The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 18, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 18, 1936
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

MONDAY, MAY 18, 1930 BLYTIIEVlI/Lli, (AUK.) COU1UEH NIMH I PAGE FIVB Classifie CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rale ]»r line Tor coiisccii- tH-c Insertions: One tlinc JKI- Tina ............ lOc Tvo limes per line per day .. 08c "lircc times i>er lino |ici ilny . 05e Elx times iier line per dnj .. 05e Month rate per lino ........ Sdc Minimum cnargo 60o Ads orclerca rur tnrcc or six (lines and stopped before expiration will be clmrfjc'rt far (he number of limes the nd appeared and of bill mnclc. All Classified Advertising copy eiilimittcil by persons residing outside ol me city must. be accompanied by cnsli. Rates mny br easily computed from above table AavrrrisiiiQ ordered lor irregular Insertions take the ono time rate Ho iciponflDlluy will be taken for more than one Incorrect In- Kjrtloa of nny classified ad. Business Directory (Wanted -- Used Furniture Spot Ciisli 1'aitl IVANTED — Al.l, KINDS JUNK Scrap Iron, $3 to $5 ton Aluminum, 1Dc Ib. Hrass, '2c lo 4',ic !b. Copper' Wlrt, Jc lo Oc Ib. Kndliiloi-s, 4VJC 11). ' HIDES & J.''UKS WOLF AltlAN P1ION1S 110 US E. MAIN AWNINGS FOR HOUSES COMMKKUIAIj BUILDINGS Itruily Made Awnlnes Sl-^fi u|l Host 1'rlccs lor Quality Work Carney Awning Co. Wade Furniture Co. 301-303 E. Mnln Formerly L);<vls & uodson Wauled To Buy liixl<1 S. Friinklin st. phone 7-1, row's, frcsur Cm ,,,. s , )|lh . y naileries IJElTHlt UA'iTEHY SKKVJCH Call J. B.-C!unc M Tom Jaekwn's Service SUilion Cull CW 113 S. First HARRY BAILEY'S AT MISSOURI STATE LINE O]icii D;'y and Niulit Automotive Buy With Confidence Drive With Satisfaction CKAl'PIti 3SC | Every Friday, S:\tnrdiiy & Sunday I'ltHMiS CUT ON AUTO 1'AIITK Tires, Tillies. Batteries, Paint. Tools, Molor Oil, l-'loor Mais, Scat Covers. Get our prices before yon buy. Have Money! AVOI.I'' AKIAN 1'lmnc I'fti laa K. Main LION & TEXACO OAS 1G.8C B»l. s. Poultry .JIONIIV BACK With Every It. & (i. Or SiiuaiT Ural Cur Huuuht From riiillips IHulm- Co. 103G 1' O It I) V-8 T U I) O K TOlIIlINt; — llhic eulor, a.OOO Jliles. Kaine as New .................... $5:15 1935 i- out) V-H T un OR T O V K I N G. llailio. A Heal Hiiy ............... S'1-l 1SI3I I'OKI) V-S FO It I) OK SJlilJAN— Same as New .. $.!'J5 IUI1I M)ltll V-S UK MJXK TlinOlt— .New paint, new tires ............ . ....... ?'*lo MONEV BACK GUAKANTliE ON Al.l, JIAKli.S Liberal Al:avvui::r- On Your rrcs- ••nt Car - - Low riaanci: Charge Thrull^li LI. C. C. Opi-n Kvei:iii|;s fur Yum Convenience. Drive by Lois anil Get Aerituiiilod. Call 810 - 811 for Demonstration or Information. Ask fur Graves, Shanks, Calvin ' or Barlicr. MILLIPS USED; CAR LOT 5lh & Walnut I'lionc S10 or 811 Open At Night Cigarettes $1.25 Carton BIG BASEBALL C1AME EVERY SUNDAY 1'lione 1505-F4 or 143 rOULTIJY B QUO I IT & SO Ml hiiltiesl Prices Paid B. T. WORTHY—315 E. MAIN WDiG GUIDE! MINNOWS—Ic each CVllllfwl I'uliuo 1'llUll.S—'rillllH Pepper <V Km; I'liinls (i. C. H.I«lK Cor. l.uhc .V Main or [WO Mudrson (111111:11 run CIIANCKKY COUHT, CltlCKAUAWllA DIHTItlOT, MISHISSll'l'l KANSAS. COUNTY, Alt- MINNOWS !u; each i;;;,:, i,uHllOT Ainoi'lc'uii Si'i'iully Company mid W. 1,. Drluny, Triislw. iMnlntlll, v.s. Nil. U11<3 Miiry S. Iliiuwk, ni'femlimt. Tlir ili'R'iidniil, Mnvy s. H;in- 1'ivk, Is vmrnixl In ii|>|n>nr within Hour Glass Alarm Times Telephone Conversations I.IHi'ZlCI tUl>>- H nvold extra i'liiiii;i's In lov lo Unit Uu- tlnw- Good Used Trucks 1IKI.1— I).; Ton I'onl 1!»S5— \:, Ton I'uril l'Il'k-Up Ililll — l>j Ton Chevrolel H)::i— li; Tun Inlernatiinial All have Coml stnla llodles i • AIT iho complaint i>[ ||u> pliilnllll, '• Anuk;in Hcrurlly Coiuiiaiiy uiui i W. I,. DrUmy, 'IVii.slrc. i IMlul Hits rilli ilny of April, ISM, il. M. ciiAin, c:ioi:k. liy A. !•'. tsinlili, I). (;. \Yriic McMllIni, Aily. M:i\ II. Hl'lll. Ally. Ail l.Hcin. til-l-ll-1'1 Delia .Implement C Rh:ihmlu Hiilta; N. «. Hallbn; Union ,V I'linitcr.'i Hunk ,<i Trust I'nnpmiy. uii IIIISUT; Union 'I'lim- ti'r.-i Niitluinil Hank ,V Trust Company. as IniKlir; V'lniiklln llunil Company anil Do You Want (o Build a New HOME? Investigate Our F11A lo "0 Year Payment I*ian I E. C. Robinson Lumber Co We Guarantee to Save You Money on Screen Work of All Kinds Barksdalc Mfg. Co, Phone 19 Wall Paper NKW CAT! CRN'S— LOW I'llICIif CANVAS, 1'ASTK ASK Cash Feed Store Pays Top Prices For Efigs & Poultry JU E. Main Found '['nick license No. 211-130. Owner may luivc .same liy eall- :IB at Courier News ollice mid paying charges. ?i:>. r >.<K) Credit on New Chevrolet or used car, value $-1110.01) ur tuo r ,'. to buyer having no trade-in. - ~ Ci-od clisi-oiiiit lor cash. Box "All".! 1 !" Drbenluiv Cninoridioii H r o Courier News. (Ill Kpvuriu'd to appear In llie ! Chan , . 11 cry Court fur the Clik'kiisuwbu Sh(U' RfHilirin^ l>islrli:l of Mississippi County, UlH.iU 1XUJM11 1II£ Arkansas, within three months „" ~ ; ~ 1 mid answer Hie eoinplainl of •Shoes Kcpaircd, fi5c & ll[) L-oiiiimHlorc Cliirpimilloii. :r Shops •Strings wllh j(il). le t'xlra SA'nSPACTION GUAHANTHEI) 'nan: IU.IH-: HHOI: snov Next to li. 1'. Worthy's l-'mrii;ii I'oiver Ihiys I'liines CiUiNDAIj':, C'al. lUI')—'I'hlrly. oiu 1 "llyiiif; poj'cmitue.'i' 1 or Vulter Ktlaek phnirs have been ordered by a (metgn national from tlio Airpl:uu> l)i'Vi'lo|]ini'nL Corpora- lion IHW, The iilftiuvs will linvi: [i li:p ^['eed o( "Jol mill's an hour mill arc Mgiiipjied witli bomlis anil heavy RIIIIS. Tin: name of tho 01- ileriiu; niition is bi'lus; ke]il .secret. HOLT'S riAitniiK SHOP 101 Suutli 2nd St. HAIRCUT 200, SHAVE 15c Bath—Close 8 p.m.—Shine AUJC V 'O0f>" -A body weii;hli!K l[ll pound.s a ] Hie earl'irs jioles would welijli l!i( I pounds at tile eipiator, the U. Naval Observatory reixirls. Uali'd lhl:i May lllli, IDIIIi. II. M. CKAHi, Clerk, liy A. I-'. Binttli, D. C. telll .t ISvrnrd, Atlys. ;or PhiinlilV. ' ' ll-ia-CO- Kxpoils In the If. K. lrcaKiir> cli day ninnt approximately .10. MID new lillls iinil 25.01)0 old onei wlllionl un extra l<\\ All lni;enlmi:i lr!i<[jtii»i.> call- lin« lias Ix'en ilrvlu'd w lilcli fnrns or I lie ii]i))icwi'Ji o( n,,, lid of llic cull. 'I'lii' (irvU'e ciin- IhlS (if llll Il0lll'-^;]|l^.s airiUlfil'- ii'iit which rliitis a br|| ut ili ( . nd of Iwo ninl a luili inlnuics. KITKP1UCKS Kn-ry day on l''nofi.""F']ollr. Meals. CJroc't'rlcs. l''rciih ' I-'riilt.^ and I'rodiicc-, Fa;iry mul tMnpli- nny t|iiuntlly, I-'ur funvciilriiri- no nircr "I'ro- ll( SInulliK I'nil.'dlli' Civilil" C'oniB In or I'lione RITE PRICK GROCERY I'l e !f3'l \\\- Drily, T 111 I!. IMnlll In Old r. (). Tile liiilf-nilinile wliteli follows, \ iM'fore the eiul or (lie telephone' it lierlod lihiiiiid l»> Icin; i'iioiii:h to if llnlsli Hie eoiivorsatlon. 'Hie phcni>:i i-all iilnvm whleh Is .stiinm al the I l.el|izlll Kali- Is devised foHi worW-wldo use, us (lie limit for'l a teleplionu eall Is llnve nilniites In vlrlually every elvlllwd eoun- Wreeker Service - (jsti 01'ION AF,L NIGHT PHILLIPS SERVICE (JKNTKU I'honcs 117 - sip RADIO REPAIRING k I SOLD OUT Wn nrc out in alfalfa .seed mul win iu>|. ui'i any more fnun (lie placu wi! t;ut (he kind wo )mvc been lunidllni;, mul we are ufruld i diuinso In fi'iu- Hint iho S ,. (H | onlil r.ot In; as luijtninr us the no that we have lurii wlllnu. We. (hunk our Inule for the mill volimie ttl wilf.s [lull we have iijoyi'd. We ttlll have lln'in n l; aln il.s fall. We ninv tiir.'i' Boy lieans -.|,umto, 'li'islnlK Hi own. Miiiiiiitnin iniiwn nil ni-lsln. I'cas-Whlps, Mixed nd New Km. And nny kind of Cotton Seed ;rown liere. Bee at call us. L. R. Matthews Gin Co. Collini, Hi'til * Coul Telephone' l!ill-r-3 Yarlini, Arli. ONE A UnniiiTele Line O t TuIics mid I'lirts •nun BARD TlltE i HATl'KUV CO. TIIONE 476 Now I^icalcil at 101 North Smm<l ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU IX)N EDWAUUS, rroprlulur All makes of relmlll Typewriters, Addln ff Mncnlnn .nil t;»l- culalora—Kcpalrlne—1'arts—Ulbloiu SHUVICK STATION VOH YOlllt CONVIiNltiNCr,' SINCLAIR GAS i\NI) UJl!ltICATION —liiiUcry Service —Itiidiiilor Itt'imlr —Hotly Work —Kendor Wiii-k —UlsiKs Inslallcd —Atitu 1'arla i\ uiu ] til Iti W, T. BARNBIT I AUTO SALES oileo & riyinoutli Dealer PHONIC S88 HEAR! HEAR! -If- you )mv<> M btii-inl iWHOcinliou coHiliculc of MH.V ,;lll(l Oil .VOID' l()Vt!(l OIU'H Wlloil UlUy l,njJ3 wfiy wo will ;ica;|>l ii. at full viilttc on Hie funeral, - you liny UH much ;is ?CU or juot'o in COBB FUNERAL HOME I'MONK 2G nrrsKUiton-s NEW I'AINT FINANCE 1'l.AN The Arkmo Lumber Co. riione 40 Free Estimates For Kcut Laiye front cool Be<lroom. Miss Bess Hall. Call 280. c kit COOL bedrooms, reasonable. Mrs. Jennie Craic, SCO W. Main. 2 room Furnished apartment, 108 W. Kentucky. Phone ii83. pk-21 2 FURNISHED apartments, adults only. Available June 1. -115 Jo'nn- s:on Avc., Osccoli), Ark. 13-pk-20 U room house, furnislied or unfnr- nisrhcd. '2 baths :uid sleeping porch. Dll Walnut. C. J. Crane. Call SG or at). • pk-21) For rent—3 room furnished apartment, very reasonable. Charles Allen, 1LJ2 East Davis. P2pklO 3 room FURNISHED apartment, 'modern. 1117 Ash. Mrs. George MatUicws. Call 294. ck-lt 3 & •! room modern furnished apartments, Reason!ii>le. Call 280. 14-ck-tI Mo<3ern furnished house for snm- n;cr. Reasonable. Mrs. Cross, 300 Lake. 0-ck-tf 2 beduioins or a two rwnn furnished apartment. Reasonable MIB. J. T. Collins, 1020 Hcarn. Lower floor at 10)3 W. Wahml, -I imfiirnished rooms. Call 22'1-J. • ck-lf UNfUUNISHL'!) •! room apartment with bath. Call 321, or 55 at niSlil. 12-ck-tf Furnished S-rootn .house. 503 N. Fifth !)t. Couple 'only. dh 5 Room Apartment. 4 rooms furnished. J. If. Smart. Cnil 805-J 2o ktf ROOM, .size 22 oy 50. next, '.o llnbbard Tire .«; B.'.ttery: ncwl} decorated. Torn Jackson. I'lionc 25-ck-tf Lost Diamond Ring. Substantial Hewan lor relurn. Hev. II. J. Klcln- dicnst. 107 Gth St. ln-e.k-10 WIU'IK HUM, I'UV—HKWAHI) 1m return to 221 W. Clicrry. 3c k22 • Best Prices Paid tor SCRAP IRON WOOL Rags, Melal, Hides & Bones lilyllu'ville lion & Melal Co. 221 W. Cherry Highest Market Prices I'AII) FOIl SCRAP IRON Metals and Rags, Etc, \\K 5i:i,I, All Leading ISranils uf Sinnll lots, TrucI: or Carload Uclivcrcct Anywhere. Also COAL Is, TrucI: or cct Anywhere WOOD - KINDLING Superior Coal & Mining Co. Wholesalers, Uclailcrs & M. lliivay (jl Oii]i. .Jake (Tiifjar Gin rlioni! 700 lllytlicvillc, Arl(. Extra Special! SOLID BRONZE Screen Wire \KT E<|. ft. Hubbard Hdw. Co. ,\Irs. .1. J. D.ivts — Hjior.ccr Corsr.tlcro Call 421-W for appointments VACCINOL Y10S, \VH WON'T I!ATTI,1<; TODAY! i OH, OH! WOW fH'J VEH-AM' IS OL' |(-UMS GOWWA /COMMA BE SORRY StGiM-OOP _7HE GRABBED THE CRDWU OPFW OOP'S TH' yHEAD WHILE HE WAS / ^PALACE.'jC KNOCKED OUT- - J SAY, t see VOU'RE WEARIW VER CROWU A&AIM.' VOU DIDM'T LOSE MUCH TIME GITTIKJ IT BACK, DIOJA?/ .WELI.-WMATOP IT." 3 ' RIGHT, IT, DIMWY, OL'BOYOL'- BOVOUBOy/WELL.SO LOWG.GUZ-I'LL BF . SEE1M' " IT? THAT WAS OUR BAR&AIUAAWEW YOU GOT VDQ DINOSAUR BACK, TH' CROWN "VAS TBE MIME A&Alkl - MOO AWAITS THE OliTCOME OF THE FIRST MEETING OF ALLEY OOP AMD GUZ. SIWCE GUZ RECLAIMED HIS CROWW-?? HOOTS AND HER HUWDIKS ., voow ^VR. CWE.'bT WASH TUHKS s TUB UANDIT ISN'T HMJ1''I'TN«! ABl.UFF I CAW ON LV/ FUKCKFJCS AM) HIS FKIKNDS CASK CI.O.SKD! Kills When They Swanu I'ltonc 100 Help Wan led * STEADY WORK-GOOD PAY nruiAHLK MA^f WANTED to rail on farmers in Miisi.v^ippi County. No ocperionro or needed. Write today. MoNESS Co., Dept. K, Yrccirart, Illinois. li. C. Robinson Lumber Co STOVES STOKED FOR HUMMER Local Hauling My Coal is Black But I treat Yon White JOHN BUCHANAN-PHONE 10 HOMOR, DO YOU UPHOLD YODMG MEM V/HO EWTER PLACES \ OF BUSIMESS THRU A V/IKIDCW OM THt CCrTTRARY, MR.TWIDGE.' SYLVESTER COOK HAS ESTABLISHED AW ALIBI.' HE HAS GIVEN PROOF THAT EWTERIKIG THE DRUG ! STORE WAS MOT DOME i V/ITH MALICE AFORE• i""l THOUGHT 1 IT V/AS FDRR1MATE FDR HIM 'WAT HE REMEMBERED THE DATE OM THE COIM HE LEFT, OR THIS CASE MIGHT HAVE HAD A SAD EMDIMQ ' f HOWEVER, IN THIS rTHE DEFEWDASJTS •; \VAS GRAVELY ILL, AMD \ MAI-fV SMARTER MEM \ HAVE LOST THEIR HEADS I CO KOT UPHOLD HIS METHODS, BUT I DO UNDERSTAND THEM! MATURE eJDCrY/5 US v;rw TWO HAMDS,T\VO FEET A'JDTV.O EYESj BUT UW- RD,cm.iNATELV- t3!VES US ONLY ONE '..MOTHER!

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