Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 25, 1898 · Page 23
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 23

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 25, 1898
Page 23
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„„.—,,•' raia Limited, Arrangements have been perfected for a line of Semi-weekly Pullman Vestibuled, Double Drawing Boom, and Sleeping Ctos between St. Louis and Lo sAngeles, CU., running through -without change. These cars will leave St. Louis every Wednesday and Saturday night at 9 :00 p. m., arriving at Loa Angles, Saturdays md Tuesdays at 5:50 p. m. A Buffet Smoking Car and Dinning Car are attached to this train at Kansas City, running through to Pacific Coast without change. Only three days from Logansport to Los Angeles, via this line. For berth reservations etc., call on or address Logransporv, Ind. Do Ion Love If >o, secure one of the latest and prettiest TwO-Steps of tbe day, by mailing Ten Cents ttllrer or stamps) to cover mailing and poet- •ge, to tie undersigned for a copy of the BIG FOUR TWO-STEP (Mark envelope "Two Step.; We are giving this music, which la regular fifty-cent ehflet music, at this exceedingly low imte, for the purpose of advertising, and testr Ing the value of the different papers as adver- tttlng mediums. B. O. MoCormiok, Passenger Traffic Manager, "Big Four Route." Cincinnati. 0. Mention thlg paper when you write. Station. iinsylvanialjnBS. TraAne Run by Central It »OLLOW* } • Pall?, t »»llr. «»«pt Bandar. CHICAGO DITI8IOH DAUjT. bMTe tor Chlcago*8:05 a m;*6: 00 a m ;*1 :25 p m •2 -00pm; "4:30 pm. , ArrlTe rrom Chicago *12:30 a m;*12:«0 pm;*l:00 p m: *l:40p m; *8:16p m BRADFORD AHD OOLUMBtJB. LMYC for Bradford *1:10 a m;t7-40am; M:46 Dm- t4:30t) m. Arrr?S from Bradford «2:«ai»; tlO:20 am; DIV1SIOK. dMTe for Bffner t8:15 » m: t»:«> a m- «:05 P m m; +12:6Cp m;t«:4fi V m; 8:80 a m Sunday only. RICHMOND AWD CIHCIBRATI. IMre for Hlchmond t!2:55 am; tB:80 » m; »1:05 pm; t2:20p m. ArrtY»fromBJohmond '2:30 am: tU:OOam «l:50pm;tlO:50pm. IITDIAHAPOLIB AND LOmBYILLB. bMTe for Loultville 13:45 »m; *l:10p ». Arrrr* from Loulsvttte *2:«0 a m; *1:55 p m. J. A. MOCULLOTJGH, A»«nt, Log*fl»port, Ind. LOflANSPOBT £0. BAST BOVWD. 1 Bwtern Bipress dally ».;» » * Mall and Express dally ».« a « Atlantic Express dally....... 4:18 o 10 Fort Wayne AocoKt Sunday.... 6:32 p « Local Freight Si Sunday <:18 P WBBT BOTTHD. B Western Express dally 10:24 p 1 VMt Mall Daily %™ D 7 Mall »nd Bipress dally 2:« p B Pacific Express dally... U=g » 11 DectturAccoEi-gundav 7:3o a >5 Local Freight Ex-Sunday 7:35 a OL KT«B BrVMJOK, WBSTMDB. BUM LOOAJTgPOBZ AMD CHILI. 1TI81 BOOKD. ««.». Arrive* |;» a. «O.CT._ ....Arrtre* *:» PEAST BOUND Mo. M- —Leaves ..-»:« a. Ko,M Leavej *:» p. VANDAL1A LINE. Time T»blo, In effect Dec. 5, 1887. FOR THE NORTH •«_ 14 ................. ri;05 & Q] «o 6 ..... V.I.V.\™"."..'.'.'.".'.'.'.'.' .......... -JU=*J »• >". No. 8. .....: ......................................... 8:» p, m. FOR THE SOUTH. Ho. a ......... — .............................. -£<» a. m. K0.. s ..................................... 2:18 p. m. Ko' 15' Arrive Iron) the north ........... 9:00 p m for complete Time Card, giving ail tretei and nation*, and for full Information ai »o rat**, through cart, etc.. addreM 3. C. IDQBWOBTH, agent, Loganiport, c* B 4. TORD, General Paisenger Agent. St. Louli, Ho. . & w. Time Table, Peru, Ind. BolM trains between Peortfc and fiandusiy and Indianapolis and Michigan. Direct oon- »«otion* to and from all polntu in the United •tatae and Ctnad*. SOUTH BOUHD D»A»T No Z Indianapolis £xp dally 7:10 a m NoSS " Mall*KipJl:»am (daftr ejrcept Sunday) No 36 Indpl's Rzp «x Sua. .- 3 :25 P m i -10 p m No as Pauesger aieopt bun No l&l Rochester local arrive :«pm except Sunday, NORTH BOUND. t:«lamNo30MaU*BxpXxSuu. -•»:'- t-SO p m NO 23 Michigan City dally*. 4:50 p m l : SO p m No M Detroit Kip K2 Sum No 150 Aeoom except Hun... 6;i5 a m •DOM not run nor* of Peru on Sunday. Itot ticket rates and gnneral Information call on J 3, BklTiner, ticket agent, L. K. * W. Peru, Ind. nrC. T.DailT, general agent, Indianapolis, tnd. Through Pullman Tourist Sleeper Cor Poima n Kansas, California, Arizona and New Meztao will leave Indianapolis via the VandaUa Line each Wednesday until further notice. For rate* reservations and full information, apply to nearest ticket agent of the VandaUa Line, or send to Mr. E. A. Ford. 6. P. A., St. Louis. Mo. Monarch orer pain- Burns, cuts, »pr»in«, stings. Instant relief. Dr. Thomw' Eclectrio Oil. At &ny drug •tore. Niagara Falls EXCURSION. Wait for the old Sellable. Lake Erie & Western Personally Conducted Niagara Falls Excursion Tlwreilay Leaves feru 11:38 a. Q. Rate - - SY-OO -ALSO— Sandueky, Put-in bay, Cleveland and Buffalo. With Bide trips to Lewiston.Toronto.ThouBand Islands, etc. For ticiete. rate, time and pamphlet con- taiuing general information, call on any ticket as«nt ot the above route, or address C. F. DALY, General Passenger Agt Incianapolis, Ind. THE NEW WAY. TT70MEN used w to think "fern » le diseases " could on iy be treated after "1»- c a. 1 examinations" by physicians. Dread of' such treatment kept thousands of modest women Silent about their suffering. Thoin_ troduction of Win« of Cardul has now demon- tfrated that nine-tenths of all tho cases of menstrual disorders do not require a physician's attention al all. The simple, pure taken in the privacy of a woman 1 * own home insures quick relief and speedy cure. Women Deed not hesitate now. V/ine of Cardui requires no humiliating examinations for its adoption. It cures any disease that comes under 'he head of "female troubles"— disordered menses, falling of the womb, "whites," change of life. Itmakc» women beautiiul by making them well. It keeps them young by keeping them healthy. $1.00 it the drug store. For »dvlce In cases requlrlnf spaelal directions, address. eivi.iF symptoms, th* " Ladies' Advisory Department," Ths Chattanooga Medicine Co.. Chattm- Tcnn. W. I. JLDDIS01T, M.D., Gary, MI«., f "I use Wine of Cardui extensively In my prictlce and find it a most excellent preparation for female troublei." Harry Don n town (to country sweetheart) —Miss Milkyweigh, do you play and sing "When the Cows Are in the Corn'. 1 '' Miss Milky weiph—Lord bless you, no. I get the dogs aud chase 'em out. A Political Trip. Should it be your one ambition to write a humorous verse, pick out some ancient subject and express in language te*:se. Tbe editor may rejeet-lt, if the meter's out of joint; but If you fashion it like, this, he'll surely see the point. A Lapse. Employment Agent—"See here! How is this? You stayed two weeks in your last place. How did titt happen?" Domestic—"Sure, 01 dunno. Oi must av overshlept mesaif."—New York Weekly. ^ Reflections ot a Bacbelor. No*wadays a man can't go down cellar without the snow-shovel's staring him in the face. "When Caesar was stabbed his •rife probably said it was just because he didn't dress warmly enough. All women know other women whom they can't afford to know on earth, but expect to meet in heaven. A woman can never see a man witi a mourning baad Around his bat without feeling almost as if she knew him. A woman that iESists on'kissing iar husband more than four timas a day would put molasses on her waur- m«lon. It's a fanny thing that the men who always eat nothing but healthy food never look any healthier thaa the men •who don't _ . _ FERG'CIOUS WILD DOGS. Becoming: a. Pent Alone tke Border of A.i.-irona mud New Mexico. John llargeman, Under Sheriff ot Navajo aounty, has returned to Hoi- brook, Arizona, from an extended trip through l.he mountains along the border of Ar izcma and New Mexico bringing a. talis that wild dogs are creating havoc in that region among cattle and sheep. The dogs have been known for only thre e years, flwt making their appearance- in a small band in American Valley, im Western New Mexico. They have increased wonderfully, and are now foujid over a broad stretch of country, despite the efforts of the cattlemen to exterminate them. The dogs average about 100 pounds' weight. They have the head and shoulders of a bulldog, but the build of a timber wolf and wolfish characteristics. In color they are ashy gray, with long black hairs interspersed. Like coyotes, they are little afraid of man, and will follow horsine'n for miles through the timber, not hesitating to attack footmen. They occasionally visit ranc bes, and many instances are known where domestic dogs have joined the bajids. The flogs secure their food by killing sheep and calves, and even full-grown cattle are known to have been pulled down by them. Colts are their especial game. Thomas Alger, a resident of Nutrioso, is responsible for the statement that animals bitten by the wild dogs, if not killed by them on the spot, die within a few days with all the symptoms of strychnine poisoning. He tites an Instance where he was able to verify the local impression to that effect. His house dog was set upon by several wild dogs. Alger drove them away, and the dog appeared to be little the worse for his battle. Yet the animal died in two days with all the signs of strychnine poisoning. The timber dogs are continually getting fiercer and bolder, and the residents of eastern Apache county are organizing to hunt them down. Lincoln m.m Doorkeeper. Mr. James Elter is one of the oldest doorkeepers in the war department, Washington, and has been stationed at the Seventeenth street entrance to the Winder building for many years occupying a chair in whith President Lincoln sat, while he acted as doorkeeper in place of Mr. Elter. Speaking of the incident, Mr. Elter said: "One day a tall, lank gentleman came to the entrance and asked me if the secretary was in, anfl I told him no, that it was too early for him. He then asked at what hour he would be likely to find him, and I told- him. With a pleasant 'Thank you' (something we don't always get) he walked away. At the hour I told him that the secretary would be in he again walked up the steps and asked me if I would not go to the secretary's room and tell him that he wished to see him. I told him that I could not leave my post " 'Oh, that is all right, I am Mr. Lincoln, and I will keep door while you deliver my message. Tell him that I want to see 'him here in the lower hall.' With this the President unpinned my badg«, stuck it in his own coat, and took my chair. I hastened to the secretary's room, and soon the two were together near me, but in quiet and earnest talk. I never did know why Mr. Lincoln did not want to go to the secretary's room, but I know that I prize this chair. I call it Abe Lincoln. No doubt that was the only time a President ever acted as door- keepor.". How t» Keep PlR Pen* Clean. Every nan who has tri»d to keep the sleeping departments of pigs and young pigs perfectly clean, knows what a job it is. A sensible old brood sow is the cleanest animal about her bedding that I know of; but pigs will scatter their bedding all over the room, curry in mud, and foul the whole space with urine and droppings, except a small corner where they will all pile up to sleep. These things worry me a good deal, but now I avoid them all in a very simple manner. The sleeping rooms in both my houses are about eight feet square. The floor of each room is subdivided by a board of eight inches wide, set up edgewise, one part for the bed, the other for the droppings. Once a week the droppings are scraped out clean; then the soiled bedding from the other side is spread over this space, and plenty of clean straw is put in for bedding. Managed in tiis way the pigs never foul their pen, and the fine solid beddinj makes a good absorbent, thus saving all manure, both solid and liquid. TUTier* Mo»qolto«5 Are » BIe«*[ntf. In Havana, Cuba, two physicians have hit upon the happy idea of using mosquitoes to inoculate fresh arrivals In the city against yellow fever. The mosquitoes are first made to contaminate themselves by stinging a diseased person. The inoculation brings on a mild attack of the fever, but when that has passed away, the patient enjovs immunity not only from the disease, but, what Is even more cnrious. from the bites of the insects that hava saved Urn. G»e>c »nd Clover. Geeae -will live on any kind of gras= *nd red clover is considered an exce>- ,l«nt toot, in fact it •will be a luxury for 1 gteee. Tie drofpings are very rich, .but will n«t kill *b« grass unless there U a large fio*k «o a. small lot or yard. The result of overcrowding wili be the with, geftse as -with any other fowl aatmaL It is better policy to give plenty •! pasture room, or to th« run* very often. «i DUKE'S MORGANIC WIFE. (Vhen He Became Heir to tn.e Throne She Had to Go. I met a friend from Canada the'Oth- er day writes W. E. Curtis, who keeps well posted about current affairs, and be told me that the morganatic wife of the Duke of York was living quietly at a remote post in British Columbia with her present husband, who is an offlcer of Her Majesty's army. When -the young Prince was serving his time in the British navy his ship was stationed at Malta for many months, and there he fe!l in love with the daughter of an army officer, who was beauti. fui, amiable and accomplished. She loved him well enough to take the chances of marrying a grandson of Queen Victoria, and there wasn't much said about it until the death of his elder brother made him heir to the throne. Then the situation became serious, particularly as she had presented him with two beautiful children. Just what was done and said nobody knows, but at any rate the young Prince was persuaded to abandon her, the marriage was declared "off," and a young army officer of excellent family, the younger son of one of the noblest houses in Europe, was induced to became her husband. These things can be arranged in England without much trouble. It is often considered an honor to embrace the discarded mistress of a Prince, and the gentleman who married York's wife is always sure of being well taken care of by his Government as long as he behaves himself and prevents a scandal. So they were married, and the future King of England was free to offer his heart and hand to the Princess May, who is now a happy wife and mother, and is probably entirely ignorant of her husband's early romance. The young officer, with his bride, went first to India and served there for a time, but the wife didn't like the climate and the officer secured a transfer to Canada, where for a year or so he has been stationed at a. pleasant post. My friend would not tell me his name, nor where he is located, hecause the information came to him in confidence, and he said there was not a dozen men in Canada who knew the facts. The future of the children is a matter of speculation. They are a boy and a girl. They have taken the name of their foster father and will probably never know that they are the descendants of Kings. Miss Luhi Musselmao is visit I off at Lafayette. Deafness Cannot be Cared by Iocs 1 applications, because they cannot 7 each the deceased portion of the ear. There ie only one way to cure Deafnef*, an<! mat is oy constitutional remedies. Deafness is caused by an inflamed condition of the mu- cou» lining of the Eustachian Tube. When this rube gvis inflamed you have a rumbling sound or imperfect hearing, an* when it is entirely closed Deafness is the result, and unless tae inflammation can be taken out and this tube restored to its normal condition, hearing will be destroyed forever; nine cases out of ten are caused by catarrh, which is nothing but an inflamed condition of the mucous surfaces. We will give One Hundred Dollars for any case of Deafness (caused by catarrh) that can not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for eirculsr, free. F. J.CHENEY i: Co., Toledo, 0. Sold by druggists, 75c. Hall's family Pills aie the best. Mrs, W. D. Roblnsoo and daughter Laura, of Walton, spent the day here wHh friends. The specific for : dyspepsia, liver complain rheumatism, costivenees/peneral debility, ew. is Bacon's Celery King for!the Nerves. This preat herbal tonic stimulates the digestive organs, regulates the liver snd restores the system to vigorous (health and energies. Samples free. Large packages =°c and 25c. Sold only by w. H. Porter, corner Fourth and Mar Set streets. Or I fin of D»»«ert. We are indebted to the French system of gastronomy for the dessert Bourses at meals. They had no place In the early English dinner, and were drat introduced into that country In lie time of the Stuarts, when the French revival toot place under Charles I. At first thsy were simply icoompaniments to other courses, being composed of various sweet things, designed, according to an old Norman writer, "to take the taste of the horrible cookery out of their mouths." In the itourse of time the sweets were put In * course by themselves, which stimulated the French cooks to put forth their constant endeavora to invent new dighei. Loui» XIV. had a cock who invented new dessert* for his master's dinners. Maternal Love. Maternal lov« cannot always be that koly a thing people generally consider It. A curious proof of the fact comei from Stafford Springs, Conn. A landlord there,. thinking to compliment the wife of one of his Italian tenants, told her he wouldn't think of offering her less than his prize-winning brown Leghorn rooiter in exchange for such a charming child as the babe ot ten months she was carrying in her arms. Two days later tin wornm called at the landlord's house, demanded the rooster, in exchange for her child, and would not be put off until the landlord bribed her with a barrel of apples to call the trad* off. Contjmlxory SJiootlnsr. In the French Chamber M. Coache, Deputy from la Somme, has introduced a bill making rifle shooting compulsory upon all the male inhabitants of the republic from the age of 10 to 40 years. In a word, the object of the bill is to make France a nation of sharpshooters. It proposes to make the study and practice of shooting obligatory in all the schools for boys, each scholar to be compelled to present his certificate of marksmanship, such as it may be, at least once a year. Parents and guardians will be liable to a fine if their boys do not burn at the stands a specified number of cartridges. Adults will be compelled to continue the exercise until they are called under the colors. In the reserve, the active and territorial armies the men who distinguish themselves as good shots will be rewarded by reductions in their periods of service. In the opinion of high military authorities the chances of victory in future wars «ill depend largely upon the accuracy of the soldiers' aim. The Fteach newspapers are enthusiastically in favor of the passage of the bill; but it is very likely that it will undergo considerable military tinker- Ing before it can get through, the Chamber, if indeed it ever does go through.. It is an 'easy thing to be a millionaire in Berlin. A yearly income ol over $5.000, representing the interest on 1,000,000 marie, is the qualification for that title, wlxich is enjoyed by 2,082 Berliaers. Tie richest of tk« millionaire* has a capital of about 131,000,000. Daisy Strecker will leave tomorrow for Monticello to spend a few days visiting friends. Try Grain-0! Try Grala-O! Ask your grocer today tO'Show you a package of G-RAIN-O, the new food drink that takes the place of of coffee. ThechJldren may drlnk.it without Injury as well as the edult. All who try It like it. GEAlN-O has that rich seal brown of Mocha or Java,but It Is made 'rom pure'grains, and the most delicate stomach receives it without distress. J- the price of coffee. 15c andj 25c per package. Sold by al! grocers. Be Sure You Are Right and then go ahead. Be sure you get Hood's Sarsaparilla sod yon may confidently expect it will purify your blood and give you appetite and strength. Hood's Pills act easily and promptly on the liver and bowels. Cure sick headache. To Mr. and Mrs. Detrlck, of Clio- ton township, a boy. Great Triumph. Instant relief and a permanent [cure by the great remedy, Otto'B Cure lor lung and throat diswsee. Wby will you irritate your throat and lungs with a hacking- comrb when W. H. Porter, corner Fourtn and Market streets, sole gent, will furnieb you a free sample bottle of this guaranwed remedy? Its-success is won derful, as your druggist will tell you. Sample free. Large bottJe 50c and 25c. SPECIAL Excursion to Burlington Park via Pennsylvania Lines May 23d, 24th, 27th, and 28th account of German Baptist annual meeting at Burlington Park (Naperville, 111.,) spec ial low rate excursion tickets will be sold via Pennsylvania Liues. $3.30 will be the fare from Logansport for round trip. For particular accommodation of excursionists a special train will be run Saturday May 28tb, leaving Logansport 11-49 a. m., central time, running through to Burlington Park without change. All excursion tickets will be good returning until June 34th, with privilege to extend return limit to June 30th. For special information please apply to .1. A. McCullough, Ticket Agt, Pennsylvania Lines, Logansport, Ind. Notice of Application. The undersigned hereby gives notice to iti citizens of Eel township. Caeeeouoty, Indiana that he will apply to the board of ccmm^mon- er« of said county and state, at their June tefm.lS98 for a license toaell spirituous vinous, roaic ann intoxicating liquors in less quantity than a quart at a time, with tbe privilege o£ allowing the same to be drank on the premises where sold. My place of business where said liquors are to be sold and drank. 1» located in a two story frame building known as No. 502 Broadway, fronting twenty feet o-; said street, and running north 100 feet, with a ten loot ceiling, said buildisg twin* located on part of lot number thirty-two, in -J<An- Tipton's first addition to Loginsport. CMrcounty. Indiana. I also gire notice that 1 ipO apply to said board for tbe privilege of keeping and operating pool tables in such room. JOHN HJOTEKS. With m. Fl«wrMk •« IB feiUal times «k« boar's iead wa« the distinguisfciftt Christmas dish. It was served on a »old or silver dish •Ad fcroufht i» t» a flourish of truxi- LAKE BREEZES bring relief from the sweltering h«atof tbe town or city. They raise your spirit* and restore your energy- Tbe gn&ltBt comfort and pleasure in lake travel J» cm one of the LAKE MCEIGAH AMD LAKE SUPERIOR TRANSPORTATION GO'S ELEGANT STEAMSHIPS, agt between CMouro and MaddSAS Idcnd four timut every week, tjt extremely low rate*. The new steel steamship "Millltw" is « magnificent vessel, elegantly equipped with every comfovt and convenience. In-weekly •twixt Chicago, Cbarlevoix, Harbor .Spring*, Petukey, Bay View, Madtinac Island, etc. Write for interesting wading matter, sent tree, or ask your nearest agent. Address , Jos. Beroliheid, 6. P. A. LAKK mCH. AND LAKB - Tlu»h and N. Water St.. GUIDE TO WASHINGTON, D. C, Sent Free To Teachers and Tourists. It contains special information about ju-i'sjbf interest, also complete and comprehensive map of tlie National Capital, time of through trains to Wash- in Ktou via Pennsylvania Short Lines, and reduced rates over that route for the National Educational Association meeting in July. Just the thing for teachers and any one ;;oJug to Washington. Address W. W. Richardson, District Passenger entJndianapolisInS., enclosing ~ cetlt stamp- The guide is worth much more. TO THE KLONDIKE Valuable Information for Persons Going to the Gold Fields. Person* who expect to try tlieii- luc* In the gold fields of Alaska will find It profitable te call on Tlofcet .Agent! of the Penn»y!vanl» Lines and get pOBtedion rates, route* and other preliminaries. Thij Information will be furnished without cbarge.'and any required aid In shaping details will be cheerfully extended. If not convenient to>pply to local agent of the Pennsylvania Lines, send your name and address, with date upoc which you Intend to start, the probable number in the party.uid * request for advice about the fare- time of trains and other particulars, to the following representative of the Passenger Department and a prompt reply will be made. W.W.JUob- ardson, D Agt, Indianapolis. Ind. On Saturday, January 1st, the Wabwh Faat Government MailJtTrain, No. 1, traveled 101 miles in 99 minutes, MSUT- edly a good beginning of the new jear, Watch further performances of this GREAT FLYER, the fastest mail train in the world,and tie PET OF UNCLE SAM. Are you ready for the qnestiont Can a railroad operate its trains at & Mile a Minute Clip unless its roadbed, track and rolling stock are of a high standard? "We Maintain a High Standard." Speed, safety and comfort are all branded «WABASH." If you intend to make a trip to any part of the world, including the "Klondike," communica''e with Lopansport, Ind. REDUCED SoUce of Application. The undersigned hereby gives notice to the citizens of K'3l township. Cass county. Indiana. that he will apply to the board of commfsson- ers of said county and state, at their June term. 189K. for a license to sell spiricuoufi, vinous, malt and intoxicating liquors in leg* quantity than a quart at a time, with the privilege of allowing the same to be dranx on tbe premises where sold. My place of business where eaid liquors are to be sold and drank, is located on the ground floor of a two story brick building at the southeast corner of Broadway andThirostieets. fronting 20 feet on Third street and 40« feet on Broadway, the room baring a ten foot celling, and being located on part of lot Xo. 66, old plat of Logimsport, Cass connty. Indiana. GKOEGJ: W. HCNT. May M, ^-B!u.. To Various Points Via Pennsylvania Lines. Sicurslon ticket* will be sold via Penngylr vania Lines ag Indicated in the following paragraphs. Although conoorfiions in fare are authorized for meetings of certain ordera.tick- ets may be obtained by any perton whether a member of the order or interacted in thoeveut The reduced rates will be open to everylody. To ColmabU8,:Jnd.—May 18th, 17th and 18th. for G- A.. B. State Encampment and Woman* Belief Corps Meeting, good returning until May 21st. From points in Indiana only. To Naperriile. 1JU (Burlington Pai-k. near Chicago)—May 23d. 24th, 27th and 28th.for German Baptist Annual Meeting: good returning until June 24th. with privilege to extend Unit until June 30th. To Louisville. Ky.—June 15th m<3 20th. for Jr. 0, U. A. M- National Council Meeting. &t- turn limit June 2fiih. To Washington. D. C.— July 3d. 4th. 5th and 6th. for the National Educational Atsociatfou Meeting. Good to return Jaly 35th, with privilege to extend;return limit until August31fr. To Chicago, HI—July I2th and 13vh, for Young People's Christian Union. Universal!*! Church. Good returning July 2l»t, with privilege to extend until Auguat 10th. Application for License. VoticeiB hereby given "that L, the nnder- siened. will make application »t the regular June term. 1S98, of the board of commissioners at Caw county. Indiana, for a license to sell spirituous, vinous and malt liquors in less Quantities than aquart at a time, witn ta« privilege of permitting the sameto be drank bathepremises wLere solo. The promises whereonaald liquors are to be sold and drank are situated in » three-story bnck building inown asNo.SU Market street. The room whereto said liquors are to be sold aod drank is located on tie ground floor with. X ifCot frontaire on Market itreet, eztendinr north on anaUerlflOfi»t,an<iha»a:4foot oeiUiw.all Dfctag located on lot No, 7, in Swing's sub di- Tisfon of lotm 51 and S2 original platto Ldfans- port. Second ward, Eel township. Caaf coonty. Indiana, FRANK Dowsrr. Xotiee of Application. Notice is hereby given that the undersigned .ill apply vj the board of county coouniMiOD- er* of Ca£S county. Indiana, at tbe June term. 1SS8, to be begun and held at tbe court house m Logansport, Indiana, on Monday. June 6, JS9S. for a lioeiue to aeQ iplntaou*. vinous and malt liquor* ID ten qoantttie* thaa a quart at a time, and to be dram* <m the premises where sold. The -plao* w'aor* thesamftareto be sold Is known w No. ID* Front street, and is situated *n die soutb twenty-one fe«t of Inr number Dln« (t) in J. B. Shnltz'second c<Mltion to Logan upon, Indiana; tntJ. tbe building tbereoo situate*aw) in which said Mp.TiOTt are to be maOx! to Mr* brick and part frarae,oD« story Ua-b and about ninety feet deep and front* on Trent «U»*. I •Jflo give notice that I will apply to «ald taw* for the pnrfle«e of keeping and operating- pool tables in inch room, 11-wed-it, Jon \yauuiA.

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