Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 27, 1898 · Page 19
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 19

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 27, 1898
Page 19
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pierce The Tailor 3For< -At Fine Goods Low Prices 318 . . Broadway. DR. F. M. BOZER'S Dental Parlors. OVER CITY NATIONAL BANK Corner of fourth and Broadway Central Telephone No Office 363, residence 343. New Undertakers. 808 Market street, Hoppe Building. Daniel Killian & Co. Oalli promptly attended to, day or night. Mr. Kfllian wa« for many years foreman for Charles L. Woll, Telephone old 381, new S17 THE WEO.W BOY Arrested by the Police This —The Trolley Boy Sow Home. This mornlDg a telephone message to police headquarters asfced for an officer to come tO'the postoffice at once and arrest young Trolley, who ran away from his home near Burnetts- vllle several days ago. Patrolman Skelton was sent there and a young man pointed out to him by an employe of the office as being the boy wanted. The officer made the arrest, but found that his prisoner was Otto Lucky, a boy who resides on the Southslde. He was released after reaching the police station. The boy wanted for running away from home, and whose name was Trolley, was found yesterday by a crowd of newsboys and sent to his parents, who reside near Burnetts- vllle, and the police are wondering where the postofflce people got their information, which caused the arrest of an Innocent party. ADDITION iL ITEMS AS8I8SMEST When Y»n Need an ABSTRACT OR A LOAH %OOTO%, F. H. WIPPERMAN, 406 Fourth Street Opp. Court House Entrance, KROEGER & STRAIN. 'Undertakers, 613 Broadway. Strain insurance and Loans. AH fclnds of Insurance and Bonds written in first class com- paalef. Money to loan I per cent, S. M. Clo8son,319 Pearl St. D. R. DENTIST Corner Fifth and Market, Pythian Building. E. H.GRACE, D.D.S. DENTAL P1B.LOE.S 316 Market Street. New Alureinite Rubber Plates. Of Amos Studebaker, of Deer Creek XoTrnsbip, to Attorney Beeder. Amos Studebsker, of Deer Greet township, has made an assignment for tbe benefit of his creditors. The assignee Is Thomas B. Reeder, tbe attorney, who filed the deed of assignment and bond today. The property consists of farming implemeats and otter personal property. The liabilities are about $1,200 and the asseats 12,000. Assignee Eeeder will petition the court for an order to sell the same at public sale. wos SECOND GAME. Morning Girl wanted at 1213 Market street, at Narse girl wanted. Gall at ,13 Ninth street. Miss Lou Mussel man is at Terre Haute visiting her sister. 75c merrs shoe soling and heels.— Fred Stueber, 314 Pearl street. Smoke "Our Band," the new 5c cigar, made by Shaffer & Gammili John Olary, sr., has returned from a week's visit with his son in Palaskl county. Wanted, woman or girl for kitchen work. Beference required—829 North street. Mrs. W. H. Cummings and Miss Edith Jamison, of Peru, are visiting In Logansport. Mrs Homer Winklebleck and daughter, of Chicago, are visiting relatives here. The Y. P. M. club was entertained last night by Mr. and Mrs. William Watts, at their home on Linden avenue. Mrs. A. J. Sutton, Miss Grace Ouster and Miss Psyche Sutton are at Indianapolis to attend the funeral of Miss Charlotte McVey. Huntington News - Democrat— Claude McD Hamilton, son of Superintendent K. I. Hamilton stands in a (air way to be appointed as a member of a signal cops in the tl. S. army now at the front. At the Bepubli- can congressional convention, at Logansport, Tuesday, a petition signed by all members of tbe Huntington county delegation, and many others, was handed Major Steele, who said that Mr. Hamilton's chances for the place were exceedingly good,and that his appointment no doubt would be made soon. HIGH SCHOOL Commencement Exercises at the Opera Home This Evening. ROYAL CE»TBE SEWS. GEORGE W. BODEFER. Real Estate, Loans. FarPffiro8f S drt/clty Bought, Sold or Exchanged. Money to Loan •on roortwagB or personal security. Call on me .-or write to me at No. 81 Kel River avenue.east «nd of Market street bridge. & SHANAHAN. Buy and Sell Second Hand] Goods. GlTe ui a oali. 209 6th etred'v The Michigan City Team Defeats the Logansportg Again. Reports from Michigan City announces the defeat of the home team again yesterday by a score of 8 to 5. This is the second game the Michigan City team has won from the Lo- gansports. The boys arrived home today and will play even by wiping up the diamond with the Huntington team Sunday at Spencer park. Lecture Sunday. Prof. J. N. Takes, inspirational speaker, will deliver two discourses next Sunday in the grove on Blddle's island at 10 a. m. and 3p.m. There will bs sufficient chairs for all. Morn- inij subject: "Does the Bible Prove that Spirits lleturn? If so, why do not the various religious sects admit It and rreach it to their audiences?" Afternoon theme: "What has Spiritualism Done to Elevate Man? Do Facts or Faith Kule the Present Era?" A cordial invitation is extended to the general public, especially clergymen. Free to tne masses. Dotage in and Aboot the Beone. Capitol of RorAL CENTRE, May 26, 1898. The Junior League'held a festival at Klstler's hall on Saturday evening, which was well attended and tbe league realized over 112. E, H. Wiseley has sold Mrs. Charters' house and lot in McCombs & Beckley's addition to W. H. Blnga- man. Consideration 1850. Mrs. Charters contemplates moving to Cincinnati as soon as she can settle up her business. Wm. Riiinger has sold his 80-acre farm, lying three miles northwest of Royal Center, to Charles D. Wilson. •Mr. Rldinger took in exchange for his farm four lots in Kentland, Ind. Mr. R. will make a sale shortly, after which he thinks of returning to his former home In Illinois. The farmers are making complaint that a great portion of the corn planted has to be planted over, as the heavy rains have so saturated the soil that all lowland planted will Entertaining Programme Prepared— Dr. John «. Coulter Will Deliver the Address. The commencement exercises of die class of '98 ot the Logansport High school, will be held at the opera bouse this evening, beginning at S o'clock. Following is the pro- ijramme. Invocation, Song "The Garden ot Sleep". Isodore <ie Lara Miss Abbie Howe Address The Elements of Power Dr. John M. Coulter. Song Selected Miss Frances Lux. Presentation of Diplomas. Benediction. There are thirty-nine members of the class that will be given diplomas, all well known and popular young people of the city. The following is a complete list: Elizabeth B. Horning, Cora Elinor Toby, Robert Edwin Hammontree. lia Xfahoney, George Bell, ifary Belle Hadley, Bertha May Overholser, Anna Marian Powell, Anna Laura Hawkins, Eleanor Pauline Robinson, Mary Blanche Elliott. Sadie Irnia Welch, Amos Palmer, Albert Eugene Oldham. Mary Josephine Boyer, Edward. Franklin McCrea, Alfred Henry Barnes. Lillian Wailar Taylor, Lillian Marie Eodefer, Robert J. McNitt, Harry M. Bell, Fanetta Palmer, Myrtle Adel'le Castle, John W. Rowe, Charlotte Irene King, Genevra Uhl, Mary Jeannette Seybold. Melissa Arabel Dalzell, Mary B. Rotroff, Jeannette Emmaline Reeves, -Nellie Jane Flanigin, Bessie B. Martin, Anna A. Hanley, Edwin MedJand, Thomas Dwigit Goodwin, Dyer J. 'Powell. Minnie Nelson. David Rotroff, Frances Mae Jenks. Bow to PolUb Bronxe. The treatment of bronze is a problem which many a well meaning bousekeep er has failed to solve. Washing bronze is a bad plan, as tbe polish is delicate and easily spoiled, bnc careful dnsting every day witb a soft cloth and a fescn- ex brush and a little sweet oil rnUb on occasionally and well rubbed off with a soft silk rag are said by a good housekeeper to have the best results. The various polishes, pastes and powders sold,for cleaning bronze ar« about as efficacious a= the lily white and rose .red blooms sold fur the complexion— some of them do no harm. The good housekeeper gives the following recipe for bronze that has been scained: Mate the article very not by putting it in boiling water, then rnb it with a piece of flannel, dipped in ends made from yellow soap, polishing it afterward with a soft linen rag. HOTT to ar'afce Pecan Tarti. Beat tbe yolks of three eggs to a cream. Add half a cupful of sugar and beat for five minutes. Pound half a pound of shelled pecans slightly. Add them to the eggs and sugar. Place the mixtnre in patty pans lined with paste and bake from eight to ten minutes. Beat the whites of the eggs stiff. Add two tablespoonfuls of sugar. Distribute the eggs among the tarts, spreading on tojx and brown nicely in the oven. lite Store. A Special Bargain - - MAKE MONEY On bmull capital. $1.00 will start you in the • Chicken business. Young- Chictts for sale at 10 cent* each. Ten fed on the table scraps until fall makes .» nice nook for winter eggs at no expense •Ne«r hatch just off and ready for delivery at 'Poplar Poultry Par*. Clifton Ave. John M. Markley, Proprietor. Private Money to Loan No Delay. C- 0- HEFFLEY, Insurance and Loans. *9S fourth Street. QITY NRW8. James R. Cree, of Flora, was in the city yesterday. Don't forget the supper at Jordan's •h»ll tomorrow evening, given by the Ladles' Auxiliary to B. of R. R. T. The pupils and teachers of the third year high school were entertained at the home of Prof. Cantley yesterday. John Wolfe and Charles Demerly, the barber, both riding bicycles, collided last night on Broadway.Neither •received any seiious injuries. The little child of Joseph Beatty, of Harrison township, fell In .a large jar filled with water several days ago and narrowly escaped drowning- Miss Sallle Hightower, who has been attending school at Holy Angels' academy, will return tomorrow to her home at Marion, for the summer vacation. The Trl-State (Michigan Indiana and Ohio) Medical society will hold ita semi-annual meeting in Elkhart in July. Between 200 and 300 doctors will attend. Jas. Finning, of the Panhandle •boiler shop, and Will Baker were at, the fishing camp down the Wabash, last night. The boya are catching a (large amovot offish. Grass Creek Items. Very nice weather. Farmers busy. Rev. H. Ogden will preach at Grass Creek Sunday at 4 o'clock p.m. Rev. Cummlngs preached at the U. B. church Sunday to an appreciative audience. His subject was "Ouba." The Sunday school convention held Sunday was well attended. Subjects pertalnining to the work were discussed. 'Mr. M/lton Mangey was chosen superintendent of the Wayne schools, five in number, for the ensuing year. M. S. H. | be planted over. Many have not finished breaking, consequently it will make late planting-. Mrs. Louis Mantock has again filed suit for divorce. * * U. E. K. of P. Notice. All members of Company No. 26, U R. K. of P., are hereby notified that there will be a special meeting of the company in the club apartments of Castle hall at 8 o'clock tonight for the purpose of arranging to participate in the Memorial day exercises . By order of C. J. PAVTON, First Lieut. TAKLV6 ADVANTAGE, Miami County Indians Baking tbe Most of a Recent Court Decision. The Miami Indians are making the- most of Judge Cox's recent decision at Peru, that the members of the tribe are not citizens and are therefore absolved from the paying of taxes. A half dozen of the red men refuse to make any returns of their personal property and dog—and the latter are numerous—to the assessors. The case determined in the Miami circuit court has been taken to the supreme court on appeal, and until it is decided the Indians will be compelled to pay taxes as of yore. A Good Thing. An Ohio man has patented a new and ingenious church contribution box that is destined to be a great success in swelling the receipts. It has a bell attachment. When a shirt button or a penny Is dropped in it fails to ring; a quarter produces a respectable ring; a half-dollar makes a g;ood loud clatter, and a dollar brings out the fire department. Committee Meeting. The Democratic county central committee will meet at the north court room on Saturday, May 2Sth, at l o'clock p. m., to consider the matter of fixing a date for the county convention. Every member is urged to " nresent. By order of B. F. LorrHAiN-, Chairman. PA t KICK MAHONEY, secretary. Hood's Are gaming favor rapidly. Business men ancJ travel- lers carry them in vest pocket*, ladKs carry th«m la pnrtes. hou»ek«pers ke*p Them in medicine claMU, fri«od» recommend thtm to £ri«Bd». 2^. New Stamps. The postofflce department will, after June 1st, issue stamps commemorative of the Trans-Missisoippi Exposition, which opens then at Omaha. The stamps will be engraved as follows: One cent, "Father Marquette on the Mississippi;" two cent, Mississippi River Bridge;" four cant, "Indian Hunting Buffalo;" five cent, "Freemont on Rocky Mountains;" eight cent, "Troops Guarding Emigrant Train;" ten cent, "Hardships of Emigration;" fifty cent, "A Western Mining Inspector;" one dollar, "Western Cattle In a two dollar, "Harvesting West." NOTICE—ASSIGNEE'S SALE. Notice is hereby givan. that the un- dersigJi-eA will sell at public auction pursuant to an order of court heretofore ma<ie. the following property, to- it:— ! One lot of china-ware, one lot of lamps, one lot of glassware, one lot of mirrors, one lot of crockery ware, one lot of hardware, one loi of -wire, one lot of earthen ware, one lot of granite Tvare, one lot of steel enamel wax, one lot of Japanese <ware. one lot of Tin- ware, one lot of Tvooden ware, one lot ot willow ware, one lot of cutlery, one lot of silver ware, one lot of jewelry, one lot of celluloid ware, one lot of sactliels, crips, and telescopes, one lot of pictures, one lot of easles and brackets, one lot of stationery, one lot of rubber goods, one lot of plush goods, one lot of books, one lot of brushes, one lot of feather dusters, one lot of 'baskets, one lot of dry goods, notions, etc., one lot of attletic an/d sporting goods, one lot of fire works, one lot of brooms, one lot of school supplies, one lot of 'hammocks, one lot of dolls and doll cabs, one lot of cooking- utensils, o>,ne lot of nickle plated ware, one lot of toys, one lot of sleds. <yne lot of pockeit books, one lot of novelty goods an-d one lot of fixtures; to -She highest bidder, at No. 415 Broadway Street, Logansport, Indiana, between the hours of 10 o'clock a. m. and 3 o'clock p. m., on Saturday, May 2S, 1898. Terms of Sale: One-third cash, one- thtrd in tnree (3) montlis, and one- third in six (6) moniths. The purchaser giving notes with security to the approval of the undersigned for the deferred payments. M. F. ilAHOJvEY:, Assignee, of Emma Dickerhoff. You can economize without wearing ready-mady clothing. * We make Spring Suits to your * order for $18.00 and $20.00 un- * equaled by competitors. Our X 125.00 Suitings are tbe same as J your tailors gives you for $35. • We can prove this. H.G. TUCKER.<• TAILOR, Fourth and Broadway. This Beautiful Roman Chair. It is made in handsome oak and ma- hog&nized carley bircii, fancy ornamental spindles, carved veneerea seats, very broad and comfortable. They're wortK 14.06. Our special prices only The second shipment of the celebrated Whitaey iBaby Carriages have arrived and ready for inspection. $1.75 THR First National Bank CAPITALJ|250,000 A- J. MURDOCK, PBBUJMTO, W. W. ROSS, CASKIZK, J. P. BROOKMDBYKR, Aasr. THE /aifljftjIY TINSHQP JOHN MEHAFFIE Proprietor. All Kinds of Tin work. Spouting and Roofing a Specialty. No. 314 Fifth Street, Mutual 'Phone No. 15' NOVELTY WORKS. Office Fixtures and Partitions. Store Fronts.Counters, Shelving Turning, scroll sawing and general re paring. Estimates furnished. Door and window screens to order. Sole agents for the Wheeler Great American Ad j ustable Screens; made to fit windows with or without blinds- absolutely fly proof; slide easily, in wet or dry weather; can be taken out or put in by a child; the best thing on the market. John A. Sturkin, Erie Avenue, between 8th and 9th Ste. Storm; 1 in the An Investigation. All person? who are desiring ln^ suiance will do well to investigate the plans of the order American Plowmen. Their home office is located in your city and their plans have been approved by your bee* attorneys . They ask you to make a favorable comparison with other methods, and feel confident of pleas- Ing you. Continental- Council's charter is yet open, and the fees are 12 50, which Includes medical examinations.— Office Jordan block. Spedai Sunday Excursion to Cincinnati Tia Pennsylvania iJnes, May 29th, next Sunday. For the convenience of excursionists in the city of Log-ansport, two dollar round trip excursion tickets will be sold to Cincinnati, good going on special train, leaving Logansport at 5 a.m. central time, via Pennsylvania lines; return- Ing special train leaves Cincinnati at 6:30 p.m. All day to visit friends or see the sights of Ohio's metropolis. Masonic Notice. Orient lodge No. 272, F. and A. M., holds its regular meating to night. Officers will please be in their stations at 7:30 prompt for important work. Be-elected, The directors of the Logansport Statt, bank yesterday elected the following officers: President—Geo. W. Seybold. Vice President—V. E. Seiter. Cashier—W. C. Thomas. Bookkeeper—8. F. Sharts. Messenger—Paul Hockenbeamer. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Breen, of Kenneth, will entertain Friday evening- in honor of their city friends. Your Spring Suit, Get it Made to Order by WILL CRAIG the tailor. You're sure to feel comfortable, look *v and have saved money n your pocket. Will Pleas ;You, Save You Money. Pearl StNextto Dr. Bell's Office. BlttKCWOM: A.J. Hurdook, W. H. Brln«liuz*t, JtonnU DW, B. 8. Rlo«. B. g, Y*nti«. I 1C. W, T. Wil»on. Banking in all itg nd oareruily ftudoarei Safety to Itoptrtmentt promptly done. Customers ana itookholder Strong Reierre fund Maintained. NO PAINING DANGER! Teeth extracted without pain or after effects, such as sore mouth, sore gums, etc. Absolutely safe mad palnles. The most natural-looking trlifloUl Teeth on new method PLATES, guaranteed to fit. The finest and best method of CBOWW and BRIDttE Work. _JF~ No ooarw for extracting without pall when new teeth are to be lupplied. Dr. W. T. Hurtt, DENTIST! 3111-2 Fourth Bt. Over Fiiher'i Drug Stor Eouimer Normal -AT THE- -episport Commercial High School Begins June 6th. The following are tbo instructors: rArlthmatfo L Science 9f Teaching •ROF B F LONG Literature DYSPEPSIA, Heartburn, Gastritis and all Stomach Disorders positively cared. Grower Graham's Dyspepsia. Remedy is a specific. One dose removes all distress, and a permanent cure of the most chronic and severe cases is guaranteed. Do not suffer! A 50c bottle will convince the most skeptical. THR City National Bank. LOGASSPOET, IM).| CAPITAL .$200.000 JOHX G-BAY, President, L N. CEAWTOKD, Vice Pres. F. B. FO-WXEB, Cashier. —BrRECTOHS — John Gray, C. G. Newell, J. T. Elliott, Dr. W. K. Bell, A. P. Jents, W. C. Penooct. IM*C Shideler, and Ota. W. Fuak onal parti Loan money on perso security, fejt BU7 and tell Government bonds. Buy and >eU foreign exchange on all of thetrorld. Will PAJ 3per cent per annum on oartiaoatei of deposlta, when depogitad tix month*: t per cent per annum iruen left one jc«r. Boxen in Safety Depocit Vault*, for fafc keeping of valuable paper*, J MI.IH LISA MVER— JCiuic J F CORNELL, Co Sapt Prepare for te»ebln|r by enrolling with ui, JVXK * -, Logansport Commercial High School. 321, 324, 325 Fourth Street. f K- McCoy's New European Hotel COR. CLARK AND VAH BOREh «Tt. CHICAGO. FIRE PROOF. One block from C. K. I. Jt p. i L» S. A- Jtt, s. Bollroa* depot. Improvements costing $73,000.00 hivt jst been completed ind the house now fters every convenience to be found ia aay otel. including hot and cold wrf<r,'electric ght and steam heat to e 'try rvom, , Rates 75 cents per diy and upwards. First class restaurant in connection. WILLIAM JHcCOY, Owitr ntf

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