Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 17, 1890 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 17, 1890
Page 3
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TheKabo corset that brings a woman to perfect form if she only laces it tight enough ^-for it never stretches or breaks its " bones " or rolls up —has soft eyelets that do not cut the laces. Soft eyelets are loops of corset lace instead of metal eyelets. If the Kabo corset fails in a year in any part but the steels—no way has yet been invented to make unbreakable steels—you j*ct your money back from the store where you bought it. •f You wear the Kabo corset two or three \veeks ; and, if not satisfactory, take it back and get your money again. CEi-ioo COBSTT Co., ciuoaso ami New York. , A full line of Humphrey's Homoeopathic Medicines at Pryor's Drugstore. REAL ESTATE. t'os safe, IS residences on Broadway. Vat sale, 12 residences on Spear Street. Jr'or sale, 3 residences on North Street Xorsiile, 3 residences on High Street. i'or sale, 3 residences on Market Street. t'or sale, residences on 8, 0 aud 11 Streets. Bor sale, resiliences on Osagu, Chlppewa and Miami Streeets. To trado 6 good farms for city residences. To trade, farms for business blocks. To trade, »wo stocks of Dry Goods for farms. To trade, city residence In Kokomo foragrocery store. To trade, stock farm of 2,580 acres. To trade, city residences and farms for Chicago residences. For Particulars Enquire of Peusion and Real Estate £gent. Room No. 3, JSlliott Block. Logansport, - Ind. Uecld-wly Dally Journal. SAT0RDAY MORNING. MAY n. Pocket books free with shoes, at Otto's. Pears' Soap secures a beautifu eomplexion. now24cUy House with gas for rent, No. 355 Sycamore street. dec22dtf Lace curtains at special prices, at the Trade Palace. Thos. J. Campbell has received an increase of pension. The best picture framing in the ii'fcy at B. M. McMillan's, 307 Market street. may!4d4t Mrs. Helen Allen, of Terre Hante, is in the city, the guest of Mrs. T. H. Wilson. The Big 4 Shoe Department ranks iirst amongst the shoe stores of Logansport, and second to none in the State. V Fine wide challies, dark or light, new und latest designs, cheap at 20 '•ents, at the Trade Palace dry goods and carpet house. Don't neglect that first cough! Syrup White Pine and Tar will ?e lieveit at once; 25 uud 50 cents per bottle. For sale by B. F. Kees- hns> Jan25d-w4m TheVandalia line will sell round ™p tickets Logansport to Pertle SpHugs, Mo., on May 19th to 27th, °°! usive ' Good to return unti June -l>th, at rate of $14.05. may!6d6twlt The German Baptists of the Uni*1 Staies will this year hold their annnai meetings at North Manches "; Ind - and Warrensburg, Mo., the ^ week in May . Excursion rates v,a the Pennsylvania line* See notice elsewhere in this pa mayl6d8tsw3t (JThe Will of Janette Hollie was admitted to probate yesterday. Miss Mollie Klinaick Is confined to her home, on Canal street, by illness. gUMr. W. R Coover, of Chicago, is the guest of his cousins, Mr. and Mrs. George E. Ross. Mrs. W. D. Owen arrived home from Washington yesterday noon and is at the Barnett. Wanted, teams to work on Peru & Detroit Ry. Apply at Peru or Chili. Zach Shrop, contractor. uoay!7dOt J. A. Neodham is confined to his home, on Sycamore street, by a •'return engagement' 1 of the grip. J. F. Carroll, one ot the Journal carrier boys, drew the chamber set at the opera house on Thursday evening. David Myers, formerly u Cass county boy and now a prominent attorney at Grreenburg, [nd., is in the city visiting friends. If you don't find our prices right return the goods and get your money back. That's the way Mr. Kraus instructs his clerks to act. Mrs. C. P. Wright will preach tomorrow morning at 10:30 o'clock at the Wheatland St. M. E. church. All who come will be cordially welcomed. All organizations intending to participate with the G. A. R. in Jthe observance of Decoration Day will please hand in their names to J. B. Parker at once. Any one wishing a strictly fine job of piano tuning will do well to leave an order with Mrs. Reynolds, and have Mr. Arthur do the work, as he will be here next week. may!7d3t The Logansport Brewing company are sinking a well at the east side of their building, which will be drilled to the depth of 100 feet. Limestone was struck at a depth of five feet, which will necessitate a drilling of ninety-five feet through solid limestone. One thousand curtain poles, 13 cents; brass trimmings, 15 cents each, at the Trade Palace carpet rooms. See our new carpets, ingrains, 15 cents a yard up; a good Brussels, 67^ cents a yard, sold on monthly or weekly installments, or for cash. Don't miss this special sale. Big drives in our underwear department—-see west window in the Trade Palace. See middle window for dress goods; see inside east door for special low prices, dress goods trimmings and silks, 2,000 styles to select from.' Five thousand dollars worth ot black hose for ladies, gents, boys and girls, must go, every pair warranted; one spool of darning cotton with every pair.—Trade Palace dry goods and carpet house. Mrs: Dr. Harry Taylor and son William, formerly residents of Logansport, but for the past eight years residing at Bonham, Texas, are the gaests of Dr. E. R. Taylor, at No. 1 Linden street. They will visit among their friends here for a few days, when they-will depart for Canada for a short visit with Mrs. Taylor's relatives. '"Will," as he was known among his young friends here,;has developedjinto a^full-grown man, and is proprietor of a lucrative cotton business al Bonham, Cas.s County Sunday Scliool Union "Con von tion. The annual convention of the Cass County Sunday School Union will be held in the First Presbyterian church, Logansport, opening Wednesday evening, May 28i<h, at 7:30, closing Thursday afternoon, May 29th. It is requested that each superintendent in the county see that at least two delegates are appointed, who will attend the convention and send their names as soon as possible to E. D. Closson, chairman of the entertainment committee, and also that the annual collection be taken, which it is booed will be as large as possible, as the amount pledged is larger than any previous year. Please send the collections to the treasurer, Ida M. Harp, 1706 North strelt, or be sure and bring them to the convention. HOMER KBSSLER, President. To the <»ucsscrw. The prizes offered by the Journal to the person or persons making the closest guess on the ponulation of Lognnsport is exciting a large competition. The guessers are pouring in at the rate of forty to fifty per day. Every one will be permitted to make as many guesses as is desired but they must all be on the Journal's coupons. Write your guess in ink as some are defaced by wear so as to be almost worthless. Special Notice. Order of Chosen Friends: There will he a special meeting of Logan Council No. 21, O. C. F,, this (Saturday) evening at 7 p. m., to make arrangements to attend the funeral of Friend George Bauer. Members of Cass Council No. 42, are respectfully invited. GEO. W. FUSK, Councilor. J. WALKLKN, See'y- Will You Guess? THE JOURNAL will glvo a Prize ol Ten Dollars in Gulrf to tho person whose guess comes nearest and a Prlzo ot Five Dollars In Wold to the person giving tho next nearest guess to the figures of tho Census Enumerators, who begin their work in I/ogansport on <ir about Juno 1,1800. To Insure your name and guess being corretly recorded, cut oir the coupon which appears below; illl in your name, your address and your estimate of Logansport's populations In tho proper places. Then cut out the coupon and forward it to the "JOURNAL", Census Bureau Loganayort, Indiana. No guess received later than June 10th. and no guess recorded which ia not made and filled In on coupon cut from THE JOURNAL. In case of a tie, tne parties shall divide the prizes. GUESSINGOPENTOTHEWORLD. COUPON GUESS. The Journal Census Bureau First Prize '$1O Tn Gold. Second Prize $5 in Gold Cues,'; How Many People there jii'o In Logansport. POPULATION NAME ADDRESS No Guess Registered Unless on this Coupon. Boone Brevities. Too wet and cold for planting corn. Farmers have commenced to shear their sheep. Mrs. Ellen Hays is lying in a precarious conditien. Rev. Bair preached at Burnetts- vills last Sabbath. William Lytle is preparing to build a barn this season. ' The Royal Center Baptists are papering their church. Religious services at the M. E. church every night next week. The building for the Royal Center flouring mill is under full headway. Is it too early for the Royal Center base ball club to exercise its muscle? Henry Winklebleck has been shipping considerable hickory wood to Chicago. Miss Ettie Holmes is teaching a subscription school at the Star school house. The newly elected council of Royal Center have organized and are fully equipped for duty. John A. Puller and Alex. Fry disposed of several fat cattle at Logansport butchers last week. Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Minthorn, of Logansport, are visiting their parents and friends in Royal Center. Mrs. Lydia Vernon will have her residence painted. Willie Walters has been engaged to do the work. Quarterly conference begins at the M. E. church next Friday evening and continues over Sabbath day. Rev. Tollitson, of Crown Point, is very ably assisting Rev. Sites in his religious efforts in Royal Center this week. Grandma Schlegilrueloh is quite ill. The infirmities peculiar to old age appear to cause the principal distress. Messrs. .7. S. Snethen and J. H. Burton constitxite a committee to visit the Sunday schools of the township this quarter. George Conn who recently suffered a compound fracture of the ankle is improving more rapidly than his friends anticipated he would. A party of fifteen young people of Royal Center made a pleasant visit to the home of the Misses Jordan of Jefferson township one evening last week. The assessment value of personal property in Boone township is about $165,000. The value of the real estate exceeds this value. The township ranks fourth in the county in her appraisement. The Royal Center juvenile league gave its quarterly entertainment at the Methodist church last Sabbath evening. Upon the pupit and about it were tastefully arranged a varied collection of beautiful flowers. About twentv little boys and girls, arrayed in their best, each wearing a nice boquet of natural flowers, took part in the exercises which consisted of songs, declamations and concert work. The affair was pleasing to the audience, creditable to to the little folks and encouraging to the good people of Royal Center. An alarm of fire broke up the meeting near its close to the regret of all present. HALIFAX. F/veryboily Knows that at this season the blood is filled with impurities, the accumulations of months of close confinement in poorly ventilated stores, workshops and tenements. All these impurities and every trace of scrofula, salt rheum, or other dispase may be expelled by taking Hood's Sarsaparilla, the best blood purifier ever produced. It is the only medicine of which "100 doses one dollar" Is true. - S Dictionaries—Webster's unabridged, full size, given away without money or -without price,, by the leading store, "of comrse.'/ VETERINARY DEPARTMENT. NOTICE—We are always anxious to make our veterinary Department as complete an possible and hope our readers will avail themselves of It whenever they desire any Informal Ion, thus assisting us to make it one ot the most Interest- Ins and valuable (natures of Ti e Journal VTe often receive letters with requests for private written replies to be sent to tne questions uy mull; where that Is done It ceases to DP H uub- llc benefit, and becomes simply a private advantage. Allsuou requests must ba addressed direct to our veterinary editor, Geo. S. Baiter, V, S., Uoom 8,22U fourth street. Lo-tansport. Incl., with u teo ot $1 Inclosed, as a Krotessioniil opln'on lor it persons's private use Is entitled is compensation and should be paid for. 14. P-—Have a two months old colt with a very painful swelling just back of the cogle of the jaw, it is very hot and very painful is swollen worse on one side than the other, there is no soft spot in it, has been there it little over a week, what is it? and what can I do for it? It is probably a post-pharyrgeal abscess, take the colt to a veterinary surgeon and have it opened, he will have to go in deep to reach it. syringe it out with carbolic acid one to twenty twice a day. Oxtell.—My horse picked up a nai in his left hind foot two weeks ago took him to a blacksmith shop and bart it pared out and burnt with .a hot iron, he improved the next d.-y and drove as well as ever, a com e of days ago I noticed a pecular posi tion and his eyes seemed red ai.d bloody, would stand with his head up, tail raised and seemed fearfully nervous, he eats fairly well when left alone but seems to want no one around him, what have I got? You have got a case of Tetanus or lockjaw, the result of the nail wound he is either better or dead by this time so no treatment would be of any use. A. X.—1 have a horse that has been going lame in one front leg for about a month and a short time ago I noticed a swelling on the sides and front just above the hoof, it feels like bone, is hard and cannot be moved, please tell me what I can do for it. You have got a ringbone, clip the hair off over the enlargement and apply the red ovide of mercury one to eight of lard rubbing it well in, tie his head up for twenty-four hours then grease it once a day with fresh lard till healed up and after three weeks repeat the treatment, giving complete rest for at least six weeks if this does not cure it will have to be fired. < EXCURSIONS VIA FA. LINES To the Annual Meetings of Hie tier- man Uaptists near Warrens- burn. Mo., ami at Xortli Iflnnclicster. Uml. The annual meeting of the German Baptists or Dunkards will be held the last week in May, at Pertle Springs, Mo., and at North Manchester, Ind. Excursion tickets via the Pennsylvania lines will be sold to either of the meeting places atone fare for round trip. Tickets to Pertle Springs meeting will be sold May 10th to 27th, good returning until June 26, 18!)0, inclusive. To North Manchester the low rates will be in effect from May 90th to 25th, good returning untii June 25th, 1890, inclusive. _ mayl6d3tsw3t Ills IJnresiTved Sale of Mother of 1'enrl I'ictnri-s. Yourself and lady are invited to attend the big-unreserved sale of Mother Pearl pictures commencing this evening at 404 Broadway, next door to the popular book store of Mrs. John Marshall. Will be pleased to have you come and examine the goods whether you pur- cbse or not. Seats reserved for ladies. Col. J. A. CAIJT. auctioneer. maylSdCt A Cure for Constipation and Mick Headache. Dr. Silas Lane, while, in the Bocky Mountains, discovered a root that when combined with other herbs makes an easy and certain cure lor conslpa- tlon. It Is in the lorm ol dry roots and leaves, and Is known as Lane's Family Medicine. It will cure sick-headache In one night. For the blood, liver and kidneys, and for clearing up the com- lexlon it does wonders. Druggists sell it lor CO cents a package. Sample free. Seod Can't Make Anything lake It. I have been practicing medicine for twenty years, and have never been/abletoput up a vegetable compound that would, like Simmons Liver Regulator, promptly and effectively move the liver to action and at tho same time aid (Instead of weakening) the digestive and assimilative powers of the system. No other remedy within my knowl«dge can £111 its place. L. M. Hlnton, M. D., Washington, Ark, 3 Hoi t It 10 iltf Jjicht. The man who tells you confidential just what will cure your cold is prescribing Kemp's Balsam this year. In the preparation of this remarkable medicine lor coughs and colds no expense 13 spared to combine only the best and purest ingredients. Hold a bottle of Kemp's Balsam to the light and look through it; notice the bright, clear look; then compare with other remedies. Price 5UC. and gl. f 4eod Attention, A. O. II.! You are respectfully requested to meet at your hall on Sunday, May 18, at 4 o'clock p. m., business of importance to be transacted. A full attendance is desired. By ofrer of M. J. GALLAGHER, Pres't. It is dangerous to tamper with irritating liquids and exciting snuffs. Use Ely's Cream Balm. which Is safe and fJeaaant, and is easily applied. It cures the worst cases of catarrh, cold In tne head and hay fever, giving relief from tho application. Price SO cents. Ilto25 Its superior excellence proven in millions of homes for more than a quarter of a century. It is used by the United States Groverment. Endorsed byjthe heads of the Great Universities as the Strongest, Purest and Most Healthful. Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder does not contain -. Ammonia, Lime or Alum. Sold only in Cans .4 Price Baking Powder Co. New York. Chicago. St. Louis.San Francisc Pont spoil your Feet with CHEAP SHOES*/ WEAR THE See that EVERY PAIR is STAMPE» THE BURT & PACKARD "Korrect Shape." Don't allow YOUR dealer to palm off any substitute lor llie "Korrect Shape,'' as we have arranged to supply anj one in the United States who cannot get these goods of OUR agents, and prcpuyafi delivery charges, thus bringing them to your door without extra cost. The Burk & Packaril "Korrect Shape" Sl'oes are made in tour grades, viz., Hand-made, Hand-welt, Burtwelt and Machino Sewed, which is Ktnn»ped on the sole in addition to our trade-mark above Our agents should carry all grades in Congress, Button aud Bal for Gent's, Boys and Youths. PACKARD & FIELD (Successors to Burk A Packard), Brockton, Mass. OTTO A. KR AUS, SirS ^ LOGANSPORT Hibhard's Strengthening; and ilhen- matic PloMiers. Are a revelation to the World, and are the only Genuine Rheumatic Plasters. Nine-tenths of all troubles which require the aid of plasters are rheu niatic in their nature. A change of weather or sudden draft causes a cold which develops into muscular and that into inflammatory rheumatism. And yet there has never been such a thing as a distinctly rheumatic and strengthening plaster, and hundreds have died suddenly where rheumatism has attacked the heart, whose lives mieht have been saved had this plaster been applied in season. They are constructed on purely scientific principals and are purely vegetable. Prepared by Rheumatic Syrup Co., Jackson, Mich. For sale by B. F Keesling. jan23deod&wly TARIFF LITERATURE FOR ALL. The AMKRICAN PROTECTIVE T.A RIFF LE.» GUE IB publishing a most valuable series of Tariff documents. These nro prepared with a view to state the facts and arguments for Protection, -whether in tho interest of farmi'i-.;, laborers, merchants or professional jr.cn. Each issue of tho series appeals to those <>]•- prnged in separate industries.'and present:' Indisputable t'acta—comparisons of wapes. <•<>••; of living, and other arguments fihowlnjv '.' : benefits of Protection. Any single one will be sent on receipt: <>. r :; cents in stumps except " Wages, Livin:? ;,.: i Tariff," which will be sent for 4 cents. The whole list will bo sent for 30 cents <.: any twelve for 20 cents, or any iivo i'ori. cents, postage paid. Order by number. 1—" Wages, Living and TnruT." E. A. HARTS'^' HORN -. 3.01 2— TUe Advantages ot a Protective Tariff to the Labor and Industries of tho United States." First Prize Essay. 1887. Cni\v- FOBDD. HEXNIHO :>.2 8—" Home Production Indispensable to a supply, at Low Prices, ot the Manufactured Commodities required for tho People of the United States, iiud Adequate Homo Production of these Commodities Inipon- eible without a Protective Tarlll." Etoc Prize Essay, 1888. C. D. TODD 32 *— what are Haw Materials ? Would Free Raw Materials bo Advantageous to the Labor an-1 Industries of the United States." First Prize Essay, 1880. HOMKBB. DIBELI, S2 5—"Fallacies of Free-Trade." E. P. MILLER... 31 8—"Some Views on the Tariff by an Old Business Man." GEO. DRAPER. 82 7—"The Protective TarlfC -. Its Advantages for the South." C. L. f.DwjuiDS 32 8—"Tho Wool Interest." Judire WM. LAivn^'-CE 9A a—" Protection va. Free-Trade."—A Hlstork-ul Review. D. <*. [[AURnaAN :30 10—" Tho Farmer and tho TariB •" Col. Too MAS H. DUDLEY 10 11—•' Protection as a Public Policy." GEOKOE S. BOOTWELL 10 12—" Reply to the President's Froe-Trodo Message." B. P. PORTER 8 IS— "tVorkinfrmen and the Tariff." a 14—"TheViteuiiuestion: Him] 1 American Industries be Abandoned and American Markets Surrendered 1 8 15—Sonife in German, with Addition. .. 8 10—"The Progress of One Hundred Years." UOBEttT P. PORTKB S 17—"Protection for American Snipping." ... R IS—"The Tariff Not a Tax." HOHERti. SJIBELT... H 19—" Why Irishmen Should he Protectionists." H 20—" Protection." E. H. AMMIDOWN 4 21—•• What is a Tariff ? " Answers to a Worfclng- man's Question 4 S&—"The American Wool Industry." E.H. AJi- MIDOWH 8 23—"Wages and Cost of Living." J. D. WEEKS. 4 24—"Southern Farming Industries." 4 25—" A Short TUk to workingmen.". M H8—" Protection and tne Fanner." Senator 8. 51. CUIXOH. i2 The AXCTUCAN ECONOMIST, weekly, devoted to tho discussion of all phase** of the Tariff question. $2 •year. Sample copies fnw. ArtdnwsAmffllcanPro- toctlT« Tann League, 2:1 W. ••::<\ St.. New York. Batoiier, Orccerv and Hotel Bafrigeratws, \;i>\ Bail.Tfr.i df.'.!!v >:.•'• Ci!d Slams? Bflenw. Fur C.ttaic-Viie urni !'r>' f write to KSHCALLViU.E R£?3!S!ERATO; 13., PJIonrioii this papor.l l!eiulali»i!lj. Indiana- WELLMAN'S GAS CARBURETOR Pat. Oct. I, 1889. A cold Carburetor which will enrich NATURAL GAS and produce a 26 candle power gas. It will work at any temperature. and is absolutely safe. AQ-ENTS WANTEIX Por particulars address, FHE WELLMAN CARBURETOR MANUFACTURING CO., 25 "WARBEN ST. >'EW YORK.

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