Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 25, 1898 · Page 24
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 24

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 25, 1898
Page 24
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DAILYPHABOS WEDNESDAY, MAY 25. 1898. OITY NJB.WS. Naban tea 39clb—Foley. Wedding presents—Ben Martin. Miss Mae Howe is better today. The pension, board is in session to- Oali at Pat Dunn s store. 425 Third street. Keep out the flies; get your screens at Foley's. Dr. Noah LaBose, of Lucerne, was In town today. Robert Hightower, of Marion, was here yesterday Dr. Dutchess of Walton is In the city on business. Tomorrow only, U-quart dish pans, lie each—Traut. Veal—Rothermel's Eastend meat market Thursday. Born to Mrs. Snider, of 1210 Erie avenue, a daughter. Beautifullawn wrappers only 79c and 9Sc—Trade Palace. See Ben Martin for the finest line of commencement presents. To Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Hervey, of 2008 Broadway, a daughter. Home fcrown strawberries, peas, cucumbers.-Rothermel Thursday. Oaptain Fox and his zouave company gave a drill last night at Long- cliff. Mrs Madison Jones, of the West- aide, is ill of inflammation of the stomach. Doak Denham, of Muncle, has accepted a position with Ben Martin, the jeweler, Children's percale and gingham dresses, 1 to 6 years, 25c to 39c— Trade PaLace. Edward Metzger and wife are moving into their new home on Brlnghurst street. L C. Brough, wife and daughter, of Peru, are in the city visiting Unas. Rauch and family. Miss Nellie Moredock, of Kokomo, 18 a guest of Miss Phoebe Hynes, on west Market street. Johnson Allen is improving the cement walk in front of Davis & Oo.'s market on Third street. Harry Smith, the jolly representative of Fairbanks & Co., is circulating among his Logansport friends. Sipe & Blake's Dog and Pony show has been out on the road this season fifty-two days and has struck rain forty-seven of the number. Mrs. W. W. Diamond,of the Westside, desires to thank her neighbors and friends for many acts of kindness during her late sad bereavement. The young child of Florian Keliar, which has been sick with typhoid fever, was taken suddenly worse last night and is again in a dangerous condition. John MoOarty, a former Panhandle engineer, has returned from a western trip, where he has been for some time for the benefit of his health. The trip did not prove beneficial. A crap table and a poker table were taken from a gambling house on Broadway last night. The room was occupied by five or six well- known sports. They settled with the mayor this morning. Truth enters the mind through several doors—the eyes, the ears, the mouth, the sense, of touch. The truth of our claims concerning the goodness of Fox's XXXX Square Wafer Butter Crackers will reach your mind through your mouth. Take a bite and give the facts a •chaoce to convince you. IN A TRAP. Cervera's Squadron is Bottled Up. President McKinley Calls For 75,000 Additional Volunteers. The Oregoa Arrives and an Early Invasion of Cuba Expected. More Volunteers. Bpeclal to the Phi.ro«. Washington, May 25.—President McKinley issued a proclamation today calling for 75,000 more volunteers. When this call is filled the total strength of the army will be 280,000 men. THEOLOGICAL CONFERENCE f ibe Catholic Cferyr of the Logansport District. The seml.annual conference of th atbolie clergy of theLogRnsportdis- rict was in session today at the St. oseph paroenial residence. There re present Very Rev. M. E. Camion, pastor of St. Vincent de Paul hurcb, Logansport; Rev. W. S. [ogao, assistant pastor of St, "Vinent de Paul church, Logansport: ,6V. H. Koehne, pastor of St. Joseph's hureh, LogansportiRev. B. Kroeger, astor of St. Bridget's church, Lo- ansport; Rev. fl. Meisner, of Peru; Rev. D. J. Mulcahy, of Anderson; Lev.-Charles Roraer, of Delpbi; Rev. 'rank King, of Union City; Rev. F. .ordeman, of Kokomo: Rev. P. Quinn, of Lagro; Rev. P. Orosson, of Wabasb; Rev. Charles Thiele, of Monterey; Rev. Charles Zern, of •rasa Creek; Rev. A. Kioeger, of Ko- kotno; Rev. Peter A. Kahelleke, of North Judson; Rev. Willam Quinlan, of Marion: B,ev. F. (J. Weichmann, of Gas City, and Rev. B. Blegel, of Elwood. PAPERS READ. The following read papers: Rev. D. J. Mulcahy, on "Absc- ution." Sev. F. Lordeman, on "Parochial Schools." Rev. F. King, on ''Spiritualism," THE MAKKETS TODAY. The Oregon Hails. Jupiter, Fla,,May 25.—The battleship Oregon arrived here yesterday and sailed away again this morning. Her destination is unknown. TRY AGAIN. From Don't Let Carelessness Keep Yon Comfort. Have you ever been disappointed in the flavor of your cup of Postum Food Coffee? If so,you are the person we want to talk to. Flavor and food •value cannot be extracted from a food drink of this kind,if it is dipped or simmered. A delicious taste and a cup full of nourishment can be had quickly and easily if the Postum be allowed to keep up a clever boiling for. fifteen minutes after boil ing begins. Remember to simply leave the pot on the stove fifteen minutes, will not answer. Keep up the boll fifteen minutes after ac live boiling commences. .This is simple, and if your health Is worth looking after at all, it Is worth having your Postum made good instead of sloppy, for when it 1 •well boiled, you get the strength and body building elements as well as the charming flavor. Insist on having your beverage well made and thai cream or boiled milk be served with it. It is just as easy to have Postum well made as to have it made in a slovenly manner.. This talk on the preparation of Postum is called for from the fac' that we have heard lately of several people who cannot drink coffee and tried Postum, but were discouraged, from the fact that It was badly made. Cervera Bottled Dp. Washington, May 25.— Gradually the navy department Is letting slip information which thoroughly confirms the declaration that Cervera is caught in the harbor and thai American warships, numerous and strong enough to destroy him, are waiting at the entrance to annihilate him if he comes out. The smile of confidence on Secretary "Long's face admits of no doubt, that Sampson has his game where he wants it. Cervera may choose between the alternatives of being starved to death Inside the harbor or shot to pieces outside. Santiago is not a base of upplies. The amount of food there short and there is no coal and ooner or later tbe Spanish admiral will have to put out the fires for want of fuel and sit up hungry in the dark. There seems to be a doubt whether Schley or Sampson is the offiaer watching to prevent Cervera's escape. Yesterday it was thought Sampson executed this decisive move. The opinion this morning appears to be that Schley with a swifter fleet went ahead and sea'ed up the harbor and ;hat Sampson, who sent the first news of the affair, came up later and is now strengthening the blockade. The next move is In doubt. A bom bardment of the fortifications at the entrance of the harbor is likely to take place at any Mme, but nobody conversant with the outlines of the harbor of Santiago believes the American ships will try to enter. The channel is narrow and dangerously mined. But one ship could pass in at once. Tbe destruction of one o more fine battleships will not, it i thought, be risked. __ _ An Early Invasion of Cuba. Washington, D. C., May 25.— After a conference between the presi dent and General Miles that lastet until midnight the Impression in army circles was that an army of in vasion would go to Cuba in a few days. Tbo number of troops to belauded it is said, will not be less than 25,000 General Miles will go to Tampa thi week, probably to direct the move ments. The delay, if any, will b due to inability to secure enoug transports for troops. When It ia served properly, it And bolds friends for life. makes Chrlstle-O'Conuell. Mr. William P. Christie, of La fayette, and Miss Mary J. O'Connell of this city, were married at 7 o'cloc this morning at St Bridget's church Rev. Father Kroeger officiating. Mr and Mrs. Christie will reside at La fayette. The bride is the daughter of Mr and Mrs. William O'Connell, of 11 Chicago street, and is an estlmabl young lady. The groom was long a resident o Toledo, having but recently locate at Lafayette. He has a large circi of admiring friends at Toledo. Kindegarten Picnic. About 200 membeas of the Kinder garten school are at the park today in charge of their teachers. Variou games were played and plenty o lunch was provided for the little one and a general good time was had . Schools Close Tomorrow, The public schools will close to the year tomorrow. The sale o tickets for the commencement exer else* was commenced yesterday, bu being a little premature, was stoppex until tomorrow, Received by Wire at Erfoangh's E change, North and Fifth. Chicago, May 25—Wheat— May opened at $1.61; closed at-:H."0. luly, opened, 81.10; closed at I1.12J; Corn — July, opened at 34Jc: slosed at 34Jc. Oats—July, opened at 3l|c; closed Pork—July, opened, 111.77; closed it $11.82. Hogs—Mixed, I4.10@i.35; heavy, I4.30@4.45; rough,j I4.00@4.20: Ight, I3.80@4.20. Receipts today, 43,000. Cattle—Receipts 16,000. Receipts of sheep, 2,000. Toledo, O.,May 25—Wheat—Cash, ipened 81.49J; closed at 81.41. 'uly, opened, $l.06£;closed, «1.06Jb. Win They Were. The delegates who, It is reported, 'oted against Judge McConnell yes- erday, were John Kidd, of Miami township; Eli Marsh, of Washington; fohn McConnell, of Jackson; W. Staley, of Adams, and M. W. Collett, of Bethlehem. Some of them were instructed for Steele, while others were Induced to vote against McConnell after they reached the city. Dr. Powell had something to do with changing Senator Coilett, and Dr. Quick, of New Waverly, had a hand in getting Kldd to vote for Steele. But there were others. CONTINUED ANOTHER WEEK— THE GOLDEN RULE'S • ' GRAND MAY SALE. re \T If YOU i J K V«« Aflfl K lOU Last week you certainly ought to come now as it t he greatest sale ever given by The Golden Rule. is Last week you' 11 certainly want to come again. Many new lines added to this week's sale. All new-are no little stringy variety either. Our low prices made last week one of the busiest we ever had. y Every day Brings S >mething New in Shoes Spring See the latest colors in Magennta, Gray, Tan and Olive colors.The handsomest colors and most Exquisite 1 Styles imaginable, beautifully designed and something) quite different from those you have ever seen. Equally as handsome in Misses' and Children's Shoes SEE THE/&. Stevenson & Klinsick. 403 Broadvsay. HAVE--- You been around yet to see JACOB BLERZ'S line of Spring Suits, etc? It you have not, call at all the tailor establishments in the city, and then go and see his prices and if you cannot be suited,then it is because you don't want to buy.as he has all the Novelties such as STRIPES, CHECKS, A kind invitation extended to all. Youis truly. Etc. DACOB HERZ. YOU Like to see nice laundry work, don't you'? You like to have your linen returned looking clean, white and elegant. Then send it to Marshall's Laundry. 608 Broadway, and we guarantee you will be satisfied. Call up 'phone 110 and our wagon will call for your work. SEE OUR DISPLAY OF Spring Suitings! An Exhibition of Choicest Woolens and Novelties. JOHN The Tailor 1222 Broadway Awards at tne Bazaar. The cow disposed of at the St. Joseph hospital last week went to party at the Kenneth Quarries. Two sewing mashlnes were also disposed of, one went to T. J. Tuley and the other to John Bauer. Canton, Attention. There will be a special meeting of Canton Logansport, No. 15, I. 0. O. F,, thiB evening at 3 o'clock. A full attendance is desired. A question of importance is to be decided,—J. D. Allison, Oaptain. He Had Serve. Drs. Stevens and Nye cut a large tumor out of Fred Bush's right shoulder yesterday afternoon. He submitted to the operation without the use of chloroform. A Large Band. The Marion and Logansport bands joined forces yesterday when they returned from the rink. Thirty-tve men were playing while marching down Broadway. More Sailors. Several hundred more of the naval reserve will pass through here in a few days. They are to take the place of the Cleveland reserves, who refused to enlist, S. E. Ferguson, the architect, is at Elwood on business. A pv»c on»pr CREAM OF TARTAR POWDH DR. CREAM POWHl Awarded Highest Honors, World's Fair Qold Medal, Midwinter Fair. OFFICIAL CALL For the Democratic State Contention Jane 22<J, 1898. To tlie Democracy Of Indiana: Tne Democratic state convention will assemble at Tomlinson's hall, ia the city of Indianapolis, at 10 o'clock a. m. on Wednesday, June 22, 1898, for the purpose of nominating candidates fot state offioes, to be voted for at the November e ection, 1898; the adoption of a platform and such other business as may properly come befo re the convention. The 'basis of representation to sail contention, as fixed by the Democratic state committee, is one delegate for each 200, and one delegate for each fraction of 100 or more, o) the votes cast for Hon. John B. Stoll for presidential elector, 1896. Under this apportionment the convention will consist of 1,528 delegates . The offices for which nominations will be made are SB follows: Secretary of State. Auditor of State. Treasurer of State. Attorney General. Clerk of Supreme Court. Superintendent of Public Instruc tion. Chief of Indiana Bureau of Statis tics. State Geologist. Judge of Supreme Court, Second District. Judge Of Supreme Court, Third District. Judge of Supreme Court, Fifth District. Judge of Appellate Court, First District. Judge ot" Appellate Court, Second District. Judge of Appellate Court, Third District. Judge of Appellate Court, Fourth District. Judge of Appellate Court, Fifth District. PARKS M. MARTTK, Chairman. ASAHEL H. WASIPLKK, Secy. Attention, St. Matthew Commandery K. of :»t. J. You are hereby ordered to report a armory on Thursday and Fridaj evenings. M »7 26 and 2T > at 8 ° :(5lock sharp, ID fatigue uniform, to prepari for Decoration day.—John R. Fox Captain. Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Xasli Doors, Blinds, and Ladders. CHEAPER THAN EVER. THOMPSON LUMBER CO. Sixth and High Sts. MEN'S SUITS $5.00. Tomorrow we can place on sale four lots of Men's Suits at 15.00.They'ie serviceable patterns, color fast, nice fitting and subttantlally lined and trimmed. No more than 300 suits altogether, so you'd batter come the first thing in the morning. We chalienge the world to meet this above price, and we have no fear that our challenge will be accepted. "Martel- ous how we can do it."—say you. Not. a bit. Ours are honest price*—for honest clothing. "The Hub" is as famous for high quality M for lowest prices. Our specials, $5, $6, 17.50 and «10 suits for this week should keep our store crowded with buyers. Mothers you must not overlook our Children's Parlor—Knee Pants Suits from $1.50 and upwards—and always a saving from 50c to «1.00 over wo*t others will charge you. HATS. Were never so cheap as they are here now—II, »I,50, t2 and t2.50 the the world can produc at 13.00, all styles, Fedoras and Stiff Haw—In latest colorings and shapes. UNDERWEAR. When we tell you that you can buy the best suit of unflewear for 50e in the world—it is so because— ; 'The Hub" says It is. Shirts and Drawers to match. A SHIRT TALK. Here is where nobody can touch us—soft shirts 50c made in three different ways—to wear with white collars, extra cuffs—some with collars and cuffs ou 'em—seme with collars and cuffs attached, but 2 separate collar! with 'em. ALL FOR FIFTY CENTS. Our fine line of shirts is superior to anything in Loganiport—and pricea more reasonable. Our space does not permit us to enumerate other special bargains for thi» week—so we Invite everybody to call at THE HUB- Harry Frank's Old Stand, *I3 Fourth St.

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