The Belleville Telescope from Belleville, Kansas on June 22, 1939 · Page 11
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The Belleville Telescope from Belleville, Kansas · Page 11

Belleville, Kansas
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Thursday, June 22, 1939
Page 11
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THURSDAY, .JUNE ,2.2,. 1988. THE BELLEVILLE (KANSAS) TELESCOPE 5B A SHORT SHORT STORY COMPLETE IN T Hil S I'SS U E with rtcoiiHti'iiction.- company in York, Nebi, spant- the weels' end' : with his • I'limib^ Charles Cooper, wlio has been with his father in !Ybrl<j returned witli him. L. H'.' liillman and daughters, i Arlene and Lois, Ogallah, spent the week end at the Ed MdCune home and visited his daughter of- Mr. and Mrs._ Harold Ncsmilji nt'BWluville Sunday. Ml', and Mr.^. Addison Carlson, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Andei'son ami Cleo Ward, BcllevilUi, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Wallin, Clarice and Verna Thursday in honor of Clarice's bii'thday. A picnic was held Tuesday in HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 88 By STANLEY J, FORREST (Released by McCUire Syndicate.) WNU Service. T dK^vll When youfound out What,heTl !E^^^ Those who attended were Verna and Clarice Wallin, Gayle Tedi'ow, Beuna Helvey, Thelma Acree, Lu- co<t And'Hsten—hello—HELLO—" ho.spital' in r »rHaS^^^^ is recovering satisfac- Gertie-had^J-epiaced-the-receiver j^j.jjy ^^.^^^^ j^,^ illness and was now' Mania By-; Dr. and Mrs. J. C." Everett and i cille English,' Ada Jeandebeur, ers who'had conr^e b&ck and was ^ Bobby Ewing left Monday for Johnny Nystrom, Warren Gunlor, standing open-mout.. 3d in IHfedoot-jEniporia where-Bobby, is a dele- Forrest Ward, Thurman Aultom way. 'gate to the • young, people's Pi'es- amlLoyd Wetzel. "I'm sure''I don't understand. ] byterian .summer conference, | Mi', and Mrs. Wayne Watson Aren't you gotag'to Insist upon an Mrs. Carl McDowell, Mrs. .John i and Verlee of Beloit were guests explanation?'" "NTo need to, Mother dear. MIE marks of her tears had left damp places on the arm of the big chair in the library —his chair. And now she lay face down on the bed, her head buried In the pillows, the two rumpled telegrams clenched in her Small fist. Both had been sent to Phillip, her husband, and both were from Bert. The first read: "Lady in Black not your type stop Forget her stop Details tomorrow." and' the second, dated a few days later: "Love and kisses to Chorus Girl you lucky hound stop Hope Gertie forgives and forgets." It would have to be Phillip. Their very best friend. No, Phil's cer- ^tainly not hers. I If only he hadn't asked her to Send that gray suit to the cleaner. Or if she had neglected just this once to go through the pockets. But she hadn't forgotten. Gertie could hear Mama Byers Starting, up the stairs. She swallowed hard, blinked through her tears and by the time her mother reached the room', was sitting on the edge of the bed blowing her nose. Sometimes she wished her mother would keep her opinions to herself. She wished, too— "I can't for the life of me see why you waste tears over him. I've always said—" "I d-don't care," Sniff . . . Sniff. "—That he wasn't worth the powder to blow him up, and still you go right on believing all the stuff and utter nonsense he tells you. If'he were my husband—" "Well, he isn't; he's mine." "Hmph!" "O, Mama, I j-just can't think he'd—" "No, you never do." "And B-Bert, too; when I always thought he was such a swell friend." "Goodness knows, Gertie, I've told you often enough—" "O, hush up—f"-! you hear? Hush up! Tell me! That's all you ever .do. From now on I won't believe anybody, n-no matter what they say. Ohhhh!" Again she threw herself on the bed and burled her blonde head In ir husband's pillow. What a grand and glorious thing it was to discover on your birthday, of all days in the year, that your husband has apparently been keeping company with chorus girls and ladies in black. Black what—bathing suit, negligee . . . ? Br-r-r-r-r-r-r-r! •' 'Lo, funny-face. Phillip talking —remember me?" "Yes, I'm afraid I do." That was telling him. "Ouch. Listen, Hon." "Well?" "Know what day this is?" » "Tuesday." "Right the last time. And I've been thinking of a dame on our street who's got a birthday today." "Really!" "C'mon, chatterbox; slow down. Give me a chance to get a word in once in a while, will you? Look— this is the layout. First: love me a little?" '•I used to." "Huh! Somebody stealing my time, eh what? Who is he, if I'm not getting too personal—doctor, lawyer, undertaker?" "No, he drives a pick-up car for a local cleaning company. Does that mean anything to you?" "Not a thing. However, I'll have him fired tomorrow. But today there's something else—look. Beautiful, how soon can you meet me at ' Eighteenth and Central?" "Who?" "You. I mean me. Hurry up, Honey girl, I'm a busy man. Besides, this booth is hot. Grab a hat and taxi and hustle down here —you~see71f~you''walt-too-long-I 'Tn- afraid somebody'll swipe'it." / "Swipe what—the hat or the taxi?" "Your birthday present. Nut." "Oh. Can't you put it in your pocket and bring it home?" see,—Phil always tells me everything*-in time." Then, as'her daughter dashed for the hall'closet, "May I ask'where vou're going?" "Sure. Phil wants i me to come down and meet his lady friend— you know—the Chorus Girl." "Gertrude!" "Aspirins in the'top.drawer. Mom. And don't wait up for us, will you?" i j.aura Larson while "Well, If anybody asked me—" i was being done on he But there was nobody home to' ask Mama Byers'anything. Loring, Mrs. A. M. Bettis, Mrs. of Mv. and Mrs. Max Muth Sun- You ' Edward Robison, Mrs. C. H. Freed day. and JJmma. Swensen were i Mv.s... Ernest Andcrspi! and Mrs. guests at the home of Mrs, Mary Larson and Mr. and MT.S . .A. D. Squires. • Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Albro and Paul, Mrs. Avy MoKee, Warren Nelson and Warren Gunter left Reuben Nelson of Ruskin, Nob.,] visited Mrs. Max Muih Friday. Sunday guests of Mr., and Mi's. Alford .iohnson and family were Mv. and Mrs. D. E. Pilcher and Edwai'il and Dorothy Mae IIo!- ]a his homcTiK'sduy., Ho is rc- invcriiig satL^ifnffoi'ily. Mr. and Mrs. llany Hanson iuid sons I 'lijoyoii a picnii' (h'lmor with (Viands in .Manhattan Sunday. Mi's. Li/.'/.ie EviM 't and Mrs. Lillio McGrogor and Elizabeth called on Mr, and Mrs, William Brewer and Ciiiniiy Sunday. Mi.-^s Norma Graham of Wtbboi' bL >nan work at ihv Clii'l'ord Kenyon homo Monday. Mi .-iii Irene Nelson of Delphos is spending this week with Mr. and .Mrs, Willinm A, Brewer and family. Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Smart nnd I'amily of Boattie siient the wei-k end with Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Smart and I'amily. Mrs. Roy Hewitt and diuighter Patsy of Tucson, Ariz., have been guc^sts of friends iind relatives in Sloi 'way and Webber the past week. Dale Logsdon, who it- employed Tuesday for a ten'days' outing in ' li'iKKVVorth of Courtland, A ))ariy was given at the Journal office Friday night for the cast of the band benefit jilay, A lunch was served to Mi', and Mrs. E. C. Wires, Mr. and Mrs. Carl .-^berg, Misses Mary West, SCANDIA NEWS Colorado. Miss Lela Carlson spent several days last week with her cousin some work house in the country. : Mr, and Mrs. S, J. Swenson,! Ada Jeandebeur and Norma Aspe- Mrs. Dena Anderson and Mrs. 1.1 gren and Jinnny Larsen, John Ny- J. Peterson attended the Iviithoran , strom, Vernon Holmes, Eveell synod at Lindsborg Saturday and; Lindblade, Bob Ewing, Ernest Sunday. i Nelson and Walter Berger, Mrs. Albert Jackson was hos-1 Mi', and Mrs. A. Jl. Loientz, tess to the Welcome-in-Circle at i Belleville, and Mi', and Mrs. ; the Presbyterian church parlors i George Cardwell were Sunday din- Locked I •\Vu (|„t ,,s(lay. A one-act play was | ner guests of Mr. and .Mrs. J. 11. I>resented by a group of girls un-Hooker, ny MISS JUNE I'KEKD <'<-''' t'i<-' direction of Mrs. Lena i Mr. and Mrs. Thornton Doctor (The Telescope's Scanaia Corr.) Lloyd. Paul Nelson iilayed a' and daughters were Tlnirsday sup- clarinet solo. His mother Mrs, E,, jier guests of Mrs. Ella Nichol and Play at Scandia Is Band Benefit Club Sponsors "Behind Deors" Thur.sduy, Friday. Thur.sday and Friday evenings at I , , the high school audV • • The inumbe. play was given for tht. .If it of ' "'^"^'^<''''^; the all-school band. Ada Jeande- ^^''^^^ of guests H. Freed and and I ])ublic, i Mr. and Mrs. Dale Price iind Miss I Clarissa .^nn of Republic were in Valley Falls, spent Saturday aiid Sunday witii his i)arents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Logsdon. Mrs, Melvin Smart and Mrs. G. M. Diekerh^of made a business trip to Belleville Friday. Mr, and Mrs, Charles Gile and family of Republic City spent Sunday in Norway. Milton Hillcry of Washington, la,, underwent an operation Sat- urdiiy. Milton is the son of Mr. and .Mrs. Melvin Ilillery, formerly of Norway. Mrs. Fred Wagor was pleasantly surprised on her birthday 'Thursday. Those present were JHr. and Mrs. Fred Wagor and family, Mr. and Mrs. .Alfred Hammer an(l family, Mrs. Ida Satterfiold and i'amily and Mrs. C. L. Ross and Chirii'e. Miss Eloise nammer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Loyd Hammer is III with the mumps. Mrs. I Ross and Dale Graham of Webber visited friends and I relatives in'Norway from Monday} till Thursday. Miss Elaine Hammer began , working for Mr. and Mrs. Glen • Zeornes Monday. Mrs. Robert Grady of Sham-, rock, Tex., underwent an opera- i tion for appendicitis Thursday. ' Mrs. Grady, was before^ her marriage Mary Nell Darlington Norway. 4^HCIub NOTES The Rev. V. 0. Aaker and fam- Hightand l-H Club Highland 4-H club held its regular meeting June 2, The meeting was called to oi'def by the '•^^f.'president, and roll. call wiis answered by naming a flower. Theie were 17 members and nine visiu ^"'*-'^' „. , . „ .. .... inia Lee Fra.ser. Anna Christine daughter of Mrs. Ida Satterfield, i Satterfield,' ^ accompanied her uncle and aunt and family to Manhattan for a tw.o weeks'visit. Mrs. Lizzie Evert of Scandia is visiting at the home of her daugh- tei' Mi's. Lillie McGregor and family. Miles Jewelry Store ~ Two Doors South of Peoples National Bank Emma Swenson visited Sunday 1 Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and "God Bless America," sung by Jimmy Larsen and a chorus of eight girls was presented as a specialty number under the direction of Mr. Wires and Miss Marv West. T several numbers before the pi sentation of the play. , Mrs S. B^venscnl eni.,.Uuned! M-^-;> ^^-.'^'sX'S!:;^ The M^rpSoJ'"""^"*"""!^ and Needle club met numbers before the pre- j J^'^^ ! n| the of Mrs 1 ob^ Sw.u^ •Mrs. Algot Anderson and Ronal.l-1 *'"ti'er iM .d.iN. Lumh ua> MI%C. S. English visited Mrs. Theoda i Mrs. A. M. Bettis was bitten by | f ^^1"^'^™ .y'^'*,;''" fl'^]';' Somers of Leavenworth at the! a poisonous .spider at her I ^^^o St '^H^^^ home in H>ron. home of her brother John Williams! Wednesday. She has been under V^"-"" ^""'••>>' iat Republic Wednesday. I the doctor's care, for a few days | I Mrs. Ethel Paget came Tuesday ' ""'l "s recovering saiisfactorily. i j'froni Oregon for a visit with Mr. i Miss Lillie Fredrickson, Kansas and Mrs. George Jeandebeur and City, Mo., and Oscar Fredrickson, Ada and j\li'. and Mrs. C. F. Jan-1 St. Joseph, Mo., came Saturday to ! debeur. : attend thte funeral of their grandmother Mrs. William i Miss Lucille McDowell arrived j Wednesday from Beloit to spend a week's vacation with her parents Mr. and Mrs. William Mc- I Dowel 1. ' George Jeandebeur and Ada j drove Mrs. Jeandebeur to Norcatur ; Sumlay where she'will visit her ' mother Mrs. Anna Ward. Linden Sunday. The Rev. and Mrs. M. C. Linnerson and children Beth, John and David went to Olsburg Thursday to visit Mrs. Linnerson's (larents the Rev. and Mrs. F. Saard and Mrs. Lena Bengston. Rev. Linner- j son i|tiended_a church meeting at Dr. and Mrs. Angus Smith and I Mariadahl. They returned home family of Hoxie visited Mrs. Reub-1 Fi'iday while Beth remained for en Bettis Friday. a week's visit. Bud Swanson left .Satunlav by' Mrs. Elmer Olson and Rose bus for Denver, Colo., where he i Marie, Burwick, is visiiing Mrs. expects to find work. ;' Olson's aunt Mrs. Marie Sederlin. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ocobock Mrs. Anna Olson, vyho has spent and family of Republic visited j the wintei' with her son, accom- Mrs. M. 0. Willis on her seventy-, panied them to Scandia and is vis- sfventh birthday Friday. i ili'ig her daughter Mrs. Victor Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ebright, | Anderson. Jewell, Edward .Sallman, Court-1 J\Ir. and Mrs. Glen Johnson and , land, and Ella Mae Powers, Re- 1 Oscar Green, Kansas City, Mo., i ])ublic, were Sundav dinner guests' came Saturday lo spend Father's i of Mrs. M-. 0. Wil'lis in honor of <lay with Mr, an<l .Mrs. C. 0. Jolm; her birthday. son and family. Miss Ruth Rickel 0. M. Hardtarfer drove to Hal-1 accompanied them an<l visited her sister Mi's. Ernest Erickson and family. The pupils" of the Lutheran Daily Vacation Bible school enjoyed a picnic at the river on the G, A. Nystrom farm Monday. Mi's. Dale Ainsworth and' chil- stead Thursday where he will be the guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Heffliitg. Fern Johnson and Virginia Mahan I 'etui'ned Wednesday fi'om: I City, Kan., where they j have been under observation at the : I Providence hospital. • dren, Kansas City, Mo., came foi ! Mrs. Eva Sothers, Mae and' the Hammer I 'eunioii and are Doris spent Saturday with Mr. and j spending this week with her i)ar- Mrs. Walter Gilmore and family at ents Mr. and Mrs. Einar Eustvedt Belleville. and other relatives and friends. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Stephenson j Mrs. Josephene Larson arrived and Mr. and Mrs. Clyde White of; Friday from Chowchilla, Cal., for Belleville spent Sunday with Mr.: an extended visit with her sister and Mrs. Carl Hugos and family. ^ Mrs. John Sjolander and family. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Swanson, i John and David Englund and Denver, Colo., Mr. and :\Irs. Carl 1 Walter Preble, jr., spent Saturday Hugos and Gladys and Louis Elm- the swimming pool in Belleville, berg, Courtland, were Sunday; The Rev. and Mrs. J. E. Eng- guests of Mr. and Mrs. Albert 1 'und'and'John David and Mr. and Jackson. Paul Erickson was honored with a Father'.s day dinner Sunday. J\IrSi_Paii.LErjekspji,_Mr^an^^^^ Guy Frazier, Mr; and Mrs. Monroe Mrs. Axel Nelson and Alice and Gerhard were Sunday dinner guests of Miss Amanda Rosene and August Rosene. Mr. and~"Mrs7 ~JoliTr "MWTsoi 'i -an '(l Arihur Tracy of Marysville visited at the Andrew Perry home Sunday. Mr, and Mr.s. Daniel Boone and daughters of Lodi, Cal., and Mr. and Mrs. J. .1. Smith visited at the Ed Loring home Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Recce and Carhi and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Loiing visited Mr. and Mrs. Gene Spittler Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Ijoi'ing visited at the John l-'ike home at Kackley Sunday. Tuesday supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. .Axel Smith were Mr, and Mrs. Daniid Boone and daughters of Lodi, Cal.. Mr. and Mrs, Loyd Norris and family and .Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Smith. Mr. anil Mrs. Daniel Boone and daughters of Lodi, Cal., Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Smith and .Mr. and Mrs. Loyd Norris and family Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Funk 'and family and I \Ir. and Mrs. (He Olson and family of Jamestown weie Sunday dinner guests of Mrs. Gustavo Ostberg ami Ted. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Norris and Miss Dorothy Asi)egren of Belleville, Ml', and Mrs. Carrol Aixler- son and daughters and .Mrs. Ada Asiiegren spent Sunday with ;Mr. and Mrs. George Larsen and family. I \Ir. and Mrs. Elmei' iMelby and familv were Sunday dinnei' guests of Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Melby. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Buins and daughters of Hutchinson s|)ent Satui'day and Sunday wiih Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Burns. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Burns and daughters of Hutchinson and Mr. and Mrs. Erne,st Burns were 'Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Nystrom and Lois Jean of Courtland. Mrs. M. O. Brown, Mrs. Harry McGregor, Mrs. John Jensen and Mrs. Carrol Anderson an<l daughters visited Mrs. J. 0. Anderson Thursdav. -f Eri'ckson and family, Bird' City, j slaughter, Mrs. George Jenkins, I and Billy Farell were guests. Mr. and Mf.s. Carl D. Lar.son Childress, Tex., spent Tuesday and Wednesday with Mr. - and—Mrs. and Eldon and'Carl Nelson, Con-lJo'^" Sjolander and family cordia, visited Mi's. Elmer Boyer and family and other relatives in Salina Sunday. Mrs. Phoebe Rood returned to her .home in Salina ! after having visited Mr. and Mrs. "Good gosh! Listen, Woman; for Pete's sake get down here so we can watch it eat, will you?" "Eat?" "Eat." "Shall I bring mother?" "No, I've got enough stuff here' to last it a year." , "Phillip Robertson! AU right, ' ^"'""J' vi.sited Mr. and Mrs. Ver- Mv. and Mrs. Raymond Ferguson and Carla, White Rock, were Sunday guests of Mrs. Ferguson's father Carl McDowell and family. I Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Kellogg and Norway Elizabetli McGregor Carl D. Larson and Eldon for sev- family, Goodland, came Sunday, for era! weeks. Tuesday Mr. and Mrs. Malker Lindecrantz and Robert and-Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Danielson and what does it eat?" "Hay, darlln'." "What's the matter?" "Nothing—I just said 'hay'." "O, Phil; you don't—you can't— you didn't! Not a horse—a real, livts' horse?" "Sorry, they were all out of dead' ones. She's a humdinger, though. Well, now that you know all thean- swers, what do you think of your present?" Like a bolt out a clear sky, sh6 remembered: "But—but what about Bert?" "Huh? What'd you expect me to do—wrap up that egg and mail him to you? By the way, Bert put me •wise to Chorus Girl. Yep, that's her name! Said she's a dandjr;' And U it hadn't. been'iorB*tt ...»v'd have< unloaded^ swa/cplug called-what the devil noVi>-0 yiah: Lady 'ih White; OS sonieifOftl name. B'ov' Bert's been a nervous wreck th"'i' couple- ot weeki'-fot feijji 'l non Sinith at Belleville. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Johnson, Georgine and Norman, Mrs. Lars Bi'ownand Loyd, and Mr. and Mi's. Elmer Danielson '^were Sunday luncheon guests of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Danielson. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Fulcomer visited Grant Fulcomer, Belleville, 'W'^ednesday, Mt. Fulcomer, who )ias been ill; is slowly improving. My. and Mrs, Glenn-Householder and family were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mi-s. William Johnson. Mi: and' Mrs. Charles Walter attended a picnic dinner at the Concordia 'park Sunday, Mrs. Catherine Brown, Hardesty, Okia., is visiting her sister Mrs, •William Currie, who is ill, Aff; and Mi-s. Emil Lindblade ied-iie^*-coupIe-o^eaif84*penfri ^naaJ (c_-MdthLJ\Ii^^ Walter Anderson. Mr, and Mrs. A. D. Moline and chil(iren,/Herndbh', ate visiting his- pat:ent8 "i /lvi and Mrs, Charles Moline and Carl' and other relatives am iiiwm: ' Hb^coat'Ooepevi' whb is woiki9g< a viiiit with Mrs. Kellogg's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Sjolander and family. Mr. Kellogg: returned home Monday and Mi*s, Kellogg remained for a longer visit. They spent Monday at the Charles Kellogg home at Jamestown. Mrs. Josephine Larson, Chowchilla, Cal., was the honor guest at a basket dinner at'the home of her sister Mrs. John Sjolander and family Sunday. Those present were- Mrs. Larson, Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Kellogg and family, Goodland, Mr. and Mrs. Enoch Hedin- and Genevieve, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sjolander and Buddy, Mr. and' Mrs. Lavern, Sjolander and Marian, Courtland, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hedin, Miss Lois Smith; Belleville, and Mrs. Hannah Larson. , Mrs. Ralph Miles and children, Top^ka, are visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. Albert Moe. Mr. and Mrs. Rialph Piarker'and nephew, Marion Cornelius, Reliance: Wyo;, spent; last'Week with Mrs- Parker's father C. W; Nesmith and^MrSi NTesmitli.- They are visiting, relatives at Faivbury, Nebi, this week* Mi-, ahd'Mii*s. Ralph Parker.and Boni ReHance, WVoitand Mr. and Mrs. C. Wi Ne»wiith-w«re..gajest« June 19—The annual reunibri of the Hammer family was held at Lars Hammer's home Sunday. The i'ollowing were present: Mr. and Mrs. Walter Darlington and family. Shamrock, Tex., Mrs. Dale Ainsworth and children, Kansas City, Mo., Mr. and Mrs. Karl Hugos and family, Manhattan, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Purtzer, Holdredge, -Neb,, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hammer and Barbara, Mr. and Mrs, Ben Lervold and family, Scandia, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Widen and family, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Edwards and daughter, Concordia, Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Johnson, Courtland, Mrs. Anna Hugos, Mr. and Mrs. P. P. Hammer, Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Eastvedt, Mr. and Mrs, Alfred Hammer and family, Ole Hammer, Mrs. Fred Dutton and Junior, Mrs. Ida Satterfield and children, Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Skid.inore, Mr. and Mrs. Porter Hammer and Charles, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Larson and family, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hammer and son, Mr. and Mi 's. Hai 'vey Hammer and daughter. Mr. and Mrs, Allen Vannice and' family, Mr. and Mrs; Harry Ringer, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Stensnas and. family, Mr. and Mrs. Fred- Walter and spns, Richard, Lawrence and ^llie Hugos, Philip ^ Hammer and chJliai'en7~~MaOTftSBrt Anita' and Arnold Medlin, Mr. arid Mrs. Kenneth Christensen and Mr. and Mrs. Lars Hammer and Iver. Verle Hanson, -who underwent a bone' operation at the Stormont hospital two weeks ago, returned HARVEST OF Corn Whole Kernel ,3 No. 2 cans 25c 360SERVEL^ ELECTROLUX REFRIGERATORS ..Jhii1y>500Bills 7 Giant Bars 25c Peaches .('lings in Halves or .Sliced Light Syrup , No. 10 can 35c Ice Tea 'I'he Finest Blend fJnaianlecd or your money l)ack (;iass Free 8-oz. pkg. 15c Wheaties Ige. pkg. 10c Folger's Coffee lb. 25c 2-lb. can 48c Solid, Red Ripe Tomatoes 2 lbs. 15c Peaches For Slicing 2 lbs. 15c Free Ilelivery Phone .'iOO Black Raspberries pt. box lOe crate $2.35 [ Choicest Line of Fruits and Vegetables Flour Pick o' the Wlical 48 lbs. 98c Happy Oven 48 lbs. 79c TOMATOES, (;REEN IJEANS, CORN 2 No. 2 cans 15c I'owdored or Brown Sugar 2 lbs. 15c Catsup Good (Quality 14-oz. hot. 10c lb. lOc Pineapple Pickwick {'rushed 39-oz. can 25c Coffee 5 .More Cup lb. 15c-3 lbs,. 39c Peaches Pratlow - Heavy Syrup 2 No. 2V2 cans 35c Crisco 3-lb. can 49c .Snow Wliiie CAULIFLOWER Fanev California CARROTS HEAD LI^]TTIICE Green CABBAGE Tlie Snapiiy Kind GREEN BEANS Xo, 1 Red Triumph POTATOES I'^incy Cherry RHUBARB Transpai'eiU No, 1 NEW APPLES 4 lbs. 25c Califurnia 'M-l Size ORANGES iN'iee Size, Full of Juice LEMONS Ige. bch. 5c 2 heads for 15c 5 lbs. 10c lb. 5c 15-lb. pk. 31c 3 lbs. 10c 2 doz. 25c 2 doz. 35c Macaroni or Spaghetti 2 lbs. 15c Pork & Beans 1 lb. can 5c Beans Quick Cookers 4 lbs. 25c Gelatine Real Set 3 pkgs. 10c MiracteWhip SALAD DKKSSING Qt. 35c Larg'e Assort mont BAKERY DEPARTMENT For Saturday PIES COOKIES 0 M1 m eii 1 ~ - ~ B1 ac k—W al n u t 10« doz. Huskies 2 pkgs. 15c Salmon 2 tall cans 25c Spiced Ham 12-oz. can 25c Dill Pickles Glass Jar Near gal. 39e Bacon Squares Sugar Cured lb. 11c Fresh Ptrre Pure Pork Lunch Hani 2 lbs. 23c Choice Lamb Chops lb. 35e D Nice Meaty Rib Boil lb. lie Thin Sliced Pork Liver lb. 12c Snow White 4 29-* Seasoned Right % lb,. 2"r Dry Salt Side Bacon lb. 10c WE PAY A PREMIUM ON EGGS IN TRADE BRING IN YOUH GREAM

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