The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on June 26, 1989 · Page 9
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The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia · Page 9

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Issue Date:
Monday, June 26, 1989
Page 9
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-9 IVOHLD 1:2170 THE AGE, Monday 26 June 1989 Ainnmy xpscte Mccisiei inn Emm nnniieinicy . By MARY-LOUISE CCALLAQHAN, KMa, BougatavMe, Sunday Papua New Guinea's security forces have warned casualties are likely as they move to destroy the jungle-based Bougainville revolu-. tionary army that forced the closure of CRA's giant copper mine on the island two months ago. A 28-day state of emergency has been proclaimed from 6 am tomorrow to enable PNG defence and police forces to airlift troops into the jungle surrounding the mine and force the evacuation of villagers in the area. The commander of tomorrow's Operation Blueprint, Colonel Lima Dotaona, said today that it was unlikely that the rebel leader, Mr Francis Ona, would be captured alive. . "Mr Ona has told the public that he is prepared to fight to the end (so) (hat's the 1 assumption we ' have .to make at this stage," Colonel Dotaona said. . A former employee of the mine, Mr Ona initially demanded Bougainville Copper pay land owners 10 billion kina ($A15 billion) in compensation last December but mors recently has been demanding a referendum on whether the province should secede from Papua .New Guinea. Sixteen people, including at least three soldiers, have died and an unknown number have been injured during rebel ambushes and retaliatory raids by members of the security forces in the eight months since Mr Ona launched his campaign. Today, Colonel Dotaona said that casualties were expected during the operation, which has brought the total number of troops on the island to more than 500. "It is a dangerous operation and (in) such an operation you can expect casualties,'' he said. "Once the security forces are in, and they've got all the powers, if there is an armed resistance, they will respond in the appropriate manner.'' But he also said assurances had been given to the Premier of the North Solomons Province that the powers granted to the forces under the state of emergency would Sri Lanka at with India on ByOHRS WUTTALL, Sri Lanka's President Ranasinghe Premadasa has ordered Indian troops to be confined to their barracks at the end of July, a move that is likely to create a crisis in relations with India. In a speech on 1 June, the President had requested a complete withdrawal of Indian soldiers from the island within two months. India has rejected the timetable but diplomats and observers expected a compromise to be worked out - However, a hardline speech by the President on Friday may have ruled out any chance of them reaching a mutual understanding: "If India says that it is difficult to find ships to take away 45,000 soldiers by the end of July, I would say that whoever remained by the end of July should be confined to barracks,' said the President "I must categorically state that they do not have any right to perform any administrative function in any part of the country. country and remains there against the wishes of that country "FIRST IN EEST KISSED" W&EKCUSE UP TO 70 OFF! -buvaivour dotfwn ON SALE ttytm ram On m IPwf DOT CtOWtQ fOf HMfl, wonwn snd cMdran from 50 XTOWTCO aid AUSTRALIAN 423 01 M -fit to ;aiinivile not be abused. . This follows complaints that the forces had overreacted in burning .down villages and destroying -property on the island. "I assured him that during the . state of emergency there will be ; minimum disruption to community life ... the security forces are under strict orders to execute their responsibilities with caution, . understanding and patience." . The Australian Government . last week protested to the Papua New Guinean Government following the beating of an Australian Citizen in Bougainville, allegedly by soldiers. . Mr John Price, a deputy manager of a plantation company, was allegedly kicked, punched and hit with a rifle butt during questioning, by four officers who accused him of helping the rebels. The Commissioner of Police and Controller of the Emergency, Mr Paul Tohian, today appealed .for community support and cooperation during the emergency. Criminals "The emergency is designed to apprehend criminals who have terrorised the province and the people. They are the target, and '.they will face the full force of the law. I have directed that there be no unnecessary harassment of law-abiding citizens," he said. Colonel Dotaona, while confident Operation Blueprint would .be successful, said he was unsure how long it would take. . Describing Mr Ona's forces as formidable, he also admitted that !the rebels exact position in the mountainous Bougainville jungle and the number of militants siding with him were not known. "Some of our intelligence is not up to date ... but I can't underestimate his strength." PNG has hired several Australian- pilots to fly the helicopter that will airlift troops into the area tomorrow. Colonel Dotaona stressed that the purpose of the operation was to restore law and order in the province and pave the way for the reopening of the mine, which accounts for at least 15 per cent of PNG's budget revenue. loggerheads troop pullout it -will be seen by all as an invasion. I think we cannot give any othfr interpretation to a situation like that" 'The Indian Peacekeeping Force arrived in Sri Lanka at the end of July 1987 to guarantee an agreement between India and Sri fianka for a ceasefire in the north anjveast between the Sri Lankan army and Tamil militants fighting for a separate state of Tamil Ee-lam. But it failed to disarm the main guerilla group, the Libera-ttonTigers, and has been waging a biQer war against them for the (pet; 20 months. : J President Premadasa came to office in January promising the complete withdrawal of Indian forces. Twelve thousand men have already been pulled out but India has viewed the call for an acceleration of the withdrawal as forcing its army into a hasty and undignified retreat It fears that whatever gains made over the past two years could be lost . The issue has been exploited by th$ extreme nationalist People's Liberation Front (JVP) which has brought the country to a standstill over the past two weeks by forcing a transport strike. ; ommmammmmmammmmmmmmmmmmmmmts PRODUCT SAFETY DESCRIPTION: An aerosol card 50 mm high, showing a white face with multi-coloured hair on a black background. (Silver Plastic Top.) Manufacturers name on can: JOLLY J0KA and CO. England. The contents of the can. described above, are believed to be both defective and dangerous. It may explode at any time without warning. CONSUMERS ARE URGENTLY REQUESTED TO:- 1. STOP USING THE CAN IMMEDIATELY. 2 . EMPTY THE CONTENTS OF THE CAN IN AN OUTSIDE AREA. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES SHAKE THE CAN.) 3. PLACE THE EMPTY CAN IN THE REFUSE BIN. CAUTION: .CONTENTS OF CAN WHEN FULL ARE FLAmmAELE. 4. RETURN THE SILVER TOP TO YOUR LOCAL RETAILER WHO WILL EXCHANGE IT FOR A NEW CAN OF A DIFFERENT COLOUR All eawiries pertaiiitj ti ttis waraiif sktaM be tfirecte. tt: tcfccleby i::ir:::s pty. ltd., CsSmtm (33) SSS SS33. I tcfc:lesy i::lc:::s pty. ltd., g I CsSmtt (53) SSS tS33. t) ft cstr mus :::) 333 iss. Q yjaaajajaaaaaaadaaaaaaaaaaaaau Three oil spills threaten US waters Washington, Sunday Big oil spills threatened' Rhode Island, Delaware and Texas yesterday after three tanker accidents in just over ' 12 hours released an estimated 15 million litres of oit The extraordinary sequence of events began Friday afternoon in Narragansett Bay, near Newport, Rhode Island, when the Greek-registered tanker World Prodigy ran aground on Brenton Reef, tearing holes in the vessel and releasing up to seven million litres of light heating oil into Narran-gansett Bay, the Coast Guard said. About 12 hours later, up to another seven million litres of heavy crude oil oozed into the Delaware River after the Uruguayan-registered Presidente Rivera ran aground near Clay-mont upriver from Wilmington. Sandwiched between those huge spills was the estimated loss of 1.2 million litres of heavy crude oil into the Houston ship channel near La Porte, Texas, late Friday when a tug-driven barge was punctured and lost its load after colliding with a Panamanian-registered tanker. Unlike in Valdez, Alaska, where 50 million litres of crude oil were spilled, Government and environmental workers moved quickly to combat all three spills. ( The White House, which was criticised for its slow reponse to the Alaskan disaster, dispatched Sikhs kill 22 Chandoam, Sunday Suspected Sikh militants shot dead 10 Hindus at a park in Pun jab today and then set a bomb that killed 12 people who gathered at the site, police said. Four gunmen armed with AK-47 assault rifles opened fire on volunteers from a Hindu fundamentalist group exer cising at the Nehru Grounds in Moga town, killing eight Before speeding away in a jeep, the gun men shot dead a Hindu couple and laid a boobytrap bomb that ex ploded an hour later. AFP US soldier jailed A United States soldier was sen tenced to 30 years' jail yesterday for giving army defence secrets to East Germany. Michael Peri, an electronic signal interceptor, dis appeared from his Fulda-based unit on 20 February with a small computer and discs , containing classified information.. He re turned from East Germany on March and gave himself up. AP 13 drown in sinking At least 13 people were drowned when a motorised sailing boat sank in the Indonesian Strait of Makassar, rescue officials said, About 25 passengers were rescued and five were missing after the boat sank during a storm on Wed nesday, 240 kilometres north-west ofPalu. AFP Turks demonstrate About 150,000 people demonstrat ed in Istanbul yesterday against the expulsion of ethnic Turks from neighboring Bulgaria. The rally was sponsored by the ruling Motherland Party and the opposi tion social Democrat and True Path Parties. AP Burmese rally Two thousand young people rallied in central Rangoon on Friday after an unprecedented denunciation of the Burmese opposition leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, by the military Government diplomats said. Meanwhile, the United Nations will now refer to Burma as the Union of Myanmar in all official business, officials said yesterday- ), Router, AP Gaza ambush Israeli soldiers shot dead a Pales tinian man and wounded two others in Gaza today after masked assailants wielding hatchets and Knives tried to ambush a military patrol, the army and Arab reports said. AP WAlUiHIG 1V . - & i:mnin m . . . 35 The Greek tanker World Prodigy, aground near Newport, Rhode :. Island, is drained of its remaining load of heating oil. William Reilly, the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, and Manuel Lujan, the secretary of the interior, to survey the Rhode Island scene shortly after midnight, only hours after the accident By Saturday, emergency crews were working to prevent serious environmental damage, but ribbons of oil fouled 20 beaches and coves in Rhode Island Sound dur- As any 1L : CS? . . . km smwm fitto 1 .v - r--- 1 M j As any parent or grandparent knows, children leam that ; your kids, join the club. it's fun, fun, fun to spend, spend, spend very, very quickly. For a free information kit post this coupon today to 5 J; Vut. w 1. ing the day. , Hundreds of workers scrambled to clean the flood of oil that poured from the 170-metre Greek tanker after it hit a reef marked by an 26-metre light tower only a kilometre from Newport State officials said they expect to file criminal and civil charges against Iakova Georgudis, the captain of the World Prodigy, and the ship's Athens-based owner. H;.fei-i-.-.'i-SfeV r. Tm parent or grandparent knows, children leam that it's fun, fun, fun to spend, spend, spend very, very quickly. And why not? . It's easy to learn something you love doing. Which is exactly the reason Estate Mortgage has introduced the EM Club. It's been specially designed to encourage and educate kids to save and plan for the future, but in a way they'll actually enjoy. t So if you're concerned about the financial future of jk. ' ' - vv UCT AHTC MADTr Crews moved to surround the ship with about 915 metres of booms. Other absorbent booms were set to protect sensitive salt marshes and coves on Narragansett Bay. Crews used dozens of trucks and boats to skim pools of oil from the water. Officials said the spill was far less serious than the one off Valdez three months ago that killed thousands of birds and other wildlife, and fouled thousands of kilometres of coastline. Gary Ott, a federal science support coordinator, said the oil in the Rhode Island spill would evaporate as it washed in and out of the bay on the tide. He said the oil was much more toxic than in the Alaskan spill, but "fortunately it disappears incredibly rapidly". Meanwhile, the Coast Guard launched an investigation to determine why the 229-metre Presidente Rivera tanker, carrying about 127 million litres of oil strayed from the shipping lane and went aground, Weakley said. The third spill, which temporarily closed the busy Houston ship channel in Texas, occurred on Friday when a barge loaded with 6000 barrels of crude oil collided with the Panamian-registered tanker Rachel-B 640 kilometres downstream from Houston, according to wire service reports. The channel connects Galveston Bay and Houston. Washington Post O 3T -m' Mil your kids, join the MrMrsMs:. Address:. Phone:. A rT! it nvTrMJ Grosz loses power to reformist presidium Budapest, Sunday Hungary's ruling communists have elected a former Social Democrat Mr Rezso Nyers, to head a new four-man presidium, effectively removing Mr Karoly Grosz as Hungary's leader. The party's central committee overhauled the leadership yesterday to try to prevent a party split Mr Grosz, 58, who has been under fire for hesitancy and inconsistency, remains party general secretary, traditionally the top job in East European countries. But party reformers say he has already been overtaken by changes he himself unleashed by replacing Mr Janos Kadar as leader 13 months ago. Mr Nyers, 66, a fervent believer in market economics, democratic decision-making and openness, becomes party president Under Mr Kadar, stripped of the job on health grounds last month, the post carried no political weight While firmly linked to the reform wing led by Mr Imre Pozs-gay, Mr Nyers also commands wide respect from moderates. Officials hope he can hold the party together as it approaches, by mid-1990, Hungary's first multi-party elections since 1947. The party spokesman, Mr Laszlo Major, with Mr Nyers in ILLUilQi fflTMTJ club. For a free information kit post this coupon today to EM Club, Freepost 475, Estates House, Level 5, 84 William Street Melbourne, VIC, 3000. Or phone (03) 602 2644 or toll free (008) 33 8899. -Postcode:. ' !: Auc 266 I iwircrAnc rw im I mind, said before the meeting yes- iT terday that the new president . should be "an integrating person- ,. ality with political wisdom". , The presidium under Mr Nyers . includes Mr Grosz, the Prime Min , ister, Mr Miklos Nemeth, 41, and -the State Minister, Mr Pozsgay, 55. The four will attempt to keep -" the crisis-stricken party together --until a special congress on 7 Octo-ber. One Western diplomat said he expected Mr Grosz to fade away at the congress. The committee session dis- solved the party's supreme nine-, . member Politburo and created a -. 21 -member political executive -committee. "The Politburo had simply broken down as a govern-ing body," the diplomat said. It also elected a team headed by Mr Nyers to negotiate with . Hungary's new and reemerging opposition parties on the transi-: tion back to multi-party democracy. An opinion poll in the liberal daily 'Magyar Nemzet' on Thurs- - day showed that Mr Nyers, with -Mr Nemeth, was the politician : most respected by party '. members. Among members of opposition parties, 51 per cent said they had , , confidence in Mr Nyers. Eight per -cent trusted Mr Grosz. Renter.?: I tl 1 I ft J '4 j V C.' .V -5 " ''l " " ": l; '. Ham'-lM'OSB'"'J'i'lJ I

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