Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 16, 1890 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 16, 1890
Page 5
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DOLAN'S OPERA'HOUSE. a»e Solid Week, Commencing Monday, -May 12th. TO-NIGHT , Double Bill, "BESSIE'S BURGALAR" And Farce Comedy "Only an Actress" . present Klvim away i-verjr night. Oh even U.K. SCALE OF PRICES: Onif Hand 28 cents. RsservoJ .««.•» U <m Snle ;it keesUng'? Dm;; Store. Real Estate. For Sale orTrade Ln all parts of the City. Residence at all prices. Business Houses. Tacant Lots. Exclusive Sale of Johnson's' "Riverside Addition". 20 Vacant Lots on Broadway and North. Bargains in Lands • close to the City. E,N. TALBOTT Real Estate Broker, St. Elmo Block, Broadway 3 M. MeMillen Sores, Stationary, Hammocks, Croquets. Picture Framing A SPECIALTY. - Market St. »pr!3ditwlr MONEY TO LOAN! And Notes Bought in any sum over S'23 at lowe rates. Large a mounts 6 percent. QBO.B.PORQY. cleelMitv8m MONEY TO LOAN, a aa/ Mim n; the LOyrfciH"** rR.efe *riT«ie fui -lily, M ratty r»lwc>'b JH Lon^. Mo MM! '.aj_o orde- "D?. In^*tre*t ntd prlaclpt^i (Miy.iLIw "jn I.ijg^Eiir- ^'•rv Special *rranii6ni*ntt< us t«> psymnnt o yt'Jaoiv.aJ vjd Interast, made to salt the- wiah&«o bnrro^er. For further partlouliirfl »pp«y to Fred W. Munson, iuoruey at Lew and United State** O IToorth aSrest. opposite Oourt Hotuw. MONEY, uoral I near an to and l^o^ne. All hind* ol In ic* plncftil in Uretclaat* companies. Endow bOllolee pcurcboeedf Bonds of aarstr^i.. e:>. for parties holding potritlpnc of trne o i booJ Is r«( '" " 319 C ST. I oss o n Journal. .EEIDA? MORNING. MAT. 16. Mr. Ben Wile, of New York, is vis- ting Harry Frank, sr. A pension has been granted to Anthony A. Eskew, of Sbultztown. Mr. W. R. Oliver is lying very ill vith typhoid fever at his home, 010 3road\vay. S. B. Boyer attended the. State itillers Convention at Ft. Wayne ,his week. Dr. J. W. Talbott is reported apidly recovering from his late evere illness. Rev. James Simpson", pastor of the A M. E. Church, is visiting friends it Indianapolis. Joseph Martin, Superintendent of :he Park County Coal Company, was n the city yesterday. Mr. H. C. Cushman went to Indianapolis yesterday, to attend the May musical festival. Mr. C. E. Carter and wife went to Warsaw yesterday to attend the veddinj? of Mr. Carter's sister. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Martin and Miss ndia Randall departed yesterday morning for Delphi by boat down the Wabash. They expect to be gone some days visiting friends. Peru Republican: Mrs. Frank Stuteeman and children came home Tuesday from Logansport where she lad been for several -weeks called ;here by the illness of her father. George Bowers died at, his home on George street at 11:80 p. m., aged 45 years, of un abcess of the stomach. Che funeral will be in charge of the Chosen Friends; time announced ater. Conductor J ohn Keinley, of the E. &; R., is making arrangements to uove his family to Richmond, a step necessitated on account of his "run." The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. ieinley regret to see their departure. A State item going the rounds of the press says that at Swayr.ee, Grant county, Tuesday, the inhab- tants of the village gathered up sun- }sh and shiners from off the ground by baskets full. It is supposed that :hey were caught up and deposited :here by a tornado. When His Honor opened the police court yesterday morning he found the slate decorated with tho names of Cyrus Baker, Mat Cahill and Pat Finnegan, all charged with plain drunk. In response to the usual query each one plead guilty. In default of the necessary funds to pay the fine the trio will board with Sheriff Donaldson for the next ten days. Leon McAllister has constructed a handsome piece of machinery which decorates his father's office. It is a small, upright marine engine', and contains the latest and most approved ideas in such engine construction. Under eighty pounds of steam it developes two and one-half horse power. The finish is perfect, and all in all the engine reflects great credit on the skill of the young machinist. Following their usual custom the Ladies' Relief Corps will give an entertainment at the rink on the evening preceeding Memorial day. An elaborate and attractive program is being arranged, and an excellent entertainment is assured. The object of the affair is to raise money to meet the expenses incident to the observance of Memorial day. The ladies of the Relief Corps are well known as model entertainers and may be aure of large patronage. HER FORTUNATE FATE, SJEEMASiY'S BLUFF THE WEATHJEK. D. 0., May 15.— Fur Indiana— Rair wwither, slightly warmer. ilrei J. G. Edgworth is attending the musical festival at Indianapolis Ibis week. The old, yet ever new, temperance drama. "Ten Nights in a Bar Room," at {he opera house to-night. Attention. mothers! A nice scliool suit for a boy four to thirteen years, only 69 cents.—Lion Clothing House. . . Itl6 A new Singer sewing machine given away July 4tb. at the Lion Clothing Houae. A ticket with each 50-cent purchase. ItlO The best value in dress wear, the Bse Hive's yard wide French printed challies, only 15 cents per yard. They are beauties. Owing to the backwardness of the spring season, we propose to sell all men's, boys' anrS children^ suits at a grand red'rction of former prices. Oar line la complete, and we onfy ask the public to be kind enough to give us a look, and we win save you , at Jordan HeenVe, 405 Mar- feet. " : mfl England Will Concede the African Territory Claimed. Br Gable to the Journal. LoNDOif, MaylS.—the Chronicles correspondent His enabled to state upon authority that Germany does not claim Uganda and Unyoro but insists that the 80th degree east of Greenwich be defined as the western limit of her territory in Africa. The southern limits are admitted to be debatable and are therefore.'; to be left open for the present. Thus the northern limits of the German sphere of influence will run in a straight line from Kavirondo to the Junction of the 82nd degree with the Equator, thence westward along the Equator to the 30th degrie. The Chronicle in an editorial proceeding on the basis that England ha» already conceded : the foregoing,claims. says: "We would 'rather thatXb'rd' Salisbury had * ee3ed Ireland to- Germany than thus meekly to s'lj-- render vital strategic poitits^in, Af?i-< ca, upon the keeping of which-our Imperial position^ in two continents depends." I ";.' ' Stoo.U Exchmice <Joe« Under. By Telegraph to the Journal.. BOSTON, Mass., May 15.—The New England Stock Exchange, No. 15 State street, has failed, liabilities 860,600. It announces that it expects to settle with its creditors to-morrow. The failure,is due to the upward ten- dancy of the market. William Cottrell. By Telegraph to the Journal. . JACKSONVILLE. Fla., May 15.—Town Marshal Hitchell,of Cedar Keys, was brought here to-day and put in jail. Mayor ('ottrell has not been captured, and is concealed somewhere down the coast. It was a great change from life among fisher folk to the palatial homS of Mrs. Elayne. the mother she had never seen since a child.' For Marguerite had been picked up at sea by a kind fisherman titter. the wreck in which hor mother was supposed to have perished. Marguerite's cause of sadness was more on account of her having to leava Kenneth, the brave son of the fisherman, whom she loved dearly. It was impossible for her to linger wheji hor mother needed lier, so there was no alternative but to bid him trood- by, with fresh assurances of her devotion, and pass into tho now spheva that awaited hor. Time passed. One evening at a re- coption which Marguerite, though not feeling well, had attended, Mrs. Elayne met a young g-entlerrmn, tho scion of »n aristocratic and wealthy family, whom shoimmediately decided in hor mind was just the party she had wished for her daughter. When sho -returned homo sho told Marguerite of hor plans, and commanded her compliance. "My child," she said, "there is no reason why you, with your beauty, should not marry exceeding well. Now, this Mr. Do Lyleis a gentleman any girl might fancy and he is wealthy and irreproachable. I have invited him to our next reception, and I wish that you shall exert, yourself to fas- cinato him. My heart is sat upon tho match." At tho familiar name "De Lyle" tho quick' blood sprang'to Marguerite's fuce, for it was the name Kenneth's friend, the young Lord Falko had borne. But she had read of his death lii tho papers soon after she had left home, so she thought it could not bo any one she knew. Hitherto she had always obeyed her mother's commands, even though they had often been very arbitrary;but now her spirit roao in arms to defend hoi' love. Alter that the girl had many a bitter sneer to bear, and at last her mother's anger at her firmness culminated. It was tho evening of the reception at which she was to meet for the first time the young foreigner. Looking pale and lifeless in her, rich party cloak. Marguerite sat in her boudoir s awaiting tiermother'ssummous, when, the door opening, Mrff. Elayne entered and confronted her with these words: ••Margureite, I have something to say to you. I have forborne to speak upon the subject for several days; but let me tell you now that if you persist in thwarting my will I sbal! disinherit you. Without money yo u would be unable to return to you" former home, and you know me toe well to think that I would_ever repent of anything that I had once done." Marguerite did not reply, ' but' slip firmly resolved that rather than be untrue to her noble, absent Kenneth she would endure any privations, even though her mother should do as she had threatened, and she should be cas alone and friendless upon the cola world. An hour later tho spacious drawing room of the Elayne mansion presentee a gorgeous spectacle, and—tho faires of all the galaxy of beauty assembled there—Marguerite stood by her stately mother's side, assisting hor to receive her guests. Suddenly the great room with its seductive music and gleaminj lights, seemed to whirl dizzily befon her eyes. There, awaiting to bo presented, stood a well remembered form "Mr. DeLyle, my dear Marguerite,' said her mother, sweetly, at tha moment. The girl looked into the handsome dark face of the gentleman whom he mother had called Mr. De Lyle. Unl; a moment she hesitated; then regard less of the lookers-on, both her hand were olasped in Kenneth's while Mrs Elayno stood lost in intense surprls' at the familiar meeting of the two sb had thought strangers to each other All was explained satisfactorily afterwards. How, after young Falko' death, the old Lord Ue Lyle had in slated upon adopting the youth i wnom he had always taken the great est interest, and whom his son had st loved. While his father lived Ken neth refused to leave him; but when, , year later, he died, he hesitated n< longer. The De Lyle /estates were no entailed, and to please his adoptei father, who had formally declared him his heir, he consented to assume th name of De Lyle. . Since then he hii eoiighb far and wide for some intell: genceoflier hi.s faithful heart an always loved, and only by accident, through meeting her mother in BO ciety, had he at length iiscertaine her whereabouts. "Will you not return with me Marguerite?" her lover whispered, as few days after their first meeting the sat together in the fragrant, odorou .'stillness Of the conservatory, whithe they htffl gone to converse unre- 'strainedlV- "We have 'Keen parte too long-'-'now, my darling.--Make in happy by promising to 'become m wife at once." ••.!••' Mrs. I'-lnyne, glad, in h'cr world! heart iit the success of ln?r schem oven thou&h it bad como-tihnul in a unforseen way. rmida no olrectioi and when, a month later, Kouneth le . America for his distant home, he car .'.riod with hlra u fair, voung bride. On the Lookout. First Tr.imp—Did you hear about tha new Ion dollar counterfeit bill that t out. Second Tramp—No. "Fact. And a feller;Jcan't tell it fro: the gnnuiuc." "I know I couldn't] Wo must b» tho lockout for it, Jii" Tho FalLs. Weather:'is cool and wet. Sunday school ut McKindrn next r. John riowvor haw ordered ti tar wind mil". S5iTvic.es Christian ChapiM hist S:may was well utteniled. "Misses Anna Snell and Pearl Lun- her \vere the guests of Mi?s Maud j esliD^ lusit Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. .Allen Barker wore ne guests of Mr. Abraham Helvie nd wife last Sunday. During this wet season farmers are ngaged in relieving their sheep of heir winter covering. Mr. Lou Means und Mr. Prank Viuters were seen at the beautiful orders of Pipe Creek Sunday. Frank Bowyer.operatorat Bunker lill, attended services at Christian Ihapel with his bride Doc. Won't Feel Well, .nu t you are not sick enough to onsult a doctor, or you refrain from o doing for fear you will alarm your- elf and friends — we will tell you just what^jou need. It is Hoo'ds Sarsa arilla, which will lift you out of hat uncertain, uncomfortable, dangerous condition, into a state of good lealth, confidence and cheerfulness. You've no idea how potent this pe- uliar medicine is in peases like •ours. ___ 2 Trainmen Strike. \1 Telegraph to the Journal. CLKVHLAMD, O.. May 15. — Fifty lonductora and brakeinen employed n the yards of the Valley Railway n this city have struck for increased wages, aad all freight business is at a standstill. The brakeinen ask 27^ ents an hour for clay, and 39£ cents .n hour for night work. The con- luctors want 20 cents day increase or day work, and 30 cents for night work. On sSic !•'! ritla RevtH. By Telegraph to tue Journal. KKY WEST, Florida, May 15.— The itearner City of Alexandria, from Sew York to Havana, is on the Florida Reefs near Bisc!ayn Bay 200 niles from have and 100 iniles from a ;elegraph office. Spongers bring lews that the cargo is being jet- ;isoned but no farther details can be earned. The vessel carried a nnm- ser of passengers. Cologne Seed. The farmers around Centervillo, Del., were recently badly imposed upon by a fakir, who disposed of what he claimed to be cologne seed, which upon dissolving in water would produce a fine perfume. Of course, the 'seed will not dissolve, but if planted, Vould produce a good crop of clover. TourietM. Whether on pleasure bent or business, should take on even trip a bottle of Sjrup of Figs, as It acts most plensantly and effectually on the kidney*, Uyer and bowels, preventing levers, headaches and other, forms of sickness. For sale in 50c and SI 00 bottles By all leading druggists. For Salcby-U. F. Keesllus. Virr;Kcnt. Two nice rooms, suitable for office or sleepiog rooms, over Isaac Ran*' sboestore.Fourthaud Market streets. Inquire at Jordan Heeht's Lion Clothing House. ItlO Fifty miles 1 1-01:1 Ch-iUMU iJ.i.:!iu., Quebec, on the St. Lawrence river, are a number of small Islands that are famous for the superiority of the wild- goose shooting which the.y off or. > Stable to Rent. Good roomy sfcable, 821 Broadway, for rent, enquire "S", this office. ^ffi'&& :i -wtm* "rs^iv?V W; 5 ®^-^' 1 **'irj^ ^'W^'W^'^^^ ^Hfx^S-^IS^ All Dictionary Tickets are good '-'" '•••-— w < until July 4th, please bear this in mind. If-you should have, say Jour, , . S five or ten dollars punched out, and '-r. • do not expect to buy any Men's *'' Clothing, Furnishing Goods, Hats or Shoes for any member of your family within tiuia set, loan yonr ticket > to your neighbor, (they are transferable), and divide the ownership of this great work between you.—Otto '' "''" A. Kraus. . .... Free to Every Purchaser in OUR SHOE Department A Beautiful Embossed LEATHER CARD CASE! Base Ball OutfltB With Boys: Suits.—-.Ball, Bat, Belt and Cap. -Sf- A FEW MORE ENGINEERS' PUZZL|§! Given Away an the "Hat Department." OTTO KRAUS, OF COURSE/ A. It. SH110TEH, formerly »f ffillott, Sliroyer 4 Co., Logansport. C. M. CROSS, loimerij with ' ' ~ • OD.,InflULunK)lii,Inc!,. SHROYER& CROSS, Jobbers ol Imported, Key West and Domestic ', Cigars, Cigarettes, Etc., Etc., •No. 21, West Maryland Street, Indianapolis. FRED DYKEMAN Represents the above firm in Logansporl and surrounding towns. OTTO JMEINSHAUSEN. •• • :• : 5 Eteadquarters FOP Natural Gas/. Sasoline and Cooking Stoves, and Ranges. Alaska Refrigerators, Mantels, Grates and Furnaces. We have 6 dozen of the above Gem Bench Wringers which we are selling at the remarkable Low Price of $4.50 Good value at $6.00, Avail yourself of this Bargain while it lasts. 418 Market Street Both tho method JUK! results vri.'; 0 Syrup of Figs is ;a!;eu; it i" plousar.; and refreshing to the tost;;, n;ul act 1 E iuUy yet promptly on the Kidneys, iver and Bowels, demises the eys- tern effectually, dispels colde. lieau acbcs aticf.'fevers and cures habi'r.uj constipaJEjtjn. Syrup of Fi{;s is lie .only remedy of its kind ever produced, pleasing to the t;;?t3 and a» cepbible to tlio shmutrh, j>ro;iup!. in •its actioQ':a«d Infiy beneficial i» its affects, prepared only from tho most tiedthy and agrcecVJe suUtar.cei. i!e .Hiauy excellent •ij'uiilillMi commend .. to all and have made it the '.no 1 ?! popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is' for sale in in'.. and SI bottles by all Je.iding drug gists. Any reliable druggist wh<> may not have it on tand will procure it promptly for nuy one 'who wishes to'-'try it-'" Do- not'aeccpt any substitute;^ -' '' ;; ' v ' - : ' ' v "' '" ' CALIFORNIA flB &HUP €0. SAN FRANCISCO, C4L, LOUISVILLE, KY, HEIV YORX, K.V For sale by B 4 Fj Keesliny, SOMETHING NEW. Sterling Silver Unlaid Spoons and Forks a guarantee tot 35 years ,ttiyen with every set sold. I am special agent for,*Ua waro, also; Reed & Boston, and Rogers. Also, Wacthes and Jewelrey the latest out. iwgest Up.a,' of Spectacles and nose Glasses In the «ity twenty year* 8sperie»ee. . ... D. A. H AUK, The Jeweler, AU goodu Eugrared free of charge. Pears' A1 Fair white hands. J Brightclearcomplexion Soft healthful skiitc

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