Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 16, 1890 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 16, 1890
Page 7
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BKKFTOM9 OB UTTER DISEASE* Loss of appetite; bad breath; bad taste In {bemouth: tongue coated; pain undertho shoulder-blade: lathe back or side—often mistaken for rheumatism: sour stomach with flatulency and water-brosh; Indigestion: bowels lax and costive by turns; headache, with dull, heavy sensation; restlessness, with sensation of having left something undone which ought to nave been done; fullness after eating; bad temper; blues; tired, feeling; yellow ap- pettranco of skin Had eyes; dizziness, etc. rfotall.bat nlways some of these indicate want of action of tlae Liver. Fop A Safe, Beliable Remedy that can do no harm and has never been koovn to fait to do good Take Simmons Liver Begalator -AS EFFECTUAL SPECIFIC FOR Bowel Complaints, ia, Sick Headache, otlpstlon, Biliousness, Kidney Affections, Jauxidiccv Mental [Depression, Colic* A FHTSICIAX'S OPINION. 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OP nlrcnti/ l.p.va II I UU Bnght'adisease, or Urinary trouu.... !f Vnil 1]I1V °sedimentianriuo likflbric'.:d:Ti II IUU frequent calls or retcntii-n, vr :i Uistre&j or pressure iatho parts, licabaKjat, If Yftll r 1 *™ I^me Cnck, EhcumatisiTj, ctirtr;- II I \iUias, Aching Painaiusids or bips, If ¥n|i oaveDiabctcsorDropss-, body bloat, II IUU or scanty or higbcului-ed uiicc, if Yf!!5 r?^? 'ra'aria. Torpid Liver.D.vspepsic, II I UU Gall Stone, Fcverand Ague 01- CiouV If Ynil haTC Irr i'ation, Spasmodic Stricture, II IUU or Catarrh of tho Bladder, ^ If Ynil [""^M'OODhuraors.Pimples, Clccrs, II JUU Seminal Weakness or Syphilis, If Vnil havoStonoin Kidney, Gravel in Blad- II IUU der, Stoppage of urine or Dri'oblmsr, If Ynil fe ave E° or Appetite, Bad Taste, Foul. II I UU breath or internal Slime Fever. upqulckly a run-down constitution — Don't neglect curly symptoms. BYIET DOSE Coca EIOIIT TO TUB SPOT. , -niii( rcwne ja OnMeto Health'tree. 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(Special Correspondence..] NEW YORK, May 15.—There is a renewal of the movement towards having a statue erected in Central parkin memory of and in endnring perpetuation o f the greatest tragedian America has produced. Edwin Forrest. With the excep- EDWiN FOXKEST. tion of the John McOnllough memorial in Mount Moriah cemetery, in Philadelphia^ the dramatic profession has raised uo tribute to its great dead. Some ten years ago Gabriel Harrison, of Brooklyn, who has been actor, teacher of dramatic art, painter and newspaper, writer, and who is tho author of an interesting volume entitled "The Life and Labors of Edwin Forrest," endeavored to create a fund for the erection of a statue to tho groat tragedian. He collected nomoney, as his intention w:vs to call for none of the sums promised until tho full amount was guaranteed. From $13,000 to $10,000 wern subscribed, and that was the end of it all. Recently Idaho's ex-governor, William M. Dunn, of Philadelphia, became arotis- ed to the injustice done the memory of the actor •who so long ma.de his home in the Quaker City, whose private theatre is now its School of Design and within \vhosa county limits there is still supported by the fortune of the dead Spar- taens the only asylum in this country for the aged pjid indigent members of Ma profession. Philadelphia having uo actor colony, Mr. Bunn successfully sought tha financial assistance of the railway magnates who largely control the Htreet car lines of Philadelphia, New York, Chicago and other cities—Messrs. P. A. B. Widener, William L. Eltons ough beauty or tils art or tne thunder of Forrest's tones are beat treasured and remembered by the members of the profession in -which both men were leaders. Norton is very euthnsiaBtio about hia project, and in conversation recently with Louis Aldrich indulged in many reminiscences of. his hero. One mutual recollection which they had I will reproduce here: Many years ago, when Davenport was a member of one of the Boston stock companies, at the close of the season he joined with a number of his fellow actors and actresses (who were engaged in other organizations playing at tho Hub) in what was then known as a "snap" company, meaning thereby a sort of cooperative dramatic organization which during the idle summer season traveled from town to town and divided whatever profits might accrue. This particular company included, besides Davenport, such now famous people as Frank Mia,yo, Agnes Perry—she is now Mrs. Agnes Booth and the leading lady of the justly famous Madison Square Theatre company—Louis Aldrich and John W. Norton. They played through the eastern towns, but, the tour being decidedly unsuccessful, decided to disband after filling an engagement of three nights in .1 certain Massachusetts town. When they reached that city they were quartered at a hotel which adjoined the small theatre in -which, they were to appear, both being owned by the same man and both being equally dirty. This hotel, however, lured traveling players to its embrace by tho ensnaring suggestion that they could walk directly from their hotel apartment through a private passageway into the theatre dressing room. After the members of the "snap" company had attempted to partake of their first meal "in the hotel they waited upon Ilia landlord in a body and demanded that they bo given edible food, to which tho boniface independently responded that if they did not like wliat was fcr- nishe;! them they could go elsewhere. Aldrich, Davenport and Norton acted HV>O:I this delicate hint, and with carpet ss?,!;a in hand walked down the street to the opposition house several blocks Tha last night of tlie Lowell engagement tho bill comprised "The Stranger,'' in which Agnes Perry took tho part of Mrs. Haller, and Frank Mayo essayed tho rolo of the somber Stranger. This was to be followed by the farcical '•Black Eyed Susan," in which Louis Aldrich was cast for tho Admiral, John W. Norton for Capt. Crosstrce, and Mr. Davenport, of course, for William. In the latter play, as o~ery one who has seen it will remember, William is found guilty of striking Crosstree t and the Admiral sentences him to bo hanged from tho yard arm, concluding with the sol- emu words, "and may God liavo mercy on your soul." Opon this particular occasion Louis Aldrich spied sitting in the front row of the theatre the landlord of the hobel, accompanied by his three busom daughters, all evidently pleased with the play and with themselves. Aldrich's soul thirsted for revenge. When the sentence of poor William had to be pronounced the words of tho play were subjected to a most remarkable change. -'I sentence you," said the Admiral, "to board at the house for two -weeks, and may God have mercy on yon." Davenport at first looked stunned, and then gave one wild, delirious shriek of laughter; the landlord and his daughters sprang to their feet and rushed from the place, while the entire audience held its sides and ached with laughter. L. N. MEa.ir.GEE. CURES PERMANENTLY SP3?AiroS_and_STRAINS. Athletes Prulati It Illshly. 6H6 Minna JSL, bun Francisco, Cal., ilay 8 1887 Some time ago, while a member of tho Olympic Athletic Club, I sprained my ine» severely and Buffered agony, but was BpeediSy and completely cured liy Si. Jacobs OIL JOHN GARBUTT. DAST ALL PRECEDENT! A Over Two Millions Distributed Jumped from J stra and US •"r.^ . se canet for weeis. St. Jacobs OH completely cured me - G. HO ELY'S Cream Balm Cleanses the Nasal Passage Allays Pain and Inflammation, HealstheSores Restores tbe Senses ot Taste and Smell Try me Cure Louisiana State Lottery Co. Incorporated by tne LpRislnture, for Educational and Clmrltabla purpose?, and Its fran- f.,V/ !e i m ?5S'\. f)artoi:ttlt ' I'r'eer.t state Constitution, in 18i9, by an overwhelming popular vote. Its (iEAMD EXTHAORDINABY DRAWINGS t;ilin place Seml-anmially, (June and December) nmlltsGIUNII SINGLE NUMBER DRAWINGS take plntH In each of the other ten months la tho year, np.d are till drawn tn public, at the Academy of Music, Now Orleans, La. 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Cnion [Vatlouul Kanii, MAMMOTHDRA^WING At (He Academy of Music, New Orleans, Tuesday, June 17, 1890. CAPITAL PRIZE, $600,000 lOO.OOOTicHefK at. S-SO; Halves. saO: •t«nrtir«. istO: liisriii hs. S5 : Twcri- (Ifthw. tftt; Foniftli.i. Si «SO. The CrotJt EnglSsSi Fycucrlptlon. A successful Medicine used over 30 years '" thoupnnds of cases. Cures Speririatoi-rliea, Kercoia Wcalencss, Emissions, /mpoieiicj; and all disea&ea caused by ° ''nnf.' [sapons] indiscretion, or over-exertion. fApTlRj Six packages Guaranteed to Cure when aU other* Fail Ask your Druggist for The Crent Enjli.h 1're.crlptlon, take no substitute. One paclcaee 81. Six So. br mail. Write for Pamphlet. Address Eureku. Cliciatcol Co., Detroit, Jllctl. Vn Bale bj B. F. Keesllng. NBW ADVEBTISEMKMTS, IES8 ft HUB KOIStS CUHtBfcy eui'3 INVIaiBIJ! TUBULAR EAR USH10HS. WMspore hoard. Com! INE38 I'ecit' CU . .Hactfi.nilwh;rc:tllUr™^lnifi[I.K«ldbyF. niSCOI, «al>, 858 Br-Jwar. K«wI»rli. 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DAVENPORT. and William H. Kemble. These gentlemen agreed that if the actors of the cotmta'y displayed sufficient interest in the scheme they would contribute liberally towards tao fund. Whatever is the outcome of the matter it promises an interesting degree of the esteem in which Forrest is held by the actors of this day. It ia somewhat singular that at the time of the. resurrection of the Forrest statue scheme, John W. Norton tho St. Louis theatrical manager, and the man who gave Mary Anderson to the stage and was her leading support for several seasons, came to New York, inflamed with the desire to fire the breath of his theatrical brethren with the belief that they can best do honor to their great profession and to their art by placing in enduring bronze or glistening marble an effigy of one whom he described as "the greatest all a/round actor this country has produced, E. L. Davenport." It is certainly true that Davenport was equiilly great as Romeo, as Damon, as Ooriolanus, as Sir Giles Overreach, as William 1 in "Black Eyed Susan," and so on through the gamut of his art, and only his unfortunate ventures as a manager dimmed the luster of his reputation Two of n Kind. Bobby (on board the "ocean greyhound")—O, mamma! Who is that great, proud man In uniform? Mamma—Why, that's thp. captain ol tho ship. Bobby' (with awo)—My! He looks just like the Janitor of our flat at homo! .Medicinal Intelligence. Doctor—You mnst give your husband one of these capsules every two hours. Mrs. Johnslng—Only one of 'em oberj two hours? Huh, you don't know dal niggah. If he don't get no more den dat tor oat he isgwinter smash up oberydlng in do house. Dramatic Note. Jones (to dramatist)—Wore you evci called before a curtain at a, first production of one of your plays. Van Alstvue (sadly)—Only onco, and then they only wanted a chance to fire brick-bats and abrupt remarks at me. Ah! 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It -will be interestine to learn whether the thor- SB.;..-; £.'„>..•--. •..•::*,... Several ycuiiiyu 1 wiBuuili-d iosci. 1 it(•«,:.-;M woman wlKiliaannialiguBiitlbrnjofcunei.'! :.-. her fix)t. Tlie ctincer^-e\v woreeunder tlu 1 PK - scribcrl trenlmur.t, and the toes and one Ale-., llic foot were :it length eatun entirely mv:n . The patient could not Lave sun-ived miich h.i. gor, but I coiumcnccd the use of Swift's 8[,c- clfic, and it cured her sound well. That vst. three years HRO, and there has been no return of I lie disease. I regard Swift's Specific a most excellent medicine for blood diseases, as it* tendency is to drive out the poison. Mnihfmlle, Miss. V,'H. E.STACO. M. n. CAHCEK OF THE TONGUE. For three or four years I had an enllng sore on ray toiifrno that mode a considerable hole in il. I lieasmiD nlarmed at Its progress,and went to Atlanla for treatment. 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It contains 3OI pages, royal 8vo. B«autlfal lindiDg. emboseed, f»U gilt. Price, only $l.fO by nail, post-paid, concealed in plain wrapper, lllus- rnttve Froepectas Free. If you apply now. The listlngulshed antnor, Wro. H. Parker, M. D., re- :eived the COLD AND JEWELLED MEDAL rom tha National Medical Association, or «he PRIZE ESSAY on NERVOUS and ^HYSICAL DEBILITY. Dr.Parlicrandacorps >f Assistant-Physicians may be consulted, eonfl. Icntiuliy, by mail or io person, at the efSce of THE PKAKODY MEblCAl INBTJTIJTJB, ^n.4 Biilfinrh St.. Foctort, 9Tae«*pJowhomall orders for books or lettors for ad^-lce should be iilected as abgre. $3 & $2 SHOES •1.78 SHOE VCISt MJSSES. Best Material. Best Style. Bert Fitting. W. I.. IkoUKla*. Brockton, Haw. Sold tr; For ialp by J-B.^VSTINTERS WHAT TVEYOU -TO= B! For some of the choicest lands in WESTRRK KANSAS, both clear and InoutuDcrotl, Improved ' , , and unimproved. 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