Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 15, 1890 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 15, 1890
Page 5
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DOLAN'S OPERA HOUSE. Dae Solid VYeek, Commencing AH EXCITING CHASE. , May 12m. : , TO-NIGHT, Double Bill, .'.'.BESSIE'S BURGALAR " And Farce Comedy lv an Actress" SCALE OF PRICES: ijnlr W or.il 2) cents. Kewrvtn! Swiis mi .Sale ;it u.«3ttng's Drug Store. Real Estate. For Sale orTrade Iu all parts of the City. Residence at all prices. Easiness Houses. Taeant Lots. •Exclusive Sale of . Johnson's "Riverside Addition". 20 Vacant Lots on Broadway and Noi'th. Bargains in Lands close to the City. EN. TALBOTT . Real Estate Broker, St. Elmo Block, Broadway* B. M. MeMillen Plefiae«?.SteBonarj, Hammocks, Croquets. Pidfi&re Framing • ; A SPECIALTY. So. S|>7 - - Market St. MONEY TO LOAN! Anil Notes Bought In any sum over $S5 at lowest ." ratfs. Large amounts 6 percent. 0EO. B. FOHGY. <Iec!3<iiw6m :;MONEY TO LOAN, •a aap 2.1-1: « ase UivrhST rate* i j nv&i j«ily, . ilor,ey al-rsyi iu bend. KG wd tsp« or dt»- '««/. fsipwM sad }»rli;eipal paj-cMe tn Logena- vort. HjMxtfal firroii/^t-mc-ate ta u, p«ynj«i>-i of >rln5i| i,} *uri interest, made to aalt the orlwheaot oirro-A-er For farther particulars apply to 1 Fred W. Munson, :iitorft«7' AC Law and United Biases Commutalonvr, • Fourth atroet, opposite Court House. -•- MONEY, UtTteml laynranc* and Loans. All klfldfl of In- •arnucp placed in nrstclr»M companies. Endow- nsnt policies purchased. Bonds of suretyai.- m±t»a tor partiee holding po01ti«M of tram *»teor<*9 bond is Mqntred. ;- • -319-PE.AJttL, ST. S M. CI oss on . ily Journal THTCERSDAY MORNING MAY 15. fietyoitr sattines at special low prices—Trade Palace. The BnFsfc line of curtains in this «ity"ie at the Golden Rule. Hew China. India and Persian "flits'the laTesT-^olden Rule. New room, new stock, corner ; Fourth and.Marfeet—Golden Rule. So witli the crowd for oarpets at, the Trade Palace and save money. Get. your underwear for ladies. eMldre.^lftja, gents—Trade Palace. £*or KeSt— &. furnished or unfurn- wfed front room, 1002 Broadway. 3 ' The cheapest place to buy dry 'Sbads is corner Fourth and Market. . Coins and see the beautiful new Curtains all new styles—Golden Rule. PerBonsof languid habits, Kinport beef, wine and iron, will be the ,>emedy. 4 Oariirstday in our new quarters was a "boomer," come and see us— Schmitt & Heffiy. •Tames "W. Bridge, of Young America, hag been granted a patent on a Plow attachment. A good appetite, good digestion, steady nerves, pure 'blood and y liver, can be had by using ' s System Pill 8 . ^rice 25 cents, y B. P. Keesling.'. a pr24d6m J. . . John XifholM. the Colored Barlter. Elndea Countable Mnrphy'M Virlleuee and is tout to Sight. Late yesterday afternoon a warrant was sworn out against John Nichols, the well-known colored barber, who for the past year or more has posed behind the second chair at Charley Jones'barber shop on Broadway, calling for his arrest on the charge of bastardy preferred by Mary Wilson, a dusky maiden of the West Side, daughter of Newton Wilson, a resident of Pratt street. The warrant was served by Constable Murphy, who, entering the barber shop, engaged Nichols in conversation in a tone so low as to be scarcely audible to those in the room, and the barber and Constable presently departed together in the direction of the jail, the former all too plainly under charge of the latter. Just as the officer and his charge reached the Pharos building the barber broke from the side of his captor and ran down Court street as fast as his legs would carry hiin. Murphy made after the barber but it was easily apparent that ke would be no good in a race -with such a sprinter as Nichols proved to be. The way that coon pounded gravel was a caution. The ; baffled constable followed, but it was seen that his breath could not possibly hold out against such odds as his opponent gave him, and when the barber turned south on Third street Murphy was rapidly falling beind and beginning nervously to reach for his revolver. Capt. Morrisey joined IT the chase, but soon recognized the utterly futile effort he was making to compete with such a sprinter and early in the contest retired from the lists. Murphy also soon gave out and Nichols had a walk away, the last reliable sight of him being while he was crossing the island bridge, evidently intent on reaching country. Nichols is a married man and came from Richmond to this city about a yearago leaving his wife at the form- erjplace. Yesterday a little pickanin- ney came to light on the West Side and a scramble was immediately made to seek out a papa for the stranger, leading TO Nichols arrest as above stated. He is probably ere this f«.r from the city. THE STAJDEY CASE. Further Particulars of the ISml Cast* of Poor Leo. Staley. Thalndianapolis Sentinel of yec,- terdojlcontained the following concerning the sad case of Leonora Staley, the details of which were given in the Journal yesterday morning: "The body of Leonora Staley, the Logansport girl whose sad history was detailed in yesterday's Sentinel, •will be placed in CHrton's vault at (Jreenlawn cemetery. Mrs. Bullet, the matron at the Home for the Friendless, received a dispatch from Henry Staley, the girl's father, reading, 'Unable to furnish any money.' Yesterday afternoon a well dressed stranger with a dark mustache, called at Girton's and made inquiries about the disposition of the body. He seemed to be much affected and was much disappointed when he could not view the remains. Was this her betrayer? He left without giving his name.'Local interest in the lamentable affair was aroused yesterday by the Journal's story of the poor girl's case and the baseness and inhumanity of the vile betrayer of the innocent girl were loudly coui- manted upon. Thos. Collier, the Pan Handle brakeman on whom the responsibility of the unfortunate girl's condition rests, lives at Rush- vine, although his headquarters are Indianapolis. He is a brother of the late Father Collier, who died at Indianapolis about a year ago. He started on his regular run from Indianapolis yesterday morning, as he was seen by a well-known brakeman running on this end. The father of the terribly wronged girl is poor and xinable to push the prosecution of the case as it appears on the face. If criminal practice was the cause of poor Leo. Stalev's death, the public demand to know it, end if so the guilty 'person should suffer the extreme penalty of the law. It is stated that the body of the girl will be disenterred and a post mortem examination held to discover if any traces of a c/ime exist. This step will be made by persons who have interested themselves in the sad case. If any mystery shrouds this lamentable affair a possible light should be thrown on it and if wrong and crime have been committed let the death of Leo Staley be vindicated. Difficult Census Taker — How many male members are there in this family? Kentucky Housewife— Wall, there was six this raorninY but.pap and the boys went out after breakfas' fer scrap with the Mugffirieses and I don't know how many there is now. Sue* for »5,OOO l>am«ceB, The Chicago Herald of recent data contains the following in regard to Charles N. Loucks, owner of the Westend addition in this city: "Charles N. Loueks brought suit for trespass in the circuit court against Adolph Adams and Andrew Slasser, claiming damages at $0,000. Loucks recently built a $10,000 house at Irving Park, and the defendants were sub-contractors. The contractors for the work failed, and would ha^e been liable to damage had not Mr. Loncks taken charge of the work himself. The defendants, it is alleged, did not do the work to the satisfaction of the architect, and Mr. Loueks held out §14S. On election day it is alleged, the defendants stood at the polls ;n the Twenty-seventh ward and told people that Loucks was a dead-beat. Some onft.it is also claimed, wrote the statement On the sidewalk. Mr. Loucks thinks he was slandered and wants damages to the eitent of $5,000." A FATAL ACCIDENT. K-l ward Clinger.aPan Handle Brakc- msn. Killed by the Cars at K*e Roy. Yesterday morning about 10 o'elock Edward Clinger, a brakeinan on east-bound freight No. 74, Pan Handle, was killed at LeRoy. His foot caught in a guard rail and he wai thrown to the grouud and his body mangled in a horrible manner. The victim of this distressing accident is a young man, a resident at Royal Center a»d is a sou of George Clinger. He was a young man of excellent habits and his sudden taking off is greatly deplored by ail who knew him. _ The Spring Ilcdiirine. The popularity which Hood's Sarsaparilla has gained as a spring medicine is wonderful. It possesses just those elements of health-giving, blood-purifying and appetite-restor ing which everybody seems to need at this season. Do not continue in a dull tired, unsatisfactory condition when you may be so much benefltted by Hood's Sarsaparilla. It purifies the blood and makes the weak strong. _ 1 Tourists. Whether on pleasurejbent or business, should take on everj trip a bottle of Syrup of Figs, as it acts most pleasantly and effectually on the kidneys, liver and towels, preventing fevers, headaches and other forms of sickness. ' For sale In 50c and S100 t>ottles by all leading druggists. For Saleby B. F. Keeslius. Mr. Charles Cr'onin returned to his home in Marshall, Mich., last evening after a few days visit with his sister, Mrs. Ed. Duffield. Stable to Rent. Good roomy stable, 821 Broadway, for rent, enquire "B", this office. liatlly .Stuck. - Mr. Joker—I see bv the paper thntoiu Flshkin, who wa.s in tho slue business, has Rone up. Sirs. Joker—How unfortunate! Is it 2 Tery heavy failure? Mr. Joker—Yes. Everybody stuck. His Tarn Next. Judge—You say you have confessed everything. This gentleman hern says you robbed bis hen-roost, too. Bam Johnslujj—He is mistaken, jedgo, but I'll attend to him, Jos' as soon as j gets out agin. Discouragement to Art. Hallen )of the "Wrecked in Siberia" company)—I think we'd better skip this town and strike a fatter one, Hart. They seem to have a breed of cats li ere made on purpose to throw. They <Ju Together. Stern Papar—Ah, solne!" Late Goer—Yes, sir. Your daugluei and I have enjoyed a feast of reason. Stern Papa (movins his right foot-with great velocity)—And .now yon have a flow ot solo. ' • A Scientific Order. Scientist (in restaurant)—Brint; me a decoction of burnt peas, sweetened with glucose,, and lightened -»-iili chalk and water. Yt'aitBr (vociferously)—OofTec for 0:10. A Graphic PI eta re of Time and Eter nlty. a . At the last sitting "Over the Teq i.pup.s"-in the, Atlantic, dumber Seven i«uddenly broke out: --If-,! can't £e( Itho ohancu to boss this i>lmi<'t ;'ui- a J Weck or so' 1 think I couM wrj:« its ^istory—yes, the hislo:-y c/I the world, 'in less compass thm\ anyone who has tried ii so fur." After the ten cups ux-iv :<il < ID :.!• J the curd containing; N'innboi- Si.". i.-[i'.< abridged history of twn u oi-;tl> i,,i? anil the next, was hunurd :M :-:d. , I.is w us jti! it s:iij: TWO WORLDS' HISTORY. <«railuated Fern. Hoston Clercyman — That's John Brent, the rich wool merchant. Ho cave me S50 for marrying him. Chicago Lawyer—Yes? And. he gave me 85,000 for procuring a divorce for him. At u Chicago Weailing. Girl Friend (kissing tlio. bvide ecstatically)—Oh, Fan, you did splendidly . at the altar, and this Is only your second. Uride (complacently/—Yjs. 1 've really had very littlp. practiijo. i 111V "i.-jl the Dictator intcrin-vi ; all said. "This is what 1 announced interpretation: "Two worlds, the hiprher :tnJ ilm lower, separated by the thinnc^i of partitions. The lower world is that of questions, the upper is that of ;in swers. Endless doubt and unrest Delow; wondering-, admiring-, adoring certainty above—Am I not right?" "You are right." answered Number Seven solemnly. "That is mv revelation." Paul's Wonderful Preservation. Mme. Patti is a marvel of preserva. tion. No prima donna has ever maintained the favor of the public so long. This preservation has, however, been earned at great and continuous self- sacrifice. . The strict regimen ol living which she has observed since her childhood would have discouraged ninety-nine women out oi one hundred, but the result is that she remains, not simply the greatest, bul the only one of her contemporaries. She carries away with herabout$250,- 000 as the earnings of her last season in America, and is still good foi another million. Dead letters. There were more than 0,000.000 letters received at the dead-letter office last year. Five hundred thousand were never called for at the postoffices to which they were addressed, 150,000 -were sent in DV hotel-keepers because their departing guests failed to leave their new addresses, 120,000 were insufficiently prepaid for mileage, 400,000 were erroneously or illegibly addressed, while 17,000 bore no superscriptions whatever. Eighteen thousand contained money amounting to §35.000 in all, and 22,000 contained dralts, checks, etc., amounting to $1,600,000. Antiqaltjr of the High Hat. The age of the hat- is under investigation. A correspondent writing- tc the Mainzev Journal says: "Amona the marginal illustrations, by Albroc&t Durer, of the famous prayer book oi 'Emperor Maximil&tf, there is a raun ^'wearing- a high hat, and in a book ul crests and escutcheons of Jost Ammann, published in 1850, a high linl lorms the crest of a nobleman, llau these hats not been worn attheperiod. great artists like Durer and Ammann would certainly not have painted sr.ch miserably ugly things, which are the most unsightly pieces of furniture trie world has ever seen." The Professor Author. A-b a rule, the author regards las brains not ys ar. instrument In:- i>bound to use for the benefit, of mankind, but as^ a broad-winnnr. If he devotes his pen exclusively to moral work he may feel, hko the bricklayer's laborer, that his toil is useful and honorable, but. iiijvrrthRloss. ho would bo. very nut to !"•* T.h<.' woi-M go to tho 1 acl without :i"o;n|nin'.!- Lo lecture if tho onlv pay nf mural essayists was tho luxury of -ioinur irood. Boiil the I;n;lU(,d ana i .-suiis :..&:: Syrup of Figs is taken; it is j>lesij:it I and refreshing to tlie tasM. and no. •> f cntly yet promptly on the Kidacy . liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels coldc, hesd aches and fevers and cures habitue! constipation. Syrup <:f Figs is the only rertledy_ of its kind . ever^ produced, pleasing to the fuste fcij'd a» reptuble.to tlie stoinachj'pronip't in its action and truly beneficial iu its effects, prepared only from the moft healthy and agreeable sulif-'taucey. its many excellent qualities ccraTiw.d .t to all and have made it the most popular remedy known. • • Syrup of Figs is for sale in ov.'i. and 81 bottles by all leading druggists. Any reliable druggist -who may not have it on hand will procure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it. Do not accept any substitute. -, '. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. S*H FHAHOISOO, CAL, L08ISVILLE, KY. KEW VOBK, N. Y For stale by B F, K eesli us EXTRA THIS WEEfil Free to Every Purchaser in Our SHOE ^ Department A Beautiful EmUossedl :K---~- i Leather Card Case! •i tian «v y Base Ball Outfits With BOYS' Suits.—BalJ, Bat, Belt and Cap. A FEW MORE ENGINEERS' PlS^LESi ••'-,'. ; S?ojp Given Away iin the "Hat Department." ••"*'••>*** OTTO KRAUS, OF COURSE." A. E. SHHOTEB, fonnsrlj »r- Slllotr, Shroyer & Ce., Logansport. C. K. & Co., Indianapolis, led. SHROYER & CROSS, Jobbers of Imported, Key West and Domestic ; Cigars, Cigarettes, Etc., Etc., No. 21, West Maryland Street, Indianapolis. ~"~" FRED DYKEMAN Represents the afeove. Srm in Logansport aud surrounding towns. OTTO MEINSHAU8BN. Headquarters For Natural Gas,' Sasojioe and Cooking Stoves, •• Alaska Refrigerators, Mantels, Furnaces and Ran- ges. We have G dozen of the above Gem Bench Wriugers Avhich we are selling at the remarkable Low Prices of $4.50 Good value at $5.00. Avail yourself ottHis Bargain while it lasts. ... • 418 Market Street. SOMETHING NEW. Sterling Silver Unlaid Spoons aud Forks a guarantee foi- 25 yeard (^ with every set sold. I am special agent for tLis ware, also Reed & Boston. and Rogers. Also, Wacthes'and Jewelrey the latest out. targest Spei-.taclea and nose Glasses in the oity twenty years eiperience. . , D. A. HAUK, The All good* Engrared free of charge. Pears'Soap Fair white hands.^ Brightclear complexion Soft healthful skin.

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