Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 26, 1898 · Page 23
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 23

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1898
Page 23
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lifomia Limited. Arrangements have been perfected for a line of Semi-weekly Pullman Vestibuled, Double Drawing Room, and Sleeping Ckrs between St. Louis and Lo sAngeles, CaL, running through without change. These cars will leave St. Louis every Wednesday and Saturday night at 9 :00 p. m., arriving at Los Angles, Saturdays and Tuesdays at 5:50 p. m. A Buffet Smoking Car and Dinning Car are, attached to this train at Kansas City, running through to Pacific Coast without change. Only three days from Logansport to Los Angeles, via this line. For berth reservations etc., call on or address W ABASH R.R Do k love U to. secure one of the latest and prettiest Two-Steps of tie nay, by maillcK Ten Cents <»ilver or stamps) to cover msilloR and POB> •ge, to the undersigned lor a copy of the BIG FOUR TWO-STEP (Mark envelope "Two Step.; We »re giving i big music, which ia regular llfty-cent flbeet music, at this exceedingly low nte, for the purpose of advertising, and testing the value of the different papers as advertising mediums. E. O. McCormick, Passenger Traffic Manager, "Big Four Houte." Cincinnati, O. Mention thl« paper when you write. t«s Paaneylvsala Biaaoa. IfBnnsulvanjaB'nBsil Tr&inr Bun t>? Centrai Tim* • P»U7. t D«il7. M«»pt 8 anaw. txxm OHIOAOO MV7SIOS DXTLT. bMTO to* Cnlo»so«8 ;05 a ro;*6:00 a m;*l:25 p m •3:00 D m: *4:SO p ns. ArrtT« from Chicago*12:30 a m;*12:80pm;«l:00 p m: *1:40 p m: *8:16 P m BRABTORD AND COLUMBUS. teave lor Bradford "1:10 » m;«-40 a m; *1:« Dm 1 t4:30pm. ArrivefromBradford «2:45 am; tlO:30 am; •I:a0pm;t4:15pm, IIFNSB DIVISION. LMve tor Bttner t8:15 a m; t9:08 a m-«:05 p m 6pm Sunday only. Arrive from Kffner -7:85 a m; +12:50 p m: 12:46 p m; 8:90 it m Sunday only. RICHMOND ASH CISOINNATI. btare for Kichmond tia :55 am; t5 :SO a m: '1 :05 l>m;t3:20p m. „ 4trrlvci from Richmond •aiSOam: tU:OOam •l:BOpm;+10:SOpm. IltTJIABAPOLlB AKD LOUI8VTJLM. Laave for Loul«ville 13:45 a m; *1:10 p m. Arrive from Louisville *2:40 a m; *1:66 p m. 3. A. MdCULLOOQH, Agent, t, Ind. LOflANBPOKT NO. •*•* BOTJMDi 1 Bastern Express daily .................. »: « Mail and Express daily ................ » 4 Atlantic Expre«i dally........ .......... * JO Fort Wayne Acco Kx Sunday. . . . b: 74 Local Freight Ex Sunday .......... i; W1BT BOUND. 8 Wenern Exprew daily ...... '. ......... 10 I Fait Mail Daiiy ............................. * T Mail and Bxpreae daily ................. 2 6 Pacific Biprew daily... .................. 11 11 Decatur Acco Kjt-Sundav ............ 7 T5 Local Freight Si-Sunday ............. 7 ML HTVB DIVIilOH, W»iT«n>l, IiOOAHIPOBt A»D CHILI. WMSt 1OUKD. :» » jj> :« a n, :£* « :32 p m ;lS p m :34 p m -™ P m :40 p m =33 a m :85 a m :35 a m BAST BOnKD 5: S VANDALIA LINE. Time Table, in effect Dec. 5, :i»7. FOR THB NORTH ..................................... 6:05 a in ............ _.1U;4U ». m. r::::::zrz. ....................... 8:40 P . m . FOB THB SOOTH. _..- ...... . ................... ..... "'•*& •• m ^ ................................ 2:18 n. m. No 15 'Arrive' irom the north ........... 9:00 p m toi complete Time Cart, giving all tratni and rtauona, and for full Information aa to raw*, through oars, etc., addre»i ). a InomwoRiH. agent, Loganiport. 01 • 4. TORD. SeneraJ Faaienger Agent. St. Louti. Mo. A CORONATION CHAIR. In It fht> British Bovfrnlnoi Are Crowm«4 ana It I* £«t«*m»d •* » Preclom KeH<;. The most precious relic in all Eng- iind and to the English In all Europe s an old gothic chair which stands in he Chapel of SL Edward in Westmin- ter Abbey beside the sword and shield >f Edward IIL It is made of black oak n the gothic style, and the back 1« •overed with carred inscriptions, including the initials of many famous men. The feet are four lions, that Jook ike poodle dogs with their tails curled up over their backs. The seat a a large stone about 30 inches long by 18 inches wide and 12 inches thick, and all the sovereigns of England for he last 800 years have ss.t upon it when they were crowned. The chair s known as the coronation chair, and he stone is claimed to be the same which Jacob, the son of Isaac, the son of Abraham, used as a pillow when hi . & W. Time Table, Peru, Ind, aolli trains between Peorl* and 8andu«ky and Indlanapouj and Michigan. Direct con- Motion* to and from all point* In the United ItatM and Canada. 4JULTT1 SOUTH BOOKD D»ABI Ko E Indianapolis Kxp daily 7:10 a m U:»amNo« " Mail * Krp-11 :« am (daily except Sunday) » No » IndpV s Kxp ex Sun — S -M p m »:10 p m No » Passenger except Sun No 151 Roohoster local arrive :45 p m except Sunday, KORTB BOUND. l-«aniNo30Maipxuu. _ae:18am i-IOpmNo SS Michigan City dally-.. l:50pm t-H) noi No M Detroit Kip to 8ua jJolMAcoom except Son... 6:4Sam •Oo9« not run no«k of Peru on Sunday. VDI ticket rates and general information call ooJ J. Bktoner, ticket agent, L, K. * w. Peru. Ind. nr C. T. Dally, irenaral passenjrer ndianapolis. Tnd. Through Pullman Tourist Sleeper For Potati n Kansai, California, Arizona ana Hew Mexico will leave Indianapolis via the VandaUa Line «aoh Wednesday until further notice. For rate* reaerratJong ani full information, apply to nearew ticket agent of the Tandalia Line, or send to Mr. K. A. Ford 6. P. A., 8U Louia, Mo. Monarch over pain. Burns, cuts ipnlBt, ittnpr. Instant relief. Dr ThomM' Ecleclrlo Oil. At way drug •tore. J 40NA.TION CJUIB nf •WZ8TMINSTBR XBBUT. i down to sleep on the starlit plains _• Judah that memorable night as he w;j» on his way from Beersheba to i wan in search of a wife. It was then := had his dream, and saw angels and ar jiangela ascending and descending a adder that reached to heaven, and J.yovah came to him and made the iat promise which is being fulfilled .o the Jews this very day. And Jacob .ik the stone and set it up for a pillar a:ai poured oil upon it, and vowed a v :• r and called the name of the plaea del. "he kings of Israel were crowned upo: this stone from the time that they •i sd a nation — David and Saul and So. omon, and all tbe rest. Vhe story goes that 580 years before _ i'.rist, at the time of the Babylonian. c; i tivity, Circa, daughter of Zedekiah, tl p' last king of Judea, arrived in Irea : fl, and was married at Tara to Herein on, a prince of the Tuatha de Danan — vrhich is said to be the Celtic name of he tribe of Dan. The traditions ref) that this princess went originally to Egypt in charge o£ the Prophet Jer- eii.i ah, her guardian, and the palace Tin>hanes, in which they resided there, was discovered in 1886 by Dr Petrie, the archaeologist. A.f- some years they went hence to Ireland, and from Circa and Heremon Queen Victoria traces her descent through James I., who placed the lion of the tribe of Judah upon the British Standard. Jeremiah is said to have concealed this sacred stone ,at the time of the destruction of Jerusalem and the cap» tivity of the Jews, and to have brought it, "the stone of the testimony," Eethat, the only witness ot the compact between Jehovah and Israel,' to Ireland, where it was known as the lia phail (stone wonderful). It was carried to Scotland by Fergus I., and thence to London in the year 1200, and has been. used at the coronation, of every king and queen of England from Edward I. down to Victoria. It is thus the most priceless historical object in the British empire, as it was th» Palladium of Israel. It is a curious fact that the altars of Ireland were called Bothel, houses of God. In the same chap«l surrounding the coronation chair in. Westminster abbey are the graves of sis kings, five queens, four princesses, a duke and a bishop. Totml Alutlnenee at Se», Whatever the deep-water sailor's inclinations and habitf may be ashore, he g«ta no liquor to drink at sea, unless it comes from aft and is dealt out to him, When th« men that make up the crew go aboard, which they do just before the ships sails, their traps arc searched, and if whiskey is found it goes usually ever the side; sometimes the Captain takes charge of it and deals it out to the men in bad •waather. It might be possible for a sailor t* smuggle aboard a little •whiskey, enough to last for a day, but after that he would be most likely a total abstainer until the ship reached port. _ On ths Western coast of Ireland, at BalJyfcunion, the sea set fire to the cliffs. For centuries ine great Atlantic rollers had been breaking them down, and making great fissures in them. In. their depths were masses o! iron, pyrites and alum. At last the water penetrated to these, acd a rapid oxidization took place, which produced a h*a,t fierce enough to set the whole clifi oa fire. For weeks the rocks burnt like a regular volcano, and great clouds of saioke and vapor rose high in the air. «B|rh, FLremsn. Tht Bute of Marlfcorough is one ot the 3»o<it enthusiastic of amateur firemen, and h« takes a. keen interest in th« Fire Brigades Union. He occa- ton* fireman's uniform. FARMER AND MEGAPHONE. IL TOo£ on a Boat Stop, a Hor»« 1» » Corn* fielrt Nearby. I -was on the Upper Ohio last snm- ner when the river was low, said a Cincinnati man, recently, and was ouch amused over the use to which a >ilot put a megaphone. He bought ;he thing to cail ashore any message Jiat might have been given the boat to :arry. This was to save time , for •.hosa little boats in tht local trades trt a great deal like th« old fashioned nail carriers, anything to accommo- late the people along the bank. "We were in the pilot house, and th« joat was running up a chute near thi West Virginia side of the river. In a wrnfield was an old farmer, who wai following a plow behind an old flea- litten gray that only needed half an invitation to stop at any time. The >ilot put the megaphone to his mouth ind shouted 'Whoa!' and the old gray »hoaed. "The farmer heard the sound, and he thought, evidently, that a neighbor ras there or thereabouts, for he looked wound to see from whence the sound same. Then he tossed a clod at the »ld horse and started him up. " 'Whoa,' said the pilot, and again Oie old horse stopped. Then the old Rube went to the river bank and look- id down in the willows, but not a soul :ould he see. He looked up and down uxd then at the steamboat, and scratch- id his head in surprise. Ho couldn't ifford to waste any time in looking lor the ghost, for he went back to the »low and started on with his job. "Once more the joking pilot said •whoa,' and again the horse stopped lead still. You could see from the »oat that the old fellow was all mixed ip, for ho looked up and down the river, and then at the hillside behind lim to see if he could find the man who j?as working him and his old horse. He made up his mind that he would take it out of the old gray, and to fix tor the occasion, he went to the un- lerbrush and cut a stick that was ten leet long. He started the horse with a rengeancs. When the pilot hollered whoa' again the old man gave the gray L lick that sounded clear to the boat. We could almost hear him say: " 'Thar, gol darn you, I'll teach you 10 «top when you hear a spook holler- in' at ye.' "But the pilot kept up the good work ind hollered whoa, whoa, whoa, and nain and again the old man hit the p-ar. Finally it looked as if he had saurht on, for h« let the old horse itop while he watched the boat. "Then the pilot thought he had had inough fun and he called out: " 'Feed the old gray; feed him. He's to hungry that be can't work. That's ill the matter with him.'. "Then the old Rube got his voice ind we heard him say: 'You go to thunder with your old voice. It'd stop », railroad train anywhere.' " Buttons for Insomnia. A Topeka man was recently troubled with insomnia. He thought that some foung medical student would be glad to take his case for the practice there was in it and a small fee, if any. Ha lought out a medical student who teemed to have the proper appearance ind laid his case before him. - "I think this prescription will be just •That you need," said the coming practitioner. "Three at a dose." "Pills?" queried the invalid. "Y«s, but just the kind you need.""How often shall I take them?" "When you feel as if you needed them." The patient took the prescription to l nearby drug store and had it filled. The pills were placed in a small bos ind wrapped up. The man took them borne and absent-mindedly tossed them on top of the bureau. He went to bed that night forgetting all about his ailments and the pills. He was unable to tlttp and thought that perhaps the pills would bring Morpheus to his rescue Ha got up in the dark, groped around for the box, found it, unwrapped it, ind was surprised to find but three pills. He took them and returned to bed and was asleep in a lew minutes. He m«t the young student on the itreet the next day and told him of the wonderful effect that his remedy had produced. The young hopeful was luite elated over his success. The nan returned home that night. During the evening's conversation his wifs isked him if he had seen anything of i box of collar buttons that she had purchased the day before. "I put them »n top of the bureau,' she said, "but tht bor has been opened and they art jone." What the Miiiinter Said. Helen Hunt, a Chicago girl, found a purse in church, and notified the pastor that she had it, so if anyone reported the loss it could be returned. The next Sunday the clergyman made the following announcement from the pulpit: "Someone lost a purse here last Sunday evening, and if the ov-/ner wants the property he can go to Helen Hunt for it." HOW TO COOK A 'POSSUM. C»Id by On« of th« Mo«t Skilful Op««iiJ» Chtfi In th» World. A negro'a juicy appreciation of '!»•urn meat was well illustrated upon a ecent occasion when a lady, with whom the narrator is acquainted, paid visit to New Orleans. She told him the story. She was walking down 2hartreB ttreet early one morning, in- ending to visit the celebrated French market of the Crtscent City, and on her way she met a very old colored man coming from th« opposite direction, evidently from tie market, as he was carrying in one hand a 'possum and in the other a small, split wooden basket of sweet potatoes. The old man's face was beaming with good nature and wreathed in smiles of an- icipatory pleasure. He looked so oyotfsly into the face of the lady that ihe, too, could not help but smile at urn, whereupon he held the 'possum up aloft and said, "Good eatin', missey, ;ood eatin'." She stopped for a moment, looked at the child-like, happy ace of the old negro, and said: "So you like 'possum, do you?" "Like 'possum, missey! I loves 'pos- lum. Dare ain't no eatin' like 'ros- um. De 'possum am good, but d« gravey with sweet potatoes is bettar. Did you never eat 'possum, missey' Den you didn't know what good eatin' was. But mebbe you all wouldn't mow how to cook Mr. 'Possum, fur dars ebbyting in de know how." "Well, then, tell me how you cook t," she said. The old man sat the '.possum and potatoes down on the pavement, or, as they call it in New Orleans, the "banquet," and with a look of earnest concentration began with: "Now, don't you never forget jest what I'se gwine .o tell you about how to cook de 'possum. Well, de fust t'ing you doss ia to get you 'possum. Dat may be easy fur you'ins, but taln't for me; dat is. always. Well, d«n, when you's dun jot you's 'possum you skins him fust. Den you puts him into de pot with cold water, and put de pot over a hot 3re an' den you parbiles him—not too much—fur you don't want to lose any of his nice sweet fat. Hen you takes n out of de pot an' you dries him in a clean towel. Den you puts him into a big frying pan; den you scrapes de skin off you sweet potatoes an' you puts dem into 'e same pan with Mister Possum. Den you has you stove red, and den you puts de pan an' 'possum and potatoes into de oven and den go away for a little while, but not too long Den when you comes back you puts in a little hot water, an' den you begins and bastes de 'possum an' de sweet potatoes an' you keeps on a- basting and a-basting till de 'possum is a good brown—jest like my color— an' de sweet potatoes is soft and juicy an' de gravy is almost black an' plenty of It. Den you takes it out ob da oven an' den you sots de table, and den- well, den you bars de doors, fo' the smell of cooked "possum goes a long ways, an' when you have only one 'possum you doesn't want much company besides yourself." Now, there is your recipe for cook- Ing 'possum, and given by probably one of the best chefs for that dish in the world. Miss Jessie Grtnt, of the Logansport Commercial High school, has ac- aceoted a position as stenograpfcer at rf. B, •ITTLE IlVER i SICK HEADACHE Positively cored by these Little Pills. They also relieve Distress from Dyspepsia, Indigestion and Too Hearty Eating. A perfect remedy for Dizziness, Ksinsea, Drowsiness, BadTastein the Mouth, Coated Tongne Paia in the Side, TORPID LIVER. They RegnJaie the Bowels. Purdy Vegetable. 1 SmaS ,*ia. Small Do«e. i *maH Price. roar t-*K* for Hi « Country. Oscar Sherwood, of Ellingwoods, Corners, Me., says he is the only man in the world who hae lost four legs ia the service of his country. The first was wounded and amputated at Vera Cruz, during the Mexican War. The second was taken off during the r&treat from Bull Run by a piece of artillery passing over it. The third was carried away by a cannon ball at Fair Oaks. The fourth mishap was before Petersburg, when Sherwood was sent to an underground magazine for the purpose of learning his ability to stand the bombardment from Confederate shells. Perhaps it may be as well to mention that the second leg taken off was of cork and the two subsequent ones of willow. He Had a Good Salary. James Payn tells of a Tren-kn<r<ro singer many years ago who, in the pride of his heart, greatly exaggerated to the tax collector his own assessment. "The fact is," he confessed to ;he commissioners, "I have not a thousand pence of certaia incoms." "But are you not stage manager to the opera house?" "Yes, but there is no salary connected to It." "But you teach?" "Yes, but I have no pupils." "Then you are a concert singer." "True, but I have no engagements." "At all events, you have a very good salary at Drury La.ne." "A very good one, but, then, it Is never paid." Under these clrcumstacces the tax was remitted. Deafness Cannot be Cured by local applications, because they cannot i each the deseased portion of the ear. There is only one way to cure Deafness, and tnat is Dy constitutional remedies. Deafness i« caused by an inflamed condition of the mu- com lining of tbe Eustacbian Tube. When thig tube gets inflamed you have a rumbling sound or imperfect hearing-, and tvbea it is entirely closed .Deafness if the result, and unless tne inflammation can be taken out and this tube restored to its normal condition, hearing will be destroyed forever; nine cases out of ten are caused by catarrh, which is nothing but an innamed condition of the mucous surfaces. We will give One Hundred Dollars for any cage of Deafness (caused by catarrh) that can not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for circular, free. F. J.CHENEY 4: Co.. Toledo, 0. Sold by druggists, 75c. Hsll'e Family Pills ai e the best. Th« Codfi»li C»m« Back. A veteran Portland fisherman says that when he was a boy his mother sent him to get his father's glasses mended. The bo, indulged in a little fishing on the way and lost the glasses overboard while landing a sculpln. He went home, got intimately acquainted with his mother's slipper and wtnt hungry to bed. Six chilly months passed before be dared to go flehing again, but when he at last threw his line in a big codfish rose to the surface near by, and there on the fish's nose rested the gold bows that had cost th« spanking. The ood wa« saf«- ly landed and the glasses recovtred. Hon. Chauacey M.. Depew. chair man of tbe board of directors oC the Vanderbilt lines, sailed. lor Europe on Saturday. Seekers After Gold know they may be disappointed, but seekers after health tafce Hoods Sarsaparilla with trie utmost confidence that it will do them wondsrful good. Hood's Pills are iDe only pills to take with Hood's Sarsaparilla. Easy, yet efficient. Johnson Allen Is improving the cement walk in front of Davis & Co.'s market on Third street. There is a Class of People Who are injured by the use of coffee. Eeoently there has been placed in all the grocery stores a new preparation called GRAIN-O, made of pure grains, that take the place of coffee. The most delicate stomach receives it without distress, and but few can tell It from coffee. It does not coat over one-fourth as much. Children may drink It with great benefit. 15 cents and 25 cents per package. Try it. Ask for GRAIN-O. Germany » Slac The only black bandmaster in Germany is a full-blooded East African cetro named Sabac el Cher. Ha le&d* tne band of the East Pruisian grenadier regiment, and is just now findinf muck lavor with the public at th« Dresden, international art exposition. He received his entire education In Germany, and la a rraduata of tie High School of Mu*ic In Barlin. Hi is married, too, to a. Berlin woman, Tvitn woom he Uvts v*ry happily, tht couple harini; «Ix children. Sabae ij ortr *ix feet tall and rathtr eood looking. Between January 1, 1873, and January 1, 1897, there were 811 railway a'Cldents in this country, due to broken wheels and mostly wheels under overloaded cars. All the healing;, bilsamle virtues of the Norway pine are concentrated Jo Dr. Wood's Norway Pine Syrup, nature's own remedy for coughs and colds. Mirs Addle Wallace, of OolumbUJ, WAS electee president of the Ladles Aid society. GUIDE TO WASHINGTON, D. C, Sent Free To Teachers and Tourists. It contains special information abou pl;i<;es[of interest, also complete and comprehensive map of the Nations Capital, time of through trains to "Wash- inirtou via Pennsylvania Short Lines, ane reduced rates over that route for the National Educational Association meeting in Julv. Just the thing for teachers and any one going to Washington. Address W. W. Richardson, District Passenger Agent,Indianapolis,Ind.. enclosing 2 ceo stamp- The guide is worth much more. TO THE KLONDIKE Valuable Information for Persons Going to the Gold Fields. Persons who expect to try their luck in tht gold fields of Alaska will find it profitable te call on Ticket Agenta of the Pennsylvania Lines and get posted.on rates, route* and other preliminaries. This information will be furnished without charge, and any required aid In shaping details •will be cheerfully extended. If not convenient to>pply to local agent of tht Pennsylvania Lines, send your name and ad dress, with date upon which you intend to start tbe probable number in the party.and a request for advice about the fare, time ol trains and other particulars, to the following repr««entattve of the Passenger Department and a prompt reply will be made. W .W.Riob ardson, D Agt, Indianapolis. Ind. LAKE BREEZES bring- relief from the sTreltetinir be»tot the town or city. They nuseyour spirttj and restore your energy. Tha *reat««* comfort and pleasure in lake travel la on one of the LAKE mCHIGAH AMD LAKE SUPERIOR TRAHSPORTATION GO'S ELEGANT STEAMSHIPS. Stlllagt between Chicago ••* M "£ 1 »"« leluut tour times every w«ek, at extremely low rates. The new steel steamship "M»ait»a iue new sKrui s-wro tu.z.m}i «»••«•*»-•_ magnificent vessel, elegantly equipped every comfort and convenieoce. Tri-» it. * witl» . -w««lu» 'twixt, Chicago, Churievofac. H«i*»r Spring*. Petookey, Buy View, Mackinac Island, etc. Write for interesting read. ing matter, sent free, or as* Spur uearest arjent. Adores* Jos. Berolrheim, G. P. A. LAKE MICH. AND KfjU SUPERIOR WANS. CO. Ruth ind N. Wtter St. Chic**, SPECIAL Excursion to Burlington Park via Pennsylvania Lines May 23d, 24lli, 27th,;in<r2Sth account of German Baptist annual meeting at Burlington Park (Napcrville, Til..) spec ial low rate excursion tickets will be sold via Pennsylvania Lines. $3.35 will be the fare from Logansport. for round trip. For particul:ir[accommodntioa of excursionists a special train will be rim aturday May 28th, leaving Logansport 11-40 a, m.. central time, running through to Burlington Park without change. I Air excursion tickets will be good returning, until June 24th, with privilege to extend return limit to June 30th. For special information please apply to .1. A. McCullough, Ticket Agt, Pennsylvania Lines, Logansport, Ind. the fastest mail train in the world.&nd the PET OF UNCLE SAM, Are you ready for the question? Can a railroad operate its trains at a Mile a Minute Clip unless its roadbed, track and rolling stock are of » high standard? "We Maintain a High Standard." Speed, safety and comfort are all branded »WABASH." If you intend to make a trip to any part of the world, including the "Klondike," communicate, with Lopansport, Ind. REDUDEDJF/IRES To Various Points Via Pennsylvania Lines. Excursion ticket* will be sold via Pennsylvania Lines as indicated in the following paragraphs. Although coneecsiona in fare are authorized for meetings of certain i Order«,tickets may be obtained, by any person whether a member of the order or interested in the event The reduced rates will be open to every tody. ToNaperville.lll- (Burlington Park, near Chicago)—May 23d. 124th, 27tb and 28th.for German Baptist Annual Meeting: good returning until June 24th, with privilege to extend limit until June 30th. To Louisville. Kj-.—June39tb and 20lb, for Jr. 0, U. A. M- National Council Meeting. E«turn limit June 2utb. To Washington, D. C.—July Sd. 4th, 5th and 6th, for tbe National Educational Association Meeting, Good to return July l&tb, with privilege to extend return limit until. August Slit. To Chicago, Ill-July 12th and 18th, for Young People's Christian Union, UnlversAllat Church. Good returning July 21»t, with privilege to extend until August 10th. During the excursion season special rate* will also be in effect ria Pennsy 1 vauJa Line* for special and local effects. For particular information please apply to nearest ticket agent of tbe Pennsylvania Uce« ur addret* w. W. lliCHAltsios, District Passenger agent Indianapolis, Ind. Sotlce of Application. Tbe undersigned hereby gives notice to the citizens of Kel to»nship, Cias county, Indiana, that he will apply to tbe board of eommiJfion- er» of faid county and state, at their June term, 1S3S, for a license to sell spirituous, vinous, malt and intoxicating liquors in less quantity than a quart at a time, with the privilege of allowing the 6&me to be draclc on the premises where sold. My place of business where said liquors are to be sold and drank, is located on the ground floor of a Wo story brick building at the southeast corner of Broadway and Thira BUsets, fronting 20 feet on Third street and «i4 feet on Broadway, the room having a ten foot celling, and being located on part of lot No. 66, old plat of Logan sport, CBS* county,Indiana. GEOKOE W. Hexr. May M, 4-sat. H»w to To A plan for r«nderin« p»P»r a» aa wood «r l«ath«r. It i* said, taa recently introdnctd on th« Centiaent. It concilia of. miiinj chloride of slam wlta tte pulp ia the course ot mjjsn- faetare. It ha* been found that the treater the degree of concentration of •he sine eelutfea the greater wffl be tte t«ugm»e«e tt the paper. Application f»r License. Notice is hereby given'that I, the acdei- signed, will make application at the regular June term. 1898, of the board of commissJon- erg of Cass county, Indiana, for a license to sell spirituous, vinous and malt liquors in lefts auantitie*thacaguartat; a time, with the TjrivUeire of permitting the aame to be drank on the premise* where solo. The premises whereon said liquors are to be apid and drank are situated to a three-gtory brick building kno-wn as J«o, 314 Market street. The room wherein said liquors are to be sold and drank: ig Icc&ted oo the ground floor with 30 foot frontage on Market jtreet, extending north on analtaylOOfeet,anahaaal4foot ceding, all being located on lot Ho. 7. in Bwing'i sub dJ- vtoon ot tots 51 and 53 ordinal plat to Logan*port. Second wani, Bel towuahip. Cw> ooantr Indiana, FRAEX Niagara Falls EXCURSION. Wait for tbe old Reliable. Lake Erie & Western Personally Conducted Niagara Falls Excursion Jtofc 1, 1B9B Leaves Peru 11:38 a. in. Rate - - SY-OO -ALSO-Sandusky, Pat-in-bay, Cleveland and Buffalo. With tide tripe to Le*l»too,ToroiitO,Tkoij*aJul IfUuxl*, etc. For tickets, rate, time and pamphlet OM- tmioiB* f«Jtt»l information, call oo any Ookt% agent of the above route, or aOdtew C. F. DALY,

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