Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 15, 1890 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 15, 1890
Page 2
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Items From tlte Notebook of OH Railway Reporter— Points Personal and Otherwise. The Brotherhood of Locouiotivi Firemen are fitting up a hall in an attractive manner at Fort Wayne and on she 3lst of the month it wil be occupied with appropriate cere monies. A freight collision Tuesday on the Big Four road, near Sedamsville resulted in the burning of two oars of whisky and causing painful injur ies to Engineer MoMullen, of Gin L-innati. The Chicago division of the Atchi son, Topeka & Santa Ve is beginning to show good returns. .Last week this road delivered at Chicago more cars of grain than either of the other ten lines, the Chicago, Burlington Qnincy excepted. For the tenth time the report is revived that a road is to be built from Port Wayne to Lafayette on the old canal tow-path. As heretofore, this time parties are hold of the enterprise who express the determination to build it. Col. Chas. Greene aait Will I. Brown, accompanied the Anltnien Taylor train as far as North Judson yesterday afternoon. Col. Green endeavored to ring in with the band on acconnt of his military title but was repulsed. Edward MoKenna, formerly superintendent of the J., M. & I., has now under his supervision 310 miles ol road, with headquarters at St. Paul. He expresses himself as holding the pleasaiitest position now he has held in his railroad career. The annual meeting of the members of the Pennsylvania Volunteer Relief Association will be held in Cleveland on the 26th of this month, fivery member is entitled to vote for officers and the advisory committee, sending their votes in a sealed envelope to Cleveland to be opened by the inspectors. The Blancbard river, which divides Fiudlay, Ohio, is higher than it has been for years. The bridge of the American Midland railroad bet\veen there and Ottowa was swept away Sunday morning for the second time this yf>ar, causing an entire suspension of traffic. It "will be several days bsfore trains can be run. Mr. S. U. Congdon, the well known engineer, who has been ill with paralysis of the lower limbs for nearly a year and a half died at his residence yesterday afternoon. The funeral will be in charge of Logan division No. 20 Brotherhood of Locomotive engineers which will meet at their hall at 7 o'clock this evening to arrange for the obsequies. The German Handelsinuseutn estimates that the steam engines of the world come to 10,000,000 horsepower; that these use about 42,000 tons of coal per hour on the aveaage; that gas lighting consumes 10,000 an hour; gas engines, 4,500 tons: iron smelting. 5,000 tons, and domestic heating, 10,000 tons an hour, all of which comes to over 50,000 an hour. On the other hand the whole output is 550,000,000 to 000,000,000 tons per annum, or about 65,000 tons per hour. Oliver Ferguson and son, contractors, have begun work on the southern extension of the Cincinnati, Wabash & Michigan railway from Anderson to Rushville. A force of two hundred teams is on hand. The contractors have established a camp for their men five miles south of Anderson. The contract specifies that the work is to be completed ready for the running of trains by Auguso 15. This will foriuan important link in the Mackey system. The national convention of the Order of Railroad Conductors at Rochester, New i'ork, was called to order Tuesday^ morning by J. A. Spellman, of the Rochester division. .The address of •welcome was delivered by Mayor Carroll. Secretary of State "Sice also delivered an address welcoming the members to the state. The meeting was more of a social sessiou than anything else. Business meetings commenced in the afternoon. They will be secret. There Jare 250 delegates aud about 500 visitors in attendance. Many of the delegates are accompanied by ladies. The special train carrying tbirtv cars of agricultural implements from Columbus, Ohio, to Ccunci: Bluffs, Iowa, as mentioned in Wednesday's Journal, passed through Logaasport yesterday about 1 o'clock p. m. The cars were beautifully decorated with pictures, flags and bunting and the whole formed a pleasing picture. The machines were from the factory of Aultuian, Taylor & Co., at. Akron. Ohio, and a coach at the rear of the train carried the famous Aultman- Tayior band, the members of which are all employed n,t the works. As the train passed through the city sweet strains of music floated out upon the air above the rush and whirr of the wheels. This is a very unique as well as thorough method of advertising the factory's; • Other shipments will follow. The Pennsylvania and Reading railroad officials are becoming a little warm over the cotupetitiou for passengers between New York and Washington. The Raadingr, with its allies the Baltimore & Ohio, and New Jersey Central, propose to make the distance between the two cities in five hours, aud have issued a time schedule on that, basis. The Pennsylvania has put into effect, a time schfcdule of five hours also, aud calls public attention to the excellent locution of its depots at both ends of the route. The Reading officials announced vester- day that a train called the "imperial Limited" will be run over the now rout.> composed of r;;ir« POW being- built by Puiimau with rechmns: arm clmirs anil a eolon-d attendant without extra f«ro. They *-»»" taU of ccttiug- the • time "ten A PAIH of bantam chickens were eolc »t the London Crystal Palace for $600 •which was almost exactly twice their weight in gold. This is believed to be the highest price ever paid for » single pair of fowls since the days of extravn gant and luxurious Home. ABiDDEi-ORD, Me., man who hustlei about and gathered together a largi crowd of fellow-citizens and a lantern to assist iu searching the gutter for a $5 gold piece, which he/was \inder th impression he had lost, was rune! chagrined when the coin was found to be a bright new copper and the gol piece was found safely stored away in his pocket. THE original flag of England was th banner of St. George, i. e., white will a red cross, which, on April 12, 1608 three years after James I. ascended the throne, was incorporated with the ban ner of Scotland—a blue Bag with a di agonal white cross. This combin utior was named the ''Union .Jack," iu allu sion to the union with Scotland, anc the word jack is probably a corruption of Jacobus, Jacques or James. ^Ai-^r^r^' ° m<;iais wietMueu** iho' IT may not be generally known to the reading public how much each indi vidtial letter of the alphabet is used, D, h, n, o, c and n are in third place at regards ordinary use; t, s, a, i and i are in second place, being used a very little oftener; 1 and in are in fourth with f, K, y, v, p and b close afterward j and k are not common, as comparei to the rest: while z, q and x are uset least of all. The letter o is in lirs place, being used far oftener than any other. KEEPING LIPS K1SSABLE. One Season ot tile Year Whuii TFoiunn> Mouth Should lie Shut. This is good weather for a woman to keep bur mouth shut and. her tcague in. An open mouth exposes the throat to unnecessary cold, whii-b chills the uoUcate niembra.no, and to impurities which, lodging; in it, are frequently productive of serious results, while a hang-ing- or rolling- tongue keeps the lips wet; and in a constant state ol eruption. fjips will never chap ov crack if kept dry, as there is suificiunt oil in th-3 skin to protect them. Soreness of the lips is an evidence of some disorder oi' the stomach. Fi-euli, rosy lips mean health of bodr. There is no hotter cure for rong-h lips than glycer- ins diluted with water. Keep the mouth wet with the mixture for a day or two and the skin will become soft and smooth. Just before going out the oil should be applied and allowed to dry on the lips. Mimy ladies have the habit of running coloflne oc the lips, a practice that should be discontinued, as the alcohol, which is at the base of nit perfumes, burns the skin by arresting; the .-union of the oil glands. llit'ng- tho iips bruise.-; their surface avri when ox- posed to cold they become swollen find ulcerp^ted. *IOO Reward. S1OO. The readers of the Sournal wi!l be pleased to learn that there Is at least one dreaded disease that science has been able to cure In all its stages, and that Is catarrh. Hall's Catarrn Cure is the only positive cure now known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional disease requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's Ca- artli Cure Is taken Internally, acting directly upon ;he blood and mucous surfaces ol tile system, thereby destroying the foundation ol the disease, and giving the patient strength by building up the constitution aud assisting nature In doing Its work. The proprietors have so much faith in its curative powers, they offer One Hundreds Dollars for any case that It falls to cure. Send for list of testimonials. Address K. J. OTENEY & CO., Toledo, 0. ES"Sold by Druggists' ISe. (niny) Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. When Baby was sick, TTO gave her Castoria. Whan she was a Child, she cried for Castbria, When she bacazca Hiss, she clung to Castoria, When shehad Children, sheg-ave them Castoria, No lady should live in perpetual 'ear, and suffer from the more serious Toubles that so often appear when Dr. Kilmer's Complete Female Reme dy is certain, to prevent tumor and cancer there. For sale byB. F. Kees ing. 3 >r. Hciile.v's Celery, Beef and Sraa. s a remedy every farmer should keep on hand, as it is invaluable for many diseases. All dealers sell it. Price 81.00. _ The Rev. Geo. H. Thuyer, of Bour»on, Ind., sayg: "Both myself and vife owe our lives to Shiloh's Con- urn ption Cure." For sale by B. IT. Ceeslmg. g Catarrh cured, health and sweet reath secured by Shlloh's Catarrh emedy. Price 50 cents. Nasal Ejector free. SoJd by B. F. Kees- lin " All medical authorities agree that catarrh is no more nor less than an inflammation of the lining membrane of the nasal air passages. Nasal catarrh and all catarrhal affections of the head are not diseases of the blood, and it is serious mistake to treat them as such. No conscientious physician ever attempts to do BO. It is held by eminent, medical men that sooner or later a^speciftc will be found for every disease from vrhiou humanity suffers. The facts justify us in assuming that for catarrh at least a positive-cure'already exists in Ely's OreamBalm. 27toll To Xervonm I>ebilitate<t Men. If you will send us your address, •we will mail you our illustrated pamphlet explaining all about Dr. Dye's Celebrated "Electro-Voltaic Belt and Appliances, and their charming effects upon the nervous debilitated system, and how they will quickly restore you to vigor and manhood. Pamphlet free. If you are thus afflicted, we will send you a belt and appliances on trial. VOI/TAIO BKI/T Co., feb7d-wly Marshall, Mich. TheKreat Sjirine Medicine. It will be gratifying to oil who realize the vital n« easily of purifying tiie blood, to know that Hibbaril's Rheumatic Syrup can be relied upon us a blood medicine. Mr. B. C. Robinson, ot Marshal, Mich., says: C Gentleman:—I have' suffered Intensely from bllllousness and rheumatism for over three years, and had tried so many remedies that I had lost nil faith. Hearing of Hlbbard's Rheumatic Syrup I bought a bottle and found Jt helped me. I have used four bottles, and it has restored my liver and kidneys to healthy action, and done more to purify my blood than anything I have ever taken. I um pleased to recommend is as a wonderful blood medicine, Very truly yours' B. C. Robinson, Marshall. Mich. Sold by druggists. Prepared only by The Charles Wright Medician Company' Detroit, illch. i! We Con and l>o guarantee Dr. Acker's Blood Elixer for it has been fully demonstrated to the people of this country that it is superior to all other preparations for blood diseases. It is a positive cure for syphilitic poisoning, ulcers, eruptions and pimples. It purifies the whole system and thoroughly builds up the constitution. For sale by Johnston & Bro. 7 There is no Pain I^ike Toothache. It "beats the dogs" for making'a fellow squirm. Nobody pities you. Get it out," says one; "rub the tooth against a;stone," says another; 'when it begins to swell then it won't lurt so much," says a third. The reason of the ache is you didn't use iOZODONT, "nd prevent yonr teeth 'roni decay _ 4toll A tlliild Killed. Another child killed by the use of opiates given in the form of soothing syrup. Why mothers give their children such deadly poison ss surprising when they can relieve the child of ts deculiar troubles by using Dr. Acker's Baby Soother. It contains no opum or morphine. Sold by Johnston Bro. 10 A I>nt5' to VoiirsclN. It is surprising- that people will use a common, ordinary pill when they can secure a valuableJEnglish one for the same money. Dr. Acker's Engish pills are a positive cure for sick headache and all liver troubles. They are small, sweet, easily taken, and do not gripe. Sold by Johnston & Bro. _ 9 A !Sa.re Investment. Is one which is guaranteed to bring j-ous;itisr<ic- My results, or in case of failure a return ol pur- .hase price. On this safe plan yoa can buy from ndvcrtised Druggist a bottle of Dr. King's New Mseovery for Consumption. It Is guaranteed to Jrmgrellef in every caso, when for an? affiction 'hroat, Lungs or Chest, such as Consumption, nJiummatlon oJ Lungs, Bronchitis. Asthm Whooping Cough. Croup, et:-., etc. It Is pleasant >nd agreeable to taste, perfectly safe, anil ran lirays be depended upon. Trial bottles free at D. F. Keesling's Drugstore. i Shiloh's Cough and Cure is sold by us on It cares Consumption. B. F. Keesling. Consumption a guarantee. .For so'° by 4 fuuiufi- in- Croup, whooping eoneh and bronchitis immediately relieved by Cure. For sale by B. F. Is I,ife Wor»Ii not if you go through the world dyspeptic. Dr. Acker's Dyspepsia Tab ets are a positive cuse for the worst onus of dyspepsia, indigestion, latulency and constipation. Guaranteed and sold by Johnston & Bro. _ 6 Site IVns Completely Cared. A daughter oS my customer suiterou from sup- ressed menstruation, and her health uas com- Ictelj- wrecked. At my suggestion she used one ottte ot Bradlleld's . Female Regulator, which uredher. J. W. HELIUMS, Water Valley, Miss, write The Bradfleld Reg. Co., AU.-inta, Ga,, for artictilars. Sold by all druggists In Logansport Ind. s If you have a cold, cough, (dry hacking), croup, cankered throat, atarrh dropping, cough, Dr. Kil mer's Indian Cough Cure (Consump- ion Oil) will relieve instantly; heals •nd cures. Price 2oc. 50c. and $1.00 'or sale by B. F. Keesling. 4 Bncfclen's Arnica Salve. The Best Salve to the world for Cuts, Bruises, ores, Ulcers. Salt Hheum, Fever Sores. Tetter, happed Hands, Chilblains Corns, and all SWa ruptlons, and positively cures JL'iles, or no p;iv equtred. It Is guaranteed to elve, perfect sat- tiiction. or money refunded.• Prlca 25 cents per ox. F.OR8ALEBYB. F. Keesling. (ly) liea.iii.cije, iieu."ea.t^.tt. ,ii/.zim-,-> nervousness, spasms, »k'Ki>Jesjue»s, cured by Dr. Miles'JSfervine "amples frea ftt B. V. Keesttng's Bl Why trill you cough when Shiloh's Cure will give immediate relief. Price 10 cents, 50 cents and $1. For sale by B. F. Keesling. 7 Shiloh's Cure will immediately relieve croup, whooping cough and bronchitis. For sale byB. F. Kees- 8 A PHYSICIAN of note says that it is impossible to draw any conclusion from the size and shape oftho head as to the extent or surface of jlie brain, and so as to the mental capsieitv. It is absurd to judge of the bruin imrfaoe by eiMier the size of the head or Ihn extent oi the superficial irregular surface which is covered by the skull, without taking into consideration tho nu-iibei-of fol<ls o;the depth of creases. "For a little brain with many deep folds may really, when spread out, have a larger surface than a large brain with few shallow folds." What do phrenologists say to this ? The Clangor ofan Alarm Kpil Close by, in the stllllnesH of the night, could scarcely startle the ordinary individual more than do trifling noises the nervous Invalid. But once the nerves arc braced and the system invigorated with Hosteller's Stomach Bitters, this abnormal sensitiveness Is succeeded by a tranquillity not to be disturbed by trlvul causes. Impaired digestion Is a fertile cause of nerve weakness aad a vigorous renewal of the action of the stomach is one of the surest means of Invigorating and quieting tho .nerves. Insomlna. or sleeplessness, a form of nervous disease, is unqu stionably benelitad by sedatives when Jt is prolotiegd, or ot frequent occurrence, but its permanent removal is more effectually actoived with the Bittetg. This medicine is also signally efflcnclous for malaria, rheumatism, constlpatien, liver complain!:, and torpidity of the kidneys aud bladder. IjtOIS. Aclvic.w to .1loih«ri-. Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup, for children teething, is the prescription of one of the best female nurses and physicians in the United States, and has been used for forty years with never-failing success by millions of mothers for their children. During the process of teething its value is incalculable. It relieves the child from pain, cures dysentery and diar- rhoea, griping in the bowels, and wind oolic. By giving health to the child It rests the mother. Price 25 cents a bottle. junol8d-wly Jlnili-oa<5 Employ «'(«» IliMCiiHe. after Seven Years' Cos«te*t. While employed as agent of the Michigan Central Jiailroad Company, at Augusta, Mich, my kidneys became diseased, and from an impoverished and impure state of the blood, my general health was entirely undermlnded. I consulted the leading physicians of this city and Ann Arbor and all pronounced my case Bright's disease, In October last, 1 began taking Hlbbard's Rheumatic Syrup, and am to-day a well man. itafTords me pleasure to render suffering humanity any good that I can, and 1 wish to say that I think it the greatest blood, kidney and -liver medicine in tho world. E. Larzllere.Agent M. C. R H., Albion, Mich. Sold by all druggists. Prepared only by Charles Wright Medlclue Co., Detroit, Mich. 1 Opinion of a I^catliug- Kilitor. Almost all the diseases that afflict us from infancy to old age have their origin in a disordered liver. A really good liver medicine is the most important in the whole range of pharmacy. We believe Simmons Liver Regulator to be best among them all. We pin our faith upon the Regulator, and if we could persuade every reader who is in ill health to buy it, wo would willingly vouch for the benefit each would receive.— Ed. Cin. Gazette. IltolS A Spring Medicine. The druggist claims that people call daily for the new cure for constipation and sick headache, discovered by Dr. Silas Lane while in the Rocky Mountains. It is said to be Oregon grape root (a great remedy in the far west f er those complaints) combined with simple herbs, and Is made for use by pouring on. boiling water to draw out the strength. It sells at 50 cents a package and is called Lane's Family Medicine. Sample free, leod j Ask Yonr Friends About It. Your distressing cough can be cured. We know it because Kemp's Balsam within the past few years has cured so many coughs and colds in this community. Its remarkable sale has been won entirely by its genuine merit. Ask some friend who has used it what he thinks of Kemp's Balsam There is no medicine so pure, none so effective. Large bottles 60c and $1 at all druggists. 2eod nieril Wins. We desire to say to our citizens, that for years we have been selling Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, l)r. King's New Life Pills, Buckien's Arnica Salve and Electric Bitters, and have never handled remedies that sell as well, or that have given such universal satisfaction. We do not hesitate to guarantee them everr time, and we stand ready to refund the purchase prh e, if satisfactory results do not follow their use. These remedies have won their great popularity purely on their merits. B. F. Keesling Druggists, U) is the complaint of thousands suffer ing from asthma, consumption, coughs, eto. Did you ever try Dr. Ackers English Remedy 1 It is the best preparation known for all lung troubles. Sold on a positive guarantee at 35 cents and 50 cents by John ston & Bro. _ 8 Says the Southern Xedlrnt World: "Mother's Friend" Is gro«tng In favor throughout the South and Is highly recommended by; physician?. We consider It Indispensable to those who loiown they must pass through the ordeal ol childbirth. Write Bradfleld Beg. Co., Atlanta, Ga., for particulars. Sold by all druggists In Logansport Ind. _ i IMhbarrt'n Jllicnm.itie and .Liver Pills. These Pills are sclntlflcally compounded, and uniform In action. No griping pnia so commonly following the use of Pills. Tbrr are adadted to both adult? and children with perfect safety. We guarantee they have no equal in the cure of Sick Headache, Constipation, Dyspepsia and Biliousness; smd. as an appetizer, they excel any other preparation. JanlGdiWly The farmers, In tbelr swamps, we're sure Could find tile roots and plants that cure, If, by their knowledge they only taiew For lust the disease each one grew. Take courage now, and "Swamp-Boot" try, ffor kidney, liver and bladder complaints] As on this remedy you can rely. For sale by B. F. Keesling dwtf Syrup White Pine and Tar will im mediately relieve croup, whooping cough and bronchitis. For sale by B. F. Keesling jan25d-w4tn Sleepless nights, made miserable by that terrible cough. ShUoh's Cure is the remedy for you! For sale by B. F,-Keesling. _ 2 That hacking cough can be so quickly cured, by Shiloh's Cure. We guarantee it. For sale by B. F. Keesling. . i Mononghala rye whisky at $2 per gallon, at Martin Bligh's, 305 Market street. febllwly THE irony of fate is seen hi the sad fate of Captain Couch, the Oklahoma boomer. After devoting his time and energies for neveral years to organizing raids into that forbidden region, imd thus doing much to force its opening to settlement, he was so beaten in the race for land when the day of jubilee came that he was compelled to jump another man's claim, and was shot in the leg and died a few days afterward. NELLY BLV'S journey round the world in seventy-two days was considered a great achievement, but it au- pears that n copy of the London Times went around the world by the Canadian Pacific route nearly three years ago iu two days days' less time than that. It was back in the Timex ouice in London on the sixty-ninth day after its publication, and this occurred without prearrangement. ONI: often reads jiafhnl.ii 1 . ski.-ies •>£ pet birds that die simultaneously with, or shortly after, their child owners. It sounds pretty, but the simple prose of I the matter often is that the owners infected the birds. Canaries and other songsters will catch scarlet fever, measles, diphtheria or almost any other human disease, and if left in the sickroom they are almost sure to be infected. Pet cats and small dogs, too, are often sacrificed in the same way, and in their cases there is also the risk that they will go out and become the unwitting instruments of disseminating dis««se. Peculiar Many peculiar points mak« sipartlla superior to all Peculiar In combination, and preparation of lag Hood's Saraaparllla possesses Uio fuHcuratlre value of the beat known remedies the vegetable k 1 n g- Peculiar in and economy— sap arm* Is Hood's Sarsapirilla accomplishes «n crto unknown, and has won for Itself tho title of '• The greatest f pnrlfler over discovered. Peculiarinits"goodname inane,"-there is BOW ^ ot Hood's Sarsaparflla^^^ Lowell, where ./fcC tHan of all ^ * V^th^T* 1 ~,^»<arV^ BTec attained such pom. >^X>^ arit 7 ta 80 **<>* » ttfc ^d ^^^ a*"i retained its popularity ^J^^^and confidence among all chja, Sol people so steadfastly. Do not be induced to buy other preparation but be sure to get the Peculiar Mcdlcto? Hood's Sarsaparilia SoldbraUdruggliH. 51 iiU forS5. PrepatMui, 67 C. L HOOD 4 CO., Apothecaries, Lo-msliJib* IOO Doses One Dollar rcervous debility, pch.r on diffidence, sexual weakness. pimpW cured by Dr. Miles' Nervine. S« m ol-is free at B. F. Kees)i a .;'s. (: ' Beautiful, Delightful. Equal to any Imported beer made EDELWEISS TRY THE Logan sport Brewing Co.'s Edelweiss Beer, made from the best imported hops, and the finest select malt to be had. Warranted Pure and OltLj i On draught in all places to-day. WITH THE GEOGRAPHY OF TEE COtrN"TET, WILL CSTAFS MTJOH VALUABLE nTFORMATIOW FROM .&. STUDY OF TSIS JC1P Or THE CHICAGO, ROCK ISLAND & PACIFIC RAiLWAY, Including main lines, branches and extensions East and West of t!i« Missouri Biver. The Direct Boute to and from Chicago, Joliet. Ottawa, T3Anw4n T.fi C^ll A T^ff Ali.4^ T3 n >.l*. T n 1 A _ J 1_ TT T »>Tv^»« *^^ ."__' .. « J. ^J_A futuie. i" JAJ w ii—iuuiucuuuiia ana os. raui. in uu. and Sioux Falls, Iu DAKOTA—Cameron, St. Josech, and Kansas City, ia MISSOURI—Omaha, Fairbury, and Nelson, in NEBfiZSKA—Horton, Top Hutchtnson, Wichita, Belleville, Abilene, CsldwelL in KANSAS—F Creek, Ktogfisner, Port Bono, in the INDIAN TEREITOBY—and Coloi— Springs, Denver, Pueblo, in COLORADO. FHEB Beclininff Chair Cars to and from Chicago, Caldwell, Hutcninson, and Dodge City, and Palace SleepIng: Cars between Chicag-o, Wichita, and Hutcninson. Traverses new and vast areas ot rich farming and grazing lands, affording tho best facilities or intercommunication to all towns and cities east and west, northwest and southwest of Chicago, and Pacific and transoceanic Seaports. MAGNIFICENT VESTIBULE EXPRESS TRAINS, • J..eadingr all competitors in splendor of equipment, cool, well ventilated,and ;-'.'? e . £ ^ onl dust - Througit Coaches, Pullmaa Sleepers, FREE Reclining C tiair_Cars, aad (east of Missouri Biver) Dining Cars Daily between Chicago, ff ~ ~ — — ' ' — I • "" •-••*» « w<-«^- u*^>) *J* .u-.aiL^0c*^ -W* WJ* OUU .1 VUOlXAk* t-U*l^»JXAiU. ***•—— Hotels (x.irmshing- meals at seasonable hours) west of Missouri Hirer. California Excursions daily, with CHCKUS OP ROUTES to and fi-om Sag £•?••£& Og-den, Portland, Los Angeles, acd San Francisco. The DIEBCT LINE to and from Pike's Peak, Manitou, Garden of the Gods, tho Sanitad" urns, ana Scenic Grandeurs of Colorado. VIA THE ALBERT LEA ROUTE, Express Trains daily between Chicago and Minneapolis and St. J with THROUGH Becliningr Chair Cars (PKfiE) to and from those points a SoUd with T ecnngr Cair Cars (PKE) to and from those po Kansas City. Through Cliair Car and Sleeper between Peoria, Spiri and Sioux Falls, viaTlocfe Island. The Favorite Line to Pipestone, tpwn, Sioux Falls, and the Summer Eesorts and Hunting and Grounds of tho Northwest. THE SHOBT LINE VIA SENECA AND KANSAKES offers facilities <f travel between Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Lafavette and Council Elans, »*• Joseph, Atchison, Leavenworth, Kansas Cicy.'ilinneaoolis, and St. Pa-" 1 -.^. _ For Tickets, Maps, Folders, or desired taTonnationr apply to any TicS**- Offlce ;n the UnitedStatea or Canada, or address •*•«•* JOHN SEBASTIAN, E. ST. .JOHN, Gtaeral Manager. CHICAfS-o. Ooc'l Ticket & Pa» *&*^A

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