Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 15, 1892 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 15, 1892
Page 6
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SERPENTINE DANCERS THE HEIGHT OF TERPSICHOREAN ART ATTAINED. Wonderful Feats of Four Famous Pa« rlslan Dancers Sow Before the American Footlights—La Sirene, Eglantine, -•Serpentine and Giromle. EEE ARE Pictured two of four young .men who ijo in f'•••!• the rationalistic, the real in dancing. They are French young 1 women, who have aired their heels in the Casino at Paris, fluttered their irjffiF/'i shirts at the Moulin 'Sougc and kicked at the Jardin de Paris and the Folios Bergeres. These four opponents of the idealistic, ?she classic in the terpsichorean are :named, or nicknamed, La Sirene, Eglantine, Serpentine and Gironde. They .illustrate art as they see it. They be- ^ievc in flesh and blood in dancing, in spirit, force, dash. Let others float intact New York will endeavor to strengthen with more young- blood, and it would not be surprising if the services of Capt. 'Buck' Ewing were dspensed with. St.Louis wants Ewing, and a deal for his transfer may be made. Baltimore and Washington will be" in the scramble for new men, and some changes are likely in the Louisville team. Pittsburg has made a splendid record, and there will be no changes. St. Louis can be set down for practically a new team, and Ewing and Mulvey may be members of it. Cincinnati will keep most of its present team and Comiskey will remain at its head. There are a number of rising young players who have been spotted by the agents of the big clubs during this season, and many of them will be given trials during the preliminary exhibition games. The tendency of salaries is toward a lower figure, and some of the men now playing:; ball are likely to retire when the plans of the magnates are made known to them."—• Philadelphia Inquirer. PHYSICAL TRAINING. MUST BE PERFECT FOR OF ENDURANCE. FEAT: LAURA ALBERTA. EGLANTINE IX P.EPOSE. "across the stage on the t.^ of their toes while soft music is playing; let others illustrate in pirouettes and with - coy gestures, the arcadian love, the modest wooing of two swains. As for them—clash, cymbals' pzim! Beat drum, boom! boom! Blare cornet, "ta-ra-ral Let her go! In a sea of white laces and flounces icrar young women float; four young women -who seem to bo built like centipedes. 'The music grows wilder; there is a staccato of kicks. Faster, faster, faster! Clash cymbals—pzim! : Battle drum. The music ends with a • crash. There stand four very demure • .^d proper young women. Tbey appear in the revivified "Black •Crook" at the Academy of Music, New York. La Sirene, for example, has a • way of twisting her right leg over• head that is highly puzzling, pleasing and poetic. Xa Sirene is so called not because sho has lured men to the deeps, but because she has entwined --her limbs around their hearts. 'La Sirene, like the others, is a very ••>;t»pt pupil indeed of Nini pattess en .1'air — Nini-with-her-feet-in-the-air — who is not a squaw, but a French wo- • man, who seems to be only really • happy when all her ten toes point to -XII. on the clock. La Sirene is a wo- * ^nan of impish intensity. She has big black eyes, black hair and a flexible body that bends all ways at once, like •2,-willow in a storm. And kick! Whew! .&cr\<? she can kick! Blind Milton wrote of "the twisted Eglantine," but of course Milton did not mean the particular Eglantine whose portrait you see here. Very few blind men do know this Eglantine; they do not seek her,because they can•not see her. Eglantine is very young. Thero is not an ungraceful curve about her, from the tips of her toes to her pink finger nails. Eglantine has gray eyes, like a pussy cat's, and an ,oval face and, taken altogether, there's no •need to explain why tho» Frenchmen, fell at her twinkling feet. Serpentine and Gironde, the two others who take extremely active and -.extremely fascinating parts in the quadrille, are as supple and as - daring A Fascinating Actress Who Made Her Debut \Vhen 3 Years Old. This clever actress is the daughter of George and Alice A. Harrison, and made her debut at the age of 3 years with William Sherry, as Little Lea. Developing talent for dancing, she was placed under the care of Mmes. Lupo and Larnier, and at the age of 5 she appeared at the Grand opera-house, New York City, as a premiere danseuse. During her Tth year she traveled as a child star in "Bertha the Midget." In her Sth year she played Oliver Twist and a number of other roles, with Lucille Western. From that time to her 13th year she starred in a repertory on the Pacific coast. Upon her return East, G. W. Harrison Had Sulli.van Been Trained Thoronshly Says E. E. Price, the Well-Known Athlete, He Could Have Made Shor TVork of Jim Corbett T IS AN INDIS pu table fact that a man to be success- fill in any kind of athletic sports or in the prize ring must be in the bes! condition physi- cjdly. All the failures are due to care. U-ssness in this respect, and to a disregard of nature's,rules. Nature is a fair-faced jade when not vexed. She smiles at those who humor her and her whims, but woe to those who oppose her. I have seen many magnificent species of manhood, men who in the several classes of athletic endeavor have given promise cf being world- beaters, degenerate into second and secured "The from the Union ment, and Miss Louise two seasons, one season with Two Orphans" Square rnanage- Alberta played She played Topsy Gotthold & Rial's "Uncle Tom" company. During her eighteenth year she did Hazel, in. "Hazel Kirke." The following season she went to the West Indies with "Jaude Burroughs, playing Ophelia, Portia, Julia and Juliet. Upon her return she again played Hazel for 'fifteen weeks. The following season she played Mary Blythe in "The World." Then came another starring tour in a legitimate repertory, including Parthenia, Galatea, Julia,' etc. She next LAUEA ALBERTA. . played the leads with W. H. Lytell's Nova Scotia stock, in "Hooclman Blind," "Hands Across the Seas," etc. During the season of 1S90-91 she went into Cordray's stock, Seattle, as leading lady, opening in "Cora," and playing "The Octoroon," "East Lynne," "The Galley Slave,;' "May Blossom," ' 'The Marble Heart," e tc. Last season she played Virgie, in "Night and Morning," with J Edwin Arden, and a short spring season with W. A. WhI Lear,- in "The Vendetta." WHEELING. LA SERENE'S ECCEXTKiaTY. -as their sisters. Their dances take - your breath away. You feel like going - out where the cool wind can blow on. your -brow—but there's nothing- in the •^dances after all -but skirts, skirts, ;---.skirts. MAX EOSKS-. -NEXT YEAR'S TEAMS- •>3Iow They Appear to a Mail Up a Tr«o. "The league season will close on Oct '.15, and already there are rumors of - changes that will be mads in the teams ~jor next season. The plans of Messrs. '.; JSogers and Reach for 1S93 have notyet- ; assumed shape; but there is a rumor jUarry Wright may not be with the iPhillies, but he may have charge of ; some other league club. What changes • .-.may-occur in the Phillies can now only • "-be - guessed at, but one of tha "• best men on the team- has announced 1 iis intention of retiring permanently l from the diamond. President Byrne ••*sid that Brooklyn would have the •ijune team next year as this, and Cleveland aad.-Bosion svill also remain , It is said that a top coating of potter's clay on a gravel track makes an ideal surface for cycle racing. The London County club is already booming the Cuca cup race for next year. Pretty good advertising, that! The record of the Corfu course of fifty miles in Buffalo of 3.33.30 has been lowered by F. C. Furman to 3.10. Washington is trying to promote a fifty mile track race. Too much work in such events for most crack racing men to enter. The relay race from Newark, N. J., to Philadelphia, which has been talked of for some time, is now scheduled for Oct. 20. The recent races of the Toronto Wanderers were held under the patronage—whatever that is—of the Lieutenant Governor of Canada. It is said that Fred Nessel of Milwaukee, who won first prize in the last Waxikesha road race, will place himself in the hands of a trainer next season. Capt Norton H. Van Sicklen of the Chicago club team is of the opinion that Arthur E. Lumsden can run second to Zimmerman at any stage of Ihc game. The private track of the Overman Wheel company,at its factory in Chicopee, is already completed, and several tests have been made thereon with next year's machine. . Eacing is stringing out this year, and there is no indication of its ceasing until the snow flies. The clubs are still applying for sanctions for meets away in October. Professional cycling is still in its infancy, but its growth may be very sudden, and in another year there may be a regular circuit with teams of local riders in each city. When a racing inari tells you he does not care for value in prizes he is either an amateur, an idoiot or a liar, and in ninety-nine cases out of a hundred he is the last named—not the first E. E. PEICE. third-class men because they ignore nature and her laws. Nature, if somewhut erratic, does nothing hastily. She gives fair warning of impending assaults by those slight indispositions which follow excesses. Superior strength, and science often prove successful in combating brute force, and it does cot * follow that because an athlete is defeated he is out of condition. He may have met a man more skillful than himself, and one whose regard for nature's laws has been more strict. Training for any kind of athletic Jport is hard work. If he be conscientious, the athlete will be obliged to sacrifice his personal pleasure and comfort and become a. mere automation in the hands of his trainer. He must have no physical ideas not reflected in the mind of his trainer, and his fath in the latter must be implicit We take our ideas of the athlete from Romans. The gladiator, who fought for the pleasure of nobles, and placed himself in almost hourly danger of death, was a specimen, of physical manhood seldom seen in this generation. His manner of life was most abstemious, 'and he had to endure hardships which would frighten the athlete of our day. As I did not see the Sullivan-Corbett fight, I have no opinions to offer on the relative condition of the men. I am sorry that Sullivan was defeated, but if Corbett was not 'the better man he would not have won. That is if Sullivan was not drugged. Sullivan, however, is not the man by forty per cent that he tvas-a few years ago. Perhaps his .irregular mode of life ha'd mu ch to do with his apparent lack of stre ngth. I do not think his defeat will lessen his popularity as a theatrical attraction. He is still the John L, Sullivan of the American people, and it will take more than one defeat to make him lose his place in their hearts. in the official batting- averages of the Tri-State leagnie. His puzzling- pitching- and hard hitting- led to his engagement in 1SS9 by the Chicago club, of the National league, with, which he has since remained, with the exception of one season. In 1390 he pitched for the Boston club, of the Player's league, and his effective work in the box aided it materially ia winning the championship. His pitching won all but one of twenty-two consecutive championship contests that season. In 1S91, Gumbert returned to the Chicago club, and at the close of the season, ranked first in the official averages of the National league as regards the percentage of'hits made off his delivery. During the present season ho has also proved successful in his home position. Gumbert is an excellent batsman, having the best average in that respect last season of any pitcher in the National league. ABOUT BUNTING. The Veteran Manager Discusses Base- Ball Ailiirs. During the sojourn of the Philies in "Washington, Manager Harry Wright was, as usual, interviewed on baseball affairs. In speaking of the bunt hit, Manager Wright said: "Bunting, properly done, is an advancement in scientific baseball maneuvering, and players should be encouraged to practice such work. It is entirely different from the former fair foul hitting, which made suoh a row a few years ago, and it is only acquired by the knack of aptitude of the players who may attempt it Encourage banting and sacrifice hitting by all means. "A double championship season, too, tias manifold advantages over the system hitherto in vogue, inasmuch as it ieeps up the interest in the progress of a team. Then, too, it inspires the players and puts new energy into the game, besides allowing the correction of errors which may have been committed in the first half of the season. "Baseball has not been, a very prosperous . enterprise this year, and the ndications point strongly to a radical reduction in players' salaries nest ieason. Men who are drawing $400 and §500 now will esteem themselves ucky if they obtain, half these sums next year, for there is a superabundance of young blood to be drawn upon when the older players become stale, ,nd this course is going to be followed very closely by the magnates who have o put up the money." FRIEND"* mm BIRTH mi Col-Fin, La, Dec. 2, ISSS.—Hy vrife used MOTHER'S PSIEITD before her tliird confinement, and says she vronld not be without it for Jmndreaa of dollars. DOCK MH,£S. 3cnt by "xpress on receipt of price. $1.50 per .bot' ila. Book"ToMothsrs"c'liledfree. BKADFIEl-D REGULATOR CO., 70H OAtC BY ALL DRUGGISTS. ATt-ANTA, CM For sale by Ben Fisher, druggist. CHICAGO MEDICAL INSTITUTE. 15V & loO S. Clark SL Clilcaco. 111. The Regular Old-EsiaMislied PHYSICIANS &SURGEONS are still TrmtUig with tlie Greatest SKILL flND SUCCESS ALL Chronic, Nervous and Private Diseases. A Specialist 'Ho HAS A Mionallepntatioi For tlie Treatment orc&ron.' icancl Nervous Diseases. , Harriet Vernon, English Actress- Harriet Vernon is the poetic name >f a London actress who will be in k.meri'ia next year. She is said to be ne of the most beautiful of her sex in Ingland and comes of a noble family i East Devonshire. The full-sized ortrait of the lady, which appears ADDISON C. GUMBERT. Tho Famous Pitcher of the Chicago Ball Club. Addison C. Gumbert, whose picture is given, is one of the pitchers of the Chicago club, of the National league and American association. He was born Oct 10, 1SGS, at Pittsburg, HARRIET VERSOS. herewith, was taken with permission of the Eoyal Censor of Morals for London. It was recently reprinted in a New York illustrated magazine. GENERAL SPORT. ADDISOS & GUSEBEKT. Pa., and first played vrith amateur teams of his native city. His professional career commenced in 1SS8, when he pitched for the ZaaesTJUe club of Tri-State league. He distinguished himself that season by shutting out the Mansfield team of the same league •without a solitary safe his June ll,and he repeated the same 1 eat Aug. 13, when these teams again met in. a championship contest. He also- batted -well, rankrcg- seventh ia ihat respect The Chicago club has released second baseman Connors because of weak hitting. Eodenbaugh's pole vaulting record of 11 feet 5% inches has been accepted by the Amateur Athletic union. The Boston club has secured from the Brockton club Burke and Lincoln. They join the Boston, team. The Pittsburg club has closed a deal whereby Joe Kelly, of the Pittsburg club, and"'$2,000 are given the Baltimore club for Van Haltren. At Shamokin, Pa., Sept.- 23, Ben Wilson, a local fighter, knocked out T. McCarthy of Northumberland, in fifteen rounds, under Queensbury rules, for a purse of S200. Jack Glasscock has been released by St. Louis, his ten-days' notice having' expired. Pitcher Gleason has been indefinitely s-uspended,and Genins signed by St Louis. Johnny Eckert of Hlin.ois, one of Billy Myers' handlers in his recent fight with McAuliffe, has been matched to fight Andy Bowen, Oct 23, for $1,500, before the Cypress City Athletic club of Thibadeux, La. CURES 9MALA1UAL" POISON Natnre should be assisted to throw off impurities of the blood. Nothing does it so well, so safely or so promptly as Swift's Specific. LIFE HAD NO CHARMS. curial aadpctash rrgedie^. tnr: to no e£«3. I could Itheacie SWOT SffOfiO Co™ fruurrt. OA. S DEBILITY, Lost Manhood Falling Memory, Exhausting Drains. Terrible Dreams, Bead and Back Acne and all the effects lea-dug to early decar and perhaps Consumption or Insanity, treated scientifically by new metbods with never-falling success. S7-SYPHILIS and ail bad Blood and Skin Diseases permanently cured. 5S?-KIDNKY and UKIXAET complaints. Gleet, Gonorrhoea. Stricture, Vi.rlcocele and all diseases o£ the Geniio-Unnary Organs cured promptly without lnjur> to Stomach. Kidneys or other Organs. K?~Xo experiments. Age and experience Important. Consultation free and sacred. Eg 1 - AH correspondence is sjicredly private. Our long experience enables us vo Guarantee Cures In all Curable Cases ol Eczema, Scrofula, Syphilis, Bladder and Kidney Diseases, Leucor- rhoeaand Female Troubles, Liver Complaint, Catarrh, all Blood, Skin and Nervous Diseases. No matter who has failed to cure you, write us a full history ot your case. Hours, S to 8; Sundays,' 9 to 12, Call on or address Chicago Medical Institute. 157 £ 159 S. Clark St. Chicago, Hi. ELY'S CATARRH CREAM BALM Cleanses the Nasal Passages, Allays Pain and Inflammation, Heal the Sores. Restores tho Senses of Taste and Smell. TRY THE CURE.HAY-FEVE" Apartlcla is applied into eacli nostril an<S is agreeable. Price 50 cents at Druggists; by mail registered, 50 cts. ELY BROTHER?. 56 Warren St.. New Yurie. ; USEDBYTHEFASHIGHABlEEVERYWHERt MARQUARD'S THE FAMOUS COMPLEXION BEA-UTIFIER Imports to tho BWn that exquisite whiteness and purity and tine, soft texture BO much admired. Positively remOTM wrinkles, frockles, redness nud roughness of the skin, pimples, « blackheads, tan, sunburn, and nil Imperfections ol the' complexion. Guaranteed abso- Intely pnre. Surprising In Its ejects. AN INCOMPARABLE TOILET J.U.XUflY._ < SIX IViONTHS'TREATMEMTFORSI.25 ADDRESS ALL ORDERS TO J THE HARQUARD-KOTZC"p.f SOUTH BEND, IND. tf Msnticn this Paper. Dcscnp'jva cirralftr and teat - M "' " DP. D. D. REA. Surgeon & Specialist. And In charge or the Electric and Suijflcal Department of. the Medical acd Surgical institute ol Louisville Ky. Will be at the Murdoek Hotel LOGANSPORT, IND. Thursday, Oct. 20th. Returning every month during .the jour t» n- main one day. Dr. Reabas been connected with'the largett hospitals to the country.and has no superior la diagnosing and treatlng.dlseases and deformities. He will give $50 for any case that he cannot tett the disease and where located in five mlnntw Ha will return to Loganspott every month thin year to remain one day. Treats all Curable Medical and Snrglcal Dl»' eases. Acute and Chronic Catarrh, Diseases ortn« Eye, Ear, Nose, Throat and Lungs, Dyspeps'a, Brlght's Disease, Diabetes, Kidneys, Liver, Bla* der, Chronic, Female and Sexual Diseases. Epilepsy or Fits Cured. A Positive Guarantee, YOUNG AND MEDDLE AGED MEN Suffering from Speimatorhea and Impotent ol the result of self nbuse In youth or f xaesi In: matnrer years and other causes producing ioui.fi of the following effects, as exilsslons blotch** debility, nervousness, dizziness, conrWton on Ideas, aversion to soclety.defecOve memory and sexual exhaustion which unfit the victim torbnu- Inest or marriage, are permanently cured t>j »• medles not injurious. , BLOOD AND SKIN DISEASES. Syphilis" and complications, as sora throat, tell-, Ing of the hair, pain in the bones, erupttom, etc. are perfectly eradicated without using mercorj or other Injurious drugs. Gonorhea, Uleet, Stricture and all Urin&n and Kidney Troubles are speedily cured Uy treatment that has never failed. He undertakes no Incurable cases, bnt cursi thousands given up to die. Remember the date and come early, ai big rooms are always crowded wherever be stops, CONSULTION JfREE. Correspondence solicited, and conflden tlal. Address Medlciil und SnrfflcHlInstltnto, 300 Fourth St. touls\lUe JLT SURE GORE FOR CATARRH PENNYROYAL WAFERS. A specific monthly roodidno for ladle* to restore and regulate tho meimes; (producing 1 free, healthy and painless •dJschnrgo, No aches or palne on approach. Now used by over £0,000 ladies. Onco used, will uso again. InvleortUca thcso organs. Buy of yonr dzugiflflt only thoao with our al^nature across foco of label. Avoid substitutes. . . partlcaiars mailed Sc Stamp. JLOO wr box. Address, KUHEKA CHEMICAL COMPANY, Uaraoir, fcica. For sale by B F Keesling and J D Hanson Io Introduce a series of valuable educational world* tho aboro irlll be sent to all applicants &AMES P* DOWNS, PUBUSHt-R, Z43 BROADWAY, NEW YORK. FOB OVER FUbTv this old SovereignEemed' ,jp test, and stands to-day tli ,wn. remedy for Catarrh, Cold .lead and Headache. Persist in . -^, and it will efiect a cure, no matter of how tong standing the case may be.' "~ ~~ 'For salel W! EAK km UNDEVELOPED Organs Btrensttiiencd and enlarged, emls- nlons stopped, Eon: 1. -nhood Itv*to r<M i Taricocele, weak back, :->s,, o<: memory, dizziness,*' 5,^onspcs3, weziness car;. A by the P«nn £ l y -"eTOedlss. H.OO per i-.>* ; six boses foi ».00. A -vrl;'.en guarantee cf ;•_ - with nvery boxes. S;>^d /ramp for piri.,-<;<ars **> the ' ->,ccoa«i Street. . uila.. Every MAN who -would know tie GRANT) TRUTHS, the Plain Fact*, t&O Old Secrets and tha New Discoveries of Medical Science <u> applied- to Married Life, should -write /or our wondcrfnl llttlo -book, called "A TREATISE FOR MEN' OXLV." To any earnest man we -will rotUJooo copy .Entirely Pree, In plain sealed cover. ~A refDPO from the quacku." THE ERIE MEDICAL CO.. BUFFALO, N. V. MANHOOD RES T OREO ten OTnruntee to cnre nil nervons disease*, socli us Weak Memoir LiO»» or Brain ro\y«r, Hendnclw. WuJtcrutoe**. Lontltan- hood, -Mtfhtljr Eml.«!ou«, <tulok.nt.ii. Jivii Dreunu, JL»clc of Confidence, "."(crrou.ncfxi. .l««ttnde, nil drains and Jom of power of the Generative Orpans In either sex cautfod byorerexer- ' tlon. yonthfnl errors, or excessive »se of tohacco, oplom orstton- ianuwhleh soon lead to Infirmity, CoostunpHon nnd Insanity, fut np convenient to curry In vest pocket. Kcntbr jn&llli) Plata DacluW./ to any addrone for SI, or e for «C. CW tth every *5 orSery t, jrlv* a written ar&nt«« to cure or refund- the monf v For Sale in Logansport IncL. By H C .-"urcell DruggistJ 321 Fourth St DR. WILLIAMS' INDIAN PILE OftiTMENT will cure Blind, Bleeding and Itching Piles. It absorbs tba tumors, allays the Itching at once, acts as a. poultice, gires instant relief . Prepared only for Piles and Itching of the private parts. Every box is "warranted. Judge Coons, of Ittaysville, K. Y., says: "Dr. Williams' Indian Pile Ointment cured me after years of suffering." Sold by druggists sen! by mall on receipt of price. W cents and. JL 00 pcrboi. 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