Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 15, 1890 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 15, 1890
Page 7
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STMPTOMS OK IJVEB DISEASE* Loss of appotltc; had breath; bad taste In the month; tongue footed; pain undortho shoulder-blade : In the- back or side— often mistaken for rheumatism; soar stomach vith flatulency ftnd water-brash; indlges- •ion- bowels lax and costivo by turns; hciidnche. ivith dull, heavy sensation: restlessness, with sensation of having left KomethinR undone which ought to have licen done: fullness after eating; bad lumper; blues; tired feeling; yellow ap- peamnceof skin and eyes; dizziness, etc, Not all, but always some of these indfc c:\te want of notion >f the Liver. For A Safe, Reliable Remedy that can do no harm and lias never "been kcowu to fall to do good Take Simmons Liver Regulator -AJf EFFECTUAL SPECI3TIC FOR Malaria, Drupe 11 Hia Bowel Complaints* S!ck Headache* n, 13LllouHnebH, KMney Affections, Jaundice, Mental Depression, Colic. A PHTSICIAITS OPINION. "I have been practicing medicine for twenty years and have, never been able to put up a vegetable compound ihit would, like Simmons Liver Regulator, promptly and effectually move the Uvcr to action, and at the same time aid (instead of weakening) the digestive and assimilative power* of the system." L. M, HIXTON, M.D., Washington, Ark. ONLY GENUINE Hoi cur Z Stamp in red on front of wrapper. OURE Blck HcudMho and relieve all tho troubles Incf- flout to a billons state of tho system, suob a3 Dimness, Naosea> DrowBlness, Distress aftec rating, Pain in the Side, So. Whilo their mosfi remaikoblo unccess ias been oliown la cuilDg SICK Hcfiflacto, yet Carter's Idttla Liver Fffla ara eqaaliy Taltutblo in Constipation, caring and presenting thisannoyingcomplaintvwhilo they als9 correct all dlsordorsoithSBtoroach^Umolalotha Jl-ver and isgatate the bowels. Even If Uicy only HEAD i Bni&r from thin distressing complaint; but f ortu- nately their goodness does notetKlherG,andthosa who once try thorn will find theae little pills volu- ableinBomanyways that they will not bo wil- Ungtodo without them* Bat afterallslck head ACHE i Is the tootie of so naBy lives that here is where iwemaTceonr great boast, Oar pills cure it whilo Ctliere do not. Carter's tittle Liver Pills are very small and very eagy to take. One or two plus makoa dose. They are striotly vegetable and do not gripe or purffo, but by their gentle action please all who use them. In vials at 25 cents; flva for $1. Sold by druggists everywhere, or sent by mail. CARTER MEDICINE CO., New York: SMALL PILL. SMALL DOSE. SMALL PRICE A CHEAT BLESSING TO W03IEN.L Bead Symptoms and Condition* tblB Specific will Relievo and€ure. IF Ynil llave "srvous or sick headnche.stom- IF I UU achache, backache, spineaebe, bloating, internal beat or scalding urine, if Ynil ^ avecD ronic.weaUnes3,bearinrr down II I UU or perversionsincideat to life-change if Ynil hare uterine catarrh, suppressed or II I UU painful periods, or ovarian dropsy, If Vnn hnvo suspicious growths, disposed to II IUU tumor or cancer, or hemorrhage, It Rllllflc U .P Quickly a run-down constltu- 11 UUIIUo tion and brings refreshing sleep, It Will dis Pcl those dull tired looks and feel- II Hill ings, and bring back youthful bloom ^ and beauty—restores the nervous system. « Give it to your weak and delicate O daughters. Notadropof impuiip inn 0011 caa esca P e lt3 llcaun B and purifying lfVniiy nlue Kood health and hope for long •I I UU life, use Female Rcsncdy. ApQ Symploms continued with ccrttficntes ot curtd, UUO In "Guide to Health" true. Also advice fl'ce. "r. KUmcr & Co.. BInBlmmton. N. Y. Druggists »».00 GREAT CUT! 'IH RAILROAD ----- _ --- RATES Tho MJSSOtJBI PACIFIC RAILWAY "as placed j n e ff ec t the following low rktesbe- - -twcen points on its lines : - jjt. Lout, sad Ksniuui City . . . (S.OO. "'• Loal» and Leaven worth . . . Q.TB. "'•Uol^AtchlMnatidSt. Joseph . . . 6.OO. »t.LonJ,an<IOnniho .... aZB. ?l. IrfmU, Pueblo, Colorado SprlnBt, Denver 15.OO. - AtehLon. LcaTenworth lty, and Pueblo, Colored* 20.00 'i^-tel^Discovery of tne 19th Centuryl Mfldicated Air! JEW REMEDY CUKC3 xM! Tli! Asthma! '"TH'.OAT AND -UMG DISEASES I IMS KO EQCAL '»c ?iick or Werv- OQt4 JUoadnchc. • J J; 11 "? BalsiMU Is A positive cure m 3'tMi! » §? te Tllro!lt . Honrsenesn, Blphthp V-i I I! T ' B1 °°<'. Whooping Cough, and a! i..:-iui i^uns; dlwiusRs. Teiigue's EyeSalv of the Eye; Granulated Lldsanil nnjunctton with Medlcatca Air itt 1 S^^t? ted ,9*'V™^ lt| »^Pe^ecr ( rol'- '"uwtoniutte 1 'Ti"" 01 ™ of W™ 1 'rsedom SlfixiSn. ** Uell cate softness to the com- F^VB^^STwiJ^ and Will GERMAN JOKI9. STKBNOiTHENINQ THB MEMOHT. A.—My memory is getting weaiei and •weaker every day. B.—I can give you a remedy. "What is it?" "Lend me fifty dollars." A DAMAGED SWEAR-OFF. Judge—teefore you are sworn I'd like to ask yon it' yon have ever taken au oath before ? Witness—I swore oil' from tobacco and -whisky on l;ho first of the year, but it ought not to count. A CHEONIC DKBTOlt. Collector (in n rage)—-Sir, whou u«i yoii going to puy me what von o<ve me? Debtor is silent. Oclleotor—You even prefer to • wi me an answer to ray question. ANOTHER SLUR AT BAJ.IJ HEADS. Ho—I think it is an oittvage that tho ladies wear high hats in the theater. "She—Yes, I must admit yon men are much more considerate. "Of course \ve are." "Some of you who sit in the front row are oven so considerate as to leavo your hair at home. Yon are too good for this world." THEATIUCAL SuTE. Schnltz—Have you seen "\Villiar.i Tell? Miller—No, 1 have not, and I am not going to see it, either. "Why not?" "Because that's the piece in which the apple is shot off the boy's head, and the discharge of iire-amis'on the stajjo always makes me jump." A MEAN THICK ON A FBUOAI. MAX. Schmidt—I urn puzzled what to buy my imele fov a birthday present. He, is fearfully stingy, awl no matter what 1 give he lays it aside and nevei: nses it. Hnfnagel—If that's so you can get off very cheap. "How so?'' "Fill half a dozen bottle* with water, and seal them up good, label them 'Old Gin,' or 'Old'Cognac.' and he will never be tlie wiser."— Texas Sifl- ingf-. Utilizing tiio I'honogT.iyh for Uomcslic I'll rposes. The sewing girl was very pretty, there was no donbt about that, but there was no reason, the wife thoiight, why Harry should look at the sewing girl so often and so intently. Indeed, why should he look at the sewing girl at all ? She had promised to join a box party at the theater with the Smiths, and Harry said he believed he wouldn't go, he'd rather stay in the sitting-room and smoke and read, and tho Smiths could bring her home. The sewing girl was at work in the sitting-room and would be engaged until nearly nine o'clock. It was a doubtful situation, but wives are adroit and alert. This one bethought her of the perfected phonograph Harry had brought home. She would take it.into tbe sitting-room. It worked automatically with conversation anywhere near it. and registered with perfect accuracy, emitting again on occasion all it had heard, fihe carried out the idea and joined the theater party. When the wife returned Harry was sleeping the-sleep of the just—or tho unjust. She closed the doors Lightly, to cut off all sound, and turned tho phonograph crank with fear and trembling. At the first revolution she almost fainted. There issued the voices of Harry and Hie sewing girl. He had been in the room. She recovered after a time and turned the crank. Here is the conversation she heard: "Hello. Have you .seen a meerschaum pipe around here?" "No, sir." ''Guess I must have left it down town, Saj-, are you the girl that made my last lot of shirts ?" "Yes, sir." "Well, when you make another lot I want you to sew every button on so it will stick till there's frost in hades. See? Mrs. 'a a good girl, but sheV. so infernally busy watching me she forgets about buttons. See?" "Yes, sir." "All right. Much obliged, What red ears you've got. Hello! I'll bs blanked, if there isn't the pipe on the mantel now ! You'd- better never get married; you haven't got the eye. See ?" That was all there was in the.phono- graph. Harry was not awakened and reproached; The woman was too much shocked with the bald reality of life. Besides she didn't know what to say.— Merchant Traveler. A Fine Easiness. Mr. Gotham—And so, my son, you have been very successful in the West. Enterprising Son—Yes, indeed, father. I've become a city founder. "A what?" ' - •'• "I found cities, you know. Kne paying business, I can tell you. Look at this map of Golden Sod City. Look at the parks, and boulevards, and comers for public buildings, and the big spaces for factories. I sold 1,600 lots in Golden Rod City last mouth—just think of that!" "My, my! Where is it located?" "Well, the fact is, it ain't located anywhere yet; but that'll be all fixed after we sell a few hundred lots more. You see, there isn't any use looking for a location until we have money enough to pay for the land, you know." SCHOOL committee (judge of local court addicted.to fault-finding, examining class in 'geography)—This class onght to be ashamed. You have not made any progress for months. You are just where yon were ln.st year. Ernest, where are the Kocky Mountains V Ei-West (remembering the same question put the year before)—Just where they were last year—haven't moved a bitl A MAN, who was found hiding in tho ivoods at.Highbridge, imagined thath« was beingpursued by a woman and two policemen. When his friends ; snccee<l- ed in convincing him that he was laboring under a delusion so far as tine wom- nu was concerned, he was bold enough to come out of his hiding place and confront the two policemen. DAINTY HOUSEKEEPING. Tho Small ttconomie* l>rn»t:c«il by the French IVoman. Not only does the French wom:iu buy the materials for her dinner, s a writer in the Wnverly Magazine, but she helps to cook it when bought. In that marvelous place, a French kitchen, whore two or three holes in a stove cook wuch delicnto dishes, and perform such culinary feats as our great roaring' coal flres have no conception of, she flits about like a fairy, creating mafic messes out of r:iw material of the most ordinary (lc>,'"ip- tion. Yes, though a lady born isr.d bred, refined, elegant, and uiri'i-^iiiile in .HK'iety, a belle in her way, yia :lm cloos not think it beneath her di^ ii ,y to lighten tho household oxpensy.s fi: practical economy and activity. The dinner of a French fanv!!.y i- cheap and simple. There is always a soup, the meat of a stewpan: suni"- times, if not strict in expenditure. ;;:i- othcr plato of meat; generally i,wo veg-etables, dressed and eaten sepoi-.i'i- ly, and sometimes, not always, a siveot dish: if not that, a little fr ii!. such as may be the cheapest and ripe.--.; in the season. But there is very litl.k' in each thinji and it is rather in. a:-- I'angemont than in material that lln\y appear rich. Tho French may bo a trifle epicurean in their taste, but they are not ffor- mumls. They spend little in eatm;.-, and ea.t inferior thing's, though tin i. I'ookery is rather a, science than a mere accident of civili/ation. Al home the yrcat aim of the French is to stive, and any sol I-sacrifice tbr.i leads to this result is cheerfully undertaken, more especially in eating than the mere luxury of idleness. Xo French woman will spend a cent to save herself trouble. She would rather work like a dray-horse 1,o buy u-n extra- yard of ribbon or a. new pair of jrloves than lie on the softest sofa in the world in placid, fine lady sm. with crumpled jjauxcor bare hands. RELATIVE VALUE OF WIVES. AjVirainla Court- Kules Uiat VFomen 5Jnv;- Worth According? to Their Triilts. A recent opinion rendered by tho Virginia Court of Appeal shows that the law recognizes a graded valuation of wives. The complainant had sued for damages for tho loss of his wife,' who had boon accidentally killed through the negligence of the do- fendatit. On the trial evidence tending to show that the deceased had been a superior wife was ottered, and. presumably inlluencecl by this, the jury gave tho complainant a verdict for §5,000. The defendant objected to proof as to tlie character of tbo wife and carried, the issue to the highest court of the State. The tribunal holds that such evidence was perfectly proper as a moans of estimating the damage suffered by the husband. "If tbo character an;! conduct of the wife," says the court, "be auch that her death will cause but little sot-row, suffering or mental anguish to the husband, then the fair and just proportion of the da.inuge to bo awarded by the jury will be measiircd accordingly.'" But if, on the contrary, tlie court adds, "the wife be loving:, tender and dutiful to her husband: thrifty, industrious, economical and prudent—as the evidence in this case proved Mrs. Mc- Conncll to bo—tben, ''net' price is* fa:- above rubies.' and the loss of such a wife, of such a belf meet, of such influence, of such a biess'jd and potent ministry and companionship, is a proper element of damages to be considered by the jury in iixing the dola- tum to bo awarded to the husband for teai-ing her from bis heart and home." THE primitive customs of antiquity prevail in Spain. Grain is still out with a small reaping hook, and thrashed as in the time of the Cresars—that is, by tramping about with asses hitched to a stone. The plow is a crooked stick pointed with iron. In the towns are to be Eeeu heavy wooden carts drawn by oxen. Most of the carrying, transferring, etc., is done by donkeys. Sand, brick, lumber—in fact, almost over- thing that has to be moved—are carried on their backs. NEVER TAILS. ERUPTION ON FACE AND NECK. After suffering for eight months with a troublesome crupllou on my face and neclt, and trying all sorts of remedies. I was finally cured hy takirjR a ftrw bottles of Swift's Specific.. It increased my weight from 95 to 135 pounds. A. W. CROOIC, Otta\vc, Knn. r.HKl!MATI3M ELIMINATED FROM THE BJ.CnD. I am satisfied that S. S. S. is the best blue-! remedy in tlie world. I have used it for rheumatism •with the best results. L. L. ROUSSEL, Shcrinan, Texas. BA1> CASK OP FROST BITE. A palientunder my charge was bodly ullected withbldinl poisoTi, the result of frofitblte in the feet. Both feet had sloughed off before he wns turned ovcr'to me. He was cured sound with n fewhottlusofS.S. S., unil isnow walkiiipriilnnil on his knees. K. L. WOOD, MilledgtviUi', UH. Treatise on Blood and Skin Diseases nmiH'd free. SWIFI SPECIFIC Co., Atlanta, <;u. CARRIAGES! I mote a specialty of manutnctar- ilia Baby duritiges to »«11 direct to private par tie*. You can, therefore, do better with me tlian ,witli a dealer. Carrlaves Delivereil .Fres of Cltargs tr> nil points in the TJmted Btatea. Semi rnrllli/»t rstruied i ,.. 62.Si CU'Murn Ave.. Chicago, li! / CURES PERMANENTLY" 8PRAIMS and STRAWS. Athletes I'nilne II HlcIUy. 668 Minna Ml., bull Fmni'i.ico, UU., Jlny 3,1S87. Some time a£:>, whilo ti member of tha Olympic Athletic Club, 1 sprained iny kumj severe] ynud suffered agony, but was speedily and completely cured by St. Jncobs Oil. JOHN GAR11UTT. Jumpoi] from Engine. 609 S. 17th Kt., Umaliu, Xeb., Sept. 22, 18TS I jumped from au ungliw in collision, and Btrainod my nnlde very badly. I used canea for weelis. St. Jacobu Oil cumplelelv cr.rea me. G. UOEBEK. _„_ AT rmi'Gor-T.H <ND DEALKIW. THE CHARLES A. VOGELEB CO., Baltimore. DM. ELY'S Cream Balm Cleanses the Nasal 1'assag-e Allsiys Pain and Inflammation, Heals tli eSores Kestores tlie ; Senses ot Taste] and SiuelJ Try tlie Cureg^r-FEVER A particle Is applied Into each nostril and IB ajjTOoatjlp. Price 50 cents nt drupc1sts:l)y mall, registered, 00 ots. ELY HBOTIMSK^. BO Warren fat., New York. auglOdiwtf," HAYFEVER MOOfeE'S »ct in tho Blooa. Slightly lu Pilules Absolutely Sure For Malaria, Chills, & Impure Blood They expel diaeaao germs, and Purify tho Systeni Druggists, & Dr. C. C. Moore, 78 Cortland St. N.Ti They Positively Cure. The Great Etig-ItMh Prescription. " A successful Medicine used over -*•»•»\30 years in thousands of- cases.. Curua Spermaturrhta, 2?crvout\ VVualcnest:, Emissions. Imjivtcncy wio«>. and all diseases caused by abuse. 1 -'! mtmm [BCPORE] indiscreLion, or over-exertion. [AITTZR] filx paokttgea Guaranteed to Cure wJienaU others Fail. Ask your Druggist for Tl"o GrcaiEnrluh I'rencrlptlon, tate no substitute. One package 31. Six S». hv moll. ^7ritB ror P«mplili-t. Address Eureka Clieiulcal Co., Detroit, lUlcb« Jer sale bj B. F. Keening. miir3il*wl» HEW ADVEBTISEMENTU. I NESS & HEAD HOIS l-ecit's INVISIBLE Tl CUSHIONS. WM«pera'Ieird."Com. . Sn»»iralwhereallt:eraa<llNr«ll. SoldbyF. HlSCnX, mlj, 8o3Br>diT>;, KnwVork. Wrlle for bookarprooftflUiX PARKER'S HA6K BALSAFOT Ciennscs and beautifies the hair. Promolci a luxuriant growth. Never r":; '3 to Resioro Gray Heirii !!-i Vaulhful Color. Prevents >> .,•'>•„,!• •,.,.] lialrialllng HINDERCORNS. The only enreCnre for Corns, stops all pain. Ensure* omfortto tho feet. 15C. at Drasnri»ta. Hlscoxaco,,N.Y. _ _ rfare vou uoni<nTllmn"]7fcK' A^tl'maT TntllKcs-Uon I Vjae PARSER'S aJMCEFI TOMIC. H lias ciireii &e warm casiM-amlls tlio uestrcincily for OH ills arixlni; from defectiTo nutrition. ToUe in time. 60C, and 81.00. CHICHESTKR'S ENGLISH PENNYROYAL PILLS. Bed Cross IHaxuond Brand. Tbe only reliable pill for sale, .gafoand snrc. Lndlos unk I>rucali»t fortb« IMn- monfl lirnnil, in red ineiiLUcboxes.sealed with bluaribhon, Tnkonoother. BenA4p. (stamps) Tor particulars and "llellef for LndJeis" inttUcr, by mull. Kane Paper, Chemical Co.. AladUuii ba-« riiUadft, !'». MADE WITH BOILING WATER. EPPS'S GRATEFUL-COMFORTING. COCOA MADE WITH BOILING MILK. UJMRODS »* CURE f° r ASTHMA , Hay Perer, DiuMlera, Wl Congl, CTOID and Coiion Colds. Recommended by Physicians and sold by Dms- glsts throughout the world. Send for Froe Sample. HIMROD MANUF'G CO., SOTJt PBOPB1ETORS, 191 FULTON ST.. NEW YORK. THE GLORY OF MAN iSTREMGTH.VITALITY! A Scientific and Standard Popular Medical f-reatlse on the Errors of Youth. Premature Decline, Kervom and Physical Debility, ImpuritleB of tbe Blood, 3EXHAUSTEQVITALITY feUNTDtD MISERIES ltJUK trom Follj , Vice, Ignorance, Excesses or lttxurion. Enervating anal unfitting (he victim [or Work, Business, the Married or Social Relation. Avoid uiisMHul pretenders- Possess this great work. It contains 300 pages, royal 8vo. Beautiful binding, embonsed, fei6 gilt. Price, only »1.00 by mall, post-paid, concealed in plain wrapper. Ilhis- , , trnthre Prospectus Free, if you apply now. The distinguished author, Wm. H. Parker, M. D., re- ccivcdthe COLD AND JEWELLED MEDAL 7rom the National Medical Association, Tor the PRIZE ESSAY on NERVOUS and 'HYSICAL DEBILITY. Dr. Parker and acorpl of Assistant Physicians may be consulted, eonfl. dentiaHy, by mail or in person, at the office ot THE PKABODY MEDIOA1 INSTITUTE, So.4Bnlflnch St,, Hoston. Mass., io-wnomall ardors (or books or lettiri for advice shonia b« iireoted a* above. DAST ALL PRECEDENTI A Over Two Millions Distributed Louisiana State Lottery Co. Incorporate! by tlie Lei/Mature, lor Ed- uciitlmml mid Cli!irJt.-iWp purposes, and Its Iran- ohlae mndn a nun of the |in*i>pr.t State Constitution, In 1879. by ;ui ovemlirlinlni? popular vote. Us (ilUNJ) KXTRAOHD1NAKY DRAWINGS take pl:iruSenil-itnnn:illr, (June and December), tin<]lt.8(tlUND HIN'liLK XUMBER DRAWINGS take ii'.ni'f In eaeli ut the other ten mouths la the yeiir, anil are all drawn In public, at the Ac;idem:; of.Music, Xew Orleans, La. 'We do hereby certify tlmtweEuparrtsetke arrangements for all the Monthly and semi-anneal Drawing of the Louisiana State Lottery Company and In person manage and control the Drawings themselves, and that tne same are conducted wlm honesty, fairness and in good faith teward aji parties, andne authorize the Company to use tbls certificate, with f ac similes of our signatures at tacoed, In Its advertisements." tKnud Itor.ksiuid Bankers will paj all Prizes rti'rtwn in ; lie Louisiana State Lotteries which iniiy It^ fi «<i»nifMl nl our ccun tel'f . n. K \v A «.:»»>« i. i-:i , A. MAMMOTH DRAWING At the Academy of Music, New Orleans, Tuesday, June 17, 1890. CAPITAL PRIZE, $600,000 ,. l*ri>H. Minn* Kut'9 J V . TVt-w ifvtpivnM »»»'J tferliM. #!i: B-Vrn- «J.N. > LIST OF i'i'.i/;i>. 1 Wil/.K Of $liW.OBO Is 1 P1U7J-J OF axi.WXi Is 1 PKI7.E OF imi.ilitl is 1 PB17,B OF 60.0IKI Is •i. .PHIZES OF 3I.I.UO mi- 6 PHIZES OF ID.OliO lire; 10 PH17.KS OF 5.0(iO lire 26 PRt/.KS OF iiitf iise 1-0 PRIZES (IF K3I .-in- aX) I-HIKKrf OK (ilKI lire 000 PKI7,ES OF 41)0 are APPROXIMATION I'RIZKH 100 Prtzes ot $1,1X1!) uri! ion Prizes of 811) are 100 Prizes of -wo tins 1,998 Prizes of 82») urc I4-J- Prizes amounting to • IWI.l 01) 5D.IIHO -HUKM 50.U1H1 &O.OI10 TiO.OIS) 3100,000 '. ioilhio i3JU,ft:0 AGENTS WANTED. H'or Club Kates, or uny furtl'^r infornuulon tle.- slred, write leplWj to the undersigned, clourlv ."tatlngyourresWenciuvithf'jite. county, streeian.i number; More niiild return mail delivery %v;i! be assureil hy your pncIosiiiR: fin Knvelojie bear u(? jour full address. IMPORTANT. Address t» A. OAS'S'HIV .. . By ordinary letter, containing Honey «5i-<!i<r issue<l by all KxpresM ConnKTiii's. ^ r e^^• "N'ork Kx- nKP. Draft or l\isti:!Note. Address Registered Letters Cnuttiisiiitj Cunenrx in NEW OKl.KAXS NUTiOV*! i'Aj;K. . N"« Orl.-ans. i 01 ' J'rlzws .*'' »f New Orleans, .-iiifi tlie Tlckotsare sit-ned Ijy the President of an in -a tutlon. whose chKrtered rights are recognized in the highest Gonrts; therefore Itntlnns or ftnonvmnns nc'-.enipa UOM.A3/ Is I lin price of the smallest part orltiirtlon of a Tlnketj'»(-« fr:i> MV IS Inany Dniulug. Anything In ew name offered for less than a Dollnr is a swindle. CAUTION bottom. If the dealer cannot supply yon. Bend direct to factory, enclosing atfvcrrtifted price. W. L. DOUGLAS GENTLEMEN. Fine Calf, Heavy tnccd Grain and Creedmoor Waterproof. linst In the world. Eiatiilnp bis 8B.OO GENUINE H AN P-8EW15P BHOE. M4.00 HAND-SEWDD WELT SHOE. S3.no POLICE AND FAB5IEKS' SHOE. S2.50 EXTRA VAMJK.OAI.F SHOK. 8JS.2B & »2_\VOBKIjSi) MEN'S SHOES. _ & *2 \VOI .. J ond»1.75 : All xuado In Congress, Bun . 'S SHOES. [OOL SHOES. Lace. $3&$2SHOESLA F D°ig 8 . S1.7B SHOE FOE MISSES. Boat Material. Best Style. B«8t Fitting. If. 1. BouRlas, Brockton, MM*. Sold 117 For sale \>j J.B. ^ATINTERS, WHAT HAVE For some of the cliolceat lands In "\VEHTEI2A H.ANSAS, both clear and Incurubereri, iinpruvett and nnimproved. pT'SenO for Our JLUlof prop- HTOt^K. Address A. B. FABKBR. Baziue. Neaj . STOCK. Address A. E. P County, Kansat. YOUNG, MIDDLE AGED orOLDl I h»v» & positive remedy,- for all diaeuea reaulttnjr fromtrrcr3 ot youtli PERFECT MANHOOD. — —»•"«;••»• j-naeases. 186 8. Clark St.. CHICAGO, ILL. Health is Wealth. r, .oMt. .„ SMwiitorrto ov., «i.ruon o! <k. br.i^ ..ll^huw or Halgonce Each box oentalni on. month'. •. «»«. fl.0pabu,er>lx boxwrfor M.OOL i«otb, m»U preptld ou rwelpi o< price. •"••"••"« =f WE GITAKANTEE SIX BOXES Tooore.nr m». With e»oh onj.r rw IH for <!t boi^ &coomp«B!»d TrtlhfP 'v Jjut lh> palmer oar wrltt»D (fB«rt_.«« tie mon«T H th» tr«»lni«Bt do*, no* (.ffe au3r«nto«8l«ra«donl> b> B Hole A^»ut lor Log%Dlpoit. OTOPS ALL ^-'^ unnatural dischai'ges in onorrhea in 3 days. . NoStricture oPaiu. SURE Adopted bytheCjcr- manGovernmentfor Hospital S:Armyu«e P.S.C. isputupfor American trade in a patent bottle holding syringe (see cut) At druggists, $1.00, ¥ >• .. —„ sent, scaled, fcrfl JO The Von fflohl Company, Clncln«atl r Sia 1 Sola American iccnts. BRKEESLOJG, Agent, Logmsport. IM. JOSEPHGILLOTTS STEEL PENS COLD ifEDAL PARIS EXPOSrTIOlf iSTSi Nos. 3O3-4O4-t7O—6O4. ' MOST PEEPECT OP LADIES Do Tour Own Dyeing, at Home, They will dy« overything. They are sold everywhere. Price 1OO. apackase. They havenonnud for Strength, lirightusss. Amount in Paokarca or for Fnptii"^ of col,-.r. n»* nor f:nlinp. Qualr£&e. They do r..-t - .•• ............ ••< • ..- Forsalobr Ben Wsher. 311 l-'ourth str<- -' S3.OOSHOE • FOR BENT&EMEK. The only Fiao Calf Seamless $£>.OO Shooia the world •with a smooth Innersolo. No Tacks, Nails or Heavy Seam of Thread to hurt the !• eet and wear out StocJRiigs; unequalled for style, durability and wear; made by nrst-class workmen. Every Pair Warranted to give the purchaser perfect" satisfaction. None Genuine unless Stamped oa Sole, ^, SERXINS & IQYCE $3. SHOE WARRANTEE IW. M. GHAFFIS, Logansport. Ind SWISS CONDENSED MILK CO RIGI BRAJJD GENUINE SWISS CONDENSED MILK, Guaranteed the richest and purest milk uian- faetured, containing over 10 per cent, of butter. Children and InYfilidn will thrive wonderfully, and families will fliM Its use more economical than ordluary ora-s milk, ^w your grorer gives you uenulne Klal ««l?s Coiu!enF«l Milk. Import igent, JASIKS I'. SMITH. New York and Chicago. A StlTW KKMCB-K POSITIT* ' CUB£ FOB BRIGHTINE DIABETES, n-RVATimi f CorreBpondence I «ollct«l, v«lu»blo .-nformation free. I O»u»l discount to wnde. Disease nn<l kindred tllmenta •WM. T. tMTDI-^Y & CO.. 18 LaSullo Street. - - Chlourc.nl. EN ONLY! A Chicago druggist retailed £2000000 of NEW ADVERTISEMENTS COMFOaTABUB tiad ELEo-^H r, for «ale by Leadln* D«.lere. Tioy.K.Y

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