The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 5, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 5, 1946
Page 3
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FRIDAY, APRIL 5, 19-10 HLYTHKVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS . Negro Question Stirs White Leaders Split After Supreme Court Decision On Voting n>- AI, KI : I-:TT\ T I:II I'niled Press Sl:ilY Corrcspomlenl ATLANTA, tin.. Apl'il 5. illl'i--- The Ne;;ru up]H':ii>: lo hi- headed i:> 1940 lor u piuce on Ihe Georgia political platform he hasn't in-cupied .since the- Civil War. The Supreme Court'.-; recent refusal to review a lower court decision upholding a Negro's ri:;ht to vote at Columbus, Oa.. was the i:i- culcm thai shoved the issue rii;ht into the micidle of election year polities. Young Uuv. Kills Arnall. regarded us the spokesman for tile liberal element of the New South, has announced llaily that he will not heefl demands lor a ::pi-eial .session of the leuishilure lo eii'cumvem the federal rulini; Kith ;;uim> new harrier l-i keep Negroes out of the white primaries. As Ihe Nr-f;ro question .split v.-hile leaders into two eamps, House Speaker I toy V. Harris, a candidate for another term in the legislature and a likely prospect for the novel nor's race to succeed Arnall. took the opposite view. Harris lor weeks has been de- mandini! a special session of the legislature to sea about preserving Ihe white primarv. He sairl lasi llijdd I hat. Arnall's position just ahout guarantees [he assemhly will convene itself in May or June. This would also Hive Harris a chance lo seek ]>assa;;e of his proposal to give the teachers a SO per rent pay raise. To remove the present primary law would mean .scrapping ihe closely-guarded county unit system of represenlation and other voting regulations. Former C v ov. Eugene Talmadge. also expected to run for oilice nynin Ihis year. v,'as in Ihe Harris camp. But In.- suugcsled that the coun'.v unit .system be- made a pail of ilv Democratic party organization. Then, the legislature eould thro\v out the entire business, he claims. Tlie governor, who cannot succeed himself under Georgia law. was certain lo receive a broadsid:- attack lor stand in favor of Ihe Negroes. "The courts have spoken." he said. Former Marine Still At Large Companion Is Caught Shortly After Break From Death House I will not he a parly (o any sub- lerlu^e or scheme designed lo nullify the orders," He said if the lej>- islatme wants to convene Itself by petition and scrap provisions Ilia; would alx)lis!l the county unit sys- aud criminal laws ^over:iiii>; primary elections, il has UK- rlisht, bul aiso the responsibility. Iliiiiis und Talmiulee forces clnlm they have already counted legislative noses on the subject and have enough senators and within 23 of the required number of lepiesenta- j \V.\<--IIINC;TON Aoril 4 im'i tives to convene the assembly l.y 1"-• S e^h !o, ^h^iMe, native 1 from the District o: Columbia Whatever path the issue takes death house spread westward 10- frojn now on. the smoke is' p,etlin;> day as Ins re-cap!un<l companion Ihicker and the fire cannot be fur was ]>laced in solitary contincmcnt behind. l i (J forestall a ihreal to "do II The Negroes themselves are was;-' "(!»'»•" ,. LIU; one drive after rinolher lo i;e!.l From Cleveland came a report their p.-ople registered lor the pri- llml Karl McFarlami,'ld niary before' Ihe oootcs <-iose in Jul, 1 . t former Marine under sentence ot If masses ol Cieorsia Negroes .should death for lapinj; and siraiiBlini; be granted suffrage rights in ihis a liovernmi'in nirl. mii;l'i He in or election, il would mark Ihe first near the Ohio city, break in the southern barricade thai | Capita) police said il wns unlike ly has always kept them from havlns . 1'iat Mcl-'arland was still In Washa voice in the Kovcrnmcnl. One- Ihe reform Ikle had slarted. it would be difficult to keep it from-».pread- iiiK to other sections, despite Ihe fact that several states have reshuffled slate laws lo miiinlain "while supremacy." Negro leaders have no .estimate on the tntal number of registrants at Ihis slage. Figures provided by A. T. Walden. Nc^ro -spokesman here, for seven population ccmers. however, revealed about 28,000 registered so far in those areas out of a il of 04.000. He said house-lo- nouse appeals lo B et out. the vj>u> are beinu made in the huge towns by Nejjro civic orijani/ations. Tile Negroes will nol designate their choice of caiulldates for governor and other high state ofrices. nor will l hey outline a platform (hey would support. They' would obviously fall in line, however, behind a liberal such as Arnall rather than a candidate like Talmaclije, for examiile. They would l>e primarily interc.sled in equal support for Negro schools, now receiving Ics-s than one-third the money spem on whit.' schools: belter health conditions und other similar soc:ai reto»ius. Accoro'in;; to Slate School .Supi-i:- iiuendcm M. 1), Collins. Ihe per capita expeast lor ;\eiiro education Ihis VL : :IL' is $27.l!li. This compares to $88.13 per white child. At the present time, Sf lloo' r^ • ortls show there nre more Negro children in tin- :,rsl i-.ratle 01 en;,/, gia ]inhlie schools than while chil- i tli'cn—7::.-ll»7 to tiCTuVJ. nut only 17 per cent of <jeoi>;ia's llth urade riludent:; are Neyroes. L in^ton. Meniiwhtle, they were lak- Intl no chnnec's with his equally murderous i;elawiiy companion, 44- year-old ,T,K'.e|>h 'll. Medley, who was rccapturtd se\eral hours after the bleak. Hauled out a filthy drain pipe in which he was hiding, Medley mid his capiors. "I'll do il nn«i»-" To prevent him from fulfilling his boast, niilhorilte.s put Medley 1" solitary eonfincineni and kepi u close walch mi his cell. The Iwo killers, both scheduled to die in Hi,, electric chair, broke out of Ihe illslrlet jail niter over- powerini- police guards who had released them from their death row cells lor a card game. The eard-plnyiTig guards. Oscar I,, sanderlln und 11. c;. Unvl.s, were ehuiKi-d wilh negliHenee and placed limler $.1000 bail each. I Police su|)l. Harvey Cl. Cidlalvin [aisled what Is expected to be Ihe I'lt'.-i 01 .si'verul rewards for Mc'• FailaiHl's eaptuie. Jle offered $300, the legal limit which Hie police Mipet inlcjidenl may ]>ost. | Meiuiwhile. bolh Ihe Jusllce Oe- pariment mid Hie House Dlslrlcl Committe t . wiinted to knoiv whul is wrong HI the jail which once I was culled escape-proof. Since last Nov. 21. when five prisoners walked loul. (here have been lour nddl: lional breaks. ' While tin- Juslicc Oepiirlniont Former Wilson Man Dies In Memphis limber siuiller. \verc Held Hlleinoon al the urnvi- In l.uxom Ceuielery, Mi Wells died Wefiiiosrtay K| Jehu (l.iston llos))ltal [olIowhiB 1111 Illness 01 seven months. He was Horn in Alabunm. Mr. \VelU moved to wiison ns n yotinu num. lie relhe<l 15 years ni'.o and moveil to Memphis 10 years ago. He have-s his wire, iai-n. M^m.le Wells; tliiee sons. Tony and J. P. Wells, hoih U f Memplils. uiul '" '" n nso. Texas: a PACE >mijtE15; mill a sister, Mrs. Jolm Ada boll of Iiiixora; u Warren ,uf O-sctnli*. gi duujjliter, Mis, Lullifr COLUMDIA. Mo. (UP) K "i'- ; has 11 cull foi- Junes'sourl KI-OWII. -Tlie sUitc research mill quail wliigs—Mk- ain Ihe age rVllo in blri« son to Inestlni;' M-ason ' >UCCi and of .?—. „—*:!:l_ Tl >* wl»l!»_wlll ^w_i'xanilnfd to lh e hitlch on^huhtlh* inc^. liiolher. Jack Wells 01 Memuiils, pursiird Us huiuliy, the lloiife i«ni- Illlllee qtlly/ed ucllng, Jnll Sll|>t. C'liuidc' O. Bolkln, Oulluhnn, und loriuer Jail Mipl. Howard H. Olll ul a closed hcaiiniv. Olll has fofen 1111- ilci snsiienslon since ihe Nov. 24 bleak. GUIDES MILLIONS The nmtic> "St. Joii'|ili" StJoseph ASPIRIN We Specialize in Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Seed and Plants Wholesale or Retail Blytheville Curb Market !,",() R. Main Phone 07:! Fresh Cocoanut •7: Inch, 2 Layer Cake ON SALE Market So. 76f/j St. Between Vine & Cherry May Day Corn, White Cream, No. 2 can 14c Jackson Yellow Cream Corn, No. 2 can 14c GREEN BEANS, No. 2 can .13c PORK & BEANS, Brooks, 1^ 07 14c KIDNEY BEANS lOc TURNIP GREENS, No. 2 can 13c EARLY GARDEN PEAS, No. 2 can T9c SPINACH, No. 2 can 15c EAGLE SAUCE, 8 oz. can 10c TOMATOES, No. 2 can 15e Fruii- Cocktail, No, 2 1-2 Can;, 39c PEACHES, Cock-Q'-the-Wolk, No. MILK, a!i icinds. Small 5c; larae PEANUT BUTTER, 32 oz. jar PEANUT BUTTER, 16 01. jar MAYONNAISE, 8 oz. jar WOMEN IN THEIR '40V Were Never Meant T* Suffer Uke^TMtl I«V« i Up hr If th« functional "mlddte-M*" period peculiar to women mate* you «uiTer from hot fbuhM, touchy, hlclutrung, weak, rat- vous feelings, try LydU I. Pink hum'a Vegetable Compouad to relieve such symptoms. Taktn regularly — this creat medlcln* helps build up resistance agatiut such "middle-age" distress. , Tlmrundt >>M ThtmM* N**4| Pinkham's Compound la onf of the best known medicine* you can buy for tills purpose. It hu proved Gome o{ the happleit days of some women's llvei cuk oflon be during their 40't. W» urge .you to give Pinkham'i Compound a fair and honest trial. Just see It It doesn't help you. too. It'a «l»o a great stomachic tonic I Under Hew Management Simpson's State Line CAFE Now under personal management of Miss Jessie Mae Hogue, graduate of Boston $c|npol of Cookery, Simpson's Stateline Gafe offers you a large selection of well prepared foods at any time of day or night. Featuring: Snacks prepared to take with you. Cars and Trucks ser- viced while you eat. • Fresh Crappie or Garfish • Tasty Sandwiches • Breaded Veal Cutlers • Ham • Pork Chops SIMPSON'S STATELINE CAFE Prices ANNOUNCING Psreserves of AH Kinds PIMENTOES SATURDAY KARO Syrup, Red g, White, Pt. 18c; '/2 gal. 48c PICKLES, Dill or Sour Hue It) llio criliciil slii>rl;it;e of this Top (>rnclc Cocon- niil \ve must liniil siilus li; jiisl 1 cake lo a customer Limeh Meafrs of A!l Kinds BACON, Sliced SLAB STORE SLICED BACON PURE LARD JEWEL SHORTENING 3 Ib. Ib. 40c Ib. 38c Ib. 21c carton 64c '.lylhcvilic Owned — Employing Rlythcville People hi ^ Salmon, No. 2 Can SARDINES, No. 2 can LUX SOAP, Bar NATURAL AID FOR Hyper-Acidity OK TIIIO STOrMACH dry Soop, 3 Bars Mountain Valley Waler Is a natural aid In helping eliminate wastes from Hie system. Not. laxative. It works gently through the kidneys. Ask your doctor about this famous health water from Hot Springs. Ark. H has been prescribed for more than 5 yearj. t-'rce. booklet on request. ORDER A CASE. LUX WASHING POWDER CEREALS (l : r ' l> ' SmalMOc pkg. 26c Large 14c We have most anything you are looking for in the grocery line. Our prices are right. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Division Blylhcvillc, Ark. i-'WASH 'IT1HHS BY LESMR TUKNliic WSHT I WAS TOLD TO E0W ONE Or EM ro A CERTA:N POINT WHERE MftN WA5 TO MEET KS MO TAKE WE CHILD...' ..-. IN THIS ISOLWED PLACE MY cA\PUArR'5 SURLV WIFE LOOKED flFTER TWO SMALL SICL5, WHOM I TOOK BE ORPHANS... /EVIDENTLY THEY DIDN'T. SIR, I HE NEVER CAME BACK! SO MOLCf 05AK KEPT THE TOT WE CALLED \ TON1 LA RUE - BUT WHOSE REAL V NAWE MUST BE EVASASSO! OHAT AWN 1 u I KNOW NOW FROM I«\S PHOTOS; WAS VALK • ... VJHEM I RETURNED I OVERHtAEO THE COA-CS TALKINIS..." WURE A GAME LITTLE TVKE,SIS.. STARTINS OUT TO A NEW HOME THEY'LL BE NICER TO MB THAN «IZ DO4K....IEET. AN'LOOK? TON GIVB f,\= HER TXJLt-IE! A OU1CK GLANCE AT HIS LISTENERS ' n> TELLS MH. DOWIS THAT HE HAS pt-AVcD U'tlctime Hom BY FKI5D 1TARMAN A New Business for Blytheville COMPWI Manufacturers of Concrete Building Blocks l'oticr«tt Fence Posts, KuundalUn Block*. and AHfe4 Fr*4mcU. Owned by Blytlmville 1'i'oplc, RmployiriK Blytheville I^itx>r, Interested primarily in iilyUievilk- Trade, lliis new firm will manufacture am! nell u superior building block nntl tiihiir fine tuncrete ]>r(xiucts. We plan to build our and our reputation by building only the finest product!) anil .selling them at ;i fair competitive price, thereby establish.'mother permanent industry in IJlytlieville. Named after the town in which we wish to build a permanent busi- fiea.n, our principal product, the concrelu building block, will l)e known as The "BLY-R1.OCK." Wlion you think of building — whether it's :t home, a barn, a bank or ii bathhouse — think of I!LV-HI.()(!KS. They're a.s lasting as the earth itself. They're fireproof, tod, and inexpensive. — Location To Be Announced At A Later Dirte-^ •' Crondall Ktnningham Telephone 3470 A ' ' " The Concrete Products Co.

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