Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 16, 1892 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 16, 1892
Page 3
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MAM'S Sold and Warranted -iy GROCERS, Discovery of great value for the cure of Dyspepsia, Ulcers, Neuralgia, Worms, Nervousness. Constipation, Eh'eumatism, Salt Rheum, Sick Headache, Scrofula, Kidney Complaint, Canker, Piles, Catarrh, Female , General Debility. This remedy is for sale by the following grocers in the county B. C. D. Read, Logansport. Wm. M. Kreider & Sons, '' J. J. Rothemel, F. M. Spraker & Co., C. M. Personate, National Union Co., " J. & M. Sellers, " " C. S. Green & Co., I. G. Wilson. Horstman & Boerger, W. J. Parker, John Meehac, ' T. P. S'.vigart, N. A. Thomas, Geo. Moriarty. " F. W. Kline, Maura- & Schilling, '' • Hiram Harvoy & Son, Royal Center. N. E. Day, J. H. Phillapa, Galveston. Every bottle waraated cure or benefit r the money returned. W. E. WINCHESTER, Gen. Agt. for Ind. and 111. AGENTS XVAMTED. J. I, Henderson & Sons MAXTJFACTCKEKS OF Why is it that some houses always need repainting ? The owner has them painted in the Spring; by Fall f .hey have a dingy, rusty, faded look. A neighbor's always looks fresh, clean, and newly painted, and yet is not re-painted oftener than every four or five years. The first "economizes" by using "CHEAP" paint; the second uses nothing but Strictly Pure White Lead The first spends three times- as much for paint in five years, and his buildings never look as well. Almost everybody knows that good paint car. only be had by using strictly pure White Lead. The difficulty is lack of care in selecting 1 . Any of the following brands are strictly pure White Lead and nothing else; they are standard and well known—established by the test of vears: ANCHOR (Cir.cinnsti) ARMSTRONG £ McKELVY (Pittsburgh) EEYMER-EAUKAN (?i:-.=bu.-c!i) COLLIER (St. Leu:!:; CORNELL (Buffalo DAVIS-CHAMBERS [?;v.sLl:r;;h) ECKSTEIN (CJr.clr.r.s 1 .:) FAKNESTOCK <P::t=bu:'~h) MORLEY (Cleveland) RED SEAL (St. L,oui=.i SHIPMAN (Chi=r.,T^i SOUTHERN (St. L,o'_:- r.r.'j C::i:M;o) Get the. National Leid CO.'E ^ u r c vV ' ? * t c L^ 2 s. ' i Mix them (for color only) iviii strictly pure white lead, and yoi will have the best paint that it is possible to put on a building. Th cse brands of strictly cure White Lead and the National Lead Co.'s Minting colors are for sale by the best dealers ir. paints cvcrvv.-hi-. 1 .-, Ifyoanregcinjj to paint, it will pay you to send to us for a book containing information that may save you many a dollar ; it wjl" only ccst you a postal card to do so. NATIONAL LEAD CO., Cincinnati Branch, CINCINNATI, OHIO. FURNITURE, flND UPHOLSTERERS, Logansport, Ind,, Sept. 8,1892 This Is to certify that the Agricultural Insnr ance Company of New York, S. M. Closson, Agent has paid my loss In full and to my entire satis faction and I recommend this Co. to all my Mends P. F. DUNN. No. 320 Fourth Street, LOGANSPORT, IND. FACTOR*: Nos. 5,7 and 9 Firm Street. To all persons needing pumps: • '•'•'" • I desire to call attention to my fine and varied stock consisting of my , My Improved Stone Cylinder, Porcelain Lined Cylinder, Polished Iron Cylinder Common Wood. - so cistern pumps at lowest prices. These pumps are fitted with the best of trimmings making them easy to handle, insuring durability, preventing- need of repair. Call and see mo at factory. A. N. PARKHCJRST, 209 Sixth Street. F. M, BOZER, D. D, S, DENTIST. Office Over State National Bank, Corner of Fourth and Broadway. DAILY JOURNAL SUNDAY MORNING. OCT. 16. READING ROOM; •*) Open Dally and Evening, 821 Pearl Street Welcome to All. JtjfThe regular meeting of the Free Keadiog Room the third Tuesday of each month. STORAGE ROOMS -FOK KEXT- IN REAR OF PRYOR'S DRUG STORE JUilitary . pervisitm Of health, habits and manners. 1'or UVustrat. catalogue address, io. LAXVKXXCE K'csr, li-i^'i^efor, For yoaas ladles and rirls. Founded ^.K, provide west otth«Alles*>enIes Place a scbool oJ toe very highest grade. c,._- Pupils from twenty-one states, i'or Seminary catalogue, address, (.;,UlEI£K,OlUO. MlSS-iDAl. AYEE, tan box coats to-morrow at the Bee Hive, [JSTew draperies of all kinds, at the Trade Palace. Ylfcw tan and black Russian box coats to-morrow, at the Bee Hive. VJBear in mind date and place ol Machinist's dance, October 20th, at the rink. your dress goods and trim- .ngs at the Fashion store. —P. W. Moore. L. Solimano has opened his oyster parlor for the season and invites the public to call. Money to loan on furniture, pianos, horses, carriages, etc.—L. R. Clevenger, office over Spry's store, room 7. L^Gysters will be served in all styles during the season at the Glen.—James McKague, Proprietor Barnett House basement. Wanted—Three hundred yards of boulders, 4 to S inches in diameter, Cincinnati inspection, at once.—Wm. C. Bowker, contractor, Elwood. Ind. "Blush of Roses" cures pimples, freckles, blackheads, moth, tan an ^ sunburn. Price 75 cents at B. F. Keesling's drug store. "Blush of. Roses" is not paint or powder but is clear as water. Ladies try it. Sold at B. F. Keesling's drug store. Price 75 cents. v/Do not fail to have Mrs. Frances Hickman explain all good and bad points of different corsets this week, at the Fashion store.—P. W. Moore. Orange Lily cures ulceration and all weaknessess, no matter of how long standing. The great female remedy. Price one months' treatment §1. /Sold at B. F. Keesling's. SMrs. Francis A. Hickman will take pleasure in showing, fitting and explaining all the good points of "Her Majesty's corset," Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, of this week, at P. W. Moore's Fashion store. J For three days beginning Monday, October 17th, I will place on sale 500 cloth bound popular and latest novels. Your choice of any one only 17 cents. I JTOt a bargain on these and intend to give the public the benefit. Don't forget the date.—H. C. Purcell, drug- gust, 321 Fourth street, between Otto; Kraus 1 and John Gray's. j RAILROAD EUMBLIXGS. ItcmB from rtie Noie-SJoo ic of On Kallivay Eeporier—Point* Per- noiial and Otlierxtrlse. A BAD WKECK. As bad a wreck as has occurred o: the Pan Handle for a long tim happened at 3:40 o'clock yesterday morning at Peoria Junction. The fourth section of train 82 was stand ing at the Junction waiting for an opportunity to get into the yard when train 8-1 drawn by engine 486 dashed into it, ;demolishing the 'caboose and five freight cars. When the crews saw that a collision, was unavoidable they leaped, getting off without a scratch. . The pilot and smoke staci of engine 486 were broken off but the boiler and machinery were but little damaged The first car back of the engine was a refrigerator car loaded with eggs and dairy products. Into this the tank was lifted by the sudden jar with such neatness and despatch that barring the broken end and roof it looked as though it had been, placed there by a derrick. Conductor Ed. Jones had charge of train 84 while Jake Moak was at the throttle. W. H. Buel was conductor of the first train. Passenger train No. 3 went to Reynolds and over the Slonon and No. fl waited until the wreck was cleared which was done by 10 o'clock. The wreck was caused by defective air apparatus of the wrecked engine. This is the same engine which about two years ago in charge of Cap Knell losit control of her train and came running dowa Gobhart hill at a frightful rate of speed with less disastrous results, however than this time. A brakeman on. Conductor Buel's train related thai at Crown Point a woman with two children asked the conductor for a ride to Logansport saying that she had no money but would be taken care o. by friends after she reached here. Mr. Buel's heart was softening but he remembered his instructions against carrying passengers and re fused her. If he had not doue so the loss of life might have been added to the loss of property. The executive committee of the Pennsylvania Voluntary Relief Department, covering lines west of Pittsburg, which has been in session several days, has completed its labors and has revised, with the approval of the membership, sections 17 and 18 to read as follows: "No employe will ba required to become a member of the relief fund. Any employe not over forty-five years of age may become a member in the class determined by his pay or any lower class, upon passing a satisfactory medical examination. Any em* ploye who has been continousily in the saavice for five years immediately preceeding July 1, 1SS9, and any member of the relief fund who shall have been continuously in this service for five years, including membership in the relief fund for one year immediately prior to his supplementary application, may, if not over forty- five years of age, enter jmy class higher than that determined by his pay, upon parsing a satisfactory medical examination. A destructive wreck entailing the loss of several thousand dolla.rs worth occurred early yesterday morning on the T. H. & L. a few miles (south of Frankfort. Engine 121 with the first section of freight train No 62 south bound collided with the rear ond of a special manifest freight train. The engine and six or eight cs,rs were ditched and badly broken up. The wrecking crew was called up from Terre Haute and picked up the debris taking engine and all back with them. The engine and train crews escaped injury by jumping. Columbus, Ohio special Oct lp: The Big Four striking yardmen yesterday withdrew the compromise offered and insist on their original demands. Seven inported "scabs" deserted and left "here to-day. Tonight the Cincia-ati, Dayton, Cleve- .and and Indis^-noris men will go out. The Pan ';-,••-'9 and B. & 0. men will go Ou' '••> •-:•.>? if the demands are not granteo. The engine? ••;<~.\.-- t i out of the Rhode island shops 1"- :>,o Wabash road will ,n future be r--^.uded as the standard :ocomotives on ihe system. They are being received at the rate of two a week and are pronounced by experts to be as near perfect as skill and experience can make them. All the engines purchased in future will be of the same type, Wabash Engineer R. B. Mitchell, who was reported &s almost killed in the Hammond accident, is not-iso badly njared as stated. He is able to be about, and only awaits repair:! on his gine to go out on his run. President Roberts and the 'board of directors of the Pennsylvania who were expected yesterday will not arrive until to-morrow. The members of the Pitts jcrg divi- ion of Railway Telegraphers are ar- anging for a telegraph tourney on • Nov. 12, the fifth anniversary of the organization of the association, Pittsburg 1 claims to have the fastes telegraphers in the country. The Pan Handle yard at this poin' contains twelve miles of track. In spite of this fact it is frequently blockaded and could conveniently use ten or twelve miles more so heavy is the traffic. Delegations from Indianapolis, Fort Wayne and Huntington are expected here on account of the machinists dance next Thursday eveuing. John McCabe of the Pan Handle machine shop, returned to work yesterday after an absence of several days on account of sickness. Twenty-three switch engines are in use at Chicago by the Pan Handle. This does not include the P. F. W. & C. engines. Geo. Norton, conductor of the _Eel River division of the Wabash was in the city yesterday on a short visit to friends. A train of 57 cars of . live stock passed through the city over the Pan Handle yesterday from Goodland to Pittsburg. Pan Handle engine 458 of the Ridgeville and Bradford short local, came in yesterday for temporary repairs. Martin Jasarka and A. Bechdol night engine inspectors at tbe Pan Handle round house are on the sick list. Wm. O'Hara, a Pan Handle brakeman had his left hand pinched last Friday night while making a coupling. Division superintendent E. A. Gould of the Wabash passed through the city yesterday. Pan Handle engineers Chas. Lee and Floyd Richason reported sick yesterday. Pan Handle engine 304 was -turned out of the shops yesterday. The Pan Handle is erecting anew signal at Peoria Junction. CJmrcli Service* To-Aay. CHURCH OF CHRIST—(Scientist). Morning service at 10:30. Sunday School at 11:30 at Universalist Church audience room. FlKST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH.—Rev. D. P. Putnam, pastor, will preach this morning upon "Things to rejoice in always." In the evening; at 7:30 bis subject will''be "The Race, the Witnesses and the Crown." A welcome to all. CUMBERLAND PRESBYTERIAN 'CHURCH —Rev. A. W. Hawkins, pastor. Sunday school at 9:30 a. m. Preaching by the pastor at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Young p eople's meeting at 6:30 p. m. The public is invited to attend. ENGLISH LUTHERAN CHURCH—Rev. H. M. Oberholtzer pastor, Sunday school at 9:30 a. m. Morning service at 11 o'clock. Theme, •At Ease in Zion." 2:30 p. m. funeral of John C. Rice services at the church. Y.P. S. C. E at 6:30 p. m. Evening service at 7:30 o'clock. UNIVERSAI.IST CHURCH—Rev. H. 0 Sommers pastor. Services at 10:30 am and .7:30 p. m. Morning subject, Truths Triumph," Evening, "Inspiration, or how we got the Bible", second sermon of the series. Services will be held in the vestry. Sunday school at 11:45. Strangers welcome. TRINITY EPISCOPAL CHURCH—Rev. }. I. Hobbs, rector. Services as bllows: 7 a. m. Holy Communion, 9:45 a. m. Sunday school, 11 a. m. Horning Prayer and Sermon, Subject, What Think You of Christ." 6:30 p. m. The Churchman's League, 7:30 ).m., Evening Prayer and Sermon. All are cordially invited. BKOADTYAY M. E. CHURCH—Rev. I. J. Norris, pastor. The pastor will preach this. morning. Theme, "Reasons for the Belief in xecognition." Services this evening at 7 o'clock. Epworth meeting 1 at S ). m. led by Miss Carrie Patterson. A cordial invitation is extended to all. MARKET STREET M. E. CHURCH— lev, W. S. Boston, pastor. Sunday School at 9:30 a. m. Preaching iy the pastor at 10:45 a- m. subject, 'Discovery of America." At 7:30 i. m. services appropriate for Colum- ius day will be given by the school. Jlass meetings at 6 a. m., 12 m. and 6:30 p. m. Epworth League meeting at 6:3X1 p. m. A welcome is xtendad to all at any of these services. NINTH STEEET CHRISTIAN CHURCH— lev. T. S. Freeman, pastor. Services, o-day at 11 o'clock, a. m. and 7:30 . m. Preaching in the morning 1 y the pastor. Morning subject, •The Dependence of the church upon Christ." Evening subject, "The Sec- nd Coming of Christ." Sunday-school t 9:30 a, m.,T. J. Legg Supt. Y. P. S. 3. E. at 6:15 p. m. All are cordially invited to attend. BAPTIST CHURCH—Rev. W. H. H. Marsh, pastor. Services to-day at 0:30 a. m. and 7 p. m. Preaching y the pastor. Morning subject. • -PaoTs definition of a growing hurch," evening subject. "The more- lire word of phophecy.. 'Meeting of TliE PRINCE OF WALES SMOKES, is not like other kinds. It has peculiar fragrance and peculiar flavor. Its peculiar uniformity always gives peculiar comfort, and has made it peculiarly popular. Sold everywhere. Made only by BLACKWELL'S DURHAM TOBACCO CO., Durham, N. C. the Baptist Young 1 PeopleS's Union in the lecture room at 6:30 p. m. subject, ••Only am I a Baptist.'' 1 Fetor 3:15, leader. Mrs. Belle- Cline. This congregation will please notice the change of hour for evening- services. Meeting on. Tuesday evening at 7:30 for the study of the life of Christ. Subject "Palestine before the time of Christ." AH are invited to these studies. of John c. Kice. The funeral of John C. Rice who was killed by being struck by a V:m- dalia switch engine on the Homey creek trossel Friday morning will be held to-day, the cortege leaving the family residence on the North Side at 2 o'clock, services at the English Lutheran church at 2:30 by Rev. Oberholtzer. Interment in Mt. Hope cemetery. The deceased was 67 years old. Formers Institute. There will be a meeting of the officials and committees of the Case county Farmers Institute on Saturday Oct. 22 at-1 p. m. at the new court room for the purpose of making arrangements for the fourth annual Institute of Cass county. THORNTON TYSON, Chairman. STATE OF OHIO, Cm or TOLEDO, I LCCAS COUNTY, ) ss- FRANK J. CHENEY makes oath that he is the senior partner ol the UnnoJ T?. J. Cheney & Co., doing business In the City ol Toledo, County and State aforesaid, and that sa!d firm will pay the sum of ONfi HUNDRED DOLLARS lor each and every case ol CATAHRH that cannot be cuied by the use o£ HALL'S CATAKKH Cms VILA NX 3. CHENEY. Sworn to before me and subscn ^tdln my presence, this Mb day of December. A D. 1K3S. >--*—N A. W. (jl. iSON, SEAL I Notary Public, Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internh lly and acts directly on the blood, and mucous surfaces of the system. Send for testimonials, free. F. J. CHENEY, Toledo, 0. S^-Sold by Druggist, 75c. Good Look*. Goods looks are more than skin deej> depending upon a healthy condition of all the vital organs. If the liver be inactive, you have a bilious look, if your stomach be disordered you have a dyspeptic look, and if your kidneys be affected you have a pinched look. Secure good health, and you .will have good looks. Electric Bitters is the great alterative and tonic acts directly on these vital organs. Cures pimples blotches, boils and gives a good com. plexion. Sold at B. F. Keesling's drug 1 store, 50c. per bottle.. 3>nclilf>n'» Arnica Salve. The best salve in. the world for cuts bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum fever sores, tetter, chapped hands chilblains, corns and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to jive perfect satisfaction, c~ money refunded. Trice 25 cents per- ' <ix. For sale by B. F. Keeslicg. _ For Over fifty Yearn. AN OLD AND WELL-TRIED REMEDY. — Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup has 3een used for over fifty years by mil- ions of mothers for their children while teething, with perfect success. It soothes the child softens the gums, allays all pain cures wind colic, and is the best remedy for diarrhoea. Is pleasant to the taste. Sold by drug- fists in every part of the world Twenty-five cents a bottle. Its value ,s incalculable. Be sure and ask for Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup, and take no other kind. When catarrh attacks a person of scrofulous diathesis, the disease is almost sure to become chronic. The only efficacious cure, therefore, is Ayer's Sarsaparilla, which expels scrofula from the system and the catarrh soon folio ws suit Local treatment is only a waste of time. OMAHA- Neb., May 5, 189L I have tried a great many remedies or headache, and Krause's headache iapsules knock it quicker than any hing I ever tried- D. W. McVrA. Sold by B. F. Keesling and J. L. Hanson, druggists. Whatever may be the cause of jlanching, the hair may be restored to ts original color by the use of that potent remedy, Hall's Vegetable Sicilian Tfair Rewewer. Bipans Tabnles cute dyspepsia. Healthful, Agreeable, Cleansing. Cures Oiapped Hands, Woxiads, Burns, Etc. Bemovae and Prevents Dandruff. AMERICAN FAMILY SOAP, Best for General Household Us* VandaliaLine Time Table, IN EFFECT JUNE 12th 1882 Trams Leave Jjogangport, tnd. FOB TUB KOKTH, No. 52, Ex. Son, 10.S5 A. M; For St. Joseph. " r>i, " 8.45 P. M. " So'Jtb Bend. " 00, Local Freight Ex. Sun. 6,00 A. M. FOB THE SOUTH. No. El, Ex. Snn. 7.34 A. II. For Terre Haota. " 58, " 2.50 F. M. " " 59, Local Freight Ex. Sun. 5.00 A, M. For complete Time Card, glTlnj? all tralng and stations, and for fall Information as to rate* through cars, etc., a dress J. C. EDGEWORTH, Agent, I.OGAN8FOKT, IHli OR J. M. CHJESBROCTGH, Ass't General Passenger Agent, :t LOUlB, MO Pronounced Ilopelcttm, Vet Form a letter written by Mrs. Ad* E. Hurd, of Groton, S.-D., we quote: ' 'Was taken with a bad cold, which settled ou my lungs, cough set in and finally terminated in consu option-, Four doctors gave me up, saying 1 could live but a short time. 1 pave myself up to my Saviour, determined if I could not stay with, my friends on • earth, I would meet my absent ones above. My husband was advised to get Dr. King's New Discovery for consumption, coughs and colds. I gave it a trial, took in all, eight bottles; it has cured me, and thank God I am now a well and hearty woman." Trial bottles free at B. F. Keesling's drugstore, regular size, 50c. and $1. When the hair begins to ' come out in combing, it shows a weakness of the scalp that calls for immediate attention. The best preparation to arrest farther loss of hair and restore the scalp to a healthy condition iff Ayer's Hair Vigor. From Knlamazoo. NORMAN LICHTY, Des Moines, Iowa- Dear Sir—A box of headache Capsules were handed to me and I have used them with perfect success. They annot be recommended too highly. Could not possibly d.o without them In. my house. I recommend them to, sufferers with this common, though. terrible complaint. J. EXSING, Kalamazoo, Mich. For sale by B. F. Keesling and J. L. Hanson, A Dm eels t Talk*. WillF. Crawford, druggist at Den > Moines, Iowa,, says it is remarkable the way Cubeb Cough Cure sells, that bis customers speak of it in the highest terms of praise. One man in particular who has been troubled with bronchitis for years, never found any relief until he used the Cubeb Cough. ' Cure. Ho says it stops it at once. Be. does not hesitate to recommend it for all throat and lung troubles. For sale by B. F. Keesling,! and J. L. Hanson. Cubeb Cough Cure—one minute. For sale by B. F. Keesling and J. I, Hansoc. Krause's Headache Capsules—-War. ranted, at B. F. .Keesling's and J. L. Eanson's.

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