft that it's unlucky to sharpen lades on those days. Green men ave tried it repeatedly. I have seen hat razors honed on wefr days appear o lose their usefulness afterwards. I ave seen young barbers-several hours utting razors in shape o-n days when drizzling rain was falling, and then ut their customers for several days fterward, I tried it once when I was a youngster, and I cot a gash in customer's face the day afterwards hat nearly frightened me out of my its. I blamed the dark day for It nd an old barber told me then the nly time to hone razors was on right days, and I have followed the dvice ever since." i .CONTINUED ANOTHER WEEK—THE GOLDEN JRULE'S . ., GRAND MAY SALE K Vn« C^iiro/1 An/ov Last week you certainly ought to come now as it is lUU jldjCU Away the greatest sale ever given by The Golden Rule. i~A If VA« r<»fta Last week you'll certainly want to come again. Many Aflfl II IOU UlinG newlmes added to this week's sale. All new-are no little stringy variety either. Our low prices made last week one of the busiest we ever had. Schmitt & Heinly- THE CALL FOR TROOPS, An Equitable Apportionment Will be Made of Companies of the State, The second call for troops finds rovernor Mount's mail flooded with pplications from all parts of the tate. The governor says nothing will be done before next week, and hat the number allowed the state will be apportioned equally among he districts, giving all a chance. Wag Dreaming. G. C. Chumney, of near Logans»ort, was the guest of Henry Rlne- lart and wife Thursday, and while icre came up and paid for another hunk of the Sentinel with the _re- mk that it would be impossiole to et along without the paper. Mr. Jhumney reports the capture and ar- est of a Spanish spy at Logansport a ew days ago. He says the Spaniard jot drunk and gave himself away, jUd in a short time he was nabbed by .he officers and placed in jail.—Flora entinel. Chumney gave the Sentinel man a t iipe story. The fallow taken in by .he police was a local bum who hcught to play a joke on the officers, Wheel Stolen. A. wheel was stolen Wednesday light from in front of Clesson's pool oom, where it had been left by the wner, John Gingrich. There is no lew. * PUM OH»*C CRI»M OF T»RTAR WWBWI DR. CREAM BAKING POWER Awarded Highest Honor*, World's Fair Gold Medal. Midwinter P«Jr. Every day Brings S ->met3iing New in Spring Shoes See the latest colors in Magennta, Gray, Tan and Olive colors.The handsomest colors and most Exquisite 1 Styles imaginable, beauti- fully designed and something j quite different from those you have ever seen. Equally as handsome in Misses' and Children's Shoes SEE THE/S&. Stevenson & Klinsick. 403 Broad-way. YOU jike to see nice laundry work, don't r on? You like to have your linen eturned looking clean, white and legant. Then send it to Marshall's Laundry. 608 Broadway, ind we guarantee you will be satisfied. Call up 'phone 110 and our wagon will call for your work. STREET CAB SEWS. Items of Interest Gathered About tne Line and the Park. Edward Raoer, the street car conductor, is off-duty on account of sickness. Wilbur Gordon, night engineer at the power house, has so far recovered from his recent illness as to go to the country to visit friends. Eeceiver Fickle will shortly purchase two new motors for car No. 5 from the General Electric company. They will be 29 horse power with K- 10 controller. . Spencer park is now being visited by large numbers of people. Every car runs to the park. The refreshment stands are open day and night. The grass has been cut and the grounds thoroughly cleaned. Plcnte parties are now being held and the popular dancing pavilion will be opened, by a dance Wednesday night. THE MAKKETS TODAY. Recelwd by Wire at Erbangtfs- Exchange, North and Fifth. Chicago, May 27 — Wheat — May opened at 11.75; closed at 11.75. July, opened, tl.10: closed at.»1.06J. Corn — July, opened at 33c; closed at 32 |c. Oats — July, opened at 24ic; closed Pork— July, opened, 111. 77; closed at 111-50. Hogs— Mixed, i4.05@4.40; heavy, 14.35@4.50; rough, $4.10@4.20; light, «3.75@4.25.- Receipts today, 17.000. Estimated receipts for tomorrow, 16,000. Cattle— Receipts 3,000. Receipts of sheep, 10,000. Toledo, O.,May 27— Wheat— Cash, opened 81.36: closed at $1.26. July, opened, $1.04}; closed. tl.OlJb. HE IS.VT BROKE But Refuses to Pay a Fine of Ten Dollars for Getting Drunk. Kenneth Roolnson, with t27 in his inside pocket, is laying out a »IO fine for drunk in the county jail and is the only bird within the walls. He refused to allow the officers to take out the fine and ordered the sheriff to hold the money. HAVE--- You been around yet to see JACOB HERZ'S line of Spring Suits, etc? li you have not, call at all the tailor establishments in the city, and then go and see his prices and if you cannot be suited,then it is because you don't want to buy,as he has all the Novelties such as STRIPES, CHECKS, .Etc. A kind invitation extended to all. Youre truly, 3ACOB HERZ. SEE OUR DISPLAY OF Spring Suitings! An Exhibition of Choicest Woolens and Novelties. JOHN OARROLL. The Tailor ........... ............. 1222 Broadway , Lath, Sash, Doors, Blinds Iftooldifs and CHEAPER THAN EVER. THOMPSON LUMBER CO. Sixth and High Sts. MEN'S SUITS $5.00. Tomorrow we can place on sale four lots of Men's Suit* at l5.00.Thty't» serviceable patterns, color fast, nice fitting and substantially lined and trimmed. No more than 300 suite altogether, 10 you'd better come tb« first thing in the mocniog, We challenge the world to meet thli above price, and we have no fear that our challenge will be accepted. "Marvelous how we can do IS."—«ar you. Not a bit. Ours are honest price*—for honest clothing. "The Hub" Is as famous for high quality as for lowcrt prices. Our specials, $5, $6, 17.50 and slO sulfis for thU week should kaep our store crowded with buyers Mothers you must not overlook our Children's Parlor—Kne« Pant* Suit* from $1.50 and upwards—and always a saving from 50c to tl.OO over what others will charge you. HATS. Were never so cheap as they are here now—»!,. D..50, t2 and 12.50 tb« oeat the world can produc at $3.00, all styles, Fedoras and Stiff Hats—la latest colorings and shapef. UNDERWEAR. When we tell you that you can bay the best suit of undcwear for 50o in the world—it Is so because—"The Hub" says it is. Shirti and Drawers to match. A SHIRT TALK. Here fs where nobody can touch ns—soft shirts 50c made in three different ways—to wear with white <;o!lar», extra cuffs—some with collar! and cuffs ou 'em—some with collars and cuffs attached, but 2 separate collars with 'em. ALL FOR FIFTY CENTS. Our fine line of shirts is superior to anything ID Loffsnsport—and price* more reasonable. Our space does not permit us to enumerate other special bargains fd'r this week—so we invite everybody to call M THE HUB. Harry Frank's Old Stand. i 13 Fourth St.

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