Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 15, 1890 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 15, 1890
Page 8
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CORNER UGHTEST BRIGHTEST, FOURTH AND A R K ET. ! AND CLEANEST ROOM 1 The Newest, Finest and Largest Stock, AT THE GOLDEN RULE. Come and See us in Our Jflew Quarters, SCHMITT & HEPFLEY. REMEMBER HARRY G. TUCKER, :: :• The Pearl Street Tailor When yon purchase yonv spring jsuits. He guarantees a saving to every purchaser and Gives Universal Satisfaction. WE MUST UNLOAD! We must Reduce Stock for this Week Daily Journal. THURSDAY 'MOBNING- MAY 15. THE 1>EAL CONSUMMATED. 100 Pairs ot Pants, cheap at $1 25, goat 50 c Balbriggan Undershirt, cheap at 50c. go at 35 c Balbriggaii Undershirt, cheap at 25c. go at 13 c Brown Drilling Drawers, cheap at 50e. go at 25 c Bleached Drilling Drawers, cheap at 50c. go at 25 c .Oomet Pliinael Shirts, cheap at 56e. go at 2S s Boys'SJJJittpne! Shirts, cheap at 50c. goat 25 c Boy&'-;J?ianiiel Waists, cheap at 50c. goat 25 c Boys'Shirt Waists, cheap at 2oc. go at, 18 c Handsome Sillc Scarfs, cheap at 35c. goat 20 c Handstttae Silk Scarfs, cheap at 25c. goat ' 13 c French "Salbriggan Hose, cheap at 35e. go at 8 c Fancy Striped Hose, cheap at lOc. go at , 5 a Mized Hose, cheap at tOc. go at S c Mixed Hose, extra good value, cheap at 12c. go at 0 c MARTIN FRANK, On the corner of Market and Third Streets. If you have Defective Vision •"•' 7 Have your eyes examined and fitted by D. TAYLOR, Graduate Optieion Defect of Vision Corrected. Coffee Seal Brand! Java &Mocha Best Coffee grown^theWorld Perfection, of strength&flavor Guaranteed absolutelgpure WELCH, Fancy Grocer. Sole Agent High I/iocnse anil a "Wide Open'' Compromise. The City Council last night once more perpetrated an outrage on the citizens of Logunsport and robbed the Bepublicans of the position they are entitled to on the Police Board. The board as named consists of th Mayor by virtue of his office am Tousley and Palmer by the election of last night. Mr. Tousley, according; to Mr. Berry, represents one eletuen and Mr. Palmer the other anc this delightfully transparent ar rangejnent is offered to the people a a fair compromise between the tw< elements of the Democracy. Wha these two elements are is not stated and the citizens are left to draw the! own. conclusions. The old Boarc consisted of Cullen, Hanson anc Tousley, and everything went. Th new Board consists of Cullen, Palme and Tousley. and the Journal feels justified in saying that the char acter of the Board as ."a liber al one is not changed. Mr Tousley will be as ornamenta as a steeple 011 a church, and just about as useful. This compromise was made in the lace city campaign by which high license was con ceded and a "wide open 1 policy promised. The Jour nal has no complaint to make. It was a fair square arrangement and the people ratified it at the polls. It is the voice of the people,the popular vote that decreed it and the result is as it should be. Mr. Palmer and Mr. Cullen are considered liberal in their views and they will control, as they have a right to, the action of the board. Mr. Palmer and Mr. Toustey were the caucus nominees and the program has been carried out. Thus endeth the Spring campaign of 1890. J>cath of S. H. Congilou. 8. H. Congdon, the well known Pan Handle engineer, died at his bonie, corner of Spear and Fifteenth streets yesterday afternoon, at one o'clock, aged 43 years, after an illness dating from February of last year, when he was stricken with "Engineers paralysis," from the effects of which he has suffered incessantly. The deceased was a much-respected litizen, and his associates and many Wends, although prepared by his long illness for the sad event, deplore lis death. He leaves a widow and 'our children. He was a member of the Odd Fellows, Brotherhood of locomotive Engineers and the Iron Hall. Notice of funeral will be made ater. Michael Btrogoff, that popular old Irarna, was presented by Ramadge'e Standard Theater Coinoany at >olan'« last night to a large and admiring audience. This company las been drawing good houses this week and have made a reputation which is rarely accorded a popular price repertoire company in this ity. The distribution of souvenir •*iftB,each night and the promise of a cow to the lucky ticket hotter next Saturday night are drawing features. 0 and SO cents. For bracing of the nerves,* purify ng the blood and curing sick head ehe and dyspepsia, there is n6thing qual to Hood's Sargaparilla. a John Savers and Sophia Hatline were united in marriage at St. Jo seph's church yesterday^ morning. Father Koehne officiating! H. C. Thornton occupied the bench at the circuit court yesterday in hearing cases in which Judge McConnell was disqualified. THE NEW COUNCIL The Organization of the Newly Elected Connr.il. The. <Ul|y Vouucll Meet* for tJ»'«? Transaction of Special ZtiiMi- ncss anil tlic Ejection or Oflleerft. . ' The Common Council met in adjourned session last evening. Mayor Cullen presiding and all members present. The routine business was very limited. A petition from a large number of interested property owners, praying for a lire alarm box at the corner of Market and Fifth street was read and referred to the fire committee. A petition from property owners interested in the matter. Praying r the improvement of the east and west alley between Fourteenth and Fifteenth street and Broadway and Market street, was also referred to the proper committee. An invitation to the Mayor and members of the Council from Col. Robt. Kreutzberger to the banquet to be given by him on the occasion of the opening of his new block on the 27th, was accepted with thanks. Remitting orders were granted to Sarah Perkins, John Lahey and E. J. Carroll for taxes erroneously assessed. A similar petition for Thomas Welch was referred. The City Civil -Engineer reported the change of grade on Humphrey's street, which report was accepted. A petition from numerous property owners on East High street araying for the improvement of that Street above Twenty-second street was referred to the Street committee. An order for $50 was granted to W. P.MeCleliand, part pay for painting street signs, was granted. The placing of sa'aries of city officers was made as follows: Treasurer, $2,000 por year with 5 per cent, additional for collecting dilinquent taxes. Clerk, $1,200 per year. Mayor, $800 per year. Marshal, $00 per month. Chief of Police, $60 per month. Police, $50 per month. Chief of Fire Department, $60. Firemen. $50 per month. Minute lien, $5 per month. City Attorney, $500 per year. Civil Engineer, $900 per year. Street Commissioner, $55 per month. Secretary Board of Health, $50 per year. Members Board of Health, $25 per year. Janitor City Building, $20 per month. "Sexton Mt. Hope, $300 per year. ''SpTf.An Old HoM-itttiifTf <MOfI CASTONET WHEELS! GIVEN AWAY With a child or Boy's Suit $2 50c and over. This is the most amusing novelty ever placed before the Chidren of America. Before you make a purchase for yourself or boys, remember that we have opened the jaws of trade with lots of palatable bargains. Call and see the superb line ••'>'/ H A R R Y F R A N K, "TO BE SURE" . Old Cemetery, $12!5 per per Sexton year. Councilman $150 per year. Water Works Trustees, $150 year. The council then proceeded to the election and appointing of special and standing committees of the body, which resulted as follows: Police Board—Mayor Palmer and Tousley. Board of Public Improvements- Winters, Berry and Palmer. Chief of Fire Department—Will Boerger. The election of the above officer resulted only after a spirited vote, 46 ballots oeing necessary to arrive at a decision. Boerger was not a nominee but came out in the ballot. Frank McGraw and Harry Larimore were nominated. A scattering vote was given for Ed. Pottmeyer, Jameg "Viney and Byron Wilson. The 48th ballot was as follows: Boerger, C; Larimore, 3; McGrraw, 1. Sexton of Mt. Hope Cemetery Fred Behrens; Sexton Old Cemetery, Henry Point. Janitor City Building—Hughey Tfeal. Board of Health—Drs. Stevens, lady and Cole man. Following; are the standing committees of the council for the ensuing year: Finance—Palmer, Tousley, Boyer. Claims—Busjahn, Toueley and Palmer and Alleys — Berry, Wade C. B. KILBORNE'S BAKERY AND RESTAURANT, 317 Market Street Is the best place in the city for board, by, the meal or Meal tickets of 21 meals only $3.50. and "Boston Brown" Bread. week. Use "Peerless" DO YOUR ARECAUEIT Made only by GEO, BREAK? AND ARE What Merchants Say "There's something wrong-for we can't make those pi-ices, we cannot buy at some of them. McCaffrey^ will not sell at what they claim to-or, if they do, poor qualities, short weights explain it" Nonsense! What folly if we'd advertise a price we did not hope you'd come and buy at. We had better close our doors than to refuse to sell at what we say we wi 1 ]. As to poor qualities and short weights-those who know best know better. Compare on standard goods- such as neither they nor we can cheat on. M These for instance • '' y Bast Sugar Cured Hams, fresh smoked, per Ib many dealer charge 12^ Best Sugar Cured Shoulders, per Ib SVfec la the price at other stores. * WUr PaSS *** "* see " you Ordinance— Tousley, Winters. Streets and and Truman. Gas and Elecrio Light — MoKeever, ?aluier'and Winters. Sewers and Fire Department— Grleitz, Tousley and Berry. Cemetery— Winters, Berry and Buajahn. Printing— Wade, McKeevar and leitz. Park— Boyer, Palmer and Mc- ieever. Pratt Charitable Fund — Mayor, Tousley and Truman. A resolution was offered by Busiahn asking that the circus license be lowered from $50 to $25. Adopted. Adjourned. V. L. Ricketts, Clerk of the House nitnigrafcion Committee, was in the ity a few hours last evening. Mr. licketls is quite enthusiastic at the esult of the oomuiittae and the National prominence the invegtiga- ions have given the subject of imported pauper labor. He predicts hat legislation will be enacted which vill effectually stop this imposition >n American labor. Use at «nce BiKBit's J?EKE COD I0st Th * at I'n< unionla. LITBR On. ™ £ Best Dried Beef, per Ib Best Country Lard, per Ib Fancy Sorted Potatoes, per T>u Another quality Potatoes, per bu A good Family Flour, pet hundred . The Best Flour, Pink Sack, under the brand of 1'ancy Golden C Sugar, per Ib Choice Fancy C Sugar, perlb Choice extra C Sugar, per Ib White, extra C Sugar, per Ib Soft A Sugar, per Ib Standard A Sugar, per Ib Best Granulated Sugar, per Ib Fancy Bulk Boasted CoBee, per Ib Ajax— Roasted Coffee, per Ib. . A Good Green C'iffee, per Ib ................................ ............................................. S A Fancy Green Coflee, per Ib .......................... .................................................. £ Fancy Peaberry Green Coffee .............................. ".' ..................................................... - S Fancy Banamvs, per doz Fancy Infer Figs per Ib Fancy Dates, per Ib Oranges, per doz fancy Lemons, per doz Fancy Mince Meat, per Ib ~ £ :. JJ * £ i Si *# yea?* . ... ............. No business ever prospered as ours for ten with an element of fraud about it. , What Mechanics Say Some Mechanics tell us they have saved §500 in the last five years by buying of McGaff;ey's. What costs them $20 elsewhere must cost the $11 here !• d» it. One could soon buy a home with such a saving. Argument is folly anyway. ' V Our prices are facts that need no comment. Of reputation guarantees ou* weights and qualities. If.* were not so McCaffrey would not be a competitor wfff worrying about -' * As it is who would not trade with us? "" < • McCaffrey & CQ

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