Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 26, 1898 · Page 19
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 19

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1898
Page 19
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pierce The Tailor 3For< .At Fine Goods DfiUNK WITH POWER! Brutalized by a Spirit of Yindictire- Low Prices 338 .. DR. F. M. BOZER'S Dental Parlors. OVER CITY NATIONAL BANK Corner of Fourth and Broadw«y Central Telephone No Office 3«3. residence 343. New Undertakers. 80S Market street, Hoppe Building. Daniel Killian & Co. •Calls ° attended to, day or nlgbt. Mr. anwafor many year, foreman for Charles L. Woll. Telephone old 861. new 817 When Von Weed an ABSTRACT OR A LOAN F. H. WIPPERMAN, 006 Fourth Street Opp. Court House Bntranoe. KROEGER & STRAIN, ^Undertakers, u;. 5 " 6 13 Broadway. Strain 64. Insurance and Loans. ^"insurance and Bonds written In Bret olaas companies. Money to loan 8 per cent, S. M. Clo8son,319 Pearl St. D B.. DB.LAZB.LilA. DENTIST tCorner Fifth and Market, Pythian Building. E. H.GRACE. P.P. .DENTAL PAB.LOB.S 316 Market Street. •New Aluminite Rubber Plates. GEORGE W. RODEFER. Real Estate, Loans owrittome atNo. SI Bel River *nd of Market street bridge. IJANLEY & SHANAHAN. Buy and Sell Second Hand] Goods. •fl-Ive us a call. 209 8th street MAKE MONEY On bmull capital. »l.OO will start you in the .Chlokenbusiness. YounirChicks for sale at "•nS??«dS?the table scraps until fall makes .anlceflookfor winter eggs »t no expense •New hatch just Off and ready for delivery at •Poplar Poultry Park. Clifton Ave. John M. Markley, Proprietor. Private Money to Loan No Delay- C- 0- HEFFLEY, Insurance and Loans. XOS Fourth Street. OITY NRWS. Sheriff Homburg writes from Hot -.Springs that he Is much Improved in health. W. H. Anderson, of Marlon, spent •Sunday here with his sister, Mrs. Harriet MoCandleis. Harry Longwell, of the Journal -and wife, left today for a two weeks trip through the south. Mr. and Mrs, Hugh Breen, of Kenneth, will entertain Friday evening in honor of their city friends. Mrs. Ida D. Hawthorn, of eas High street, has a very badly burned •Jhand M the result of a gas explosion Monday evenin. Weldon Webster has donated his famous picture of "What Riverside Park Ought to Be," to the firemen a No. 4 engine house. Miss Anna O'Brian, who is spend inff the summer with her sister, Mrs Walter Byer, of Kenneth, has re turned from a brief visit with he parenta at Columbus, 0. A suit entitled Martin L. McClur TS. Thomas Gray and others, Involv lag the ownership to a farm in Ben ton county and a farm in Pulask -county, hat been vanned from th FuUski circuit court to the CMS cir -cult court. Tbe Steele Machine Overrides All Op- pnsition and Crushes It Out. Editor Havens of the Kokomo Dispatch, woo ascended the Steele con- ention io this city last Tuesday, makes the following report of the roceedinga: •Drunk with power, brutalized by spirit of vlndlctlveness against hose who had dared 'to offer n legit- mate and honorable opposition, tbe jteele machine went to every excess t the Logansport convention Tues- ay. It was not a large gathering, when the extent of the district and ts 4,000 Republican majority is con- Idftred. Naturally, It was not au ntbusiastlc one, as the result of its eliberations was as certain three weeks ago as it is DOW and in was un erstood long in advance that its usiness must be of a most perfuoct- ry character. •The perfect working of a personal machine, built up by a practical iollt'clan'8 patient labor of years in ifflce, was never more thoroughly :emonstrated. But the machine had etermlned that it would not be sat- afied with the mere nomination of George W. Steele for congress for tbe Ighthtlme. It wanted to exemplify he absoluteness of its power in the Republican politics of the Eleventh istrict. It had made up its mind o sweep everything before it, to put certain men out of business,' and to establish George W. Steele as upreme dictator of the whole push. [?his it did without regard to justice, airneas or common political bon- 98ty. "Never was conscienceless might more ruthlessly exercised than n the case of James F Stutesman, of Miami county. Orders had ;one out to Steeie's almoners f the public patronage, to ils postmasters and mall clerks and office holders of every name and character, to crush this man. the father of the apportionment act, making he congressional district over which teele has since its creation ruled with a hand of iron.and to crush him completely. In the contest o. dele- ates from Peru township in Miami county, in whlcn but five seats were evolved, the Steele forces could well have afforded to be magnanimous. Sven had every legal right and every loaslderation of justice not been with Statesman, as they were, the eatinp, of these delegates could in no way have effected the result. The die had been cast and Steeie's nomination by an overwhelming majority was certain. But the command was ,o spare nothing. Justice was outraged and Miami county was arbi- ,ra«ly denied her legitimate repre- entation. Stutesman was 'put out of business,' and this thorn of four 'ears' growth in the side of Major Steele was, it was thought, eSectu- ally removed. 'The machine had already gotten n its work in Wabasa county, where ,i had succeeded in getting traitors jo Gary Cowglll on the delegation and forcing his withdrawal from the race. [n Cass county it even denied Judge McConnell the poor solace of a solid complimentary vote of his own county on the first ballot. 'Seize and destroy everything' was the order, and it was carried out to the letter. ; 'Mr. Nicholson was there, alone and unnoticed. His name was not mentioned in the convention nor in the crowds gathered about the hotels and the convention hall. He was forgotten, unwept and unsung." LaPEARL TOMORROW. Popular Big Circus and Menagerie a Westside Grounds. One of the best shows on tbe roac will be here tomorrow, May 27th, ex hibitlLg at Kennedy's grounds on the Westside. A grand new departure of J. H LaPearl's Great Allied Shows is thi new trained animal exhibit. Ani mals trained to present the most as tonishing displays, from time to time during the progress of the extenslvi programme. The two rings are occupied by trained animal actors of surpassing interest,prominent among them are the performing elephants. They appear simultaneously in two rings. These veritable moving mountains of flesh present a most wonderful and unique display, manifesting remarkable precision and understanding in their oesompllsh- ments. An exhibtlon of animal intelligence that gives great credit to their trainers, and is a source of wonder to all beholders. ANOTHER C01P1M ' Sharp Shooters to be Organized Here—One Hundred Jfames Wanted. John J. Hlldebrandt recently made ppllcation to State Military Secre- ary Wlison to organize a company of ne hundred sharp shooters. He re- eived an answer yesterday, and while he said he was not authorlz'd o call for such a company now, that here was every chance of one being made later on. The work will be ommenced and if enough men enlist, will be held in readiness. With Rev. Huckleberry has charge of tbe matter of raising funds for the pur- hase of a tent in which to bold re- igious services whenever the 160th s in camp. Chaplain W. B. Weaver las requested that eacb town which has sent a company contribute 115. Singing books and papers will also be urnished to tbe men from this fund. ?hose who can help raise the amount hould see Rev Huckleberry at once. RAISING A FU>D Which to Purchase a Tent for the 100th Ind. Gospel Hamer-Ricbason. At S o'clock last evening, at the esidence of Mr. and Mrs. George Rlchason, in Washington township, occurred the marriage of their oldest laughter. Miss Clara Rlchason, to Mr. Charles L. Ramer. The marriage ceremony was per- ormed by Rev. Gilbert R. Small, of Idaville. The wedding march was played by Miss Anna Htldebrandt, of this city. The guests numbered 125, Includ ng Mr. and Mrs. Albert King, of Peru. An elaborate supper was served. The list of presents was 'esylarga. The bride is deservedly popular. She possesses the characteristics necessary to a loving and loveable life sompanton. The groom is a son of Mr.and Mrs. John Ramer, of Washington township. He is au estimable young man: .3 industrious and prosperous. The couple will go to housekeeping at once on the groom's farm. The Pharos joins with the many friends of Mr and Mrs. Ramer in .he city and Washington township in extending congratulations and well wishes. Joint Representative Convention. Notice is hereby given to the Democratlc|votera of Cass and Fulton ounty that the Joint Representative convention to nominate a Democratic candidate for member of tbe legls- ature for the joint district of Cass and Fulton counties will be held at .he court house In the city of Lo- jansport, at 10 o'clock p. m., on Wednesday, Jane S. 1898. The basis of representation in such jonventlon will be one delegate for sach 150 votes cast for William J. Bryan at the election in 18«6, and under such apportionment of delegates the counties composing the dl?- ,rict will be entitled to the' following representation: :«ss • s* fulton ls B. F. LOUTHAIN, Chairman Cass Co. Cen. Com. JULIUS ROWLEY, Chairman Fulton Co. Cen. Com. WASHINGTON LETTER Frank Biley Describes a Swne limileiJ Patriotism of And Tells of the Loganspnrt Deles*- tion at the Capital. Washington. D.'C.. May 22. "9S. Kditors Pha.ros:—The National capital \vas die scene yesterday of unlimited patriotism, and many old veterans who now wear the blue witnessed incidents to remind them of the time they were young and marched measured' 'tread to experience the grim reality of war. The occasion was the departure for Chickamaiiga of the First regiment of district volunteers, and many a "God bless you" was made incoherent by a lump in the throat of the speaker. But the tears did not keep back the cheers, and the boys were given a farewell that they will doubtless long remember. The regiment will make a good record, the officer in charge being a printer who worked a long time in the government printing office. The fighting qualities of the average printer are too well known to require discussion. The trouble with Spain has caused all Indiana people in Washington to feel proud of tbeir native Scat*, the Hoosier commonwealth having been the first in the union to furnish its required number of soldiers. And permit me to add that it is considered an honor in Washington to hail from Indiana. Each succeeding Congress finds the State ably represented in the Semite and House. "Whether Democrats or Republicans, there is no lack of ability and shrewdness. The Congressional library, one of die finest buildings in .the world, would probably not be standing today had it mot been, for the unitiring efforts of the late Senator Voorhees. "When Cleveland- was first nominated One Democrats selected for vice present that good and true statesman, the late Thomas A. Hendricks. and four years later Benjamin Harrison became 'the chief occupant of the White House. Indiana Is all right and when I hear the song. "On tflie Wabash Far Away" it make?- me homesick, and I sigh to return to the banks of that historic stream. I see by the Washington papers that •Senator Fairbanks and Coogressman Steele 'have made several calls ou the President, amd it is thought that they are after good places in the army and n.ivy for Indiana parties. Congressman Landis has gone home •> remain until after tlie Congressional onvention is held in Ms district. .Senator Tiirpie is one of the hardest •workers in Washington, and his peeches during the present session of 'oogress have made Mm <the leader on lie Democratic side. Perry S. Heath, the first assistant Tostm.ister general, is usually called General Heatih. The "General" bears is honors meekly. He is one of the est known and most popular officials f the present administration. W. H. Smith's history of Indiana is n sale at all the leading bookstores in WashinigroiL I saw Captain .T. Y. Ballon yesterday •nd he looks not a day older than •(.-hen lie entered (the government ser-k-e fifteen' years ago. The captain Is •mployed in the pension office. George Brown. Lew Cornwell and Charley Swigart. all former Logansport citizens, are well and prospering nicely. •"•' • **• ADDITION IL ITEMS Girl wanted at 1213 Market street. W. W. Wilson, of the Fresters, was in Elwood yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. A. F. King, of Peru, are spending a week with, friends In the city. Rev. Huckleberry entertained the Southside schools yesterday with an instructive talk. Tbe set, of carnation doilies which was raffled off by Mrs. Chars. Burke, of the Wesstide, was won by B. F. Keesllng, who held the lucky number. Attorney D. C. Justice yesterday brought suit for Lewis Little against Mary, William and Frank Oram to quiet title, and $200 damages for detention of the property. The first home grown strawberries were brought in yesterday by Joseph Wilhelm, residing on the Shiels ia w m north of the city to Landlord Keller. They were unusually large aad of a very fine flavor. The New Furniture Store. A Special Bargain - - Fulton Conntj Delegates. The following delegates will represent Fulton county In the Democratic Joint Representative convention, to be held in this city, June 9th: George McLochlin, Asa Murray, A. T. Jackson, F. L. Wagner,Wilson Brugh, Aaron Deemer, Oscar Johnson, William Miller, Aoron Kline, William Medary, Clinton Trimble, Joseph Brubaker, Allen Myers, Ed Nawters.Cora Vandergrift and Jacob VanTrump. bod's Pills Committee Meeting. The Democratic county central committee will meet at the north court room on Saturday, May 23th, at 1 o'clock p. m., to consider the matter of fixing a date for tbe county convention. Every member Is urged to be present. By order ot B. F. LOUTHAIN, Chairman. PATRICK MAHONEY, sscretary. Ladies of the 6. A. R. The Ladles of the G. A. R. wil tender Department Treasurer Mrs. S A. Dlille a reception at G. A. R. hall, on Friday, May 27th. Al Ladies of tbe G. A. R,, members o the Post and friends of Mrs. Dillie are cordially Invited. By order o President.—Mrs. James Toland,Sec florae Team Beaten. The Michigan City base ball nine defeated the Logan team yesterday the score being 11 to l. A telegram to the managers late in the after noon announced the result. Should b« In every family medicine chest and every traveller's grip. They are invaluiblo when ths stomach 1» oat »f 'order; cur* h»»d»ch», bilioutowt, and all Hrtr tronblu. Uild uui tttcioat. 2 c*nu. Attention, Company 26, U. R. K. P Special meeting tonight in Oastl hall. All are requested to attend in full dress.—C. J. Panton, First Lien tenant; D. A. Youngker, S. B, Re cordor. You can economize without wearing ready-mady clothing. We make Spring Suits to your order tor $18.00 and 820.00 unequaled by competitors. Our »25 00 Suitiogi are the same as jour tailors gives you for $35. We can prove this. H.G. TUCKER. J TAILOR, Fourth and Broadway. This Beautiful Roman Chair. It is made in handsome oak and ma- hoganized curlcy birch, fancy ornamental spindles, carved veneered seats, very broad and comfortable. They're -worth $4.00. Our special prices & , *. -, only * >1( /J The second shipment of the celebrated Whitney .Baby Carriages hive arrived aad ready for inspection. THE, First National Bank THE JSMDI&JY TINOT JOHN MEHAFFIE Proprietor. All Kinds of Tin work Spouting and Roofing a Specialty. CAPITALif250,000 A. J. MURDOCH, PKE8n»wr, W. W. ROSS, CAfiHnut, J. P. BROOKMEYER, ASST. CABHIEB. DIRECTORS: A.J. Murdoot W. H. Bringhurlt, Donni* Ohl.K. S. Rloa, B.F, Yantis. I M. Hanrood. W, T. Wilson. Banking- In all leg and carefully done. Safety to Customer! nosght for. Strong Reserve Fund Maintained. Department promptly and itookhoider No. 314 Fifth Street, Mutual 'Phone No. 152 NOVELTY WORKS. Office Fixtures and Partitions. Store Fronts,Counters, Shelving Turning, scroll sawing and general re- paring. Estimates furnished. Door and window screens to order. Sole agents for the Wheeler Great American Ad • justable Screens; made to fit windows with or without blinds' absolutely fly proof; slide easily, in wet or dry weather; can be taken out or put in by a child; the uest thing on the market. John A. Sturkin, Erie Avenue, between 8th and 9th fits. NO PAINING DANGER! Teeth extracted without pain or after effects, such as sore mouth, sore gums, etc. Absolutely safe and palnles, An Investigation. AH person? who are desiring In- uiance will do well to investigate tbe plans of the order American Plowmen. Their home office is located in your city and their plans have been approved by your best attorneys. They ask you to make a Javorable comparison with other methods, and feel confident of pleas- ng you. Continental Council's charter is yet open, and the fees are «2 50, which Deludes medical examinations.— Office Jordan block. Special Sunday Excursion to Cincinnati ria Pennaylranla Lines, May 29th, next Sunday.- For the convenience of excursionists in the city of Lcgansport, two dollar round trip excursion tickets will be sold to Cincinnati, good going on special train, eaviog Logansport at 5 a.m. central time, via Pennsylvania lines: returning special train leaves Cincinnati at 6:30 p.m. All day to visit friends or see the sights of Ohio's metropolis. Attention, St. George Commandery. All members St. George Commander? Knights of St. John are hereby ordered to be present at the armory 8 o'clock this evening. Full dress uniform. CHAS. BUHL, Capt. Money to loan on city property .— Ben Fisher. Your Spring Suit, Get it Made to Order by WILL CRAIG the tailor. You're sure to feel comfortable, look ^vell and have saved money in your pocket. Will Pleas .You, Save You Money. Pearl StNertto Dr. Bell's Office. The most natural-looking Teeth on new method PLATES, guaranteed to fit. The finest and belt method ofCKOWN and BR1DUB Work. iar"fJo charge f or extracting without pal* when new teeth are to be lupplied. Dr. W. T. Hurtt, 311 1-2 Fourth St. lover Fliher'i Drue B«or Summer Normal -AT THE- Lepisport Commercial High School Begins June 6th- Tbe following are the instructors: ( Arithmetic I Science of Teaching PROFBFLOKG THR City National Bank. LOGAKSPOET, Im] CAPITAL $200.000 JOHS GRAY, President, L N. CKAWTOSO, Vice Pres. F. R. FOWLEB, Cashier. —DIKECTOBS — Joan Gray. C.G. Newell. J. T. Elliott. Dr. W H. Bell, A. P. Jenks, W. C. Pennoelc. Isaac Bhideler. and Qeo. W. Funk DYSPEPSIA, Heartburn, Gastritis and * all Stomach. Disorders positively cared. Grover Graham's Dyspepsia Kemedy is a specific. One dose removes all distress, and a per- chronic and ^ ^ _ _______ Do not suffer! A SOc boiSe will convince the most manent cure of the most severe cases is guaranteed. Miss LISA MVEB— Music J F CORNELL, Co 3upt Prepare for teaching by enrolling with u«, JtSK t>j* Logansport Commercial High School. 321, 324, 325 Fourth Street. McCoy's New European Hotel COR. CLARK AMD VAN IIIREk .ft. CHICAGO. loan money on personal an<i:{collateraJ Buv and sell Government bonds. Bny »nd sell foreign exchange on »U part* of the world. _!«„.„ Will pay 2per cent per annum on certlnoatej f deposits, when deposited SOL month*: 3 per when left one yeer. ty Deposit Vanitm for «afc abl of deposits, «%iit ner «Tmnm w ItoiSTi^sIfety keeping of valnable papers. renW reasonable. It's folly to suffer from that horrible plague of the night, Itching piles. Doan's Ointment care* quickly and permanently. At any drug store, 50 cento. FIRE PROOF. One Mock from C. R..I. * F. I,. S. A; M. S. R*llrom4 depot. Improvements costing $75,000.00 just been completed ind the houst now offers every convenience to be found M my hotel, including hot and .cold wrfer, ekctric fight ind steam heat in e v ery rvoa. Rates 75 cents, per day and upwardJ. First class restaurant in connection. WILUAM McCOY, Owmtr ud

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