Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 27, 1898 · Page 23
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 23

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 27, 1898
Page 23
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ia Limited. Arrangements have been perfected for a line of Semi- weekly Pullman Vestibuled, Double Drawing Boom, and Sleeping CUB between St. Louis and Lo sAageles. CW-, running through without change. These cars will leave St. Louis every Wednesday and Saturday night at 9 :00 p, m., arriving at Los Angles, Saturdays and Tuesdays at 5:50 p. m. A Buffet Smoking Car and Dianing Car are at- Uched to this train at Kansas City, running through to Pacific Coast without change. Only three days from Logansport to Los Angeles, via this line. For berth reservations etc., call on or address Logansporl, Ind. Do Yon Love H so, secure one of the latest and pmtieet Two-Bt«pB of the day, by mailing Ten Cents (silver or stamps) to cover mailiog anu poet- age, to the undersigned for a copy of the BIG FOUR TWO-STEP (Mark envelope "Two Step.: We are giving this music, which is regular Btty-oent sheet music, »t this exceedingly low rmve. for the purpose of advertising, and test- Ing the v»lue of the different papers as adver- Uiing mediums. B. 0. McCormlck, Passenger Traffic Manager, "Big Four Boute." Cjnoln- Uti.0. M«xtioQ thu papor when you write. Ac Fanusyivanto Bt*aon. j/BnnsylvanjaJtinBS. Tralne Bun by Central Time AM FOU.OWB 1 poilT. tD»ll». MWPt 8an1»». CHICAGO DIVI8IOR DATLT. fcamT* lor Chioago*8:06 a m;'6:00 a m;*l :26 p m »3:00pin;*t:80pm. AirtT* from Chicago *12:30 » m:«12:W pa:*l:<» p m: *1:40 p m: *8:16 p aa SHADTORD AHD OOLOJCBU8. Ii««T«fOrB™dft>rd»l:10» m;t7-40»m: *1;*6 p m * t4 :30 p m • Arrive from Bradford *2:<5ai»; nO:20 am; ITTNER DIVISION. LMY6 for Uffner t8:15 a m; tS:08 » in- «:05 p m 5pm Sunday only. Arty* from Bffner<7:S5«m; 1 12:50 pm;t2:« p m; 8:90 a m Sunday only. BICHMOND AWTJ OIKOIKKATI. MAT* for Hiotmond rt3:55 »m ; t5 :SO a m : *1 :05 TI m; t3:20 p m. Ajriv* from Richmond *S:80»m; tll:00*xa •I:t0pm;tl0:50pm. IITDIANAPOIJS AWD lOtn8THi». &MT> for Louisville 12:45 a m: *1:10 p m. Ajrlve trom ioulsvlll* "2:40 » m; «1:66 p m. J. A, MaCTJLI/orjQH, Agent, I/og»aBport. Ind, JXHJAHSPOHT MO. *A1T »OU»D, t «M»rn Express daily ............... -. J:» » m I Mail mnd Express daily ............ .... »:«» u. t Atlantic Express daily .................. 'vi?" m 10 Fort Wayne AcooKx Sundsy.... 6:32 p to M Local Freight Hi Sunday .......... *:1» P m irasT BOUND. t Weitcrn Express daily ......... . ...... 10:24 p m 1 f»«.Ma,ll Daily ............................. 8:13 p m 7 Mall and Kipressdaily ................. 2:40 p m 6 Pacific Express daily ..................... 11:33 a m 11 Decatur Acoo Ex-Sundav ............ 7:86 a m J5 Local Freight Ei-Sunday ...... . ...... 7:35 a m Bt, WTTO DITWIOK, mWTWDm. BMW«M LOaAKgPOMT AJR> OHTLI. •WIST BOUVD. S ».l»>- ........ _. — «jrrlve»_., --------- 3:» «. n e.N -------------- snivel ------------- 1:« p. a HABT BODKD HO. M — . ------ Leaves ............ ~..- »:« », » ----- Leav«§ ........... ----- »:«6 P. D VANDALIA LINE. Time Tablo, In effect Deo. 5,18»7. TnlM Leave fc»r*.»*port, laOluau FOR THK NORTH Jjo 14 fi:05 a m 1*0. B — MM ». m. H 8 .| 8:40 p. m, FOR THB SOUTH. Ho 21 ".-.. — • 7:05 a. m. No, 8 2:18 p. m. No 15 Arrive irom the north 9:00 p m JTor complete Time OMd. atvlng all tmlsi and ctation*. and for full information as to ratea, through can, etc., addren I. a KDOBiroxtR, agent, Logansport, or • 4. IOKD, General Pajienger Agent, ftt. Louif. 1(0. . & W. Tlmelable, Peru, Ind. BolW trains between Peorta, and Bandulky •ml Indianapolis and Michigan, Direct oon- •MrtkfflS to and from all point* In the United ftatM and Canada, AJUUVB BOOTH BOtJlfB DEPART Ho U Indianapolis Rxp dally 7:10 a m U:»aiaMO» " Mail *Kxp_ll:S8 am (dally except Sunday) No » Indpl's Krp ex Sun..- 3:25 p m •:10 p m No » Passenger exeept bun No 151 Rochester local arrive :4Spm exoept Sunday, XOBTH BOUND. No 160 Acoom except Sun... 6;i5 a m •POM not run north of Peru on Sunday. foi ticket i*tea and gnneral Information call on J J, Skloner. ticket agent, L, K. * w. Peru, Ind, wC. F. Dally, gonaral -paiMnreT agent, Indianapolis. Ind. Through Pullman Tourist Sleeper For Point* nKansM, California, Arizona and Hew Mexico will leave Indianapolis via the Vaadalla Line each Wednesday until further notice. For rated reservations and full information, apply to nearest ticket agent of the Tandalla Line, or send W Mr. K. A. Ford. 6. P- A., St. Louis, Mo. Monarch over pain. Bums, cuts, iprains, stings. Instant relief. Dr. ThomW Eclectric Oil. AUnydrug •lore. THE NEW WAY. TY70MEN used to think " fern a Jo diseases " could only b« treated after "1»- c a 1 examinations" by physicians. Dread of such treatment kept thousands of modest women stient about their suffering. Theln- __ troduction of V/lne of Cardul has now demonstrated that nine-tenths of all tho cases of menstrual disorders do not require a. physician's attention at all. The simple, puro taken In the privacy of a woman's own home insures quick relief and speedy cure. Women need not hesitate now. Wine of Cardui requires no humiliating examinations for its adoption. It cures any disease that comes under 'he head of "female troubles" — disordered menses, falling of the womb, "whites, "change of life. It makes women beautiful by making them well. It keeps them young by keeping them healthy. $1.00 at the drug store. For »dv)c« In cases requtrinr :p«etal directions, address, glvin? symptoms. th» " Ladles' Advisory Department, 1 ' Tna Chattanooga Medici M Co., Chattanooga. Term. W. L ADDISOS. M.D., Cary, Miss.. f»J« "I use Wine of Cardul eilenf ively la my prtctice»ndflnd it a most excellent for female troubles." Notice of Application. Notice is hereby given thai tbe undersized will apply to the bt ard of county commiseion- ere of CBBB county, Indiana, at the June term. l£>98, to be begun and held at the court house in Logansport, Indiana, on Monday, June 6,1898, lor a license to sell spirituous, vinous and malt liquors In lees quantities than a quart at a time, and to be drank on the premises where sold. The place where the same are to Be sold IB known as No. 119 Front street, and is situated »n the south twenty-one feet of lot number nine (9j in J. B. Shultz' second addition to Logansport, Indiana; mat the builaing thereon situated and Jn which said liquors are to be retailed is pan brick and part frame.one story hiuh and about ninety feet deep and fronts on Front street. I also give notice that i will apply to said board Tor tbe privilege of keeping and operating pool tables in such room, ll-wed-4t, JOHN O Notice of Application The undersigned hereby gives notice to th citizens ol Eel township, Casscounty, Indiana that he will appLy to the hoaid of commit sion- ers of said county nnd state, at their June term,lS9S,l'or a license to sell spirituous vinous, mau ami intoxicating liquors in less quantity than a quart at a time, with tbe privilege of allowing the same to be drank on the premises where sold. My place or business where said liquors are to be sold and drank, is located la a two story frame building known as No. 502 Broadway, fronting twenty feet 91 said street, and running north 100 feet, with a ten loot ceiling, said buildiag being located on part of lot'number thirty-two. In John Tip- xra's flret addition to Loganeport, Cass county. Jndiana. I also give notice that 1 will apply to said board for the privilege of keeping and operating- pool tables in such room. JOBS LUDDERS. - Notice of Application. The undersigned hereby gives notice to the citizens of Eel township. Cass county, Indiana, that he will apply to the board of commiseon- ere of «aid county and state, at their June term, 189S, for a license to sell spirituous, vinous, malt and Intoxicating liquors in Jess quantity than a quart at a time, with the privilege of allowing the same to be drank on the premises where sold My place of business where said liquors are to be eold and drank, is located on the ground floor of a two story brick building at the southeast corner of Broadway and Thiru stteote, fronting 30 feet on Third street and <("/• feet on Broadway, tho room saving a ten toot celling, and being located on part of lot No. 66, old plat of Loganspon. Cass county, Indiana. GEORQe W. HOST. May H, t-sat. Application for License. Notice is hereby given that I, the undersigned, will make application 8t the rsgular June term, 1898, of the board of commissioners of Cass county, Indiana, for a license to sell spirituous, vinous and malt liquors in less quantities tbar a quart at a time, with tbe privilege of permitting the name to be drank an the premises wl.ere sola. The premises whereon said liquors are to be sold and drank are situated in a three-story brick building known as No. 814 Market street. The room wherein said liquors are to be sold and drank is located on the ground floo- with 20 foot frontage rn Market street, extending- north on an alley MX) feet, ana has a H foot ceilinir. all bblng located on lot No, T, in Ewing's sub division ol lots 51 and 52 original plat to Logansport. Second ward, Eel township, Cass county, Indiana. FRANK T)OW>-EY. GUIDE TO WASHINGTON, 0. C, Sent Free To Teachers and Tourists. It contains special infonuation about placesjof interest, also complete and comprehensive map of the National Capital, time of through trains to Washington via Pennsylvania Short Lines, and reduced rates over that route for the National Educational Association meeting in July. Jusi. the thing for teachers and any one sjoing to Washington. Address W. W. RichfJ-dson, District Passenger Agentjndninapolisjnd.. enclosing 2 cent stamp- The guide is -worth much more. TO THE KLONDIKE Valuable Information for Persons Going to the Gold Fields. Persons who expect tx> try their luct in the gold fields of Alaska will! find it profitable t« call on Ticket Agent* of the Pennsylvania Lines and get posted OD rates, routes and other preliminaries. This information will be furnished without charge,'and any required aid in shaping details will be cheerfully extended- It not convenient to>pply to local agent of the Pennsylvania Lines, send your name and ad- drew, with date upon which you intend to itart, the probable number In the party.and 8 reque«tfor advice about the fare, time ol trains and other particulars, to the following representative of the Passenger Department and a prompt reply will be made. W ardjjon, D Art, Icdianapoli*, led. OLDEST MONUMENT. SYDNEY'S "SCENT BOTTLE" AND THE PURPOSE IT SERVES, The Artlltio S«M« of the Australian* Them to Make Their Sower Veut an Ob. jtet of Beauty— A Shaft Withont an !»• frttiption of Any Kind. The strangest monument in the world exists in Sydney, Australia. The shaft itself is not of an unusual sort, but, •while it Is a unique ornament to the community In the midst of which it stands, it is also the most precious and the least understood of all structures in the great southern city. This odd spire has no inscription upon it. It is as plain as a monolith, with a plinth and a slightly elevated pedestal. Facetious people, who are not versed in sewerage and sewer gas, call it the "Scent Bottle." Strangers scan it. strain at its unlettered faces, carry their vision up its plain sides to the pinnacle, which stands about ISO feet above the street level, and wonder what notable person or event it com- aiemorates. Three-fourths of the residents of Sydney have not the remotest idea of what this modified Cleopatra's needle represents. This "scent bottle" commemorates sewer gas, and it stands as a monument to the people who are not killed by that vile subterranean agency. As it has no other name, "scent bottle" will serve with which to designate it here, since the nickname somewhat symbolizes its business. This lonely column stands on Elizabeth THE STRANGE SHAW. street, in a small circle, against Hyd« Park. Around it. are a cordon of low, round-headed posts at short distances, and chained to each other by strong traces upon which the park loafer and small boys lounge. None of these thousands of people ever think that the tall spire in the unique circle is the safest friend they and the city have. Take it away, close the 18-foot square hole, and in less than 24 hours the whole country about would be strewn with wreckage and the air filled with foul, poisonous gases. Remove it and leave tig whole open, then, in less than a day, tij> lowej cjj^ w0\ild, be unfit for habitation. The great sewers of the city have their vent here. They come down with their filth and deadly gases, throw the latter off through this shaft, join the main sewer, and carry the remaining sewage on over the high bluffs of Hawkesbury sandstone to tna sea. The "scent bottle" sits over this meeting of the waters, and draws ofl the foul gases from the burdened pipes below. It is hollow, of course, and has an opening at the top which is not perceptible to the eye upon the street- Through its great throat the underground city breathes and all the sewers of the city are relieved. The "bottle" being nearly 200 feet high, rises above any inhabited house in the city, and the rushing sewers giving the gas a forced draft, shoot it many feet above the top of this great gray chimney, whence this dengerous aeriform fluid is carried away, so that it never reaches a human being. This perpendicular gas sewer was built before 18SO. It feeds the elements daily with jnough foul stuff to fill a good-sized city, or to blow Gibraltar into atoms. Since its construction at their junction there has not been one explosion along the line of ramified sewers which converge toward this point. The "scent bottle" is not an eyesore. Its business is so disguised that it is an object of beauty, and it is readily mistaken for a real monument Indeed, it Is the biggest, most conspicuous and picturesque of all the notable monuments in Nflw South Wales, of which colony Sydney, is the capital. The Sydney "scent bottle" is not an expensive structure. It is suggested to other cities in other parts of the world as vertical lungs for the safety of sew- ws, and the nervous populace who tramp thereon in the pursuit of other things. _....... jpollj Gare tki Flr« Alarm. An up-to-date parrot, the pet of th« family of Friedrich Mania of Lenni, Penn., doubtless saved the lives of the entire household from perishing In tna burning of their home. Mr. Mania was urikened about 5 o'clock &. m. by unearthly screeches from the parrot in the dining-room below. On coming downstairs he found the entire lower part of the house, which was of frame,' on Ire, and the family had barely time to escape. In the hasty exit of the family the parrot was not forgotten, and was taken out, half choked to death with smoke. It was about the only thing saved from the fire, as the Louse and nearly all tie furniture and the store and stocfc of goods adjoining were consumed. Regularity in feeding, both as to and <n»atity anr 1 iimlity of food, we of tbe things that pay. A TRAMP'S MEMOIRS. A*XUn*tratIonofih« AxidaeMy a»d Wtt at the American Typ«. The audacity and wit of the Amerf- can tramp are proverbial, and undoubtedly they often save him from harsher treatment than his merits and demerits entitle him to. A country house near Buffalo recently received a call from one of these species. The man was dirty, unkempt, and unmistakably a tramp. He also bor« the signs of addiction to strong drink and general worthlessness. The humorous touch that finished the picture, as he came up with a genial smile and a good deal ot manner, was a round and fresh clerical collar, which had bten lifted v«ry recently from the premises of the neighboring college. "Madam." he said, "I am a missionary but lately returned from long years of service in China and other heathen lands. For the sake of health and relaxation I am renewing my acquaintance with nature and my native land in this unconventional manner. To help pay my way I am selling for the merely nominal price of 15 cents thla record of my experiences." The fellow made his speech with a look in his eyes that showed his enjoyment of the game. The volume waa a. dirty castaway, rescued from an ash barrel, but still "The Life of the Rev. So-and-So, many years missionary in the Far East." "Dear, dear," said one of the ladles, "Haven't you a clean copy?" "Madam, there are others, but they are with my baggage. And they are 25 cents a copy," he added; "this la the popular edition!" One of the company, charmed with ths style and impudence of the scalawag, went in to get the change. Then he took his money, waved his dismantled derby affably, and went on along the highway. The incident was happily closed by the purchaser of th« "Life" of the departed brother reading aloud, when she could catch her breath, these opening lines of the precious narrative: "I was born of, humble par- entag« in the town of Glastonbury, Conn., March 18, 1792." Ta* I*cglr,lativa Bodle*. Here are the names of some) ct tit law-making bodies of Europe: The reichsrath, Austria. The orszaggyules, Hungary. The chung chi ch'u, China, The nei wu fu, Corea. The rigzdag, Denmark. Bureau des affaires Tunlslennes, Tunis. Bundersrath and relchstar, German Empire. Lantag, Baden. Reichesrathe, Bavaria. Burgerschaft, Bremen. Staatsministerlum, Brunswick. Diet, Mscklenburg-Sehwerin. Herren haus and abeordnetenhaui, Prussia, Boule, Greece. Senato and camera di-deputatl, Italy. Imperial diet, Japan. Statesgeneral, Netherlands. Volksraad, Orange Free State. Cortes geraes, Portugal. Narodna-skupshtina, SerTia, Senabodi, Siam. Cortes constituentes, Spain. Storthing, Norway. Standrath and natlonlrath. Switzerland. Ulema, Turkey. Boy Courier*' Duel to the D»ath. "I saw on this occasion the only du«l to the death I ever witnessed during the four years of war," said an ex-Confederate. "The parties engaged were boys, neither of whom was over 17 years of age. The brave 'boy in blue' came out from under his little fly tent, and, as he rose to his feet, was shot down by one of OUT brigade headquarter couriers. To» badly wounded to rise to his feet again, he drew his pistol, and turning over on his back, began firing and several shots were thus exchanged. When too weak to hold tis pistol up with one hand, he grasped it with both, and sent a bullet through the head of our courier, killing him instantly. Th*> death* of th« tw6 gallant youths were almost simultaneous. Col. King, who led the first charge on the camp, reformed his regiment and made a second charge, in which he was killed." New Service for Clocki. "For several years," said a commercial traveller, "I had never been away from home over night, when I got my present positon and was compelled to travel about a great deal. At first I found It extremely difficult to go to sleep nights. I stopped at the best hotels and usually had fine rooms and good beds, but there seemed to be something the matter. "One day I mentioned the fact to a Wend, who said 'Get a clock.' I always have a clock in my room at home, and I am accustomed to the sound of its ticking. It is curious how silent ind strange a room may seem without It. That was what I wanted, a clock, ind I bought one. Now, when I go to my room in a hotel usually th» first thing I do IB to put my clock on the mantelpiece or table. It ticks away bravely, a friendly and familiar sound, ind I go to sleep without any trouble whatever." C«B*cJ«ntion» Coroner. A coroner of Hertfordshire, !and, failed to turn up at aa inquest la his office- The inquest was h»ld the following day, and the coroner fined himself $10 for his non-app«*raixce, lividing the money among th« Jurymen. W«nen !»•» A<T«ctl»n»t«. Could it be argued from .these r*c«nt Insurance statistics that women ar« less afiectlonatt than men? It th« wife dies first, the husband on, an »rer- age survives nine years; ,whll» If the husband dies first, the -wif« iurrlT«« eleven years. To* »f St*ol for ?f*»dl««. A German paper calls attentfom t* th« fact that at Aachen alone fOO tons of rt»el wire are used up annually in the manufacture of n««dl«a—t.SOO.90*,- 000 in auiaber, rained at $1,500,«0«, Am KB*llah. IJWUIIM* •*!«• Many Englimh a«dd*nt eompaniM charge an extra WB«H. th«tr policy holders tr»T«l IB Caaada or tk« Ualttd WatM. GOLD DUST WASHING POWDER your thinking cap or TOUT working cap? The woman who studies to save herself labor and expense—who strives to "have her house look best at all times finds (Which do you /wearmort I xrarTT'oTl W/ GOJ-5 Washing Powder Besi for cleaning everything- Largest package— greatest economy. i&W*®®** "1-G-. "-.r.-V-V-..- Th« X. K. Fairbuk Conpuj, Chicago. St. Louis. New York. BOfton, Delegates to State ConrentloD. H. D. Hattery, C. E. Carter.Jobc W. 'McGreevy, George S. Klstler, Peter Wallrath, John E, Jrwln, M. Wlnfield, S. A. Vaughn, Charles L. Wool, Joseph Guthrle, D. J. Calvert, L. B, Cust^, Washington Neff, Harry Ktchttr, A. F. Murphy all ot whom recelvelve their mall at Logansport; Jerome B. Jones, Twelve Mile; John M. Bliss, Royal Center; Jacob E. Beck, Young America; Leonard Burton, Lucerne; G. W. CoQwell, Galveston; Willard Calloway, Lake Cicott; H. 0. Johnson, New Waverly; W. T. Sharer, Onward, and George Enyart, Walton. Deafness Cannot be Cared by local applications, because they cannot reach the deseased portion o£ the ear. There is only one way to cure Deafness, and Mat is by constitutional remedies. Deafness is caused by an inflamed condition of the mu- coui lining of the Eustachian Tube. When this tube gets inflamed you have a rumbling Bound or imperfect hearing, and when it is entirely closed Deafness is tbe result, and unless the inflammation can be taken out and this tube restored to its normal con<Jitioo, hearing will be destroyed forever; Dine cases out of ten are caused by catarrh, which is nothing- but an inflamed condition of the mucous surfaces. We-will give One Hundred Dollars for any case of Deafness (caused by catarrh) that can not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for circular, free. F. J.CHENEY & Co., Toledo, 0. Sold by druggists, "5c. Hall's Family Pills ate the best. Mr. and Mrs, A. F. King, ot Peru, are spending a week with. Mends in the city. One way to be Happy Is to attend to the comfort ot your family. Should one of them catch a cold or cough, cal on W. H. Porter, cornerJFourth and Market streets, sole agent, and get a trial bottle ot Otto's Cure, the greit German remedy, free] Wo (Tire it away to prove that we have a sure cure for coughs, colds, asthma, consumption and all diseases of tbe throat.iuid lungs. Largt sizes 50c snd 25c, Harry Longwell, of the Journal, and wife, left today for a two weeks' trip through the south. Try Graifl-O! Try Ask your grocer today to-show yon a package of GEAIN-O, the new food drink that takes the place of of coffee. Thechlldren may drink It without Injury as well as the adult. All who try It like It. GRAIN-O has that rich seal brown of Mocha or Java.but It is made *rom pure^ralns, and the most delicttte stomach receives It without distress, t > the price of oflee. J5c andj 25c per package. Sold by all grocers. A suit entitled Martin L. McClure . Thomas Gray and others, InVolv- )ng the ownership to a farm In Benton county and a farm In Pulaski ounty, has been venued from the Puiaski circuit court to the Cass clr- :ult court. Men Are Judged by what they do. So is Hood's Sarsaparllla, and Its great cures have given It a good name everywhere. It Is tbe One True Blood Purifier and Great -Nerre Tonic. Hood's Pills are easy to take, easj to operate. Cure Indigestion, biliousness. 25c. , ; W. H. Anderjfo, of Marlon, spent Sunday here with his sister, Mrs. Harriet MoCandleis. From Sire to SOB. As * amily medicine; Bacon's Celery Kin for the Nerves passes from sire to son has egacy. If you have kidney, liver or blood disorder, get « free sample package of tnl» remedy. If you have indigestion, constipation headache, rbeumatifim.'.etc., this specific wll cure you. W. H. Porter, corner Fourth end Market streets, the leading tdrugglst, is sol agent, and is distributing sample* free. Large 25c. Rev. Huckleoerry entertained the Soutbslde schools yesterday with an Instructive talk- There la i Class «f People Who are injured by the nse of coffee. Recently there has-been placed In all the grocery stores a new preparation cailed GRAIN-O, made of pure grains, that take the place of coffee. The most delicate atomach receives it without distress, and but few can tell It from coffee. It does not cost over one-fourth as mucla. Children m»y drink It with great benefit. IS cents and 25 cents per package. Try It- Aik for GRAIN-O. Ctilck« Feathering. There is a great difference in th» breeds as to the time of the chicks feathering out. Some of the non-setting- breeds feather out very quickly and therefore need more attention in the matter of food. This precocity 1* not desirable, but we must admit that it can not be helped. As the feather takes not carbo-hydrates, but proteins, for its formation, it is evident that we should give more of this kind of feed to the chicks at the time they are beginning to fe-ather. The breeds that do not feather out quickly are supposed to stand the process better, for It ie the opinion, among poultrymen that a chick that feathers slowly is more certain to be raised than the one that feathers out rapidly. This is due to the fact tbat the process is very weakening, and the chick falls an easy prey to lice and germs of dii- LAKE BREEZES bring relief from the swelterin* bsfttof the town or city. They raise your spirit* and restore your energy. The gregtmt comfort and pleasure in lalto travel is on one of tho LAKE MICHIGAN AND LAKE SUPERIOR TRANSPORTATION CO'S ELEGANT STEAMSHIPS, Sailings between CMogo «nd JVUeklUM ItliDd four times every week, «t extremely tow rates. Tho new steel steamship "M»mlto»" is • magnificent vessel, elegantly equipped with every comfort and convenience. Tri-weekly- 'twiit Chicago. Chwlevoix, H«rbor Spring*. Pctoikey, Bay View, Mackiuac Island, etc. Writs for interesting reading matter, sent free, or ask TOUT nearest a#ont. Addroaft Jos. Barolzbeim, G. P. A. LAKB MICH. AND LAKJC SUPERIOR TRANS. CO. Ruth end N. Watir St. Chta*** festero I R Niagara Falls EXCURSION. Wait for tbe old Sellable. Lake Erie & Western Personally Conducted Niagara Falls Excursion Thursday flnj. 4,1B9B Leaves Feru 11 :3S a, m. Rate - - SY-OO -ALSO— Sandusty, Pat-in-bay, Cleveland and Buffalo. With side trips to Lewiston,Toronto,Thousan<J Islands, etc. Foi- tickets, rate, time and pamphlet containing general information, csjl on any ticket agent of the above route, or address C. P. DALY, General Passenger Act. Indianapolis, Ind. REDUDEDF/iRES To Various Points Via Pennsylvania Lines. .Excursion tickets will be sold via Venniyl- vania Lines aa Indicated in the following paragraph B. Although concofeMa* in fare are authorized for meetings of certain orden,tich> ets may be obtained by any peraon whether a member of the order or uiteretted in the era* The reduced rate* will b« open to evetytody. To Napervilie, 11L. (Burlington Park, near Chicago)—May 23d. ate. 27th and 28tfc.fi)r German Baptist Annual Meeting; good returning until June 24tn, with privilege to extend limit untilJune 30th. ToLouisrille. Ky.—JnnelSth and lOth, tof Jr. 0. U. A. M- National Council Meeting. 8«turn limit June ffith. To Washington, D. C,—Jnly 3d, ith. 5th and 6th, for the National Educational Meeting. Good to return July 15th. with privilege to extend return Jimit until AujroW, Slit. To Chicago, IU—July 12tb and IStb* for Young People's Christian Union. UnlYwnallat Church, Good returning July flat, wit* privilege to extend until August 10th. During the excursion aet»n» fpodal ra**a will also be iD effect <T» fentuj iTMda LuMf for spaoial mnd local effectc. Tor particular infomatioo pleaae apply to OMiaat tick** agent of th* f emuyivania Uoe* <ir addrew W. W. BICBASMOS. District TuMBCer •«•*» ladlanapslia, Ind.

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